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Full text of "The Paston letters 1422-1509 A.D. A reprint of the edition of 1872-5"

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tMii Ilea ur-. , Ko 


: mlUJ '*^: :ritr3J\*«ff>n 

t.- .^ i: » 



lj3Viid» A ft. 




1422-1509 A.D. 

\ Reprint of the Edition of 1S72-5> which 

Contained upwArdK of Five Hundred 

Letttrv. etc., tUL then unpubliiHed. to 

which are nov added other* in a 

Sapplement after the Introduction 


Of tht P«b1tc II*c»f4 OMo* 


iin*iie» AhO» 




The Paston Letters. 

Edward ly. 

A.D. 14TI, i& April 


(''roni Fcvn, 1L,A3.1 
TMi tpy. M ■!-*» tv tkn HBLvHL bm vririvn Iitd rwi drn ■'^Ib* 
.bM A* vriavff ttRr Jjku ^'a^uh 

(ODRE« I recomjuick me to yow, letyng >cm' 
wettc that, blyssed be God. rof brother John 
u d ly£c oiul HiFcthc vrell, «nd in no pcrcU 
off ileUie. Ncv«r Ihtf 1«f<tiie he ia hnrf with £n 
arow on hyv ryght Jirnn^. be nethu the elbow ; And ] 
hare acst hyn w acrjof), wh^chv haihc dKfe^d hyzn, 
juitl hf idSthc inc that \\t uiibtrthc thM be bchull be 
flll bolt witfi in ryi^hi ii^han lymc. It \% «o that John 
HylHnt is dcd, God ha^c nwrry on hjn sowlc T and 
U^Biun Mylscrtt u on ty#c, uid h>> other ^r^-v)tji&ll 
be Ml(ep>d by all Ivklihod 

Ileni, u ffbr uic. I imc in £<kmI <a^, liljrMyil be 
God ; and in no joparie off my lyflc, as me lyit my 
•dT; fbr i un «t ray lyberte itl nedc bee. 

Jlcn. tty Lctdc ArchebyMhojf ^ is in the Towr; 

■ CcvA lC*>tnf^ ArclibiifaDiJ of \*j\. Ii wu fr<& ihf <vMaiSr Of lUl 

\fj 1^ Kulaf U'fifkWV, ill *%,%,. pHWB 1^ kilHf MM44HI «f Ul 

4 THE PASTON L1CTT&KS. |A.tK t47i 

Qcverthd^«< I cruft to Cod that he KhtU do wen i 
(loglic ; lie hii;hc ,t *aflc garde fof hyni and mc botJic 
Ncvrrthelrssc we have hea tmblyd i/hSh IhjE ngwe I 
undfeitandc ttwi he hai»vc a pardon ; and ao *e hope 

Thcr wii kvUyd up|>oo llic flfcldc, halffe « mylc ffrom 
Bemeit. oi E*t«Hc Diiyo, the Erie of Warw/k, the 
Moi^woy* Monucu.iiir William Terrell/ Sir Ixwtt 
Johns, And dyvdio other Esqiiicrs olt^ ovr contn* 
Godnienton and Bothc 

And on (he Kynge Edvsnlcs V^ttje, the Lord 
Cromwdl,' the I-onI Siye* Sir Omifrey Bowghiher* 
off owT contre, whychc is x %otc tnoonytl man her, and 
Other pepLc off Uniic pii^-ei 10 the nombre off mor 
theii u in^ 

Ai for other tylhj-nge<, is m«1resUnde her that the 
Qvryen M:in;reit it vcrrcly locdyd and hyrsone in the 
west coDtrc, and I trow that si to mcffow, or <3fys 
the next Uaye. the Kynge Edwinle wyil cle(Tan flrom 
heme to hyr wardtr, to dryve her owt iLgeyn 

Item, I brtodie yow that I may be recomendyd to 
my coayn Lcmncr. and to ihajikc hym ffor hj-s ^oodc 
wyJ itfmc w«rdes tff I had h^kle nedL\ aa I unJre' 
ttoodc by the txver heroll ; and 1 beseche roii oa my 
bchilfe to ftdvyac Uym to bo well ware off hys delyrig 
or Ift&gagc iks yitt ffor the wofldc, I cnsur yow, n ry|:ht 
qwe^ye, as yc scHrII know with in ihys monihe; the 
pcple heer leeryihc it root. 

Cod hathe ndicvyd H>Ta ftcltfc miiTvcloiistye lyke 
Uyrti tliAl made all, and can un<^c^ a^c^ti wh.m Hym 
lyist; and I Iciii Ihynke ihmt by all lykJynd nchall 
schewe Hym sylff as men-yltnis ageyn, and that in 
»d)ort lyme ; and^ as 1 suppose, offset then onys ui 

Itetn. it is ma tlut my brother U 0:1 [lurveyed off 

1 5U- W JOiLo ^ntl iru fiUif^n id ^ii Jum« IVicil. the AflcnrAnti mp' 
MWl niudSB ul Edw«ril V, lUiil hia brnriW th> Dulct iif Vorit'-K^ 

* iCoiipliHr B*urthUr, ^ luri^^UMuy, Eulof g«M. '-f -|— t r 

« IMiwniL ID nfii,mlMr-i CiwvH in liilitvf btt«ila— f- 
« WlUl«n7l«K t^Hl Kai «»feArj*^tjt4 a.Mv» 


*-!> "«»') 



mottye. 1 twve holp3m hjin lo my power aAd AbOT& 
Wherllbv u it pka^ihr juw rrmmthrr hym, flb> lun 
f>oc pUFveye Aor my vcLfir ic the umc esse, 

Wrctyn at Londos the tborysdayr in Entrnic wck«. 
I hope hjLAclT to ^c yow. 

Ali thy* byile iuu« be sctictt Be ye not AdoKhtyd 
offtheworlde.tfor) trust AU«ch^ be w«IL Iffiithnuc 
canlsDv*^ 1 ai&c not ail iiikdom aor &i>9n ofl m; and 
iff oUtcsv)4e> then, Arc 4tc 

A,a 1471.— Tin: £Aia or OxroM> to a Lady. 

tkaAOB lUf b* M&c* f*r H IX ud ih« |ui f « ■ D ;^i to ovr ihiDU«( 

iSrr ft kk a4«» ^ u* -TUB 


ITwt It. V'vr**'' mil prvb*~ 

71» iki ot^ F<t<reni aiuf utyrchypfuU Lady^ 

:HT rcvtrtnt aod wyrchypfuU ljJy» 1 ^(^ 
coaun<i« me tu yow, Icllyng yo« wcic that ! 
Ui in xrct hcvyoa ai tli< mnkyag of ihya 
ktltr; bat thai^yd b^GcM], I am c-schapyfj 
Bjr tetf^ ^ «orioa1y dcponrd fro my mm ; for J 
UMyntMKi Diy ^lupkyn wold W^ ricbrjtycd mc ; .tnd 
if he con ifk to the coitirt, Iti hym be mnd klict, ^ 
Abo ye ihftll syff OVdc&cc 10 the bryn^cr of thyt let Id, 
wmA 1 be«die yaw to reward hym ic hyi c!o«1k; for \ 
«*«« D0I ia power at the mokyng of thys kttcr (0 i^^y^ 
byn, but u I wua put in ueet by ^vir of iinrngt^ 
fcirylL &;c 

AI«o ye ^11 send tne in all h«Ti all the red! monev 
thai y« cAii makf^ ^nd ^t%t moDe of mjr mea aa«e car 
com i>r(li horsyd \ ATvX ihdi ilicy dim iq dyvcnc p^^ 

1 ll««hHrtpr ItidiB^IEcvaie^Svltf &i11>liurT,aALlMi4tfi« 


cdlf*' Alsd thAt my honac be Bent, with my sUle 
■tdcllcK ; nml byd the yonun of the hone cover thc^ 
with leilcier, Abcj yt: shall semi to icy mdiier,^ xnd 
let hjT wetc of thy* ktier^ and pray hyr of hyr blestyng, 
and by<i hyr svnd nic my kuifJC, by thyi tokya ; that 
ihc hjdhc the kc^' Ihcroff, ba: i: is brokyn. 

Alio ye ihiill scuil to tJi*? Vryor of I'h^lfbrd.* Anti 
bycL hvm 4end oio the sum or gold thit h« teyd thxt I 
Bchula have. .\I»o scy to hym by thys lokeo, thjkC 1 
Bclicwjil liym the fyrM Privc Sca.]<:, Sec AUo Ictc 
Pa£Cun, Fylbry^, R[i:w^, (^mi: X>* mc- Alsii yc ^hall 
ddyvcr the hrynger of ihys letter xn horsRC, RJiacll, and 
bt)^«lL Aito ye aeballbe ot^ gud ehcr^ luid UkCDQ 
ih^^K^U for 1 schill hT)-ngc my purpose abowte noi 
by the grace of God. Qwfiome )aw yow in kcpyrtg. 

O - . . Dl?), 



A.D. 1471, %o April. 
John P*rroN or Gat^srroN" to MARf:*T>KT Pastow. 

rPfom PAibon MSS., S,M,) 

.mnumnDvnn± Im «ffldaidir nrrttKB ta AmLMM'^ban 

lUrnQC-'^iv Na Ofi* Ti U not *4dna««d) biu ktwiJftnad to m Ikub bai^ 
" LJIen Jahinni* Puf«i bvi|m nuin irih" 

FTVR humbyll ^nd most de* recomendacyon, 
in on humbyll wy»e is 1 can, J beseche you <tf 
your bl)-i»yng, preying God to rei^-aid foa\ 
with as inydie ptesyer xnd henys coMt » I 
hAVt lAlvrmd cau^yd you to have trowbyll 2nd thuwght; 
and, *iLh Godys grace, it shall not be longe to or m€D 
my nrronjjci ^nd oUiyr oicnys.sbdll be redrcssyii, fbr ^e 
wofliJ was acvyr so lyek lo \)t owyn as it 1:1 how; 

AcflklKlfAlItir af J-'I'^ t[o<nr<l, (int Oulf of Norfolk of Lfaai naOfc S6t 
1 Jaha VMMf. Prior BTl^viftird. frnm 1441 d »tj^—V. 

*.o. I4HJ 

BDWAttD iV- 

werfbr I prey you let Lomnrjr do be to boy u yet. 
Modyr, 1 bcsecfae 7011, and ye may ^j^ore coy nooeyi 
that ye wyS do your ilmeue on mc and send me lomc 
m u huty vyrse a^ jk pcssyl^) U ; foi by my innvthe 
my l«he oaftc and ftsyk, ind rcwajdyi to Uwro ih^i 
have kept me and con<Iyt me to Lordon, hithe CO01 
mcntbc &tcni Day' oictc tbco y/i, ju^tl ncjwl houe 
neyihyr met, Jrynk, i.lothy% Ir^chrcraft. wvx money but 
ftp OD bovtwrynfi ; and 1 hate Asayld my frendya so 
fcTTf, tbftt they be gyn to foylc now in my grcteit ned 
tlutc eryr 1 wu in. Abo, modyr, 1 bcscchc yow, mnd 
niy hone tb^t wu si IcchecraJi at the Holt* be doe 
aWyn op for ttie KyngCA havkyi,* that he may be bad 
hom uid kept in youi p]3*c, And not to go owghl to 
waiyi, nor no whedyr elly*, but ih*( the gal be sliei. 
»nd he to be th-nyd aftyr waiyr within youf jiUsc, 
and tha! he have a* mychc met as he may eie ; I have 
hey I tic^r of myn omie, and ai for otys, Pollys will 
purvey for hym, or aho chat dolhe It I wyll paye. 
And I heicclie ymv thai he hivc trtiy wek iii. ]iuslidl 
cf OtySy ajid eA'cry day a ptnyworthe of bred; and if 
Botoiker be not at Norwyche, and Syme kep hym, 1 
«hall ucvc hym well for hy* laborc Also that Pliclypp 
Lovedty put the othyr \vx%t 10 ^etsr iht^r. on he and 
I wci acordyd- 

Itcm, that Hotoncr send me hyddyr the two shyrtvs 
tbftt vcr in my cuket, and that he Aend inc liydyr xl/. 
by the nexi nicswngcr ih:tt omiyih to 1/)nLlon- 

fiem^ (hai Ma5trcs« Broom itcnd me hcdyr iij. longe 
{[ownys and ij, dobiette«, and a jakct of plonkei cham- 
tctti and a morey bonet out of my cofvr. Sir Jacnyit 
hathc &e kcry, xvi. I sent hyt wcnl 1>r for ihyit 

Item, that lyche othyr wryghtyngo aiul stuff a* wa* 
in tny kosket be in your i:<;pyng, and that no body look 
my wiy^hiynge^ 

Itetu, tint the boiv= tliat I^cicdy luihe of niync be 

I lbB^iMlB«rB>nw*t laUffciaB tditv Div. ti1^ Apnl 143L 


IIIK PASTON rr.TTlEltS. t^lk UT'^ 

put 10 ftODi« good i;T«&Ae ia huU ; acd it ii pLe«c ]r>v 
to lure knowld^c of our toytl pcreon, 1 tiuu God I 
111) liuk ^ juy :t/]cjiGiac. ajid tni^t to be dcoe hole of 
all mf h]im)rB within s iicv(*miygtit at the fmhcrsi, by 
«7Ch« tym 1 trail to h«ve othyr L/dyngcc; and ibosce 
tydyi^c* oovs bad, 1 trait not to be Tooge owght ol 
Novfl'dkiWitD Godys grace. Whom I bcicchc prcftcnrc 
yoa and jrour Tor toy pan 

Wretyn the last 6ay of AprylL The berer h«tof cva 
tell you tyd}tiKc^ s^che «a be trew for very serteyn. 
Vout hutnbyLeat scnr&umi 

J. or Gelston- 


A.D, 14TI, 4M1V. 
The Battlk or TT-wKn«tfxv. 

tFr»a M£. Phi1Upp« 97^$, No. 079.I 

■tftfi 10 ibt bif 01 of TrvUihunr. 

Z>a/ in IA£ Ftid. 

Sdwvd (hat wax callrd rtynrcL 

Lord Johr of Somerset 

Erk of Dcvcnshire^ 

Loid Wealok. 

Sir William Vaia. 

^ir tCdmond Hjj»dc& 

Sir John Seymour. 

Sir William Bcrmoili. 

Water Barrow. 

Mr. Wtiliana HeDmu. 

Mr. Fe1dyn£.> 

Hervy, rcntiilBr-' 

Ml, Hcnj", captcyn of Brystowc 
Sir Roberte VVheiyngham. 

I Or Wmian r»ilil4a£. Kcoxdii^ u* Wwkwojtb's Chmpdt 
' IbcH wonK ■' Hec^h rotwlcr." tn *rni«i om " H«tv* niP fcjii .* ■■ 
* nail ma fc l ^i Uc Utur lh tiM caa^d WukvwOi vuuaw b 


HDWAHn i^ 

Th« Ditkc of SoiDcnct. 

The l^fd or SrtM Jocu-&* 

Sir Jervcy* Clyfton. 

Huocifrcr Awddej. 

Lowo Mtk). 

Forty of Fmtince. 

Sa John DeUyt,* 

U>h1 Foikcw on lyto 

Sii WULaia Cane 

^ Hew Cotmenry, 

$Sr Tikonctu TrcifihancL 

Sb Hcrry TrcMham. 

Sir William Ntwbay. 

Mr- ri<Hrer-* 

Mr, Awdclcy -• 

Robert CIcrlce. 

Lechc^d, muon of WcaLmypsicr* 

Sir WifliBin GiytiCTby yet on lyffe 

7jW dr /4^ Knyikta Utai tht Kjng mad m Mr friJ. 

Lord Cobtuna, 
Sir G^rg^ Nevcl 
Sir Philip Co*^ncDAr> 
Sij Heny Bcmomlc- 
$lt Morey^ ^ Ii:iiklcy- 
Sir Rkkkni Hatty a^c«- 
Sif RobcRc llAjyogtMi- 
& TLonuk Cray. 
Sir Jam« TercIL 
Sir Jobs IrreK, 
Sir llcrry Fcrc«. 
& Heny PurpcyikL 
Sk lohD FAir«. 
Svloho DouiK. 
Sit iU>gci K)n|;Mon& 

Sir Richarri Croft 

Sit John Pylkyrigton. 

Sir John Byoichun. 

Sir John H^rlcyi 

Su John Bmdffr. 

Sir t'hnutofcE Motysby. 

Sir John Clay. 

Su Roben Wylleby. 

Sir Robtn Gieae. 

Sir Konr Kee. 

Six Kichud RAdclyflc 

Sii Jolifi Sftundct. 

Sir Thomas .Stubcbnde. 

Sir George Hriiwrc 

Sit Willum Motion, 

I Mwdn*. * :(tf lube tur«nUb<<r, l'ii« m xi. Jpl*^ 


TIIK l-A»TON LKTTKK^ (a tiu 1471, 

aecAon ftccF tn 25 m^riM rtid. pndpvcDd. ck pnrmde llKklj&|. 
Jblii 12. Kdw- JV. 11. Wjtb acoe^ulc unudl iMcldn^ tta 
iBiu« rclcbb" 


A-IX 1471, ijjuly- 
JcjiiN Pa^tox to MaRjgakkt Pactok. 

(From Puton MSS,» B,U4 
T^tt Imibi ivfitH M * ^iilnn ptOiUA b|r ■**■ King u J'<li» Pk4'd> 1I4 

pifdoD ibcU ^d D«i |»jv tJia (>vt 5hI IiU (^4 iiti FiWuo t>Jk(<riB^ 
«idrc arliitb <J*te 1i b c&rtiJtnl « Lit Pudoa Itollai t> Ed*. |V7, b^b^ fr 

7h my BUftt wonh^/ufi M^yr^ Margaret /^Jd^ At 
M^j Myivryjf it hait. 

[YCHT worchcptull modyrt 1 rtcoouuid m/c X^ 
yow, ind a*i lowly a^ 1 ciji, T beat-che >'ow 
or yowT bljssyng. Pkwf yow To iindyi- 
ttan<l ihat ihys Wcdi^yflay Sir ThoniM 
Wyngtfcid »cat to mc, juid Icl mc wet that ihc KyrtK 
had hyngri^d my tiyltr of prrdon^ whychc ihc seyd Sir 
niomas delyvriyd mc- ; and so by Fryday, at the 
lorthest, I tryst to have my penion cDicjJyd by the 
Ch^ncf Icr, DXiA soone aftyr, so as I can fomysbe me« 
I ityst la sc yow, if so be that cuj of llic Kyngt:^ how* 
com in ro Norwyche. 1 wold fayn*^ my gray hoi^i' wcr 
kepi in raewe for onattys. Also, modyr, 1 basrchc 
yovr that Dollys and his fclsvc may be seat ics thai I 
may hjivc inj muriey rcdy aycDfit ihat T conic home 
whyche if! d<?*' to he payid, for ihys maTcT hathc 
cofit mc the ftcttyng over, Ali-r thai il m.-t)' plcotc 
yow thai Ptirdy at Hcyly^don mayc be »cnt tc for the 
liot^ thai he hathe of mync, and ihat the hone xaaif 
W. kqii wpII, and have a* myche tncir us he wyll «aJc 
[>c nryx thys and that I come home, and that 
Jakys noge have meU: i ccw idtia AUo> ^ind Syr 
ThoTDu Wyn^ekl coimc to Nonvyche. tbtt he ni^ 


£1} WAND IK 


trnvcMgood choreas it plcuc yowto m&V? ontothAi 
man thai I vn nuv^ bfrhoUl tn Atr hyi^ ^^r kyndnnew 
and good wyll, i<yz he tokyth ttitl nay pin lycmt 
■D7 KTC^tcct enm><cKt, Bmndona and nys tirod^r 
Winian) ^ f6r at mv fyni comynff lo Sir Thonuo Wyng' 
feld, Iwttii- WiUuJn Wyngfelci and WLIHam Brandon 
tibe yongCT vrei vtrlfa Sir Thom^Ls, and had fjret wordyi 
to mya owtic mwrthe, aod in clicif W. Wynsfeld; and 
wlicr 90 zryi h« may met me <m cTyn gtownd he wyU 
do cnfdi«; liul iind we rn«T evyiily. m fi^rc, lo t 
tiSTe yoi>T blyssyng. I prey yow, wiiii owghi it t>9 u> 

Rljr L^y Calthorp^ kt CllCr bt' Sat (cwc vrourdyi »f 
^yB pcrdon. No aaorCt but I pity God preserve yow 
BM youn. 

Wrctyn th? Wcdn) adniy next txiorc Maty M^wdHcn, 
By your humblest Mnc, J. R 


A.D. t4Ti, isScpL 
Sl» John- Pastow to John Pa^t^w, 

fFEon FsiE^ &i- r)-I 

hyf smt, m host 

^'i^'GHT wdl bdoryd t>roLhe7i I coiiicnde me to 
yiw. IriyiiB )<»w mtlt that 1 mi in wellJEir, f 
thankc God, Uid hor© ban «vyr syna that I 
(pake Ln^t wiihyow; and mcrvaylc for that yc 
WHt ncTct viyghlyn^c Lo me syns yc dcparlyd ; I 
t»*fTrte nrvjt sjiics that rytni^ any woril** mit off 
NortioUc; ye oiyghi an Bcrttcmai Feyr* have had 
toeveogcrs i oove to l^o&don, and iff ^c had seat to 
Wykyv he >cho1dc hav« conveyed il lo me. I herdc 
jutvrdayc, Ihat a. Worttrd mnn nf Norifolk, that Noldc 

1 BvibdlvBf" Pwf. <r> SsHhUld 


run rASTOK LBTTKRS. [*.n. ,471- 

vontedys ^ &1 Wynctc^tcr, 9cyAe tKu my Lord of 
Narflblk ami m> L^dy wcr on pyl^iyma^c a* Our Latlj'* 
on tfotyt, and «o thry wrnt 10 Ct&ter } and that at Nof- 
wychc on »cholde luvc h^ bige Luigage lo yow, utd 
c&Uyd vow ira)'tor, And pykcd toAxiy quAfcllyi to 
yow. Sciidc me woidc thcr oil; It wci well doOi thai 
ycircralytclUcwrrr offyowr pjird5nihanycbc:ftvyar 
jou, I licmc yc wolL her otftr cllys repent yow. 

I uodrc^londc that Butardc FAuconbrygc^ is owthcf 
hcdyd t'l lykc iq lie, ^ind by^ brother botiicj auiitc 
rrwn %tye he woltle liuve desnrvyd it, and som Ky 

1 purpose to bf Ati tendon the fFyrst dayc off the 
Ictmci SCO J me wotdc whelbyr jc adiall lie thcr or 

item, 1 wold^ wete vrb«th«r yt have spoken wyih 
my Lady off Norffolk or not, and off hyr di^pofticion 
and the howaoldya tu iiii: and to )uw w&rdei, Abd 
wTjeihr^r it bf a pos^ihlt to bavc C^i^t^r ag^yn amd ther 
^0i>clcwy]ic8 01 not ; uid ^so 1 pmyc yow undr«ftldJid< 
wbut ^cUschyp and sdydyng h ir Cjistcr, nnd have a 
ipyc fcsortyn^ in auil a^u 60 in^iyc ye know the 
»ccrctyK .vnong ihcni, Tbrr U mothe ailoo in Ihr 
Nortbc, a> men *eya ; I pr^iy yow be wire off yovr 
guydynp, imd in chcfT off yovn Lmgnge. uid so that 
tto hcBie fToTlbc by yuAvr lon^^c noo man perceyve 
that ye (!lLvor any person connary 10 lb« Kyngei 

Klesui. i undfeston^e ibut ibe Lord Ryvers hathe 
-ccncc oG' the Kyngo to gco to PorTyngale now vithin 
Ihy* vij, nygh:. I pray yow tccomandc mo to cny 
modre. Jinrl btsecbc livr olT hyi blxssyng on mj- be 

hem, 1 pmyc yow sonde me worde ifl any off owr 
IfTendyv or wcUifvytlccs be dcdt, ffor I fccr that thcr it 

• OrWAlOncb-bi. 

> Thnnu KluvflL t luiiurtl ua f»f WUiLiDi, Umi W»BftBbm^. K* wma 
bchBdc4 b i^. ttd, <■ iku^qkI Ik [^iic* 4^ MJt>wir«, hii t«4 ■« 

,^ I4TI') 

£i>HfAXP SV. 


gretc dcthe io Norwrchc, uid in other Borotrgh 

lOW&CM ID NodfiMk. ffw ] CU&Uf you il U the lUObt 

uflyvemll dethc that rvyr ] wynt in Ingrlomlr ; flbr hy 
mj trovrtht, 1 kut nol her by pylgiymca ttut pasfnc ihe 
cOQtrc, ncr noon other man tnAt lydcthc or KOlhc Any 
UiEitic, tlut ^py Borow lowrt in Ingclondc U fficc flVoui 
tlut fykencMc; God «ca£r if whim il plcfltyi Hym, 
WhcrSor, fior CoddyEokc^ Ut my moodrc tike hecde lo 
ny yoogc brythcrcn that the/ be not in nocin place 
wto th^ lykeDcs^ il jc£;nj'i)g. nor tliat th^y <ly»part 
not with oooQ cxher youge pejjle wh/che iraartyiho 
wh^ way fykCDOW i*, uid iff ther be ut> off that 
sykttctte dcdoT «£iffeitt to N crwyche, ffor Ctxidcs 9Akc, 
letc fayr Kodc them iv sum A'rcDde off bync iu lo the 
c<niire, iwd do yr- the wme by myn adv)-<Te ; late my 
iDOodrc rathCf rvmeve hyt howfcboldc in to ihc conm. 

Even now Thyr^ion browl nic ^^onl JTro London 
tiut it was Doctof Alcyik th^l caw»y^ y^^wi troblc ikil 
3j* had x\ N'orwych; and that John Pampjngroode 
hbr a dj-ftdmrA? ffor yow, and that he haihe cp^ «ell, 
but bovftb^ thai vroi I nott ; iiT yc be clccr owt olT 
Doctor Aleyn duigcr* kcpc yow lhcr> ami hcf AlTti jt 
Di4yc? icioflc ai wril at hyi carte. T praye yow scndf 
me wonk off all the [forme ofi )\yi Uelyn^c with yo«. 

1 had almost Qpokc: wiih Me^treuc Anri Houli^ but 
IdydnotiUCvyrUKlcMCtbyMiexttcrme I hopeiuukc 
on veye t^lh hyr or oilier ; §(iir Lft igivyil lo sprke wich 
mr, and «che hopyihe to doo me ea^e :ift «che tiythe- 

l praye >*ow tcnde me vvorde hoghe ye doo with my 
Lftdy Kiyubcih Boj;h>cber ; ye havci lyLell eliiffyd it, 
but I <aji not (ell howc \ scniie mo wt>Tiic whether yr 
be in better hope ov wcne. I her icyc that cJk' tj-hr 
off Uxeotfbidfs hretheryn be f^oon owe off Scc-yntc' 
wafye. SirThooiuei Fiiiffotthc^ k!( £f>i>n cwt off dccycie^ 
waiye, aud a ^et flelaAcliyp ffciuihy^l hym, a lij,*^, and 
they ^y that wJth in v. myle off London he wa^ CC. 
mea ; «uJ BO man waiethe whi^ he v& become not yiL 

■ S'lr TTih^t FuUviO via kd tJ Air btUwia PuLfi^nt beWdW tf 


THa PA5T0N LfiTTERS, U&.J47I. 

The Lordcs Huijrap iod Kuwenl be in Csiley*, 
and hAvr it prsc^iH)'; and Sit Walter Wrerteile and 
Sir Jctfrcy Gate be comyn thanse, ind wt>U be ic 
I^ndAn thysi dayc oa It is K^dc^ 

Wrci>^ -It Wdtham bcsyd Wincbeita tke litye ncx 
Holy Roodc Daj^^ 

J. P.. K. 


A-D. 1471. 38Sq>i. 

StR JoHK PA3T0N TO John Pajtox. 

fFrom Fcjin, iL lal 


or Ar M^strisu Margrft, kii Mfadrt. 

COMANDE m# to yov, letrn^ 3-ow wcet 

that. &c* 

I wokdc tT^yiic liavc die luciiir vher 
my fikdre Ijihc fli BTOmhoIm; bothc ^l€ 
thfkncssc and com[>aae off the prior at byi hed. 
uid ifOm that the Apicc to the alter, and the 
tiq^aeaK off that ahcr, anJ iiiugcry ofT tyinbrc w«rk ; 
acd whac hyghr the Jtrehe is tn thcgrmicdcofrthc ilde, 
tud how hyc the grounde otJ the qwyr is hyer than the 
grovudc o^ ihc ildc, 

TlcnJ. 1 pM>'e yowc bte the mesur by pektfai^ be 
taken or c\l mesured by yenle^ bowmorhe h ft'rnm the 
northe fjatc* ther the br^^gge was, at GTCssh:uo i*t the 
sowihewiU, and in lykc forme ffrom the ei^te syde to 
the we-it, jLio t!ie tiyghi off the cstewall, an^l ihc hyjjht 
of the aowihwi towt ffrom the grownde, iff ye mim 
cDsely. Also what btedde ewiy towr js wrthm tbe 
w*U, and whych lowr is moor then othci withiiu 

t Urn rQiio«iBiccmjirt um (he JJiii-lw» or Suifatk ^ij lhUm »«■ 
lUk jiii?4d 0fvB «aa«ineiiig kppu^ a^iMt ^ir Jtbii Fkua and U* 
tajnii Aft uuuntiujc CUlucftb-P. 

Xft *47iJ 



Abto how manye fibte, or what bredc *rte toivt 
tftkythc viihinichf^ comer 00 the quiuiftEtc^ ovyrthwcrt 
the doij's. Hid bonr motiy t;ky)on yfuxb ia from thi« 
mootc iT'b; wbcr ihe hty^ waa, Lu the lijKhc wcyc^ or 
to die h«ddge tl) 1 longf ih^ ^nire, and vcLii br«d« Ul« 
cntre U be twycc the dykya I prar*^ 7^^^* **< T« *^v€ 
Ji Icyxt in aa)f wysc, « thvs dcouc yo*nclflc iff vc 
Biayc; or «Dy« iff Patitpyog do it, or who that ycthynke 
Can doo u. 1 wolle tptndt lu! or u yc tcmc to hiive 
Ihc KJUyn off tvery thyr^ her in. Aod as for my 
Sftdcrs tombc> I dufcc yow »c it yowraclfTci and when 
1 ipckr wTih yo«f T ttoll tell yaw ihc cawws why that 
J dcsyf thy» to br donn. 

Ab fibr tydynjcir l^^ ^y^^i ^^d the Qwycn, and 
EDodie other pejicli u ryvJen jji<1 gcon to Cantcrbcry, 
nrvyr «n pcplc *ryc in Pyigiymigr hettnfdf tc 
oii#«, unwfi ftcye. 

Absoit i*i»cy<3e that the Erie of Pcnbrokc'it token 
on to Brettjyn , Aiwi men wye that the Kyngc Khali 
have delyvcTc off hytn butrly, ind »Hn Ke7t thjit rhe 
ICynge c^ Fntnce woU se hy:xi uff^ uid iduU sett )Lyt^ 
■E lybcTle ■seyii- 

Itcnv Thonu» Faucoohrydge hys hed wu yestcrdaye 
oppQO I^sdun Biydjge, lokyng into K.ent vnnle; 
msn Mye thJit hy» brother wu eor hune, ond scope 

Mymwye |jw»tfWaP7] to Bcverl& 

& Thom£b Fulflbilhe oc^ped owt of Wcatniinslcr 
vitlt JLH C spcrys> as men seyc, and b m to Dcvemthyr; 





?hrve r¥il' ■ 


uid thcr he hathc strclc^ off Sir John Crokkcrv hcdj 
And kyll ut olhci koygtitoff ihe CMtcneyj,** ra-cn scyc. 
1 volde yp hwld yowr verry (ardon at ntiyt ; vhfrfctr 
I voy^ yow ffiiyle not lo be il London within mj. dftfa 
oJtr Scynt Fcyihe / ye idalt do j^oodc in amjif 
thjngcs, juid 1 piayc y^w icmlc inc irotxlc haoS hy 
the next miustfriger; And if it cotn^ to hlMtrfne 
EJyubeth Hyg^f ti«. at the Bl-ok Swan. «che schall con- 
veycittr>nit, Horl woll riot ttoyit to bo ther «t LoCkdott 
agcyii i^ilhin Ihys vj, dayes. 

Mesir«sc Kl/sjjheili hatlie ft Hon, and wu del 
within ij. dayes affir Seynt BcrTelmew ; ' and hyr 
A. H, was ihc next daye afftr ddyvciyd off AD 
sane, lu schc »eythe, xj. wckA cr hji lymc; it wu 
crysifned John, and is ded. G<xl stvc all! No Vkor 
lyJl 1 spekc with yow. 

Wrclyn iLt Londcn on MycheUmessc Evyn. 

J. P. K. 

ItCQi* I pmyt yow late wme wylty felaw, or eiJyw 
yownclSi. goo to the townca thcr u then LJ, women 
dwH1<?, and inqaire whrllier ihf^y be inarywl syns arif! 
Ageyn or not, fTor £ hold« th« tiooty« veddyd ; and iff 
Ihey bCf than the appelrs wcf abbalvd ther by. I r^- 
mombr nci thrt names ; yc knowe irLetn t)eticr then 1. 
Alfistj in the SchrdNyH book)« thertiuyc yc [lytide off 

A.r, i47ii Af Oct 

[Frrnn Fetin. iv 4411.] 
]n ttie prMMTlin tn the pr«£Oiafl lertu. 5!i JuJm raaion Initmaln Viit 

ant vf ihfliB, 

^ jfhvf Oti«\iw. 

> *4lk >| Ai^UH 




IVGHT wurchupfult scr, I ccnauuid mc to 
your itood iibL>-Mci<-licpc, iS:c Pkbc u you 
to umlrrsUiml that RrrifnM rir<^Tyfl me on 
yotir l>)'halfc that 1 chuld gioo :i.nd comoD 
witb ibc wonuin that wu the liilhn ir>fc of Soulii 
WaJshvn. whcch wociian ik nrrw maiycti i<i oil Thon 
Siywuil, dwtllyng in t^c parysdi of Scyni Gyll in 
Norwycii, wht-ch woman leyd to tne that che sewyd 
Dcvcr tbc pdc. but tliat »hc va« by ?otyte craA brought 
(o ihc New Iq at NorwycK <ukJ thcr vru Mn>iitir 
SottUiwvII^ and hp miretyd hyr lo b« my Lordi wcwc 
[vtfrvl^ by the apK« oi on hole ytr next folw^-ft, 
and thcito he nud hyr to be bovac in a.n obLi^^atfon. 
And wlbii ituL yer w^ piul lie rJehyn.-(t liyi to be luy 
t^rds wcidow ano(h<?T yer ; wkI than she ^eyd ihii ?!he 
hod lev«r Loae t)Mt tk^t ahe bod do, than to 1os« that 
and mecr; «od thcrfoi she scyd picynly that ihc wold 
no WOT <rf thst lUEilci- Anil ta «the tuke hyr nn hus- 
bond.vtiech is the wyd Thorn Si)V4Lrd; And «he ie)th 
tli4t it vr4« ruli 4or of'eyD hyr wylic th^t «ver the mater 
we&t 10 foifofth, for ahe had never non avayJc thcfof. 
bull it vu }^uyd 10 hyr givt labor and to^r, for «he 
had oc*«v of my Lord« coimecll, but berdy hyr cost^ to 
Lofkdoa Ho nor, but God have yoxx in Hys kepyn^ 
Wrcty» at Nnrwych, the Monday nc« *ftcr the 

By your stetvuit, R. L. 


A-D. 1471, i% Oct. 
JOflM Pastos to Margarei PastoM* 

(ttfom PObton MSS., V,M,J 
DiBM wva* naml (Aid^tt ip ibv Uutf f4f- iV'^* year itr^i ud beih 


THE PASTOK LETTERS. r«-0^ t4ri< 

1i>du9p, The .idi3rT«t ft atmiu c-HLftttrlv tM*t, buiiiurtl^fl tri ihr vv«4 

'GUT worchepftilJ afothcr, u lowly a*] I can 
1 recomoind mc to jrov, bcacchyo^ vow of 
youi dayiy b\yasyuf^ praying ycm to like ihyi 
Itfy, And Sir ]aiTi[;'i(] .... ["^ff 
brod«r K., or J. Parap>iig. And to ondo the kotyr that 
btuKiith at 111^ b^JyH f«ct, ntid thcT in a M*T^ S'fw^ire 
lot yc ftliiill iy[od two dc]d>a, whcr of the vMilys 
b"^ wownd in whj^ht pnper ; my brori)T E sye [««'] 
whtr I wond tiieni upL The (one [begy]nyth " Scuol, 
&o *.\nod cf,oMiitiiiia 3i^(a"\ and the todyr bepynyth 
"StiLim, &C- cjuod tgo litj^rrvs . . . " [I pray 
yjow led [ihem he] 4ealyd and "ieni mr by Radi^ 
with tbedeedefl there in. SirJitiDysknowyth tbe . . 

But [if ao] be tbat ^c fynd not thys box 

with tbea two deeded k that cofyr, tbco 1 prty jow 

tnlte the lc[eyl Icyc of iht 

fiarae cofyr, and <»l>yn lb« cofyr that staiidyth id tb« 

utter cbambyr, and thcr yc shall fynd 

. . > . [dJeOes. My biodyr. Sir John, recomandyth 
hym to yow, and bcscchytb yew of your blyssyug ; and 
ss ior bys mater [there is yd no concla]syo& of no 
poynt, but I try^t thcr ahiLlI he with in thcs ij, dayeyx 

Jcoaey, W. Iiawhly[th] \™y] 

brodyrs servauntcs with old accyons and all tyiAe 
thyn^ea as he can renew to stoppe the oblygaciofna 
wjhychc he is bowed in on to my brodcr i but all ahall 
be c^LScyd, I fryst. As for Mis. A. Hawll. the mater u 
mevyd [by divjers of the Qwenys consnyll, and of fcne 
by R. Hault, but he wold it shold be fyn\ of our 
mocyon* and wc wold [it] shold torn of thcym fyrst; 
our PLattr ahdid be the betlyr 

Tydyngei, ther is a genenll pardon mei^ whyche 
my brodyr J. trystyth to have the prevc[legc] of aa 

JLt>. I4jt.} 



liDO&c aa it u cnnt|t3, whjchc ahAQ bee i bowgfit AH 
"Ij&lovr tjfcd at ihij fcrtJit^t I have *pok widi my 
l^ord Rivcjw ard ^-iih jjl mj^i old aqwcr>'nunce. and 
fc«ve gW)d cbMrof lh*rym, hold ;iEG U niaye. When wc 
be C0Qdud[/d in] en/ poyatc of our maters, yc aball 
llXTc knowlxg^ thet hovtii- 10 put yttw in [coinfan] i;r 
we h^rt ^ny , - . but in v^n wh^n we hive 
eomfort yc ihaJl have put& Newe tydynj^ca, datyv 
» . , . t*]"^ 0^ Mr Kwie (?) xrf. JinlU. vid 
tiettyr I Ixyn. No more, but I be£ci:hc God preserve 
)row tod youn. 

Wrct}-n on [Seint] ^yioondec Day and Jwdc; 
Your faoiDbkxt M&e uid Krrauni. 

Sdi Joun Pabtov'e Dsei»^ 

[FroTD Pwtoo MS*h, RM.J 

n* Iduaii^ iflwiiEhiTr u 'a iru huidvTLiinc ai Sir Jolin Puun Th* 

feV Jolia finun in 

A jrtctl boi «i'1i ^blJAnnnitiCr thp ArrtibiBhop olf York &nd 

A boa witb ctydcEiCf u( Tytly»luI1, 

A bogc iritb Oa ktis ot aEbxucy ofF FiittblflM londw hj Su 

Jofan Putdih 
j. A bov de Bctb toFcr «pimpam Wynt' e< J, P. nlllf^rav 

IbcfQ cnJootv' dc «iycnEo mkiiiiPL> teonino Trlitluuii tnno 

iMnf ^ pixi Jo tic PDvii cA.r1u d< tenia FuioUTia- 

lun, ftueU ben with thf obligtidoci off T. FuiolfT and ant 

lien, a bcpi nfjih ihc dolp oT cjirr off |- P., iJid the bfU 

Ilcin. ^ bat£cdc plicilb in am. 

tttiBj the UfK* ^*^^ wi*Wn owt dTmy cukvtt. 

Iren, a bacgr inili thf hoad*!! wh«T« 00 tru «T«rm "Lofr 

llcfit, A t«C|K with cTjnlcaM f>lT Eu Ddtluim. 


The fudcntcre ufTSaiylTtU by Wyhtyt. 

A l>gAdc]L of Cradiun Mohw. 

A btakdftU off ptoccsM itf u'cicfaekyr letter uhl bjUfk dr«& 

(hri fcttODi J^htriWBiii sacso ut^^ 
IBUV^ tli*Cfii1mraT« OifF W- Jeney. IC«Rij ■ )>OC(Jctl ott IcttW 

Ab(md«Il«ilh in^iULBkLonsnoC rctuRiviJIuioikc Qanccri. 

EavMkrOffium (>*<) ipud Ciuier f»r KpucopurrL Xontu* <l 

ApnnciminirTirmn TUg^>4 f1 lirm aniifj. Endoilunde Kcftoet 

l<r patrem lluijcpiiii PenoL 
The vciray cudcDiii]e oiTmir nmri^^ 
IlccDp A IfoaJell oH lc4i«rU from mv brother Jobn. 
lUm, iij- bUliK, lUv endetilfir nt W. jrnbvf for I^CtOfl. a 67!! 

<>f Wyilryn srd isn* ot! J. Owrtin(^> 
Ilcn, R txiTHlpJI with ihc nimcs oflihem ihw luul «fllf b^m 

llciB,flbTUoffSwB3TiolhDip- llci», tbyll off Btok offDcii- 
haiD off ihts miTcnace th^roff, a qoituicepre ScaCGUio. 

A tx>ndr f<iwc1i^iLgth« profit OcFulolffelwUt, vttlkttldiidl 

A vijpi« uJ^u ecuctaJlc tcIclTc di: Unii F«»tullIbL 

A.D- 147* {?), 4 Not,— Abstkact. 

[From Paiton MSS., &M,J 


]IuTcnivt>I SVhctdcrj'B IcUfr^but ihcnjch ho tun npokm to 
6it Joho'i UunU ftt Fbtoa^ UUlco, &., hu cbiaioed no 
ttMMf lot«Tid hita. Uxy BTfi &«tt«r plcueJ ro pxy Sir Jchn 
Ihan Nivifr •• ViiM P.." ^ t^HT b» ttved htrmteu. Hsx pm 
dwm in tfood cumfutl, htid Sir JdiD m^ UkL< '^rc iLtEU llicy Ic 
uut sued (his Icma. Th? finhinf wu neror «onc. No lirmp£ to 
bv giH imiler 13/. ^. a barrel, uid $*. 4^. a cAdc. Th* twiiAA 
w«r< sent (he w«Lc ^t?r vour dcpulure^ |otm Uibam and 
MuDd* 4W mrrrs- Norw ilrjirt n( Cuklei mwl MsATehf &Idc« 
HlchuliDiU, buL much mor.idity ilill a£ Fjlby, Oiuyaby^ Bud 

Mawtffby, 4 Nor. 

[T\u IflLct ■■»*• &»ii^"7 >«l™t' »o th* 7*M UTi. wWtfc d wW Hh 





AD> t47K* 5 Not. 
MAncAKrr pAnctr to Jotjft Pjivruii. 

(Fioo Puiofi MS3„ B-M-l 

m» hnMhiiTlili— ■il^tm mi vrjikmly wrliBn is JaliB VkAoa In 

CRETB yoa wcl*, and •cod you Godd« 
biyMyn^ and [n)Ti, ktyng you wctelhntmyri 
Co»yn CIcrc iu^G acj): 10 mc for the C 
mux: that [ liorved of ber frji your brother. 
It IbrtunMl to ihoi x frcnd of her of hxt hith l<)tte 
better ttuc CCC nwrc, xnd he sent to hu i»r money, 
■ad she hoiJ gotl tbiE ^bc myght comyn by, «fid thcr for 
3dw sent to inc for the wyd ( :. m:in^ ; mil I know urn 
)h>v io do therfor. for by my trowi}] 1 have it not, nor 
I can not noakc shyfl Ih^off ami 1 shixUl go to presoa ; 
^kcrfor CQdune with your brother her of, juid pctiid nw 
wont how that he wulJ tnJUf? shyft tlifi fur in tuivt. I 
miut eUn oodei tell aJl my wocUi. out] iJiat fth^l dyne 
avuyli him bcttci thjixi a CC, marc, imd I dvy ; uid if 
1 aWd »Jle tlieni now, thcr vrull conuii t;c'ffc »o 
fayt^ for tbeiii be ner ari C ttuui: jlh tficy be worth, 
b# cause thef tM so many u-ood s^«8 iei Norlbllc^ At 
thfv tymfr Theribr Ictc hrm riukc purv^-jiuncc thciior 
ia hull U he wull hjivc my j^imA wyll, aad wult that I 
nve hym the seyd utKids ur the bettirr h WAyU, and 
•end mc wotd bore of in hiist if ye vull my wctfarcj for I 
shaJlikcvtibcmquictc tLlkl k^njowcan cndcin thy^ 
for sbe halh thcrfoi ah obii^Acioa of ah CUv And it a 
which me «emyth xgnct nmke :o me that I dcp>nyd 
•0 liigely «iih yovt brother that I rcscnyd not iu pay 
UiAt I wu cndAuiifcrcd for hym, and ^o hive dyvcne 
fcyit ta me uliirh of Ule ha** k[n]owyii k; mid whin I 
reaembre it, it i» to tiiyn h^j^ n v&y spere, <^oiutdei- 
yD£ that he »cvcr gave comfonc thctem, ner of All the 


THE PA5T0H LETTERS. {K9,t4f%. 

cnontT thai hath be roejriTd mill never make shyft 
tlicifor. AdU h? lud yet bir tut ihy*^ E)r]ite have ii'ut lue 

I nnrc thereof, yrt T w*ikl liivp thought that he had 
had suttuae conskleracioQ ci tayn dauo^en that I have 
put xnc in for Kjm. Rcmcmbre hym how ihat I hnrc 
excuayd hyn\ of la/t Ihat ihc PrioT of Bioniholro had, 
which shuid dies have be m ih^t ilarniarr thai ii shold 
have be to lis fl greie rebwkc, vrilh houj^hE that he 
myght a ben hoJpyn wyth shuch money as he ihuld 
have had of your Qiiyis bei]ucsl ; aiuI 1 juyil to ihc 
ithercffp for hymatio money. AlllhMihiiki havcholjie 
me wde thcno^ be nydc other th>-ni;ei VuX 1 hive bor 
thysycics^t I spckcnotof; therefore Jete hym heipe 
me ni^w, or rDcn it ihAll tlyuwayll hym Liclter than the 
treb^ll the laoDey. wh^Jcrthal 1 leve cr cley. with ought 
he hath betl<^ consideracLon Ui ihe riaungen thAl J 
atonti in. Abo I wuMc yc fthuld mevc hym to take 
Juhu Pampyag lo hyio» o: dies to getc hym a acrvyce 
in the Chatjncery, or in «ume other place wher* as he 
myth be prcfcrtyd, for it ys pety that he ksyUi hys 

S-me »o hcT. and it i» non a wjyil to noo of ir*, and (or 
Lverite uthyr Iliyti^s whesc:h yc sludl kuowc licr Aftct» I 
volde tPiatI wUT hcusin hasie^ for all miiner of happy^ 
conarw ye, &*:. 1 caji yw ihanke lor ywyr ieltyr 
ihat yc BCnie me, and thut yc have mciuLr>d i^f shwch 
tbynges u yc chynk rl»*r shwld j>Icsc me. 1 send yow 
the DOie and the d«de« thai ye seMe to me tot, but 
OS fot the key of the cof/r is uie wtter chombyr 1 can 
not fynd yx i yf the boxc had be ther in, ye cwdnat not 
have hodd ylh but yi[u/«/^^] 1 hoJ bro)Le wp theoofyr^ 
ther for remcmbre yw wcr ye have do the key ; 1 kej> 
sty]] the key that ye sentc me tyll that ye cwic home. 
As fbr the tydyngci here, ywr cosyn Ikuttiey of Wych- 
shyngijhim yiposiyd loGodc^hwmGwlcasifyle. Vtrjr- 
{yt wife, and Lodonys wiTCj and PycArd the bojcar of 
Twmlond, ben gone also; all Ihyn hwUold and ibj^t 
paiych ya « ye Icftyi biyasyd be Godc ; we Icwyq itt 
Cer, but we vrni not q^xtici Lo lie, Toi io be better than 
we bea here. I send y# demi n riale for to bj 

lUQL «7"J 



wyth Bwgcr* md tUtei for mc F pny jrw i!n su vet 
M >e can, tad sende it m«r ^ hitiriy u yt m.ty, and 
^Bend« me word qit^ pbc« a ^^ ci peppy, dowyt, 

sonde mc the pryco of ych of tli'^fi^,' tod yf that 

it be bdtir ibcpis «t London than it is h«rci 1 ahoi 

SCDde T* moDy 10 bye wyih socfi iiwfc ha I wrull hare. 

[VLcntembcT tlut I *p«kr 10 yw lo spck to yvyr 

|brothef tea Th« t«yd C marc wan ye dqwiTcd hons. 

jl tn>w yc foijicityi, that yc wni rae non Lnawcr ihcr o( 

ony wye- Lcle mc have «» aiw-rrcr ihci of in hftAl, 

icl BCndc mc wcioiri how y wyr bioilin .uiri yc ^pcd ill 

maten ; and Godde« bliityrtg and myn mut ye 

ive bctfc, and send yv gcod sped in oJl ywyr matcn, 

Wietya in hut on Sent Lcmoiidi £vc-' 

By ywyr Moden 

A,D. i47<i Nov.— Bill or Costs. 

[Fr«k Fmcmi MSa, RUJ 

^g^ fww lVi£ftimttm /fMfftur ^. tm piadt^ tr&mf. 

In primti, farft copy af ih« bill, , . , iit^ 

Irvm^ fat n»ik>|]|[ of ifiR awriivvt 10 Mr- PySOta 
Mj. FiTicfkt, u>d te Mr. Ilvvy) > . . XA 

_;^ca, fo' ft oopy of fcn>rd bk the JCynM Ileild!i, ilj^. liij/ 

""mB^totplHynofifTt* record aittLrKyn^ Ifcnch 

m ytett Wfil Ki^pui. 

tten, flyvu 19 Hvk?, iJie Mvij, iliy uf ilia ramD 

oMwth, for \Q iDptf li ' ici ihf bill, , . . il^f. lUj/ 
IlflB^ Um SEb lUy gf Oclobcr^ Tor ih« copy of the 
trwy«g of Hogsuii plccn . . - , i\k\i. 

4 r. aJdiB ■■a*«ii*< »IW >nr (l«i«, wlmh ai^w iaiIi* fkT.I. 

• Tu^^"f ■Mf*"^li^i'"">""- mriiih||-rhlTln t-' T' r'~tl1 


ItOBif far wpie IX [ih»J CtidciuU Uiitei ihe use 
<W- tW 

Iteni, Lhc iiij. lUj of Nurrnilwr, cytcti U* Mr. 
pnr&x vu Mt. H<jtoj lor pnttTiifi yu of tb« 

IWplJCA^OII, «}f, tUJA 

fiu, Mr, PTEOtt*. i&d Mr, lu^ff, f,ir rhcwryug 
cfcht (■pR.ud coiDcoynz oi the tuewcAjrcDit 
WfUi ff OEGioi, -.-..> Vi 

Item, for the Hjne aX Ihc CahIciuI] H«ttt, . *Ttt>^ 

Ilea), fi>rih« tn(» «f the auuAwens kycuut llvgpn 

by Kit. CtUr, piytl t» Saiidy*. ... wj. 

Tteiu, to KcileniQlf; fur mikyii^ iif thr pniKT, . Uf. ^^ 

Item, f^r (be copr uf the sjdc, , , - . ijj. tji^. 


A'D. 1471, t8 Nor. 

Edwvd Vastos to John Pastok, 

[FmiH F«lon M^5.^ B-M-l 

■niiinv 1.1 hit* Iwn itirviri'-T f»>f itxp viir»f't hriAltrr Jolin hdaL Ia ■ 
LiLEGi 10 hi[n, vruicn on the ■qih NorDrbci i^ji. hvw ataihv.Ummntr 

Kr £]UrchB» far her, ai ■hcjjlL wf (1m aumbar of thWnj itimD|. |l vUlM 
HvD iJuii tite nude ilvmiueiL by mcuii vi Im ua E^liJiunil in LbuiiMieiF 

mc one of xijrf. 

. . to lend mc a gown . , . 

a boftihe, [iitiil] I pray j:ow be at Kch«jTig [aJ ihe 


hya hcil taat is tichorylc (?) in Engiyahc yt » & ttrme 

Partipyng nfoummarnd hyiii lo ^ow and pray »ow that 
sc wyt 

1 A EKVcm Jb 3>Hii]iwiult T>ie Piat k Kill a nww d lb t^uiUoaJ Hoi 


[id}dcjf, he pny xxrw to dclyvcr FaHLir i^ thil he 

nowyib hjm --...,,. 

. , , rGo]dde« blyiiyng and hereto aod pm}^ xow that 

EC wyl bye her a njiil^t e 

no mooy ache bjd that £c schuM borow of my brotbei 

Sir Tohn 

[Iwjr woord u h^tdy u u have yt, and iche ^chale 

Aeod «ow [Qony 

thAt yt »di«IU be W(X)cd b a C4tfivjuac for brochyng 
of the oryara [for &die] «Fth<r lh[jit &chr] . . , . 
. p . men served «oo before. Abo I pray xov yf 
<c mKk< frith MJ3tct Roger, tell hyn that >-r he 
cum in thvs cnDUt thyi Cryiteoiii^ he bthal liavc liyB 
xt, and jT that he rnm nof I «chAl send ji hym he 
xij. dfty [7>^t«^4 X^/] at tlie fordeflL I pray xow 
bortcly rcmcxabyr nay ^rc^ and that tc wy] dcsycr 
Wyllum Mybaut On luy be halve to puivcy fo£ the 
ruya^ in sa hMly wyne as yt i-xn . Alfto I x^y r^vt 
thftt th« velvet UUbt Jevyi of ray typ«t may be send 
home a gcyn, for 1 woold alrypc & dooelct thcr ttithn 
Aa foi Ma^tcrcs BUkcoy I trow H<:hc he m xoui 
qoaitm. I woM 1 had the lame enlyq>Tyce upon 
byr that John Bramppion of Atylborowe had up on 
Maaccic Bry»lon- A!1g the coortc rccaminfiwtkddcs 
hem lo Kjw, I pray iow, and tc can gel mc arty 
proQptabyl fervyrc, a sayc ^ my brother, Sir John was 
mered of tny havnt Ponyngges to have bene with 
her. I woold have rytgh »in hesy eoti'Sc tyl 1 were 
Ovihe of ilctci. God have xow in Hys kepyng- 
Wretyn at Nonrj-che Uie Mundaynex be fore Sen 
EdBOod the Kyr^ 

EovoND Pastoh. 

iS:e5lar.Jsr^ : ; : : : S 

' 1W* ^tmM utf I-4II bi « AlD ■■» bwt, but ilwH li cw pwcbuue^ mi 


A.D. 1471 (?), 30 Not.— AHmucr. 

[Fiom r»tc« U%S., B.M.J 

lIilAaoAUcr ?A3Ton] to her Son [Sit Joiim PAsrrorirJ. 

Woadon ihe Ims 00 uuwcr 10 b«r letter br Rk- Ruldelcf. 
WftQEB tkjm ud hli brothcf I0 ^cE a il'i^hir^ mm mj Lori ot 
C*fit«rbuxy) "(<)r oci;u]7m^ of yont Ulhar'm gMu*' If ny 
I^H«!ipcl \tef<m wr gi^r 11, lii» iticcp»*»r mi^jht & "norv luurjr 
upon u^ than ht harh brrn." Mr IxiH kntrwi ihr ^nt rhtrg^ 
wc hflTp bbl lUicc lie (]eceur<], whkdi liav? ull&pI ihr eo«1j 
lo be afifbt. If uif of us vfttt W Aie, pu ^ike vKiuM lake cEu;^ 

malnuvy 1 Euve i?nl ro tou (or. 
SL Edtpcjkd's Day rhf Kimj 

tAi tilt tlate of ihLt Mur, ^ii |rphci PiA>jn ud TiEi bwtar Icbo wn* 
nwrBv in lrf»i"kiB, «Dd ftpfuniidy ik« Archbubo^ of Caniarbury tru 
MfloMtb" iH or ilicUiLtr fktx wc have iiu ccrVui kbtitvltiJite, tut itrifL'Cfln 
iHrAHMi^ii'ii i'tiwt ft^i ih«T« nt 1 rriATi ri'' lui fi«jili .it niN- it-v, 4i»1 

dncvdinjt Xl It protablt ihFi«r<<i¥ ihui ills A^.l]tll^lluT> hu Ul qL lLc vU' 
danic walcD p«vcai]*4 in [ba Im^r pjri (iI'l«ti naJ Oi« if-infof M?*, Tht 


A,Ph 1471- ag Nor, 

Margaret Paston to Jo«n Pastos. 

[Ffom PiJton MSS,, D.M,1 

£< AciJnw't &VC lEic tr^li SoiN^ialjcr. fell oo* VrliU^ in r47t. I1 wtDftW 
far vrn thar i]]« tirtiiitiLiif of ihit Idler rvffn la Uu kmhc aattfW & tit 

ThJ&hn Aj/m, Estfitifrj hi ikii delyverd in Aatt^ 

GRFCTE tov wellf-, and sentl row GoJilc!* 

blys*yng ;md mynn l^tyng low wcie thtt I 

have a i«Ucr (rom loiir brother, whcrby 1 

imdyrstAn^i that he cAntint, ncr may, make no 

porv^yoni for the C, mark ; the wyche causyUie mc 


EDWdxif iv. 


10 be lyihgh hcrf. *nil for <iThei Ihyngm t>i»i he 
vry^bt to ICC of tbat he U in diwnscr. For retoctiv 
bcrvv inu we hftvc hod befor thyii ^nil bo ^ymppyUr 
yt hsui be spcnte and to tvtyl profytKc \^ Any of ui, 
and vxv^K uTJi in smx^c ca»e U)4t non of u% iiuiy ^vr■|]c 
beipc other u-flh owte ihat *C tehuld<Io that wer togret 
a dy»vcinchu> for us to do, oft-thtr to scllc wood or 
loud or aocbe MuJTc that wcic nesacsaary for iis to 
bftve in owr hovn^ya ; so mot t ^nffver a for God, I 
wot aot how CO do Jbr the scyde moDey. aad for other 
thynaos 1fa*t I b^vc to do kA achirge, and my tvonhup 
iavoS^ Yt ia i dctii to mc to iliynk up on yt Mc 
Ibynkytb b^ ;coijt hrathcra wryi1i[yiig, ihat he thyokyth 
that I am ioformcd be vwnc thai be a bowthc m? to 
do and to icy as 1 have be for th>i, but be my trowthc 
be licnjlb a my»e ; yt ocdytb inc not to be it^fonncd 
of DO iocfae ^cnggeiL 1 cmiKinir in my owyn mrnil, 
and coiucyT« i now and to mycbe, and whan I hart 
brokya my con»eyic losumcthat inhappehcdeniythe 

EL tooi (hey h^ve put nic ici cownforth more [hAa I 
mnrlc hjivr be any iniBJynaiyon in ray nwyn ron- 
icythe. He vrt^thctyth to me also, that he hath 
tpcnd tbys tcrmc yM'u Yt is i grct tbyng ; me thyn- 
kyth be good dyK:rcsyon [her mylbe inyrJic tlici of 
aben qufyd. Zoiir fadyr, God biysse hys scwie, 
bathe had a« grct motcni to do as 1 trowe he hathe 
bad thj^ tcnne, xs^ hath not i^cml halfe the mony 
upon thcoi b so lytyl ijme, oar) hath do rytli wclL 
At tJie revcTHM of Ood, avysc hym ret to be war of 
hyi expences and iiydytip that yt be no schame to tis 
aAe. Vt b a Achimc and a thyng that U myche 
apokyu uf ui lli)-* coiuie thai lour fiulcn araveitim ia 
aoc nttd. For Godde* love, late yt be remembyrd 
■ad pofveyde for in hast Iher hathe be mych mor 
apcad in wAstc than s^huld havr mad that rac ihyn- 
kyth be lour Liutlier i1^:li lie U weiy lu wrytlie tu lue 
and there fore I wyl not * kitinbjr h/m with wrylhE3rng 
to hjTD- i^ ETLLy telle hym u 1 wryth to £0w. 
JtCB^ I wooM cc »cholti femembyr £Our bfOthcr of 

$0 THE PA9T0N LETTERS, {4.1x14^1. 

Pet ei P gg e a Enter, if he mm not hom Ita^t^TVn ihnt 
«e And '['own«cefid and Lumoor nuxy «:taia^ and 
aettc yt thoroiT, The pore iiu& is alrooat on don 
lliei by, uiil byi brolltrr ^urthc l;y[ii utJ Imb^lyth 
hym lor tec ; nnrl ^Ipio for thf^ plesitr of my ko««y& 
Ctert Aiid the Lady boicc, 1 woold yt were tctto 

As for my rowndlct of wjnc. I ^cHiild Kn6 lOw 
mony there fore^ bm I riar noi put yt in jopcrtc, ihcr bd 
so ttiam^ IhevcB stcrcng. JoKn Lovcdftyc* man WM 
Kjbbj^din to hysschyncnshccamhotnc wird- 1 Irow, 
and ic AJiutyc Towncsheail or PUytcr, or sum other 
good kunicry man of Avrya to lend yt torn for me lyL 
t^cy <:um hom^ they wyl do so myche lor mc ind [ 
ifchnJ contcnte them A gcyn. Itenx Jamy^ Grcrahtim 
hath hen (uvijtyng lekkc and ys irt Judy tcHythc 
me that aour Iwothtr is avyied for to sue hyrn. For 
Gtxldes !uke, late non onkyndnesse be schewcd to 
hym, for tl^at wcxjld sonc mjdtc an hcnd of hym. 
RcmrmSyf hn kcymi and inic Jmnyd he hath ben to 
ui t& hy^ poi^Te ; and he hid ncvetc tate thnt oflyce 
upon hym that hi? is m dj.wnper for, re hfid be for owr 
>akkct- lie hulhc sold a grci s>artc: of hys lomii tlicrc 
for^ ai I supputir £if tuvr knowlar.'he of I^ie yt b^ 
Teroero1>yrd, and ellj-s owr enra/et wyi rejoysyt, and 
thet wyl no wuishup be Ihcr in at long way. 

I echuld wryth mot but I liAvc no Icywf at thyc 
tyme. I trow re n^J sone kum hom. and Iherp fore I 
wryth the lesse. God kepe zow and sesd zcwgood 
ftpecde, Sec Wnjlya tho fryday, Sen Andme Er. 

Be xour ia(?dyT, 

J'nV>UI|i^>— ^"TU< Ullcr vu JoMcndl by ibnadi ^roufld ltn\)i]jt wiiIl ■ 

Bwdb u4 Dhlc iHt lir 'liB »«*L Tiif ihn*4l*iWi<c 1.14 w ibe liiisud 
nd« the lATer kf 4^>*n«l vUbcui QnHiJtini tlu *ul." 

4.0. mi.j 

SOW^AftD /K 



A.IX 1471. 

Joma Pa$to» to Sik John V%ston. 

|Pbob PtttfA MSJ^^ UM.] 


** ^Wm OB M»4^af # til* flr PatVf udb tatfl«frtAil cMfi^ iWd* 

■Iw I«ir4 

• • . , the voy vaIcw of SparWood pww^b not 
C Rurfe of w> vonys mony thai I mn lyirk wiEh, and 
to be pj^ bjr dfl)ifi aft th< l>yll th*t Jwde fthall 
dciyv[cr] > - > rchcn ; athI thcr ft^'crin yc thold 
toofiC bj/i< cf the fcmnc of tbc n^nncr ycrly, nhych 
iCftlldjpih bf iin'lyr vnnd ; anrl yn chp frn»« miut 
Itftad yov cm od ay mark bv ttic Icat vcy; but, 
by Godi and I vcr a» yc, I wold net adl it for C 
ittvk more 1hc» ii h vnjonhc. Syr John Styll rccom- 
andyth hym to yniix pood nMiyntbt'ppff, and fc-yth 
pAcyoly a ye wyU bt tryU com up lo yow and 3w:iyte 
OB yow w*icf*ocvcr ye bc> «oort or oihyr. By Scynt 
Mary, he is owynj^ more tnotiy then I ivcnd ; fot he 
is owyng for a twetmonthe aiul a ciiiarter ai thy» 
Cryffiniu, cavyng for by* boord» xijd. i tvek for iij. 
({ttaitcn ; and he tieythc pieyniy that yc and It Cdle 
both bftd hym syng styil for Syi Jdin FaAtolt u he 
djd before _: but 1 have bodyn hym that he shall get 
fa^ a serryse nov at tliji Cry^tnus ; and so he sliall, 
intiicwt dial yc acnd hym othyr wysc woord^ or 
dlyi iJiAl yt w f tiuy fcet hyru bueu bezi^fy^cr or frc 
chApeQ, or aom oihyr gooil servj-sc whyd"* I praye 
yow enqvrer lor. 

Iloa, ud ye wcrk wyalv yoiir malcr myghl com in 
with othyr iri;iLcis uf the luidca ui tlici Apoyiitioentci 
with Ibc Kynj^ but it «oid he hbord lo a porpose 
this CryMmaa whyll ye hftve teyscr lo spck with youf 




mdstyr. ItcTS, myn aqwcj-ptana with the Lore! Rcven 
Is uanc tithyrwyir Ikii :ts K liAlht ben alwcja ; aa^yng 
and he go no 10 Portygall to be at a day upon the 
Seraiyni, I porpose and hav« promyflvd to tw ther 
with nyni ^ ind fct joraty don, aa Wyltys scythcr 
fa^w^^ll he. He poq«isyiti lo go Ibrwarcl a bowt Lent 
but Fortune with hyr smylpg contcnane tinDDC of all 
our porposc amy mnk a aodcyn chance. 1 ensuor 
yoiv he ihynkyth all the world gothc on thcr «yd ayca ; 
Anil as itiT my comyng u^ m (he bejjynnyng <if ihp 
next term, with trm ye ^end me othyrwysc woord thai 
I myght do yow sotn good when 1 vet eom, by my 
fcytn I com not thcr« for it shold put yow to a coil, 
and mc tua bhor and tost l*oihe; but (if] yr send 
foT me r eona streyght, thow I tery the lesse n'hfU 
ther, and ^o 1 ahsil withowt I may do vow som good. 
By my fcytliL' I porpose to make up my byllys clere, 
and H[?nd yow tlie copyac as hafityly nn 1 t-^n. Yonge 
Wyseman otti>Twyc cfllTyd Foole, lold me that Sir W, 
Vvtverton is abowt to tnak« a bar^avne with tiM 
D^vchcs ol Suffolk or with my Loro cf Norfblkt 
wli^che he ttuty get Jjrst, for the nuner of G«toiL 
r tdcyvc nil yet^ God hold it. 

1 prayc yow recomond me to m/ brodyr Mol)^ 
cncTrx, and oil othyr good feUwa. ]. P. 


A-D, r47», 8 Jan. 
Sir John Pasto>j to Mabcarei PastoKh 

[From Ftan, IL »&,J 
7h my mvii koacro^i am/ f&idrt modrt. Mar^rtit /^ttim, 

ftST noiacfkypfull and kyiidc moodre, I com< 
ande me to yow, and besechc yew off yow 
dayly biyasyng and remembraance. Pleue 
it yow to wetc thatt 1 have my pardon,' as 

I HH nnlon nawPti ih« Gmt finJ on lilt ■(« DoctAlhriAn. Pinjoa 


£DWAnD /K 


th« be«f bcroff cto mJonnc yow. f<)f comffoft wheroSc 
I liATc been ihc m«jicr thjn C^^iiqcskc, and Havc been 
p;*rtp thcrr^ wtib Sir fimrgc RTciw^rti.' ;inil wiih my 
Lady mja auntCr hys wyflc,*iiid be ffbr Twddr;* I 
ccnsctomy I-oidc Ajxlicoys&hopc,* wha I bave h:idde 
4a gnxtc iJicd, and ben •» wclkom u [ cow Jc <Ict)1m] ; 
and iff I ludtk brn in srivprre thai Outr wwr hadde 
ageyn, 1 wolde hAve cccaen bonwwudii thys diye^B 

And ! bcMcLe jow to nrmanbr niy brother to doo 
hyi dtrcyr ihatt I may^ hive u^uyn my Mu(!<t, rny 
book<t WKl xesimtfots, and my bedtlyng» how so evyr 
hedoOh tboghcl£choMcg>'&xx"£cutcibyhyfl«lvyee 
to my Iwly Br>uidoti, or sutijc utlicr goodc fclawc* 

A> for any iyd^ng«i !btrr be noon hcer, Mffc (hat 
lh« Kv&g baih kqic jt r}itll Ciyitmesw ; And nc^w ihey 
wye Ml hiatctyc he woU noiwc. and some scyc that 
he uroll imo WaJys, and sonic su-ye tlut he woU into 
ibe Wwt Contrt A< fff>r Qween Margreit. T urdrr- 
»lond lliAt sche ia Kmevyd Irofn Wyndewr to H'aljTig, 
fforthc, nyj;hc 10 Ewhclmc, my lady tif Suffolk Fktcc 
in OiriifuriJir spthyic 

And men wye thai Ihc J^orde Ryvcnc schyppyd on 
Ciystnsetac e^yn ia to FoityngAlc wardCj 1 am not 

A^ the»cha1lc be ft convocaclonolTthcGergycin 
all huie, whyche intf» deeme will avaylc the Kyngc a 
dymv And ui hiLffe, ftonie seye I beseche Cod scndc 

Cir itoode hcclc and grc^tcx joyc io on yoJ then yc 
re hadde thyu vij 

Wretyn att the Moor the viij. daye o^T Janever, 
A" E. iiij, ij. 

By yowf joonc. 

JifHN PA^roM, K. 

1 ■« C ii y ikWB^ KawK <A Dvri^himt}) CaHk, <■ BunifL-^K 

> 1^win» 0*ri f^h al JirtuirF— r 

■ If«n M«« 4Mv^ini tboiL ChLhv. «i>d i boM ihat It jnifbi be bMd 
■KO b* ifct lUMrvd VI *« HB^ <rbK h« wvuld g«bh bMi^ m^ pui hka 

tHB PA5T0N LSTTERS^ [luu.itn. 


A-D. 1472, ij Jan. 

John Taston to Sik Johw Pastos, 

{Yica Fun, W, 410.) 
Ii ■pptt.'f bi m Iccirr uT ilie irlh iCtjf ucf fulli^Ainc I r<a At0. iful at lAttJ 
■uiddiEiiidiiiji Htili eIu L^uIlf of SEirfulk. I? ifii [uLuccuni ol lIie Ducbtia 

XftjfgAT, fit fhyt ddyvtryd. 

lYGHT worchepfuU ^r, I tctomamJ m« to yow 
tn tny best wyse, lylcL'yih yow to wet * 
that I hav« thy£ day iletjn^eryd yowr xogiiv 
tyll, yowr ray jjowtc'i AnJ yovr croxbowyK 
wyiti telcn ajiJ wynJ^. ^nO yurti KoLuiJiiidy byU toj 
Kerby to bryng wyih hym to Londoa 

Item, in KViy wysitf, and [j^] ft: olm ^e the picb^tc ^ 
my fadyra*n'U to be gcvyr yow wyth llic bar^yii ihi 
yc inAc wyLA my Lou! of CziiitcjUny. J^id 1 uin lli)! 
that yc may have li, and as eoonr as Jl is prcvyrl y** 
J may have a kltyr of mynystRicyon upon the ume^] 
Uid A qnrclojicc of my Lord CojGtnallc cvyn fbonhe 
W>'lb ; mtl thys wei nne of llie hest b^r^'ayiiys tbitt yc 
mrui ehjT! ij, yer [ enswyr vow, and he mny make yow 
nqwetancc or get yow oiie a*^ Uic iJysheop of Wyn- 
chcstyr for Syr John Faslolfys Roodcs alao, anJ m my 
tcson tliys iici lyght to be bruwglil a bciwglit wilb the 
Cim*? hiirgiyn. And ye purpose to Kir^jii wiili hym 
v« hud need lo hye yovv, for it is toldr: me thil in^ 
Lordof NoHTolk vryl cnlyr in to \\ haalyly.andif hc*0 
^00. it is Ehc wcii for yow, aud it wyll catwsc ibcm I© 
profyr (he li?^se syl^r. 

[tern, I pray yi>« send m* BOno »crjrt tydyngfl of 
the lyVlyefi of ihc world by the next mcs^cDgcr thit 

' A btiuik oauit Iwrt m ['euu'i kfcbAPd. orUKblcivrt K^itli l»dbi«^ 

* 'ftiii aeou a ^vivii tA«Ac of cliih (I41 *» ntnr djW isbynd « 
AwJ.— r UilRfmnliBf 11 KsTDiflJ "my" i?rtUi >rni«il i:LDOk 

A-K t^jx} 

SDW^jtnJD /P, 


ooayth between, tJut I nu>- be cyihcr myrjti or cllya 
jxxji %orf Hkm I auv auiJ abi> liidt I may givyd tnc 
iher *fiyt 

iucD, AB fer Sir R. Wytigfeld, 1 csn pet do & /i. cf 
bTTQ. but he Acytli thAt I sliali hare the taylrcst liAmcyv 
ftut I can bye ill l^onilon for sylvyr, but rnonry csd I 
tton gC^ 1 C2n not yet nuke my ptRSe wythioy Lofd 
of Nortfoit noT my Lady by fto ni«uic, yet cvciy mAn 
tcUjih iBc tiuu wy Lady scyLh passyngly wcU of me 
ttlEwey^ notwilhtiHTxlynx. J trowc thai ihcy wyli ^nclhc 
Ap«U ihyi Icrm, ycr thcr i* no man of iis ini^Jytyt^ hue 
if it wcr doon a for the crcwncn ef then wc cvn owt 
oflhcpbucq thcr IS now but iij. men inkE,Andthc hryj^cs 
alwry ilraw/n. No avit. \m G™1 bni ynw myn hi^r,* 

Wretyo (he Twysdiy Ocxt aftyi Scyn: Agnet ihe 

ijT%0 J. P, - 

Itan» ycslyfday W. Conwy enCryd in lo Sajtlhofp 
and tbcr n^ he kcpyo^ of a Ufuti, and lud ;hc 
tc-rvumtt iiir4i[rW,l ta htm, hiiE rr ihrmoft vtju ^I 
dooD, I cim Uicdyr with a. man with me and no 
moreT and ther. tdor hym and all hy« fcluvschcp, 
Gaync, Boanated, &o, I <Jur^v[l die tciiAunu ih^t 
iUcy fhold [jirotetl no fenhcr in :hei ctjort ujxm |Jtyn 
thM naygbE folic of it, aod ;h?y lctt)U for a teuen, 
But they sye that 1 wu>( not abyll to lUAkt my panye 
l>ood, and lo they ptocodyd ferthcr ; jleuI 1 aye that 
sod tex tnv 4lowiie by the fthnml and blutiyd liyi 
book wyiji my fvEigyv a^ be wrct^ so that atl tetuunu 
afcroyd ihM tnc coort wa« cnttmpL« by mc aa i& 
yOff.' t>'^hL aiid 1 rei)wcrcd thcni to iccgid tlui dier 
vj;* no pnybyll coori Itrp:, and ao they scyd they 

fciiiCB tfk#>t« of J*a«fy : air ■•(W14 laaTimlwnnn ifii :Ae^ of ihauiiu 
flH4l^ aftlcb ■ U t» bt !]*■■■ II J WW BM iTh i'OWt nf lS< f<«mt(. hull ■ 

a' Vat M •'u HI >iDe««il«lB Bvad* unwuki ■! b« iiHili lutui* 


TBE 7AST0V LSTT£RS. [jl.i>. I4}3i. 

A.IX i4T»i 5 Feb. 


[FrwD Fcm), jt- 434] 

A* AqtM^vt*^ Ip ^< pmedlDji Itfm wc 1t«n AvJ I^HI iltpi nr* tvJM 
Tht aaitt woosuriH o^lII U tosiW L«ncT ^- Tod nivikd taUd^ori^ 

Tojchn F<at4n^ Mtquytr, bt thys ddiv^id. 

HRKTE )^n wde, *iul «nd you GotMs Mpft- 
vTig aiij inyft, letyng yoii wotp that tlie wuinin 
ihjil E«wytZi the appcll ai;eyii your brothtrr 
and bb mCD U ccmyn to Cc^ndcn lo caU thcT 
op on. Acd wlta^^diat ahc sbuldcODJc lu Loudon tlicr 
was delivered her C. /. for to sewe tt^th, so that be 
that 1 lier& in this countr« she wtiU nol \evt it, but thit 
she 5t1a.ll callc thcr tip cn sucb trmc &a shall be to 
your mo&t rebuke, but d'[vf;/fjj]ye ley the better wcuJu 
Stic hath evill council, and that wui! see you ^tcl]p 
Uttered, atKi that ye may imderiiUind be the money 
^t was ukc her whan ^hc came up, Jinij ye shula 
fynii \\, I knowc il weic, if iher myghL luve you fit 
Aviiufitcige ; thrf for, for Godds Kikc mftke dtligerit 
ser^c be th« ndvycc of your couiif:eU, thai thcr be no 
ncc^liecns in you in this mnlcr nc^r other Tor diflku|tlit 
of kbour« .uid c^l upon your broiliti, and te^llc hyia 
that 1 send hym Godds blyssyng and myn, and deciM 
hymthat hewull now a while, whill he hath the Lords 
at hi» entcQl, that he sckc the mean^ to make ui 
ende cf lui tjiaiers, foi his dmyses ani gretly oimged 
now of \a\*\ what i% ihe cause 1 knowe not Alw>, I 
pray you tprke to Pbyter that ther may be Ibwod A 
mcaoc that the sherefic or the gadcier of grcnc wax' 

CDURT 11114101 iha Sg4I of itHL <:«ui. aud* IP Kieu iru« vfrc iron tl 
olIcJ giwii-»Ht— f 

A.Dk MTl-1 



uiMf be dutrKiT^nl at rm^jn Iswif ! ThaT renne np on 
FuK)^' (ot 5l£riotlft nuicr, tor the t>ai)io wis jlI tiyv^ 
this vckct and ihuld hftve strcyrtcd hym, but ihal ho 
ptocATsoi tiyok thai he shutd with In this viij. d^y^ 

be mttt contcDt hfm, &c. Also, 1 Acnd yoa be Um 
IbcRT hci oL dosed at tliis Letter, v. s, at go^ said 
pay jTOU to bey me x vugcr layfe, and due», and 
ilnauJad*, tuid snid U me h:Lm«^ nnd if yr brwir f^/ 
«tf] toy mcr moacy, nhux ye came hatne I tihall 
piit vou o^cyn. The Holy Cost kepe you bothrn, 
and deliver yon of voor elmyie [otfmks\ Wretyo cd 
Sent Ajs^ Vafp En nast 

Iiera, 1 my irou tpcke lo Mayiter Roger i !or noy 
aoccpct br 1 hftd never moi nede thctof, and lend u 
me A* li&atly ju yc <aiL 

Btt MP, 

A.IX 1471, 17 Febi 

fProcD Fffira, ii.90.] 

liw ■M^nil >iM ift* 1S4 Baiili of Tf vknburx in lii^ m;>. Ri''>t*nl. 
pnfcnhMM fa 1^1 <»n fnf mil nilfl, u«J Kh. ji« *ia1 t«> Mlawla^ 

LOTHER, 1 ocmjuide mc to yow. iffd praye 
yov I0 loke uppe nty IVnpU^/ GVofj^/ and 
sold it me by tne bcrci hcrof, 
It^u, ^ fui iy^yn%tt I liuvc npokcii witli 
Mestr«ae Ann« Hftult, at a pnty leysn-. ncd, blyi^yd 
t« God, VI* b« M fiCT Hortbe a& wo w««r ioEioor> ,tnd 
»o I hoopc we Kball ccnlcncw ; and 1 promyscd h>r, 
Xhxi al Uic LWl kjscr that 1 kvwil IT/oJc ihcrio thai 

tA Oi-l* 



I wul:Ic come a^cytt unil sec h^r ; whj^ic wyll ukc ft 
kyfcer as [I] ftocmc now ; syn ihjrs obwr^iiijcf t) ov*r 
clOOD, I pur[>ofic nott to Itmptc Uod noo moor eoo. 

Yiitcraay the Kyoj^Ct the Qvccn, my 1.x>rdM of 
Clurauctc aiiil GWcc&tCT» wcntctoSi:hccn lu pardon; 
men G<7, nou fillc la cbcrytc j what vyll falU^ men can 
noU scyc* 

The KynKc cntictyth my T-ordc off CUrmce ITor my 
l^nrtcofGiow<:rtlcri ami, ft* itlisftpyiic.hcjinaftnyibc, 
ihai he may weell have my Tatlyc hyt Kiiticr in lawc, 
butt they £ch.til parte no lyvclod, as he vejthc ; Eowh&t 
vryU talic Ciin I nnCt ^ye. 

Thy* liayc I puijxi^c to sec tay loily off Noifibllc 
ngeyn, in goode howr he it 1 

'Vha is profciyd me marchftunts ffor Sporle wood^. 
God icndc mc gcodc sale whac I be gynne ; thai poor 
wowle IS luor marw-shed ind dirt'lt- 

Vitt woote I nott whtTlicr I come home bcfioor 
Estcrae or nod; Ischallscndeyowworde. Nomoor,fi:c 

Wrctyn the ffynt Tcwe^dayc oQ Lcncon, 

A.D. 1471, <Q ApiiL — Ausnucr. 

IVirm MS. rnd« in Moed. Coll., OifonJ.] 

Korlblk Bad ,<^iiiro1k Dud^n No, q&— ^Hcloutia JoIibbwi 
PaiEoD Hcta WlI lif Imo W)iinF1<?r e'- alii& if^tLiis iaris in mannio 
voGii:' PoJhflm liotl in lipytrtii. flK , In omnihu* tprn^^ ime- 
mcntis. xcdUUibiiJ, At,, in viUb <lc BcyEcm, Aklc, Birliuijliaui, 
d Uyktiii^i ir|u>c ju^jndiun fiicninL Julunnb FailnLl — Aujil £C\ 
Edw. IV,, i2."^Th«rc U & Minilar deed oF Ihc uunc tnrc in- 
cluding the tnanor gl Tiichwdll, niucbcred **'nLcbu'eUf j," itt 
the o^eetiaD, 


A.D, [47>r J^ AprD. 

Srn JouK Paei'on to me oaoraGUr Joar Pastok- 

[From Fcnm^ I. 38&] 
nc diH «( ihlt UOtt li uettjiIdaI by The lua tbu Sir Hodu W&fd^ 

OTHlvK, 1 conttnd me to )row^ 

Bp f tirldy T fccndc vow & letter bf Corby with 
ifiiiijilxycibyffort^yn; and ihoT with ij. poiti 
offoykfor fcikdj-K,wltychcoyie wvfl;occtc»inyghl be 
ii4ica 1 ddyvco'd tiu And scnjJl be ic^o^c »i the rcKy- 
vynge, iff ii bcnoLt m3F*sc hsuidclytJ^norraywr kfljrytL 
Iten^ ft£ (tar tydyngii, the Eric or Northtimbprbnde 
11 hc^one tn to ih« Northe, And my Ixtrd off Glow- 
CMler sclull ifTtr u to xnoroir, men scyc- Also thys 
dayc Rtrbctt uf Rjf^dyff wcdilyil ihc I jily Dymrnok ut 
my pUc<r in F]*<1»W«*, and my L>ifl)tf and yo«-rt. 
Dune tilubeUk BoaKhcber,* is vreddyd \Q tbif Lorde 
ilovranJa sooo lod hcyr.' Abo Sir ThnmA^ W^il^rare 
iMiIedodrtTiciyknEsitf th:itn?yi^iyth,[HL Tcwe ?.ilay. tzuvr 
(fw] C*ieer fior yowc. Aho my Lorrl^ Archtrbysihojitr* 
wcu brcFttl to the lowr on Sit«TJav a1 nyi<ht> and on 
Moiuld>c, 9\ mydnyijViU lie wia ttftivcyd to a acliy^ij)t:, 
irnl so in lo tlir v.-*^, and as yitt 1 rnn not! undny 
■cu>d« wh«dyT h(^ ii v^t, ner whan is fiillyn ofT hym \ 
men 9cye, Hot he hAthc offendyd, but oa Ji>hn Fortcv 
Mylhc. aome rncn icy nayc i but all hys mcny ^r 
dyipsrUyd \dttpfrtfit\y every man hys wryc ; and wira 
tlvtt nr grretc kicrlcys, and fiLmou£ dorton nf hyv^ 
piQ now ^;«)in to Combr^ge to ficooUe. Aa tfor ;iny 
oihcr ty<lypp I hecr noon. The Cowntcwc off Oxcn- 
l!bnrl' i* styllc in Srynt M.irtyns ; I hi-cr iwj wofil off 

' MkH^^ tei^jtsr Bfld (im™™ ^ Sir pt^<Tk Tilrrt/, KhibSi, pmS 

^■■^•d *«««b«A«icJw ttirl-Dir^rflci. 

'ThpiU-l JtCvfrd, alJtr-mJn ^-^^if.) D^iW^T N^^flW ^ M'.vv Vllf, 

• C<0HC WcilU. AftfcTpi.l-1' "^ Vj»t- 

* line— T, Tt^ of Jkla d< Vcrr. UH erf L>iTcrrf, (iBuc^ra ol KifJlBK 



hyr. The Qween hsuit^e chyMr, a Hrwghirr, but Uw 
ai Wyndti&tf lh«i elf I iFOw yc hoddc wordc- And 
u tfor mc, I Skin in Eykc cue aa 1 wju. And u flbr 
1117 Loidc Oianibcric/D,' he is noti yill comcn to 
tovn J wheo he ci^mythc than *chaU I we^r what to 
doa Sir John of Vait ia yowr t!rcndc and myn, and I 
gifTc hym a fiayi *nnyng swordc within this iij, dftyu. 
T har^lc somwh^t hy hym off a bakke £Erccndc off 
your; ye schaU knowe moor her ifllr. 
Wrctyn the Uai days of AprylL 


A.D. 1473^ 14 Mty. 
JOB» Paston to Sm Johw Pabtow, 

[From Piiloa MSS.» tM.} 

WbU i4 ^Cn hU of lib* «iicxL-r */ ^iTiey Itr a']«l ilj< mUai SulhoTTB, 
■nu u tbB*T IME thi* ]eo« i> rii iht uibi yo^r «■ N» «MU- Aim iho 
(uatiob of SUfTvi'* uuiiltT mad iJid fi«£n wAb <^r«o -Wf wtfl vith th« 

^ Jftutyf Syr John Past&n^ Kny^hi, in Aa4f. 

'R, ! lecorrunde me to yow, fiic W. Gom^ 
and I aj ipoynWd th<Li thcr ihal] no moQj 
be Lxkyn at S^xchorp lyll tliys icime be ptt!* 
for he h.ithe promy?yd me 10 spek w;ih yaw 
and tour corseil^iDd thai ye shaU uk a wty betwyx yow 
90 tnot ye shall be boihc plcsyU. He had wimyd a 
coori at SaLiftborp oad lo hare be kcp upon lUAy 
Rood Day la*! past, and ther he wold have gadyrd the 
half yere femi, but it Ibnunyd me to be there ere the 
coort fas half done, uid I look sychc a wcy with hyia 
that thecjwnl gave no vcniyt, ner tiicy procedyd no 
fcnher in ther con, Tior gadyrd no mony thcr, nor not 
fihalldo, tyllsyche tym as yespek to gedyr, and [^1 ye 
be at London thys Lenn ; but and yc be not at London, 
I woldavyscfow to lei Townysond taka wc> witbhjo^ 

i WiOkHi. Lord HtflingL 


E2>WAfD /K 


for h lyetb not hi roy power to kc?p wt^rrr with tym ; 
for and £ hid i»< <1^ft ryght ccneyily up 0:1 Holy 
&i»d Daj I hmd duownk lo myA oys^is* for vqwd^ 
Hcydon luul rcysyd fts many men na he kowd mut 
m hamm to 1uj^<: holpGomay; but wUcii Hcydon 

r[iinf] that »c flcli *o concytly m we dorl lie with- 
r hy^ Ba«a usd DLud bcm to i;o horn % y«n, not- 
«rtlbst4Ddy&g thcT wci r^K- ^i^^l ^^ ^^ ^^- '^^ 
aUo my l^nl of Nortfolk^ men vn/U be wiih hym 
ay«ngt me 1 wei well 9ft yrt, lyl bcttyr |>ett« be. 

JtViD, u (or myn ownkyLl' William, I hcLVc cpock 
with Ikym* u»d he »cyih ihat he wy!1 make a. byll iti 
Skll hut of idle percellc be twyil >ow .mil sciiil yov 
word ID wiyght)7tg how that be wool! dyell with y^w ; 
hot 1 ctn not » that he bcsyth hym abowf^ht it, ne^ 
vithlUiidyrf I calle upon hyra dayly for iL A» for 
moBirt I can none get, neythet ai Saa/lcwt-U nor it 
Sponc tyll myib;otDer, thow 1 wold <tryvc ^li the catell 
they have. 1 »afl bcmd to the ihre\7B for s^m wwt' 
ftud for Aj^KTr'/f^joj thai i^ awAidyd cwi ofyoHT lond, 
W)N:he dntwyth in alle InrlEyr tJiun v. ni^irk, und I uu 
&yn to bofw Ihc nony to pay it by ihat Lonl I 
belevie on, for 1 covrd not gaayr a nobyll of urcra^s 
ayn I was with yow it London of allc the lyvclod yc 
liare. A» for Julin Miiiyfit, he is payid <]f hy% inuyie 
io to a nobyll or xj, at tho mo£C, but ik for all hys 
detton I can not t^y hem tyll 1 con gadyr mort 
moDjf BO God help me. I pray yow acnd 1 byll to 
Jolin PuDpyng t^^ he may ryed wiili tut.' ovyr ill 
ywr Ivvttood, uid cak a clere reknyrg wK»t is owyog 
and wbftt that I have rcceyvydt thai yc may liavu a clcr 
ickiijn^of aJl thjLi jc owe in thy» conLrCi &iid vhat 
joor t^nanTiirfi rwr ynw. Item, 1 pray yow send rac 
word a* hutyly as yc can, bow the woild ^oethe. 
No o&ofc, but God font yow loiumann,^ ^ind rather 
den to stand m dowght, rcnienibyr what pcyn it is 1 
man 10 Uieftc lyberie. The Vict is a fayir prcson, but 

*a»lBUk ^kdidHalMiDCUf Canpart ■icillof ciiD»>toiU/)^ 


yc had buE smaJe lyberte tfwr tn,> for fe nujt nfdyi 
apcr when yc wcr oillyd, llcm, I have fiownvl J&niys 
GcirxTiAiTiyh ubTy^acyou- Itoii, lie comyOi to L^tidoo- 
waM ihya day 

VUntyn the uiij» day of Mn/a^ J. P, 


A.D. i47't 35 May. 
Joiw Pmton 10 Sir Joiik Pastov. 

TV* T«TT V taeaia lit )>«vB l'**i< vriiim In i|ri^ vhen, bi Trffrrt^^iat f itn 
tWfttfvnk "<■< ■iiiEn.iyuu'Jij^ 10 up^tt ^act tntUtin Uiihcc' Nuf-Lli. br 

|YGHT wofrhrfiill kjt, I recorcande mr eo yow, 
sertyfying yaw ihat I w^£ piirposyd ta rave 
com lo London lo huve rnade my p&fc with 
nny Lady of Norflblk, but I undyoteDd ihc h 
noi in LoQidon ; notwirhsiandyng [hor is □□ caiist^ nf 
mya ibydyng at hoiu, but thys is the cause, so Cod 
help mc, — I ciTi get no niony, ncythyy of your lyvclod 
tier of myn, lu pay for my cosEt^s, nor for lo cue yow 
iriih at my comyng. Notwithsiatidyng I am ^iromyiyd 
Bom 4t ^naylcwell, ^uid if £0 be that John cm take eny 
Ihcr. he sl^ll bryng it yov/ with ihi* byllc, 1 send 
yow here ij. of my lekcyikg:^ tlisl I have retc^ved uvl 
payd syn I delt ^^-ith ycmt lyvclntl, anj by the* ij. and 
by tliai rctnyng that 1 Bcnt yow to L0Ddc») ye may 
know what 13 reccj-vcd by roc, and what 1 have payid ; 
and liow^b ^nd when sp evyr ye wyll kl your teiuiuntca 
and fr!rTvou.r& at allt^ plasyif be examynd, ye shalle 
fyaJ It Qon othyr wyse. So God help me. ^ your lyve- 
lod is payidi it caimot paye your detles in thys cOAtrc ; 
for il dniwyth up on a i/r thai yc owe yet m ihjfl 
contrr, btsyd the tH/i. to Dswtiney; and with in the* 
vij- dayifl I thalJ teod yow a clere byll what ye ovn, fof 

■ I havt Ajimd tv otbir lunUou ef Sir Jelu Pk*ui] bavlof boca 1^ 

pri>«4il<ll ifavFlMf. 

«,1X M7J-1 



thcF arc axytd nutny thyngct ilat I knevc noc of when 
1 W4^ frith yo». 

Abo I ^nvwft yov by my trowthc 1 mh my tnodyr 
ncvyr sorer mrt^ wiih nt) miiei in hyi !yve then the 
WK whm the red the byll thit ye gitve mc wttrnyng in 
that I'crkcr hid atain^ nc axyon lycaat yov and mc, 
far >he mppooyth txiyty that it u tluon 1^ myn oncyll 
WiLliiin mfocy^, lo imk yaw tu Hell ;oiir lorid, Bui 
tl:^ A« cotoandyd me for to seed yow word, that and 
ye acU «nr lond, bnC paj^ your dcttCA wiili ii^'chc good 
oa roy Lord AKhcby»liupp owyth yow, ana cny law 
fa 1ng)oniJ can put fro >tjw i-ny of fiyr lonil, she swoyih 
t^ wt ^h that she oxvyth to God ^hc wvll pii fro 
yow dotyU aa myche lood ta >^ scllc And thcrfor [ 
■MroMsvyKyow>u1ks1iarply upon T»y Lord. ihcArch^ 
byKhoj\ for yr ar ncn hond (n utijin yniir %ylf iinr hym. 

Itcoi, I prjy yotp rc thai 1 uk ng huit by Parker. 
As for myn oncyll W., I <Aii not mak hym to scud 
)<Ki tlic byll oi avlIil- MuiTas he bdthc of yowts. He 
■eyth hr wrtl, ti: h** romyih no of with ii,* He and I 
or foirty tiltjn o«^^M thys tame dav for a nwtcr bctwyx 
Lovcll and Johnc Walliam .ind nyr su»1>t, Lovcll 
hotlic bofft Jonc VV.ilihimp pail of hyr lyvdod, and 
flsurd hyr t^? a kns^r, nnd myn ontyll W. h;Lthc oft 
mkk wich my modyr and tnc for to dclyves Jonc 
WaltAtftfay^ cvydcnoc lo I-Ovcll, whychc I hnvc in 
fc^vyog; and because 1 wyll not dclyvcr IjjvcU thn 
cvydence rherfbr we lyU oirr, in so myche thnr he fii*yih 
hevyll Etfyppc mc fro the mancr of Swe^ii^ihorpc. 
Whcrfor I pniy yow m eny wyic *cnd me by John 
Mybwialucropyrof ihedt-nl that I srniyaH toljindtan. 
Ther is in Ihe same deed Grethim and Sn.tylcwdl, 
and Spoile and Sweynsiboipe, alte to ;^>t I trow. 
And 1 prey yow let nie daSc and the feojfcyi na[^y^ 
and ollc be »ei in. And ! trust to Cod ic> tn-ik yt lo 
tewyr that he shall do me iytyll harm. G-'fr^- Spyr- 
tngenllyth i^f: upon me to untlyrrjiiind how ye wyll 
JcLlc with hym for hys plosc in Norwyche- I pray you 


tend me wootd by John what insw«T I may ge?e 
hym ; he <iclyth thlvfty O'B^' Irendly with yow. 

Item. 1 acod jrow hero wyth Jamja Grtah&aiTi 

Uem. I pray yow send aencyD wocrdc hov th« 
world gochc: 
Wiciyo the XXV. djiy of May* J. Pt 


AhD> 1473, 5 June. 

[Ft™ PMton MSS,. E.M1 

UliniilHiF iliai Hnry Hej^ai'i pEirrhut u' SutFiorpe. oieBVionAl b 
ikil iHliT. ihiui Live Icsd Hit4ih|kicbi ikj >tit i>»p^jit iJ Crutit*y fa du 
pDnHwanof ihaE rruukDr, u meiiE-oncil io ].«UfrflQV No dovbl iha jnmi ta 

A Sir John P^sfffn, Knythty be ihys itlyurid, 

GRET xovr wclk, And send zow Goddi 
hlyssyng and myn, laiycg /ow wet ihat 1 
fipixkke with trends of myn with yti« ihys fcw^ 
dayslhfli tQld me that lamlcke lobe trobyld 
for Sir John FastollcB^oodcs, the whychc woe in loui 
ftdyrs po^cssyon^ anii aa for me T had never none of 
them. WJiere fore I pray 20w send me & kopy of the 
dysscchatgc whyche «c have of my Lord of Wynchc«- 
tcr that £C (old nic that ee had* bothc for my dy^chu^c 
and lowyrs wal sum ever ihai be callyd upon of eythrr 
of tts here ifler. Item, yt ye told me that Hfiny Hcy< 
don Iwt bowihe \houghi} of the scyd Lord botbe 
Saithorpc ^tnd Tydicwclle, and ImtVjc ukkc posscssyon 
there in. We beitc the busschyssc and have the loi«e 
and the disworschuj^pe and elher men have the bynU. 
My Ix<k3 Iiaihe ftdsic kownscllc and s^Ttipylic, that avy- 
Aeythchym thcrelo; Aodo^ ytys told me, Guton ys Ickc 


togooihrurnrvryinhut Andasfor Hcflyj^on and 
IfayUMj I aow yt it ihci yt sch:i\lc be- Wat fchiXie 
hllc of the rcDQQ&imt, Cod kovrytfac, — I trow u cvciic 
or whcrwc. W« hflVC the loi»C unoog u^ Vl owythc 
to \ie rrrTtttnhyrfl, ;ind chrj' thiti be iledvty ta hutc 
koosycot there in. And co moi I :hryv«, yt wm told 
mc but lattc that yt is icyd in kown^lJc of them that 
ben Al Colter, thai I *ia Ickc to bavc buE lytyllc good 
of MauCfby yf tlic Duk? of Not&ilkt? hive powes-iytm 
ctyLle in C^uter; and yf we lewe that, wo leue Ui« 
bycmte flow«r of ovn f-arEoiid And ther Ibf betpe 
trat he imy be owic of po^^cMyu^ ihcre of la haatc 
br uiyo u ime> w^t ao wet fortune here alter. Item, 
yt is Hyd4 bore U121 cny Lord Archcbj'escboppo U dcd ; 
«Ad yf yt b< lOi caUc U|> on \iys nticrttca for ihc tncoy 
ttltl is Oirrox LJ tia, to li^l Lv myn avjiCi And Al 
te w wns of God hrlpr that I nvihe br dycdiAigyd 
<^ tJie C mark tbit ic wci of, owca be that mcnc or 
aiun other, for yt b to mychc for mc to bcrt, with 
Cthd duicca l^l I liavc Usyil, tliAl I aru H> licvy 
wan J i^yniE im on yL As for yoiir syster Anne, Mflsier 
Godinj aod hit wyf(^ utd W. Urcy o\ Muttyn, am up 
OD A povoimcnt with mc uid your brodicr John, m 
ihtt IC ^ilc a grc there lo ^nil be her ^ood brother ; 
•cb* scbiJlc have to joyntor hy^ mod>Ts lyvelod after 
the dySMMT of her and her bubbond, and J to puy xJi. 
be tcrc lo the rysddyng of her ^nd her huabond lyllc 
e/r., be piivcd. And yf hyi grawntsyt^n Lyvelod f^lc 
to hym bcrt *ftcr, he hiihc promyscd tn amend her 
joynt>T. Mister Godfrey hithc promyEyd hyni tar hyi 
pule xLr. be jterc> and than Ukkythe but iiij, nobyls ol 
UL nuuk be fere, tlK a/yOie Uicy hupr xe wyDc make 
ope for »our parte. Wylliam Grey told me he ichold 
apdte vtth ujw here m won he kim to London thys 
tcnne- God kcpe cow. 
Wictyn iu hui Oil Vtyt^y ucxt oiler Sen Feindlc> 

Be your raodyr. 

iRPMniilkiiUVH^wiLFvWl H* dtr >n« it» i^u >U>. 


tH£ PA3T0N LETTERS. C^uifTk 


A.D- 147*1 a Junt 
Jo»K VhVTos TO Sir Joitk ?a«tov. 

{From Kenn, tf. 9>^J 

jnh iHitr. E%4 Ike bn, ii Atta^ by ilw irfvnoi U Ouimt ud 

FT. I3» Ike IkK. ii (Mfl^ by ilw rrfvnOi U Oidiht ud Hrrdoh 
THa d^t ki enonnaiS by ilw bHuau ta ih« invpoiiBl %t hJI Spvh <«i>u4' 

YGHT wotchopfullBir,! recomnndme toyowj 

Itfiti, Maslyt John Smythe tcUylh ac ih^ 
Sit T. Lyntrys tj^uiAiyii at doc &byl] lo p^jt a 
fpumer nf hy^ dcirs th,\t he sxyrl hyrn; whpiiVir 
«7che montiy A3 is b« left ii moi^t he d^vdyd to 
every mnn a pane aftyr the quaniyic, whydie tiyvysyofi 
is not yet m^d, bui when ic h mad he haihc jnomyscyd' 
mc that your pan *ihfllbe worrhc iij. the best, At 

Item, as for J, of Barneys hors, whoso have Iccif * 
oeeri to hym he shall coal nyiu xx. mutrka, i>OI a pcny 

Yesentl mewooHof ihemMyageof my tndyj«pe; 
one mary^« for an other on^ Norse and Bedford were 
axed in the chyrchc on Soixlay lost pnsL As for my 
»/itci Aniic, my iiiodyr wyll not rcmcve fro W. Yell- 
verton frir li«3yngfeld. for she h:Tthc comend ferthcr in 
that mater, *yn ye wcr in this contre, w it aperyth in 
hyr Irtlyrthat she sendyth yow by 'rtyratonp 

TyJytjgR her. tny I^Lly of N{>tflblk is willi cKylil, ahc 
wtnylh hyreylf, and so do all Ihi; women abowght hyr, 
[nco(iiych« she vaylys the q^vykiiyng with a\ thta v^ 
wckvs at the farthest Abo W. Ocmay wcnyth (hat 
Heyduii in swyr of Saxlhoip. and tlml Lidy iSoIeyii oJ 
Gwion. John Osbenie iivysythc yow lo taUf brcOw 
l^r your tvodsaJe at Sporlo^ for he halho casi ii., that it 
is woorthc zw f-ood SIS Ix."-//. Bcwar of Montayn, for 
be may iioi |jay yow so mochc tuoay wtLb bya ca^c- 


eofVAJtJ> IK 



I piey yow recocDimd me to Sit John Parre with lU 
my setYjft, and ttli hym by ray ttculhc 1 lonfiyU never 
sorer lo ace my L^dy tlun J tto toac h>-a M^tcr^hcpc; 
Auii 1 wcj GwJ tlul lie jjyit nevci a tiitiniyiig fru luy 
Lady byH wyff, with owi^^t it be a^t^yn hyr w>i]« tyll 
mhe lymc u ho loyng hyr to Our xiidy cf 

Also I |irry jov liQ recomani) me in my mort 
bumbyll vysc -jnto the good Lordfbppc of the inc«t 
coneys f^aiylc«t, wywau kynd««1, moM corapcnjibyl], 
freest, kt^ccMf vntni bcimtcioua kny^ht, my LoH the 
E*lc ctf Auui,' vrhych haLhe marycd the Kyn£» sniwyr 
of Scotiind- Hcno he i£ one ihc lynhrciit, dclyvmx, 
bett spokyn, ik>^ta arch^ ; dcvowgKtcst, most per- 

Ebtc. aod tnriTcst to hy» Lidy of all the kuyg^tyt 
I cwr 1 wji a:iTfcyntyd with; vi wolri GdiI. toy 
l^y tyefeyd cor us well a* 1 do hj-i pcrton and looat 
knj^hUy Gondycyoiu^ with vrhom I prey yow to be 
Aqwcyct^, AS jx>H- 4cmyth best ; he i* lodgyd at (he 
'^ m Lomlanl Street. ll(^ hath a Uji^k tif tny 

Aimp cf the Sv^t of Thcb" : vhvc he haihe 
with lb be promj-iyd to dclyvcr il yow. 1 prey 
kU PonUlkd bdyiit; dic IuqL bom wiEh hym. fort* 
Uml U lo|(^(l :ii ihe (^urge in l^nibanl Sfii.-irt atsa 

Ard thy% L promyae yow, ye schali cot be ^ longe 
ftyea with ouftht « bytl fro nic, a^ ye have ben, thow I 
Mkold vrygbl how ojfic the wyiwJ ctiauiyili, foi I « 
be yoat wiyghtyDg yc csn be wrodie juid ye vyU 

idr MylL* Wrct>ii the v. day of J ujic 

J. P«TOW. 

■tf MUrtf Iwi iM lit. Kkui arf<*MUnd He ifu ippoinlaf RtfttE, 




A.D. 147^,8 July. 
IuH» Pakiun io Sik John "PA^rott, 

Tin nf«r«AbA m ib* ^ffkin qI ihg *1o?caK^ Sir Thooui Lrodt. rhi 
lBiiiv«4ui4Lypi<Kh^&(if,prf>*itcEni4T(IULE thiilBUnbciatfi w Uu na* sraaiv 

7^ *(>* 'J^A/ ownArfifi/f/ hfvdyr. Sir John Ptuto/^^ 

|YGHT worchcpfull sir, I rtcoirHTtd me Io yoo, 
flrrlj'fying yow' that J have spolcyn wyth 
Mnslyr John Smvlh^ for Sir T. hyruiyv, 
and lie iiathc *hcvvjd mc y<mT byil whychc 
yc axe to be i^iJtUcni of. Your byll a lone dniwyth iiij. 
mark itnd ode monyc, for ye h^ve $ct in your byll 
for wtx a lone xxr,, whychc to Martyr John S. 
miag)'iu>cyoT), and m aU other ofyccrs of the coort* 
BhoEtl nut drawe past X3trf. at hyi; bcf)ing. The Ijj'lla 
thai be put into the coorte of Syr Thomas Lynyrdeiies 
drawc xxx/j. xviijj. vjf^., andall the money that can bo 
mad of by* house and goodcs in this coniiey drawylh 
but vli MasEyr J. Sinyih wold y& Hhold sttid hym 
into the coori an inifeniory of ayche goodyt u Syr 
T. had at I-ondon when he dyeid, and that in- 
ventory oays had, yc shall have aa comyih to your 
pan and more also. Ye must send the senc)'ni^ whcdyr 
the vntx be xxj. or xx*^.; and as for ihe Freera, Maner 
John wyU notal'>we :heym a, peny, for he seyth whcr the 
dcLt<s nviy nol be piyod, set the bcqwesles ai nowaht- 
He is agreid lo pay the poLytJuje iiftyt that he have 
the iDvenTory fro yow. Ry^yng I tnjwe haihe be 
wiih yow. 

Item, as for John MaTyot. 1 have sent to hym for 
the ilj. bul I have non inswci. 

1 Ma^w Jehu Smifrh i*-*«, •* il»i» 'iiiw, in rfthfmt \a ifw iMatuip'B CniH 
he bffcuac tnvni'uiii Ch*ac«Uv af ibt Uiucoc vr KkiiwLtt, «q4 dM «b« 




Item, I bare spolc vnth Ikrker, And he hathc no 
nuctejr, nor arm gui get tjil Jur*-al, whrn hr nuy 
i!y«rtyu the cropp npoo the grownd ; he *eyth there 
ift Dol D^vyofE put r. mark^ mcl on Saturday next 
comyug he aIiaU acod me a veirc of hya ocomptc 
vhydic 1 «h;i]E H»id jmni aa ftone aft I have iL Ai fbr 
FutofHA V. nurk, J, Wyndhd.m hatbe be apokyn to 
by me lukf a doscyn tymys (o »cad lo bym ior it, uid 
lie seyth lie biUic dDoc »a 

VtCDV Sir Juhn ^lyU liaihe lold Judi* when ye shan 
hive the chJyv \ uc J wdc cf your ervret^ ^Flsa 

Ileait the ptoWd, pcTj&hc, and cvyll d^spoayd preat 
ID (u aIL Sir Jftmc&t Kyih that yc eoamnayd hyni to 
ricli-vrr ihp bnok of wj- Sagj^ to my brodyr Water, 
ana he haihc ic 

J ccni, 1 *cnd you the Mrtcyrtc her with of as my^c 
cui be coqwcryd for myn oocyll W, cleyn^ in Ciller; 
lAoH •fiwly'i rh^t feylr . the tenAuotR of Casrrr shall 
ranqwtf tAe)Tn, uid seed Ihcym to nte hastyly ; ihcy 
hflrc prompyd, and lhe>' cosi, yc sh&U have thcyia 
KDtyOttbyttLcncxtinnsrnKertlulcoiuylhio London, 
Item* my modyr Ecndyth ynn woord that ^c barhe 
neythcr MACtcr Robftid Fopycs oblygacyon dot the 

Iccni^ my modyr wold ye Khold m all hutc gete hyr 
invtSBce of the Bysbop' of Wynehetrer for Sir 
Jofaa FA£tolfic« goodc« \ £he preyid you to mike it Ewyr 
the ATjftc of your coosayEI, jind ithe wyll pAy for 

Jteni, die prepth you to ipek lo the «eyd Byshcii 
-JOf to (cet Muter Clement >"e!mync;ham the nij. maA 
ycT dwiyng hy» lyffc ;hal Sir j. Faitolff be set 
bymj ihe prcyid you to get hyin uji x^y^lleuleut for 
it CO som maner m Nn^lblk or in Lcthynglond, 

Item, she wold ye nhcld get yow 4m other hc^ime to 
'1^ ill your itcff »ydie as caiu fro Cxctcr. She thynkyth 
OD of the Frcerys i» a fayir house ; she purpuatrytli ui 

1 D?«^«> LrUrt, 




^o in to iht coDtre* fuid thcr to sojoini crjri ayea-^ 
M-iny qwnrcliys nr sijrkjxl to grx my lirodj^ F. and 
mc ouRht of hyr how^« ; we go uw to bed onchedyo 
ly^xlyt oM that wc do i% iUc doon^ and all itul Sir 
jfaQBy* and Pckok dothc b well doon; Sir Jfunys 
and T be twryn, Wf fytlowglit b? for my modyr. wiih 
**Thowprowtl pre*i*' tnd "Thow prowd Kjwyer," cay 
nodyr tikj'n^ tiys put» tto I hjivG almoit bcsheC the bot«, 
ufor tny moUyn huiiic; yet somcr »lial be dou or I get 
me ony m&Atyr My modyr propotceiih tiwyly to 
take: fsiiite to all hyr londyi, and upon iliit ettnte lO 
ma-ltc hyr iffyll of lb* »«yd londya, parte to fc<^c to 
my yongcr brcthynj for term of thcr lyvy*. aad ntiyi 
to fem>'V)'T) lo yovt pert to my sysiw Anuyj" mvya^> 
tyLl on C/j, be Pftyid, part for to m«k« hyr lU ai 
Mawtby, parte wr & prW to synjr for hyr A&d »y 
Ikdyr, arid thcr anoeArys. And b tliys aungyr bctvcO' 
Sir Jamyii anii me, nlwkiiThe pnomy^id m« tlni my 
pait« ch&U be nowghc ; what your shaL b«, 1 can not 
BCy. God sped the plowghe; i fcythc yc must purvcy^i 
for uiy biodyr R to go ovci wttli you. or he W" 
on don; he wyll bryng n. noMyii in hys purs©. My 
modyr wyll nowchyr geve noi lend non of yon both«» 
pcny fonvord. Purvey » mcanc 10 have Ostcr aye* 
oryegooovyrj my Loidand l^idy (vhyche for scncyn 
MSrctwiih chyld), be weryih^of, ind nil the hoiiftold 
abO' If ye wyll eny otbyr thyn to be don m thy* 
oontre, send me wootd> and I shall do as wclE u I 
can Vf'itix Godtrs grjcc. Who preserve yow. 

yftetyn the viij. day of Jtdle. I pray yowTecomand 
me to my Lord of Aran^' Sir John Par, iwr GeOffjte 
Browne, Osbcra Bcriicy, R. Ilyd, Jhoraon my cosyn, 
hys wyfc Kalt. W- Wuotl, audall I jiray brennr thy* 
l>y[n] for losyng. Your, J. P. 

1 |r*ini riHilt *'n<iriarv," v^kch may fuivc hHfi inUndcd ■ bm tlkM 
|h< true iwiific** "ft/t»' 

AA 147*-} 

£DtfAJii> IK 



^D. I47*?-*A»STIUCT. 

rProm VS. PhUMpp 9735, Na. «7t J 

AHnrfodonvd "Tb*cop|r«r th« nqnciri la Uie BUtiep flf 
Wfc Atinr ty Sir JaIiv P»k«, KMglir." 
CoDplftbH d( vty Loid not inildiitf tdsi ad ■c^niUance of 4000 

Pafcag rf Wlii^im 

ti» te «f Uu tta* i^BT 


Narf titd Suit. rmdt. Nc (J,— "RtluaKn Wiflirimi \*^%* 

to FMon. in AbdboxK in Lovoitoft, Sfritlbci (a GulDim^ 
imwcti TMB^ Hiblwd In Bmdvcll. d leawBttiri vocal' Bidwc. 
fioQ tn culcm VH\t, ct >IlU Enrt* uln tiuadrtd Jd Loddinglcnd 


A,D. 1473, TO Sept 
Jakes Aevla^ter to tiik BAtLirr or Maldin. 

TWd*!* r^OHlHU* i«iiv«vkin«d brih* ii hn >r* wad* is liiaib* 
mil ■itfinljfin lit 

ft wj or*' JV^i^K jf><*»^ /<»iff Cartnioni Bayfye of 

VOHT trusiy fwDd, I comAnd nae 10 yow, 
prcyi&K yoT to call I0 ycur mynd that* Lyek 
» jc aud I coAonyd of, h wcrc pcccsury 
lor tof Lady and yciu ^1, hyr servautiu and 



ipnatiTii*^ to havt^ thy* Pirlrmcnt ux for ore nf the 
burgees of the cowne of M3.M0D, syche a man of 
worchcp anrl of «ytt u w« towardys ra^ icyd Ijuly ; 
And aIho i^ychc on as is m fa^o^ of the Kyag jui4 of 
the IxinU of hys ainiayll nyghc ahtiught hy* prrwme. 
Scrl)^xig yow, thut iny teid Lady Ibr t^T pute, suid 
i^^c IIS DC d hyr cotuayll be aunt ogKcabjll, that 
bothc yc, ttnd all aycbc la be hyr fcnnora aad teoanut^ 
and wdfw^llen, ^nolil geve your voys« raiworch^ 
full knyght an(l one of my Laclyfi con«ay|]. Sir Jctn 
Ptuton* whj-chc slandyB grcliy ia favorc wjlh my Lord 
Chainbcrkyn; aiid whit my scytl Loid Cliambcrltjn 
cn&y do wiihthe Kyiig and vritS :i]] ilifr triinly^of Ing- 
loEiiJ> I trotPe it be not unkr^own to you mofit ol tny 
on man alyvc. Whcrefor, by ihc mcccvb ci the sc>d 
Sir J0I1U Pa^ton lo my scyd Lcid ChdiiiDCrlcyUi boinf 
my Lfldy and ye of l^r■ tnvnc bowd not h*ve a meeter 
canr to be for vow m the Perlement, to havt your 
iic«l)i sped ax all aciaouB. Whcrfor, I picy yo* libor 
:JI Kychc ih be my LiLdp acrviiimttb, |ciiauiita« and wcrll< 
wyllert^ to g*vc fhcr vo/»cys to tb* leyil Sir John 
Pojiton, and thiiE yc faylo not to sped my L^ys intent 
in tby» maicr, aa yc cntcnd to do bvi u gict ipleaur, 
AS if ye gave hyr an C/u And God have yum in Hys 
Wtotyn at Fysheley, the xj& day cf Seplcmbyr. 

J, Akbla^ter. 

T prey yow he rrdy with all che ATomplanttyB bfr 
longyn^ to ray Lsidy, at the ferthett within viij. djtyec 
ticxt aftyr Perdon Monday, for then ! Rhall Ik with yow 
with Gods Gucc, Who have yow in kccpp^ 


A.D. i472< '1 Sept 

JOHK PaSTON to iilR JOHS Pa^ton. 
[Fram FEEin, IL lOft.] 


£j>wjntD iY. 


|VGHT vroTchcpfdll sir, I recom.^nd tnc lo ^ov. 
kQTikg yo» wet that y*ii:T (IcNVtr as for the 

bronghl&bowitbt^&QrmyLcnl i>f Norlfolk and 

ly LonI of 3ulfo1k w^t o^rcld i mar tlici; a far tnygbt go 

ktohave Sir Robert W)mgfrttl,arKl Sir RychiniHartoit, 

firuj ttiat klitw I tot lyll it ^va* trycUy latt past. I had 

. 01 1 rod to yjunlyahun, to ivamc aa matiy of yottr 

tobeatNoffwjckeuth^'a MopcIaj. to kctvc your 

Lttnt d^lko^il; buivfiCQ Icani lo FramlyiiliAm, aud 

icw tbe apoyntra^nt ihAt ^3.s ulcco for tho i). knyghtv, 

I] ecnt wAmvn^ ^ycn to d3 numy 1 niyii^bt to \ivf »l 

; Aiid }c[ tbacamioNonrychc tA^^day AAtujiny 

a^ ihrr rf«w drrtvr lo itA \J, oh., payid and rrfcnyo 

by f cfcok and IC Cipron, and yd ihcy d)d but biak 

left aad dcpertya And I ttkank^d hem in >^ur 

dUuI UibJ tbciu lliM yc vboTd hive auu voybc as 

iliy, for y* sirppoayi! not to be in In^lorid when 

Ibc Pcrleoaont ahoM b^, »nd to they cui m>t ai th# 

tficrhcii£ [/Ji'iY-AiW^*-J ; for if they had, it wu thought 

by iwdic Bs be yout frccil^ here, that yoor AdvcnuTs 

hVoId hive rcponVd that yc had irod Uhcir to hav^ hrn 

ODc^ a&d thftt yc koud not bm)fi your purpojtc abowghtn 

1 »ctjl 10 Vcnnonlhc, and they have pTOtnyayd also 

to Doooi A!c>Ti Arid Jobn Kumc to be mor then iij. 


JumyiAfbUctcr bathe wretyna tcttyrtothe Bayleof 

in Estcx, CO have yow a beigcy* tho; howe 

fwde shall ipcil,lei hyin tell yo*. when ye ipck tu gcdyr. 

Syr, I have ben twyis ox 1'rarTilyngha.m sytlie your 

depof^Tlg, but now, thi; In&t time the tonsayil vmt 

tiler, I aye [jobp] yow Idiyr wh)chc v;u bttiyi thcu wdl 

itndyi^biyd. R-C^ wjouuLait lidmlynghani whrii die 

^Coosiyll 903 thcr, l>ut I took rnyD ovvr)« nvys^, and 

ddyvmd it to tlie consayli wKh u ptopocy&ion tbcr 

vita, aa wtU » I kcwd ^pck it, viU my wordya wci 


t'HK FASTOK LKTTUftS. 1^^147^ 

wcH ittJcyQ, but joar kkiyr] * thouaacd fold hWft, 
Wi^n ibcy tubd red it. Incy shcwd it la my LAdjr.^ 
Aftyr itml my Tjuty Kpd firn it, I «pok with my Imj 
oflryng to my Lord and her /our iicrvyte, met bc«yd 


do my l^jrd 

hyr ft beityf , 

yc ra/f^hl ilepcrl wyth OLght coy some sprcyfyid. She 
wold not tcli in th*t mfttrr, but rrmyrtyd me »yeti I0 
the ooiuxylt, tor (he i«yd] and she cpeke m it, ^U mj 
Lord And the conttyll wcr Agreed, cbey wold Icy IM 
wyght [d/amt^ot a[\ ihc mulct i>nhyT,wiiydjcxholdbe 
rq>urty(l to hyr ttbiiinr ; but thy* the promyseid to be 
helpyng, so it wtr fyrsl m*?vyd by the consuyli Then I 
wcat to the consiytl, and oflyrd bcfor thcra your ser 
vyic tu my Lord, aiiO to do hym u jjleiurc, for the 
havt^Li^g :iyen of yuur plicr and Iccdya b Ciiter, x1^ 
noKpekyng of your GtutF nor thyng eliyB. So th«t 
ttinrcrd mc >'our oflyi waa more then rcsonAbvIl , and 
if Uic mater wer tlien, they srytl, ihey wj-al what coo-j 
flcyenct; wold diyve hem to. Thqr leyd iHey wold 
meve my Loid with it, and no they dyd, but then the 
tempest aroH, and he give hem syche an aiuircT that 
HOD of hem ull wo1d tell it me; fnil wlien T axid an 
vuwer of them, they Mycl, aod [^^ som Lordyi oc 
BTCtter mcD mo vyd my Lord with it, the mater wer yoiCT ' 
(kept coDsaile). and with thys answer I depcrtydi 
But Syr W. Bnuit1*m, Sochewdl, Tyinpcrlcy, Hefiyl 
WcTitwonhe. W, Gomay, and all other of fonsayll; 
tindyntand that yc have wronge, insomyche that ifitf 
mcvyd me that ye shold ta,ke a rccompcncc of, 
oiher torn! to the valew; but ihey wold not avt 
the ottyr, for 1 anserd hem that if chey h^d ryj 
they »oH have k>rrcd no recompcncc. Dyscovyr not: 
ihyis boi ui my r&tson, and (i,r, if] my Lord Cham' 
bcrleyn" wold srnd my Lady aVttrr with Hwne 

K'vy tobjti betff'yx theym, and allso to meve my 
rd of Norffotk when he comyCh to the PirleaiCD^ 
ftcrtCTQly Caster is youfs. 

■ WlUkin. Lai nmLi«^ 

MDi^jjtD rr. 


If ^ myiaf to bt biargey« of MALtcn. £d4 my Lord 
QiflmbcricfCt wf^ ire may be b n nxbcr pla^c ; thcr 

vhydie ought m do^ and yc nrwy be >et in foi one of 
Ihofee lownii, And j« be trcnd)<L Aifto id no wyes 
forxct fioi in ill ha»t ti> ic«l aonic go<xlly rynj;, prysc 
od' xu^ en KFin pmly flowyr of ihc i^inc m>sc, aod 
«rt QQdyr, w» gcTc m> Jane Rxidoa, for she haihc ben 
the nhMt ntccjtiklJ lobortr in >'Cut nSAtcr, and tutth^ 
ppomysfxl !i]rr fcood wyll foorthc, and she docih t^\ 
wilh hyr mutrrsfc. Aail my I/jti] CliaEiiTvrlrjn wyll, 
he Tiuy tiuvp my Lottl of Nortfolk to com up sonct to 
the i^lemoic theo he ihold do, ind then he vtA.y 
apoynt with hyrti fcr yow, or the fcrtn corn^ be g:idiyd. 
I (JTV^yrO bui jl/i« ami if my Tjirl Oifltubt-Hcyu profpr 
my Lady ^le remenauni, I can thynk it ^hull be taken. 
My l^Jy mii« have jomwhat to bye hyr kovcrchtff* 
beayd my Lord. A aopct ihot 1 payd for, wher aU 
the ouikuyll ikils a.t Frumlynghomf ijj- iijj/, «nd my 
eo&is iLt Fr3CilyDgh;iin lwyi« lyuig thcr by viij. diyii, 
with ixA i^» ob^T &r conU of the centre at Notwyche 
dnivylh Abowsht :dlj,, I trovrc more, by out Lady, i 
it be losr, 4ian<l to your hnrmyi, and sk remand 

I mx9 fio CQOre gods of yoa foe ;in the scrvyse thtt 
I tluU do yo« whyll the woiiJ aumiyth, but a goiv 
haK^e,* if e^ny of my Lord ChaiiibcTleyiis men or youis 
goo to KjJeys, or if eoy be to g«( in London j ihat is, 
A mcwjd h&wk, Jor ehe nuy make yow sporle when 
yc com into Inglood s. doacya yci hcca* aiid tu call 
upon yow owyrjy, nyghily, dayly, dyner, *oper^ for 
thys hawk- I pr^y noo nnor« but rny brother £., J, 
pAfflpyUft^ Thymon. J. Myryd. W, Pyttc, T. Plultyng 

1 Cm rdd a p»i of Hni.— F * AEkJ^1f««. or budLn^ar-r. 

' hw ihe ButicL^ ftfiet^V'""'^ ''^■' *" '^aV, tw puy JnOjtc vT i^ 
■ttVMtfa4l«bci%*HPK'l |nFh« il j*«nuw Df hawking [jL^iam, tn hit tdAk 
<# nieSOr^ nr^ t^l p f bi-h p> rh' lii ^nd dkvi ejW<m?j) krod of 
iHk; Uut A vr* )**& •■ ^*^°^ '!>' ^r" ukjfi^ at ti«r frnm ihr «i/T. tfti 
At iHk Hi III! I i b*r fMiltaL 'I^r rmwJ. <n wttmK ^ » «■■]« fA m» 

■MflM iH^ iMi « pdMervKdMlu nl««gaEFiutai Ae,»U tvH^^F 



Jwilc, lilyll JalL Maaiyr Botona, und W, Wood ta 
booie, to whycht p^nom 1 prty yow lo oamind mt ; 
uiU il all th«s lytt to Bptk to yi^H- cl thys isutcr when 
Sir Gcoigc Ji£i>wnc. \V. Knyvctt R- Hyd.. or cay 
folk *rf ivoitiicpp Hii<l of my a'^wflyiitiuiAc be iu ytjur 
compeny, so thai ihcy may helpc foTihc, for :iH fa lytyll 
i nowc, xud y« be not very wcii wyllvrj-, I !.hiwl so 
pcrvcy for hem, djid cvct yc<omio Nortiydtc, uid 
Ihcy wuh yow; thiii they slwll have as deynic vyuyll 
and an ^ci plrriic ihrrof for i^^ a« ihcy v^hal] have ol 
the tresorer of Calcy* for JsvdL, and je, penveniurc^ 
A pyc of Wymondham lo bootc. Now ih>Tik oa me, 
gcod Lord, fui if 1 have not jul tmwkc^ I sh^l vi^x fatt 
for dcfkulc of labor, Aod dcd for default of compiny 
by my trowthc. No marc, but 1 pray Cod send you 
all yotir de^yrs, xad mc my irwyd gos&hawk in but, 
or rather then fuylc. a suwyr hawkc. Thcr is a gnixwr 

dwellyoH rys'i^ *^^^^ aycnst ihc wcU with ij. bokets 
a lytyll fro Scynt EJcns, halhc cvyr hawkys to sell 

Wrctyo at Nf>rwychc chc xxj. day of 5q>tcrabc^ 
Ajuio E. Jiij** xij* J. P, 

Rairtcr ilien faylle, a uassH provyd wyll occtipy 
the tyuc tyU i com to Culcys. 


A.D. 1473, >9Scpt. 
John Pastok ro Sik John Pa5TO»< 

[From I'asTonMSS,* RMJ 
Till dtu of ihU Isicj- II ihftvt ly a uauaoipvuitih* laJOn— i—l 

GHT worchcpfuQ sir, I comaad mc to jfow, 
5C[lv0ui^ yow Eh^L Pckok liaili icu.'yv)'!! of 
Srr John Stylk by a byllir ^11 sLiche stif xs 
he hod of your- And A^forKcuidtUyBraater, 


h« bath« dooD » mfch« io it ■« <an be doon ; but a« 
fbrRkbard Gi1I^» be Utbc ^cryn h^m a pkyx 4.^wcr 
tfait be B^'U <ivl ttulc lu the Icoae diiU yc fuvc tuail 
10 Keodil]«, for he t^b he woEiyth not «/h€thrr it 1)e 
j<mr wyUe Of r>oti notvithtucdyag he syc y<jrc kc»]1« 
up oo It [ void be AOiy lo dclyvcr bym n suhpeiu 
2Dd ye UDt it me. 

1 sood you tierwilb tht ^ndeniun} becwy:K ynw And 
TomuACOQ. My modyr bAlhc herd of that m.alcr by 
the repoTic of old Waytc, why^c rcanyih on ii with 
opiya lUOwUtc in by* wcrat wj*t. My mi>d/r wcpyth 
juad takyih on mcrvaylooaly, for she Rcyihc she wotyth 
weU it (hoU never be plcd^d ou^^ij whcrfor the 
icytbe that ihc wjQ pun'cy Ibr byi Wad that ye shoJL 
nooc selie of il, for ihc ihynky^ ye woUl and it cum 
lo yo*T hand. A* for hyr wyll and all lyche mtter* 
45 wer in hand at your knc being here^ they thynk 
that it abill not lye ia oil cure porya to let it ia oa 

Sif Jjunyi U evyr choppyn^ at me, irhen my modyi 
19 prescaCi with £yche i^^oriyn aa he thynky:^ wmchc me, 
ud alio Guoc my modyr to be dysj>lc.i.^ecl with n?e. 
cvyn ^ whu sfjth he wold 1 wyit th,^t he seityih not 
by the bett of ui ; and when he halhe moal unljltyn^ 
v^xirdn to tse, 1 smyttc a lytyll aitd tell h>TQ it xs, 
good DCjynjf of thea old tain. Sir Jiunys \a pani>u tjf 
Seoly^by by J. Bemayi gyft. I trowe he berylli hym 

Itcffli yc Bftufit wnde in haste to W. Barker jl wamtil 
to pay John Kook xxij,, and to ihe wom4;i of Ycr- 
mothe for oty* thj anri Syr John Styll bys money, for 
ihcjr c^ll diyly up on it. 

lictn, I prey yov send me some tydyngos hoivgh the 
world KOihe, and nhedicr ye luvc ^e1Jt eny of your folk 
to Caleyt. Mc thynfcrt it mityih yow to myche money 
for to kepe hem all in London at your ch^e. 

Item, whelhyr yc have eay ^ynj; >pokyn of my 
{OLn£ to Ca-lcys. 

Item, as for a govhawk ar« tcrwdl, t wend tci liave 



fmd on of jronn in kqjynj: ur th)*! t»inr, hnt fi-re J^^l i 
fio [Mferfroh«Tt ; by my tiawthe I dy«fordcbw1t a! 
lohcire^ And it may bv by eny nn^onc pnsybyll. for^ 
CoiJc) ukc Id on be icnt mc in ill turn ; foi if il be 
iMJt Iricl by Haltm'iTifSs, the acion i-HaU jtissc a iidn, 
Mtmtntff "ffrt. and in feylht ye ahall not Itjoic on it. 
Noryct mychc uj-nc on ii bv Ccd, Who prct^nx ycm 
Wxetyii on Scynt Mydicll Djiy, ta Uontc Tcooba.' 

J. P. 


AD, 1471, 4 Nov. 
St* John Pastow r> Jtmx PAyrow. 

[Ftom Feiin, iL Ilff-J 

A Jahari Paston, EsguyrTj i(tit dune. 

lORSHYPFULL and «ccU belovixi bfothcr. I 
rccontond mc 10 yow^ Iciyng >ow wcct iliAl 
1 scritr yc7W a letter and a tyngc with a dya- 
moud, in whyche letter ye myghl well con- 
ceyve ^hat I wold yc sclioldc do with tKe aoinc fyng& 
With iiicnyc other tydyn^s arid tliyii^ wbychc I piayca 
yowe 10 havedoon forme, whychekttw Botoncr'had 
the beryng ofT. Iti^eo noy^t that J urdra«tcinci tZuthe 
is owthet deed or cilys hiudc cilupyd^ wbcroS^ J tm 
lyghl hcvyc, ax^A am not aerteyn wlicthyr thir acyd 
leltyr and rynge come to yoivr handys or nott. I 
woide noU that ktter wer tcyn with Gomefolkyfti 
whcriToT I pr^ye yow take good hecdc hoghc that letter 
comytlic to yowr liamlys, licoll or bictynn antl id 
e^pf^ciaU 1 praye yovt g<:te it, iff ye hive it noiL 

Also I prayc yow reck my L^dy ofi NortoJIts dy»- 
posicion lo me wiirda. and whclhyr she tokc ajiy tly*" 
pltsur at my lang^c. or mukkyd, or d/»deyacd my 

I Oa TDtub Iu4^ In Nunrlch, 

■ W;]lUcik Btttenu. CPlfacrwiK Wtfowct. lU cciuiiUy ov alhm IMM 




wtffds nbychc I ludd to Kyt at Yjirmolhc. be Iwyca 
llk9 fdtfie vhcr I IfVnt mm irirb hyr ,in(^ hyt tniig^ 
jnigr tfor mir LAdj Brandon md Syr Wjllbm^ also 
nxhyd mc nut wOtd» I hod hod to hyr :tl thnC tyme. 
Tb^t^U»lOijL«dy scydc T ^ffhy: thcr ol^' And 
dint I duUe hnve «cydr thai my I^dy was vonhyr- 
to have n Lords ficxm in hyr bciyc, tfor she cuwd? 
chcfyihe itt, and dcic warly? vith it ^ in trowthc owthcr 
ihe aomc or word* mochc lykc 1 lutd to byr vrhyche 
wotttya I mcni u I wydf'. They »cye lo that I ^r^-de 
«be lolc« hyr eue. .Uto 1 tchokle bxv^ seyde i^wit m^ 
I*dj« WW otf »tur \slaAtt9^ gnodc, tmd hud -lydca 
knee juxl bigc; vj that I t*xi in k<>oi1c hope bIlc 
tboTde bvr i fjiyr chyldt^ \ \\v iri<i iioit bK-yd nor bmryd 
to* lo hy* peyn, E>ut that she l«tt hym rome to pleye 
hynitL /UHlthqr»cycthAtl AcydcmyLady tvasU^e 
and(rctc,iuidULiLitL&lii>ltlc bavc luu^c mow Logooowt 
m ; «nd ihus whyiher my L^y mokk nc* or thryr, I 
wooCe noct- J m«nt« weell by jny trowthc to ityr, and 
10 thut «lic is wttK 03 Any he tlut ovrytlic hccr b«t 
ifjD bilngcIoncL 

Iff yc cam by Any meed weHc vhethyr my Ijidye 
take Tt lo dyvi^emi or no«l. or whether she thynbc I 
mokkyd hyr. oi ilf she «ryg)tl it but lewdneasc ofl* ray 
*c1flc> I pr»y yowwnde me iivojde; ffor I wcci nott 
whcthyr ! mjtye tnitt ihys Lidy Binndon or notr 

Itcir;, ifi fior tydyti^ nowe, hecr be but tlewc, saJT 
lbfttt«4 I undioiindc* imbos^Aior? ofT Brcuiynr shn.1] 
cone to Tjjndon to, ^uid men aryc thai thr 
Lorde Ryre«e*ind Scayls, «hillhaitr]ycfome home; 
and men seye thELt ther is many o9' the sowdcrs that 
went to hym into Brctiiyne been dede off the fflyxe, 
and other i|)edanye \rpidanki\ und Ibac the remcnont 

I %t WkAtam Untibtnn, Nnlffet, unt iC««<l4ri-hfwF«f ia Wg YAt\ tt Pirh' 
^mA, miA w lUin « lJcBv»ti t^U bv Is^chAid IIL lU *ru fiiLitf 
•» CtVb ftwitea. I>iL< uf SuODJk.— F 

* MhH^ t^pVuUr. *-■ > urn 4bfBC«l:k *' I p»l4 hf* H>ir, or lr>iit>J Ibif 

^9 Ut Didii of BriTUoy ~J^ 


aholde come horn vithihcLordeSluJyc. Artdsoraftcre 
Uut thccfl Imbnswtorf come Sot moor men. And ihys 
dayc iciui>ih Ji ulc itiHt the Duke of Drcuyac^ shotdc 
be dcfJ, I hclrrff ii nnt 

1 lent yow vordc oS'an havkc; I herde sott ^"om 
ytnr synA ; 1 do And aholl doo thm is pouablc in suche 
a necde. 

Abo I canne cotl undrttitand that my Lord off 
Noritoilk ihollcomchecrihys tymc; whcrflor i u& in i 
greet Agonye hotrc U best ifor mc to sac to hym 0br 
rebovyiig off my pUce^ tljii.j^uodc Lorde weet fuU 
lytell how mo'rhp hanne he dooihp tqc, »rd how \yttJl 
goode or worshyp it dothe hym, 1 pnye yow wtsde 
mc yoftr idryoc. No moor to yotr at thys t>iac; tot 
GoJ havi: yow in Hys kepyng. 

Wrotyn it London the in), day* off Noveiabre, anno 
£, liij^ xij^ I feer me tJut id«ln«s4e Jedvth yovr 
rcync : 1 prayc vow raihcr rcracrobrc Sir Hughe Lever* 
uoy* tyll yuwr hauke come. JOHSt Fa&£0», K. 


A-D, 1473, 8 Nov, 
Sir John Pastow to John Pastoa 

[Froaa Fcnn, iL iiEt) 

AJ&kH Poilon^ Esquy^y soytda$i4. 

ROTHER, I comend mc 10 yow, Iccyog yow 

wefri, &c' 

As for the dclyventnce off the t^ttgfi to 

Mcslrcsse Jane Rolhone, I dowi uoii but it 

ihuU be lUxkD in the best vi^^ so thai ye shrill geet mea 

Ihank moor than the rynge and 1 ar worthe or deserve. 

And wheer >e goo to my La^^dy off Norffclk, and 

Tvyll be thcer iitt the takyng off hyr cbAmbrc, 1 praye 

1 rnpcti IL. iht kiG TiLbe of Brliunr. tu lion \% i4U< ud i3l«I Q> 


SDwjxj? rv. 


Gcd »p«de TOW, wid our Liidr« hyr, to hyr pl«ur. with 
u cas>'c Ubor lo ovcrkouK thai she a Abanc, ua cvyr 
hart any tady or gmtylTnYiman, fviff our T^dy hccr 
»e]^«, a^ coo I hope ihc shall 10 hyr grcei joyc, And 
dl owrc* ; ind I prey Cod it toiiyc be fyke hyr iit vor 
tbjpr wju, KcntylnccsCt jmd every tbyQge ciccpte ihc 
vcmr vetfy thynf!?.' 

NoiDOor coyowat[tli»]thymcT but I woUdeepe in 
ho«rT the Icnger to-TDorrow by CAWic I wrote so iange 
vkd Utc 1L> ny^L 

WrecyD betwen the riij. aiwl Ihc jx. Uay*^ off Novem- 
-^ anno xij» £. tiij". J. P., K. 

A.D. i472i "9 Nov. 

IKfwn IVfIco HSS., B.M.J 
Fna Ihc Use t^rw>'xi«^<'m'>™>i>'";*%^' ■''■"> iRcbnliU that th< 

. li Ika «id(Llc CfT iha <iedT u1 ibe relief, ia bar [hajj we ^Iacl 
2>/a*« finti&n, Etpryfr^ 

GR ETE y nu wdc and tend ynu Goddrs blyasyng 
9tnd mjiTt, letyng you wclr? tMt T have sent lo 
Doctor Aleyii vryfie lo have $po1ce with her 
a« yc dcnrcd mc, and she wus so sykc thtt 
she myxhc DOL comyn^ but xhc sent her brodcrcUw 
10 mc, And 1 Icte hym wete the cuisc why that 1 
wu)d have spoke with her oe yc liesired m& And he 
told IDC ttut he shuld have brought mc wijtyrLg thia 
day frxMi her be vij. uf the Ijelle, how that bhe wull 
thatyediald have labored ordofor her; but He cune 
iM moT at me- Nevertherlcsse she tcni mc an nother 
iUA«<enffCTi and Icte mc neCc' thai her husband hod 
■cm her the tame nyght fmm f jindon tTiui ^he ahuld 

bv tol4 ac llH qne Au Le *h viA aae," but u^ dvwiiJ mL 



come up ss &M ifl tbfi cowde 10 Ubor to the Lorda 
thdc in her proprc pcoon . whcdot i^c myEhi gcvc 
me nou aj)sw«, iiei ucnd yuo wtml tiuv Uuit ye hhukl 
do lilt [ihjt] she had spokya with her hiULtjOfuJ, or bad 
other wnlyiii; from hym. 

Tha{i>ic 1 Lhyuk t[hAl i]bc hftth odwrcounceU Uut 
avyfii^th her to labour la other ih&n to you, I vruld 
not ihftt [you be] to bf«y in do »\icJi miter* ftyjU the 
vfcxd [nf^rM] tvcrc mcr euer, ukL in ftoy wy^ th&t 
wlhilc my] Lord iIlg Chiiunocllcr b m [occujpMioo, 
taliDre 10 riavc an cnde of your grete matereft and 
. . . Rudon, ard abide not up [on] crovi of 
am nother seson, for so Bhiii ye be diescyvcd a|a ^ 
1»v]c ben bdof ihi» lyiuc. I have undcrsUnd &]th 
rhat yc depanrd that :hrr , . , . mn/I to wb* 
pl*nt you ; ihcrktre, for Goddca rtkc, in this onsiftbUI 
wcrd [tT'cr//] laboTc cr[[ic:'tly yourj mAtcr} iliAl thei 
nifty have i^umme good t:oi>c]uKiar,3nd tliat sliaH nubo 
y[our eneinics] fere ycu, and elles ihrri shall , . kepe 

Eu low and in trobiiL And if any mater . . . , 
Act of Parlcmcnt ojid pro , . < • leic your 
bill be nuid rcdy, and lesc not your [majlerrs for othrr 
mennes; for if your elmyae [^fmki] may pfofighi now 
at this lyme, ye shall be [iii"| wers case than ever ye were 
bdbr. AU tiic confrtiyl wenyth that ye fihuld tiow 
ovcrcomvn all your trobili which if yc do nol ye thiJl 
lall o[ugJht of conreyre. T vrnie as well thi^ to foot 
brother a* to you ; therfbre Ie<e nodifiaugbl be in yon 

firm, it was lete mc to wrte syih ye deported of 
luch ai were your ftendei and were conversaunte witfi 
the toder parte that ther was ntAd labt^r ajuJ like 
to be concluded, thai the clfrcdon of the koyghtea of 
lire nhire shuld b^ ch^unged. aiid itr^w cciiifn'jii nud 
and John Jenney set there in ; ther for do yourrteroir 
to undi?r3tODd the trought ae son? as ye oan. for the 
Beid Jcnncy this day rideth up to London ward, and I 
aupjx)[^t: be]c^i[&c of the Mine^ I pmy yuu T^iiietnlne 
your brothei to send me the evydence and remem* 




bnscc [i><*chyLK tlic mi^cr cf GrahtiD, «4ucb tlui I 
wTtMT 10 h)Tn be Juddy, and «cnri ihRm be nini met 

Itcsk. take bcd« to tlic hlsov of your unkyll, for be 
huh lud Tiicht Ontmtc Unc*^ of yom brrichcr oT kle 
10 fight ttrtrcbepfull petmnei; therfor werk wy^d/ 
wd bcwit vhon tlut ye Icte Icoow youi coanc«IL 

lun, tcmcfnbrc LoaiDoni neuter u yt may ilo therm, 
nd Mod tnc wrrd in luuL M;iyilcr Row hhall be At 
Loadoa the r>ri1 wrkr ; thirrltirp yc kTiuH nor hrIp to 
nuke my LorJ to \mt, bui whin thai he comyth, if 
my Loid cut nuke Ytfit^ to put tt in indifTcrcnt ind 
lucb e pfu U men, tJun llul it pleaalth my Loid tu vric 
CO ifa«A that thd ihold tBk« ft upon tS^^m to 4<rf a 
rewJe ihtno, with oiicht better advys«, m« fteii^ii^ it 
■Pcr welc da The Holy Gwt be ywr gydc anr^ send 
yov good spnic and (Wincdl, Uid delivcrc yuu ought 
of All trobil) uid dineu 10 his p1ei«r 


Rccocnanxi nw to niy Mavtrca K&Eciyi^ and send 
me werd how ye don, ftc 

Be your Moder. 

Do my Lord * oo Sonday send for the ^hcrc&al 
dcbuce \dt^y] :o wcic how :hd Ijc ilispijiid f^r ceni- 
ficue 01 the* kny^tct, and [ shaU unfJrntUiiii if ihci be 
e^duLtuigcd ; Tor on SondAy at nyght^ or on Momlay, 
il shall be put in, and [if ijL upui in, thcrU 00 remedy. 
Gcaey Kth he wuJl iittirnipE iJic Uw thciin 


A-D. 1471, 13 Nov, 
Sir Jojin rA¥T^i"*rj to Maxoari^t rATroH. 

[I'iMt lS»M<>n M&&. BM-J 
ll 4li kllEii V U iW bAL k'lufiub W nude w iW villi wild ^ tuln 

1 Cl OibftovU Oap U ilv «f i« 111 Ko—itdxK 

» TM n^** i^ W^^tsLt U Fill U i-m bj iJic pTET^tMfE lrt*« »!■« Jofcs 
huB wb rf^ ID Prvotii'CTiinliBl'iehfi^alngqfrtinTDibcTUTi. 



or to itmtSf dreylfyttga^ar tha gaift W ^jvvr t» t^fm . 

[I-KASF it yCHT to wccle thai I IwTe opteynrd 
kttcryft from the Kjrsee to my Lordc oft' Nor- 
fiblkc to my L^ily of Norflolk, vid to ihcr 
conct^ll. wh>c.hc Icttuf to thcr coocell is noa 
aupcnrrybyd, for chwkc wc wyiil nort seniT/n wh|^o 
of the councell iholdc be pmcnt when the nuSMiinff 
Gomane. I thcrHbr iliynkc that ihoos oaiDy* roootbc 
somwhalt by yowi ^vycc ; and fof jicl noct Gf^mayc; 
norj^ti Bromc^, iff ye thynlceso bc»t,fiorSowiheifclle. 
1 tnuEt to my cosyn Gonuiyev And oc to Btomc and 
Bomoid in chcfTe ; And as to 13eTtuiHc, brother^ I piraye 
yow lo t*kc hyi iulrycc^ for I hojje he is luy wciftyllcr. 
OS ye know, iiul ilTe he do me pcrffyght eaie to thy* 
motcr, 1 thyalce vend/ in Qftoc to come 10 gy^ bun 
ax soilys. and yit ft ffoodc tume whin *o evei ix lyihc 
in my power. 

The Kynt^v' hathe specially doon for tne in ihyiCM^ 
and hathc pittc me, iind £0 have the Lordy5« in nibt 
grccte comfoit that uff Ihys £tyk, dui 1 shallc hare 
ondelnyed jusiyt'f ; :tnd he hAthe senie a man of vor- 
tthip and in greet ftvor vith hym on thys movige^ 
whychc hathe noti ofte ben seyne. whyche gcntylinui 
Itatj well do hys mastrys massigc and biynyc trywc 
reporte. I hare gtrvyn hyiu vii. fur hys costes ; God 
sende hytn uid yow goode spede in thee& werk». I 
feer thult he shall nott spekc with my Lady, for that 
fihe halhc Ltkyn hyr chautbre- lET she be my vcny 
gfindc l^ye, a5 she hathe seydc hertoffor that *he 
wolde be, t hope tlmt she wolle speke KiLh hym. 
Ncvcrthclesse T praye yov by the mcancs of M<etre»e 
Jahne Rodiui ihal will hftve my Ladyc mevyd for mt, 
and wher thnt herr to fore 1 wolde have depanyd wSlh 
C. m^ke to have hadde h^T goode heipe and to b# 
restoryd to my place ; whyche nott acccplyd, I tolde 
my *cj-dc LAiJy (hit I fecryd dmi my powci »!iolde lutt 
be ther aArc to gyff so lar^ a ployrj for at thii tyote 

A.t). ttfT.] 


I i*aa tn bopo that the Byuhopof Wyn<rbcr.Tcr "ihoMG 
have p*yd it, ibo^bc it hatldc dta»'cn a CVr Vcl fot 
UDKicbcumcn aiajrnoilturv Ti^tic luivrLcrs vrith c-xrpiy 
tutndji^ r tmliic fhi ;i|^ lo ^fr ^y 1 narljr xxh. for an 
lionc and a *idcll, »o thit I be rwioryd to my place, 
ttAd tlut doonc, to h;LTc a rdcs^ of my Lordc, scd 
lay SCM10C9 and Ijokci to be rcstoiyd. itT it iimyt bcc 
NeverthelAW ihyt muny is noti yit redy wilh mc- I 
rcmyttt t^ 10 yowr dyftcrmyon^ 

Ilm\ iff It be MX) that iit be ihoirtc behovefull, I 
thy&kc ihit thoghe nowdicr ^Ivi'cMc, nor yc, brother 
John, nuyr fioiiie in 10 my l^idyeKcTiAinbre. \\\ai my 
moodre, iff the weer at Nor^ychc, the Tn)<ghi spc-ke 
wMh hyr, for that »hc ^ ft wcmafi and ofl( wonhyppc. 
I thy&kc iluit iny moodrc slioldc nirvc my L;idy 
Eno^& I ibynltc th;it ihor mn^r br v>nir bf^dy for mr, 
havjng ftuctorytc to ccri^Iuclc lor nic, or cllyt knowyng 
myti CDteotc, tfacy myghi make dclayc, and sc^c they 
wolle ftC the Ky^^ca cii^tftiit:^ cotuoix wilti idc ^ never 
the Vsmt I wax notr tJwr p mipnr >\'h*rtror, raiher thaii 
^1^ yff Mcdc be, \ wolk vntti ovftc xny Abode, ift I 
faecr ucnD yov, corse home ; ti&d Slyfcldc 14 agreyd lo 
tary the a vij. D/Khte fur ir^) \ikr, &cj i^al thi; ntttcr 
take etfecic. I prayc ytvw molt e hyin ^oodc cheer, and 
iff it be«o tbil he Uiyer 1 most Temefnbte h}« CfysAtt ; 
tlkoflbriffl thai] be t^enl for, and hetcry at Norwyche 
ther •Ay\y^, it wer bat ID ictle hya Hoik al tbc 
Uayilei Hpdde, and 1 shalle content for thcr crpeiicei, 

Iten, ye maye larj^Iy My on my behalve for ncbe 
Knyse that I ^oldc do to cny Lordc And Lady here- 
affier, whyiJic by my irowdic I thynkj? to doo; insvfT* 
th«Iei)c; to ley that I vol) be hys vwcryn man, I vas 
rwvet yilt LOKiyt woryn man, yil hflvi? 1 doone goocic 
flCTTTCcatad »0lt Icfflc aoyat h3T most nccdc ncrfoifccf. 
AitaaGodelieljjeme, J liiyiiktMuyljiJy sluillc luvcmy 
*rtTC« above auy lady erthely, whechv sh<? *rhoWe 
vwU haw ki»owyTi, had 1 b»en id Buch« ca^e a« I 
haddc fiott been alw^yc ihc vrcnc wclkomc ; for thai 
on of my herandM alweyc was uiKlresiandc thai ii waa 
itL r 


tHt PASTOW LETTERS. [ju«l 147a. 

for Caster, nhychc nu nolt ocixptablc; and [ eryr 
the nvnc HclkniEir^ 

Item, Iimihrr, I aror condiHly^l wiih my Iconic for 
yovif, that 5« Khallc be At CaXTyt if yc list, uid hat-e iij, 
men m vo^cca undtc yow, whcrcS^ my Lordc uythc ihju 
Williojn Lovcdiyc most be oa. trll tymc UuE he hive 
purvrycd other poinefor hyra. I AT ye bedj-apotyd to goOv 
u 1 tokJe bym Ihai yv wccr, yeu vr«r it oott bai tlut 
yc IcCc ii be k&owe tyll thp nuter be doooc, sixl tfaen 
yc uuye aconlyng to yowr proiDyae lete my I^clye l:ave 
knowi^clit' iha ulT. Never the In«r my Lonle «h:il]( 
be here with in xx. tbyn or t^ier nbowi i iff ye come Ihyv 
weyc yc inAy^ apekc with hym ; aevcrlhcteste yc shill 
uott looc nu tyiuct iff yc wcci 4ti CjJcyB il tbya owT, 
for ray Lotde promysed me thai he wolde wiyght 10 
£UuDb«d tbfi tCMorar ^ CaJcy» lor yov by the oext 
nuKnger thatt vrcot 

llcni, tW hjihe Penu[nt« ffvffe wiytc lu nic that 
Bcrtiiiye servyth hyr oakyrui^ly- Hcowythe hyr xxjcijr. 
said iht K in noon hope that evyr he will come ther 
o^cjii ; Bcodc mc wordt iff he wyll. Jlc sb^l Doti lyf 
■u veil] utid trywiy to geetlrc, [ trorwc, hut lETc he goo 

1 ha<idc comcD home, butt thai [ udt; noit yitt vetrdv 
puivcjd fcv luyment liir my mide VViUUm the xxv). 
dayc of ihyti monythe, ajid he dothe toe hanne. He 
ddythe to oncurtcysly with TowneehendCi for he wille 
noit yitt payc hym the C. madce. pfty&bk att Kalow^ 
mcsse, wh>thc he hidde a naonythc aflure -. whcrffor J 
fecr (hat Towneiheod* wiJle nott di> for me ^gtj^t' I 
thaill doo AS L kjuL 

Wrc^ OQ Scmd&yc next Scynt CIcqcdL 


kLuttMJLXr Pa?toz« to Jou?' Pastor. 
tfrnm r«*:uD MS5^ B.MO 

JLb t4}l,| 



J^/0km Pm/oji, Hs^uyer, it tAtt dtHvif^L 

GR£T£ yon welc, k^g you wctc thil 
Dtrctor Aleyiin wylTc huih tic witli inc? anil 
ilefirM me W writi; to you to desin; yoJ to 
b« good mayvter lo ha husbomi ocil to her 
i& her niAtaca. fc>r she IcUilh nc that bcr trobi m full Ji 
you, aad ir she myghc liave wAlkfxl she tJiuld hive come 
to hare spoke »iEh yo<i or th^n yc dvpajtcij ; therfor, 
1 pntv you do youi dovo» for bcr, lor 1 concevvc that 
»hc k^DcU^ not, iioiwithbEAJidyu^ thai I liac her JA 
■u«[MM:ion AS I hive wrciyn to yow Worr, be cause thai 
lho ca/oe noc, b^it I conceyvc now the thought uul thai 
itk<aettccau»cdthAilsh«Ab3cnthc7> Thcdbrc I pr«j 
you hdp hex* for, so God hclpiijc. 1 have li^ht jcrci peic 
on hrr, xr%(\ it is lighi ^ctr iilmrK iri hrljk hrr, nnd I 
trow £hc ^vtiU put bcr moEt uost and scwe spedille io 
you. Also I n-uld yc shold dcairc your Lrcthcr to be 
eood Buyster on \o lier, foi I ^uppu^ be ihii lycue ye 
aA\^ brrd hrr cicuw in such m.iif^rcs xs h« sliiiM be 
ditpIciMd with hcthLJsbaiid, ye thall hold you plc^j^ed, 
God kcpc you uid send >ou Ucs blystyng, vritli myn^ 
Wtctyn om Sent Clcmcnies Day aI nyght, ia hail, 

Ee your Motler. 


JOH» PA,StX)M lO SiK Jo»> r>JtT(>tr. 
[rirm PaxiOTL MSS^ U^M-J 

7i ^iMAr Sir/ijhn Pojtftt, Knythi. 

\'GHT worchepfuLl tyT, I tccotnand me to yoir, 
thonkyDK yow moat hcttly of your dyiy^eoce 
uid coti whyciic ye had b i^ettyoi; of tbc 
bawk, wbychc ye sent me, for wclJ I wot 



)-(Jur Uboro&ud trotvbyll in tMl trutcr vna u mjnihc u 
Oiowshc hadbenihebc«t<jfthcvorkljbi)t. soGotJhdp 
loe, a9 ferforth* u th« most coayag ottngfrt [/i^^vjwvJ 
tlutt CYCT I spik with CAH unflgTn, aKc ankn nctr icrve 
but to )ev q^xs for the is buUic n titwcr c3c Ikiycxcid 
aUi> ihc hixhe ben to brooncid mh ouiagc cf fewle 
thni she is at g<>od sm Umc in boolbc hyi \vf!jpf% u 
every rviAEimAysc Alice Whcffoi dlsychcfolItiwhiTtf 
Mxn li>T Avysc mc lpcji^i hyr in tosomc wood, whn oi 
1 vryM hnvc hvr eo cyer [/aj/ 1^] ; but X wyW da ihrr in 
fLfl yc wyH, whcdyr yc wyU 1 send hyr yow aycc, or 
aui hyr in Thorpe wolxi and n umcfi with hyr, for I 
writ whet on is- But now I dai no more put yow to 
the cost of an hawke, but, for God« sxk^ and ther be 
eny icncll or pood chep );oahawk thai mypht be gotyo^ 
that the berer hcrof may Kave hyr to btyivs mc. and 1 
cnaucr yaw lie my trowthc yt iljall have Dollys and 
Browne bonde to payc yow at Kandyllmas the pryw 
of the hflwke- Now, and yc have as niany ladyse as fd 
wcr wont to have, I rcqwcrc yow for hyr sake ihat ye 
bfsl love of (heym all, unys trowbyll yuwr syllf foi tac 
in thyi niuier, and he cwghl of my clnjnor. 

Item, as icr the ryng, it ia dtlyvtrJ, but I had Al 
grei ijcyn to make hyt ukc it as cvci 1 hiiJ in &ychc 4 
ui£Lt;rr- but I have prutnyscid yuw to he hyr kny^hl^ 
a,rA the tiMhe proniyscid me to be more af your 
comandnieni iZien at eny kny^hies ir IrtgLond, my 
Lord rcscriyil ; and tbftt yc bhatl well UDdyrsuod, if yc 
hAvirowghi to do, whcrin *hc m:iy be an heliwri for 
Iher was never knyghi dyd »o myt±e cost on hyr as ye 
have -iooQ. 

1 nscrvyall that E her no woord of the Icttyrs that 
my Lord Cbamberleyn shold send to my Txml and my 
l^y for Caster. It U best that my Lord Chamber* 
Icyn wryghl to my l^y by som prcvy tokyn betwyx 
thcynif and let a m&n of hyt com with the lettrj^ 
My Lord Chambeileyn may ti|>etd with my Lady wk 
naten he wyll, ^vyng the gret mater ; and if yt fsbyll 

A-tt iiyi.J 



Tttm, tDC llijTiiytli tLat yt: du c!v>]] i}u: jrt go nut 
ihorewgh with my Litdy o( StitTolk for H>_'yly«ilon nnd 
DnviOD; Ccnr ihtr thokl grown raoay (o voii> vhjrdw 
iw)ld qwytc vow aycrst IL T. Mid all OllKf, and 
wi yow bcfor for ever. 

J proj yow for your csur, and aJl Oihtn to yoii ward, 
pl;c the* m-tton. As for aile other ihyngt«i I shall 
Ksd TOW AT rLnsvrcTt when I com to Norwychc, whycbc 
iludl DC on TlionuUy, HhhGo(lc5 gptcc. I h&vc tciyd 
her ai Frimiyr.gham ihyt Rcucnnyiihi, for [my] l-ft&y 
took not hyr chflmhjT tyll ycrttcrctay. H^ficwc- 

Wreiyo on Scynt Kucciyns E^n, J. P, 

* I sy^ the pye, and herd it tpek ; and, be God, it ii 
not wonhc 4 crowe ; it is f«x wct^ then ye wend ; be 
God, it Iter shunc 10 kcp it in a cage 

AD. 147a, t6 Nov.— Akhiuct. 

(Tftm MS. InlM in Magd. Cell, Otford.J 

"5ot**Mk mtn OMtntirit, " N-j. ij%^" Ut^nD pjLtmitw mn- 
coHi a "St/Bge 0(1 MlIilriafRi Doounl FuntUlorii prn polite fitcdo 


A-IX I47»,— JOHW OSBEJU* TO StK JOMM Pavioj*. 

[Fron Pulon MRS., H.M.) 

Av lij. & R. qakitL 

lleuc ity«ar mtficnthep i« Imoirc Clui Joh«B Shatvc and 1 
femt gdMB ft ttj y< ee tr fro Wkltjihj^im To Spnrlf to i-i^>:w« 



you wod lie ^ ibc «b«elic ow|wii«r bue ootfk there ScbcUtc it 
ny^l nmt bBforD the AtirtKi/m off 4vtc L>iM Jam Cmt, 
MmiTiyr. Tpwr«!B»p, Wrdnr«1±jrr. Aioirnfion Uxyr^ Fryiiiy* 
IUkI Svcrdi)!:, n[i(1 fbrhcMbboriij-r, Liljill Ainlupnnilif ijlr (j( 
Hui Kid irod« fcc huh «deidd ibc luiiiic wylhin (he J^ka il^, 
folc idmlH frc (he cop «f Ihe df 1» ud vythovte Al Ul^Al viU M 
And wythin the wodo Ki}^ fo(« wyihtik allc iho d^Ltf *)nj^ vU/, 
vitjY. tJiff vilcvc- of Ihe dykoi abowfe Uie wanit fro r»j. fel* ftO 
^ilirn v^«rl^wnn!iIl am pmdd ar ili. |^lr clu^pin (hv vaJrw tA 
the UT«B In iti« nuinci utd in ihc clovn auu tli« icid nuav 
towvit Svftff hun iLi- marc £rA chc^c; Ihotv off h« wbrhbI bc 
ootEOlubly. &&, the cloQtuUtctow - . < lomrd l^lKoliMn 
ricir TslewuS nor not tpaVrn d. Ae. 'Hie lumma (*f»n iiccA. A 

And if «! th\M idle vH thE» wv>ic twr^n ^'^ n^/ tyKsr 
ne^cr l^Hc in the lumnu puto v. mu^ if le ir«U sell Inc vodt 
• • . . ihc Uvnde ^thin the d^kea and the sUuhtwdii 
tho«I riuUl WTTie*nTr fn t.hi& tiUc forictTanrle Inuy wni lett 

til Tl]Plii>lei.uni nMhf ni«l pjuir lirl fcrwh* 

to «ifEV thill bjr U be oj«>c mj Irtc und ^t ^vd?, Ac 

Tlie fumna of jnor Ruiduiiu hi icitvVD rrcoTtyiJ th« MoO' 
djiR uk) (be Te«idAjc vbill I W ii Swrle wyth m . . . . 
and di.fisIewTlhfBthadykeilia forme nWc nherud iju And 
ifih*. itanduTltP nrd [►""O pI^'vc tIip kttiwwI* , , _ , - 
ahowE? an . . luacriLlI wo tome xij. iudic and tILJ, indie tnjdc 
nlluUu iaia.]c (LaI uu of Lose meflue ,..,., ^ruwe 
the vJif die AFu msny and naoa&lfeLr inftcjenl, Jte , the newmber 
cfTlIie tlioJvdik ifl^tfiin ytrnr . - - ^ . sownCid uul nni' 
»e be evinuicton of Che mnnuQ ind format abovt r*hfnid 

Ai for yaiir und^nvode I tsn noi f^nde Ihe nune to ntlewtd 
1i> lOLir nt-aflc. Ijc uujse it were iifoesduy lo klk^ii^ Ibc pcip oa ft 
off roai fdlyng, '^bere rff beware, *c^ 

As fc Uie fitujrnB °' )™^' d:flrf^ and u thnM fflle 
TQQT b<mIofyTi off j-ow »od* tfat SatJiirydp, vtt, towairl l"yk*n- 
bun fro Oie Wonaci lo Wilijiicham Wcye b Tiu- rodde 
At Icrte. the pfice of ibe lodde Eil|^'> ^TSKT^- pWhyiiif, aod 
hcgrrnr. . , . . ^oomcuL, urj/, ru}/ 

The b^ eyde toward Ncr^iOQ tad 
SpnTliiinnTi|«LtniMe it tht We, Somnii, ri*. 

The NorthcDdc lovud Dunham hax. mldr. Suouat, AEVJ/- 

Thc Wot jjde toword Sporle tc ihe L^jt* 
vjiv- rodde, Spmina, air. 

SumiTia. fjft, liift. iiEjf/, 

VlHier;; ofT uuQ h n^uyiiX lum mnyi- be ipnid, baiai Ihc iw 
it wUl ccete yui< & ij. raiLrt, Ac 

4.V- UP-] 

JSJ?irAj:j> IK 


Tt It cleue r^yv 10 take Tnjrn iirnipic irpt jn jrim vkvIo 
mI^ *cUc »» in i:fr^ Uii uukar EnieUla >ihI uicU uj J Irtr all? 
yvB (Tctc Bfel c<oJc tjmUT and tim itAnik. md «c iluti ouike 
iwntiHy mcfi; t« jvui worchcf-, uid lo jrtxu beet AvayU u 
J«!iB Shaw f*Of Kn-*(mi k^AI] telle vu», if I nayn du la* any 
MTVlOc la thU c . . . . fr tball fiyrufpiMTttly^io ihalu vndp 
MdKcknl mnal be iht j^nte off J«nk Who UB« ]r|vir \a Hii] 
l(n7Pi& Wn(r ia Wr. ii( WaleTiiBhBiD, iboSunjajv nextaAjr 
Oio iMst off l]i« AaOKraa off ovrr fL4ud3 Jciu Oyitc. 

€aa iftle jow more iboitlyvr then I thmld vrjt*t ud I held bjm 
tiTVT to jvnr In fcoe mrajrng. 


A-D. i4;j, *7 Nov, 
Rkhaiw CAI.I.C TO MAKGAktrr rASTOT«. 

tl li cvUcB* iVl lUi liiLq^muv tuT« iMcii mUfn idub (Lpii ofln ih* 

J> Mr rygkt rt%xtTtrtt artJ tx^arMfiffufi jwy mas/r^, Atar 

FlciiTlh Lt you t« iwte thai I have twffp*fcl vouf Uttet, whnin 
r t flt>f»y V* y* *oMa nBritwt&ndt hoy iJd wiihdioialeftf Spnrlfl 
Wodr. I( iivJihitllavclifunnTif tcifcHra-nhr ii ihf tnwrif^imrt» 
fbi to Kite (he toDLrc od wt rke» AJid be thai I tliiill uiiiliciiLiada 
bja* ititf rtmnMni uol itoa t ]ji>r kuc »uctke a dA>ic (jt^^jj) 
bc&tcbcn ien Jflifv- nvj] (lier, (liQl ttiiry an n*Me VpOn lE, kO thai 
t iTudab* KUfTlonuitc^af muncy, i-Uk wirh thoou-ke ami wifh 
thvudw, ai iht lecd L mrfcvfor lo nFTarlr iFi^ v^r mn urifr. and 
be Ofat^nu aesn >ft«r ih&L oifaff L m^tkr, and »yr?rt]y L iDoriu 
«E Cihtciboe u longc &i Uic tvuk bAi^ili. lu iht suejic; t^ I 
t4ldeTDu,iMdIlrtiit«iD0Ri«rklIol)d> I JuntcbffbounX Ncr«r- 
Dialac, I un a bowte if ullt it bH a. (jp'old c^rl fn bryni^'C it to all 
milCFfj) a<|trt«v1r jimfT* iv rhmj^r ^rr r^tnylnl iicurp mIsTj, for if 
It an Ihil thn Is a mim of Cjirbrokf. thry collp hym Sujodrn^ I 
uuy tia*c cf byru fi^c all ihc vudc uiJ Im^Kc ihut b in ^i>otlc 

S>- uifkct Eo fayc tt nichi: ilay« a fotc tchccxyi^, wc lo bcR 
O0*l«aof thvffi^rcduH ai ihglithq } bill »v are n<-t throw yet, 
TKinghl rfini be Jill'? I hnvsworilp Iroiti pn i* yrri*, w«hs 1 
inint hnr be &mda^ coae w\«n|t« ai lh« rmhr^ for on tb« 



Weda«Ada}«iieR<«ft«ftliiCi««ilwIfDCt*ftf«heU&p^Te, Whs- 

fort I bei«fttyOT*«ifltintjmiir«Tloeliowweihyiifc*hii?fttn.irid 
T thtH rinnihur in m^U lit Ga4m erven; ir 1 f^ui rlci tirrur itUIi 
Imn I thftll II vbti bo liinlr vcrtc, bui ifl liaoii^ byni kkd 
vhB,t. for Ihcr li mod» nciDrf be Evrix ui, vid thvrixt ipftrv iMt 
to Kode aj vultr. Sir JohiL. worie <a Uk* ncht dM>^ oT par 
tMtl *4 >■ • t»Vf «rer«p for it thtXbt p«rfcviud whii wvf lom 

Item, UMilLUi Wfor wiir wriTf [mrip^if] ifr najnot hirrhjrrD 
lllJe ■A«rCr|ile]iiBB, foi fi? hatt LiJvm in howK lo oiokc vhlic 1 wis 
Hilby^, i( wvlbe (W u j> vrckar^i orihui hv milieuKndei ft& 

iLcm, I mcEfc wiih KobvA «t Kiytlie of Mftieljaktai Noi^ 
vrichi*. whfr 1 atmt fnim vnu. I faH* ort luiodo wirh tiym fir 
Mnrdfl^lh'r Krnr. I mytJit liivr had af fajtn fiw ihal lij. marke 

[L<Hi, m tvt in'j<ii:Y of dii^ fciBiCf^r of SpocJc, hclcUci uc Ik ii 
lioun J« ta TouuftftrixJp lo pfcy h jm ni Ihii C4ndfllfn«»B. And h< 
«yth* iF he inny b« (ljiH:!ii)fjfed * jrtvA hym yrnir moniry tholba 
fpdj' Al ht* 4*aw, >w Tircff^ G'^>^'< Who havfl yrrn m Hit hlLvnl 

Wieicu tt Spoflc the rjid»r nc^t ifiei Scijii Ofiniutt Iht 
Kynjt. Vow scrwuit, R, CalLI. 


A.D, 1473, Novh or Dec 
JOW> Pastxiv to Sim Joiiw PastoW. 

EnpniT» coderviBeiit, Anno <v«, meoL K»m[i|~ ui Etu* ll OMAf 

HE reconwndyth hym to your good mastyr- 
shcp, And picycib yow llicu yt Ayll nut fuigH. 
Tlioiigh he br a boy?, to let hym were th^ 
same lyrere that your men do; and ifit pleaded 
yo>*' lo Ictc hya gownc clothe be sent hym home, that 
It myght be itk^d Aycnst yom comcLug m 10 \\iy^ gudUc 
he wold he as prowd as rny man ye havt Sir, u 
hertly as I can, I Thymic yow for the hntt, whyche il 
coinyng, fts [ undyrstand by your wryi>Tig, sent by Johiv 
the Ahott)s maA oT Sc>iil BencU 

*,t>. MT*.] 

EI>WARD jy. 



My n>Qdyr»ciidir^ you Godct bly»tyng And hyo^sncl 

pfryr% yow in f.ft .i nrw Ijrnirr of my Iniii nf Nnr 
vnrchc OiaI lic may have the sacrcmcni iii hyr chapcIL 
J j^ a lyccncc oi h>m fcr n yore, and ii t« n>'ghc wovyn 
ocj^L Yc nuy gel it toi the Qj^h^ppyi lyvc* ^ 

At for th« ktljiB that Sljpfeld ibold get nc^wc; cf xht 
Kfi3Si wbycbe ye sbold bnns to mjr Lord of Norfolk, 
k t* mjni avjw ihat yc aludl cumc; hc^mc your dyl/T ju 
htsty ly u )re m^iyr, u> ttiAl yv? may bv Jl the cr^'Atutyng 
Of the chyki that nay lAdy \a with; it fthall caud« yow 
grtt thuiici and i ^^rci fordcll [tf -tWi%c] ia your mater 
Aod Ai for tltc lctlic». Icvc a ^naji uf yowi to awaytc 00 
Slyfcld to b«yiig tlicym after yow ; of whj^hc leifrw 1 
Jn7M yov fo hAve oae dyrect fro tli« Kyng to yo% ao 
inuciyDg y^w to be the ractac&fucr and bryrti^cr of ihf 
Other let tK3 to my Loid, uiyLady. AiidtZicji:on§HjLyll, for 
your owiic icitn* ; iU3dihysincthyiilcythBh^<iowtD, 
lor thee fthdll the qua bhuwc to my Lordefi cotiMyll Lh« 
Ictire dyicct to yow tlmt yc hare awtoryic to be your 
oiTEtt aUycyioitf, and abo it bIuU be ihuught Lhat the 
Kjrrg ifudiyih yrtw and yoor mater, wtwr he wryghiyib 
to roar vfii lor il. 

My Lftdy frsytcth byr tycac with ta vuj. dayo at the 

A-D, 147*, 7 ^^^ — AusTRAcr. 

'iDlTitrouiibKepmnirilia Htaturlol V^Com 

T4n. jn«.— "Vi^nnfC<ine«pd*oofo(jr»Udy.'"lj E!w. 
TV. fMvTTturf v{ acneencDiOa Ea^Ush) bftwoni ifp. vrnyu- 

ddivo to lTic B4hop «I1 d«cd>, duoTcn, roUt of cnurE^ anj 

to Ih' minnn iricT hndinfiSi- \Vr Sir Ji^lin FatioU. «vt:?pO]iE 
•MVd i aaJ al*Oh u ci«cu1ur of the irtU oT Sii TliumaB I tcw«^ 



to drllvcr up mX\ mcnef Lrid gootU of Fciroir, and nTiJI^Soiu fo; 
{KV}Ktijt Slc-^ xikL \y \h*: Miii Tbrjini*. wUitli lie can iti:uvc 
nvtT iht luoi of ^40 dun Eo him. ihc tuA M'ilJiani Wmt^irf. (or 
liLi imnugfp and iJ« to udsl the t*id Eiihrf Lnd Uii CoUw* 
At OTlr^nl ID sM iPBit«n felattogfo Kutnifi JAndt - In rf<iiT7i wr 
whidi Ihc IsUhup n>«YntniK(n pa^ him ]^toQ»«nd Aboandlow* 


A-D, 1473, t8 Doa 


f Froii» T'cnn, li, 42.I 

MndwrirlDi;, "Amio »•./' whicli *f^rm i.< titmn i# C<l». IV. itn Otifr 

h<rvv*' kt 44i1aEiily vnuiuouc ; for In Iht inqiLlclUmii litia Ob lb* 4h(Ii tf 
ihe£>iilcur N(.4li7lv Aliuc, l^Jr Muf liif^iit^uiLiei ^lulliof, aiibfouul 
m 1h>v* h«*n (ihtr /tan nbl an ihi lAih nsiWRn '4J^ ^h* vK ben. 
Lhanforc, en the io» DotcmlKr ht*. 

yj m^ Mastyr, Sir/ahn PasiofK fCny^^ <V rt^f dtiyvtryti, 

YCiHT wortljcpfull Syi, I rti^maiid me W 
yow, ihonkyng yow most hirtly of fOur gt«( 
cost, whych* y« dyd on me ax my Isist b«bj 
with >'0w ai London; whyche to my power 
I wyll retOLiipencL" yow with ihp best scjrvyvc iViiC 
lytfco in hie to do l^r yovir plesiJiT^, whyll my wyiis b» 
my owDC. 

Syr, u for ihc mAtcr of Cftstcr, it hathc be mcryd 
[o my 1-fldys good grace by ihe Bysliope of WjTichcR- 
ler, 34 well as he kowd imagyn 10 sey it, conBcdciyng 
Uie tytyll ley&er that he hod with hyr; And li« told 
mc ihfll he had lyght an agr&ibyll answer of hyr, bul 
whflthys-icswerwp«, he wold not tell mc. Then I aityd 
hym what answer I shouM send yew, in a£ myche u 
yc mnd mc a solysytcr to hys l^rdr/nip for that malci; 
then he bad rac th*t uodyr conayll I shold *cud yoti 
wDOTd that fiyr.Tiiswer w;is rninc t<i yotif pl«tirc tiiwi 
10 the eontiflry, whyt'h ye shall hLive more pleyn 
koowlAge cf thys next termc, atl whychc tyme bcUw 
my Lord And \hz &hall be at London. 

KV. t4P.l 

EniTAKi) m 


The Bythcfi cim lt> Framlyncihani oti Wedn}-*!!!/ 
Ai tijiEht, ind o& ThuraiJay by 11^ oE the dole befor 
OocMit ii^y >>-'^E 1-tiy i^'i^ kj>A:cnd. and tiAinytl Aitoc 
Tht BTshn|> (Tysicinl it an^i b^* ^jdiifajlrf Imthr, and 
with in ij, owTT* and Icwe oftyr the ayrtenyng wM do, 
loy Loud of Wyiichcitcr dcpAitjrd low-irda Wakh&nu' 

And 1 let you plrynly wc«, I am not the man I waa, 
fl^ 1 ira* mrvcT 10 roughs in my mijiiyfs conwyt at 
I am cow, juxl that he told mc hynuelfT before 
Kx^hanl SothcfTclI. Tympcrlqr, Sir W, Bnndon, And 
tvettty morr; so ihAi they ihnc lowryd, novjh* laughs 
upon nw; ro moor, but god ioolc- 

Wretyn At FntQalyn^hjLro, the Kryday acxt aftyr that 
I dcpcttvd fro yow. Tli^s il^y my Loid la iuwu/>ly% 
WalqrtignAin, and rofaiTid)d mr 10 ovcnakr hym co 
mcsovr Bt th« krthfti J. R 




ibc oif of (he jw i^ra, V 4 mam Ivnli tidi i1k Di^ hud Uvii uion rhjn 

Hr i4«^ 1W« <VL be n4 dwbl tliannaM tiui k mt pfulObd V pn^Tad 
fa tiMiliftjn 11 lAc lime v/ Jc^ ruim'i vttii to FrmlUntunL 

Ih i^ right hygfu and myghSy Priiur^Qfid my righimti 
artJgra^ui Leffi^my f.ivd fht Dtvkt i^f M&rffbfiL 

KI-Y t-csccbj'lh yotir hyjhqcss, youi pooic and 
ITPW coniynTiJill sprvaunt .ind oratour, John 
Putoa, the yonder, that it myght ple;isc 
TOOT good ffmoc t<y coil on to your most 

< TVuMbvvv'Viiif^iAnrT nf « ivviivtwiLnittt»w»a rhe Ijjy Af Koi^ 
Ukaad TkovHH iSfiit Bfacr*!!; aK ^ojd^k* 10 lea Xt'iaA vt ^a J#fcp 
rMUCflBtOraintQuKrT; bui J. |JBvmiiw(?rc J^ Piurcrii nui uncitfAnlitr 

* ta tkc iDHBa vcACdi roD i£uK " « itui thcr iJi'i £'?«'/ >wf. Uu||i 



^UMt umI notabyll rr-m^mhr^nrr thm l^icwird, at 
IIWOOStMid charge ol toy brodjf, }chit pAJitori, Knrght, 
whjrche moAt cDtcodJih to do tbftt myitht plcuc vow 
hygbnc^ the ryghl uotjyll Lord, the Byuhop of Wyu- 
C&BIClff entre(j^ sixand rompouncd wiih your I-ord- 
abtppt tbflt it IJokyd the sanw tp be f;o good And 
gz&cioufl Lord to my scyd brodyr, that by forssc of 
WTlcyn dedys, rclcssU, Vid IcttiyB of altomcy scfyd 
with the ncsilyjt of yoar ^ood gnce, ami of other *encnra 
pcreonya mfcoff>'d to your mm m the muier of Cotter, 
utc John F£.sio]tT{:rAT Knyght, in the cootc of NotHToIk, 
try «cyd brodyr and 1, wiih other cnfcotfyd to my sc/d 
brodyn use in the seyd maner, wcr peuably poaxeiuyd 
of amJ in the tame tyll eyche tyinc as serteyn persooya, 
lenuunts on to your good, enuni in to the scyd 
mancr, and thenir have takyn tlte issusci aiicl ^iiufilya 
in the name of your s^yd hy^hnewe by the (pAee of 
thie yer ind more, to the i^TCt hurt t»f my aeyd brodyr 
and roc your scyd scivnantcs and oratour : wherfor, as 
T have oft tymyTi bcfar ihys, I licaeclie your gooil griccv 
At the reverence of God, and in the wey of charyte, 
thiit my seyd brodyt may by your hyghoes* be ayea 
testoryd in to the puwcaayon of the scy[d] wijier. 
acordyng to the lawe aji;! good rOTiscy»?ticc ; and wer 
diaJl T>rey to God for the presenacyoQ of youi mott 
Dobyll catate. 


A.D. i47,S} i3 Jul 

MAJtCARZT Paston to SiR JauES GLOTSin 
[From Pa-laa MRS., IJ.M-) 

Ihil Una IfllUr vu wniirti tb ijt), vhCD The Ndndajr ^flrf 5t If Uvt hhU 
h« tfl« iHh «^ l^dvau^ John BwHr 4f lUtdfWlb <Wd on it^ aorfi Jsizafy 
rn ibu T«u d'i;uik^ >Hf ■hv**, i^ &!■« IV. Kv> irk Tt^ l?Hcr k» 

V hv pMK, Sii JiacB 0Id7« wbv lUcd b Ibc nunc ^ tUa r«ar- 

*-0L l#J>J 



Reoomaund mt to jou, and thanlce jrou heityly 
of )Xn» tettcns, And dclys^ntc labour that yc 
lure had in thoca nutcrii that yc hare wrctjti 
Ui mc of, and in ill aUicr, lo my prrrfl-lir aJid 
vorsche^ and in eftiprciall attt ihii s**oni towchyn^ 
tikC maicr that 1 sent you Uie indcntuic of. Vc hive 
Inh^ atyac ho^t lactin by a pound, for 1 tua in fccc 
UMI It void DOI have bene cloo lO h^tyly »ith oulf 
4lUK«r. And aa i'or the Uttcn Cut l^om Holler too 
iebiud hftvs brou^i m^ 1 e^o notber hj'm dc the 
kiten tlbai be «cbud bavc brought ^ wbcidor, I pray 
you }\4rnc\Y, ycvc it be no dyscte to yoti. lluit ye will 
lakt the bboui to bryng Walter iheyr he sdiuld be, 
tihd to punsyc for hyrn thai h< may he £ctic in Kood 
ftnd *ad rcwlc For J were lodi to Icac bym, ioi I 
tnifii lo hnvr morr joyr of hym than I havfr of them 
Uuc bene owklcr; though it be more coRtc to me u> 
acnd you forth with hym, 1 hold rue ptcscd, for I vote 
wclc yc iiJ;a)] bcAt puivjjrc fo; hyju, Mid fuj hULbe 
thyngr* «Kri«<«.ir iri hym, ihan anothtriichTild doo, 
after tnync ititcnt Arid as tor ano hore to Icdc hy« 
lEcrc, mc thynkc it were best porvayc one ilte Cambo- 
rne, lcs*c ihflu [fiyiifcfj] yc cannc ayitt: onyu ijaircoLirs 
from ihewi to Oxyvifonh more hastyly; and I mencll 
that tbc Lcttcnccmc noitomeTOnd whciher 1 may laye 
thcdefauic to the faudcr or to the son tlicjofn And f 
wold WilcT schuld be copilc; with a. IjtlLcf thau [lolb-r 
aon Kp lh«e a* he suhiilbe ; howc be ii I woM no: 
that be scbuld make iitvei the ie«e of hym, by ciiue 
he b bis cotitnc cvui md ncgbbour. And aho I pra,y 
yoo wiyic 4 ietler iii my iiami: (i> Waierc, nfiet ilut ye 
have kfLOwne mvne entent by fcite iTiu to hym ward; so 
that b« doo nvlle, lernc wutl. and bt^ cf good it-vU and 
djBpoayctOi^ ihcr fihall Duthyni; fayllc hym that 1 trte.y 
bclfK m' Ji. bv tbdt iL be ucniscsaazc Ui hym » atiU bydde 
bym ihJt ho Tv- rot lo hn,sty of utyn^ of orderes ihai 
Khuld bynd Upo, till that he b« ci jouuj. yeerc of agee 
or nior<^ Lbofi he be corkjalcd tbc conir^rc, for ofiyn 


THE tASTON LETTEfcS, Ia-A iff j. 

npe [Aaxfi] rcwiih- 1 viU Tot^ hym better to be a 
good ncculu rian than to be ft kwit pTCsL 

And I ;im w^rc ihai my ooisyn Bcnuy b scke. and I 
iray ytiu yefT uic ulutt- wiiit:, ur unf (if my watmi, or 
c^riy othtrr tiiyng tli;iil 1 liave Ehjit is iu youi awiMe^ 
may d<^ti hyin ony coniJorth. ] Icttc hym hnvc 11^ ^t 
I wold be itght sory yf ony thyng nthuki twiic to hjnD 
Ixittp ^t>(t. Aiicl for Godb^ilc advibe hym lo aoo 
mike hys v^Jl, ycve it bf not doo, and to doo woB to 
ray€0«yD,lufiwiff, aad els itijifart pet«; &nd I pray voti 
10 recoQiAunde vac Lo hyr, and to my nawinc, and to 
all chrr gcniill nu-ii and g^ntil ikGracn ilicrc. And aa for 

fohn IHye, and he bcdedel wold be Bory, for I know nor 
owe to coPK by mj mony l3iAt he owcith mc; juid T 
poi|]ijAc that PacokctchAllldvc lc5 todoofoimcAnothci 
yirrr-t xhati hff haixh h;u!, if T may hp Ijrttrr ponraycvl 
vrith your helpe, for h« is for hym self, bolt not fat mc 
Aiid as for ony mArchandea lo my com, I cjm fytic 
nouc lictc ; llicifor I pta/ you^ dou yc ih wclc therein 
as ye fanne ; also 1 sotkI ynii by the herecT hereof ib^ 
biliofm^-neresaytcfi. And ycf ye go forth with Walter, 
I pny you come to me a\i sone aa ye may after yc 
be co[nm}':i home ; and me lykelh mync ^Lbydyn^ And 
thi^ miLtTc here* right vct\U inri T tniKt whar Kommer 
comith aaci Uyrc wither, I ^choU lyk« it better, for I 
am chcryacd hcTe botte to wel. 

And I cujifttnrw yuat letter in other inAtent well 
i n[>ught whereof 1 th;inke yo\] ; jind if tf nede not to 
send forth Walccr hiityly, I wuld ye myghl come to 
inc. thowc yc achald com opon one day and goo 
oguyue on the neJtl day* than schuld 1 Li>ri]uu with ytm 
in all mnieris ; ar^d I hold best if ye have not the 
LettvhA that HoUex son ^ehuld have tjtoujdi me, that 
yc scTid S>tn over for thein this ny^lii ihatT may hive 
thcui to luorowc* Aiid yif ye may uiiubc yuur !Kd( I 
wold he (he hcrtef play^cd. 

1 I Ihir>> Ehti mml bava bna wnrren ai Miltb)*, wbst M>nn< htti> 

*I» w^) 

RDtVAXD tt. 


AncI 1 reoMmtw thftt «^er of myni« w water of 
OLillvMtf w«^ good foT my co«ya Ucmay to <lryiLk«^ 
for bo male hym 1o bronkc,^ uid ycvc thci flcod lo 
D»;iic ElcwbeUi Ctllc^Jiorpije liicr ye slwll ciot fa/iU 
ortheroDeoTorbo<h,4i:h«hxith other uatcris to oiAkf 
folkis to browkc- God kcpc you. 

Wrytyo OQ Uic MoinJay Dwt dftcr Scot HiUcr. 

1 bkvc no lon^-r \t^^ta AUt thia t/m^ 


A-D. 1473, 3 Fet 

Sr ]oum Pastoh to foiof Pastom. 

7b John FiSiiiifn. F-i^ityrr, trr ta Aftslraif Afirrgrd Fast^ 
/lyt M.vfr/ bt ihys Utttr delyveryd. 

HI t!ut 

bclovyd Drotltcr.* 

A^ flbr n-c!)-n[7% hcfl-, ihcr tk^c ln« frwc, safT 
DTjkc of Borgoyeu* and my L^dy, 
hyo ^ryffe turcthpc well 1 vru witK them on 
tbonrtdB]rebuE|iaitatGavnit> Tctcr Mcttcctcy Kirclhc 
fredl, Aod Metcrw»e Gmkyn botlie and Kibckyn 
TCoomend hjr to yov; the luthe bvn vony teke^ but 
it hothc dooD hyr gaod«, flbr «hc ts Kayrcr and slcn- 
dcTcr tbAD sh« wai, md vlic cowdc make me no cHcer 
bntalvrcy niy ! wu "Hrw ffarcl Ma.!ster John, yowr 
brother ?" wher with i wua wrothe, dud &puJ:c a jaJouv 
worde or too» dyodc^-nyng that she oholde c^rc k> 
Enoche fftn yow. uliai ifiat I waa presciiL 

Scnde iri* u'ordc to Hoxons in wryj^tyog^ what goode 

the Bywhop cl«d llor mc 3lI I-VzL^iiyuhA^n. unii liowe 

nf Lordc, my LAdyc, uid &1I the coct or [dirf] dyspoayd 

come wards. 

I hvTc ftlso ficye thtii toy Ladye uid yown, Dam« 

A £^ to «m1^ tun la ivti^n ThdoI tn tiLi d nm4rh 

^taiffi&srjswsi: ^"^^ " -'■ 

Ok««, to *• VtikiADJfr 

DB« 14 C'lwrd IV 

Maigtct Veer' U dcii, God b-ivw hyr sovk; iff I weer 
rol »orye flbr hcrr, 1 trowe ye have been. 

No moor to yon' At tbya lyfne, but All myRhty Qood 
have yow ia kcpyng. 

Wrctyn jil Colcys ihc iij. d«yc *rf Fcbmarve Anno 
K. K- E. iUj. xij» J. >.. fiL 


A,Dl I47J, lo FcbL^NOTE. 

Tn BlovifA^M'i Ili'.Chry of KgrfoLk, ni]. n. p, aoC, il |i suicd 
Ihai '^ on KebruiT« lo in rjL« i3Th ol L<lwud IV,. lu inclenlure 
Vu latAt beiv/tca Sir WllUBin Vtlvftfon, Wliliun Inmey, 

■erjeirii-a[-ljiw. luvX Willhuu Wtir^rc^Err. cxcL'Dlciri nf !iii Jcun 
(FuLc)U| utj initi pAiI, an J Tliornu CtLj^raml RgbE*^ KynvD u/a 
tho other, uvhcictjj lh< w^d Ri^livit wu Ji^n^nlcd ivurvtrror of 
th* Until iind (fatmpMB inSonihwarkanitclhfrp'iLCfiuk Surnyt 
UteSirJohn't^Eopcrlarm his lul wilJ ; judoltD TccfiTcrdrenlt; 
Who wpi lo bavc & muki^ lun., <uul to be ftI1(nr«I iMilila iJl 
RuuLi»Mc Lij^lii (lul iTcunl! ilu in the ilcfenct nid Lcci^Qf out 
John Tuton, £aq»i uid of all othcn cUJmiiic byliW." 


A.D, t47j, 6 M;trnh. — Austract. 

IPtnta MS. PhJUppa 9735- ^V "S;! 

"J- I'." [JOHM I'jIbtokJ ri>Siii Jmiv I'ajjtoh. 

Ai F pruiniicd b rh? Ictltr thit PJaytcr wai, riiyici and t 
ham been w^Ui mr mqilicr lo i^vt licr tu make dievcivKc fiv the 
jf M0,1iutiha btuda nr Hirnd yon wnl, yc3U ticod look for no other 
cooJbrt ^on hvr, J iv^!* c:lii i«N ynu hUrlrr't iLnn«-ar, Aj for 

JoTui Kmk you pr^iimW him |>*jTnfm ynuiwEf ind to Sir John 
lyll i rawkiln jnut iJiiyjHtut, My mojicr hu kotd hff( iwlzy 
ItH IJ^^ t nevci meet Mifi Smyth Liu[ Tipttkuf li 10 hitn- He 
kttp« luH Bourtj hsr« 4^ Nurvjc^ nU ilit hrclE- Aft 6h yiMelT, I 
can only tp*ik Co ^VytnohElham hu ikllitfr-iii-bv, ubich t do u 
often 3.1 i MP hiin. Woiilrl be vtry tht- gr'Af maiffr irliirh r** 
QOlrcK hcLsiy answer "\ai ih-t kck be la poajle" ihouH b«dc- 
Kftd by Uik iKeliftvUMk TLLik* Kdiuuud J^utolf "wtt « 
^jca>oniibEe mu CO Robert oE L>iic Wbctrfafc, let my brotbcr 
''Etlmmid ivt for thermae, far um; wife oiayhfrvc for utbotb till 
'*be(lfr ptnci: tt So Gud hdp tnP ye mnjalWr n |ilimr(nii« 
"ftul ihsedyrknan hiivc vj hLndctcdtDc itiB,: hn ]>irtciiJc uid 
" mine bo III should LjduvUulcto Uveal am UieiiUl weictuUici 
"bdon the hbmd Uuui I could be thb two yeu, and nbc loubd 

■ DaiLghtEf affiibOiotSit Wimajn SuffDrd, ind vUc B Ski Cc«ff Vn 
T^ir WIS J'lhb VtR» wm sJW-vvdi llul df OafonL— V, 

A.i>. M73.1 



" litct bcr ^«CB- ud mv poor •piiqtibO'" ^ooM titbcr br< 
bMf irhu he voatd bAv* ihAft brui|> th«tD m pwfk ** Soy 1>fn*T 
** Jar ue, lor ft aa uid /t viZL 'l^ti nuiter iBiiti be honntlip 
" hoadlolfar \ mtvdt niyTaLLTLg Ijuly of Qxanrorrhe ih«Il h«ir 
" Vf h. Wc hate 1icr« wi liijini^ bul » few FrtnUium \k 
" viUj|]>iii ^ ^ cooirtVi V tW dure duo i« &hfn £0 ost 
*' but mim wft ccwtott I pn^r T°*^» '^ 7^ ^'^ ^^ ^'^'^^ 
** «iiUMi dun jrv 4<£atT, i^Lt coor mts idav havr port for « 
" grtflrMllni Tadjr.- Fml Monday of Cl«n l,«nl. ijbilv, IV. 

Adikm M ^ "A Uy* JeiA PutV. idiHvlItt, htI ■lew*' 

A.Dl f47:c» 36 March, 

[Fnto Putcm HSS,, B,MJ 

a mf Mixsier. Sir Jiikn Paxtett, Kny^ht^ dt lAy^ 
dfiyi^frd t^ Jtasf. 

^^S I Ku wiyshtyng ilib lyllc, Masttmc Jane 
H HifiiGrt oaitundyd nwr stiry^hily ihui T aholi) 

ah€ Mcdyth yow word alio wold bo aa iaync 
to hetc fro yow .xi ui other poorc body. 

Syr, it itt ftd thai iTiy ou^tyn John B1cn<^f hassr^t > in 
cfifonnjid that for vctry scrt^^ii h« is <:lioiyn to be on 
oTtite colcGtoui^ of li^c taiikc m Norllolk, wher in vcrry 
tJDwtbc he luthc lufL A Tool cf lond wuIj iu the shyer ^ 
whfrfor I bctcf hr yow ifaat, sis h&styly as ys may afWr 
tht CTght ot thyt bylle^ thiit it may ple^e yow to take 
tbo hEoTC to cornon v\ih &t Rychud Hiiaecortc, and 
to let hyra kivc knowUgc thu :hys gcntyllman ha(bc 
oow^hl wilh ift ihc shyer, anJ thai ye r^'t.'>-iie may fynd 

rff(«>bvnML«r iJ«4rf«iCh<B»f Tli.>tTi»HighiLht, K^i.awlHnndly 
III. ^ 

rbidil cT tLxlitDJ^ JCj%Jil U« tfM 




the mf»n* to got hym owg)« of ths: th-irVlf^c oflfyce, 
ioc 1 ptcmvsG yow it cocombcrih* h)!!* cv^il, and my 
suadtaac nya wyflc, and a}1c us hys frcndys bcrc; 
and iTao be t!ui >c and Sir K. II^jltlxiiic iiiiy uot iyad 
the m^Ane betwpc yow, rhjir then it may please yonr 
to meve my Lord Chaniberleyn with ihya niater, md 
so Master Haruct pravithc yow, and Mis:rcssc JaoCi 
hya wylT aJso, foi sKc lyekyth no ihyng by []ic oTyi*. 

Il ia ihowght her aitiortge tis thai Heydons be lh« 
CAUseis thai hf viiit set in. 1 prey yow enqver of Si? 
R. HucoTt who W4L3 the causc, ind that it nuty be 
vyst in ihc next byll that ye send mc , ioi if they wcr 
the auien, it lytbe in my coayr Harsetics powrr to 
qwytte theyro. 

We h&vc no tydyngcs to send, but that our Frenibc- 
mrti' wEiychcrVepte out uiiits her ai home into FmnoCp 
for Iwke of vytayll, we iaye_ 

Hogan* \s, put in die Gyld Halle in Nonvyche, and 
shalbc hrowght up to London for icporiyng of hyi 
old ulys- He viryihe net No mure, but I \trvy 
God cend yow the Holy Gott amonge yow in the 
Parletnent Howse, and mdicr the iJcvjil, we sey, thea 
yc shold grante eny ii«irc Liskys, 

Wnrtyn the day next aftyi our l.^Iy Day, the 
A&u&cyiLcyon, Aqdo xiij. E, liij^. 

Vong Hcydon Uborythe allc that he can to mary 
on of Dy« dou^htyr to yonge John B^jii«j* by the 
mean of W. CaJthCffpp. 

J, P. 


A.Dh 1473* 3 Apnl, 
Sir Jobh Pastom to John Paetow, 

[Fnai FcDo. li. aaz.} 

A SCnirtu^^hH aw£ Freer ^/fi^a^Paf^n.E>^ier. 

:ELL Movyd brother, t recomand me to yow, 
letyng vow weic thac At the rcqimt of M«^ 
trc«*c jA&c Hasictt And yow. I have laborjd 
the kDjr^iyt off ihc shrer off Noiflolk, And 
the k&xS^tyi on the shyre of Suffolk. I undcrtlODd 
tbcT tiftd ben mftdc Ubor thii Buchc i Uiidje »huld« 
h&vc bcfl «A )c VTOltc to mc off. but now it b »a£ 

Rstf Bluuurehauel wcr A nonic to Myitis ari hjirc^ 
I munm tluT flholl come no «uchc n;iine in nwr bokyi^ 
ner m ovr house; it myi^ht per cue ftyrt xx^ horyf; at 
ony^, TTore thjit jj[ pcTK.' I redde thcr io the billc off 
Nciiflblk, cffone John Teniljll, Ejujuicr, l>ut I fluppow; 
it be col Ditnt by o^T Temloll, and iff it be^ he »haU 
itot rest tbeer, iS I ]iia)e hdpe it 

Aa for tyd^ga, the ircist :hit I hcnlc wols that my 
Bwodre wyll rrit dno %<.> mf>chr? ITor me ju «he put me 
tn comSfort oC 

Olh« tydyags. I herd tsey tfor fierteyn that the 
Xadf FiL£watcr is ded, and thai Master yytcwotcr 
flhall bi«e CCCC, mrke a yer morr dui i he hmL I un 
aot scwT therflbr. 

Afl WK- the *ofWe I woot Dott what it mcnyHi^ men 
Mye hctr aj vrccU oi Hog^n, t]ia.t we ^hall have adoo 
in haat; 1 knoir do Eykl)hod but thai Auclie ji rjinor 

Men sty the Qwyen with the Pryoce shall come owt 
off WaI>N aad kepe thya EAicmc with the Kyog at 
Leycvt/, *nd wimc srye uowther off theiu slialL com 

llcox off beyond (be sec, it b scyd that the Frcnac 
KyB^ hoftt haihc k^Ilyd the Erie oMrnKn^k' and all 
fefUnyiy nCTLf* ; Komr sryc undrc appoyninient, ^ind 
■om« ityt th^ wer besegyd, uid go^ by pteyn 

FcfihcmkDor men scyc that the Frcnshc Kynge \i 

1 ** Van rfiM p*ariy ptmi ' 

ioilfii mi iric Uli JlafOk I4T> 



wilh hjrs oat uppon the water off Some > l3t nayle froo 
C^cya ; ! kvc them whccx I flbnd thcm> 

T tiudc yowT unawcr lu tlic iFrcuds off >tc9tTcs.'(C 
Jmc Godnoitoii accordyng lo Towr insimrinTiH, Ah 
for nte. i im noU B«neyn wboilicr J UtAjl to Qdcy«, 
ti> Lcysctfi or come home inio KoHTolk^ but I tholl 
huBli'Iy sefifJ yo« wofilc* &c 

Wict/a th€ ij. diyc of April!, Anno R. iiij- sdij*. 


A,D. i473» i« April 
SiK )oh:4 Paston to Jokk Pastoh. 

IFiOTd rtsttffk MSS, RM] 

■^^'jr ST bdovyd brother, I rei:omend me on to vow, 
i-'iyng yow weet that I rcccyvyd on Wcd- 
nystlay list poat yow anger}' Icttre tovchynj: 
the Uobic (hat Sandrc Kok b iu. whacin I 
have 1ar;^ly comonyd wilh John Rusie, and odvyMiJ 
hym 10 tak« u cutte>^ wc;ye with Sjnidrc^ for yowre soke 
iind myn. He &cy[hc he wold not dyspieBse yoTf by 
hyi ytyW. and that he purposyihc to cmtete yonf and 
wolde deserve it to yowe. He urdrestoJ ihaL yv hud 
targe l«&g^« lo the jurye tl^t pfi^B/d agAin Siundre. 
I ieio hym wccie thai ye wcer wrothe, and that he 
eh:ill iiowLlicr picjtse /owe aer me, but iOT he dde 
curteyslye with Saiindre. I tolde hym as for the COQ- 
dempnjicion uppoii the action ofi trespo^so £ thofiht it 
nowlhei" good ncr worthypfull, Abo 1 have wrclro 
to thr person of M^ukbv to dele curtcyslyc wMfa 
Saimdre, iff he woll pleise yow or me. 

Item, 1 sende yow lierwythe the ttt^a^;^ for 
Saundrct ao that ilf ye fyndc any mesLrie for the con- 
dcmpiuLcions that thm ye ninye ease therwjth ihc 


thWAJtD IP, 


»ucTtc ofS pcft*fr JofaD Russc, u I lupposc, U Att 

Item, u for tydyng<^c beer, the Kynge rydcth 
frcsMlft lhy» d*yc lo Northiailon wardc, there lo be 
tbys Estcrac, and ailcf E«icmc he purposytbe lo be 
inoche at Lejiset&e, tnd la I,eyiieitrc thyre. Every 
nun teythe thaj we chall have a doo or Maye ptne^ 
Hoi;ui the prophet ift in the Tower ; he wolde fayne 
spckc inlh :hc Kjn^. but the Kyngc ^rythe he oiuU 
not ftvaunc ihat evyr ht spake wiA hym. 

Ibttp, u for me, 1 moEt ncdys to CiUeywe warde to 
morovc- I ahall be hccr AS^yc, ;f I maye. th>'B next 
texmc John "Siyty^W, Thyriton, otid W. WouUe be 
goon ftofD me. 1 iTir««« them. 

Mjr uodre dothe me in[>or hanne than good; I 
wende ohe vobk h&vc Jocn for mc. PUytcr wroot to 
me chit ^ woldc have Icyxit owl fur mc C^„ Aod 
receyr^xl It Af^a ifl t. yer of the miner of Sporie, 
wherto i tme^xl, vbyche if >he bad performyd, I had 
nolt ben in no jupcrtc of the maner of Sporlc. Never- 
theksfiic I aIuUI do wbtti 1 Iulei yitL I preye yow ualle 
upponhyrfoi theaune. femembrehyrorihat promyie^ 

IMm, 1 yttyt yow icmemhre hyr for my ladrys 
umb« ftt Bio&uiolaw. She dotbc ryKhl tiott ['Mifff/ J; 
I am afTerde ol hyr thii the sh^ll noit doo wceU. 
BedyBgfetdc ihaU maiy Sir John Skotte? dcghtre, as 
1 mppoee. 

Item, Jaitore Lored^ye ahull be wcddyd to one 
DcnyM, a flinttyd (?) geritylman, with Sir G. Bnjim, 
DQvtbet CO vcdi n<T to yllc. 

Ilcta, ** for mc, iff 1 ^ind hadd vj, dayes leyser 
more i!wui I hadtl, *nd oihci also, I woldc have hopyd 
to harp hrn drlyrrryiri of Mc^irrajtr Anne Il^uh. Hyr 
frcndti, the Quvrn and Attdif agreyd to comoo and 
OOndudc vnth mc, if 1 can fyndc the mc^nt£ Co dyv- 
<^ai^e byr concycngc, *hychc I tiu»i to CJod to doo, 

L Irctn^IprBycycTW thatyp takraleyncrihys EaLem 
halrdaye* to rjde to Sporle and «ende for John 
Oibcmc, and I wolde ye ahoLde conclude a betgnyn 



with one Bodicr* a woodc bycr, whychc Mcndbui 
XhAi Yfin iity fcnikor tbcr cjlq fccchc liyin 10 ^uw. 

ii. Atjrl tJiys ill myn rtifrni. I wnM<? havr the Hyltcft 
to fitondc R^Ilc, flconlyng u John OBt>cmo nid I 
comonyid, I trow xij. foothc with in cbc dyke. 

iij. Item, thnt ihc xuniionlcii off KudiC aif«ur as he 
anil I comonyfl off maye n.ho be rcscrvyrf. 1 suppose 
it wu XXX. incbc, obowC a ycrde ftom the grownde. 

iiij. itfni, that Lt be nurcly fcncyd at the cost off the 
woodc b>cr tii any wp,c niilj & sue hcdgc^ bothc 
hyghe anf] stron^t. 

V, Item, ihit thtr he a wtye Uktn with the fennoret 
for the undrtwood, so that I lease not the fcrroe 
lJicrtri>rc ycrly- Jlctn, Juhn OsIjctii tan lellc yo* the 
meinyi howe to *ntrcit' the fctTUorea, for Heny 
Hainan hatl\ pleycd Eht; I^lee stirowv and r«[l)rd ray 
woodc uppon Sk iUKmcm ofT mya to the valcw cdT xx 
marker ^ >t is^ t^^ti^ rue. I pmye yow enquiie that 
mafrpand sende toe vord^ and dele with hym ther 

v]. Item, iff'theseydc wood clctc above aUcchura 
«t:ri>aia a ttbovc, be made aiiy bclin than CC, ntaikr, 
I wollc «eyc that ye he » good hnswyff, John Ottwrnc 
scythe tliat ho woll do me a irendc* tunic ther in and 
yitt gctc hym self An baXcncyc- 

vij. Mcmoriiirbun, ihit he have noit past iij- oruij- 
yefe offuntraunce at Ihc fcnhcst. 

viij- Item, Ihact I have paycment off the hoU u 
shortly ts yc kan, halfTc in handc. the rcmcnaunt at 
halffeycci, or ellys al ij. tymra with ui one ycre ai the 
ferthest by mydsomer xij. monyth. 

ix. Anci that yc nrnkc no ferthcr bergayn than Sporle 
wcodc and the Unndcn not ddyng with noon other 
wnoiic, ntiwtbrf ui tlie iiuiicr, nor cl!y» wher m noue 
other teotment. 

X Uetii,thatyehave9uflicieTil«ewcrteforthemonjt, 
wiih pcnaltcs ifi" rcUc be, aomc other men boodcn with 
hym ftir tlic |mycnient 

x). ItenilwoUf wellbebowQdctOwaramitittQhym. 

AJK 14^') M1>WAXJ> /K ^ 

Item, 1 Kode yow hennUi a wonint to yow vtd 
John Oibcne joyikiljc to bcrgA/i]' Comone ocd con- 
chilli? lh;it ber^iyn. 

»J. Item, I *uppow be woll» iff he conclude wiih 
jow, <lc8yre (o feUe Ihys Maye, and I to have moQj 
ftooa jiAre, I rclce not Ihowt' he fcllycl noi tyll tbva 
*yniei; but iffht ivtUl iitdt-^ T>f^yri thy* Mayc. (fH-jfTbt 
I irryght jow thus h:istely entreie hyru, iff yc cstn, that 
he ftiie not tyli wynlcr, 

liij. Iknj, be wuc Uow yc bci^cyn, w> that he fdle 
noli butt in leflonable ^me and sc^iiablc tvood, foi 
he ouye fdle no ucdrwood ihys MA/e, as J irowc 

Item, >s fci yowr coetcs )«te th 

ncwc fyndc yow lueCc, and I woU ^ow ic tfacrc^or 
cHyn mAkc mc a by1lc whnt TC (Ir:i[wi^th to] ... . 
.... yyv. 

Item, t priye yow iff yc j; for me u 

ye cin. I nude my Lady bccf bui cuy dieec^ never- 
ibelcoc I ^M hyr '.,,,, ys. 

I promytcd hyr to purveys byr . . > . weielys^ 
but I *ras d^4cyvyd ; yit 1 wend lo have had one. 

My Lord of NorfTolk hjil^c ben mcvyii for Cutcc 
by my Lord Cordenall antl the B/iiihop of Wynch^cer, 
bat it woU like noo effccle . , . my Lawly corae. 
God Arff gnbcc that she biynge Aiictoryte when ahe 
COmythc tnys next tcnnc to common ther in uriU ton- 
dude, and »o I pie/ yo» advy-te Ti)'r. In m:]y h:iply 
^yc for hyr coattK 

No mor ii> yow, hut wrctyn ox London, the ^j, dayc 
of Apryll, Aquo £. iiif*' iJij*. 

1 Mnde yow hfT with ij. leftcris from John dbero 
to 019, wberby and bv hys biiles ye may tiadrcstond 
the vcny vtJcwc off uie wood. 

I ptayc yovr ^ende me wcyghlyn^ ageyii by the 
Mnnclnyv vij. nyght flfTtre Ester j iff HoKon or the goode 
nufl off the Cooi have it, they shaU conveye it welle. 

TUC TASTON L£TTEilS. [».t>.H7% 


A.D. i47,t. r6 ApnL 


(From Ffifin, u. 130.) 
7l/ijAn I'Asttm, Esqer, in Ncfffetk, 

[YRSSHYPFULL and lyght hertyly bctowyd 
brotlicr, I recoiaanJc mc on to yoir^ ktynfi 
yow weip ihu-t on Wednysdjiye lasl pui 1 
UTOie yow x letter, wheroti Joha CarbaJde 
had the bcryn^. promyilycg mc tlut yc shold luvc it 
All Norwychc ttiyn iLiyCi ur diya tij imjTQMC in llic 
momyng^ wherin I prayc yowc to tflVe a labor arcoT^- 
)'ng alhr the tenur ott ih* tunp^ and th:Ll I nutyc h^ve 
&n ADswcr at London 10 Hoxon, iff uiy madscii^cr 
come, ai& ene I maye doo fibr yow. 

As ffor tydyngs, thcr wa? n tr»se laten at BniasHIrt 
about Ihe xxvj. daye otf Marche la*l past, be twyr* lie 
Duke cfi^ Borgoyn end the Ftense Kyngs imbjUailon 
and M^Lcr WillJani At C]>fr H^^ ilic Kyng hccr. 
whjrche 3s 3 pese be londe ai^i water tyll tbe fiyrtt dayie 
off Apr^'ll nowe next coniyngr betneyn Fraunce and 
Jo£cIond, and also the Dukya londci. God holde il 
fibr ever aod grace be. 

Item, ihc Erie of Oxcnffbrd wb* on Saterdaye at 
Depe, and is pur|iosy<t into Skotlond with a »j, 
schyppys. I myamist that wcrkc, 

llcm, ther be in London many fllyeag talyts, sq^ng 
ihai thcr shold be a wrrtc, aud >-it they wot not hoiwe. 

Item, my Lotde Chamberleyn^ eendylii now it thyt 
tyme to Ualcys the yongc Lordc 5owchc* and Sir 
ThuniLi HtmgrefToniJa dcwuc and hcyr/ and some Acj^ 

i Wiltiam. imi H><iLnn-r. 

* Jtkin. Lvri? ^wharRkfiiwirarthr h«*«"ibuii«d IB Ibe Am yiu cT 

uMiiJiBai lM»*it]. HJji ttJ Ilka i« WiUitm, lonl |<uud£>i wTia in hc¥ nglH 
Lvd KuncertcinL 4 f r uru^i «il4iiiil«r being rrvrned.— f- 


MJ>WA3tI> IV. 


,lbc yoQ^ iMdf Hu]ni(ton> thcs be nj> scntt jowtTlefl, 
KCtJf?' K a inc?7 totrn, Lhey- shall clvrc!] ihrr T wnl no 

No iDor, but I have ben, and omc trobl^xl with 
myn over Urge aud cuitcys dclj-nfi with ray scev^nu, 
anO iiov tiirfi chei aiikynd nrs^c : rlnTLyiig, yo«T meu 

woId« thy» diye iyd me Qiir w*;]l to to morow it 

Dover, iiotw;ih3Uodyng Thiyston yowr<ith<:r ituid is 

m uau Aud John MyrycU. and W- WockU ivhytlic 

Iprarayvd yow and Dawben^y, God have hy9 iOvr\e, 

*t CiitK, thit iff ye wolde take hym in to be ^flvyn 

vilh Bi«, that tbca b? wold never goo fTro me, ncd 

thcr u|}poii I baic kcpyd hyni thyt ijj^ ycr to p^eye 

rScytil J^iK^ '^^^ Robyn Hod Hiid The Shrylf ufT Not- 

Ijnigbamv uid now nhen I voldc hiv« good horB« h« 

t9t^>on trito JitTtifidalc, and I wilbowt & keeper. 

U'li'tyD Al CuiitciLiiiyc, to Cd]c>b n^iidc on TcwcS- 
dayand happc be, uppon Good Fiydgyc the ivj, dayt 
" ApfyU, Afioo E. tuj** xiiK 

YowT, ], R, IC 

Item, the mctf parte off the sowdyors that went 

ovei tvjili Sii Robert Green have Iccff, And be comyn 

hom. the ^ty^be »(?ye fHrll ; iny ciriagr was tidiynd nw 

It hourt Longer thin I lok)'d af^r, but I wvsse 1 wende 

,tbnt I myght have etyn tny parte on Gtioa Frydiye oil 

ly coreca [/a-jt)] and prydc had ben ^ood, but all was 

fe I pray yow ifT W. Sfyhpni ^o flVoo jow, that he 

lyght come to me to Qsiieys, I will have hym. 


A.D, 1473, *S Way- 
Sot JoBH Paston to JctiH Pastor. 

7b/9kn /\uhti, £ffti}^, M J\^f««fil, 


TUB ?A£TON LBTTERS. [i.^ M73- 

TGHT venhypfuH brother, I rcconumd roc to 

yow, Arc^ 

As fcir tyityngi, thr Eric of Wylthyr' and 
the Lord Sudtlc* be ded, acd it wu lejd 
that Sir W, Stuilc was deed, but nowe it is sejd 
imyc, &C. 

Iccm, ss FTor )roar goyng to 5eyn J:iices,* I beleve Et 
but atwyeti ij., &!c. 

1 h<^ icyc toLit A man was thyn dayc ex&oiyaedL 
aud he cooicwcJ ihat he kucwc K^cct tic^^r was Kfidc 
lo Ihc Erie ofT Oxt^ffbn^ whcruff x tri^ Yv (^loool 
^oM(* be coaveyd by a Monk« cIT '^Vcsuamttcr* and 
some seye by a Mookc oJT CharUcbowa. 

Item, tliat the &aine uian schuldc aojAC C. fentyl- 
men in Norffolk and SufTfillt ih.ic have agn^ f o nwyff 
the seyd Eile M hys comyngo ihydor, whychc as itt ia 
scyd, sholdc be vnthm viij. dayea aiftr Scynt Donston, 
iff wyndc &nd weddjf scrflc Iiym — flliyeng Ulcs> N^ 
tiuiT 31 ihys Tyrne. bur Corl hnvc yow m Icepyng. 

Wrcryti at I^ndon on Sctni Donstones diye, xvii}> 

dayc of Mayc, Anno, E. iijj'" xiij' 

JoilK PASTOIf, E. 


Sift JotiM Pasit}M to John PASTtw. 
[From Fcnfl, iin 13S,] 

AA 14731 



|YGHT wynhjpnjil brother, I ctsmand nw to 
fov, ktyng j-ow nect thit thys d^ye 1 via b 
v«fy ptirpQSc CO Colcra wud, &11 r^y to have 
£000 to the bdigCt ftflh I tciYCii iTar zl youge 
man tlui T iliogHc en have had with me thyddr, on 
that wa« with Row«, whjche ia in Ihc cowntrc; And 
bcctUK I con-dc do: gcct hym, and th^tt J have oo 
moi hccf vilh mc bult Fajupyng, E<lnaid, and Jaki 
thwfToT Pampyng rctnembryd tnc, that at Calcy* he 
iclde mc tbat he purposed to be with the Duchessc of! 
Nortfolk, my Lady And ya^u^ And Edward ii lyloe 
and ttoaythc cult abydyitg , he iiroldc ^ce vhnc shold 
6Ule off Uiys woride ; and sti I am at he that seythe 
"Corae byddr John, my man/' And a& happc wna 
jiatenlay« Juddy wcm olTor to Odcy^word; whcrifor I 
jun nowc iJJe pujvcyd. whjche flbr uwic that I knowe 
yit is lyke to kipe me heer ibys Wytsontyd* WhcrfTor 
iff ye knowe uiylykly nien,iind IFjiyr co]:id^di>ned, and 
good orchen, scnie than to mc. tho^c it be liij. and 
I wyll have tUen^ and tlicy shadl luivc liij. mrkiby ycr, 

Ue mayfl <o«a lo me hydJr to the Gotl {G^i\ or 
yit to Cller* with A riail ' iff he be >vyac, whythe iff 
nrde bei\ E wolJc ihai Berlcrr tolce liyin lo cumr uppe 
with, iff it be suche Ofic u ye tryEL 

Item, 1 «uppofic bothe Pyttc ^nd Kothyc Pl^ittyng 
sh&Il 900 ffron;] mc in lioflt; I nyll never diciysshc 
knairts too a» I have don, (Tor (her SAky& 

Item, I pnye yow Kciidc mc a ncwe vesimem off 
ffhyichi datnvkc ffijr a dekync, whychc i^ among myn 
other gccr at Noiwiche, ffor be shall ihcr too us yc 
vooa off' I wyll make an aimyng dobktr nff k, ihow 
i tholdc an other rymc gyff a longe gowTi of vel^^elt 
^ot another ^^e3Cmcnl, and tend jt in aU host to HoKon 
to «cDd mc. 

r bopyil to have been veny mery at Caleys thys 
Whyttontyde, and am weeU appcmyled and apoyntytl, 

■ WWwuJay iVtonOi* CUi Jutie » htM 

■ A ma^ * CbU caa ol ic» valve 

TltE PA3T0N LETTEkS. T'^B' U^ 

•iff Av tbd flblkt OLjIe rae t<)0, anil 1 haveoMif 

tlwr to make 


exccUenL bom n«Lft 
ha^T tuisi>-d hyrQ loCilcjs thowc he had hadi! ao 
belLct eiami* ami soiu nit^ UiyitLc ll wy^dom &xiil pi^ 
fyght 10 be Th*^r now ^v^eU owt ofTth^ weyt. 

Item, ai 0br the Bysshop' uid I, wc t>» Dcmrr to a 
poyrt thnxn wc wirer, sa that my pAri is nowc 01 the 
londcs in Flcgge Holly, themoncr oiT Hfylrwlon, Tol- 
rhoqw, and tenemenis in Noiwche and rrthwn, 
eii^pte Fayrecbylds, but fianrecll Drayton \ ih« DevfU 
do ytt dicm. 

Item, lajgc ind fTeir ctrniynycadon hftihe ben 
bytwyffn Sir John Fogge, Rie Haiilte, (for thcr luttcr 
uid Tnc, hyfTor Doctor Wynlhomc ord clip wher, 90 
tlut I am in better hope thar I was, by Scynt l^irrciu* 
thiE I »baU have a delyverauncr. 

Item, ai flbi tydyitgs hcer, I Iniw ye have herde 
yowT portej howe that the Erie off Oxonffbrd lindyd 
by Scynt Osy« in Kwcxc, ihc Jucviij. dayc off \Uye, 
nff he tcryed notl longc, iTor iff he had, the Erie of 
Essewe* rod to hym w-irdys, ind the Ixirds Denbani 
and Uiira&iie, and other tnor, whychc by lyklyod 
^olde have clystiussyd hyin ; but yit hys comyng 
savyi.1 Hogan hys hed, and hys piofesye is the mot 
E>e[evyd Hoc he seyde that thys irolle »holde begya in 
MayG, and that the Kynge sholdc nortliwjiidfi, and 
tlut the Scotts ^holde make us wcrke and hyiu batAyie. 

Men lolce a/ftr tliey *o! tiot whai, but men bv nar- 
nays ffast ; the Kyn^ menyaJJ fncn and th« DuKC off 
Cbraune^ ar many in thys town ; the Loid Kyv^reo* 
com to daye, men seyc to purvcyc in lyke wyse. 

Item, hovr xhax the Cowntesse off Warnyk^ ia now 
owt oiy Beweley SevnTwurye, and Sir Jamei Tyrcll 
coDvcydi hyr northwiinlc, men scye by the KjUjtc* 


1 HcQiy Qcjurcblrr, EaiI of ^tio. Laid Ticuurtr- 

A Ani.c t*h<Ji'.t-.i njcJ,i,rl >t--tll(. ilkcf^jvL E^\ ol Wu^iiikt 4iata 
hfir ft} H'luy tirs<KlMiitp. Eluk* of VTuvLtM, uvl madia uf iBteL^lh* 1 
olGvOH%, Duke of ClaEmGC- 

KKfint, irbnto ma inm fc^ ihit the fMtc olT Gju> 

Item, iDcn Acy^ that the Eiic o^ OxcnETord is abowt 
the ll^c <)d^ TcDctt hovcr>nft, »oimcj^cvv^tb greet cOAO- 
panyCr and «ant Kryr, with ^nrc. 

No BioT, but God kcpc j^cw. 

Wretya at Lojidou uu tij. day^ olT June, Aono IL 


A-D, 1473. 13 June* — Anm-RACT. 

[ProD HS. lnd«x in Ma|p^, Coll^ OiJbrdJ 

■DdScifF Dccdi, No. 67, "RrlmlLO WiHidmE Failon 
HI. WunRr: ■{ aJiin d« (oto jnr« mo in mAnTio i>oqU' 
n^ AtfUiorp, SpiLngi, Ei^biuid, IkTonQlon, AC- Jud- 

;i3,m«.iir- 13-" 


Sm JO«v Patctom to EnMuwn Pa«tow, 

[Frooi Fcna IL 14&] 

Edmtmd l*asi&ny E^quyery a Caiiys soyt donm. 

LOTHKR Edmontl, 1 gr^te yowweell, Ictynj 
yow v«lc thiL abowt thy» dayc vij, nyght I 
•rcudc fovr a Iclter by Nyt^hijU* fcrdtrsltt' a 
•cmly^H whyche tc wort woutc^ 10 be at 
border [trofJkr] Ftfraunlys,^ and aUo oq hosedothe^ 
^bbkfforyow, I wcndcthityciiholdehavchaddeitt 
witliia ij. daye^, but I am aflemt; that he deacy ved tne. 



Item, 1 1«1c yovr v^^ that Plattyng is conaeQ h^dr, 
and he ac)ihc that yc gaffe hym W-c to ITctchc hyi 
);cei AJiJ Pi[[y«i. ;u]il Uiiil la hy^ciuitlc bytldi &nd OOOn 
other, Dcr he thowi povfi to goo ffVo me, hct he wjll 
noU goo tfro mc lu he teyihe, whcrifor, 1 praye yow 
scndc mc wordc olT hy» coodycions, arid whyghc yc 
th)^kc that he »bo]iie pevtr do me woi^hypp, 

H« scythe b]ko that he and Pyiir wcerfit tht^ ttkynK 
otf the Efterlyngs, and tint he wu in the P^kker^ ana 
Tyttc in ihc Cryshtffrc I pr^ye >«w acndc tnc wordc 
howe boihe he and Pilte quytlc :hem, l>y the report 
ofl^ *omr indyfferenc trewe man that w« ihc^r, iff tlwy 
(juyitc them wcell, I wolde love them the better, wh«- 
fTor the ncxi daye affu the aytc of thy* Icttct, I prayc 
yow wiyylit agtyn, and senior it liy die next pasa^. 

Jlem, 1 sende a Ijtell praty boxe henvith, »hjehe 
J wolde that Juddy sholde d<?lyver to the woman that 
he wetyEh o^, ind pr.-iyc hyr to lake it Co the man 
that sfir wciyih ofi"j ihai is u* scyc, a* mochc as ye 
knowtf aJi well i now, but ye maye noit nuke yow 
wyw in no wysc. 

IlcrOi I praye yow gcnJc me wi>rde as yc wer wont 
to do off ht'er wdlffar, ami whe;hci 1 weer owt and 
othn irme ot nott; ^md whether the fthail ffonake 
CaJcys as sooc a^ yc scndc nie worde 0^ or nott. 

By God 1 wolde be with yoiv as ffayne as yovir AcUl 
acd &hal1 be Id hast with Godds ^rate. 

Item, as ffor my brother John, I hope withm ihyi 
monyth to see hym in C&leys, ffor by lyklyhod to 
mcrowe or cilys the next dayc he lakylh ^nyppc ajt 
Yarmoihe, and goothp to Scynt Jaraes > wardc, and he 
hathe wreiyn to me that hewyll come homwarde by 

Iteni, ] suppose thiit James longer ahall come wiih 
me to Caleys, Jie lalher ffor yowr s^c. 

Item, Meslrtsse EJysabett ffareth well, but as jit 
Songer knoweth noli so perffytly all that ye wolde 
wect« thai he woll nott wryghi to jow off tbccs ij. da/ci 


£DiirAi:D /K 


ijIV be blow mwrr, bitt iff Khr h;id(1r hen hoVlc, jtiul 
dom hxv abydytt atyU ax hyr ffflic, and c^pokcn VLth 
mct M Cod hdpc nc, she hocl tudd thys umc ihAt I 
Dowc whcr yc wool o^» vhychc yc shall «cc 
bcrr ftfftr, ilt is a P^fy ryhan with praty jiglrtli' 

Mike TOW not wy^c to Juddy, nciwther not that yc 
kidc wed wy ihyngc. floi I mayc scy lo yowe 2E hy« 
payag <(¥r, he bnwrt ^nrMUy geer reaaorablyt 
Iten, M flbr my b^'ll ' that xs gylt, I wolde it weer 
bcAdtoo; tfaet isoDctQ the town, thotc^in glxier 
i nowc, M I herde seyc. Abo, thct 'at oq ci>m- 
,,_. ercry mtrisett dayei&oSeynt Omerysto Caleyi 
■nd be b^nsetJie d^en^ and iTetehyth .ilso. \w may 
have it with bym> anci bryngc ie igcyn Uit? ncjtt mir 
kctt daye Bbr xijrf. Ot *vjrf. at iJic must, and cllys Ute 
it be wetl oylyd fttid kepie tyll 1 come. No more. 
Wretyn at London the v. deiye of Julie, Anno ^ 


A.D. 1473- =fi A"& 
MAJcrra R0N]>EU,& TO Sir Jotiw Paston, 

(FtQjn Pttiton MSS„ B.M ] 
iftmMgfteKrfiJmn Pas/on, ihfViilUr d* Eng;ld<rr9. 

tN lK»etiieT et hoTincrc seigTieur,Je me k- 
comindc a voua oiiUnt, que je puia ac a^y. 
El v(;U!i pkisr Havoir que jc &y oy nuvcllo dc 
von* par ung de vn mnrchADs de CaUis lo«- 
dnnt imne maun de unaA ftdU mie je voufl doy, «t 
dc tma borbuu. I&quclle est en difcracacc catrc vous 
a moy, de UqucUc jc voui ^y aultic liAx dist que Jc 



cfUiie contwt de fen toute rcjnm [romi^ ct Cii quor^ 
le von* dtgt prex«Titi:inent que jc *«« wen de fct tout 
chou qu'il ofurtK^nl en ttmt rexon, &« K«/] aaavcir <1« 
b WbuLc ct dc Timniara dc »cik. D'ftultrc duox nt 
vou» M]i» ciL tieni tL-nuc, fuiquif en loulf lirs chiox que 
RiF afToinC poiible dc £ur«pf>itr ratnour<l« vousa vosti* 
hoaociur et a voatit profit, j« '^ ^^^ )c>^ P^^^ ^ vottzv 

Item, en hoiilo?* \c ay rcicndut que vous u>ul]es 
avov aug hun&x complet Com )< prioa voffn 
niiaPBi»ikciu«ra&cat <lci«Dt vous tuMes en ce«te nllt 
dc Sli^gct. Huchka que jc ^r <=>^ Q<^^ voMre taezue 
de toutei loi pieiccti ; pour qaoy, sc il rmts phisi que je 
U vouf &Wk, )e U VOitt btfty d< bon ceur, et tout odla. 
que U Toua plAir» nvodr &l ; ct ui rcgofd du pm, je 
fuiy iclicmcct que voua Mies conic&l dc nioj poor 
aat quBJic il vdus plain Irsirm ks-vovt qu<r!ci pif%ic* 
que TOU volc< avoir, et It fvssao ct le jour q«c voofi 
b volc« ftToir pat qudcua Aqui je pub in diuidcr eit 
rtom dc Yous, ct (jui nkc baJlia Jkig^tat dc sua. jcfcnjra 
bicn que XT Dieu [ilaisi voiu vous Inrfin dc tDOjr. 
Aulue chioi ne tou£ say que nunder pour le prexcDt^ 
scnoti que jc pne & Dicu que \\ vous douit cs que vostre 
ocui deaii. 

Kschpt « Bcstfea^ le xxnij. jonr de Ahousl, I'an 
Ixmj). Le lout votitc Bcrviteur, 

Mamtin RoM>zu*e, 

AimuiLci dc Moasije Ic 

HasUit di! Bo«i^ogttft 


A.IX I47J, t6Sept. 

Lord llAmHcsToStm Joaxor MiifULEjoTi axd Sui 

Jonv Paetok. 

[?r«B FoA, Li. i^i-l 


MDl^AttD rZ 


7> my rigkt JMify ^tfvoi firtnds atid fifittcSt Sir 
Jakm ^Middt^en, ajufStr/ffAjt Pasttm, /TnigJkti. 

IR hcTty rccommcrdadon, I thank ycni of 
ibc goi3c aUcnjlantc ih^it yc ycvc unio the 
Kirij^ <^Ounml jit CaJui* ; antt the gfwlc and 
elTc^uell« deroirts ii;al ye iiuite vou in to 
AMLStc my (tcfmtc Sir John Scot, in jiUc sucht: things 
roonc €cmccitLc Uic Muf^jiitLc of roydiattjc thcic 
,X«ling ^11 vii^. tliHt if Ib^rr be nriy thing Ttiut I am 
and may dofor}<ou, iahalxritlifighCgod« WLJp^rfurmo 
it 10 i&y power. 

And I prcyc you lc» rccmumauiLdc mc lo my Lady 
Fowani.* my Ijrly Bour^rhicT,' and all oihrr ladies 
jAd gcnulwomcn of the Ntde town«. And in libvwiM 
to the Mtyrc, LlculciiAn£. and fcU^ip of the atapk; 
foy fcUwft the aoLildcours, md all otniu ^mAic u yc 
fthal f;«TDc gode, Aad oiKV I,ord s^nde you your 

WritCD « Notyncbttm, the xvj, day of Seplembrc- 
Sir Joh I^on, I pray you to ycvc crrilcns la sucho 
thmg M ray dq^ute fihall shew you fro rac, and con- 
.Jcnoc you to the (omc. 

Your fckw, 


^D, I4T3, 1 Nov,— Note, 

On Ilu Close kotl 13 Edw. IV, m. 5. !> lui indtiilLiTT triputlte 
ticwiuy Jalc I >"yTh. I.J Edw. IV,. liiwtci Tlioma* Eyilyn© 
Chief Jculia^ BDd Mbcn, ihduiJin^ AVUUux Piiton on Xhc oa% 
pirt I Jaaa Iq^tldavthorpt lute wife of iLdmnikd Icgnidslhotp, 

tfsiMb okt *4i Jbl«Ijl« o( &t Uilm CbrdAonli, KiLiebi. kuiI JkiI ia 
' * udT Davt^iff ««« bmWbJr tliq *il« tf « ma tt Sir Jcrliii Dvwb^uok 

tit. U 


TJ11£ PAHrOtt LKTTKKS. l-Uik I47> 

Kitlghf, Wlllijim N'orp. KftL, «nd IsiWL Mirqctose M«EUifu. 
hU Hir^. of ihc irfTAi^ piit ; ttn\ WlUijim PuLcr, ciliJcfi and 
Esibr, Ltindott of the (bird put* 


A.D. I4T5, 6 Nov, 
SrR JOK» Paston to John P*<ropf, 

[From Fcnn, ii. Ii6k1 
TM»Ie(UrIiiiJBdmudUFe»BiEtfl^i}iliAHI- Sl L^oud't IW ki 

Ihjokn Pasf!9^ Es^tr, at Nhrutyih^ he fkyr jAV^fwivrf, 

lYRSHVPFULL ^d wcU bclovyd brother,! 
conund mc loyowjciyng vom^ wccl UkAtUie^ 
wcrMe strayth t]veysyc hccr; ffor Ehr most, 
pari ihaX be abowL the K.yng have c«ndf 
hyiidr ffor ihcr hamcys, and it [is] scyd ffor 5r^nGyn,thttt 
the DuVc off ClAf^iicc makyth nym bysgc la iJiai he, schcwyng ^ he voids but dele viih the Dakc cf 
Glowceticr; but the Kytig cnteatyth, in «£chyewyiiig 
All uKonvcnycnt»f co be as hyggc as they bothc, jmd ta 
be a atyfTdcr atwcyn thmi j atnl som men thynkc that 
undre thys ther *holde be som other thyn^e entendyd, 
auid K>m treifon conepyred ; so nbat cbali fkUe^ can I 
nott scyc- 

rteiEi, itisseydc that yistenJayc ij. pusfigersolTDovr 
weriakyn; I fferthat i/TJuddy hjid noon ho;sly pjLi6£ig«, 
so that ifi" htf passyd nott or Soiidayp or MoQilayc, that 
he is lakcn, and iom gccr off myn, lKat I woldc not ibr 

I hope and puTpose to goo 10 Caleys ward^ on Son- 
diye or Mocdaye or nyghe bye, 0cr I am ncti Accotn- 
ptnycd to do my servysc heer^ wZicrObr it wer better 
nor luc U> be owl off *yghL* 

■ Hm f.jUinf lAtn* qHiriT inniutiam nlUiHi la ■ OoeUr F}1wilw% 

A^ I47S^1 


Iten. ^ijnffVftlvt win-tea on toy ffidre wlien hewAi 
m Jowid bouff |^«i/ Afwiff j, vtiom my fliidre at bys ilyeo^; 
bc9ctt xU be ciyethc cvyr on mc Abr it BC<1 in wcyc 
oflTabixM, and he wutJc btf covyd. tliuw it wcr but uu. 
«r K/- ; wtwrtor he hithe orvtyn to my modr, aiid mon 
btvQ Ml uuwcr fl^eyft » ^ woldc thnc my moodr scndo 
bjiD, u thcifbc E^c Ictidc hym sona whstt. adij Ik wcU 
M plea^, and ^llys he can Kcyc aa ihicwddy as an/ 
man in Ingclondc, 

Item, ihc K>-nKc bathe w«t ffor bys Grcal Scall; 
WBlc leyc wc shall have a ncwc Chnuncclor but vodd 
Ihynlic thai ihc Kynfic *Ji>ilit j-< he dyde al the Lut 
flrklyE« he vyil have the Stall with hym : but tbya 
dayc Doctor Mortojj, Ma-iter oH the RoUyTi, rydethe 
to the Kyngc. and boythc the Seaae [.SeuZ-tj with 

Item, 1 had nti-er roor nedc off mcny ikin nr>w ; 
vfkcHTor Futolfic* v> mrks anil the moay oEl' Master 
John Scoythe woMc make mc boll, &c 

Wrctyn on Scynr I-marrin Dayc, Anno R. R. E- 

liens, aende mc my vcstmcnl acordyng to the letter 
I aaiC TOW by Symond Daio, iq a^l ha^t- 


A-Dl t473, S3 Nov. 

[Fmn r»t4?n MS&, KM.] 

J oomiiid mt; to vow, letyng you wet lh:Lt i 
toceyvyd a ktttrtnat come rrom yow, wrctyn 


THE PASTON LETTEttS. I*.a t473, 

circa viij. Mychaelys,' wherin ye Icct mc wcct off the 
decesse off Syi Ja^mcf, dad that my eaoodrc XB ia 
purpcnc to be st Nonryche, and I Atn ryght gkd Uwt 
ache wyll now cloo scjoiwlni by ynwr arh^cc ; wherffer 
be WW fro Iwiwe fonhe that noo *ochc frlaw* crepe la- 
bt tw>-cii hyr and yotr, iiid iff yc lyni lo Ute a lytcU 
laborc, yc may lyil i^K^^t well, ajid ahc plcaayJ, It is 
u good (hat yc ryd^ wiih a cciplc oOT hont at hyr cost 
4« Syr Janif» or Kicliard Ca\[c^ 

Yc sendc mc 'h'ordc iUso that she in noo wy»e wyll 
purveyc thyr C/t. for the redcmyne off Sporle. L^tc it 
j[f)tx As to*(hyn^ thM maicr, John O^brn loldc me 
That he cnmonyd wiih yowat Sporie of that maicr ; fen 
he dcvyAcd that Kckclti or Tiiichc nil other mnn, shold^ 
to have it the bclteTchcppc,lcyeowtlhc volcweoffvj. 
yi*re for to hiivc tl vij, ycrc, whrtio I wolde a^ir : and 
for Goddys sake, if thitt maye be browt abowt, Uie it be 
dooTL. As ye woot of, it is latm for xxi]Ii. be yen:, yit 
the fermor giuunt but uj. ; but io KokctI it woldc be 
woithe xxvlit yp« nnd belter. Ncvenhclny, if Kokett 
wyll delyver vj^fi, I woldc he hod it for vi}, yeer with 
thys that my moodre be ogrcAble to the same, by cawM 
of th'cuticfiM: that she haihc for mv brother Wtlliain^ 
whyche shall rott be off :Lge thys vij. yeer ; Q^vcrtfaet 
lesse, as ye know myn t^tde et^ent, I purpou lo pur- 
vey for hym in an oihcr pbae better tJian tfaeer; whycht 
graunte QfX my moodre 1 prayc yow lo be my AolycytOr 
in, whyche[aod] it be browt abowt, Sporle sliall be in 
as goode case as evyr he was, 

John Osbem willyd me to make yow a suffidaunt 
waraimt to scllc and R-lIc voodt at S[)0[le, whydic I 
Temcmbrcye have in asample forme as c:jan be; never* 
thelesseifflhys mean e above wrctyn off leiyng to fcrme 
mnye be haddc, it shall, I hope, nat nede to fellc ner 
sdlcmoche. But I rcmyttelhat gcer to yowidyscfw- 
cion^butiff yc havcsiitherotnfoileH Ipr^yc yuw scnde 
me vforde. I maye seye to yow, Jolia Osbprn flateryd 
me, for he woldc have borowyd mony off me. 

*•& MTS-l 

SDiVARD jy. 


Ilcrn, in retiylyng nf inH>dt? ihrcr, it wccr lunltr Ici 
Irjil hjm ; k< is neJye. If KokctI, or whoo *o ^vr 
faod thttt imn^ to fcrmc for vij. yen;, and p<>}'d thi^rffoi' 
fcut vJ'NK, he aholdc, to klc it aj^cyn, wynnc xxxvjA^ 
whjFTzhe wc^rclmochc; wticrffur, ifFn my^hi bcf, yt wcr 
more rci«aitde vj"* viJA lo be leityvyjl, *n<i yit ii 
Ihcr lO'St xxib^., or ellya ilT yc t^ikc Ic«^q muny oiid 
fcAGT yell's, AO IE be iftrc tlic rate, so thct be ijurvcyd 

IMO^ yt vTOol that lylte a trcwe man ye sende mt 
Ijj; by Riclurdc Rj&dlc. Yc H«cr to trewc ; but he 
tys to be a £&bc «hicircT for he brovrt luc n^oo yitL 
'WhcthjT he be owt of town or noit, lean I noli scye> 
Ye po)^ mc a!iio tci oende yovr tvdyngo how I 
■peddc in niy inaicriai aad in chdTof McKtrcsnc Anne 
IlaulL I hAvc ajinvcr «<eyD fro Roome thai ihcic is the 
vcUc of gTar:r? arxl jui]vr suffidjimE for siic^hr a fioore, 
that 1 mAy be dyiipencyd with ; iieveitliclcssc my 
ihcTCJLCLthami-docatys, aflhcdcmylhc Biit 
Iter L^cy, Another Rontc rcnncr hecr, whychc 
luiattyih fnyKydc proctor ihrct, as he scythe, as weell 
Bl Bemtnl knewu hyt thceld, scythe that hi mcnyth 
but an C docales or CC it the most ; whcHTor atTtre 
thys comyihe moor. He wroEc to me oho, f«^ 

lienx ^ t^wchpg Culcr, 1 tryit to God that ye 
shall be iQ it lo tnyn tioc or Ctystinc?isc be pA»t 

I icm, yowr oat Brygf lam iccxnEund hyni to yow, and 
when he Afid I rcVenyc], I guvc hym t). [io1)lii for yowr 
bordf, nbyll Y< wcor theer ia Iwa Ab&enee; but in 
^fcythe he woldc, for noAih that I kowdc doo» t^kc ]d, 
^'LeiiTor ye tiiiut ttiiiiikc liym ur ch^rgi.' ine it^ thiitike 
hym on yowr b*hil\e in some neiir? ^pyityll iTur ye 
wiyghl to mt to CiieyB. H« Jee(4} mc Vf-o^t that he 
VOldc do moor for vow ihiin >oo. 

Ileni, niy L&dy Duw^chcr vrxa jJmuftt <3ccd« but ah« 
jf» amrodyrt, T iron-r thry rome tu lo NorfTolk. 

it«m, a« Ibr W. Bcrkcr 1 hen no worde from hyra 
I prayc yov comoa with Bcmcy thci in, he kncnrctk 


THE PASTON tETTEftS. fA.Ti.t47* 

myn cnncryc ; oxid ubo J \inye yow Tiut Bcmc}' aseyu, 
I wold not th«t h« played the fooLI, Aer vuxyd hyi 
tyme ner hp sylver. 

Item, u for the bnuc of growiidcft [fnry'Wiiii^li or 
ODj; vtfry ^ocde* or in tBticttail the bli** irf [JcriEiynca, 
I am ooit teyc but yo bcr a trcwc tn&r, b»i WiLliAm 
MylflcM itte a IkUc aIitcwc, £0 mote I ihcc, sund 1 
ixoti hy« maeicr y» tco. 

Iiem, I most have Ri^ninBinimcntcshyddcr, whyiihc 
ure in the chy«c in my nhambrc at Ni>nvyrJie, whycbc 
1 praye yow and HcTncy lo ffcdrc joyntly, but tiatt 
Kvcrally, to truwc in .i pcddc,' and scftdc them mc 
hyddrc ID liaat, und a byll ihci in hnw many pecc^ 
I'hys moit be had to avoyd« idelncite it Cotey*. 

Item, i preye yow take heed omonK thatt my sniHt^^ 
take Tioon h^itne, ncr that royn cvydcncc, whcryc wc1l^^^| 
of, be owl of jopcfic. ^^M 

Item, i pnyc yow doo for Bempye as ye fcac, so 
that he iraye be la sewerte forhvE ann^-wylc, mkI ihat 
it be nott costious fxo hcii«c fortnc to hym any mor to 
come, 01 seadc ioi iu 1 ^a^y yow wyuBc y^vki »poryt 
in hys mater 

Itcm» I puq>osed to have aent beer with the ttu^ 
moiioifmy udrc ^ad the ficyCAcioDs to my moodrc to 
yow and Arbla^ter ; but Ihsy he noti rci]y. WitluD y. 
dayca aftK the comyng of ihyi, I suppose they dull 
be with yovr, and thiw 1 shiJl wryght icor to yovr. 

As for other lydyn^es, I trust to God thatt the ij. 
Diikc^ uT CUtan^i jind Gbwcchlcraluill Lc sdit att one 
by the adward off the Kyng, 

Il«ni, Ibopebythij rctahs of the Duke of Glowcester 
that my Lgrd Archebyslioi*' shall tome tomci 

Ilcm^ a^ towelling my aUAtic Aanc,^ 1 undji'sfuiHl 
she hathe bene pftssyng seek; but I wende thai Kt\e 
hid ben weddyd. As for Velvertoa, he aeydc but late 

I A Vii^d at ImmIicl 

> lftnru^>ir|^,Ardlb^lLnp(l^VD^k. i}icUiiEli(iiraKrlviiiinktH(Lhi4bcai 

I Aiitt* failDB rumM WOliuB VetvrflqA, pnAdHA D( ^ WLlfiAB Val- 

*-tV HTJl 



that he wold tnve hyr, iiT nlir luiil h>T inony. uul dlis 
flou; wfaerflbroae th)'nkyih ihai th*?y be noti vcrry 
tewre, Bit AiB0a|eaJl«othGrtliyn^C4i 1 pnycyow t>c 
irare thai the oMclovcorf Pampyug tcncwc iMiiL He 
b miwc fio uic ^ 1 kvoiL iui wliat he wciU doo. 

No moc<, Wrc:yn nt [»ndon, ihc ixJJ, cUye of 
Novcmbic Anno R. R, E. liij'^ xljj". 

Joiiif Fxn'ON, Kt 


A-D. 1473^ t$ Nov. 


{From PutAn MSS-, B-M,] 

TTityar bvtilct) i)iu ]an»f vu tmrran *■ eUBrfy kh«m. piHly bribt 

Tbjijkn /kjiVA. Ei^uUr. 

VGHT wy«bvpfuil ind well bdo^7d brother, 
I rcooirutund mc to yo*, Ictyns yovi wcct that 
I meruit yow hci with j- siLicion, where in ben 
my mcioilre and ye c, wliffitifr I pr:iye yow that 
I maje have hast>" a[ww««r. Tb« efTecte thi;ro3 is do 
moor, but yc bothic most accdc aaswer, oad moke yow 
ft proccor hccr, and that moitt come byddrc oodrc a 
notuyn tyngne, ilfermyng that ye rnakt suche a man, 
Haiter John HflUnolhe^ or eWis, yf yt will do tlie cost, 
to scikIc Mine other hyddn: ; ycwr proctoi to take 
sdmyoyHlmcbii m lu refltjiic, ^id what so he dotbc^. yc 
to holfk it for ftvme and stable. Than Tnwt my 
moocire ind yo wryght a leiUe, undre my mootlrc seall 
ftod yowr sir&;;:BC mADtidJ, to me and M^tcr John 
UallDOthctc thys foirac; — " Wc^ret yow well* lotyng 
JFOW weet Thit wc have made yow, Master Jnhn Hals- 
n6lhc^ ourprocioc in the testament of John KuiOD, 


TUK PASTON L£TT£RS. (ao. :^ 

husthind juui fAdrc to yov, whcria we wyll thit > 
bcljalff jc rcl'iiic ihc -W my ncM radon of ihc Kydc ;c^u- 
iccnt- An<i thyn nfryghtyng U ii> yow WM^nit iii<i <ljv 
charge, and also ihc very wyll of us«e-" Thy* most 
wc have for owi dysdiarsc. 

Item, I piay yaw colcc good heddt to my loatcr 
Anae, lease Uie old love alaycn hyr and Pampyng 

Item, 1 pray yow sendc roc wordc howc my mooJre 
isd/HposyJ \o hyz wirdcs, and ifTc 5;>wccr Oiat a ytMjd 
rutLriAgi? Ti^yi^Tit ht! iui.], what the wo1d« dpp:ift wtUl 

Item, I pray^ ycu' that ye remembre hyrfoi tlte tombft 
oft my fadr iii iJronQliolmc, and Also the chapell at 
Mautcby, and Acndc mo wordo bow the u dyspoayd 
her in. 

item, id I have Csuter a^yHt wh^thyr she voile 
dwcllc xhcT or nott, and I wyU l^nde hyr a pK«t 
towardcs al my charge, and gcvc liyr iHe doichowsc 
and other rnmorfyies rher ; and if any hoT^ckeper oa 
myn lye ther> 1 wolle paye for hys bord« aho, aa wc 
aa for ihc preatc^. 

Item, iff my modrc sholdc have a dcw pjcsi, I (hynlt 
that my bruther Syr J, Goot wcer a mclly t^ bt 
thcr. lie wotdc also doo, aa yc wcldc have hym 
nowc» her the cuppc cvyn, as Whai-CAllc-yc-hym »eydc 
to Aslake, 

Be war of Mynews fro hense forthe, and a^nde nic 
WDide how ye trist Doctor i'ykenharo. 1 woldc, if be 
iFoLde doocv'ghE for my moodre. that he hastyd the 
loncr to paye me tlic C/h, bo tliat I luyghl pledge out 

llem,aafor other lydyngtfs, the Erleof Oxenfonhcis 
sdllc beac^yd. Nevcrtliriesac, ony!ihci»uedowt,anid 
tokc a jcatylman, and hant [drij^^fa/] liym wiihin ; Imi 
now off laie he vat hcsye, and one eipyed hytc, aod 
choti at hym nod strake in the verry (aae with an nrowe. 
I aye thya dayc the same man, and thccrc 1 lecf hym. 

Iff AibLiStei (Xinie to yuw, ye iiiii^'c atrfc hyi Ictlcr 
pCDte to hyoi by me^ whenD I have wrctyn that hr 


i-ii. 147*1 



•diclde Uk« fowr advyce -, bat I pray? you* :iboA-t all 
diynfo, Uiu mc m^kc hjuc «o that 1 hccr from yov 
ijcju I7 llijs ^y vij. nyghL 
Ai Ixiodo:^ llic &XV. d;iy? of rjuvcmbrc. 

John Pavtok, K. 

Turn TzNAJST^ or SroRLft to Sin Jotiw Pajto». 

[Fi^oi ^ulon MS!4., KM,] 
I tf Eh> BUtf And kotd ur iSpbilc T4 itvcft a bCR fw eQavfiQidiKC 

r^tflCff ^tty^lf gffffJ brd aaJ maystcr^ Syr John Pasitfrt^ 
Knyghi^ be this de!yvaed in AaiL 

LGHT worehopfull 4Ad oiir« (pccyill good 
msyBtcf and loord, OL^r oor dcwc rccomcntiA- 
Lion nidi owic scrvycc. Please il jow Lo 
kitowc diat wc irn grcvoiuTy tmiihlf^d, and 
not lykcto krpc ourc tcricpuryi;, the whicbc we hold« 
of you, but yf>c hdpc us ; fcr wc wcr bctc at the boor- 
irys sjfdc, Aiid aftcnvaide our servaantcs ucr bcic 
ihi plowe in Spoorlc fcWc, And *cimme afthem be 
ffce to dcj*. And we redya to Muster Shereve and 
Mayitcr SovihvcU forremedyc* jtnd thci odvy^cd 
to lydc lo ^f»vJtcr Wyngfcld ; ;nid lhtmt;c nt 
Ltodc that Maj-ster WyngfeU wav reijrrn to Lon* 
.Ac And ao we stcrden without* ri^mcijji:, nnd in 
rte doatc of our l)-vc5. and loaac of our Koodya* 
forve bcacchc you to autouic u* aLcor'Jyciy 10 
foor right and ovt«& And etlys h'c knn notr dbyie 
It, ftc Ciytc kepc yojr good lord«hq>. 

Be your poorc lenauntca 




A-Dl 1474. 9 Feb. — Nora, 

It aftpMn by th« Exrly Cbu«cy ?roceedmg« priaf cd b^ th* 
Ibvopm f-nrnmitiinn (Vrilr i. p ie ), that a d«re^ wu giv#n in 
Qtinmry tn Hilnry i<rm. li Edir. IV- eoiopelling wlLllua 
Piium and (Xh«T EWices la jWci a cgveomt bctweca Rldunt* 
Duke of Glwceiier tad KluAbflK Cwntcsa of Oifwd- On (he 
QoH Roll, rj Edv- IV. mflnik 1, a m releoH by V/Itlj^m, 
Kinhnp of Kly, Sir Thumu Montgnmuy^ Jaha WmTinnnh, cllc-, 
WULlAm Pj^oh. F-a^,, Roger Townewnd aa<1 J\*. Arbliitfr 
10 KicUnl. Duke of Qlwj««er, oTatl chelr ilchi ia OJc MnkoK' 
■rul ?»"«, Al, ill E»e» which ttwy Iwrz by mfc^ffment <i( 
Kill,, CuuatcKS uf Oiforil, amt in other na^ian in >Ju:AiLk aod 
Surlalk M-hicb Hi»fy bM/ hid of [h» gift oi th* ttJnr, Thu 
ntfa^e ii d4rf!<i ^Ih Ffh. f l Ivlir. |V,, uiri vi« eirSe nn vlfvlmf 
la Chiuicny on ihr tith Feb. Bebw It ltc rnrGllKl ifirw cKhpT 
droll br i)ic CunEUcM tujil bci fc*j|Tco ty ilic DuVc, uuicl <>iU 
funr^ tJ tMw. tV., and cLcluiuwlcxIrcU la ChftQucryt syb June 
14 £div. iV. 

A.D. 1474, 30 F«K 


|VGHT honorable and moit toidrgood moodr, 

I reccmiind me to yowc, bcitchynj^ yow 10 
bavc u my tryst ia th4tC I hive, yowr d&yjy 
blesayngi and tb-inke ytw off ynwr gfxxl 
raodCTbood, tyndeoesstr, cheer, charge, and costO^^ 
whyche I hjLd, and puttc yow to, att my last 
with yow, whyche God g^tfc me srace hct aifti' 10 


Please it yow 10 weet» that I tliyn(re longe thftt I 
hcer rott fliom yow or ffrom Pckok yowr serva^int, 
fior the knowlcgc buwc be biidic dcoa in the mlc ofT 

'hOw M74'] 

JSDf^Altlf iV. 


mj fieiine bortyc, rtf r wfuut is mailr thrmfl"; whrrffrir 
I lM*ed)e )'Owe, if ti be ool ansur^ryd \>y thai tymc th,it 
ihyi bjil« comtbc to yowc» 1q hail bym tiiid iH hydiire 
wards; 0bt iff tbat hod r;ott tat)c<l mc, \ dcmc I h^ 
bceu at Calcyu by tiiy^ Uayc; fTut ii is lau, u» nicn 
W^ ihait ilie Freeze Kyugt.^ iritli i gret hOAte \% tit 
AsmOBi bill aj** inyl« (ii>m Calcya i iind iff he. or hys, 
looac bylTor ulcy^ Aud I iiott liiccr, I wcMc be sooc 

Ileal, men sc/l- Jhat iVjc Erk- of Oicnffonl hatlie ben 
cotiATcynyd tc >»c^c Aor liyf pa.rdoQ only cH' hys lyile ; 
u)d h)% bodyi goodcs^ Jordc«, with all uio icinoDaim^ 
M the Kyn^o wyl^ and too shoMc in &U ha&tc Dowc 
coiQC in to the KjmK; nml »tomc men sfryr: (fiat he is 
good om off ther MounEc,^ men wot noi to what plA«c, 
And yit Icltc a j^rcct ^{nrny^iui thccr, wccll ITomyi^hyil 
m vytAyll, and ill odicr tbyngc. 

Item, ju ^Qi the bavyng Jt^t^yn "fT Caxirc, T truni to 
have good ij^ynga thetcff ha*tcly& 

Ucm,my broilict John JTari^chc wccll, and hoxhcdoon 
lygbt ddygditlfc in mj- cciyc iUisibct licidcys nirtlcr> 
whcrolT luurtdy I t(ll^t he ^hall iciidt: hyr tyilyn^p ihal 
fduU pleiic hyr; and as to morow he (lurposyth to 
take hysjwneye \<a WaJya wurdc lo the Lordc Uyvcrst. 
No mof at lb>^ lymc, but Jcswc hive yow la Hyx 

Wf*iyn It London the xi. daye off ycverer. Anno 


J. Pastom, K, 


A.D. M74<^) 36 April 
Lord Ha^ikca to Joilv Pastoh. 

[From Fcna, il 196.] 
ttt^Ht Aie*<i« Ifr v)b4 roir John l^jdioi cj^uld 1i*y» liUn vu^Uigoi 

■K dkalaacvidBtia of lu beui^ dvcvticiGh 



/'asffin, Sf»titr. 

tHN PASTOM, I FCCDnmianndeineiiTitoyou. 
And whcreii I appoint^ and doired yoato 
goo ovfr unto Guywc:t to ycre ycun attend* 
vimx aad aubtuince upon mj brother Si 
R«nf Hasttngi in all luche thing* u concpmf the 
suretie and d*fenfte of the Cast«I] oT Guyitt<;t diuing 
hia inlinnyliej: a is ftli<rwed unto mc thAt'jc have fuU 
uiicly and clili)^cutl/ Acqu]rtc<l you onto my wide 
Ivoth'fr, ifi all liu b«-syn?4S«^ iithe yotir comyng thEder. 
Whereof J thsnk« you htrily. And as I conceive to 
my grctc oomfovt snd ^uIdcuc, my nidc brother is 
wv\c recovered and uDcndcd. thftolLcd be Gcxl. Ani 
too I rrrjstp hr rn-iy nowr Kpnrr yon. Whrmpon I 
have wriicn unto him, if he nwy aoo doo, lo lic«oce 
you to ^Knac o\<:j unto t»c a^xiL Wherefore I woU 
and ilesirc you, tU'ssseiJl of my sAide brother had» to 
diftpose you to come over in aJI ^ood]y histe, it widl 
for suche g^e1e maters, as 1 felc by your« tfrend% ye 
have lo doo here* as to ycvc yo»rc Attcndftuncc npOQ 
me. And your rctouinc yc ^lall he to my welcome* 
From London, the mvj. day of AvriiL 
^ J pray you m no wi«c to dep:trt aa yet without my 
brother Roof A»cnt and ogrenicnt ; and recomnu^iDa 
mc CO my syalcr. all my n^ccc^i to the coostibyllt ftlld 
:o all Ryves [fftrw], 

Vour tru frend^ HanvKcxft 

A_D, 1474. 24 July,— Absthact. 

lAdd, Chortrrr I4t97ii BvM.] 

Lcllcn pi^tiil. Tilled M. We&tmiiiatci, u July, M Edvi IV., 
r«r Icvj-lng A 5iib^J/ in thc coiiATy of Korlolk ftjn i wu iCA^nil 

IvlW HU^ in ihai of a cl«k. A Eu^lmilg of iKc |»*Ucni4 ii bVM bv 





St n:\r 

TOBK Pavton xo Sia John- PartoMh 

[Troni ?uti»i M3S„ R M ] 

m Ays airsoia, Ui^d ^ tht C^vrgt hy P&wtyt 
Wharffy in Lmdm. 

'GHT worchcpfull tir, I reconuuui me to yo^^ 
preyintf yow 10 TcmcmUyr, or yc dcpcrt cuj;ht 
of Ijjnrfcin, li^spck with limy Ebcrtonys wyJ^ 
:-.i[*rrr xvii\ trt mfftrmr hyr Thai T stn pmfyrd 
^ _. in LoJjdon, whychc is worth vj^- [600) mark 
■id bcctyr; with whom J prcyid yow to oomriric, m aj 
JKfcbc ai I mvKht not tcry in I^ndon myself, aIwc>-3 
natenrTng thai if m lip rfat MosircDc Eb(.-nan wyll 
cMe wiih tne, that ye ihcU rot condud in the olhcr 
place, thow ao v« that Kbcrton wold not gcvc no 
moche wiih Maalrcia I'^l/Mbet, h/s Jowghtyr, ah I 
my^hl hive wiCh tht? other, for syclir ht\l^zy iLS I h:iv(r 
Ifi the teyd Mattvesa Elyxabet ICbeitoD. And ihat it 
lyek yow to sty to Ebcnocs ttyff that sychc as 1 simJc 
lo hyr of ah&lbe betiynl r^tlici iJicri cn^^cytcd Aa for 
my pan; and if it \ytV hyr (o dc^alr with mr, T wylbc 
at LoedOD for that cawsc on]y with in xiiij, dayin 
•ftyr ihe vryi^htyii); of thya byll, vith Codut K^acc, 
Who pccKfve 3x»w ajid /ouf& 
Wrrfyn ai Norwychr, on Stryni Jamyn Day- 
Abo, fir, I prey yow that yc wyll, aa I dcsyerd yow, 
comon with Joho L^c or hys wyf, or boihc, and to 
ilond hcjw the matct at thr Hiafc Frecrys <Uitl;e, 
that ye wylk aee and »pek with the thyng your 

THE PASTON LETTERS, [a-ix 1474. 

%y\t, and wUb hyt fadyr and modyr. or ye tl^pcti j and 
tnat ii lyclc yow to flwcr John 1,** k wyfl" 10 acrwl mc 
a byli in all b^t pouybyii, hov fer f<)rU)« the vaix^r is, 
4Qd vhfdyr il abalbc nccxuuy for mc to come up to 
London hjutyly or not. or dty& (rj ka^i all il tlic Kok. 

Alia, lir, 1 prey yow that Pytt may- inmc in a male, 
whychc 1 left in yoiir chaitibyr it Condcn, thy tawny 
gowncfiirytl withbUk^-tnd thcdoblctofporpyll^Ateryn, 
And ihc ciohkl c>f liltk »atcyTi, and my wtyj^bi^iig t>oi 
of £y|ir«r, a.nd my liook nf (he Mciyng of thi^ Dwlce 
and of tlic Emprroiar, and when all thyt gcrc it tniijyd 
in the malc« t^ ddyver iC to the bcrex hax)f^ to bryn^ 
me to Norwrydic- 

Irrm, r send yriu herwith the pylyou for ihe male, 
and 3CA for the hjer, whychc 1* UBCry, I tak Uod to 

Also, that il lyek yuw lo s|j*rk witli your atpotycaiy, 
wliyche was iom tyme the Erie of Wirwytet Cpolycity, 
and to weet of hym what the wcdow of the B\ik 
Frcm» U woorthc. and what hyr hu:tbontt<3 nan^c wu. 
He GUI IcU all. for he is cacccuUire to the wcduua 
bmbond. I prey yov; forget me not, no more ihfn I 
do vow. I havc^ spokyn thy» day with Jamya Hubberd 
ano Hcny Smyili. and to morcw I ahall ^Uivc an 
answer of chfyiu. 

Also, ray modyr wyll Ubore thy< m«ttf irilli cffiictp 
thnt the CC. rnaik may be had for the wood* 

Abo, brodyr Edmund, I prey yow, Jtnd my brodyr 
Sir John l>e noi w Iximlon, tliat ye wyll Uborc all fhys 
mnten with effect, as my tnial is in yov in every poynt 
as a above wrclyn, 

AUo, I atit^ilAyii yow that I wa,i with Fcrrour thys 
day, and hr had no leyser to comon with mc ; but I 
vyll be with hym siyen to morow by apoyntmcnt betwyx 
hym and roe, and 10 as I speed 1 shuU Bend yow 
woord by the next man that cconyth to London. 

Wsa, I sent John I-** is wyff a letiyr liy un Cmwe- 
thom dwellyng in Wood strecT, or ellys in Sylver slreci 
4t the end of VVood buccl 1 prey yow wect wbedyr 

A.D. t4j4j 



tb« had tt or Dougbt; «nd 'she bad it not, brodyr 
Edmundi I prey yow go lo the nunc trrawcthom, and 
uk llic IcU}! of lijci, juid ddyver il liyr m :il] tiiLNL 

J, Tasi'OM.* 


A.D. I474i 94 Oct — A^TKACT* 
(TRtta r^oQ M33, IkMJ 
" Rill '* d»!nl 24 Oc:., 14 Kftw. IV. relaljvt to lliB plw!i?i«; 
Cttrr (4* Oimcabr. The iw^i^Ii fkUiouaE u aIJ tg 130 o<. 4 i!vi., 


A.IX 1474, 3 Nov, — ASSTftACT. 

Tim VtcAU 01^ Paitos' to MxicAJtrr Pakwi, 

\Vha3 mj fnuirr Sir John'i hiJl/ v'u ae PutDii b? trued 
yam kcmutk, buLlinc Lliciu jnf no eciiIh lu Me Willuuit ruiLuu. 
Ob vhkit litxTf Wunfe wtule La Mi, Wiliuju. «rhi> tuvit him 
ns iboB not tc par noric)' to *iajr onu oIh; oLh^rwud ba 
wobU in««1 thtm st liontkat ^'«k lh« Ibut wouMr" oral umw 
mrkvt or tklr. inrl makr ihrm pay armn (0 MidnnniCT B6' 
vire of WftTDi^ foi Ik made MoMcr WiUtiam pdvjr lu lU (be 
iii'—fiiifii III (}ic taiuui Ity iixf moMer viJiir wb. l!ciil» 
cftand Ihfi leuBl* not Is hU iu mj nuilcT daired, cUc Muter 
WIImb VQa[d iind9 th«n;. " /iW, pun* no Itobe in hym, fwd 
A«H»r A— iirif Hfntff/etturfn'irt,'' Fvtnr, 3 Nov. 


A.D. 1474- — AtSTBACT. 

[yrom PuL^n MH5^p Il^^^] 

tnuVtCUUI' PjUIO.nJtO MKl[MAKtiAKI.1'PA«T0r'.1 

Jfils Qwilc, bnncc of Puivn, » JitfjiMcd try tlutigt Ihat 
> Tito ««t«b« «w4t m rJi* nfdill* af (hi poflVripL 


THE PASTOff LETTERS. t*'t>- >4» 

Utrry Wama hu done uid nitt t^init hiu. Wuni <anfed 
honac ''on eue*^ (^^1 tiltj^n df>wu Ij^ eLc wi&d, uid ittj*it b 

all Jlut hp hai ift P,iJ!nn " Morr iivTf li^ ^inmW in pt* 
dowLv LO cry vr Lu hw« " [fc ^crrpw er to une^. for JtiTm af mc- 
fax Mp be tb*!! have aa ]«ixli unloa he fiod lUJCly, " ini It 
wtn ao nmri clui ho fulj tomtrUv oad tompacc bp IoiuJei i4 
»«n>d«f ttim ha&l." %Vimi ■a^nf<J*»lo pul our any aiiis *r 
tliff mf*:*, he will IiiVf fi ii^r itip ^rtin TJiat Mur*T WtUistn 
d<l"ctcrl hi \i\ni. Hr unyi Mt* MflrpJrl PtilDn * hiw nr> mlp 
IbfiTCi uid BhalJ hiivc none \ Aim Ihnl John Qmle ihalt nuL ha/e 
Gyoi ■:k9c nor th? ChyHbc c^gae. >j ne liu Ukcn tlicm Ic Cuid. 
"Qwer« fofVh botL «c gyle hjn odcmu poiftft be wylL gti* 
np *1L" 


About A.D. 1474? 

[Prom Putoa M5S.| KM.J 

iDdbluixl sra, Liirlr muro isn b« 1*1^ iWkE i]i« ci^rtni* Than fmf tbfff 
fitfcr l« BdiB^ rtmiicrt l<iv-'rt Wt[li«i>i IWlnhi arta) I'i' ■I'ptrtvSI' Jahv^ 
nhieh iroprDbablY ilkrjkeicicTTcdEHO la ujEciTetiifK liticr^ llicbuidwrfuu 
E» thBi oT W!Elk« Pa*■o^ A. mijEilited uiJi^rHir^rtii. fi.^kvrwkiJr trUuWmC 
vilttafl of TcpFiJt IV*li>a lJ>c >«<ui>|iGi', tlkowi ic4nltf d>« ■uid* ",,-,, 

Knyxhfty be \tnu\ Uttrt ddwtrtd tit haxt 

ptbhL] wuratjiplul |]g\IgW| J recEimnuLbml mc lu yuu. AoiU 
lUi 1 prftf irofl .... i . i ..,.»->- . 
(hftt ibcf wu DODc obiloclc nei ItttidgB that ye found in n* l« 

, . . , , . . ^ Dve nic hanne- 

Irpi; f-t nhjchr iTmir it wAV IhnagtiE ftnvd ....... 

fvu Dot InoH l» nvv Die hvfmftlo] ,...,. ... 
, . , . . . . , [i]n th» iD«uia tcuoime \ ft^ 43 your 

<«euoun wiJ] ^^ ,....». ^ ght 

frU *t yiiw liot gooda And if the cimhj fill fhit . . . . . 
. . . ........ yft wiU uke &L ^ them, thu 

■ Mi^ Mir^m rviDiL li Wo apokBt ul fry usuhc jmd ui ibclMrd peno^ 
btl itu l<t(«t <Bb liBfdIy bt ■JJmHd rv •Jry «ik* ■)■■- 

Ml M7«.1 



1 1» ben bir love. WhfrvpffonJ 

.,.-,->. [l:)xiiu Lo IPC to Hie mc hinpcki. 

JL« a omclie ... , , ^ , in by 

of Uiiliilc E&«rcluOfjtior]noiiehc ....... 

...... ia njjM <nuw kffu^ for Vf diichifgo, 

■fter* *.>>i tJ^**™* 

■fCTB «t iJUa Klcbdou^ And m - . , 

.......... iliuld liu^v ilEQ Itn CuidU- 

atti» waJL me lliitik It t* by con ..-.,.. . abtic^ 
ilf^ wiihla It ..... [CuiiU«][&at t did al the bwD- 

Art^lT .... VrflJk^MiUaa 

.. .. .««.•, .... . or ttifftdeifir tnd thit 

«i mdd pB]! at tlL 

ttlih nc ifcsii t^u 


Abo 1 w<Ai ftTTte fcu 


. > ...... ray L«d o^Norft^Ek. 

; tbow 1i oiM Fr . . . , 


vtfccrfart I htctt wrifin eo 

M clot 

fo* Utf Ruayha 

ri uil trail . . . 
, , . . And 1 pny 


Dale tincertain— AnrtitACT. 

fm Tmien MSS,, HM-S 

FntVMl ef a doA df^l by which £lr Jobn Pinton inJ John 
FiAtoar Kuf.. RioaiSi<c LicniUd [^rrmiici not iiamnl tu [he kiv uf 
MvttT John Mccton, WlUkv^ PvLon, Thoniu ?kytCE, uul 
totdl, for /] H 


la BQ*^ faotLvt brtwcct iu J uIa Vubd ud Ui 



A,U I4T4- 
Sir JofU' Pasiuw to Masgwiict Fasiohl 

[From Pu!oa MSS., B.UJ 
1l U aT^iai frav ih* onMnu ili«L tUi Uttm mtm Ibv* Wa wiiSM 

I'asten in hyr tt^stncL 

|VGHT wyi*hypfiiU ftn<i my mostc kynrfc and 

yng ycFW olT the grcte coit aod odT th« gr««t 
chi:rc that yc dyd to me and nyn at my list 
bcyng wyth yowe i whyche cheer obo hiXlh nude mc 
pcrij'^htlj tiooli, I ihaukt Gixl ;intl yow, in *o innchc 
due whetc ju 1 itftryA me thit for we^lccne^e, and to 
green rcciivcryvl off my tiykncssc, thai I acbolde have 
apeyr><l by the weye ; but, God tbuike yow, 1 lokc 
so my crammys why]s I wa* wyth yow, iJwi I fdyi) my 
sylfe by the weye that God and ye hid roiide loc 
stronger ihoji I wenyd that I hcA ben, in »o mycbc 
that 1 feell my selfTe every daye holler thjti clheT- 

It ff^is soo that I melt wyth inyn orikle William by 
the w<;ye, and there ir the felde I piycd hyra the iiijA, 
wbychc I hod borowyd ofl hym ; and he was pa^sycf* 
inquTsytyfl" howc that I was purvcyd for rccoinpcnayti^ 
offTowneshend, I tolde hym I hopyd wti'll; he loEtle 
me that he undre^tood th^tt 1 had the Qlt. of the 
Bysshopys cxceutores, and lie hadhcrdcacycthat I had 
also bofowyd aiiotherC/in ofa maidiaiintiaiid sqI Likyd 
hut an C. maike. I deme he herde thys of T. I^vell, 
for I tolde ixyra that 1 wa£ in hope to fynde toche a 
freende tfaAt wolde Icndc me C/(- He axed me, wtio 
Wd^ that? I ttnsweo^d hvm, si\ olde QkAicliJiuat, a 
frcende of myn, hut myn oucle jhowte that shold he by 
weye of chevyslianf^ [u/uri'], and to myn horte \ vhcr- 
fldr I wu picync to nym, and toldc hyro that ye vcr 




icwcrtc tberffor, and purveyed it off sochc ms *rolde doo 
foe yowc And ii ht liic (biic [/ftfrM] C mark l»c 
Mjde to me that u for thm he voId«, nthtr than 
loperte ^olde be, purvi^y n by wtyt olf d>evy«hauA<« 
ac Londoa, in v> mochc that, ct he come fro London, 
he had for n;>' sAkc Icydc v, C- mnrkcs wcithc of pUtc 
with Hevghc Fcnn^. The pUre ac ^Virwykeft Irih« 
b UrgOr a^d my j^wmdAmc ifl ag)xl; u h^ ben 
{opcnous to Icvc mochc pUic wyth hyr, thoghc ho-Elfc 
were byr owae. liul if 1 iiwyc ilo olhcr wy^c, 1 pur- 
poie oott CO chevyiibc nny mni^y by byt cneftn& 

Itdtit I have dcl^eryd yowrc botell to Courbye the 
cuyar tbys mnc dnye* :ind he pr^myscd me to be 
with yow cjj Mi>Ti£tiyF njBhte, or ellyi on TcmmUy 
tymdj. He h^thc ibo xl^. to paye for the tliryd 
hyryd hortc, and be brynpytbt the uj, horse wyth hym, 
And b cotUentc for hya l^or and for the meie ij,r£ely. 
They br delyvrryi! hym in as giKul, and r^ihrt l«-«pr 
plyghl, than vhan I hod them iorthe, and tiot pcUlyd 
DOT huTte^ iie hale oho ij> oadclys^ one of ray 
turothero, ajid one othct hyrcd, u ye woot off. 

Item, be halhc J pcjTc boLys olTEiimand Recdoi. the 
■hoiiukeT^«hj;Xhe Sjliundre borowyd off hym. I beseche 
yowc that VVilkuD MylttCDt or Symmc mayc u that 
every- uuii ha«<e hya uinnc 

Itfrri, :u lor my bmilicr EdtnoiiU, biyiuyj l>e GtvS, 
be i* wecU JKrtJ^ridytU 

Item, as lor H^iultyn cvr doRgc, [ am a ITcrde never 
to »cc hym, but if [m/aj] yowr good heJpc bee. 

Iri'm, -isfof ihebookcsthaF Vf rr ^ Jftrnei, ifl'itLyke 
yow tint I nuye have them, i imt not able lo by 
ibOD i but aomwbat wolde I g^ffe; and the rcn^cnaunt 
vilh a goudc devuwlc hcrte, by my Iruwilic, 1 wyU 
prey for hys finwlc. iVhCTlTor iff ll lyke yow by tho- 
next iDcfiKcnger or korycr lo scnde hem in a diiye, t 
iholl b«vc ihcm cirH.<i^|ci h^cr ; and IfTony off them be 
d^rmyil here afire, in fcyilic I wyLl ic&tooi iu 

Wrc^ on Saietriaye. 

JOBX PastoKi K* 

««0 THE FA3T0N LETTERS, [JU>.^74. 


A<D. 1474. 10 Not. 
Sin JoiiK Pastox 1-0 Makgakkt Ta^tqux. 

ITwa r«(«b M33., B.M.] 

^^■FTRE dcv^ rccotuEndacLOTi, vny most tcmbc md 
^^HJ kvmlrmooihe, I brsi?cho yow olT yovr dayl/ 
^^H bWas^iig, Please it yov to w««te Ihit I 
rctcyvyd a Icurc ihhfil comefrom jrowe, wif lyn 
ihexxvj, dayeofO<tcbjc, noikcent button Wctlnyftdft/ 
bsi pfltT, whefby I concryvyri t>iflt, pt The wrygnxyng 
off that leilcT,yewcernott«eTteynoflhe<telyngb«tim» 
IWneshendc and me. It wa« so th^l, Gcd iHuJec 
yow, J rcccyvjd ihc xx/i bfoght by S>mt, wid sbo 
ihr mony bruwght by my brother^ with whych^ tTii:>ny, 
and with moor thit I hatt my scl^, [ red^myd tht 
muicr of Sporic, and payed Towncshccd botnc the 
CCCC, m^kc ihcr JTor, and also x/l iLaI I d«tc hyvn 
betyde. aTid harcolThym aqw\'tiiince off all htrgavnN 
and ofi till cither dcHcs Nev«rthdc»e, 1 mu^y^ Kyno 
iffhcwolde, iff node haddcben, gyvyomcixij, monyth 
Ictigcj rcspyghl. whych« he Kr^Jntyd Co do; but in 
concbr^yon t can uoii rnErviv hym, btiT that br vroU 
hive ihc iittremesi of hys bajgayn, and ihys xiA^ paye- 
ablc at Caoddmcssc acd Estcmc. I lun cntrelc hyra 
noon othti w^'^c a.!i yjt; whciflTur I thyiikCp tlT I httd 

Cawyd my daye, k bai ben h^rde lo bftve cmstyd to 
ys cotteay^*, iu so nioche 1 tiynde liynr> also ryght lo(»« 
m the ton^e. For Bekham, he apekyth no thyu^ 
coniforLiibly tlici in; what he wyll doo, c&o 1 ihjU 

llem, as for Castre, it nedyth nott to sporv nor 
prykkc mc lo doo owghtc thcr in. J doo thkt 1 c«a 

1 NowlUfUab 

' Aaf4T«-I 

SDfirj/ijy 7K 


vitfi jpoodew^, ftad MmvhAt I hope to doo bfftdf 
Iher ID that ihiU ctoo goodc. 

IteiiX fu for ilir bokes that weer S>t J am w. Cod 
hire hf% tovlc, whychc it lykethc yovf that 1 sh;iU 
hare tl]«ni, I betfedie yow that 1 niftyc hAv« Ihcin 
Imlo b]r the next nu^cngrrr, and iFT I br g,ooii, yit 
IDflC ibey btr il^lyreryd to myn osi^«c nt thr Ocorge^ 
u Powljft Whirffc, whyche woUe kcpc Ihcm ttffc, and 
that it lykc yoi* to 'iTTght to me whatt ray pcj-ne or 
pajmcnt stull be foi ihcm, 

Iimip il Ij'ked yowtaweet of myn h^Te. T« 
God 00«r« that I ara fiott grevlly lykc ner toon-, but m 
mjtk IWOle, v-heriii alle men ksirw cott wh^tU pcync I 
lew- Aiid whei jc adv^sctl loc Lu li^i mt: u>vt LiT 
diys towtir, I unlflc fiill fAym^ he hrn^c I «pfiid^ 
dajly tnor than 1 (holde doo» il 1 vcr henac, and 1 ari 
■oti well fi tin eyed. 

itcsu bicasyd be Good, uiy ja^uQldAui b mir^iidyd 
^ itKhe Ijrror M mjii oncl« W, come hyddrc- But 
<iOcyii Marsretf by« doghtn, it dvd Afld 
er be come home. 

t u icockc afTetdc oit thyt luodc xhstt W at hys 
hande §s I wtj off that :hai wan in Towncshendes 
hande- I hope to vry^hl yov moor scricyrte mihin 
in), or V, dJiyex No more, &c. 

Wiciyn thcxx. djiyc of Noiembrc, anno E. iuj.iiiij^. 
Yowr Sonc, J. Paston, K, 



A.P. 1474* " NoVp 

Sjk JoitN' Pavtov tc Johm Pastow, 

[Frwa FcBA, ii, 164,] 




|VGHT wjrrsJiyiifuI ami wcdl bdnirytl licolbcr, 
t TCCom.iUTide me to yo*. fetyng )i>ww«t 
that I bave comonyil with yowr fireaid« 
DAvrnaon* and h^vc rcccyvyc) yonr rrngc otf 
liyoit iiu! he lidtliL' by uiyn ailvyLt! ttpukt^ti uitli hyr^ 
]j, lycnes ; he Icllytbc mir off hyr delyng uid an^wftt; 
'h'hychc iff* thiCy w^r acordyng to hjrs acyn);:, a (fcyittnr 
Icvci tban 7c woldci and wcdl a^htc tOw lAk« tficrm 
grccl comflTori, »o that he myghl hapljr sicpe ihc wcrw 
iij- nyghty^ jffir. And suche tWyng in pan^ ;*i vis 
bytwycn my Lady W, nrtd yowr tSreende Dfti^Aon fa« 
wrote mc « byllc ihcroff, whychc T seniJc yow hcmiEli ; 
and lliAt llut lodgycheto mclo dnii ilicnn, it [/'] «hsl 
not! ffaylctoit'cvc all ochcf bysyn«ic a parte- Ncver- 
thclcsric Within iij, daycs, [ hi>pc so to dccle hcrxr^^ thai 
I RUppo&c to scttc yow in sertcjntc hoghe ibut yc shoB 
fyndc hyr ffor evyt her afl^r. ll is so, xi I undre- 
ftbindc, that ye be as bcsy ot yowr jyde ffor yowr 
firccnde Dawason, whccr as ye be, I proyc God Acttde 
yow bothe goode spcdc in thcen weilcya, whychc iff 
They ]ie hrowip ^bowic ahr ciiT yawe is moche Uclioldnk 
to other; yit were it pyle thai suche crafly wowers» u 
y« be bolhc, schclde spccdc wccU, but iS ye love 

Itfm, :is fTor Slocmn« dughtr, sht sbnil b« weddyd 
jD haxt« to Sk«etne» as nht lolde hyrselile to my lyTke- 
moydct' whycho uiakyth pcrtc otf sudtc as shi: ehail 
wccr, to wlicni ahc brakt^ hyr haitCi Ajid toMc liyi ibut 
ihf sbifldff hnvc lia(l(Ic M.ieter FasKin, anit my mayde 
weude it liad been I xh^x ihQ speke oQ ^ and with moor 
that the name Mcaici Paston komc wlicr she was with 
XX. men* and wulde Ilavc taken }iyr jiwcyc. I tolde 
my mavde thai she iyed off me, and tlia* I npvmp:ik^ 
with hyr m my lyff, ner thai L wolde not weddc h)t to 
have vrith hyr iij"^ maricen 

I(em, AS for ELoitons dowgblr, my biotbcr Edmonde 

* A pumvn wb9 CD«d« ^wn af uUc, &e^ for boEb nva tod «aB^ « 


MDWjmo ir. 


thtt ho bttde iifv^r moor mche thcrto^ tynt 
dcpwtyrg:, and thit vc wol<lc thai he »holdc noit 
:, uoi (iijo nt> itijugi; Uiaiu, bui ilT il couic ljIT dicer 

lun, 1 h:uj i&giMT tfroxn niy Lordo ^ that h< is my 
goode lordc, uid lIul b^ tti7^htyn^ ; uid u 
Bcrrayc he sctic hyin ifi bys ownc wages tTor my 
and that whan txy ever I eomc to Calcys, I «tuill 

Sde All ihvAg thcr 04 woli have il. And rather better 
1 it uru ncrctoffor. 
Item, the K>Tig (mme to this towne on Wcflnysckyc ; 
flbr the Frcti«he CmbfttMte Eh;ti ia hrer, thry coote 
la in tbe K>V|i«fi mtficuce, by lykehod, tfor roea »cya 
the chycfT ofT tncm it he Xhstx, pojjionyd boihe the 
ic offBcny" arni the Dufcc ofl* OUljr* 
Item, tha wu never moi lyklyhod tbAt the Kyng 
" £0o ovyr Ihya next yer than wu nowe. 
1 F<uye yoiB" tcmembrc that I mayc have the pcwler 
iwdl JteiiUt Iry the next kx:ycr by the Uiri rniEr utT 
Jtefn, I praye vow rcmcmbr }o that 1 may have the 
by the tame tyinc« whychc my moodr icyde she 
It SCTide me by the neit caricr. 
Wrctyn at L^ndoD, the Sondaye the xx* daye off 


A.D, >+7^; »9 Nov- — Abstract, 

\Yt<>%a MS- LuJcm lu Mu^lL CulU 0>/unL] 

Karftlk kA SuiTotk t)«als. No. J3, "TTic a^nmFril uut 
■bokJ bctucBQ Ibc INiliup of \Viii(uEL ilikI fuhu f^'itoEu Knight, 
lsaclna£ Ibc biuUjnf of iHc C^Hc^c AC Cmltc -jF seven prieitt 
^^ M**a poor own, tmulattd by iliiprnHLitjn of the Pope li> 

t I u» ■«( CBRUB vdatbor cba t^uk* ^ MojTalt h Sue DtrtnE. ev Lord 

fvliw4lnr«4tTflflntmh(rLcvii XL in Uir u;'- 

* ?f>4tk0ifo nf aM«iT Diit* 4r Cahhht tnd I/mbib »Tio 4JM tteui iht 
«u»< bow *4 (^ I>Aa «f GbiMA* 



I It 



toucljiii£ the Uiul» «f 
IV. 14." 

f >du?lai^ ia Ma^dAltDC CoHqp*. and 


A,D. i474» It Dec 
Sm JoH« Pastoh to John Paston. 

fFroni Friiij L. J7<x1 

T^fifhn Ptuf&n, Ei^Hur. 

^^H^ yoww^ele that I h^ve, l>ke ^ I prom^^yd 
^^^1 yowe, I bft^T lioon my dcvoyr lo know my 
Lady W*i1(?t^vcs Htomafke, whyf^hc, cw Gofl 
helpe me, nnd to be plcyn to yowe^ I fiynde tfi hj-r no 
muter nor cawse, thai 1 myght tok comforl off. Schc 
will in nowysc rctcyve. ner kcpc yoHi O'Ogc »*i[h hyr, 
and yit I mide hyr fh^t schc srholdc nor br niiy thyngc 
bowTidc thcrhy ; but that J knew by yorir hcrte olf oloc 
that 1 wyst wed ye woldc be gUvd to fforbcr llie IcsvcJt 
\dearat\ ihyngc that yc had ir the worldc, whycbc 
m)^hit be dayly in her pirsenct, iMl ihok^« cawiehyr 
onys on a daye 10 remcmbryow. biit itt woJde no! ba 
She voldc notl ihcrby, as she aeyde, putlc yow nci 
kcpc yow in any comffort th«by. And rooi ovyr, nhe 
preyed me, thai I aholde ntviT lake Iflbor moor heer 
ID, &ot sh& wolde hoid« hyr to suche answer as ftbe 
hodd gevcn yow to troDr^ vherwlih she ihoAght bothe 
yc ^d I wokle h^vc holdc ua conteatc, bad oott 

be«] the wonl^j off hyr suster Gedelf^-efl". 

When 1 undTestooo ail thys, and ibat overnyght sht 
bftd hyr that weert byiwycn hyr andmcbyd a^brynge 
witb mc byr iruskeb*]!' wbklj, &c-. llian I aJ'U' all lhy» 
axid iff she weer dysplcasyd wiih me Hat ii, and sbe 
seyde, naye, 

Than I icldc tyr, that t had nott aeni it yowe, flbf 

■Thii Diuikbalt. cr I4I] of ptifume, mem Iff luf Lmn lAAcn ffon 
WAlj|n*i by Sn John PiMvb Ia a Jtitinf nuaBar< la t^id bl 




^BMOffD^VOwICi Ukd«Ol \fAAt h>T an><fiV I iMd 
«Ct]m to yow why thai 1 wold nott scndc it >^Oir, bf 
Cftatc I wjr^l irccU jc aliulJe \\i^\c ^Icpyil iIil' iroAc \ 
bitnowp, I (r>Wc hjT. as God hcipe me, that I woldo 
KDcte it yow, luxl ^iTe yow myn advvM noil to hope 
ovyr Toocbc on hyr, wtiychc u ovyr nardc an hcrtyd 
hdy fTor a jonfce mui 10 tryst on to ; whychc 1 ihowghl 
dai fioT aU ray worda, yc cowde nott no wdd« noti do 
ior in m jn odvyce. 

Yitt a^ynwajtls »hc is nott dyiplcasyd, nor ffbrbfid 
BCBott but tiut yr nhoMc bivi:- rhc kcpynt^ ofT hyr 
MtakbaU; whirnbrdc yc«iih iicfts y« lykc. I wclde 
ll bKlddoocivi^el, byGood, ifpokcffor yowvoo, th4t 
Ci ffcydfic t troive i Icowdc nott >cyc ito wecl ageyn, 

WhcrtTbr 1 M^odc )uw bcn^'Jih )xiwr fyng^". and the 
OBb^ipy muskebAll. AUo m;ike ye mit«r ofT M htfr^ 
Aratjrt Ion, I uc nott happy to wow nowth^ ^or 
■T sckfTncr i^oon other. 1 tolde hyr all the proccisfi 
off ifie Luidf Hi>wjiit1c JJiil off yowr gfciimii* [^itK' 
iABMi^f) AS I Vomrde ; aU helpyt nott-* 

I K« no wocdc off my vcsaell, n« off my boka ; I 
mrrviylj. No mor 

Wrc^t'Ti ai London, tho xj. daye of Ueoembr, ahoo 
t lij* adui". J, P., K. 


A.D, 1475, «7 Jan- 
Sir Jobn Pastow to Jonw Pastor. 

[From rcnrull. 1J4-I 
"Ttesb Ild> mvr/' HTv rHLV. " hu ou ■iflmiurt. *« It b wrftEtn br 

T^ the r^ghl u^rthyf/uft /k^K FastoK, R^i^, at N^r- 
wych, ^ U hys msdr, Marj^eti Fa^rtw, in Myt 
aHa$te^ ia JtAiU. 



Recoraanrle me to yow, pmytng yow iktsi^, 

Uml J jnnyc have wcciyn^whcn ihat my Lorae 
aijd Lrfi^y <jf NorflTolX sballc Ic al Lctiiloix 
and howgPi longr ih(y ahAl) t^ry th^^r, and io 
flapediUniyLordcof NorTfolk; U'or uppon ther «tn)yrkfi 
to LoodoD wcr it flor mc lo be ^uydyd. NcvcUbclcnc 
1 wold? be «ooTy lo come tlirrr tiui iff I rte<U mott 
I thynkc il woldc b<* lo yow ovyt vik^ioxn a labor to 
Bolycylc Ihc inaicrR atwycn Uicm and me, but iJ I wccr 
tbccT mysclffc ; nhcrfTor, ilT yc tbyukc h be con^eaycDt 
that I com thytlJr, I prayc yow sc-ndc me worde ui 
buidy Aii yt^ nmyc, and hy wKai tymc yc chynbc mon 
convcnyent, tlmt I sh^iUlc be thecr ; and oH xJI cudie 
OOUmfToric u yc t^yixic or hccr off the lcwArda«sie 
Ita^fr, jml wbcn d^D tb^it yc iluU be thccr yowr 
Klfc^ For it is %0 Uut jw lo m(>roiv 1 purpose to ryde 
m to t'tcundrys ta purvcye rae off hone acd hcmcyst 
Andperu«e 1 thiUsee the is^cgc nt Nw*c^cr Icomc 
agiryn^ iff 1 have tymc ; wlictfTijr, iff I so doo, by lykly- 
hod it woU be a xiiij. dayes er I be hccr A^yn; and 
flfl\r, an i hecr ffrom yowe and other thcr Lip|>on, ihjt 
M the next passive, oad God vo\\, 1 puipoec to conic 
to I^ondon warde : God ?ende megoodes|]eile; inchelT 
ffof the mater above wrctyTi ; and secondly, ffor lo ap- 
poynt >*itti Ihc Kyog and my Lordc* ffor suchc rctynwe 
i^ I iholde liave oow In thcea wcnys in to Fr^imcei 
wlienTorlpraye yow,in N'orflolk and oth«rp]ai:ei,fOinfm 
^th suche 35 ye thynkc tykly ftbr yow and mc, tlutt ar 
dyapoayd to take wages m gcntylincnrs howa)'3 cmd 
ellys whcr, so lh:it vfc mayc be the moor redy* when 
that nede is; nevmhele9«e nt thys ourr, I woJde be 
gladd« to have with mc deyly h^. cr iit). mor than 1 
EfLVC, fluche s^ kvecr lykly ; ffor I takkeolTiTTy rctynwc* 
tijat I liavc nctrr mj niaiiy. I pfuyc yow bcudc lue M;m 
lydyngv, inirhe as ye heer^ and hcwghe thai my brother 
lidmondc dolhe- 
For 8fl ffor tydynga hecr, thcr be but flewe» sniTc thai 

A-a Iffil 

KJ>WAX2> rv. 


IteMMfEc lutyUi Sialic tiy the DtibccfrriinroynAlToor 
KiBc^ nui the Einpcror ^ lijiihc bcsrj^d aIjo. not fTcrr 
ton the!!?, a cixtrll^ and an nihrr lonn in lykr wy«^ 
<4Mr (n the Dulcyi men ben. And aIao, the Frcnihc 
CyDget foea seye, is comyn ryj^ht to the water off 
Soinroe with \xvi^ (4*000] ipcnt ; ^nd Kom mrti lit»re 
dot br wdII, ;li the cluyc olT bir-kytig oflf tr^ws&e, or 
•llji byfF6or, Mttc uppon the I^kt conlrey* hecr, 
Wh<n 1 h«r moor^ I AaJl scn-Je yowc moor tyil/nga 

Tbc Kyngt iohoAAtQrs, Sirll^onut» Mongutnerc and 
ihe MASTfTclTthe Rothi' \yc crim/ng hrnnwardH iTrom 
NoM ; tutd ft* ffor cif, I th) »ke tbit I fthold< b« selc 
bvi itf 1 ice iL 

Syi Jtflin off Parre iiiJ Willijin Bcrkirlcy toin thyi 
Wfje 10 FL-Hitidrs witrtl to bj* Ihfm hotse !ind liemejia, 
■nd p] noAdc Sir J- Firr goode cheer as i cowde ITor 
TOWT ttk« ; asd he toldc mc. thjit yt Riade hym hAuJtc 
dicci, Ac. at Norwychi'. N»j iiiour. 

Wrrtyn ai Cafeys, t^* ivij, daye off Janever, anno 
Edmrdt iuj>i xuij«- 


A.n. 1475, 79 Jan- 
IfABOARn- Pa^toh to John FASiOff. 

[Ffoo rMtoa MSS,, ItM.J 
TUi lauir w i iliBlf wvittCA «■ i^ mmm ^y U l^ uiiiii«JiAl*lx 

Ibjaka Ptuiat, Sfwyvr, be tkys delyveryd m k&si^ 

i I \ RKT yow wcllj and fscnd yow (JoddcB bly^* 
5y»g and myn, Ictynfi yow wet thil mv «iiya 
Kc^burd CJrrcwa*hi^ei*'ith mrihy*i wi'ekt.aujd 
told me (hat he wm nowt payd of the mony 

1 Aviriii^ lit «r\i»irki^ X-mpmi ft i^rmv-r- 

■ EWtJctaMmuii- LTiEifVoj^Gulicp uf Cjy. LoriJ CliuK^Uur, Ai 4..Vbi»lu|t 

■ TW k ttc <L><b.a4/T cbUtivcUDn of iba Dwne Juui, w]ih4 »» 
fcaqwvtlr vTiUrt U lbs lUHl of ■ kiicr^ 





ihflt fc know ihftl wa» borovd of hys modyi ind of hyra, 
Iwi iiij*^A', The xx/l thai my plcggcs \y for yu on 
payd lie *cyd thai h* vns dwyryd to dtlyvct's my 
plcggcs, and (o have b« payd the xxjEii ; but he wold 
not* l>U he had apokyn with mc, bccjuiag of the pro 
mys tliac he? had land to ine btfor thait he shitld lUK 
(l«]yvcrthcmio&oowithowimyatteDL Iieydtohym 
that I Buppoac vcryly liiat yowyr brod)T hn a gfcyd 
witl^ yowyr hurikyll ihiC he aliuld pajc all the bol^ 
for 1 «ii|4iosc he hfitli a awi^riF Ibr ;ile l)uit and laore. 
J wold undyncond how yt yt, and hotv that my BCyd 
coeyn ihaii be contenc. for I war loth to [c«e my 
pledges j I woi yt weU, yowyr good hunkyll wold bcn id 
possessyon with good well, hut J wol not soo. I woW 
that ye shuld speke with yowyr htinkyll iher i&, ud 
send ntc word in hodl wlij^t he aeeL [,Td^^]. 

1 m-ifvyll, be my Irowili, that I had no nrylyiig fro 
yrtwyr hrodyr, er he departyd fro London, as he pfiv 
mysyd in the last Itltyr that he tent me, the wych ww 
wrctyn be for the Kyngcs coniyng to Norwych ; I went 
[eK^ttftv^ vcryly to have hard from hym -u[flif]thy5tymei 
IwoldycshuMsendhym word of yowyr hunkyk-sdclyng 
ia thys seyd mAter, and send mc on onsswcc thcr ofl^ 

Rccomautid mc to yowyr graunldam. 1 wold slie 
woi hci in NorfTolk, a^ well at c« as cvyr I sy hyr, aad 
a& lytyll rewlyd be hyr son as evyr she w^s. and than 
J wold hope that we alle shuld Fu the bettyr for hyr. 
Vt ys told me that yowyr hunkyll hath mad grot rocnya 
md bug profyrs to John Boktoa to roadie a release to 
hym of OxJ»lied, Whedyr th*t be doD or nowt^ f wot 
nowt yet, buE 1 shall ^vot in ha^t, yf [ may. 

1 wold ye »bukl spekyn with my Lord of Novwyeh, 
ADd a say to get a ]yb^ti of hym to ihat J oiay bare ihc 
Bacremcni her in the rh.ipcM, beciu^e yi ys far lotfie 
chyrche, and I am Eetfiy, and the parson ys oftyn owt 
For all maDer of ca^wcltcs of mc and myn, I wold 
liavjl ^TJUiilyd, yf 1 myth. 

Send me wore! yf ye herony lydyngts from 70171 
brodyrhowhcdoChofhys sekacifOndk odyrthyago^ 




as brfoith u yz know, aa it^\t\y ju yc iiuy. T lliynk 
kmg tyll 1 hrr from hyiu lor i1yvTT« raimyiL God krpo 

Wretyn in hut at MiLn\lb>, 4>n Uic SalyrdAy next 
be Cor CAoddnica Ij^y, 
Send loe au ^u^wcr uf Lhys Iciljt in bui, uid odyr 

Be yowyr modyr. 

My cosyn Kobiinl told me that thcr wju mor ttua 
TTJAL of the mony that waii payd h>-tQ that was ryKht 
on n^ly. And he cowj tjowi havjt duungyd. He 
XM oa i^oodly urtvyd ihiir iii. 


AD. 147;, ^9 Jm 
AlAKCARrr Pastox ix^ ^^ Jokm Pasioh. 


Ji Sa-JfiM Jiisttm, JO^M^ ** M/i dtijr^ryd in ^Mt. 

'GIIT «^clbdovyd aon, I gret yow wdl, and 
temJ yow Godilts blywrng and myn, Ictyng 
yov wcie iKit I iiiarve:>lc ilia,t T have hati no 
wrytyvg from vow sethyii ye sent tne the 
lltqTtbAtyeveattine be lor the Kyng^comytig toNor- 
vycb; laihc vrhycbc Icttyr yc wrot tg mc chaiycthuld 
a wretyn iEeyo to nic or yc sihulcl i!c jurt owi of 
London. It yi >0 ihfll yowyr hunlcyil Wiliram hath do 
fayd Id mr coayn Kolunl Clerc but i\tj'^/i. of thu CO. 
ud he wol no moj pay but yf [h/a/^jj] he hath tirlyycr" 
niocofiny plt^ea.ihe wytihwaa leyil icj \ilrgg for xx^'^; 
tiie wydi ben b«lyr. I writ well, be c.iu*i* of the good 
wcJI i\at he owyi to ra«, a« ye know, he wr>ld ben in 
tbctcfi My cosyn, RoUtrd Clcr, WM her 
1 j:hii-^4i,M«m» 


THK PASTOtf LETTERS, {^.a 14?$^ 

with me ihy% weke, ird (old me, thai yi he wold a 
cielyvcrytJ them, he myth in hod the icj^ xjJl ; but he 
iry*i hr wcIlI tumU lyll he biul spoltyii widi inc^ ; he ii])- 
trowth I ftnd hym lyght kj'ndly dyipotyd to yow. and 
to me boihe ; uid ko 1 have desyryd hym 10 kept nyll 
the plegcc in hys poucssyun, tyll I hare vonl ftom jqw 
how ye ir :it;rtyiJ witli yovtyr hitiikyll Tor the ^xijrmeQt 
of tbe teyd inoiLv : I wen veryly tJut ye hkve foniid 
hym ewcrtc for allci *nd vff yo have wc dt>. I wold yn 
Bhuld wiyl lo yowyr biiukyll thcrfof, lliai I myih h*vc 
my plesgics agcyn^ for I v/at ItHh thai ihty &huld com 
In h>-8 ijftgycf*- 

Itcm, a« for Sporyl wood, be ffor the Kyngescomyiw 
iato Norfiotkr I myth ui hod ch^pmca tu ;tlKnvtyd 
[ktrtrf ti^ughi ii"^ A gnn [/n tv^iut] foir vij ■'' [rnw^Af aw] 
nuLTl, And now thcr vol no man by yi a gret, by- 
cauac of the gici good that the pcpyll ys Icyd ti> fer 
the Kyng ; vrcrfor wc or a bowlh lo rcl^ylyt ^9 weU 
R3 we may, anrl js well as yx caii be hrowth too ; and 
I se&d yow word how w? sh^lJ d4> a5 &gtcty as 1 tnav. 
A« lor Towyr barly in thya cuntrc. yt otnitoC be sold 
above Jtrf. or xj*£ ; dial ys the gitlesl pijs of bajly lier, 
and but yi be at a heetyr prys, I purpose for to do 
)'l malL And os for monyr I cowd not ^et yet of Pccok 
but iij//. ; and he vcth that he than that the ovvt chat|^ 
\it iKjryn, and the icprndon of tltc niyll ai W>i]Lyno>n, 
we ar lyke to have hut lyiyll rnor mony besyd the bdrty. 
Malt y% sold her but for xuj'f. and vhet ijr or Toayd. 
at thya time, and oiya xij/f. Thcr ys non owtlod ^uH^Td 
to goo oBth dS thys cLintre as yet; the Kyng bath co- 
mxEindyd that ther shuld non gon owih of thvs lond. 
1 itii me that we shall have ryth a atmuni; ward [porid] ; 
GodamcndjdiwhanHyswyUys. I thank yow for the 
flaltons that ye sent i:ic; ttiey be ryght good, and 
plesych ne ryghi well : 1 shaJI be as good sti husvyff for 
yow a£ I can, and a& 1 wold he for myselff. Send me 
word how yc doo of yowyi sylcncs that yc hod on yowyr 
hey \fye\ anJ yowyi Itge ; and yff tiod wol nowt scflyr 
yow to havs heltb, thank Hym Uiefof, and tailgt 

MA. cirs-i 



puib«ml7, sod com hom m gcjra to ma^ tnd m shall 
Irve to KcdclTT, 14 God vol |[cvc us siaic to do ; oiui 
AS I hjivc sc>ii to yow bcnbc lltyit, I wolil yr wu 
dclpTTj'd oi" ray mft«rr* A. H.,' wi4 than I wold troft 
that ]r« shuld do ih« bcttyr. 

A« for the bolcy^ th&i yc dcsyryd to have of Sjr 
Juays,* ihe best of idle and ihc favrwE ya cltyvnyd ; 
OCT yi ys not in hy« in^^ent'^Ty. 1 snail a uv 10 M yt 
for yow* and I nuy ; the prys of the lodyr boKy«> beeyd 
that. y» ju*. vjrf. the wych 1 *cTid yow & byii of. Vf 
yc lyk be tJic piyi of thcnii and yc wol have tlicm. send 
ne wonl- And aUo T pray yow fi^nd mc an antsirvM 
oflbyt Id^, be cause I thyr^k lor^^ icth I hard from 
yoir. Goc hfl^t yow in liys kcp)-ng. 

WtdjTi aE MawUljyt "" tiic Scatyrday not be fom 
Ihe Puiificaitton of owyr Lady, the xUij. y<T of Kyng 
i^mrd tli« uaj<, 

Yowyr Modyi. 

*"'**' 7B3. 

A-D. M75. jFfh 
Sn JouM Patiov to Jonrf PAsiotf, 

IFx^O) Puton MSS^ aM.J 

2t jb* krviktr hkm Pojtart, ^ to .A v|i] ^ii^ WiiHam 
AaImv, Mf ^inr)^ Lam, i/r i*j Edraorui Fajitim, at 
ike Gtfr;itt at Pk^wfyi WAar/t, t& dWjr«r twy of 

'GHT vonhypt&li I reconuundc mc on to 
yiV9i, Ittyng yow wcetr ihal I thynkc lotige 
that 1 hccr ni>lt frora yow syns Crystmcsse, 
net have no Mrrtc^n knonlcchc whether that 
TowDcohcnd fuul^c peifoimyd hyt promy^sc or nott, 
ncrofl'my htnlhrr Johnys bcyng;tt London, ntroff my 
Lord or I«ujy o^ Norfolkes comyng to London, at 
vhoy^ comyng sholdc l>c Uie chcETe labor ind sewlc 



thtl I oror tny for nw ihold^ labor. Ie vuioOkC^od 
thftnJ^c )roj botlK, tluit ichc oA" yow, at my last bqnx 
with x^^w- ^'fiUiUyd luc to ukc laLiOT uj/pOEi iriJw ; uia 
ichc off yowf^ for the havjmg agr>ynofTnijr pbrr ir CastrC 
Now is it »0i>, that wher mj- vcrry purpwo vns to htwt 
comyit 10 London now with the Muter of ihc Rollyi' 
And Sir Thonitui Mongoniae;, dcmyn^ to fyndc the 
Kyiig *t the Parlemcn: ; and also ihar my lAirie and 
Uuly ofi~ NoHTolk. shoUlc nott by lyklyhod fayl« to be 
tbccr also . wbcT^oimethoKht the tymcvu convcnycnt; 
but It happyii so tJiat viihc tydyn^ci ojinc hyddrc off 
the Frcoshe Kyngei tiaatty tomycg in id tJier« m-tn^hyi 
of Pylutdyt, whyche caw»yil my Lonlei Dtriiutc and 
CownacU hcci to dcsyr nnd chu^c mc soo atrcvghtlf, 
Uu-t m nou w\-»; J luuyc, 1)11 1 liix-rulhcx tyJyngcs. 

Sane from nense. NoiwithtTonilyng tho Mirchall 
COdDsell heor have wrcTyn* to my LorJe Vf^rt 
tenant for mc, ard moor over dcsyryd bothc the }JUaia 
of the Rollys acil Sir Th Mcngomcic to icmcrinbET my 
niateves boihe to the Kyngc and to my lotclc, in *o 
fnoche thal^ i^ the season be convenyent, both th« aeyd 
Master and Syr Th Mon^omere ivUfe laborc bothc tnc 
Kynge au<3 my lorile lo cnirele my Ix^rde off NorflTolk, 
my bdy hys vyfT^ and ther con^ll, to do fof ma al] 
that reason wyll j of whoysgood wilEea and labor her in 
1 UQC better enmryd olT, th^n I kan for Ukkc of IcyMt 
at thys tynic nryght ycme wciyng off; ^bci^or I |>j:ayc 
yow and iche of yow, ifi" the season he ponvmjmt, to 
take the labor, chat Ihcc^e jentyllmen maycdofor lat, 
and to ray proSyght, tike as 1 fecUe them dytpovyd to 
doo; and mooicovci I hive aomwhatt mfoniryil thoD 
boihe ther m ; and also that I i»ay<- hutyly he>er from 
yow, and iff it come Co that any niony most be ffnyn 
lomy Lordc or Lady off Norffolk fforaplcsyihcrcbr, I 
wuLl. uppon as J heei from yow, cojiie u> yuv iu aUc 
ha^i pMiible, all ihyngt* lejde a pun*. 

iictn, iM any letter be requesyth to be h%dd«, in lyktf 
fon&caaoony»tlier -WAS from the Kyngiony XfOrdcoff 
' 4 J^DUonoB.tftirvtnli lb«bif «flUr 


gDtrAKH IF. 


r«tff>Ik, & T. MoBtgomfre will hj yonr Advjrca 
tc yovr suchc ctic off yowr enicnt;) to my p«o* 
Lc LQ ihc ^rcniysayB. luitl by tlty^ my wryghiyog 
'1 byndr mr lo rrpaye yowo, tfT any michc loiter or 
wTyghl>iig be optfynyd, whal 6C «vcr ii costf; No 
BooTC forloJtkc o^lcysor 

Wreiyn «t Olcyil, the v, (fay of Fcvcrcr, anno E. iiij. 

Afl for ^rdyrif^es heer, mymostcnK thVmbojsatoreSt 
T. Mongotocrc* and the Master of the Roily?, kom 
It ftum the IJukc At hyit usegc ai Nyifyiise, 
vhjche wyll noti yia be wosie- 

Vowi John Parov^ iL 


A.IX i47St >2 Feb. 

Snt JcHN Pastow to MAROAser Pastom. 

7i Mtifnsif Afargrtt J^sion, of N^rw^kf^ &£ iAjfi 

EB it jow to wcete thaf 1 rccej'vyd a Ittto 
froM yow, wtetyn ihe Suterdayc next byffw 
CuideliDeose ; tor answer whcroft lykc it yov 
to wcclc. lh4t jL« for ihe bokys tlvit wccr Sir 
(God hflve hy« feowit: E), ! l)iyiik<r lii?M ihAl ih^ 
fftyll with yow, tylt that 1 tp«kf with yew my aeUT*^ 
My xnyndc is now notI most uppon bokcft. 
Itcmt Ai foi AJi/j. ihat yc scy t}ui yuwr pkic lythe 
r, it it tO| tboi T fownde TTtyoncle WJLIJam no sewene 
r, i£ Pbyler and my brother John bothc cowde 
enfToftDc yov ; itwasncrcKlcayTydofTOc, DerthetolJe 
mc iwtl (b^x Ary sudic pledge I^yc fur it, but Uml ye 
tnikl dyMJiargyd mr of Dt/f, and ch?vyssbyd \\, oJid 
that je sholde rcpivc it in hast ; vrherin I woll do as 
ye ivoUr and u it plciuvtb yow to scndc mc wciyii^ 
Item, I unc xory tlut yc be no belter pAyd o(T the 



xx/a thai I had off yowe, whychc yc shoWe have re- 
<*yvyda(ieyHoff my londcs in Flcggc IfTihcnuwkctt 
he non goode yii, f hope it shall he ht-Orr; nrrerthc 
Jesse my wytk is ilut yc sholde have yowr hoU xt/a 
flgiQn^ uwl not lose j^, WhcrCTor if it be to that ye be 
mysse sctvyd ihcr, I bcsccbcyow olTpacycncc tylUbe 
ljf»gynTi>T>g of the nntt yeer, and iff might be beh)'nd, jc 
ihaXi receyve uppe the remenaunl theCr for, m God 
heipe me. I woMe be scry thAt ye lotrt raoor for mes 
I luvc (lylte yon to cost* chuge, uitd tos»e i nowga 
God ihankc yow ofiff thought ye lose no more. Whrr- 
ffor ifl Sporlt woodf? sprynge any tylver or ^Ide, tt il 
my wyll Ih^t fj'isl of allc yc bo yowr ownc payer off aHi 
ihaL U bi: ityndcp and acxi thaXX, tu p^yc myu L>i]clc 
William vij^My/, xiijj iiij//, nnd hesyd that, xxyi lost 
uppon the chevj^sthiuiice of iiii*^//, t and so 1 owt 
vii)'* ij/t xiijn*. iiij-/- WicHTor I oesechc yow to mAkt 
haat in repayment herofT as fast m h woUc growe» as 
my trust is in yowe. 

Item, wher it plensyd yow to weete of myn hor1< 
KQd amendyog ; 1 tlianbe Godde 1 &mein goode cuci 
And as goodo a fall hooU, holhc oft llie fevre, a^c off 
myn ie, m>-n Icgge, and myo heele, saff that 1 ame 
le&dre off all thee&c ; and were nott goode revle, hiW 
like lo fceU off ichc off ihem tyghl soor\c ; ncvcrlhc^ 
lease, God tliiinke yow off yowr Icirge profrc. whcfoff X 
woMebe ryght gladdeiff 1 myghi, for treble* and other 
hbor that 1 have takyn on me aowe m to Fhumcc 
warde ; for the goode spcdc off me> imd that jomeye, 
I beteche ynw of yowr pieyercs and itmcmbmncc ; and 
thatt jomey, with Goddes grace^ one* doon, i purpose 
verT«ty, with Goddt^s grace, thenifltre to duun<« Atend' 
auncc most abovi yonr picture and vstsc ; and with 
Goddirijfcli^cc.&ooneiippon Essemt'.cievyr I ^ooforllir, 
f hopi]- to *e yow, and fccrhoycur W<'S*iyT>ge. No moor 
at tliys tyme, but Jesiis hwe yo*v in Hys kep)iig. 

Wrctyn ftt C&lcys, the xhiJh djiyc of Fevcrcr. tnno 
£. mi^ aI^j*. Vowt &ine» 

Jouv Pastow, JL 

JLDi-MTf-1 SDWARD /R 151 

MenOAftdua.tluuSyf John PutMt owthc lo WillJua Puio^ 
nveff pftpUe llic Snte day of O(iobi< foi TuwokuJ. C 


A-D. i475t S Marck 

MAKOAurr Vasvqih to Jcu» Paston. 

HIK PASTON, I send yw Ootid* bijrssyng 

and myn, IctT^ff f^^ wit. :hal I lutUl non 

erthp Icttyr tbau on Sent Malheu* Evyn; 

yf 1 myth a had an mflsucnKur or thys tym I 

lid Wnl yl ycfflf, I con yew thank for ihc IcUyr ihit 

rr tent to my rrt!K>-n C^ilthuq^ji ;Lntl mc nf !hc tydyng< ; 
void ye ihuld d3 «oo mor. As ye may r^mcmbyr 
Ihat I spok to yow for the xx*^//. for my cotyn Clere, 
ndc 10 yowr hunk)!] thad^ jurl nend me 4n answer 
tberof b ba«- And for the lyceiit thiil 1 %\yx\l \<y yow 
fcr, to have the Sacrement in my Chapcll^ yf ye ctinnot 
Kc^oTthc Bosahopof Norvrych, gctvt of the Busshop 
of Cnmlcrbeiy, for that p moaL Awyr tor all pl^e^ 
God kepe yow. 
Wi«t>-o on MydJent Sunday. 


Alxnit A-D- M75' ^^ Marcih. 
KicauiD SovriiwKLL TO John PafioK- 

[Knm l-utMi MS^., RMJ 

I AUblb< BHidcva htn ittcrrc4 lo wu John Grni«y iirFcfHt^HA, 
LMaiyinHAUrf,0«uehl«ro'RUiKrii?f<mhvrii, r.uiLiiEagfWccd 

■•■ Itf ijueMfUU Ilia v^iiuii- 

7b tki rigfii wtffsA^p/Mi, atid my ri^hi /aihfuU ^hjV 


THE PA5T0N LETTERS. [A.r>. 1475. 

IIGHT wonhippfuU and tny nghi fcithftll sod^ 
dosLn, I rccomAuqdc trie unto yoti, bod^ as 
hcriily u I cAn. UiiUikc you (^ you; ri^i 

gemill an^l kynilr Tcmrmhrannrtr. ihiiT T (xin- 
fifcyve tt'cll l:>y your late writynff that ye have to rnc 
varies, imdcscivcd m dcdc, bui not iti w;!!, »o God 
helpc m<;, as yc ^hciUI wecll kmjwc, if my power tni^t 
atriifde with my will. And, ccwin, in the mafcr Inot 
it liked you to Twncmbre mt inn bothe to my wowhipp 
and plciiscr, I fccrc ra^ that tiouthcr my poocfc doughtcr 
noi pcjiicrc {)MXs tan nor may be to his plascf ; wold 
God ouilm mighi ; ami f ^ihitld tike me right nrere to 
hii pteifier, savyne myself, I ensuie you bv my trouth. 
And liorrc to undcr^trind hia plc*u<T and diapOftldoa 
thcxiu, 1 »x iiu lucuii ^ tlihia ^dviacil, but if [mh/e»] it. 
might ptcft^ jfonby yoLirwindam ioirtempteitff>rth«iv 
uyc A^rae moete convcmiente,and1h«ruppon 1 lob* 
piyded by your godc ucivbc» a« the eaa ahall require ; 
whcjiQ ye Hlvill byiule uie licicUei to do lliui Eiiay be Id 
yourplfABcr to my powor.flndycttc wiih no berter will 
than 1 h&va had, &o God help mc, VVho hdv« ycti ever 
in IIukepingCtAndacnde you yoLirhcitc«deufc toHit 
jileaser i ami if it pk-as you to rcmemtwc further ia 
The premisses, I tnisi ye shall Icefte no labour on m/ 
pouere parte j howe be it J fere me sore, as 1 be gSA, 
bolJic of niy poiicrc doughter and purs* 

WrilOD Hi Woderyf^yng, the mom cftet Out Lftdy 
Day, in hasic, 

I require you this bill may be secrete. 
By your licwe cosin, 


A,D- I475(?)[s9 March.] 


[From FenOp tv. 444- J 
Thi* ItTsf w«i nultniJy vTia«] rt 1474L whcft Jdhd Pumt afld Ml* 


EDUrA/tI> /Fi 


fi nkiHilli iri^— I m M—irVr 

rCHT wotcHfpfall modyr, af>yr all humbytl 
rccontctxUcyons^ a« lowcty i,i i am J bO' 
Kichc jow of youj blywyi^n- Plcaiyi yow to 
»nc lliai late yrs[cr nyght 1 cam to Nor- 
wych^, piirpcsdng \0 h^ivr^ been br lhy£ day with yow 
atHtfirtby, butit is*o that litiAynot holdmypurpoise, 
Cot be thdkt sIiaB p4y roc my quvtcj w&gys for nic jLod 
ony rctrnrw, « fn Nnrwyrfir, anil wnytyih ourly when 
fan moQcy sluU com to hyin- It i% oon Edmund Bowcn 
to 1cr>- ijH ihc moocy be com, Usi that 1 be unpaycd, 
for who comvih fyni ro rhr myllr, iynx must grynd. 
And ju 1 was wryghtyng thys byll, on of the 

El&ys of my iordr* cLtarnby^r com la mc, and told mc, 
t my Udy vyW be here in Nonvychc to ntorow at 
nyi^t tennis WslKyngh^mi, whyrlic ihall, I woi well, 
bff Ji nother Utt to ta«; but 1 had mor« need to be 
other wysc ocupycd then to awaytc on Udyse, for ther 
s as yett, I tiowc, dc> *tp«nc that stutl gu uvci- the sctfi 
■oerylihonrydus Iflm, Bittii is Fold niff th:ir Ryr^bnid 
CiU hAth< a good hOFM Eo ddl, and on John Bcchcrof 
OitM>rO(^h haUiC in other ; and if it my^hl plcaac yow 
to cere Syiuc Icrc 10 lyd in to that conlrc it my coat, 
snd b your mmr-, Cf^i^g tlu^t ye vrylt ^ve on of your 
BOnys aa hoT«c, doeyryng hym that he v^yJi geve yow a 
pCTjyworthc for a. pcny, and he ahall, jLnJ die prysc ht 
rcftOQ^iyUt boM hycn p1ca»yd wldi your payment aiLghl 
of my pure?, thow hr knriwir it nrit nr hys horse deperi 
fro ^ bnd^ Modyi, 1 bese[che] yow, and it may 
plciscyow to jcevc Symc ievc torydc on Ihys message in 
yciur :uinc. that he nij^y be here with mc to icurow in 
ihc momytijj h*^ ^y^y^i fo^" ^''^f ' onys horsyd, I trowe 
I m B« l«rfonho Twiy as *orac of toy neyithboroirft, 1 



herd % tytyU vrord ihat yc pvrpiMeid to be here ia 
Korwydic djys nc*t wccX. 1 prey God il be lli>s wtrk, 
Modyr, hcse'he vow i)iai I nMjr hflvp an answer to 
morow at the fertfteil of thyi mater, and of cry other 
KTvyac thftl il i^lciue yow to comoAd cnci whyehe I 
wy\] [be] At ftll scions ledy to jtcompIyKhc with Godi 
gmcc, whom I he^cchc to ppMcrvc ynw and ^oute^ 

Wrctyn m Norwydie, thyt WedDytday in fi«lor£i 

By youi sonc and scTFanat, 

A.D. 1475, 33 May. 

[From Poalon MSS., B,M,] 

Slb^lMMrlicndonnl "Mm' Mui. uhio b^^" The dtlc la CHhTBBl 

/>n £/ Syr/tihn Piuten, lit ikit dJjfirtmi in Aw/. 

TGHT welbelovyd con, I grete you ir«ll, iSid 
ser»d you Criites bhssyng and mync, dcvyr- 
ingc to Lnow how ye fkirc, I iDcrv^Ic Uiai 
I have herd no lydynges from yoii sythe yc 
sent me the l«ttyr of aa ansM-ere of the xx/i. the which 
I have byde pteagcs for ta my cosyn Clccrc, ihc vrhkh 
IcUer wiis wtjlcn thr utij*>'ciay of Fcbruaj; andtn iot 
Ihat money, I can not gcie no lender day therof than 
MydBomer. or fourth oy^hl after; and iowdf9 that 
money, and the xx'v/j- that I send yow by tydc tc Lon- 
don bySyin. I have receyved noniarmoncy ofyowre*, 
bill 4« moch u I send yow wryten in ihxi leii^r. And 
julbrany dischuge that I promysed;Ll Llie boroeng off 
the xx'^/i. wheo I fcyde the pl&ij^es thcr fore, 1 tbougbt 
not l>iil llidt your uncle shuld a borocil them uwlc. aud 
I CO have had my pleases, a^ well aa he his \ never the 


El>WAXi> IF. 


las t hIuI] be the vucT how I iihLtll dcTc her? «ft)T. 
By mj'irrjwth, 1 iiDtrnot how to doUirrforr ; thrKyng 
goc^ lODert' Lit icihiscunCTcvbothtopoocr aadTvcher 
thai I wotc not h<m vrc dioll tjrff, but yflT [«ff/<£f/| the 
world atricrxl- GodamenditiTrhAnniawyl] i«. W^cnit 
nutJic^ skW cornir iierciilell lu [lo guinl {jrrvi<. Bdilts 
li«rabuiatx/^.icQmb;wheete,acombxxvujf/,; ooict, 
A cooib x^. -, Aftd Lh«f ol i« but JyteU to fcect here %i 
4l)rfl lymt WiHififfl Poc«k aliill aci:<l you a byll vhax 
he hMh pav(}c for jrow for Ij. uskt« ai this lyine ; und 
bow ho hatfi piirvcy^lcforTheremnaunteof yourcom*; 
tadSLtsoofToihcr thynges ihAt be neccfi«aT>' that shuld 
b« purrcyd for in your Absrncc- Stnd me word ^»o 
whoinr yr wyH iJriyrr lo do for yow m rhW rcinTTC, or 
cHy* whtfw in your absence j Jind wiytc lo them to do 
fbf yow, And ih«y ^il be the belter wyllcd lo do for 
row ; vid I wyll do my dcvyr for yov also» as vrcll as 

I CU1. 

The tonmu oH money ihAi I have rtc^yvyd off 
WyUiim Pecok -.- -Firat, xLf. off Runnham, Ilcm, cIT 
Butwyi:> xxj. Item, off Runnkim^ xu. llcrn, oft hini 
for hirlyai Riinnhiim, xxj. Item, off the fysrhyn^t^ai 
liiatn^te, xiii/. \\\)it Item, for Wcly sold it Ruiin< 
ham, vi:j/. Sumcoik totUm, vj//, ivj^/. 

llcni. 1 have rctcytydof Rit^ Cillc. of Sporlc wodd. 
Zxvjf. viiji/., iiod morr ^hjill I lio[i(r heir o^ftyr within 
riioft tyme ; m I recayve for yovr^ 1 hope to yttl yow ^ 
tmacow&t; iuid this idalE tliut 1 have rcct^yvyd Tor 
yow lylt sen ye dcpartyd licrm. God bryng yow wcU 
agcyn to itiis conLie, to His p1euin\ and to your 
wufshj'p uid proiyst 

Wrytcn at MAWtcby, the xxiij'^ day of May, and the 
Tcwsdij' not .kfftyT Trii)ylc Soiiday. 

For Go(Idi*& lijvr, and your brtfhet go over ihc sec, 
flvysc them aa ye thynk be£l for her \tftar\ save garde. 
For aOTae of Ehem be Ijuc yongc sawgcrea, and wote full 
lylyll wliil yt mcnctJl to be «]^ a sauger. nor for to 
Ciyiure u> do a» a »awgcr shuld do, GoA ^ve yoiv dll. 


and ftcnd nw good tphjhge^ct t^m tH Aad Mad ft 
mc woni ID ku*t how yc 4oOb tor I thynk kngt to ^j 
bcTc o^ yow. Be yoMtt Modyr. ^H 

Item, I trold not ID no w)%c that ^^uld nether ecU 
nor sett ii> ptcaRc that yc have in RunnhaiD, wh^E soia 
ever ffirtiinc of the rcmnoutul ; for yi u a praly Ui/n^ 
and rcioQAble wcU |>aydc, and rtrc ihy* totmc. I 
wdid be ryght Mny that ye shuld for bere thai ; 1 h^ 
lever j'c tfK bovc that your imdc hath to tncv^i^c thin 

A-D. I47S* »S May-— ABSttACta 

|FFOmMS.Inda*iiM»ffLCoU., Oiroivl.J 

Koarouc a»o Scrroi-K Dkwxa^ No. r^ 

"Johurinrt Puton mQa niflut WLllLelmo WfDloQ' •plie- 
M Rim f iitarn lui <!« «t In mmtf rio (1« Tlcbwell^ Earn tn Hkk- 
lini', Guiun. Bcyion. NcwE^tL. ChJcuIcs fa FrcUon, LeycstolU 
ILiUUuJ* Brudctton, ct CgrltAvo, Mtdi iS, Bdu. IV. 15/' 

"Cbuta JdMStii Putnn mitiEu if* ttm< Johunii FkMlf 
pert pmdkt Jahum^ pt continrni <cTii:«iJon«fo qiumdim 
tvfdcmlvvn) epdKopo Wixii^rn', tc ^ebiaiEujir^fn ortdotma^ 
■cduniiJit, c( ctcbuniuiiua vcaoi iJtLblicEbm cpwvUHta. litti 
>1^ Eav. IV. 15." 


A-D. 1475, 13 June. 
Sir Jokn Pajton iu Jiih« Asn KninwD Pasiov. 

Thi* MlV tnurl huv* Ivcn -i^iiaii in ih* y«AP '47)h *'h*A. m ir^ll ^ t^iit 

bvlh Jvitrt and KdmuuJ, ■<■ wbooi j}ii> l*n« » BPliLitHtfHL, v*ta BM^ »fir 
U CuaIa Til* Dkibffp uf Liocoin iKiMjLciEjjmti wm C h a tm Ltot kB J4^ K 

JUfwdL AWnp erf ftoeb^Ur, wd] fb« «<il:i jHpumbA irhcri ie m roWnd 
Imr yttc b i1h paki ff tlorTglk diva ia Juuvr 147a- 

A ^W* /Wftfn, kT/- i;^ *^i irtf/Z^j- £dmiMj Pi}4i^ ai 
ikt (iwrgf, d/ FoJvUt Whorf. 

tOTHKR &lmoLidc, it b aoo tlul t hccr tcltc 
that yi? be In hoj>c to come bydiire, ami lo be 
to Eucbe vieei as yc ichslt come Ivvc tyke ft 

filar, for row t l>ctia spccdc, Ilclc >ou wcclcihal Hcugh 
l^BeuDDud n deed ; whcrfTor 1 wciUIc yc h^l hys Tccime 
or ntvcr, itf ye cajD biynge ii abowi ; cUys iff >■€ 
ne to iibydc in Li^ondt^, syns ;t ]S so that 
p of Lynkolnc* is ChAnncelcr, hys scrvjw: 
ihe meter for yow; he is nrxt nc^yghbor to N<iclTulk 
r A&y ufiue. God icnde yow some good worde of 

1 praye yoo, iffyowT kywr be ther fiArc to rcmombne 

ToTimrsbrndCj thai hf, with the idvysc ahiI uiystcnce 
of my \Lutcr of the Roily;,' have oncdtyc off miuthe 
vit^ the slave Byuhop of Wynchcslcr, that he ti^yc kqJC 
me hji promy^Ct tluit U lo scyc, to cnuctc the Duke 
lod Duchene of Norffolk for Cuter. He jjromywd 
h> doo it, and lo ley owl on di. for Che t:une^ 

Item, I prayc yoir &er]de me some tydyagcs withiQ v. 
dftjo afbc ihAl yc ace thy.<^ byllc. 

Wrecyn « Caiey*, ihe wij. daye off June, 



A.D, 147S, lo Aug. 
Uargaket Pastoh to Sir Johk Pastok. 

[Krom l^cni* il i8o.] 
* Tban» XMbaLuiL ■ A* ^ »i. Mom ft 


QHT welWoved *oat to: 

As for ttdjm^ hot in ihia contrCr wo have wxu bat 
that the contry is l>ircvn of money ; ood thatnyudf 
of Yorkf'ard&ll hcrhowsoW UficTCalScntBenca^ 
ftnd puTpi>Bfrl <o Abide thi?rc stillr, nL the Kynge COOM 'I 
irom be ^ndi; ihc ace, and Jcngcr if she lihc the eyrt 
thcr, 4t« t( 13 sddc. 

I thj-nkr ryght longe tillc T h(?fr som^ Hi^jri^ 
for loutrre^ from ?] you ind from your brethren. I prey 
Ooo sduie you and il your compflny ROodc spcffe ia 
your jcunicyst to His jilcsurci Jind to yotir wonhlppct 
and prfjfigbTiv, 

Wrttcn « Mautdsy, on Sen Lowretis Even, the w. 
yctc of the regno of Kyng 11 the iiijth. 

Ik yor Moclcr. 

A.D. 1475, 1 1 Sqit. 

[FramPutonMfiS^ B.M-] 
ti k% •fidnt t^ ihii letter wiu imnea jiImt ih« nexm oT Kinf 

tJ» mil>Ar-J laiuli, fliol tPtroTB^i Iui4i ilui XVLlltAh Jhipov Iwd «iNrfd tot* 
\UAn\t' Mi\\t< In rLlUy. " Ul ilic TjrnfaE «ul litcU of bd douW^*^' 

bmLwiBiTiD widtiwiir Kidunl FldfiUB«uL Uli» qI ynf I. and moE'HVdr 
KtrjfEJwi^ EVr Ac. SVi^d'cdiii i^yj^ and wba bw«fd mbi liv huitaa^ 

In ru cdlrec tl ftxJiniuxai.^F, 

lYCHT rf/trcjtd and my mo« imdrt aad 
kyndc moodrc, I rccomaunJc me to vow. 
Plea»c it yow to wcctt that, bicsjvil be God, 

tyme, uid rII« th« Kpge« CBt Ik comcn lo Caleyft as on 
MontlAw last poatT tbapt is to 8«ye, ti:e uij. chyc of 
Scplcmbrc ; and 4l tkjn O^yc nuuy of hy^ lioat be 
pasAvd ihe ice in lo Irt^lomt 1^^1.711, »nd Ln csj^cml] 
ajr Lorde oH NorlTo^k ard my brc-thcryn, 

Itm, I was in £00<tc liopc lo hai^ haddc CmUi 
iffcyo. Tlic KjiMfE^ ip&kc to my Lordc oIT Norffolk 
Jbr iiy And II wai; f»11 lyLc to Uavc rnmyn ; hni in rnn> 
clusyon il ift ddfivcd t^lJ xhh next icrmcT by whychc 
tytnc the Kyngc fiAt comoui^dyd hym 10 take odvycc 
off hyscounccj], jnd lo be nj-wcr thai hys lytic be 
(tootle-. Of cllys the Kym^ hadic nisit'ncynyd hytn thai 
lor 3Jiy tjivor he most <Io mc ry^l ^nd jusLyte, &a 

AndilT Coster haddc comcn, by my feyihc 1 hid 
connyn atreyhte home- NotwithRiondyng. iff I may do 
yow %crvyccnf p«c, At yr -irui Ih;ivr*'<nnonyd beer 10 
fooi, oftre 04 i hcer from yovj, 11 God hdpe mc, J pur- 
pose lo lce9c alle hccr, and come home to yiytv, and 
be yvvit haboiidc ind balyfT, -whtii in I spoke to my 
brothrr John lo telle vow myn acJvyce. 

I ilbo ayttdyke (omxvhAt the hvyi heer; for by my 
tiowtit I nuingoode bcvk nhan ] come hycJdrc, and 
alltioolLaad to my wctya^ J hadJc never a better 
WOMhtf hx my lyfle, and now vnth in viij^ d;iytfi J am 
Cfuyd Wftyn> 1 appose Lh^t 1 moaE b<s at London 
ai Mychdiacuc, ana Uicr to purveye for payment for 
myn oncic Wllini, by whychc tyme J ptayc yow that 
I nrwy hprr from yow and off yo^r advyce and helpe, 
iff nay thynjic be growyn ofl Sporle woyde. h'OT bod 
nott yit llut danger have bccn» I myi;h yit have bca at 
hootc with yow at ihyi dayc* or xvitb Id vlj. ddyeii ^iflrc. 
No more, but I hr^eche Jesus have yov in kepyug. 

Wretyn at Qcic}-fi, the stj, dnyc of ^cptembrCp 



A»IX U7S- Id Oct 


[Ff om Tiiron MSS.H B.M-1 


7J /!/ rjyA/ ^foreJi/f/tiil Sir John pAtlim, Kny^^ 
Miyd at fMt Gtffq^, by P^^iys WhtrJ^ m L^mdpt^^ 

[VGIiT ivcichcpfuU SET, I Tccam-ind mc to yow, 
si-'Ttyfyiry yow that T have comonyfl with 
BiLTTun] and other yt^ur w«UwyLlcK with icy 
Lord of NortTolkt wh>T:hc avisc me that yc 
shold, for your nj'jjhcit nicaiic to get Caster a ytn, 
labors to get jl l^ttre Tfo Ihe Kyng dyn^ct to R- Socfc^ 
well, Tonyfi Hulitt&rd, uid other of tnv lortlys coii- 
uyll Dcing, aad to ichc of tlic/m : and m the scyd 
leitifT to leie iheym have kiiowla^e thai the Kyng 
mevyd to my lord of the *?yrj rnattr beyond the te*. 
and hough my lord aTisw«tl the i^yi^K that at hys 
comyag in to Inglond h<^ wald mcvc to hys ficjxl con- 
sayM of tlic seyil inaicr, and ^^cvf llic Kyoy aq ansver 
Wherfor the Kyng \n the sevd lott>T niiit Btrcj'ghdy 
charge theytn, and ictie of tkcym, to comon with nty 
lord in the scyd mater tn sychc wytc that the Kyng 
may be senyfyed of aii answer fVo my lord atid theym 
ai The ferthesl h"^ crastmo Animarttm :^ forSuth^well 
nor Jamye Hubbard sh^ll not he at London befor 
Halowmasa, and thya i& the best wey that yc may ti^c. 
35 we thynke here. 

My lady swerytli, and so dothe Banurd on hyr 
bchalfff that she wold aa fayne yc had it as en^' body \ 
notwkhsundyng she ac>'d not so to me* 5>'thc t caia 
horn, for I spsk not with by; but onyrs sylhi: I syp yo« 
list Vet she lythe in Nonvyche, and shaU do t}'ll 
she be dcl>'^'erd , but I have be seeic ever sytbe I 
cam Of) thy£ syd the sce^ but I tmat hoityly to amend 

1 t)» Uamv flf All Swl^ ■«, jd Ka 

A-O. UTSl 

EDWARti rr. 


I6r Jdl my s^knewp thdt I hiid «t Caleys, sad «)Fthe t 
cun avQT a]oo» cun but of cold, l^ut 1 iru xMver so 
vcU wjrd for die wcnc a% I hAve &ow &nnrd mt fc^r 
cold; whcrfof I itvy^c :row> lake cJiaitipyll by ttjc, if a 
luppyn yow lo br ?<rk, p* yc wri whr^i 1 waii at 
Cueys, in ctiy wy« kcpc yow wnnnt-- I wccnc Hcny 
Woodhous nor ]unyv Arbljistcr wauc never ni onyri >o 
vmtxj iiotys, hos^ anil botckvi as ] doo. or cilys by 
God we had goni- ihcrioT' Whnt wc iholl yet I cui 
not sey, but I bcrc me bold en ij. dayes omendyn^, 

Hy nodyr tendyth yow Gode^ bly-'^zEin^ and hen, 
and ihe wold &ync have ynw iit home nilh hyi ; and 
if ye be onys mrttc, she Idlyth mt yc iholl not lyghtly 
d^nrt tyll iJetht; depart yow. 

As I wa^ «Tyglityng thya Icttyr, on cold me diat the 
Kyag tJwU be ai Wulhyngtiutn cljy> ticxl^ Tf it be kj* 
it ver belt Tor you- to Aw;Lyi<; t^n the Kyng all the wey, 
uid if ye bAve ncpt men and hone i nowghe I shall 
send yow. Do a^ yc thynk beat ; and as yc MyU have 
Uic tu dtj, iciid in^ ycjur uvysr. and 1 sW3 atconi- 
plyshe ii lo my pootr^ with G<xl« grace, Who preseive 

Wreiyn at Nom/chc, ibc x, day of October, anno 
!»• E. mj-i. P. J.' 


A.D. 1475, aj OcL 
John Pastox to Sir John Pastok 

[From Fcnn, Ii. ifia.] 

7k Sir /chn Patter KfiygAi, Mgyii a/ the Gwrsf, h 
Powiys Wherffy in L^nJatt, 

R ft)] durtc* of rcoomcndncyon, please it 
yow lu ufiidyislAnd that l have spoken wAh 

m* Udy ' ^ihr 1 wirft to ynw loiT ; and she 
told me that the Kyng had no tyche woorlyft 



10 my lo/il for Caster, as ye told me ; b»t nHc «yih 
ihfli ihc Kyng aiid my lord ai by* departjug fro 
Calcys, how h* wold ileeie wilh Outer, and my lord 
answcrd ncvyr a woord, 

Six Wh BtAuduii' htuud hy. aiid tlic Kyiig aijd Uym 
what my lord wold do in thai roattr; **yirg that ht 
hnd conuurtdyd hym brfor tyroc to mcvo my lord niih 
thai tniEcr, and Sir W. BniDdoD gave the Kjsg to 
answi^r thai lie had dotjnc so ; thirn the Kyng xxid Sir 
W, B, what my lordys answer ww lo hym^ And Sir 
W. K told the Kyng that my loidn nrtfwcr waa ihit 
the Kynff ahold as ^onc h.\\^ hya lytT a» thnt pUce ; 
and then ihc Kyng oxld my Inrd whedyi lic Kyd so 
or riought, inU my lord seyd, yee. And the Kyrg 
Beyd not o woord ayen. but tomyd hys hak, and went 
^ly^ wc>- ^ 1ml my lady told mc, ind the Kyng had 
•qjokyn any woonl in ilie woilU aflyr that ti> my lord, 
my ]otd wold not h.ive *eyd hym nay, And ] ha*^ 
gevyn my lady waroyng thnt I wyll do my lorii oo 
more acrvcyB : but er we panyd, she mad mc to make 
hyr prumcis ihiit I shokl let hyr have kiimvlege er I 
fiJtOnyd my^lT in eny other s^rvyftse ; and ao I dfr' 
paxtfQ. and aye hyr not tyneea, nor nought purpOM to 
doo, tyll 1 apck wiih yow. 

I prey yov bryn^^ htirae some hatiyc with yow, or 
and ye come not hastyly. aend me on, kc~, nnd 1 shall 
jKiy yow (or it a comb olya' when ye cotrte Jiome. 

My modyr wold fayn have yovr ik\ Mjiwtl>y ; abc 
rodi! ihydyr ought of Norwychc on Saixmiiy Ijut past, 
to purvey your lodgyng redy ayenst your comjitg, 

I have been ryghl aceW aycn sythc I wrcolc to vow 
hsU and thyi sanne day h^ve I ben pc»>ng seek ; it 
wyll not onght of iny sLom:'L by no mean, I am iindciiL 
1 mny Ewt ele halff i nough, when 1 have most 

wtm tmmZS^\ 

Duifc of suflcjik— r. 

■ Ipi ^fi-i^ it ropil'of mtiuJd fnr iiY ; *t Iuvt rhCHfOTv irienlUKtf > 
h«l ill U>U riLEtL — Pd III No. 7^8 ihf |p-l4< iir«t* it ||i?H*l lo^ tM^b 


Mi>WAJtD /V. 


I un BO ii«U <lj«<tyd. and yet it wyll not be- God 
'tcivi y^^ hcckv for [I] Iutc non iij. dftyct lo gtd)T, do 
tiiebcM I auL 

Wmyn at TCorvyelir, the Monday nut be for SeyU 
Sunoii« and Jud^^ umo K liij. xv«. 

J. P. 


AJX 1475. — Jo«w Paston 71* MARfwun' Pasitw. 
|FromPutanMS&, BMO 

Thii Vi«cr tHfH H hnv W«« vriMn ihOrtV bafEn iha oenfLvuKU of 
Iks Dutbw «r tfufeth iB DWH^bw i«» 

IFTVR all tlcwtr-H t/ iw^tmiCTKlacyon, Ih a* 
hunb^ wyse :lk I can, 1 b^iechv yow of 
jui UlyA!^^- Ihf; cheff caLB« that J 
^^y^i to yow for at ihy* acuson i», for 
(tint I cbdyntnid that my l^idy'wold lit; ryght gluid in 
'kve yoira bought hyr x\ hyr bbore; 111 fto myche 
that 5h< hithtf iJtyil the uti^lyon <ji drvers geni^Il' 
VOBiCD whody* they thought that yc Wd awaytc co 
^PT at thai scauiii ur nuu}^hl, azuJ thfry uiiswcnl that 
ney dunt tty that ye woLd, unih ry^ht good wyll, 
nrayt« on Vm kl that tymct and at all othe^ &c0sona 
Ihat IlIic «ola cotoand yow. And so I thynk that my 
kdy wyllacnd for yow; and if i: wct your case 10 be 
Ikm. I wold he ryghc glad thai ye myghl be hert, for 
[I Ihrnk your bcin^ here ahold do gret Rood to my 
ifaoujii cutcra ihal he hathc 10 sped with hyr. Whcr^ 
[far, be Godcx ukc, tmve yoiu horse and jll yoitr gere 
fwJy irith yow, whcrsoever ye be, ought or at home, 
acid oa for tncn. yc thai) nott need many, for I wyll 
cocnc for yow, and aw.iytc on yow my >ylf« ;viitl on or 
»j. with me; but f h^l need to uriilyrsuiid whcr to 
fjTid yow, or dlys I *hal] happyly leeke yow at Mautby, 
when ye be at t'reton, acti my latly my^ht then 
^Cbmtne to be ftrfonhc on hyr jomcy or yc cam, if ah« 
trcr as swyftc aa yc wet ouya on ClooJ Frydjy. 
1 rfiib«fOa*u-. •TUHucbMc^XoUk 



And OA foi llic uuil^r iti tlic bitter md (rf my biodyr 
Sir Jfthnj^a kttyr, mr- thynk h* lakjlh s wrorgc wejF, 
if he go so to w^rk; for its for the peopyll hero, I 
undyrscand non other but thd^l &LI fb1ky« here be ry^hl 
wdl dyftpcsyd lowAidtrs iJi^I niiitci, (to tlic hy^hcst 
degre to ihe lowcs:, eitcrpt Kobart yrandori And John 
Cotvyll; flnditisAgretelyklyhod thjitlhcgrettCKCbody 
K veil dysposyd lowardcs thai tnatcr, in aa mychc u 
they wold put yow to ibc Uhore above wrciyn, sotd if 
tb^ wer not, I thynk they wold not pm yow to that 

Alao here ww here with me yesterday ft tnan fro 
the Phoui of Brurnhdme io Icte luc Imve knunUge of 
the ill* speche whyche » in the coutre now of ntw, 
that thv tombc ta cot mad ; and also he aeythc tbal 
the clothe that lylhc ova the glare i% all loiyn and 
rotyii. and in iiol woilii ij'/.* jind he seyLlie he li^ithc 
pathyd it onys or twyis. Wherfor the Pryoor hathe 
EseDt lo yov at the Icest to send thedyr a oevc clothe 
at ycnat E^tcm- 

Abo MuHtyc Sloley prayith yaw, fnrOodea *akc, imd 
ye wyll do tio& almess of tylla [fUe] th^t be mygbt borow 
aomc of yow lyll he may bye aomc^ and pay yow uyen \ 
for on [*;*r] the txyt'isl chaaibyis of the Fryers, Akuidyth 
hftlf oncovt^rul Tor defaulte of lytle, for her is yetl nan 
to get for no moaey. And the HolyTrynyte hsnt 
yow in kcpyng. 

At Norvryche, ihya Twysdajr. 

Your sone and humbyl) servaunt, 

J. i^ASTOK. 

A,D. 1475. — Sir Joaw Pastow to Edward IV. 

[Frnm a MS. tn ihf BofWeian Library ) 

Ttic CuUb of CaiUer inL mrrBnclwH m ihc hnl:* or Ntvf ilk Ja K«iif iv^ 
bet >•£« Itil hi ipurl \itrc lew 1*Juli£ ibr noti »r llic ctoii'jf for a yzga C 
tvabcsm frea vtui ii buihI id Uiu ihiucd^ ibc l^iilf mii4 htn fiwe* 


SDt^jKD rv. 


VL ^ bwl W fflf l J tut« 4n<J ti4^« f«Ar, «n^ ilt« lU(< i<rilMi ahuiPil *nirf 
Bcnc Qrtt be vptaHli U4 dett ^ lJh rtM 1471, llic Uuka lIioJ gn ib« 

[S»kv£tb] unto your hi|hQ«£»« yoar feyUifal li«ge- 
noc and scrvancr, John Pfuton. Knight, th&t whcr 
Sir W'[Urain VeNntoii, WiUiftxn Jemic)'. and Thcmwi 
HowT« were infelTfyl in <:eTUin .... [to the] 
OM of voor Bid luppluum, fhey of ^t malioe i!cm- 
Cetertd with ooa or ij. of the coqiucIJ of my lord the' 
Due uf NorlToLk, v^uicd llje ttinc Due Ctj cUyiuc: r^ile 
UQlo [Oir m!inc]ir of CaKtrf an^ rittier Umk of yoiTT 
Old wppluDL vhcrinn^ the niid Vc(i/eirion anrj hia 
coofcdee* wcr infetfcd, co^itrarY to th'cDtcnt and willc 
that ibci vtr cnTcdcd for; upon witichc iIiIet the ^u1 
Due wilh great foTT^flwrywInndf'nir^l fhe ^nifl m.inolf 
ot Cutre and other Iftndt ofyonraitJds^ipplLiini. putting 
hyni from the lawfal pOMc;«ron and cstAte thfit he KaS 
[Q the ftuoe. And *i*o cale from him vj* *hcpr und xk»- 
iwic, And the «anc, irilh othrr Knif and oMinniinces 
to the ramc Runoirf of the vnlvte of C^i. toke 
cftfxed ftwcy, and the slid mtnoir riiffaccd. hurl, 
uid J^rpcircd* to thai tc <x)udc not he repaired with 
CC mire. Alio ihc revenue* of ihe &aid land* by the 
Tpae« of iij. yercs, lo die value of \\y''^U., the ^me 
my lord the Dtikc received, and the owtrenta of the 
mmc never luycii, whichc gicat trouble was lite lo be 
the UE^om^ of your tald >(]t ; wh«rfor he ^vas 
fayn 10 nie lo the tatd Due antl lord by the meiines 
01 htt ffodsip ihe Binhop of Wynchc^nc. whichc vvu 
i& bb ADCd^ bvotir ; st Aho^ conrcnipliciuii, :iiid fo<^' 
V*- [500] nairc whiche the *ame your siippliimt pnyed 
onto the uinf Uilc, hegTouMred htm to have ngcn his 
•tiii cqAAoir and landa, and to rcstorhim to the po»»- 
fciuQ of the aanoct whichc vtjia ao doer. AtifI your *saiil 
Atppltamt being in pvs^ible pM^fsiion, rny uid loi^ 

Ilk L 

%4$ TKR GASTON MCTTRRS. [jLti. 1475. 

the Due And hu cofHtees, Sir Willum BnndoD/i'homu 
Hoc, RAuf Ashton, and other, at ihc d«»ir of my MJd 
lunl, it^ti^sKtl Hicii c&uic aiid iDicctuc, as wd under 
my aitid tordes %e\e as under ihdr own u-lf. Whe^ 
upon youi Eaid besech^ conOnucd in poftecssion but 
li&lfa yerr; Jkl wbicbctimc he w^schvBid in rcporadons 
to the ^omnic of C^ m^ic, &nd [ayrtt the owt rcnU 
dcwc ^ the spuci of the iwd itj. ycr to the *omc ot 
xJ/l. That doon, iny said lord^ by tinittre motive And 
Advice, with force a^cn cntied ihc uid mtwoir mnd 
olhei i^nds afojj^id wkh olle stuf cf hoHTihold being in 
the sarm- manoir to the value of C marc, and ta long 
time hath kept And rejoysed the revenues of the said 
lands, ind in chief the said oanoir^ lo the vaIqc of 
vj^/i. by the spate of iiij. yei aurf mari for ledreoe 
wherof yor said aupp1i:tnt hath ihift 4Aid ij)ic^ of liij. 
yei sued to my sxmI Icfd and his couni&ell, and of alle 
that time the umc my .ord wold never sxtStc him to 
come 111 his prenenti^ s\c here him. ne iiocm cither for 
him to declair or ihewe hiK gri«l And furthermor 
whauiie your tatd be«echer hath sued lo the counsel 
of my Slid lord, and dciircd them to move hii lordship 
thCTiniiL-, and 10 un^wer him ir^OTi^bly and accordi&j; 
to right, they answered (hat thei have shcved my mid 
lord his rc<juc3t> and that he was, and is alwey, 00 
moved ODd dbplcacd with dtem, that ihci dar nomor 
move him (herione. Arid thus ycr eajd suppliant 
h&th loste alle his cofiie and Ubour, to hia charge by 
his feyth this tuj- yer in his ntte, the somvne of v^ marCi 
and now is owt of rcmcdyci without your habundont 
grsce be shewed in thai bchalve, in aoraoche oa he is 
not of power tatlcmpl your lawci ayenst *o mighty 
and noble ci^tatCf nor t'abidc the disples of him. 
Whcrfoi please it youi moosl noble ^cc, at the 
rervpretice of God, Jo movt? my siid lord to withdniwt 
the afleccion whiche he so hnth lo the said manoir and 
laada, and to s\xRn your said be$tchef lo have and 
enjoye the po&seafiion of the same according to right; 
oekI he at your command ment shid rdcsse unto my 

i-D. t4TS'l 

Hid lord aIIc the dtouccs ftbovc vnclyu, wlicdic 
unouDi to riic florara? of m'^cccJiiJ// yU. vWj/f., .ind 
n tiow to cofM; vilh Goddcs gnu;e, be the caor hibt« 
Id do foa service, ^nd rUo spccuilly prcyc to Go<l for 
ihc coP)CT\'4cion of jroui luoo&t uoblc pa^ooc ^id 
cfUte tofaH 

About A.n. 1475,— Absttuct. 

[Ttaa Putan MSS., B.MJ 

Romt WnVKsisOB to Sj« John Paiton. 

Hn lidilcfi joomilei Eu |[ct <iul Ihc utlicBliun of CnkiUcId 
4ftl SaUCT' Hai b«ca vppetod Itf Mr, I^vdl, ah ihcy Aro hit 
OndfiitAO^ It u ID rnv lord'i elotal, and [h« IciuaU 

■TV trusol U> pur no monrT m-tiFioU it. 'I'hcy krvp fri-pm Sim 
tbviuiiiofth* Prion Minrru well u Strthiillf J I>%lf?i himio 
Wftte 10 Mr. WlLliaun F«i(Ln) 10 lafur^ti my lorU of a wrongful 
dittra* uicD bjr foha H>i)Uwai «L StrdulJ in CicHineUviL, 
Wbkh b bdd cf the Kia^i aunor «' KflctoiL They took caUTe 
La IsnhiDg tiUHi m MkrcE, in tli« t^nu of tLii Xin^, "anj 
pgc Crsluhrlil knti Sitlrd la uf ta f«tf nf leilDg of their caiile lh«t 
Cbej wv IxjuTiil lu inv lord by obllinilion, uitl CnkiTirlfl !« 
il^d bvtboOEbL. " Will iikW tbc IcUcf Lo Mj. Witlunt Uu;uk:h 
U oool bia &art«D dayt' Ul»r. Wm fiv« weokt Hduie '*tA 
CutCctbary. vid i^a 1 wUl do Uicigor dnve^ for ^ violcr 1 mn/ 

Oh Uh» *u wrtOH ■ftc* 14}*. ibs 14^1 ro" «' Eiilvpmnd LV, U may. 

DT Suiv KbIL Ed Gr«3U Di*dajt1iu&, wu uiic ar ibc Danon 
C*r«.itul/' Viuihti Ji>ba la (M nisaaf Hgbtt V|T|^ SLi 




A-D, 1476, 17 Jan. 
Sift JCMm Pa^tok to Joiiy Fagtom. 

[Prom FcnD, ii, 1I6.J 

Tbit Ivtier l* nol uMl^fciil. bill Hliiifl h4va Ti*** ilil>fMl«i| fnv <h> vn'tr/f 

upoan Vjr fHd Uf£v iniLt ha vu 4£LU4^)t *Ttl1> m> 1>«i^Af tj ^^m^h 

bnn IL»Ut(, ■« cu (lid 4an* la* •44* r^m*. ^r it4Lti#hv- TTtU Inn*' fuiwi 
luK Ueq *riEun l>ua] Vi-MiaMantiMat. wlikEJia fiu JdIw' taaddguLiElBw i/^i 

KE it yoir to weete, tluLt not in ih« mo^t 
happy flc^i^oii ffor men iI Is so fforbinyd, that 
nhci as my Lcinlc oflT N<>rtTcjlki:, yittcnbyc 
ijeymg in goorle heele, thys uyghi dyed 
abowtf mytlny^ht, whtrtlCT it is Uor iiUt tktt bir-^xl 
hym to doo and hclpc none tiiiii, ihttt mayc be to hy* 
hdiiourc, i:vl wi-HI lu liyfl ioLtcfc. And Jr is soo, that 
thyB coT>tre is noci v«^ll piirvcyd off clothe Off gold*' 
flcr the covtTvtig JTor h)-G bodycuid ttci^c; vhci#>r 
cvtry man ht\yyo$ to hys power, I puitc the cowoccU 
off my lordc in ixj*Mifiartt thiu I lioprJ tft gfit ore 
Ifor that dflye, if il wccr so that it be noti broken, or 
patt to other use- 

Whciflot please it yow to scnde mc wordc ifT it be 
*n, that yc. have, or kan Icom by the clothe off lynywf 
that ] hovnc ffor our Naders iombc> and 1 undreuktf it 
shall he s;i^'d o^eyn ffot yonc en hurt at icy pencil;, 
I dccmc hcfbj to gctc gTcct thankc, xJid gtccC aa^yst- 
encc ill tynic to comr ; :uni ihiH owthcr Symr or 
Mother lirown miyt deliver it mc to toorow by vij. 

Item, u ftor ot^KT means, I hare sentc my Mnaunl 
Ridi&id Toring to London, whyche I hope shall 




brytt^e one goode ^/ngt igtyti* ntid with m itij. dayes 
I hope to »ee >^owe. 

Vlrctyn oq WcdAjsia^ xvi^ dft^v off Jooyvcr, 
umo ]& tuj'' XT*. 

JOHW Paston, K. 


[From Pblon MS$, B.U.] 

1^ Ddhe «f KMUirB 4«fefh, vltich uwe Juv«i*e^ ucli plut en iJh ijih 
IkftuvT tftfA It via viiiin («ik Stitidiy, asa toBa ojt Vcr JcAd t^um 

)^"nj, u Atad trJenn huton, "'ftinjlay nati jd&f ynir <9ar JohnO 
U hm*— <■' ' '■■I ** tta^T aci vbkb uu vb> ifiiU«0 omh «cnaifJj' 

71 my ryghi vcrAifffuI moifyr, M<tr^ra Pastm. 

^^^P yov lo wcci th^u u ycTlfTEiLiy att noon rof 
m^l brodjt Sir John d^^port^rd fro Nurwythc 
tOmLvd^ Loadoc ; for u now ill ih« sped i» 
vith iKe Kyng for the Hwcrtc of the tnartt cf Caatcr, 
coi)4jdci7ii£ tlic dirciag »cuyU uf my Lord of NoriTolL 
He tmsijrth to br In ihys coiilre ayen with in x, or xlJ> 
ddjrtf. And at hye dcpariyng tii^ scyd lo nt« th^t yo 
ecnt hyi& woord to icUo tnc clothe of ^old, if he nayi^ht 
telle U weU> whfche doihc I ih/nkc nuy be &old, iS 
ye W7II dgre; nnc wiih^r^indyng I wytle mabr no 
biU;pt]fti for \\t V/{\ I'c f«nd ni« woord of ihc sorlcyxi 
tone wtuu yc wyU have for it, or cUys ye 10 hzivc it 
«yca. Sir RoWd "Wynafcld offyrd rut yotcnJay xx. 
nufk for il, lut 1 itoI wc^ll yc shall have mon? for it, 
if yc ^U t^n it; whcr for, u yc H7U dceic in this 
nuicr, I prey yow «ead me woord to morcw be tyinys, 
£x if tl:^ iMig^ytL be fomlyHf I trow it wyJ be lon^c 

X$fi THE 7ASTON LETTERS. [l.D^ tf7& 

V fS ka& g«t an other bargiyc to teUe it eny thyDg 
ami that it b woonlic- 

Mudyi. ill as humbytl wy&c as I cu), I bcAodic yuw 
of your blysH/Tw. I tnist fro hensr foonti^ th*t w* 
shall hAvo our chyJdyr in re«t wilh ought nbwkyng for 
thcE plcviog ir&DKm ; Tot it u told eqc your oaUw ti 
FrcUin hathe gotjm hyi tychc a thyng to pley nn'lK 
ihfli our oUi<-r chyldyr tluli luvc Icvc to (pone lh< 
Cod send h>-r joyc of IL 

WrcQm At Norwychc, lhf» SondAj. 

Yqiu aoDc And hiimbyCl scn^Aimt, 


A,IX 1476, »j Jul 
Jock Pa5to» to Sm John Pahon, 

[From pBtton MSS-, BH.] 

7^ Sir/chn Fatten, KnygM, ai fJu G^mt, as Fmhi 

jT^rVR all dewier of KComeodAcyon, ljek«h 
vow to veet that 1 ciuuer yow your itadyng 
10 Citatct b cvyU c^yn &aioDg my loidea 

iiilkt-s in *o mychc that some seyihatyi: 
ivniJryU lytyll mylordesft^ihe, in as my^hefl^ye void 
BO sone enire upon hym aityr hys dysaease, with OU^t 
a/yse and iUtcal of my lordcA con^yU; vrhcrfor it tt 
ihrjugJit here by syche as be your frendesni my lordni 
houK that if my lady have onys the grauni of the 
ward3Tjcpp of tlic chyid.' thitt she wyll ocupyc Cofitcf 
witti otbei londcs, and ley the dciautc on your unltynd 
hdsiyncsA uf pntre willi cjught hyr assent. Whrrfor in 
eny ivyse get yow a paient of the Kyng eiisealyd be 
fof hyrs, and ye may by eny m^ane possybyll, 

1 Th*i fHJM HMt Arv%, w>iA wiiFt Afhf# nt bf««a■^leJ la XiciktnJ p]«qi». 
r-d tlie T^ukc w», u tr m tuHuiMl, inoiJuRd in ihe Idwd bv ilu coookud 


SJ>lirARD JF. 


Aha I prejr yov c:orai>n wish my Jxnd ChAmhtHfyn 
lot DM, and weet hou^h that he wyll hive mc d^ 

It i» told mc for tcrtcys that ihcr u none hcj to 
Kcte «t CaJct^ ; whcrfor if 1 mygh be ponlond fur cnj 
kq^ng of hon^ ;u Cal^ tiU Myd tomer, it wer a 
^ooQ ionkc> 

the bcTCT hcrof shall come home ayen fro London 
irith ID a day ifijt that he oumyth ihetlyr. if ye wyt] 
oaghc comwd hymn l prey y:>vr i«nd me woord by 
Tiym bo^uh yc do tnth yotir mutters, and I prey yow in 
coy wy« Irtc luc aaU>niuud» liy Uic Ltrcr licroff, liuji^h 
Bovtn of the Chrker wyll dclt with me ; tf)**- and tJi 
h h ooiigh, iTtd I wold have vi)"-J¥. ind x/t- And I to 
pl^ie U ou|;ht m iltf- ci y, ycr, or cllyv bo forfcl the 

Wretyn at Norwyrhr, l^^ Twysrlay Ticit aftyr yoar 
d^or^mg th«iu, Juii>. die Jiui\uLhi, mao & iiij^ xv^. 

John Pa3T0K. 


A,D. 1476^ 37 Jon. 
Sir Johjj Pattov to John Pavton. 

[FfOdi Ftan, (U 190.] 

7> /ti4rt Ptvtoih Et^idUr, at Nfrwych^^ U ihys 

RecomcLUQdc irw to yow. Iciyng yow wccic 
that 1 Wii inffoimyd by RIc R&dlc, ibat cm 
Scarlett, thil wit nndTrsrhnyff 10 HMtyURs,' 
voMe sywc to mc on yowt bchalft, ffor that 
ye wecr dysplwsyd with a rciumc off Nichil] ' uppon 
yo*in the »cydc l£aatyn£t lymc; whcrffor Ric Radlc 

1 JM* Hump ra Shvrrt of Kcryt ttii EntaUnC yiir^^K. 
^> indliH NWdiK Hv L*(M*>*fiichih*«li«fUribK[t*niiMl in th* K* 


■iBsitw.— jr. 



thoRbtelhat the Aeydc Scirlett wc]dcbcK^'l<! tc^WI 
yov a noble w n njU JTor ;i vulcll E^ oincrd}, m> ibat 
ye wciLIp Please ind ^iDppc ihc byllc, whytJjc jc emotde 
to puti iittc the corte oscyn hji Mitter Hjutyn^, 

Whcrffor the aeyde ScarUtt com lo mc, and proved 
rnc to hclpe in the »anic, jnd w I ha« dtn my dcvoit 
[o fTrelr ofT liyin the moiit thai he <^n fTynde In hys 
«tOTnAk« 10 d«pm with to Ll«4t« yovr ; aad in con- 
clitAyoii I trowc, he shftll g;yn yow 1 doblcit elotlie off 
»ylkc, fjricc lu. oi thcnibout ; whychc iippon sudK 
answerr as I hter ffroin yowtr, I derail that BybsHop 
the a(on\yc shall, iff I coocltidc with hyrn on yowr be* 
halvci pa^c in mony or o\henryte^ to whom that yc 

I nhftll hy The means o^ Raddr^le weel at wboys 
iiywtc it wnG Ukyn owte ; I dcme it Eom thyngc doon 
by CTtt^Ct by tite moonn off them that hftve catrcMC in 
your Lond, to th^cDtait to noysc itt tlioye^ <» to maikf 
yow pRsi shame off the setlyng themflT- 

Item, I havtf rec^yvyd a. letter ffrom yowe vmtyi^ 
on Tyweadaye last 

Iicio, *hcr that soni lowird* my Lady of NortTolk 
noyse that 1 dyd onkyndcly to sendc 10 hasiely to 
Oster OS 1 dyd ; there is no dyscTL-lc person ihaL fo 
thynkylh. floT iffmy lordc hade ben u kyndc to tneAS 
he myKlit have Ijcei, ajid ucordyng toMichc hert and 
\civyc^ n* my grauntffarlr, my ifiidrn yowr wJff, and I, 
h-ivc owght and <Iooti to my Lords of Norifolk that ded 
ben, and yilt iff I haddc wcddyd hys doAvghlr, jitl 
most I iuvc dooii as I dydde- 

And moor ovyr. iff I had hadd«- any demyng otf ny 
lordyii dtfihe iiij^ hon-r^ or he dyed, t mosi r^ediu but 
i^ 1 woldc be knoivyn a ffoole, hftvc cntiyd li ttic acnrt 
byStot hy^ dytimat i but Iii clTeLte» thc/^li thai in Out 
rtiMtT ha^c alwoys mem orkyndrty to me, rhey fTcyne 
Lhat nimor a^vyn mc ^ butthcria noon thai m«»! tntly 
to hym that dcdc Is, that voldc be sory xha.1 1 haddc 
lit, and 10 e&ped&U tuchc as love hy» scwjc 

licmj wher it ifi dcmyd that my bdy woUc heninr 





be ifer lather 10)11 hcvy Udy flbr tli;if [^Hyrig, I thynke 
Ihiit ihc U 10 rtionablc *c> 10 bc» ffi^r I did it noU 
oowyM 10 hyx oownccU ; Ihcre -ma^ no mAP tha^ht th^Lt 
I aboM« <loo oilicrwysM ^ an jia to scy?, thit I m^ght 
tuve liiddc my Uilyci idvyur or lyve [/ft/rr]. I tiiyghi 
hive tcryed yitt, or I cowde tii^ spelcec with hyt^ or 
yiU have luiddc any bcK^y lo Ji^ivc mcvyd tiyr tlicrt on my 
udialvc, 9A yc vote i (t>ildc •v\mm I to*ric. Morcovjri 
-\ tuyed by the ulvycr off Sir Kulicrt VVynglTelde ii]- 
day^ there, ffor that tie pLitt« me in comfflrt that tbc 
rlxfd tiowiknl' oad bys brothor Sir John, sboldc have 
COCQcQ to Norwvdic, aJt trhoys coiuyn^ he dowiyd uotl 
but that J £ho3de have a goode dyreajon takyn fTor nic 
tn thit caaicr, they le^he to ine onkyndcncBse tTor 

licm, A» fToi my ctulcr liccr> Ut wtt^ tliytd^yc bcfTooi 
allp thr l«n3w off ihc. cowncf 11^^ and aTnonji^p rhrm all, 
it w&« nott tha^ght, tti^ b my sendyng olf VVhctlcy 
Ibyddr, ttitncdtntclyniTcrihcdyccsscoff the Duke, that 
1 dalt on]i>i(dI> or onlyli)'D^ly, buL iluL I wjia mooi 
citiTTv^nabty dftUr with ; whrrft'or^ latf mm drmr what 
thfiyivvllc, grftttcttdcrky^arcnott :ilweycnyiic«tinci^; 
but J hope hootcly to have on we>^ in 11 or ollicr 

ItoQ. I K'ciM^lc [iu/aWJ to have JTowndc a j[ownc 
off myn hecr< liiit it ccme home the lame dAve thai 
1 come owtc, bron-Bht by Hcny Bcrkcr, loder [^tfrrwr]. 
J woEde m olJe hut potuHe have that kuuc goivne 
DiTjjute ffunjd wiih whjghc Ijinbc. 

IttniH I uxjlde Jmve my longe ricsheit gowne off the 
f^reaOie ruuett in adle ba«t, (lor 1 hiLve no t^owne to 
goo in bcre> 

Item. I pniyc yow recooiandc me io my njoodr, and 
UtuvalleptT-yGod *endi.*niy I;jdy rfTNorir-jIkii snono, 
lor uppon that rc&Eythe luoche imCer^ fi<3i it the 
Kyn^ »oonc* mary my lotUs tiowghtr, the Kjnge 

J^H^itik aanu^dkiBd, ku dauE^iir jikd hciroi JEkhu Mcvlinv. lata 

THE ?ASTOK LETTERS. [*.& 147ft. 

«FoM« chat hft fiocmc fthaldc have a flityT pTicc in 
Nc>rti[>!k, thowhc he sholdc pyffc mc ij. cymes ifac 
%ujywc in oihci )ot)i3c, 05 I iun doo[i to »cc(c I p^yc 
yuw acinic mr uonic off mj Udym xprrtt? an sootip jul 
ye luc. 

Item, OS ffbt Bowcfk 1 ib«l] ScLc hym, and sbolde 
bave doon, thowghc yc iuiddc nf>tt scDtc. 

Irem, thcr ii ofFr^'d me? Ji goudr mxrriage Ibr Oif 
fusitfT AiiDe Slcypwithya Kuie and hcyr off Lynkoloe- 
8h>TC, a mvt v. or vj, mdie by )««. No tnc*. 

Wrciyv at London* the xivij. daye ofT jaQyvcc, snito 

Item, ray Lady off Eircmer > is ded, and it was seyde 
that bcdic the oldc Dywcht-asc uiT Norifolk.' and the 

CowuicMit: ofT OjicjijTlji Jl^ ^ w<r<.'r dcd, but it is oiAi fiou 

ItciD, J shall rcmeint]i C&lcyss botbc ibr horac ud 

JOBW Pastoh to Sir Joaw Fa^x^k. 

rrnrtn riitoit MSS^ EM.] 

7S Sir John Paston. Kny^ta. at ikt GftJrgf^ hy FotDi/s 
IVhar/f in L&nd(m- 

1 Anae* 

TYR all dwtcs of recoiiiciidacyoo, lyekdh 
jow (o wr»e. rliHf with in ihy* ov/yr paat, 1 
rcci.'j't.! your JelieT wrclyn the xx\"ij, diiy of 
J.innar, by wliychc I undjTSUnd ihat Sc&rlct 

IDC, dauE^icr af Plilanl^ I>Lit< of Vurlc, »ia[tf of KtlwanJ IV,. ul 

KikjrKi, liF-r IiKvihI hmlAiiLl, in n brrf^lf irhjlwl k\ WilidXir.^f > 
1 EK-xor, ^Liy d>k>Kt>icr Lir Wk|[Li4i rLitn^bW, ^ft^E of X<*e, la IJ sv^u^t?, 

' KfirBi'*4, -IknphTer ipf kiLhkiJ N«vJlc. ti^tfl nf ^^JJiltirf. Bad vtb if 

iuEinnJc Vecc, £*jrfif OBfonl, Jian|V4prLUDU in t^ C»iU( 44 ItlBlM^fa 
icardy ; « ii nay nler io LIciilHih, wirfoiir ii i}ir hi* Ktrt «f Ovftc^l nd 


Si>WAJtD /K 


irold luT« ao ctid irilh mc, bttc 1c»«e then xU. b 10 
1/tyU, Tot iff I woid <io the mtrmia^c la liym, T nholc! 
recover by Uie lUtwir, I trow xl/rl or morCf but lctt« 
t^en xxxujf> liij^. I wyU in qo wy^t ; &nd yc itiay sty 
tiiAt ycof jourowQf bcdwyll gcvc hym t]codea<}byli 
uf iLt, and if ye have tlic \' tjohly* I prey )ow Id 
Fwk«r of Fitii Kirttt have thereof xxxj. ami Icte Pytle 
UKi Rycliard and drynk ihc x\^ Ab for your 
gDWOyih tbcy »hjLlbc »ciit yow m iu li4aty wysc xi Is 
pOMybylL Thyv tnusi b^ corutdyLl: — It is pruuiy^iyi] my 
U<ly by rov Lord Clumlierlcyii ihtx the i^mv* iimmi 
exfremvm lor mv lord ahall not b« ddyv^rd tyU aht be 
of power u> Uoorc hyr syUT hct mOBt Avaijnugc in 
thai maicr, wh^foT ye inrrl not lo rtde ov r f^rgely wih 
tbexchetourct. Also con«Ayll :— Kobani Brsindor and 
Colcvylc have by nucany* cnformyd my lady thai yc 
nold hare jfocyn Cutei fro hyr by itioa^ hand, non 
ikftirxKtwhyW thetnolciRfrosyn.msoT ycheihACshe 
Wftf porpo««d 10 have «ent chcdyr K, Bnuxloa and 
other lo have kept the place lyll tyclic tymc aa ahc 
audt uc mc ihc qiicstyon whcdyr yc cLiEcnda that 
wry iw nntj atjd I avy^p^tl hyr (hir i;he ^hntd rather 
bof^ IL Emsdon and hy« rctcncw to Lye in Norv^chc 
dhyt OTTTie cost t^cn to Ijc ax ihc Uvcmc atYcrmouthc 
on hyr cotit for I Ictc hyr ha/c knowlagc ih.U yc never 
enteadyd non fqitt in tr> that pbce, bur hy hyr aucni 
ftnd knowU^e I vist well. S>t, cof Godcs fULkc, ia ft« 
huty wyic u ia po»yb)lI, acnd me woord hov ye fccle 
my Loid Chainl>crIcyD and Bowcn dys|>o«cd to mc 
vranlea, for I shall never be in hertcs ease lyll I lindyr- 
sood ther tweya d/spo&ysyon. Alao, I prey yow, let 
Sytaoad Dame have kcowlagc aa ^oonc at yc have red 
ihyji Ictlyr tliat I wold in cny wysc tliat lie swr forthe 
the Pinions ft yensc l^Aihy and other Ibf Byikley^ not- 
withAudyiw the l>ylle thai 1 tent hym to the eomrary 
hy Edmufid lency, for Darby and I aic btokim of, 
01 oui cULicie wliydic wai a\xjytiiyi\ at rheilfonJ, 
God sped jnw ir the» mai<Ts, and \u all otlicr, Ve send 
lae voofd od a good niaryagc tor ttiy ly^tcr Anau. i 



prey yow wpyc ionic old ihijtTiy (iraflf wyff m l^mdon 
for me. ThoniM Bramjunn nt iht PUk FrjTT* irr T,oTi- 
don wyth *fche oihct as he and 1 apoyniyd wyll hcipe 
yort- (cj a.ipye on for mc od ihcr pirt 1 prey yow 
ihii 1 may ht rccomind jd to hym, and prey hym that 
he wyll, iiiailiLLSiy wy*tf aahecin^comfoncroe with on 
k«ff Iro hytn, and fro ihe other i-^<none Uul he uid 1 
comond of, und ] prey yow a>i yc 9c h)FTii ac (he pdivyse* 
ujd clEy^ where, caUc un liym for the umc tctta uid 
idle hym that yo most ii*dys have on to me. and when 
ye hive ic brcke tt and ye iyvt or ye «end rl me. 


JOHTJ Paston to Loia> HAtitNca. 
tFivm PuCuQ U5S>, KM.) 

lit t>*D bciufLdTp vu ^repajiiLfl W go ora bi C«IkU in UwiJk 4t;&— ^«i 

moBt doiightyd and singuler good lond, aftjx 
nrofft luimble and dew recomendacyon, 
pkaac It your good lordahcpp to have Icnow 
lagf tl^fil, aiGcnittyiig to yotir comandcoicni, 
m toy vfcy hotncwajd, 1 remembred toe of a peisone 
whythe to my diynlcyng is meetly to be derk of your 
kechyn, whyche fjcis^^nc n now m ncrvpe with Mxncer 
FitJTwater, and vas befor that wiih WlieihyU at Gwyxiev 
and purveyor (ot hys house, and at sythe lyme as the 
Kmecs grace was thcr layt in hyt vyage tov^et 
France Thy^ rnan is meAnc of stAture, yon|;c inou^ 
well wiityd, vrell mwierd, a goodly youg luaa un honC 




■nd foote. Hit i« wi*^ qinlcyn in lnj[1yithe, mrtly wril 
IB Fraubc, {U}d Terry pcrlitc in Fl«myi;hc. He c^ui 
wiyght and rccd. H)-b name U K^'chord Stintlon; 
fays modjtr ii Mastics Grange of Oitc)'^ And when 
E bid stiewyd hym rrtjm imr-ai, he wa> ngmOitc snd 
yeny gbul if Ihot il mygbt picaic your Icrdshcpp to 
It hym tn bo youi scrvpc; vfhcrto I prom]rscd 
my pourc bdpe; as ferfonhc ;ia i ducat meve 
nur noca lonlahq^ Tor hpn. iru^fycg that I ahold 
■tvo kn<iiweb£« of tout pleiuie b^ in, or J dcpaittd 
t&mfdcs )VUi loMshcp ought ol' itus coclfcy- Whcr 
£n I odvyscfi bym to be rcdj; wub io xitii- daycB of 
Maxchc Ai the ictthesc, that if it plrasyrl your lord* 
tbcppc to accept bym or v> hare a ^ghi of hytu b« 
3x>ur dcptftynj; to CftlcySr that thcr tboki be no 
to itt hyxD- 

He dciymi me to tnerr MqEtrr Fiirwntrr to be 
good cnastrr to hym Jn Ibys bchalve, ind so 1 dyd ; 
ftiul he wu vctry iJfld And £pc«blc l}icr to, acying if 
hy* Aonc liAd ben of a^c^ and ^ tbc scivAuuLi^ be 
hoibc inyght hr in cny wy^ ^rreptabell io yotir lord* 
E^cpf), wx dicy «1J, and hyni siliT in lyck wyso, sh;^]} 
be At your oonaLUkdmcnt wbyU He Icvclh- 

AudAt my oomyng home to my pooie tirrtix, T k^iiI 
Tdt RoiwT Benurd, imd vh<^cl on Ka hym thai [ had 
iftetyd year lordfbepp for hym ; and he in lyek forme 
b a^reable to be redy by the xiiij- d^y of Muchc to 
snyte on ytnir lordshcpp, be it to C^cys nr ellya 
«|]eT«. and fro dial rfay *o foorUie for ever, whylJ hyB 
Ijff wyll [^t, WLth ought gTUfa^eirii; cr oontrayia^ your 
ttHikUkdctncnt find plcaurCi in c^y wyae that u in hym 
pDHoln'U t'accuinptiAbc- 

I ^hrirrd on to hym duii I had preyed Muter 
Tailbot to be a moan to ywt good lord&hepp for hym, 
And if >o wcT ih&l Mastyr Tii]ix>t thouj^ht thAC your 
lofdsfccpp wcr (onLeol to Like liyb ^crvybfv tii«:i^ thut it 
wcJ't plrasr Mr Talbct to nirvr my 1 -iriy of NornVjlkd 
fj&ec to wijght or icnd to Hcrnard, piiEtjtig hyai 
m biovUgc that hyr gncc ii coritGni th^t he ftluU 



Ijccom* ^rourmeoyalUcrvnjnt, WbeTofhf was pyis5)T]g 
vrdi pkitsyti ; but, tlmt luHwillibUiidyag. ;ui 1 t^olbrmcfl 
your lordih«pp, be i^ not io r^ieyned, neyther by Em 
nor protn»s» but tiut he may l«t hyia tylil loose to do 
youj lordsbcppc ((cr%'yac when yc wyll rcccyve byin, 
uid H) wyil he du ; tiuE, your lonJsh^e so p1cA«i(t 
Itve wer betiyr. Kychjird StnlFon told me that wbyll 
he H-afl in scrvyw wilh WheUiyll, John Kcdwc mocyond 
hytn oLiy» m>tJic &ftyr thys intent, but ai lh£t t>'nic 
WbeihyU wold Tioc be so good nuvtyr 10 kym &? to 
meve your tordshepe for hyuL 

My lord* 1 trust that your lOfdshepc shill lytic boClk« 
tbcr ycnaacs and thcr condicyons; And &i for ih^ 
trowthcfl, if it rn*y please your good lordBhepe ro 
accopt my poore woord wilh thers^ 1 tvyLJ depose 
IftTj^rly for thaL And as it plcosyth your good lofdshepc 
to com^ad cic in thc» nuiers ^nd ill other, if lI nuy 
plftLse your Inrlshepe toshcwe the sirae \f\ my brodyr 
Nessfeld, he kno^ih who thaii Ronest be with mt to 
putt [Qc tn knowlage of your plesare, whychc I shall 
be at Jill seasons redy t'jicconipl^ihc to my poorc power, 
with Codes grace. Whom I beseche tonge to contcnue 
the prosperous s£tate of youi good lord^hepp^ 

Fro Nomyche, tbc secondc d^jc of Mdrche, with 
the hand of your most humble scn'aunt and beedman, 

JOH>i Pastow, 


A.D. 1476? 
John Pa5To?< to [Margsry Brews^ 

[¥wa Piston MSy., aM.J , 

Th-4 Tf'W ■« prir'ttA fr-^ai « i^rth in 4^t >i«nil f>f Jfia hltBB ilia yQa|^ 
I >t.|<^ib |i t4i>.*j luh'c rjcEi. *iiiU4' «Lkiiie iNr y*i 14761 *b4 'uTrUrtJiffa 

E^UbIU^i vkum III tiLft [*u IcLlcr Ike rcCDqunvitiihl hi LoR^ H^lliqn, H bcti 
Hie borer oT « ctraftiteDtul mewge id ibc luly. 

" u:*-j 



^^■A3TR1-KSF^ ;kow so be that I, UAaqwcyntya 
^^^^ with yon- ^ )-et, Uk tip on rjc lo l>c ihus bold 
^^^1 ax to wryght on lo jmv with nii^ht your kriov^ 
bu« And lev?, yet. mutrcin^ Joi f^chc pi>r« 
lervyKe u f now in my tn^xd owe yow, purpoayng, yc 
not dvaplcd^d* during my lytf lo coulciiu the ^auie, I 
borrhc yow !o paidon my holdups, antl noi to dye- 
<l«}ii, but lo Acc«pce thyt lympyll byU to recomand m« 
to yow in <ychc wytc u I be«t can or may imogyn to 
youi nmt pEotuc And, niuCmst for tydi tcpoit u 
I hive h«nl of yow by Ttiuny ^nd tlyvrfrif^ jienones^ 2nd 
tpecjiUy by n^ lyght tnmy frcnd, Rychirct Stnato:i, 
bcnr litr CH. to whon I boKch^ yow eo scac credence 
ia s^bc niALcr^ aa lir ^lull on my Lr^hulvi.* cocnon with 
yaw ot i^ it lyko jou to lysiyn liym, and that report 
CKHythc tcG lo b» the more bold to wryght on to ycw^ 
•0 AS 1 do ; for I hftvc herd oft tymys Rychjud Stnitton 
«y ihit yt CM »nj nyll lake i-vi-ry rhyng well tliiil is 
well iwr^ whom I belev^ ind tmsr .'V* myche u few? 
imca Icrcing, 1 ensu«r yow by my truwt^it;. And, 
lautitast I bcsechc yow to thynk non oihtr wy&c in 
IK but tbftt I wirll uehI stiuU at ill HraMms he rr^ly 
«yibe Godc« grsLcc to jiccomplyahe iH syche thyrjjct 
» I lave cnfomtyd nod desym the acyd Rychwl on 
oiy bch*lvc to itcvc yow knowU^c oT, but if [<m^j1 ii 
u> be Ihac A jejn mjr wyll it comt- of yow thai I "be 
cue <^ fto fOWT tervjite 9.nd not wyllynglv by my 
<k>ert, and Uuit 1 im und wylbe youi^ ann at your 
cofModmcn in every wysc dwiyng my lyff- Her 1 
Bend yow thy^ byllr wirlyn with my lewd hnnd and 
Mal^ with my lygaee to retnayn with yow for n wytl- 
DCBe Dyenite me, ^uid 10 my ^hame and dynhonour 
iT I GOeCmy it. And, m^<ilje%s, Ibe^ccheyow, ine<^yng 
of ibe poore hcft ihui somiyinp WIS at tpy rcwlc, whydie 
now b It yourf, that in as thon tyme iv cm be th^t I 
nttjr hafc kuowlo^ of your enient ind hou^lE^ yt? ^^H 
have IDC dcmcanyd ia thys mater, ;uid 1 wyJbc at oU 
MBBOni redy to pcifonnr m thyn iiiLLier :iiid at! utlien 
youi plesuit^ a* lerforth w lythe m my poore pQw?r 



to do or ID all cJicn lliut ol^Ik wyll do tar me, villi 
Godr-f gcirc, \VTiom I bewchr to send )Cwthe accom-^ 
plyEhcfncni of your most worchepfiiU dMy«i«, tnftv« 
ownc fAycr 1^, for I ^yll do fcrtber bborc but to 
yovr, on to die lynac yc ^vc mc Icvc, 4jid :yU 1 be au^r 
thju ye Khali tskc no dy«pt»iir with my f^nher kboft^ ' 

775. , 

A.D. 147<S, 15 March, 
Sjr Join* Vastqs to Jouw Pastow. 

[From Puton MSS., BM] ' 

J> yM« J^Uiffn, Hifmitr, or is Mtttrtsst Mar^i 

Recorauid« me bo yew. Ictynn yow ^nete that, 
bleftsyd be God, uppon Satcrdaye last piKC 
my lovdc ' arid wcc toke the ice. azkd come lo 
Odcye:! Uic same iLnyc, *nd aa thy* <Uye my 
lorde come to Guynessr, and lh«er wu leoeyvyd 
hOQOurablycwilhowtany obstaklytt; whecraal fownde 
Master FyUwxiicr dml othrc. vrh/clie wcr lyK^t hevje 
for the (Tvthe of the noble man Ibalt yrx% Tht^er to fooTp 
ilt liappyd soo that my &eyd Master FytJfwjilter aiid 
mc n^ic hcncly for yow, and 1 IctC hym wectt UiM 
i (letLiyd yc woldc be hecr in hiiatc, whetoflc he Krdv 
tie waa ryj^Jt soory. for noo niocfie that he efiTCDtly ih ' ' 
to cC'Die iti CO Eoglonde, ^nd aj 1 conocyvc hs wylL- 
come to AEtylborc^, and bryngc my tnestrc«R« hyi 
wyfTe with hym, diid tliccr to siablysslic hy^ howtc 
comjuiiJiH WherlTor ho thyokcth thai he nholde hav#j 
as grelo a ilkke olT yow as olf a.ny one m:jrL in th:it contrc^ 
wiUyng xh^ to wiyght on to yowc, and lo iatc yow 
weete ofTbya comy nyc, He aIao h-ithc tnUic me moche 
off hys filom^e and tendre ftver thai he ovvyihe to 
yow \ wherJlor I aaserteyn yow that he is your verry 

*-!>- Ml^I 

M^mAXD /K 


opcdiU ftoodc nvutcr, tod iffc yc wcct ab^dya^ in 
thatl conlTc, vhjriu lie wccf thcci, he it <lj'«po&yd Lo 
Lftfgely for yvvr in dj'vrrii' wyw, u'hyr.hc wc^x to 
e to viyght i^ to mochc th^t I /cclc b^ h^m ttu£ 
Iw thynkjth ihot in iholdc be lon^c cr ^ic tchoLdc be 
wery of jovr cxpcnccf of honie or ihaji- Nnw I rcmyttc 
ttlk thjnge to your dyscrcsion ; y« wootc bcsi what it 

As for my torde, J tmd/cflimie cott yitt whcthyr he 
wylle in to lagclondc ihc wckc lo fooi En:cnic, ar 
clly^i uftrr. 

I pray yov itcoroande me to my moodre; 1 wolde 
fcavc wrelyn lo byr, bul in irowthc I (imc somcwhatt 
crued, wbjU wxtli the see 4nd what wyihe tbyft dyet 


No mCkor to yow. but wntyo »t Gynee, the nj. dayv 

By John PAmoM, K- 

A.D, [476, J I March* 

SlK J08ir PaSTOV to MAltCAlLrT Pastom. 
[PramFcnn, JL 19S.I 

I'A Jicstresse Margrdt /hstan, ai Xcrwyc^f er hyr lone^ 
/pAtt /^ufjm, Bt^ayer^ and to iT'fry^M efffhem. 

i:^;:omamIe metoyowc- Lifceilyowtowccte 

.iio iiolt Bcruync yitt whcthci my lorde^ 

. _ : ^blll corue irtto Ing^bnde the wek<! by- 

Ifoor h&tfvT]n«iOreil>ath«w(*k«a£trEsL[er][ie; 

vberffor. mooUr. I bcscdic >6w 10 tike noo dysplcsyr 

jwitfa me Our my biit^t' Lijyu^c. iTur I uioat doo riooQ 

ryw dbr dysplciyng off nty lordf. T »as noo 

gbdde oil tbya joniuyc-, itf I luyght goodcly 

h»Vc chosen ; ncvcrthcltasc. suvynK tl»Ai ye have owsc 

ti> T)e dy^plcuyd iritL uic fToi llic uiiilcr off KokcU, I 


tEI£ PA6T0K LETTEKS. [a.i». ufl 

am dlyi lyglit ^ladde, flbr I Tiopc that I arac flcrrc 
moor in llhvor with my loriir thrn I w»«j (c flbor 

I:cen, 1 tcP<^e yo% brother John, a IcUw h«t*ithr*{ 
wiiychc wa» browtc hyddr to Calfy^, ffrom the Gcoqtc 
At Pcwica WhadT; I dcmc U cgiaethc ffiota iny brallier 

Jeem, iff ye cntcnde hyddreworde, itt wecr weeU 
doon that yc hy^thcd yowc, ifar I snppoK that ruf 
Ionic *i!le ukc ihc vywc cjfl" allc hys nrtynywc hcrr, 
nnwe liyfToor hys dcpjirt>-ng ; and t thyrkc t!ut he 
wooWe be better contenle with yovrt comyng mtyms, 
than on ether iymc ; doo ut ye thynkc beat, and as ye 

Ittm, w?i?r Master Fyxrwalttr irau]« me to wiyght i<* 
yowe to advyic yow to taiye, 1 rcm/ltc thait to yowr 

As flui ijdjTigs beer, we her flVoiu aJlp ilie woridc; 
ffynt, the Lorae Ryverae was at Roomer rtghl wetU and 
honontblyi and other LorilB off Viiglond<-, ;u the Lord 
Iltirraondc' and the Lord Scropc* ind at thci dc- 
partyiig lij, inylc «ii thyschalff Roume, llie Lordc 
Ryvcrie wju rcbhyd ofT atle liyi jowcUetr and pbte, 
whychc waa worthc ini'- nurkf or belter, and u p^tomyd 
to Rome flor a rcmcily. 

Item, tlitf Duke of Bargoyne hath conqueryd Lorcyn, 
and Qucne M*rgrcet shall nott nowc be lylcclyhod hair* 
it; whciflor the Frenshe Kynge chcfyMbclh hyr buU 
cafclyc ; but afTtr tliys coDCjUcst ofT LorcyD, the Duke 
loke gTcti?' coKgc \o goo uj^pon fhc Tondc off tli« 
Swcchys [ Jw/fj]lo conquer them, bun ihc[f^f}i] b«ixM 
hym all an onsctt place, and hathc dyvtraa^ hvin, ui4 
halbe sliijTic the most |JAitc offhysviOTMjrdcaiid n^nn? 
sit hys otdyna^ncc jtuti atl^Iryr, and mnr nvyr all sluflfe 
ihau he hade in hys ost with hym ; exccppte men jind 
hofsc that fflcddc nott, but they n^otie nyghl xx. 
mylc; ind 5t> the rychc saletti,'* hcuimciia, ^uter^ 
Dowchys* gelt, and allc b goonc, mth tcntSn javylCTH^ 

1 Tvhn, luili lUrl nm^nvnil. * John, L^irJ ^<n«a cf Bailuft 

> Leh(bcau1-Ticoo.-I'' * li.nbat«3 orainuiU. ElEtiiix tmwA &a-^» 

A.a, f4T<Ll 

snwMJfD rv. 


«sd aile, ind too TMm dono bi-r prY<1c u ibtttyd 
Uco toldc hpn th«l tfccy vc^r frro^AriJ<; l^rlirvi butte 
Ebe ««}d« &0U bclcvt^ ic, And yiu men scyc. thiti he noH 
Id them a^eyn. GfvSr ^pcvlr rlirm hoEhf^. 

Ilem. Sir John Myrlclion \o)lv Icvc olf the Dnkc to 
iportc hjm, but }ic n »ctt in prynon jlU Ilniaj^clljs. 

I ptfiLjc yovc KDdr roc i^niii woriJc itT yc tliynkc 
ttut I may cntr Dutcr when I woll, b/ the next 

Wretyn at Calcrs, in rcwnjiblc hcl^c oB" bodyc and 
[acnrle, I Uuuke Good, ihc juj^ djiyc off M^ir<chc. uuio 
E. mi»i <ij* J. R, K- 


A-D, 1476,6 May. 
Joinf risroN TO Sift Joirv Pa?ton. 

(Prom Fuicn MSS,. b.liLT 

at ik< Gifrs^f ^y P^wiyt Wharfs w ZcmwCm, 

i'K aU deBie* of rfcomEH'Jacyon, lycketh 
yow to w«t, that la my power ve be weloom 
^ycc m lo IngLond Aiid u lor the (JitsieU 
cf ShcQc, thcr b oo mor in k but Cl^Uc and 
liyi mak, AnJ 3, |;oo»c naay get ii ; but In ito wyse 1 
woW not thai wcy, and my modyi thynkyth the sflmc; 
Take BOt that wcy, il ihci be eny other, 

i uodynuGd that M^Mrev Fyttwittcr hathe a f^ystcit 

n mayiL ^> niary. J tmw, jnd ye entfctyd hym, ihe 

It con^e tDto Ciyst^^ menyn bmi<Jyi^. I prey yow 

with Masiyr F^walcr of that maicr for tnE^, and 

m^y Idle hyni, ^yn»c that he wy)t have my ?cTvyae, 

wer as gtxxi. ^1(1 f^-he ii hvj^.iyji my^Kt he itiuJ, 

mat bothe ahe and 1 aw^iyiyU on hym and my muiirr^^s 

liys wyff at cure cv-ne cost, aa I a lone to awayt ud 

l^m iit hya coat; for then he shdd be wmct that I 



ahold not be flyttyng. ind T tu4 ^chc a fiwArdI to 
kcjw tn:; at hnmr. And [ h;ivc hp good wytlc, ii ia 
son inpt^tybyU to biyng a bowgbt 

1 thynk to be at London with io a xtiij. ckTcs at 
the fcrthcn^ and pcmvcntnrc my mosticu dfto, in 
corUiiyU br il cJaliyYl. God Ic^r yow itml yourv 

At Nontydie, the yj. cUy of May, imio £, uij^ xvj^ 

J. P. 


A.D. 1476, »7 May> 
Sih John pASixuf to Uaroakst Fasivh, 

(Kcvm Puton MS^., S.M.J 

TluaIid4mhi«iaSJr J#hB l^ttob'i cUu* » Ciintcr anat Am Duk« of 
?JtfffiJk't iWibt mtikili cwH hi Hinndnl [i> entllialtiitii lii fuut i4:fAt4# 
«|ipHr* by th« Mivt lonDwiw Ihe dare we*h Ub/ v iIld and tf (hi luis 
BBAcrrv, u"MH^riiuilIailyHiindiX"^***^* t*^ 

Tfi MeshtiM M^-grti Patten^ in Ntrrtty^Ac, or U Ayr 

^■■LEASE il yov 10 wecic thai fw fcr tny nuterei, 
^P^R and thcyc appc^ nott,^ the doo* bIcMyd be 

ihai it ihalle cost me grctt mony, And it hothe 
cost me mochc Uboor. It b soo that the Kyrigenioft 
have C. Tnarhc« and other costcs will dravc xl markc 
And my niater is cxamynyd by the Kyngea CovticcU, 
and declared 3.ffoor allc the I.ordrt. and noiv liil(lc}'the 
noo thynge but [the Pryjvy Senls^ and wiyghtyng t» 
Muter Colv[dl) ' lo avoide ; for the ' [Kyng h.itk j>]ro- 
mysed nit ;l^ mothe as 1 wohic he ahoLlc fLiUefUle* 
and alltf the Lorde*, Juge.t, Serjifjntes, \\A\t aJT^Tmyd 
my tide j^oode. Nclt wilhstandyng Sowlhewell, Jam«a 
Ilubbcrtk, and Sir W. Bratindon, where at Ihcr owoc 
di^rs, I'iTiyd to afTemie and udvowv my tytcll for 
good*, and thai my Lorde off Norffolk thatd«l is had 
noo tytetl. thatt ttiey knywe, they tcldc my mle ai illi 

1.EX 14141 



duf cowd^ uvl yitt a lye or too to bdpe ilr Bod 
^'yit A scfvyth them uolt, they be knoifren oa thqr ai 
(Id Comiccll bcit>eydc^«adsoinoM lUihyi Setter be). 

I \kxsv: mochc pftyne to gctc so mijche mnny. Ncvcr- 
thd«ue, but ilT myii<f oncte schcu^c hym iclitf wene 
Ibu <:tct be «^Ut 1 shailc nott faylc, if he kcpe me 
Fpiomyaie, uid thftU js Lut u he dydc iut, that 19 butt 
to be my i^erie, and J to make hyin lywene ugeyn. 

Itie Kjroge depu^the thys cbye, ^nd wille nou bt 
hea \:fX trytAAjt, wfayehe lettyth me, or ellys by thutt 
d^ye I wokic have hopyU to have comcii ligmcwjui^ 
ud €nt per aventun: No moor, but Je^us have yow 

Wmyn il Lontktu. the xxvf. d^yc of Mayc. Lhc 
Mouda)'c Hoi) Tl]^[;±4iayCi iJic AASCfkcioo. 

lie Kynge wuld have bowt*: it. but he man cuffomiyd 

cff the iroivtlie^ znd thai it vru DOit for a prynoe, and 

off the ^;reet pnie that I wolde seUe it att t for that I 

i myght noti tor here it. for he achol^le have payed 

iin^m* nurke ur moc^r, ilT be iuulUe loddtr iL 

Your Mt*, J. Pastok, K. 


A_D. 1476, 30 Jur«. 
Sir Johk Faston to John VAi^toH. 

(Frcoi Pmioh US&, B,U,J 

Reconuunde mc to yow, Ictyng yow wecti? 
Ihat 1 hav rcce^^-yd yowr letter, wrctyn Ihc 
DcndAycaJlfC Mydfiuuicr; furuu^wc: wlicTuff 
I thynkc thai 10 be bownde in v^ [500] markc, 



1 ih/ake it » lo mochc, wbcrc as T felt by ycrf yc 
sliolflchavcwKhihrgmrylwomauhiit iti)''[flno] ; nrvrr- 
thdotM I xgrcc. Biit ye iili:Ut undrcnnnde thfU 1 bjU 
T)ot be bowndc ("or yow thut yc shall make hft joyftiour 
jjubt xx/l b^ yer. wiihm a 5crUync (Uyc lymjtcd ; be 
« J, ycrcoTij-, ihatiitbelargrtithatyeimyeperrfbfmft 
For i£ for ib« Runer of Sporhnm, my moodtt and y« 
ooordc nottcinyowrsaynRc^; ah«wyU novrsht sfrattnte 
yov ;hci in^ whyl^c: :(Ji<: trvyih. ufT* u sh« icytlM to 
me, «hc hatht? griuniyil yotv il rrurke by yecr Vf[\ ilff, 
be payedr Ihit is but vj. yecr; aiid tftre hyr <J}-ic(i*e 
»hc v™U ngn:!: with gooJc will, bo that it may* be yoifT 
piofcrmf:in. ihjl yt- ilioMc IhJt niauc:r id joyature 
wi(h yoMTT wyfTe to Eho lenger lyvw off yow boihe, 
puyE^i; X. TDjiikt byye>eT, boo or Ih . . . a& she n^U 
ihJil It shall he. Tljcrforc> aa for L markc jojTituic, I 
\n&y yovf hyadc luc tu cio ^ctc diiiYS?, butt ilf it be 
for li/f. by a reionabl? daye. and rt marlce iftre the 
dyncose off my [Roodrc. Take example at Derby. 

Item, ye make yow sywcrcr than I dciiK yow bcc, 
fur I dciiic tluit Iicr rrciidE:H wyll iiott be t^oiitcui Mhh 
Bedyngfcldei syvcne. ror yowrc*. I d^-mc thya miter 
will ocopy ictigcr Icyscr ifiJin yc dcrnc for. 

Item, I rcmcmbrc thatt ihys atony that she sboldc 
have is nott rcvty> but ia the bandesof rnaichAuntes <£ 
tli« Estapte, whyehe ni n prove yc shall fyndc pet cut 
so slaklte payeret, that ye myght be dcseynd ihct by< 
Ikiiowcdyvcrsc have lost mony cr thcycowdcgctcthcr 
dywtesowlei^fTtheSlaple, God spede yow, and wndc 
yow that yc wolde have. 

X scnde yow the oblipidon here with acordyng to 
yowr dcsyr. and 1 Icticr to Ucdyngfclde, thoakyng hyia 
for yuw,anil raave avet idyiiK ^yni know of myn entrnt. 
Opyn it, and clotr it ageyn, if ye iyit 

Item, when: I loldc yow that the gowtje dothe off 
oldc chunlottt I wo Be have it hooinc ftir mytuitcr 
Anne; ye Utt ^te it I I'myr yuw tctu^e it hiunc by 
the next loasaeoger, and a letter wllh U of m^itf 
tjdyngc^ aa ye knowe. 

«-A i«r4) 



Iicm, Mtuard hr Cori, I liave CuBirr ai my will, Ood 
boldc it bdtcf i^i£ui ji dcon* her to loorc- 

No mooTc, Iwt wrcc^Q Ihc ncil d^yt afire Scj'at Pcirc, 
anno £ iiil'^ jivJ'h ]. Pasiok, K, 


A.D, 1476 or 1477. 
Dauk KuiABrra Brews to JoH?f Pastox, 

IFiomPuioaMSS.. RM-l 

la rtbiunF MfT. fiMM t* 1h4 fnrbtfrtMnt <tl lo^in PMnn I6 Minnv 
Vrv«« Hcv tai^ Af I«|>A *t U noi u^y la uy di«W}, Cii <!■« Iba 
Bf lUi I«IW ■■ vftiK^ ■^f aity 111 tlH Fluid bf Jobp ?maDt Id ■hMi h !■ 
■ liriiii<,"Utn*4tf>i>»P7jaatli» IJiwi •! B4»^]prW Ma (itf.-} iJul' 

7& JBTJ- ttmrtikj/JtiU i^jyn, Ji>hn i'iuhn^ kt thys bih 

flBHt^GHT WkjnchypfuU cMyn^ I recommond? me 
^^^ . I'.i yowc' ihtiakyng lowe Infrtely lor tho 
iF^\^ _ .; 1: chcrc ihaX ic inAtic mc the la^t iyinc 
Hull ic were wilh uxc al Noi wyLli, &c. 
Adc}> co^n, iA for ihe ouicr that waa [lut in my 
novQcle Hu^Dgci And Hcnty Ho/iior, L o&dyraUnd 
he icyn uqcIc, &iii ihtt w^ roAdc nori cndc ihcrtn, 
vhrdi [ aoi ly^i soiy f'>r. Cosyn, w l)r rcnicnibrcd 
wh*l « promyscd mc thar, arid ho were that myn uncle 
and Kerry Hcydon made none cndQ chcria, thAt tc 
void put tbc nialcT in mc; and if it plcftJc iowcbo for 
to 6(\ in ^ood Tkith, ra«yn, I schdl goo ia vrclc awi] iji 
Yvgtitlalty ind coni^cicnsly u icuifi^ both the (urtycf. 
And, c<rtyn, if ic pkoAc wwc to com to Topaoft, and 
pojitt J« what dcy when w will com, I sch*!! sendc 
Jbr my cusiyn to be ihcr (Jir lumt! day And, cuiyn, 
I pnty voire to lende me worde ngnyn be the tiryn^r 
of thys letter, bowc xc will do, Uc 

And AlmygHty Juus bife £owe in kcpyng, Sec 
Bt zauT co^n, 

Dame Elizaeetk BrswS, 


TUB rASTOH LfiTTfiRS (a.u. U7& 


Dauk EujrAnrru Bkkwk to Jouji CAfiTOK. 
ri'ram r^toQ MS&. ILM.] 

'GHT wunchypfull cMTTt, I recoannundc me 

un [to] yuwci &c. And I ftcixi my bu&bonde t 
bill oi xUe mil^T lli^l ic knovreo^&Dd he 
wrote an other bill to lue ngayn towdi^^ 
t1i< Kunc nmtcr; ind he wold thai tc scbuk! go uu tO 
my mdstrt^&hc ^uvvi riLodui) and atsxyr if £c^ nt^hi grrc 
!h^ hol<^ tx/j. in fii ?o*r linni*riH and ihtn hewoldc bo 
niotcgladJ k* iiuu-ye with zow<-,and will fO'^c towctA 
C//. And, co%ya, tliat day thnt ache ii mjuycd, my 
Hidui ntll gylTc h>T L iiic^k- 6ul 2iid ttc ;icofriCr E 
w:hall ^ffe yo»r* fl grrtf ei\' tmsur, thai U, a wytty ge niyl- 
wom^iri, and iT I acy it, boihe ^ochI and vcrtuos ; fo/tT 
I schuld t^c tnoDcy f<>r hyr, I wold not gy^c hyr for 
u n^/. But, coayn, 1 trust towc ao mn^lie ihnt I wold 
thynke her wele boeti on lowf, ud xC were vorthe 
nK'thc moru. And, cosyn, a l>iyU after that tc wicrc 
gone, come A man fro n^y cosjti Derby, and bioght mc 
wurtk- ihAt »uche a. chance fell That he myght nur <:aroc 
at the d^y ihnx was set, ju ! ti^hali let lowe luidynioikd 
mote picyrily, when I spckc wLCh £owc, 60c. Butr 
4:i>!(yii, and it wold plc^c ^O^c to cotiic ajeayn wliat dcf 
thai rr will sft, 1 dcirv iindyrtftlcp ihsi they srhiill k«|>6 
the same day ; for 1 wold be glad thai, and n^yr hua- 
bond 4ind se myjchc acordc in ihyv ma^'afiCi that it 
n^yght be my foitunc to ntakc and cnde in tnyt luutci 
hccwenr my ccnyns iind /ijwc, ihat yrhr of loire myghl 
love other m frendeLy wyse^ Sic And, eoayn, if thyt 
byll please not tonr cntcni, I pnty £Owc that It otkay 
be breni, iec 

HJ>. I476.I 



No nton OHIO ><iwF At thyi tynae, but Almygfity 
D&itjG EuzABsru Brews. 


A,a 1477. Feb- 
Dame Eukasktk Bkkws to John Pa^ton. 

aaoJiV mbfiJfiUuwy, j^ih«k(i ii' ■: ' ■ "* ndv(rl4cf4ilij 

pom rtfcffBW M iM «*K4« fwiWr U« i» U^' ' . < ".>;Hti|»icDU, 

Jff w^ wurscMjp/uU a»yru, John Pa^ton^ bt this hUl 

^^^1 yovrc hfttcfy cbr thr |;rrttf- chrrt: thai yf^ mculc 
^^^1 me And all my folkyt^ the bit tyme that 1 
WiW XI Norwych; and yc promyayd mc, thai 
yc volfl never brekc ihe maicr eo ^forgrcry unio Michc 
tymc ns ye and [ weri; al :i ^jolni. lint ye hafe made 
hjT Kichc advoketl /or yo^vc, that 1 may never hafc 
rest Dyfiht qct <lAy» (or gUl)ti^ &qU cryciig tippoi: to 
brjnge the sokle tnacci tu clTcLtc, &^ 

Andt TOiyii, it|j]rt»n h'ryrl.iy is Stnt Volcniynes Day, 
■odftverybo"<W«<J»efcyi*iliyj^ainAki^fM-j/^l; indyfit 
lyke yowe to come Ofic IhuFbd^iy «i iiy^^ht, ivnU so purvey 
ycnre, that >c may abydc iJiCtc tyll Monday, I nusiy to 
God, that y« Bch^ll «o qifkp to myn huEbanJ ; iird 1 
Bch^ prey ttutt ve schaJt bryng ilie nulcr to a con- 
dii«yon, &a For. ccsyn, 

ll It bvl ft l^rnpi]] Dk«. 

TTmT [iij oil dnmi al [he f\n\ ttmlrf^ 

Foi jt vnil be leion&bili, I imst to God, Wlicch h^fc 

yowe ever in Hji* mfrcyfu!! k<^pyng, firr, 

Ke yowr conyn. Dime Euiahktk Br-ICWS, 
Qtbcnvcs »ch[LlJ be called be Godds gmce. 



A.D. 147;, Feb. 
W*»tt¥RV Hrkw^ IT) John Pi^nm: 

[FrQim Foaa, ii ual 

Uftio my rysAt wtle^'ffvyd PWan/^yt, J^kn Past^ 
SffyytTf he ihu bili ^fyttrtdt 6^ 

[VGHT reverent and wrschyptull, and ray Tyght 
welcbdovedVcluQiyne, 1 rccorauideineunto 
yuwc, fTull hcrtc!y dciytiiig la licre of yowr 
weldare, whcch I b«whe Almyght^- God 
Long for to preserve un to ^y% plcsuTi and yowr beru 
dcsyrc. And yf it pJcjwo yowc to here of my wclcfar, 
I am nut in gooil letl*j uf boUy, iiur of hcne, aui acbiU 
be tylJ I her fffom yowe; 

For thpre woEiyi no crratatr vhat nrn thfti t ciWltti^ 
AikL fui Ui be dvttit, t LU;t 11 Eiot UTVCkirc {iAavhcI 

And ray bdy my modcr hnth iabored ihe mater to my 
fladur fuH ddygcnUy, but sthc tjn no nior getc tiicn ye 
knowi^ of, for ih? ^rhech God knowyth I Ain fiil] uo^, 
Uut y( that ye loffff m*^ &ft I iryttc verily that yo do, 
yc yixW not kETe me therefor; (or if that yo hade not 
halTe ihe lyvelodc ibjit yc Wc. for to do the frettcad 
labur that any woman on tyve my^i, F uold not 
fonake yowt 

1 w/w f vUl <]o all my mnfliE fov* lo loti tail uever no ipft 

Thci kIiaI QOt rnc let m fiyr 10 dOt 
Mypd lierte mo tiyddt «var VMre Eo lo«« yowt 

Truly or«r nil #r1lMly Ihin^ 
Alul yf [bd l« Dc-rrr k> wroibt 
I ti7>e ii fctull be t«ttec la tync commTnc. 

No more to yowe ol this tyrant b^t the HolyTrinite 
hafeyowc Ui kq>yn^ And 1 bacchyowe Uuii thii bill 

*»> UT7j 

BOWitJfD /K 


be fioi 9cyD of none ctthclj crtarur «.itfi» cnW pur 
scUTc &IX 
Aad ihjs letter was mdytc ai Topcrofi, with fdl 

By your own, 


A-D. 1477, Fct>. 
MABGBKr Brkws to JouriT Paston. 

[Fnnn Fcnn, 11. 314.] 

^ tAa i^ttr difytvrjri/, tW, 

'C HT «nn%chypt'ul I jnd wclebeto vyft Voloniy ne, 
h zny mostc umbLc wysc. 1 rtucofYimaDdc mc 
Uii to yo^c. &L^ iVud licildy 1 LliAiikc yuitc 
for tlir Ictnir whcch ihut yt scnrle me be John 
SelcATton, wbctty 1 undmionde and iinovre, thni yo be 
pUTpoayd tocotnc to Topcioft ir achcrtc tyiiie, and 
withowte any eraiui nr maier, bm only to liafc ^ cori- 
dumn of ibc nuirr beiwyt my fidcr anrl yowc ; ] 
wolae be nKst gb4 of any crcdtur on lyre^ so that ihe 
ckUer mygbl growc W> effect. And thcr as yc sity, .ird 
ye come and fynde ihc nutcr no more Inwards yon dien 
y« dyd afoftyme, ye weld na more put my fader and 
my lady my inoder to no cost net bcnencsse, Tor thai 
<«usc, A good wylc aitur, weche cnu»yth mync hate to be 
fiiU bevy; and yf ihax ye coinc, and the mater take ta 
none effeete, then sthuld I be meclie mot sory and full 
of hevvnesse. 

Ana u for my selfe. 1 kiTe done and undyr»iond in 
ihe nuucr tltat i vim cir troy, a!< PrCKid ktiDwyih ; and 1 
let yowe pleynly undyrttondn that my fooler wyll no roor 
money yann with ail iv iliat hchoJfc, btil un C//^ and 
I (Turke. whecb ia ryght fdt ffo the icomplyshincnt of 
yowr (leiytt • 



Wheribrc. y( that ye cowdc be coctcat tf ith tli&t good, 
ftDrf tny prir pcnon/*, T woli hr thcmrryfst iiLSiydcn on 
grou&de^ ^dyfye (liyTikcnoiyowTBcUTcBosatysfyod, 
or thA.C ye my^ht hoJc lucch mor i^xxi, as I h&fc utM^yi- 
Mondc be yotfc afor^ good, ticuc, a:id lovynt; volc» 
i)-n«> thitt y« tnke no such Iftbur ttppon yow^, u lo come 
more lor that mater, but let is [ii ?] pu^ Jind never more 
to be apokyn ot ns 1 tniy be yowr tnrwe lover and 
bcdcAoman diii>^g my lyfc. 

No mor«f un to yowe at thyn tymc, bnc Abnygbty 
Jesus preserve yowc, boihe body and sowlc, ice 
Be yotii Vokntync, 


A,D, t477. F^^tx 
Thomas Kkul tv Joatt Paston. 

W< fa my ryf^ wursfAyp/tdl mfUii^, John Partm, 

[VGHT wursichypfuU sir, 1 reconmnde me un to 
yowc* Icttyng yowc knowc, as lor the yoojcc 
^cnlylwoiDon, mJip ow^tb yowc hyr good beitfi 
and love, as t knowe be ^e comynicActiOii 
that I Juie b;ide with hyr for the same; 

And, sif» ye knowe what my maister «id my Udf 
halh profcrcti with hyi QC mcrke. Asd I du mJb 
that hyr chambr and areymeoi schaJi be worthpe C 
EQcrk. And I h&rde my kuly scy, thai and Ihe Gue re- 
quired, both ye And >chc schuld hate yovn bordc with 
my btly iij, ycr aftr. 

And I uQde^ntond by my I*dy, thai iche wold that 
ye schutd libur the moter to my moistcr, for it »chald 
Lc the bcttr. 
And ] liunic my luily !«% 

Thai n wta 1 te\n\\ o\t, 

Thftt wu kil tiunn al the lu^ tlnAfr 

*.» HTT.i 

EDWMtfn IV. 


And ve b« l^choldytif tjc to mv lady for hjrr good 
wurdc, for »dic hoth l»vcr pffrr^ro yo»t: (o mcc^h. 

Sit, lykc u 1 promyiyd ]rowc> 1 mi >owr nun, and 
my good vill yc iduill ha/r in wore]? Rn<l 4t<ile^ *(^r. 
Aiid Joux h:iic yowe in Hy« mercyhil] Iccpyng, &C. 
6c yor nunj 

Thomas Ksuu 


A,0. 14:7, 14 Fffb, 
Sib John PAtTu> to John Pastom* 

(Frkb Fora, u. 904.) 

Th/^hn J^tiAm. Ei^uytr, si tforwyche, in hast, 

R^conmtinde me to yow, leiyng yow weete, 
Oui jTstCTdaye beg:mtie Ihc x^<'^ cowncell, 
to whyd^e oJIc the osUi^ oiT the londc sh;U] 
oom lu, buiE \i ][ T^e iTor gn^t ;LniL tr^aun.^blc 
Bxouis ; UKl I suppose the c:heS> cinse off thyi 
KKmfale iS| to coinDQ vhai i& bc&t to <io9. nov uppon 
lliegrcetcbanjfcbyihctktlicofrthc Duke of Durg^iync, 
tnd flbt the ktp^og off Caleys and th<? Marchys, and 
SortbeprttervkciOD off the amyteyiiaktrn late, uwcdl 
with FrauQce u now wiili the MembTyB off tiuundrcs 1 
•m\aa to I dowt rtott tliCT aliall be in aU lifUt boUic tbc 
Diik« off Claranc« &iid Glowci^&ire, ivht-roff I vtolde 
tliai my brother £.' vyst. 

Item, 1 ffcck bull litcLi cffcctc m the labor off W. 
A]yii(tOD i DCvcithclcMt I dcnic Lt \h noU foi yow, Slic 
tludl BOt pu*« CC^ mntk, as ffcrr ;t5 1 can undrestand 

Item, t wiU not! fibrget yow otlicrwyae. 

lu is fiO UiAt tliy» daye \ beer ^reli liklyhood, that 
my l^jrdr Hastynjrii shall hnhtcly goo r.o Caleys with 
greet com|i4Qy; iff I thynke it be for yow to be on 

\^\ 1 Ahall nott ffor^cct yow. 



FUiUte xnd mc hathc btcn toot bvokcn bothe lo Iht 
Cardinal),* to inr^T\icCliftmbcrlcyn,'and toniy*dffe, 
.-uidiaminEoodcbopc. M'hco I hocrivxlkDoircinoOfi 
I shall wndf ypw worries 

It scmvrbc that tbew(>T[de Uollcqct'sveiynj;; itwUl 
rcboylc lomwhcc to chox 1 dcmc ycrngc men ^lall be 
chcIJ'^^h)cl i Ukc yowt bcrt lo jow. I fleet thai I con 
noTt Ije iMCLiiyJ, bui that I shall ffbrthtf with vay I-or<le 
HustyHf^tf ovyr the sm, but 1 ^il) »cDde yov worde in 
hisi. and iiri ];t>Or 1 bope n^ii to lory lozigc, 

hem. tc my bmthct IMniunil. I am lucr li> iipcke 
lu Mr'Sl.resstr ])yxt7i) Jn hj^u aiul som dftsr tliut thrr 
bhali bo cond^sR^niivrl, Uiac tit b. i*, cctne lo LondOD 
thiLt hys costs shall dc pa>cd flfor- 

I bimll bjii>ldy ^ciidcyow wurdc ofTmooi ibyn^ii. 

Wixtyn at Txinrfon, tnr xiiij, day off Frvero", BsnO 
K. >;>)■■ zvj. Uic FtydAy a for Futyngong^ ^ 

John PAffros, C 


A.D. 1477, B Mafdt. 
Jour' PAzm^K TO MAJtCAAtT VKStcae. 

[FT«ib Ftntt, \L wol) 

"PA lEmt rvii)<-irt^ ftlf^ |i« « rrt^ffinc <rTVtit?4 tK^H#4 iftrgittrt 
pvtchbi iiuirri]iEC» whit^Llmli (ilKif; tnirit kuti pui vfilie yr^ urj. 

7h nty tygA/ ^ttirfftrpfuU mafyr, Mar^rtt Pastas 

jYCHT wofHchcpfiill modyr, aft^x oU dwtcs t£ 

icrommcndicyoi^r in u bumble wyae u I 

r.w, 1 lirscrhr yciv of yotir dayly Itt^^ayiig. 

Modyr. plctue yt yow to wctt, thai \\w cauw 

tiiat Dame Eha^bclh Brews dc»yrcth to meiewtlh yoir 

At Noi^vychc. And not at Longlcry. u 1 jipoyntyd aiUi 

Lb M7J. 



jQw At xajr last beinj At Mjtwtb^, is by my fneanyt, for 
nxf btvlyi ThoinaK Jcriiiyn, whychc^ kiicwyih riuught 
of ihe mat* [maUA\, lelyiTi m*, that Uic cau*^ or ye am 
«oittne W bok^nliam J-ery is so over tiovyn that iher is 
jko mail thai may OQ clhc pa»c it» Oicuf^h he be iyi;htwcU 
bofsyd ; ttb)djc is do mete wi-y Tcr yow lo \iAMe ovrr^ 
God defend it Bui, Ul tbyn^ rokynytl, ii shi^ltx; lewe 
eo«i to yow to be *t Norwydic, ft« for a dny or twcyr, 
Anij pu9c nut, Uica to mcLc At Lingly. whcr cvory 
lh>nt w drrci itiiH your hone may be sent homcsycn 
the lumc Wcdnyiriay. 

ModvT 1 bctcchc yow for dyvcn; caucvit, ihat my 
spier Antie may come writh yow to Norwychc ; tocdjf, 
Oic roitcr 'i% in i rrmrr^iMp gotiri wry. anil I tnisl with 
Gods mercy, inJ with your good h<^lp, thil it iholl take 
eff«l betlyr lo myn nvauntafic then I told ycFW of ot 
Mswtby^ fori irow thct ii not *kymlcr woman Icvdag 
then 1 shillb-iTrEumy nifMlyrin hwt, ifihr Tii;ircrtakp, 
l»or yet a kyndcr Myr in lawc then I ihall havt, though 
bebehardloneiuyctt. AU the cyrcumftancyn oJ the 
nutef, whychc I tnist to Id! yow M your comyng to 
Nanvjchtr. oowd ncii br xn-nrlyn in iij. levyi of |mpFrt 
sad ye know toy kwd hed well i noogh, I may not 
*Tygftt lODgr, wherflor I ffer>' ov<;t all ihyn^iB tyU 1 may 
swaytc on yo* my aellT- I slull du Eoiuien * in to your 
pbcc a d<i*ryn ale, and bred atordyngn aycnst Wwlr^y^ 
div. If SvTTie myght be forborn it wcr well dono, thnt 
he wax si Norwydie on Wcdnytday m thL' monnyTigat 

Damr FJiubv^th BrrAw Ah^ll lyf at Jon Cookyt j jf 
it myght piTOse yow, [ woJd be glad that she m«[hl 
dyne in your how^c on Thiiritia\', for thcr shold yc nAve 
most *eGfCt u1k>n£. And inodyr, ai the revcrcncjc of 
Godr beware ihat fc he lo pun-ryd for, thai yc lake 
oo cold by the wey towards Norwychc, for it i* the 
most pen^lous tnarchc that c\er vas &eyn by eny 
maii)-^dlaycs thai now lyrcth^ sad I piey to Jcsu prc- 
iT yow And youcx 



Wrtlyu al Topcrofi, the viii- day of Mitxhc 
Vouf buac anil liumb^ll acrau&u 


A.D. 1477,3 Mjirch. 
Sir Thomas BftKwa to Sir Johw pABTOMi 

[F»ai Fean, ii 3£f,J 

[YGHT wi:rRchyplullj pfid my b«ne])r welebfr- 
lovyd c(x-)'ii. I fccomouuKle me uitto yowc, 
de£>Tinij La liae of yovr wcle^^ whcch I 
l>ray God m:iy be u ^ntyiiwil] good eu I 
wclde hafe myn own. And, coayn, the cause of my 
wryling im to yow, At thys tymCft i^ I fcle wde be my 
cDtym John yowf bA>ikf, th^t yc h-tfr un^yi*londyng 
of a macer. whech k in comynicicyon tochyng * mary- 
iLgCfWilh Goddd^mcej lo be concluded betwyxmyKoide 
cosyn yoT*T brodcr, and my dogKlci Muscry, whcchc 
i% fjir cudLmnnyd, nn<j not yyx concluded, ner noght 
Mholl nt^ may be tyU I hafc answer from yove agftyn 
of yowrgood will acd afcnC to the seid nutei; aid 
also of the oblipacyon wcche that ! nendc yowe here* 
wiih ; for. txisyn, I wrjld he sory to ae owthcv my coayn 
yowr brwJer, or my doghtr, tSryvyn to levc to itieine a 
Jyti'afi thei schuld do yi the vj"-/iL [;£i»o]t schuld be 
piydc of ther maryage money. 

And cMjo, I hafc ukyu my seir? 3o nerc in levyng 
nf Thi'^ vj^-Z/.ihat wliera<l fiade laytleuppiin C/(' for 
the maryuge ol a yunytr doghter of myn, 1 liafe uowe 
lent the saidc C/^ And ui^. over Uiau to my coiya 
yowT brodcr, Lo Ul- piiJe agevn be aiidie esy daya iia 
the oWigacyon, wecne I aenae yowe hcrwyiH, apecy- 

A.& UTT-i 



r^M. And, owp. I wrrc ^yg^t Tolho TO h* »Wwc M 
mech nppoQ one clcf;hlcT, th^i! ih« other her eusten 
Bcbold ^ rhc imrt; whcrfor, cosyn, vf !f< "7II ihi: 
tbyi mater schoU Uhc effect und)! »uchc fonrc as [u> 
ecnyri jawr IsrcMlcr harh wrrlyn nutn yowc, T fray /owe 
put (herto yxnrr good vyllc, and i^Tinn ofyowr co^tCi u 
I Uc dOQ? of mjn more 1ar]E<:]y then ever I purpOK 
to do to any iweyDorhjTxuMcnp. uHixl kron^thmyn 
uumi. Whom 1 bfsech to send y4)wc yowt levai hem 
Wrciyn tx Topcroft, (be vnj. d^y or Mftrch, &c 
Be your coiyn, 

T»0VA» Biticwt, Kni^hL 


A.D. 147 r< 9 March. 
StR Jo»w Paittom to Jou» Pastox. 

[F^OAt Putoo MSS-. &.M.) 

Th/ahn /toj«n^ Sspt/fr, in Jkarif. 

HjLVc reodred yowr letter, and yow[r] man, J. 
B^kertoix by whom I Itnuvce all tlic maicr off 
Mesiressc Brrwfc, whycht- [(Tic bcuji he^yilie, 
1 vnyc Codde br^nce it to % goodc cnde. 
ltesi|M lor thp miJ^tcr ol' Mc£ire««c Borly,^ 1 holde 
k bat & bdit thynee. 1 Tcclc wccJl that i» pos^th 
now , . marte. I ^y^^^f hyi lor yowr T^k^. 

Sb« il 1 lyl*n onvs ; she mave be ft wom-in heer aftre^ 
iff she be nott oldc aowe; h;r person scmyth xiij, ycre 
of aft; hyi ycT7»i mcttsey* ben fuUxvitj, Shckowyth 
ftoatof (hpm;itrr, I wippose; nevptihclr^^e shrdesyryd 
to free me as ^Icbdde xi I wassc to <c hyr, 

1 pfAye yovr scode m: some wryjrhtyng to Calcy* off 
yomt ipede ^th Mc^trease Drew}^. B/kcnon tcUyih 


I nWi iU> Buu Durlr, bui 1 iblrA wrc—iwlf. 



mi^ ll]4t ihc Itivyih jow wixlL Iff 1 ilycnL I hiiklc 
kver yc liaddr; hyi than \Xitt Uulj Wvgnvc; oevenli^ 
Ie«e vht fi/ngeth wecl^ wttli xn hirpc 

Cloplon b afcidc off tsii '1\ Grcjc* for he is » 
vryiluwd iiuw tuc, Uhl aucu Ky that he is A^ucyotyU 
witJi [lyr or olde. 

No more- Wrehii on Sofid&>'0* dit ix. day* cff 
MAichc, anno E- iiij'* xvlj" lo Ctlcy* wtrdc- 

Iff yc have MeslrcMf Bren^, flud R. T^ton Mca- 
lr«ic Bylyn^ord, yc be lykc lo be bretheryn, 



A.n, I^77, 9 Warrli. 
JOrtK Paston to Sir Joux PaCTOk. 

(Ftfim PuJitfin MSS., BM) 
Thys byiti ^t dt/yf^^ ta Thomas Grfnt, gtt4 m^fi ^ tJkt 

t& Sir John Ftutaa^ ii'^rrjo ^trf Mt ^ at ^^ty^ 

London, or ether pia^s. 

|YGHT worclicpfuil sir, and my nnon aood »nd 
kyiule broilji, in A:t humbyll wytc a> I CMi 
I recomand mc iij yow. Sir, it w w iftat T 
have, sythe J ohn £t«kurtoii <lq>artyd fro hens, 
ben Ai Toppcrafn at Syr TchmDA Urcwiic ; ahiI jus for 
the mater Ihail \ hciil yow won! of by Joh BrkurUm, 
towdiyiig my sylfl and Maslr«ft MiirgeJ}- Brew*, 1 aia 
yet at no scitvynie, hyr Jatlyr b 40 li:ird; but I trour 
J h4vc the good wyU of toy htly hyx modyrond hyr; 
buL «s ilic iiiatct jjio^yiJi, f iiluU acuiJ yow wocotl, 
wiib Codes gracCj jo short 1)111^ 

l^ut at lor John Iklurioii, I prey yow dete iiiEh 
hym for aucrt« a8 jl auiidyur &ho]il be dclt with \ UuK 
hym never the noore Cor the hylic thai I Mitt yow bjr 

^^ ur7■^ 



bym, but as a tajin at nylde, for «v«iy diyng tlut he 
toid nK U QOt trcwc ; for he dqiartyd with ought 
Vf€Ksax ofbyft i]ii»1)t, ^yi 'Diuitiiu Bn^ae, jjjJ ii fere 
atdAAj^etytf [^KuCnt/A^ to dyv^n in iliyi contrey^ 1 
pV Cod tbat 1 wryght col to yow ol hym to Ul« ; but 
for «I1 tbyi ] kciovc aoQc untrowthc in hym ; but yet 1 
pTtjF jviw, trust hyra Dot ovri myd>c iipai^ nty woonl. 

Syr, PcTse SklMy > vccoraaDdyth bvn to youT muiyr- 
rti«p, iiLitd bcicchcit) yov to seod fym ny)rd id host, 
bo«^ Ik ihAll be dcmcaJiyd ftt your plAcc M Cftitcr ; 
for be u uygDyd to no body u yet, to ukc of mete 
■Dd drynlCt nor yrt wh^ that he nhal) have money to 
patyc lor hys toctt; ind dr^nk; and now is the cJiefi^ 
rcplcnyshcin^ of your wArcnn dicrc. the AVAuntHgc of 
the dove hoA^e hti hcII for hym> lyll yr come honn 
jFOur 4ylff. 

S^ir, J prey yow pudon rue of my wryKhtycg, houfih 
so ever Jt be^ fof cupcn^en of my oaftc thai 1 we 
iiCTT, have not aldcri)csi thrr wyliyi ihrr ownt And 
Jcta prwerve yew. 

Wretyn at Nontychc, the ix. day of Muche, anoc 
& ii^ aeptimo dcc^mOi J. P. 


A.D, 1477,— SifcTiiOMAj; Brews, 
tProm PbtoQ USS.. KM] 

nil MIT ■» tfUodf 4n*a HG*^"^ ^^ umatimeHiMluilivcr. 

felBC B^S*' TTjUU.H DTtt ll F» TlM]lhl-iI-] <■! * ■Hm- l»|iMl-f II W"J .^" A 

OR-VNDUM.— To let my cosp, Margaret 
[Won* ODilyrsund thiii for a joi^tor to be 
mwl iri SwrynRihorp in hAniV iit'd for a 
Joaiore ot no more bQl x marlc ought of 


Sporfiam, T wyllc ilepan with CC marie in hand, and 
to give iheytn Ihcr boord frte ss for tj. or iij. ycr in 
•ertcrn, or cllys CCC. nuik with ou^hx thcr boord, 
pkLjniilc hy L iiurk yd)' tyll (he M>me of CCC mule 
lie full payoil 

Item, 1 wyll eer^ CCCC- ranrk, My3bt« t/^ in hand 
at ihc (lay oi maiya*,r» And tt ycrly tvll the some of 
CCCC- luaik be full p•dyr*^ upuii iheb c;i>ndj^-Mih 

WhffT of on cond)rcyoA is ihyE, that I wyll l«ad my 
coajti John Paalon vj-'A",, bcftyd hya bistyb^ iDoncy, 
to ptnl^c ought die niAQcr of Swcyn«lhor{>c, so that 
he iray fynd sych** r irrt\i^ afi wyll pay mr a ynftx ihc 
Myd vj^L/f. by XX, mark x yet, m> that it he not payed 
of tfic tnaryage moiiey, nor i^ the proprt ffoooc* of 
my aeyd ctjsyn John, 

Ot cUys, an other condycyon i* thy*, if it be to that 
my ceyd coGyn J ohn may be suffred, fro the diiy of hys 
tnaiyafsc to my doujfhter, to like the bole profites of 
the maner of Spaihom. br^yde the mancr ca Swcyoft- 
thorpt^r for terme of iher ivro tyvn, and th« Ionfl;ot of 
tli«yni Icvcing^ yet ^11 1 be sgreable to d«patt wTih tbv 
>eyd CCC. n^ark, payable ayco In fontic above acyd 

\jMii0£rt'< (hQm (her biftrrd/vr a ycr vr twir\} 

And if the« or rny of thi? ronrhisyont may be l-^yn. 
I am agivablo to make the bargayn Bwer, or eUys Do 
more to be ipokya of. 


A^D. 1477. [Match.] 
JOHM PvMPH TO Sir Jouw i'AsroM. 

[PtvQi FcAii, il ia6.) 

Hilt kueit F<iin ulh ax vu Kudwil undu ilu uUrvt I* « JiwdviliM 
■f rli- tinxvtiii'tb liv btJkVfil (O he Sir John Fiv^n'i— ''Jso Pfnnpr. avj 
4i« M«',iiBi»lL* ijh" ■bswInE ihi dai4 at ^lidi a wu ivsHv^tA 

^ Than wvi^wi v'wuvil m "4ib (t4r«a< 




n MdsUr Sir /fiAit /\ufM, ^ (Mis M^ dtfyrYritf m 

ONWRE mil joyc be to yinr, mjr ryghl gcxlc 
mastfT.and mwi Assi^r«d brother; Iclyngyow 
know thai 3,1 yowrc vxlwilLcn and serrwiots, 
in these pjjlY<:^ ihxX I know, f^uc ivdl. ind 
bctici wold, if ihcy inowhi here of yowrc wcUbcyng, 
«nd fonhvilli turn i>f yoArr Frcnchc and Bonoyzw 

the French K>'iitiHiih viimoistulUihulolncny wbcdtv 
uwiWyowof jowr5oft,*»ile[4««fl],«.nd*cwrc*ie[ty&,lui 
fts jet we no thyng cxn hrre that he %o dhpoficxHx hynn. 
Mary, ve h^ve herd sey, thai the ftowys < of BroKjEys, 
whlk there hye cappu, have gyven sum Gf yow jcrcle 
dipgnfit and that ^e fete at ha amiy?! clnyn^- b tiirh, 
fkfttlh^cmyteal ti th^mowih^, uidit thegictccnde 
of the thyeh ; but lo faith wc aire no: for yow, for wc 
know veil thai ye be ^odc ynowh it tlcfcnce. B^it wc 
here xy, that tliey \k of soch Mimgc, that they gyve 
yow iDOO ctrdcyt than yt: do to chc^rn, and that ihey 
atrike tcrer IhiLn yc at:^o. But I thynk that the English 
lodycs aud jcnijiwQnicit, ikad the pore also^ cac do as 
well as iliey, and lyit not to leme of Ihero no thyng; 
ud therefor we drede leat ther bye conu;e« ihuM meve 
IJicm to xnakc yovr wane aba iSut God defend, fct by 
my noKth Uiau have ye much to do ; for hit vreic Ijctiei 
sad more cbe for la labor iij^ or fonre dayu with nut- 
tokici and pykeltya to over tunie yowr ainde hUk, as 
we hert tayc ye do yhi wiix^^uily, than only one 
daytocudufc ihcyrc fers catounUya; so ai yi; inylil 
Owibf r gcte or icivr yo^rr wurehippys by - and toke that 
j9 trui CO have tio re&eow of ua, lor, bo God me helpe, 
mt h*ire y aowh to do in these pajtye^ with the nice 
vem. Dut Id one thynt£ we pic^se yowtc badjiesi^s 
and disrrrcirinys ryhc tniich, thai iii, in hcpynjf of ytjvrr 
UtWM and pe«c wiih ihe Kyng of Fraunce^ as the 


T1I£ PASTOK LETTEES. [^.ih 14^^ 

Kjns hatb corninAundid ; md a gretc rcsoa wh^. for 
hit wtrc lu tiiacii fcjr yfiw W have went niih all ibc 
woriJ at ODy*, ffw the wwrc a Tore tM kepiOi yow 
bhmckE ; Kbr ^very nffoEuible man wetyth w«lJ, ih»l hit 
b w> niuch for cny pepyll Icvyng to do bcthc Lit oityi. 

Syr. ^ for ihc morr irmt^ off rrry lliowh^ I ptiy« JFOW 
r«comAUfide me nn tc yo*tr teH. ffrayyn^ yon chut y 
may coDtvsew iq su^h cue u yowr godeiics hotfa taken 
mc of old, jtnJ if yc lyat 10 acnd cay tydyngik or other 
thyng to thf pnny^s that ntn noiit to wannc theym 
by jowi fyre, in fcnh I shall do yowr <TarKl. 

And a« for tmricy, hit is of the same piycc ikxx hit 
WW wont to be of, and is the raosl sure come, and beat 
f udurynp that may Iw- Am], syr, whefr ihnt mmtymp 
was A lytyll hob in A wall, i» now 1 dore Jorje ynowh 
luid c»y paflruRc, whereof yc were the dCTiscr, and have 
ihank for yowT UVt of sum pinyri, hui no ihyng 
iMtyth &yjT. Y mcne thai y irr>\ir, my punge thfllt 
hjuiyly liule irte, and the dorc stialbc «het up igrnyn^ 
lease thxn Fortun be ogroibk 10 have my dounieib 
kept . for not long .igo, mikyng tay entrc at that pasoiSCi 
lttwa*|ifliowtbaf tiiF-ththo^ccwryH [/w^il^ and J i^v 
her fyti M btilie ihAl ycowde not endure but y mujit oedt 
shote her^ and so^ (^I me help, I smote her^ I trov 
evya to the hcrt ; aad »o I drede roc lest ovihei the 
barley wyU rCf^ the iparow, or ellH the sjisrow wyll tte 
the barley, but as yet all is well, but re«ou shewt me 
tbnt hit must neds fayle by contynewauns, lease than { 
foEsake bothe the ipjrow iuid the bddey iUsu,* 

Syr, I have thank for the shew thit I ooys made of 
yow and daily ynunercy, ntui ye theire prayer. 

Syr, forthcniorc I Iciicche yow. as ye wyll Ao Cfly 
t):yug for me, diat ye bc o day for my ^ake, sod for 
ywr own ple^nre. all the gode hor* in CaXcy^, and if 
Iher beaiDon^thevmcny pric*horeeoi'cted*, that is to 
leU, id especial! tKat he be well trottyo;; of his ownc 

1 IWtaat eUi •Wefiwt1»l paitmgt My haw* nbr«(m t« ih« Uat Biflr 

t la lit* >qqiJ«m nrtiitit, T'tm **«f1a htr*, "anp pmadVjiH nS l—ili," ■ 




eoMgc, wilh owtc for* ^ ol tpons, and abo m ftcrT^ 
l^fovny] hofi i be bci be is ibc better i I pray TOW ttoa 
nc woni of hii color, clcds, and ui:a|Xf ^nd aUo of Kia 
pckr, fc|Tj]mg ftj: yr wolrl by hym yownrK aiul iil»n I 
void have bym nimwluc Urge, not with the Urg«tt^ 
bui M> smolle boM, lui mere thin & dowbLc hon ; pray- 
yug yow ibcir ;ill ihyiitt«ti> have thiv in icmcmbrauiLit 
ind tlut hurily as miy b*^ i\^x th^M it btrr promyKi^d 
aw h«)p to such xn cnci^Dt, £iiid 1 wote not how lony 
bit sball endtiic; ; and tKrWor I bcsecbc yaw scod me 
mnu by lyiuic« 

I fitnr ibe Krenth^ m«n havp uik^n up nl the gode 
ben m Pvcudyc, and alio iht^y be wont to be hevy 
bora ID laW. and thai I love not but i hcry hors of 
Jlob, AUd lyiU of ttiii^e y love well, lor y kiir no Lun 
Out wyll al way be lene ami alender uk« gr^oundE. 
God up* yov, YovTr J. PvifPK, 

V pffav yov to reoomannd me to my cotyn Sir Joho 
Scot and aU htf, in cspcciall ^ta^tfCG licDyn^fcld." 


AD, 1477 [March?] 
JoHiff Pvurc TO Sia John FAsn'oot. 

■Idb* lift* «hcb 

(rttBicti ^0, 791) vu i«*]Tfid by inr f ohii m ^mIk wi 

7> ^/^ y^a /^Etftwr, KnyhU ^' ''^ d^yvtrid m Ca/Kt. 

■ v 

.STER Piaton, I rccnmmnutul tnc tu yow ; aiid 
by cuuK that I hai-c wrylyn to yow ii| long 
Icttcrcs, shich a& yet Iw answcreles, I vole 
not whether that the length of matct icmn- 
hfcrl yow, ar dies Ihc jimpyliic* of the effem diaplciitl 
yow, or cUe» that ye have utterly refnnd the pfoferea of 



my pore scrvycc and ^cnduJiip ; Irat wbick oT tbctc 

lOLj cvct hit lie, liiE hcvyclh lot 

Sp, hit rwliih noi, I Irow. to lend yow the tidyfiges 
of Ihtitf paitj-fs. how be hit I have ihij'w send yow 
such M bcrc were, m cnicnt th:at ve ahuld jcnd lu of 
yuwfptk ; bit; as long :u M^y loul and yowri^ a llicrc; ye 
cin not bil« to have ihe cerieyric oi a\i owr« ^tngt*^ 
avcnturct, which is grcte esc lo yowt frendes tad ser 
vBuntcft ia Uuh conUCt for ao niuch as Uicy uiAy ludke 
her lettcri!^ ^ihooier by ^ iTiuch. 

Syr, ai the ivryiyng of ihn tetter, 1 nas in Kent, 
where All tbyng ulm I rcioisid, 1 wtslud yow poit ct ot 
aJI ; And AS fof myscLf> I am styll yovr tcn-junt and 
bntrniAn, and ho ann bownd In lie so mre And tenrriy, 
that I csui not unbyfLdc mc. 

Syr, thift U the v. letter that I have sent yoi^, wbcrcyn 
thyv cDtcnt thai folowyih vns aH i^aycs on^ itut U to 
«ay, that hit jilesid yT.>w sum on day (n ukc ?io much 
labour fcr me tor to sc the jentylleiLt hon in Calicc th^t 
iitobcsoW, imd tolctt mclinowof hUtcJowTc, dedca, 
and pri^e, remcnibryDg thai he be -il^o lar^c as mcf^uie 
wyll, fnr I luve no small hora, nor hrcrt ihni wyU cvyr 
be Ecne and slendyi^ but 1 woEd have hym hyc tnit- 

Sig, if hit wylbc, and if he be styryna with nil, he 
ail pleae nie the hellerH To: 1 n~u1f] biivc hym -ill for 
the plesiir, nnd for the werre^ bur if he myht he for 
bothe. Vcryly thet i^ no ttdyages on that tide ihe tc, 
safe only the wel£xre of yow and oil other there, that 
I wuld »o fiaync here of &i uf a jcntyll ttott)iig hom 
thil were lyght and pEe^^uni in <ledet, if eny such be 
there, Flemysh hora 1 thenk ye have y nowh that 
wyll play for n myk or ij., but such irc have here also ; 
lujw be hit I pray yov send me word of yowic blorc, 
and be tewre or the price, if ye like eny, or dlca let 
tarn nuui for yow, 

( Nomorc, buc Cod kepcyow, prayyngyowto rccono- 
ntaurkd n»e to tny coeyu Syi Jolm Scoi, and to Syr 
Tyry RobRpft. Let the letirr be sent lo the godewif 
of yowr loggyr^. by yowr J Ofl» Pritt A, 

*■* H7l4 

BI>IVAS£> iV. 



A.& 1477' — JoJ<t<' Pvunc to Sik ]oh» PAttOK. 
rriojB P«nDt JL 334.] 

hH tan pi— —IT iirrmi^ilili' iflcr ifiv other Twfr |o^q Pj^vpfl ■hBi 10 
«iiB« 10 bat verr tMfly. 

7> M^ttr Sir John Fasten, JTnigAf, ^ thit Utttr 
itiyitre4 in Cdit. 

lGSH unorousc »ibla or cuntrcyi fcrrc ind 
Hat« :iU fordnon« ^ your oM aiTcccion ; 
In plcsifrys new, your hcri doo^ icore uid 

So hyc And frrrc. ihiu fikc ju iht" fAwron 

Whi<^ B aloflc, Utlith scomc lo tokc a down 

On hjni th^E vooi was her fcdcrs lo py^c and )nspc ;* 

K^ht »o foi^oiyii )'c tiavc youi poic Pymp^ 

TTiat »Tytilh, vcndith, and wiMhiih alday your wclc 
More ituw t» ovnc . bul >"€ nc here, ce ac^ 
Ne »cy, nc send, iini cvyr I write And selc 
Jo prottf And lyme. as wd! ns hii will be. 
Sam erfU too^ 1 liow, mps sayeih of me 
And ells jrout fut ind fcithfull frenddyrtcit 
Yc thcnk mys^cnL an sudL .15 I, I geue. 

I wyU Abnte my a;ntonmble concourse, 

To yoir to costyouic," wh&n so cvji yc com agayo, 

Whitb ilmi I fclc of roon. by ihe i:<*unie 

Of a>7 ptoterid «ervyce, hath mAde yow so uni^yoe ; 

yor ve^hp the water of the fovmUyne 

Wiih brcdc only forthwith yowrr presflna 

Me Ah«kl (xitlcnt much nion; tluD your cxpeiue. 


But Ay <\ar\t I thun tliti Forcim haih Ii)t>'<1 yowt 

For she but latt n( vtmvyjt tnoci tnany 

Hath nkyd un to myri btn an hcpe more t(iAA o movwc, 

And iruM that ye Eihuld ley thereon on hyc 

Your hcvy unkyuJcnci lo make nit T^t to lj<. 

And God iuiowih wdl hit ciimoi l^ing lye Ihffe 

But hit wyl] btyng me to the chuch bent 

Take liil dwiyc liicrefoEc, v oraye yow Ujn, 
For hardyly m/ hcrt bcryih nevy y nuwh. 
For there ia Sorow ax rest la in hys chflyrOi 
Fixid sa fnat with hys prikks lowh, 
Tbat in godc fcith I woCc m>t whan £ lowh,' 
PoFr Masin FnKlnn, the thyng whrnron my Mfw 
Wu holly MUCj Lb all fordootic, I ivyuc. 

By yuur Joust Pvmpi; 

ih« beyng Ehc vj. letter thit I have ftcnd yow. 

Alway pnyyng yow to rcmcmbrc the hora ihai I have 
in pwry Iciicr wiylcn for ; ;u tlma, tliat hit wulil pkic 
yow t^ urnlwitond who hith th* geiityllest how in 
trottyng :ind ittcrycc; ttiut is in Culu, Aud if he be to 
sell, to :iend nic wcrd of hya ptia. l&rt^cncMc. uid colour. 
Hytt u lold me, thai the Mflsier Porter hdth acoraglousc 
tonyd hotfi and that he wuld pult hym Aw^y by caafe 
he udaungerous in compim^c ; nrd ot that 1 forct[oiirv] 
not, EEO thii he be not chorhtsh at a »porc, as pluogyn^ ; 
and alfeo 1 sell not by hym, but if he troile hyc and 
gtniilly. No mcrcj but God kepc yow. 

JotiK Py«7S. 

A,D. 1477. — SrR John PasTO» to Johw Pa»TON. 

TU>hii«Ii(TMrV w^rrxi iqHnH«*r4iih ^prLtlnKAn Ur Jobn ^Mea to 
■niUiBOf i4rf^ Al(h9ii|h Uu BJ^iAiurG a Unt, EJia rLUidwriliOf U ibU al 9fef 

I tdunMl F*ivUilibnioJ«Dv«rikBf«Kdi*^*WA tlvvb' 

lA 14771 

9^fii¥AftD ir. 



lUtOQttndeme to y<rw, \ttfng yo« ^/txiz lliat 

&0B3 me. whychc he htdde toT^ciyn in by% 
oAvn. us he fcy^Cj whrroH I «hoMc haT« aciil yovt 
iarwer by Wbcdcy, iff I had hailde it roflore h* irtntt^ 
BOtwiUkiCUKlTng I am ryghl ]oth« to vryghte in that 
Burtcr olRc ; fov ^r a coocfunon I wroc« to oajr moodrt 
by fctTK Mcodyalkr that I viyihX *ud iroldc doo Iber 
in. V« hi^c itsoo nmrp BTciyri iIIl^yTl. Yow n*«ic BOtt 
to PFafv me to doo tlut myght ha to yowr ptof^lit 
■nd ^on^ip, ihc« I mynht cfoo oftcr than ones, or W 
Utr n;^ trrctc ihciufT ; fur to rny powrt I wolde do for 
jowr n^d t^lK ** moctie peyne for yowr v/t^\\ and 
ffmfm^rg in vben p«r cam y« fihokf« notl ihj-nk? on 
it yowf x)ffe. I mde be as gl^kSc that cn< gaSc 
jtm m mjuu? of xjji, by yeer, aa iff tie jjjive ii to my 
■dfl by wy trowih*. 

Item, wber yt thynt* that 1 may with concieneo jt- 
compcscc it dgcyn oa 10 owT atokk^otToihcr tondys that 
I hAT« off t^it valjme in fee symplc, it u so ih^kt SuiyJ* 
well, by taygnuntcfAdres will otiet^snd byrnyhMlnB itnll 
•oocoDidcrc^iiflCDtaylydtc the issywofmyfadrcs body. 

ItcoQ, iA foi Sporlc xx/^ by yccr, I haddc tlier off 
btitt xz- mitrkc by ycrc, wVydic xx. marke by yrcr and 
ibe x^ nurkc ovyr, I ha\c crn1flngriyr1, aj! yc vccll 
k&owc ofi^tbGLt ba^yDe,whychc,iff itt benottrcdcmyd, 
I naoAl ncotapencc sonic othci rulpct cff mync to one 
offmy breth<Tynforthpfirjflr?i, mnriir^ovymt, nRrke 
tbJil loogylh to tac -J whcrfibr I kcpc the ituncr off 
Runhjun- ThaiL have I fc .tymplc lonctc thr miner 
OT Wyutcnofi with Bulwyk and Jlill>^ whydic ill 
■lie M oon XX, mxfkr hy yirr^r, whydic ix iiotl to 
th< yaljvt <^ the nuQcr off Sf-irham, AnJ »i Ibr 
Qutrc, ;( wccr noo codvcnyciit iondc to c^ich^iii^^ for 
luchc 2 t^iyikgt ^<*t i^ wccr tiol i^jluy for mc to tctt 
thu tniner tn «urhtf ti^ie (or illc^ rnan«r oL Iiappis. 1 



neiTr nott in make ihy% excuse to yowe, bal (hat yowf 
m/Ade is trobl/d. 1 pmye yow r«joyM not! yowr Byllfe 
toifiochc in nope to opicync ihycf^ th&C &llc yo*T 
frccndys ouy noU cam yow off; foi if my mocdic ircfc 
dyspciKyii In fyvc tnr and any wnmnn in TngrlAAdv 
the best mmicr that she hAtbc, 10 have il to me and tnv 
wyffc, iiod 10 ihc hc>Tcii off our loo bodyc* b^o^rih * 

Uroldc nnil take il offh^r, l>v (rixi. 

f^ubtynh^ yaiiT i«l(!e: up{)oi] a goode grownde, ajtd 
grace Khiil[ folowc, Yaivr mater is icrre spoken off, «»d 
blowyn wydc, iicd iff tt prc/c noo bctlct. I woidc th*t 
it hod Qc^'cr br- ^pukcn oC Alio llial ciialcr noyi^th 
roe (hut T im so onkyntle that 1 leu nllc togedrc. I 
thynke noti« a inaler ^ipp^» nor weell hondelydt nor 
polctykly daltc with, vhcc a c^ui never be ^yuhyd 
wilh owte lEi iucuiiveiiycuce ; ainJ to any audie bai- 
gaync I tepe never to be cDDdeflcentyiifi, tier of town- 
celL Iffe I wcer att the begynQyn^ of su<he c nutcr, 
I volde hnvc hopyd to tuvc tasAc i better cent lusyon, 
if ihey iiitikke yow Muitt Thya main i» (SinyD thu» 
ferfortbe with o^ie my oowncell, 1 pmye yov make aa 
endc with owte my cownccll Iffc it be wcell» 1 woJda 
be gUd ; iff Jl be odcnv>^c, it is pltc. I pt^c yov 
Eiobte I11C no moorc in iTjya niaier. , , .^ 

A.D. 1477. — JoMW Pasto> and Margcrv Brsws. 

[KrQTH Ihjtan HS^., b»M>J 

the vJit? iLier )a tlii Uo^i tnoulUrslr roUawina, is w^ich li !■ ibsiTbiKd 

E^i t4 «>iilLji>at1 in ■ |D"n ii»i>ilcrR Kui] i " NoIt« LOUtJjia^ thi ■"***■ J* 
iwcM Jo. I'uioA, Af. and Hvgeiy Hre**." 

WORANDUM. — To kq>e »ec»t fro my 
niodc:f thit ibe bargayn U full cocdudyd, 

[icm, to let hyr Iwvc fyrtt knowlagc ihit 
in the chftpcll, wher sut ye wold hid bcii 110 

1 Th4 lu«^ptfi ar(lu»t<UiaHc«atoli«TibKavuliiir,iAdta>»«««kt1» 




book njrr bjr t. &ij4f , \\m vhen MxtTfi Bftvrt seyd 
thit h« void fchortly hi%'e fytho niore lord in jojstour 
then Snc7-flsthofj> afid jc m&rlc oxij^Kt of SpArhAm, or 
dlja iZui auuic limd uf lU^iic bhold payc the vj'*7i'-, 
•O tkat it ^holrl rot bo pay^d of iho riaryagj* monry, 
dttt ttai 1 SHvrc on a book to hj'm thai i wold iMVcr 
of my tDOCTon cndaa^ er modcr nor brodci fcnhei ihca 
1 had done; for J ihoUKhl that my modji bad done 
iBjpdM for mc to gcTc mc the tnoner of Spnrhun in 
■ytfae fonnc u Ute b^d dotk«. But MAttyf Breu>«yU 
iM>t A^re, ivith cuRht that my iiiAstTC:i3 hys dou^hter and 
I be toid swcr of it aow in hand, and thai we may 
take the hole prorfytn, what lo ever fominc 

leeta, to eDforme my moder that if so be that k^ 
nay be putc in posacasyoo of all the hole mancr duryng 
ouxc t«u lyvta. aud the lenge^t vf U!i levdng, thit then 
Bto^ Brcn «ryll gcve me in nuryjig^ with my 
aancsse hy« dou^hter CCCC. markes, payable in 
famd Uit And Bo ycrly lA. tyll the some of CCCC 
mvk bcw TliII payed. 

Item, that wtier 14 be had leyd tip Q/t for the maty- 
■^ of d jron^f <]ou^nleT ol hys, he iv^Ue lend me the 
MOiC CVf. ULtl xuV, muiei to pledge ought my Eund. 
and he 10 be payed a/cn hyi C/r. and xi/iL by i/r by 

Ilcm. to avyw my modyr that she brek not for tho 
jcffy vaJcw of Spftjlum above the x. tiurit dwjyng 
hy< lyvc. 


A.D. I4T7, sS M^LTch. 
Sib Jork 7astox to MAKciAurr Pastok. 

7> jwj /:Xf'*' tf^ihjrP/idU tuffCiirtt Mci^rti Patttn, 



{LEASE it yow to wcclc that I lia,vc ivctyyyd 
yowr Irtrrr^ whrtPin k rcmcmhryrl the grcc 
htine, tbai by liklihcd myght liUlJc to nj 
brother, ifT so be thtc thys mAEtcr bccirm 
hyin Jtnd Sir Thomu Drcw>c» do^htrc ukc ikiu cfGcctc ; 
wheroflT I wolde be ■* KOty aj hym sdflfc rcaflOAAblj ; 
and also tlkc wclthy' and convcnycot nuimfEc thit 
sdioldc be ilT it talcc cffccic ; whcroif I vi^dc be as 
gliuIUc 4S PTiy mdn ; uid amc: betid coatcni ikiux* that 
he Hhotde havF hyr, ihan any oih«, thnt rvyr he wu 
hcttolTcor ibowte to have hidde, con^dczTd hyr 
p«T9onc, hyr yom-tho. and the stok that she ia comyn 
offc. the bvc on buthc sydci, the tcodre ffavor that ahc 
h in vLth hyr fTkdrf and cnood?, the kyndeoeMe off 
hvT tTftdr jxnd nioijdr 1o hyr m dmotyng Mitfa h^rr, tho 
flavor ftbr>, and |K>odc conctybc tnat they have iii my 
biolhcr tbc KonbypAiti and vcrtutwa dyspofli.i-jn utT 
byr ffadr and moodr, wby^he pron09tikyih mt, i^ lykli* 
hod, the maydt eboJd* bd vortuouB and good* j kU 
which concydcryd, a&d the ncccstaiy rcly^K thftt 1117 
bruihcr i»os>t bavc. I mcrvayle the leue> that yc hive 

such ^orrac aa 1 have knoivtcche c& by Vv, Goraof, 
Lomncr, and Skyptv)ih ; and I amc lyghl gbdde to 
lie in yriiik Cliche kyndcnes^e oa to my broihrr as yv 
have doon to hym ; and wolde by my irowthe lever 
titan CJ'- that it weer ffte «ymple iond^y as it rs entay' 
lyd.whychcby liklyhoodscholde prosper with hym and 
liyK blocle the better id tymc to come, aad sboUIc fibo 
ncvcT citnsc debAte in owr bloode in tyme to come, 
vhyche Ciodde djrfleudc, tfor thil weer onrmtur^U, 

hem, another incoDvenycncc is, wher as 1 undrt- 
xtande lliat tiie inaiit^r is ^evyii to niy brndicr, aud to 
hys wyff, ftnd to tlic iasywe bytwen thrm bygolen ', W 
tiic erase weer boo, th.n he and she had'Je yssywe togcdr 
a dowu <>T moo, and hys wyffc dyed, ajid he maricd 
uflYriLuuLhej.andh^dde issywcafeouet th^t suiiCAholdc 
have coon lorde, and he bryng hys ffadrcs heyr, and 



MDif'AitD /K 


IToi th'^ncopvcny^nce that I K>rc ki>o«re let in ur ^ in 
cue l^e, «nd j^t endqjTik in Kfrnte, by twcvn & 
jm^rlaw )od hiA aui):i:r, I wold? )-c toke th« aavjcc 
oflT jruwT uioccil IrL ili)3 puj&tt aud that dul U paat 
jpow b/ wrMtyu or by piOdlse, I d«ine verrely in yow, 
that ye dyd it otf kyQd«icflS«> AAd i& cschywyng o(T i 
looof yU t}i4t mysbt bcfAll. 

Item, yAttt a« u ple^yih yow that I tholtlc ntcfjCt 
^awaE, orctmf*«nc th««cydgyfif en to pay iHoUur, it 
u MS thflx with mjm Kon^ic J may noti, an<1 ffor ctbcr 
ca;ir3cs. The Fopc will sufTrc a thyng to be u«y<it but 
he win noli lyccncc nor gnnl il to Km; u»yd nor don, 
utd «oo L My brother John knonyth tiiyn cntent 
woel i oov beer to ftico' m this nrmtcri I vit3 bo 
flowsdc to bym 9A kyndc a brother u I taay bc< 

Item, '£ Mhe sua thai Sir T, Brew* and hy» wyfl 
Ibynlif thai I woidt tiohk^ my broihcr ind liys wylT in 
tbe idd miner, i cui fT^ndeno m««fte lo putt? tli«ca 
in >yvertc ther o^, but ik it nccdc, to be bown^Ic m aei 
obwKion with a ufikJicioo tlut I vluillc ttoiE tfowble 
oer Wecc lh«m ih«Tin. 

Item, 1 thyiik« that she ia nud? tiyvcr i cow la 
astttc io the locdc, and thit ufT lyght I dome tbcy 
jfaili nuke Doone oteude^ ai my wry^blyng, dbr I 
hidd« ne^'CT none asuie tn the loade, Qcr I woide nott 
th«t IhadhAddfi. 

Ko DQOf CO yow at tbys tymc* but AUmyshty God 
Iwve yonv in kc|i^^ 

Wrttyn %\ Ctkys; ihc mni), dayc o( Marche, uirto 

By yowr sonc 

J. Pastok, K. 
K\X U77. 14 AprI 

8in JOHK PA^fTOX TO Jort« ?A«TO*f. 
[TnMii Fom. tl- 144 ) 

i !■ Ill*, 4^ » ■* pmini 

19* tHE PA5TON LETTERS. Ia-O- m»7 

7^/thi Pfixiim, /Crfuyrr, 

'GHT worsliyptult and hcrtely bclovyd brother^ 

that an by Pyi^** Miiofly^ when hr w*? hrff, 
1 ludrlc no Icyficr to icadc atwwcr in •'H'*^'"" 
tyng to yov, And to my c>os>tic Gumojrt, olT yowr 
lelUrri^ ; tjuti iTor a coDc1u«ion yc diallc (Tyntlir mr to 
yowas Icyndtfa* Inuye be^ my condense >indwnjxhyp 
ttvyrl, whichpH whcti I fipcke with yov and them, ye 
bothc shall wccUundrc^fiudc. And IpraycCiodscndc 
fOWWfOOdeipcvik in thai niAln u I wolrlr ycluuldc, 
»Dda»fhope^%haUhivecrThyt Ifiutrc^mcioyow; 
and 1 praye tkid scnric vow ysi^TPc bcixtyne vow, (hat 
njiyc be as hononbic is ever wa* any off your anccsmi 
smd Uieiix, whcrofl" I wciltlc lie as gUiilOe in inaiJCi a» 
off tnya owne. Whifrffor I praye yow iende tne wctde 
how ye doo, and ifT Coddc RTortune me to doo weeU, 
and be oFony povcr, I voll be to SirThoniu Bieme, 
and my My hy* wyflV, n veny wme in kwe flbr yowr 
uJce^ ;tnd uke them sts ye doo, and doo fibr them u 
tff 1 wecr in casc like with them u yc bee. No moor, 
but J«U!( h;ivc yow in kepyng, 

Wn^tyn ai Caf^s, the ititj. daye oft Apnil, anno E. 
iiij. xvij'- 

A> ffor tydyngs her, the FrenaHe Kyogc hathe ^Ihcn 
many oil the towns off tlie Duk of Burgoyne. « S«yot 
Quymyn*, Abifvyle, Motrell ; and now off iMeTiehme 
goten Beioyne and Hedyrge with the cji«etl thor, 
whydic iH one off the ryjilksi caMclla o(T the worldc ; 
ami uii Sunday at evyn ihc Anictallc off Fiauotc Icydc 
seeg? ai Boloyre ; and ihys liaye it is Bcyrtc^ that the 
Frenshe K.yngc shille comethyddr ; and Ihys nyght it 
is seyde, that ther vvaa a vysion seync abowic the walla 
of Boloyne, aa it hoddc ben a woman with a mervy- 
lowse lyghi ; men drmrthat Owr Lady thrf will shewe 
hyi^ellf a lover to thai towne. God iTorfcnde tblt it 
wcer Frcnshc, it veer worthe xl.m'-ZL [^£40,000] 
Lhat it wci ED^Iyshc ]. Paaroyr K, 

«• un-} 




A^D. 1477, 1 1 Jun& 

MaRCAKCT J?AS10V to DaU£ £U2AII£TI1 Bkca's. 

J> Jbb f^^f wturkj^fvii tmd my vtrry gpad [^'^y ^f^J 

rCHT wurcKepful and my cheff b<Jy acd 
cosyr, X3 taertly u I Ciui, I rccomaundc me 
to yow. Hjukm, Lyckcih yow (o uDd^iand 
thai [be chcP^caiisp of my wryiyng ui ynw at 
Ifays SttSOQ yt ihyn : I v<ii well yt ys not utuvmcicbtcd 
wtlh row the Luic comiin>-cftcj'CH that dyvcra Cytnu 
bflthc b<Ti had lowchyng the iiiai)>^c <jf my cosyt) 
Mnigrry, yrwyr dn^htrrr, lod myion John;orwhycne 
J h>vc bea as gkd, uid dow ut« wnrdca u (oiy, as 
evyr 1 was for cny nuuyagc in m^-n Xyvc. And whcr or 
is whom the dcfawtc of the bicche ys, I c»i Havc no 
fierfyu- kftovUge ; IniL matlam, yf yi be tn me or ony 
of uyfi, 1 prvr yovr a^sygce 1 day when my cosyn 
IFOirvT basbona md yc thynlc to be at Nonvyd; to 
vndes Salk» and J wkU tc^ni Uiedcr trj yow ; and X 
Ibynk or ye and 1 dcjiirtc, t?iiii fht* ddhrttt- 4cha!l be 
knowi^ vrher^ yt yi, and idio Uiai, with yuwyr a<hyK and 
belpo ADd Tnjn to ^cdyr% wc flch^U taJtc some wcy 
thu yt kIiaI DOl brekc; for yf yt djd. yt vei non 
hanoofr BO neyihrr parij'o^ and in chptT (f> (Jiern in 
whom the dc&vtc ys coosyderyng that it ys so krte 

And* madam, I pity yow that I icay hav9 pafytc 
ksowb^ br my sonYelverlon,' bertr here of, when \hy% 
nctyn^ icfaall be, yf ye thynk it expodycnc, and the 

1 Tla nvU bmdtcFed ue kdu^iiKt bur ve MJow tcno'i rcAilmc- 

■ WBiife T4lt«i*«*^ m^iAm^ fil Jvd^ Vtlvowa, *»■ nuviiaJ 4 Xufd 




soticT thi? lirttrr, in wirhrwytip r^f vnrwf ; fnr, madam, 
1 know ucLJ, yf yl be not coficlud^d in ryght Echort 
tymc, that i* for my son he cnidi'ij'lh to doo ryRht 
*dl b> my (o&itd Nfiraciy, and noi *o well by hym 
sylf, ,inH tfiat schtilil hp tn mr, nnr I trvint tn ynw no 
gtci ptcsur, yf yt to fortunyult i£ God de^cod, UTiom I 
bcscclic Ic send yow your Icvcst dcayco. 

Nfidam, I bci^cch yow ihal I mtty be rccomAvndyd 
by this hylle to ray ctuyn yowyr husbnnd, uiil to rny 
coftyn Mafg«t)v to whom I ffuppoiyd 10 have gtyyn 
An oihyr name ot Ihys tyoc^ 

Wrctjn at Mawtcby, oa Seynt Dim^by U D&y< 
By your, Maboarit PASTOif- 


A.IX I47T* 3J June 
Sift JoHv Pastok to John Pattom. 

Tsjohn Poiion^ El^vytr, 

Rccomond me to yow, Ictynfc y<w wcd« thst 
f b*vc spoJicn 10 Hcrry Colcit,' And cutitird 
hyin in my Iw^t wysc flor yow, too (hat ai Iho 
lasEl h« vt igrryil to n Fe^onnhle rccpyght 9of*\ 
the xrj[r. that yc :;holdc have payd hym at Mya^o<ner. 
u he tftyth, and )> gkdde to do yov casc or plcsjr in 
a11 that he mayc ; and 1 loldc h>'m llmt yc woldc^ as f 
■upposy^, be heer ikt London, herr noH bog to, and 
thaa he lokjih afflr that ye sholde come see hym, ffor 
he b s^fryjf. and halhc a gooddy ho'fr;* 

UeiiL, my I-ady olT OxeutTorth 
Arblaitef both;e. 

lokytli aJTlr yuw Anil 

I S\t Henry l^kl w Lad MiT°r ol iJiodMin uii—F. 

*.». 1457-1 

Bi>trAJti> ir. 


Hy Lord off Oxenffonl ^ is non eomcn in to Ing- 

acdc off bdpe um coanccU hove ih4£ she »h;m doo. 
No nixu Al tfays Irui^ tiuu Gud liavn yuw in 

Wit«Tii t» Loodoa <» ^$07111 Avdryos D&jc, uno 

'Tydyop butt that yiarrrdaye foy I^dy M^ueya off 
Dome* vhych u my Lody HuEjro^i ilo»tr> hidyd 
cbyldc ft 80DC^ 

Item, icy Lord Chambcrlcyn it <cmvu hyddr flro 
Calcyi, and rcJyn wkii ihc Kyii^^r 10 Wyrjflcahor, and 
the ^^^ "^ be here agcyii oa Mt^ndayc. 

J- V^ K- 


A.D. i477> 39 Ju'ie, 
Josh PA^'TOH t^ Mjikoarict Pa^tox. 

■ Jou fiHiiaa^ Wi* T^^mufi Wkof To tba 7W i-m, toLntf «» itH 

IVGHT worehcpfuil nnd my mosl ipood and kynd 
tnodd. Moder. in aa \\\\xa\\^\\ wyu'as [ can 
or may, t recomnnd mp to yow, and bc^cche 
yow of yoLir dayly b!>"ityTjg, Mt>dcr, please 
ll yow to ciid]FT3lon4 Ihai tyll iliy» day DauK Ei>£4' 
belli Brcm hjiEh« Iiph ^x^ tyVr. th-it she myght nrvyr, 
ajthe »h^ cam to Sillr, have Icyscr lo comon of my 
tmtCT vrAh Hnster Brew tyll ihys day ^ And thya day 

iUV«va, t-kridf Ihrffinl, viiaHh^v fiav ■ finmiH in ih* Cwd* 
DAb IB Fiar4r: «^[ vptc:u4ii tbcra ww of his <!<iiiiEui StW 


with gTci pcyn, I tlijut the imther bcoiuve Hc^tlon ' 
wv ther» the mater wm Lomond, but oA«r amwer 
than sht hathc vent t*ow in hyr lettre clootd her m 
am ahc nd have o( hyr husboad. WhcHor^ modyr, i£ 
it picaiic yow, in)-]i iJvyae h to hchJ hyr ajiawcr ayca 
in tfayi fomiv folowisg, of tome oihtr oooys tuod. 

[^^Tfyjrtf Past&n U Dame MFyta^tih J?r/aw.] 

*' RTflirr worchcpfuU And iny vcny jrood Udy «nd 
COtyn. <tJi hctll/ 33 t can, I rrcomanct mc lo yow. Aiut, 
nuuLim, I am ryght sory^ if it myght be othcnryic, <i 
the dpi^asc, is 1 undyrrtacd by the bcrcr hcroi. that 
my conyn your husbond and ye d9iO have tuid a tcuoti, 
whyche 1 jirey Gtxl soone to rcclicsse to yaur (xithc 
etseia. And. madim, I thajd: yow henly that ye have 
remcmbred the nuterlc my cosyn yoar husband, that 
I 9pAk with you of At syche tyinc oa I woa lut with 
yttu at Norwytrhr, to my gnA comfbtt And I wy:tc, 
mftdazn^ I am ryyht sc^ ttiat John Puton ic no more 
fortunntc then he ia ta that mater ; for, a» 1 und>'ntand 
by your Icllyr, my coayo your huabond iryll ge*c but 
an C//., «rhychc \a do money lyek for ^lyche a joynvore 
u is dffiyred of fry voa, thow hys pof^bylyte wer 
ryghE easy- Bui, madAm, vrhcn I mad that L^e gnjut 
in tJ^c mancr of Sperham thai I liavc mad to hym aod 
my co^yn your dougliter, he icli] me of an other some 
thac he show have with hyt ihcii of an Qii. He bathe 
befof thy» be wont to tell mc none untrowthc ; atid 
whiLi I shall dcmc in thys mater, J can not Key. for Ux^ 
ihynkjih if trtire ihcn -m C/i, wcr promysiyd on la hym 
by my coiyn your husbond and yow, tlui ye wold oot 
lett to Rcvtf U hym, with oui;ht so wtr ihit J c« he 
abrygffyd cny thyng of our promcah, whythc I wot well 
neyther ] ur li? uilend to do, if I may umiyiaiaiid tkat 
hyi seying to me wss rrovnhet una that it m&y be 

JngMitiltd f* pi-, f5 Kd», IV^ No, f*. 


EDti^AttD ip: 


pcrfbnnjd; but wy^t I ttui be told me olhcrw^ 
ihrti my cosyn yom hutbonii nnd ye promystd hym, 
to dacyro mo of ^poiha&i, by my trowtbo, Ihov he 
have it. DC sHaU 1<«c a^ niychc for it. i(T I kvc. juid th»t 
1L4U Ikc wdU ucdynUnd the ncKl lymc I ^c liyin. 

" And^ maclam. 1 prey Cod Bcnd us good of tby» 
mater, for u for hy« erode? Sir John also> 1 sent onei 
to hjm for k to luvc mad {[ood the same gnmiit thai 
I gnuDlyd vow with hys axsent, to ibciD -tnO to thcr 
usu of ther ij- bodycfl lawfuUy ccmyng, And he df^ 
not ther in as 1 tmyred hym. And thcr for I prey 
yow pardon tac for icndynK on to hym cny more i for, 
f&adiin, he 11 EDj suiic, and 1 can not fynd in my belt 
to becom a dayJy petycyootr of hyt, s>thc he hatfafi 
denycd me onys myr^ uang- rtiavcnture he tiod ben 
better to bavc pciiiJTmj-d my da>T:r; And vhAt hy» 
amwcrwjiaon lu mf, Jului PaaLuii i3D icll yuwu vrdt 
as 1 But, madaiD, ye ax 1 moder a» well u I, wh«r t 
pr«y tak it non other wytd bol wed, that 1 may not do 
byJohnPaaton^asycitTllhavcmc todo; for, nvtd&m. 
Ihow I wolJ lie dyd well. I have lo purvey for more 
of my diyldcr then biin, of whyche some be of that 
^^ that thev c^n uU mc veil inow that I dele not 
ercD^ with tKeym to geve Jolm Paaton ao larj^e, and 
thcym so lytyll; and, nkadam, for nyche grwgys and 
oithn ctit^ I am ryght fiory that the gr^urte it 
knovya thai I have madr with ought it myght take 
cflceL And iheHbr, madam, fro hensfoithc I tcmyghl 
all thyng to yowr riyscrcs^yon, bcscchyng yow, the 
nlhcr m my uke, to be my son Johnis good Udy; 
and I prey (3od presen-e yow to Hys plcsurc, send yow 
hasiyly yovrr helc aycii« a^A my cosyn yo«r huibond 
ofao^ 10 vrhom I jirey yow lluit I n];iy hr-niy bc^ trco* 
ntDdyd, and to icy coiynv Margery and Mar^juet 

** \^^etjTi at Mifiiby, on Scynt Petrp Day. 

" Vowr, MAKiuurj' Pastobi.'" * 


"j^t jthtt Uffyr to me thci I inay thi^p*. 

" 1 grct yow well, *nd srad foii Codcft bicwfng w\d 
mfn, Ictyng yo« wet thai 1 uodyrcund vcU by my 
cotyn, Djime Elyubctli Brcwsyi Icttyr, whychc I Acndc 
yowf her with, whcrby yc may umlynUnd Ac vlriic, 
that ihcy imciifl not to pcrforrae ihos profctys thst yc 
toM m? they pfcmysyd yow, tnutyiu tbftt )^ told rae 
none other wy»t then n"« promy^edyow. Whcrfor I 
chu£c yow on lay hiytsyiig thu yc he wdl ware hov 
ye Vstow yonr mynd with ongbi ye have a sohitflTice 
whei upon to levc ; for 1 wold be sory to wet yow 
myaojy ; for if yc do, m yourdcfawt lookc never aftyr 
heipe of me- And .i]*o J wolfl be .la lory far hyx .i9t 
for eny btritywomin levcing, in good fcythe ; irticTfor 
1 wimp yow, be wctre in coy wysc ; ind look ye be ot 
Man'tliy mth roe u hjL%tyly as yc cm, And then 1 ihall 
tell ytiw mine- And frtwl kejjc y<jw, 

** Wrclyn ot Mawtby, on Seynt Petiy* Day 

" Youx modyr, 



A.D. t47T, 7 Aug- 
Sik John Pakton nj Makoakki Pastox. 

prnim pMtoo HSS., RM.J 

|T>EASF it yow to nrrte chat T hflve rcccyvyd 
yowr letter, wreiyn the Tywwdft)^ nexto 
siHre Scynt Jumcs Dayc. wherin ycdcsyre 
ine 10 JctiicLubie Kokeil, ^nd a1m> to be 
helpyngiofny hrothrr JnhncK maria^fp \i frn" Kokctt, 
as God helpe luc, I hnowc noEi yttt the EneaDcs possible 
that I my^ht pfl>c ii>m by ih^ d^yc, Hbr tbooa ouicni 

A*, iini 

Bi>wAXD itt. 


Iku be off grettest wyf^l and choice, and that stonde 
tMrrat vxf ircdl, that u to »cyc, tEic s/wcnc giT the 
naner off Ctotrc> tml the miitcr bc^twcn A&ne Hjuilt 
and me cball, vrOi Godde& giact^, thyi termc be ar ;i 
pqr ff y^bt toM^ whyche wiU clxArse me Rcrthcr than i 
oAvc Eit(»i<r 43 yilt, or lyke to have by£[uT ttuu tymc, olT 
mjae owno, and, u G«d help? tue, I wutr noit where 

Item, 1 itio»t par* ivitk ID thys ^j. yeer iiij^ [4<>9liiuul:e 
bo TovBobeoQC, m d]» GTorffctt the niaficr oflTSpcdc 
and thnimjrctaivcsbcgmTcr thin I may? a we^cwiih, 
coPctd nM md» lulpt as 1 have ^ and iff it ffortunyd 
that I Sovffetyd the ruukt off Sporle, yc wccr never 
lykc to »c mc ni>Ty a^uc. so God liclpc tuc. Yc jtavc 
<nc unci nu7- lo ii iranloi, and yr prnmjriiyri i^ morhr, 
whjch« I reoeyvvd, and tynnyi^ oEl n)' mony olf tcide 
maiker grawynj; tnot come loyowrhnndysvros rcccyvyd 
by yow ascjTi the scyd xl/t, wliychc, when Kokctl 
sdiolde br pay^i, wm notl yowr caw to dcpanc wytJL 
Nevcrdiekaw re luav yitt, vh«D yov lyketh, pcTfl^onne 
yovT sayde cyme uia promyvci and thys aoimne owyng 
to Kokcit i* tiMt K> mochc ; ncvcfthclcssc I supjioac 
Uuu ye be notl to wcell purveyed' WhCTiror,tfritp1c«e 
jowat yowr cue her adtre Co peTforme yowr &eyde 
gyflte and proonysc^ 90 that 1 may have it wtlli in a yet 
or ij. or yitt iij^ I sholdc per case ^ctc yowr ohligAci^n 
10 yow ageyn Snxn Kokcn, and he picatyd. Whctffor 
I betech« yov tlut I maye have on usyngncmcnt of 
fttche dctto i« be«n cwyn^ yoiv, payeablc nt leper off 

Wche mony « is OTiryn^j flcr the woodc at Basiynghain 

oretlrsvher; fltor, «» God helpc me, I tholde dlj"* 
wytfuDyOflkdoonamUTe, vhenn J besccheyowtosende 
me aa autawcr in Wt 

IteiDp ai towchyug the majiuge ulT my tiroiher John, 
I have Mftte hym myn adv)'r^e, nnd loldt; hyni wherto 
htf «baU tniste. and 1 have grauntyd h>'m a^ moche od 
1 miyc, 1 woMc that I wecr at 00 communycaaon 
atwycD tliciD for Iiyi ^^c, whydie I ^liulde if I luyghL 
Ai for m J cotnyng home, I ame nott yStt lenayn 



myu blcasyiig, iLod yf jr dtdc, ye wuldc a dcfiyyrj yt 
in yowyr wrytyng 10 mc. God nut]cc yow a good man 
10 nyspl«s»u. 

Wict>'n at Mftwtcbr* the d^r 4ftcr Scynt Luicrona, 
llKyaeuidlhercs^of Kyng B^lheiiiJ^'lhc-A^ii. /trc-. 

Be yowyr Modyr, 


A.D. 1477, 17 AuR. 
Rnutivn BtDYNfarKLO -ro Sir Joni* Paxtui*. 

[Ffum Fcfua, iL s^&J 

Tlu rrwata ntw^ u b Ait JA*r pavM Aat il v«i *nriMa b iki fflti 

W» /*3 1^ ^ys^f UTurxAefi/ui Ssrjifhn fai/imt JTf^yg^ 

.$T£K Fa£ton, after all dew rc^n-iAndacioa, 
uid hcTty diMuc lo here uf your £0<x[ hcic, 

iilwc yi JO" tt> vcic I have spoken vilh Sir 
oht) of Medllfon as we] as I cavclc, aad yt 
had ben for tnyselfr for his hoby thii ye <iUeircd, tn^ 
toldc hym he myght wcl forbcrc hym aowc in fti nochc 
3& M^stFet Jane wus dcd, and duU yl ia a £[^t ^Wt for 
hymtokepemoohorsthanheccdythj ar>dheaiwwered 
me, that he wold sells hym widi good wi]]^ but thcr 
shuld no mill ble hym under xA. FIcmeAch;^ and I 
offt^reiJ hyin in ytmt name, x. niatke, ftir be wold not 
hereof none otlier amWyng horae, ihut yemyghigeve 
hym therfcire. Afid also my lord dismred CO hivft 
boirto hym for the Loid Miaunttdl that ia di^' 
capte>Ei of SL-)'Lit OitLcia; and lie wold no Ic^c IcU 
my loM have hym ihan W/. arid so my lord bcnTO^ 
another, and gave hym the scidc Jcrd, for he chonjghtt< 

lti» in*rtL liciit» ikppuf Dtly i sisHJ ^^ki* Itr a hobby.— F. 


F.nwARh i7. 


tlu8 to d«it ; ii«r<3lheleise h« wd) ftot MII9 hym to no 
Ato aadcr that mooy, thnt he ncttc hym on* ord so yc 
nA5 bye yo^t plcsur in liyin acitl yc IcM ; for othtrvrysc 
he woi oot <loo for ycHi, « I consrvp. 

Aad B« for tydyngtin th(r)'ae portyM, thv Frcoche 
Kctig kyxdi a: 3^ &i ScvEt Omen, on iheocc side oi 
Uie town K tn)]i: o( but he lisib no gret ofdcDAQ[Ke ibct ; 
and they of tbe towo ikynoy*h with them ev^ day, 
and kcpe n passage hsJS it nylc vith omU the town; 
and the Frtoch Kcnc hath brcnrcd all ihc lownys, and 
fiiyrc abbeys, thai were thai wj.y abniitc ftc/nl Omcrt, 
and ali!o the f omci w«fhe ar there. And also, « yt 
y» tdd« for scrtcyn, the French Keng haeh brcnncd 
Cusdl, that ya mj-n hooU Lady pfBu^cynys ^ joynttor, 
and all theonuniir ihcre ^boiitr, whereby she b;ith loot 
a gret part of her lyvebd ; and that is a she r^wed tolcyo 
iluc he menyth wcl to the Ken^, bowur £a3eT?ygti 
Lord, ifhcn be btcadyth to di^tiQyc ber. 

MoTQTcr Sir Phylcp dc Crrvrkerff hath taVyn them 
tluu were in Fyays with inne this iiij. daye« to the 
ooumbre of idiij. penonys« And the rcmncunt where 
fled, and be had them io (be I'VcrdL Keiig, ^iird he bath 
brentte all the pface, and pttlled Arytm the towre, and 
a pan of the traU, iuici diuiroyed yt 

Aad aa fi ifl acid, yt' the Fcnch Kcnj; oin not f^ebc 
Scyi^ OxnciVi that he intcndyth to brengc h]^ onnye 
Uiorwc tbcysc inarcliy* into FliiunJres ; wherefore my 
lord hath do brokyn »ll the piLB^agcs excep Newhom 
time, wcche i* n^icd, and the tumc pykc shcttc every 
nrabt And the sckIc Fi^iidi Kcn^ with imie Iheie 
tq.dayiffraylrdgTrtcly ofmy lord toTygyr rurtfiimnt, 
opynhr l^orc ij. htindred ol his lolks ; whervlore yl y* 
thaof^ here ihac be wold foyndc a quarcli to acct upon 
ihyi town, yf he mychi getc A^HjiLiLa^r 4^^*^ ^^ ^ ^^' 
dmtonde, the Frnprrnrys sontr* ys maiyf^i ^t Oannie 
■I this day ; and ther cam vith hym bot iiij. hundred 



hone, oad 1 on here of oo isoo thit be comyciE io 
scttcyn; aiu] in mony he brcngyth with hym an 
IjuiJilrcd ihfnvund doVrliL, whrrhc is Hit n suialli: (hyug 
in regard fot ihai he tuth 10 doo. Whcrcfcrc, I fcfc fuc 
Borv, tJut t'bu&drcs will be loftt ; and yf Scyst Omen 
be whoDuyc], ull j& ti^^n, in my conccyt. Never the lease 
lhi:y iijy lijen! »liuM come grvi powere aftM the Km- 
p«ory» »(m ; but L L>« Icve yt not, by »UKe they haiv« 
OM ao lOD£ of coi^yo^ 

And 1 pr*y you to rcconuiujicle mc unlo Sii Tyny 
Robscrtt &nd thiit yl j^lesr you to k-le Tiyiii knuwc of 
your lydyn^a, t^nti Hour Lord have you in Uis kcpyn^ 

At Caku«, Lbu Sunday qcki alttr Hour Lady tbt 


A.D. i47Ti ^' Aug. 
Agmrs and William PAffTOBV, 

(From Poston MS&, B.M.] 

7S^ ffjn^ f/ rtf manfrt c/A^ntt Pati^t an4 IVU^ 
tiam Ptufon^ in N^rffciJi, hffW tkii i/aUJ be takin jkedc 

Ami .7 a>py t*/ ihf tome sfnd U Riik^rti fjnsttdi, Ihi 
xxr^\ day a/Juguff, /mm xvij'j/tr Bdfk^tr Waf*r^ 

PflstoD mancr. . . , Sc dial the fcTmour in bu 

lojuc on ii;y luodcrs fc 
Seale dorcs and di«cn)iWp 
«Ad put in a ntwc f«raao(v. 

■ £i]fjiuxjil BrdyDtTeld aarried Mu^artf, daurtufr rA Sir Joha Sevt 
CMnpEivllfff *4 L*4i«i vtd WB4 Dr*4;«i1 ft K-kJ^i 'if ih* lull «i tW 
C(ii(ytjil[ai uf RkbAdl III. He hu bt^lily in CiV'tui *iih Ifcorir VI t, *te 
piikd htm a r^r^l visii ai i^JhliurgtL m Ku«lUli, vlk»k Ti** hm h*4iuilL U« 

^■^^ J 


£BWAKI> rr. >^5 ^1 

W<Klfmrl, . . 

, . 

Diftnjnc. ^H 

. , 

Gfldir the rvM^. ^^H 

Scvardb^ . , 


Godir the rtntc^ ^^H 

Tniadw^, , , 


Distmyac on the jtrouod^ ^^| 
«fWr it i» fdlid. whi1t H ^H 
licth on mf morlert fe. ^^| 

Kupboii fe« 

■ ■ 

Gm1«i the rcfitc ^H 



Godix the rente. ^^| 

Owstooodc; . . 


Dittntyne. ^^| 

Rovtco, . . . 

■ ■ 

Dlfttruyot, uid aretC the fer- ^^| 

RjltOlV • a • 

' I 

Lctc L)iu»tMc3 bicthcr pdcr ^^| 
ih« rente- ^^| 

Ovaed miiHf , . 

, ^ 

St tiM formour in hie cropp& ^^| 
jLfld flfccT Acnlc <Ioriii snd ^^H 

difilTij^iic, and Iclc hyiu nut ^^H 

rcnn^ in dett^ at oth^r ^^| 

fcrmoimdkL ^^| 

Oxncd myllc. . 

• • 

Se the fctmotir to hid croppe^ ^^| 
Aud after acall doiu jind ^^H 
dism^e, iind )cie hvtn ^^| 
not roiAc in dcltc ofl otn^r ^^H 

icftaourv did. ^^M 

Cuter Clcrcik . 

J , 

A«ke the fenDGL ^^H 

noUcfmiit tdiraicft^ - 

Acke the fema ^^| 

The mc9«h in Outer, . 

Aslce the ferme. ^^| 

CMcrBnMr, . 

, . 

Aske the fcnne a rcot ^^| 

Cnco else rentes^ . 

Dutnync teiuuntc*. ^^| 



Onnjsbf Bij' tCj 



Soocnoik, . . 

k ■ 

$c thu ho in his corn, and ^^| 
till hr fyfid<!- «U€rty. ^^H 


, , 

.Uce Che ftrmc. ^^| 

Sotftb WAbhon^ 

» , 


BAl«7natcit< > 

, , 



t , 

Aalcc the rente, uud areaie ^^| 

■ _ 

Sn^Tth. ^H 

906 THE PASTOK LETTERS. Ea.i>' 1477- 

CokfcMc«. .... AbIcc the rcatt. 

Apaw/a, Sc Lc in ha cgm, ^ad scdl 

doT^i flnd distn/ae- 

Mulyogfor muiev, . « Sele doris and ctuu«yn«* 

MulrQgford myUc, - ScaJc doris azH diamjnc. 

Mcrt)'Dgrordc tcnaufito^ Disir^ync 

Mction, Sc the cro[ii>c iniicd, Azui 

Rcnlc doris and dutnyiu. 

BodwcH) ..... A»kc rente 

Carlcton, A*ltc rcnlc- 

Thuxstons, . , , . Arte rente 

Lynghatl nuper Dokk- Askc rente fro Micb. srvj^ 
yngcs. till xyJ]° o/id distmync 

Biilui.iiis tiupcf Dult- Aak-c rriitc fm Micli. xvj° til 

kya^^ xvijo, ^ind »ort« Martyn 

to kqic the r^nne sliil, 

4nd if he uoH cot, piayc 

hym to grlc n nodrr. 

Yeaxham nuper DcJc- Atlcetcnic fro Mich, xvj'lill 

k/agct. itvij^t and gcte a ncwe 

fcrraour. uid incrtsc the 

Ttniv, and mol^e « arwe 

tcTTor and rcmtU. 

SiyberdnupcrDokkyii^eSi Askc rent fro Mith. iva till 

Mich, rnj", oaddiatiiTnci 
and Allowe no devrcy of 
DoUc/ngesic abatyngrDj 

ThymbllthoTpAufterDok- Aakc rente ffo MkKxve till 

kyngea. Mirli. xviJ^,AnddEsmyix9, 

and allowe noc dewty of 

Dokkyngcs in ibaQr;)^ ar 

Thtffle mancTtihat imrahid ukc gode hedethat yt 
tc in jodc Aucrtyc of ihcin this harveal tymc 





A,D, 1477* 3' Oct 
SiK JoHja Pa^ion'a Will, 

IFkd Pnuo MSS,, RM J 

TW nicdul vf ih&i dauinvl a DniIlaEat U ii OMlaned Eb ■ von 
■jjipi t-i>Kji, *T*«>«UDl««i ^^iRoli Ri«Aa SkHiioU mLlllU* 

[I, JOHN PASTON,] Knj^ht, in the Lui da/ of 
0(ctobcT, Amio] Domiri na^o&cdxxvij*'r will, gtauntc» 
Ittl be qucth lajf tomUs to All royghty Godi nnd u> 

liic Maryc, Srbl Jnhu Bafiliit, Scim 

Gcfgc,ScinlCmCofUf,aQd5«iiitIUfban; jm<lm/bcxly, 
ji 1 d^ticny the Cytc of London, {to the chapel] of 
Owrelxlrinihc WhithcFici>slh€rc,itihcNoilh[:c*t 
COroCTOflherbodyof ihrrhyrrhr^.iiKi thrrctci IxrmnHc 

an ovtoifj} or muchc Ickc u ys over 

Sir Tbomos Bxowqc m the Frccc PKchoun, 10 the 

v^OOi of js2i.^ 10 thit it mjL/ cju«c 

ihcr p»yi7un lh«e. the TSlhct to tcincmbre my iowb» 
Uid 10 pny Eh«ftfore ; OnOd that there \x gevyo to (he 

b^ioflT at pIciEtc of f;rounde be mode 

waa unio mc for ever the some of xx, n^orc 

<3Ayly> br? chr tiji^icf of ui boll 

me, by toorame well d^>o«ed trother of the same 

fiow*c. uid that Itic Beyc brother , 

^t]wiLh»loDdyng yf I dcccsae in the coucte of Nor- 
Oolk, or ih«v nyr Aboiiute, I wolde my bodye were 

b«ned ox the pnof ry of BroinhoJml un 

to tfw Foiiadcn Twimlic, which 4rche b unto the North 
iydCi Mid lyi^t A^yn ray fudyr toum[be] . « . . 

ilh fln swTrr anrt a toiimhe for me, to 

the wlue cf so/l, and thac the how:ec there have a 

rciT^c to the frcrys 

of London, JLod that thccc be also 1 bidder of thit 
hovse 10 Kynge for my «owlc l:^ one 



ft doKtU mode ftt my coat over fi^ fulcn bod^ tbcr 

of JUt/L, so tlul OWTC 

cnu«ynft have the tnnre 

devDcioo tc that place. And the nthcr rcitc there 

bodyci there the cncrcsse of the 

. . , cttcrcic and profile of the howxc, and rcste 
on the rc1igfu<i there off lyke a* cwt atitn^eimini have 

(a][id to the eotenl that 1 

ducloscd but on tofcwe pcnona conccrriyTsg the fee 

fennc Uuit b myed Duke of 


[Item, J vil] thAE my bro]ther, John, yf I dye whfa 
oWth yAauf; Ic^uU of ony bodye. have the maner of 

Sw&yvetl lo hyui and ao 

cordyng totho vrilloj; bnh of riyn grannMCT arid of 
my &der, on whoa sowles God hava iGcrcyc the 

[Iteog I will i)al iM BvssJioppe of Wycchefiter, or 
hia siMygnm. woll and tfaaf sue m- to do lounde ir the 

lysteii^j, preei^s of John 

Faatolf and ha freodyA, &c, at Cnater, and that that 
be LylJed loggyng conveniant (or those .... 

ftdjoynyng npp&n the bAk- 

hous o\'ct the cardcyn nithouuth t*ie mote oa the 

Wcaic *ydc of my 

Ri the seid mancr or numcru yn Cuter, gmiint by 
ehftitouT, groumlc, space, and londe, convenyant for 

>uch emreandys^ucrihtnmto, 

and to that entcnt, uid byldyng or purchujns of 

license of the kyng |iru6te£ 

of the <cid Hiantffv holly be expendid the tenme of vij. 
ycrcx next after my disscce ; and, moreover, . . « 
> ..... rcaortc thedcr in hii ownc peraooe 
to over see th<? wrrfcys ox byidyug gr oiublynyng of 
the seyd howstr [he ahall h]ate playn 1/berte to d«e9 
withinne my tud nuner and (ottnue ttie wid tenoe 
ofvij. ycre^and that ....<., csty«. 



BDW4MD rr. 


Of Stmt John fiapmt, withyn th« leyd towiu of 
CaMct, witb Alt tbc praites y^ly of that ui»c bcmi- 

yfnap] ed to the K/d college 

or nnarir for f vrm^arr, wtih l)r.enctf th(-runu> had of 

the K,yng wid of the Pope, with 

n C*4ier bdbre aeyd, wtiich toodis, with the Kyd 
diipel^ scfailbc of Ihe ycdj vnkic of Tijjf- ycrly - - 
, , , mcitf fif one jireit ibove the charge thflt the 
fi^nhope wyil do to fuay for the c:)w]cc of my Udtt 

Thomas LynJy-;, tkrfc, md 

of Slt John Dinheaey^ And EhaC After thti jibuvc 
wretyn be perfbrmed, yf IhAt ...... e« 

nake ailUe by tynv feiyd ind ervoUed in the Kyngev 
comte of the aad tnftnct 4nd nuncn id Outre . . 

yuue of his bodye IjiuTaUy 

ooiMyeag, and for defAiitr of yisue of his body tiw. 

fully [retn]nyn« to th« iuue of my 

moden Uwfiilly commyiigc. And for dcfautc of yxsue 
of ber bo*)y LiwftiUy cauiiuyTi^ .,,.,.,, 
myn nnclr, lufwinl Mxridcby, and to the yicue of fab 
body UnrlttUy ooamyngo, Aiid that lor defaut^ . , 

[coiDinlyn^ Ihit the Myd mancit 

remajm to my cousyn. Sir Wlh&m Cd^ihorpe, and to 

the rtght CTTC2 

dcCftute of bsjc of hiB body UwfiUy contmynge, the 

tcyd okancra to rcvcrtc to tho 

[Item, 1 will ih»i the prieai of the <'h3p]cll of the 
>e^ college be prcwntcd by ihc lord/s of my *eid 


cd by Syr John Fastotfi; 

efyng de cadem villa vendatur per executorc* meo» ad 

pBiBipleadiimi et pcrsulvendum. 

em invcactit lecuritxtem Ad rcdimendtua 

maaenuEa de Sporle piKdicmia, qiind ki ipM? - . . 

X. bct' teme de eisdcm perqueiit de 

Jobatine Kendall tempore dcbito dcncur prodicto 
Johaniu tnxn [moo <t hxrediboi via Icgitjjme pro- 
e^eatii; ft defeaa cxittw legittmi de pr^tiictojoh^me 



Ve rJitild bavff YiAd thym« varthr the mon?^^ and tfhe 
hftdnmtcttyd it TherisootQUpt^rl/Ajr^^lalCuTCT 
V. or vj, biirclL Mai of Scrowby h.-ith fc: it mwcy. Vc 
must hftvc A Euccn be sum wi^ic of liapu bui thcrn, 
ordlut ii wooldoyrtw m^chc harm her* after. RcchanJ 
K«<Jrrmrj, John focli licoior, and WiUiam Abbya^ 
these JLTti lumroe of ihcr rumyi of Scrowby- 

hcm, I rcccyvcd a Ictrr ihc Twix day l>dbr 5!cD 
Edmitndeth^ Kyng therruycwrytt tome for WUliam 
Fof (CT ; his scwmesu sIod ch«rgyd for iiijA. \jr. viijJl, 
oj John Seyve hath scyd to nae or the tyine that I 
icceyvjd your letcr, btil be halh ij. men of Norwcch 
TO vtrwirlp 10 *avt? hym ani] hi^ felaw hannelev. 
SchirjgAT is cTi, and Vynceot the plomer is a aothit 
that cnul bcrc the dami^er. And as for your sw^meit 
I have ^crtic .1 mail itiac clial any hem be loud, Jiod tiuit 
I chal send word with the Ewanes that [he heryogei 
chaJ com be water; and lI the chuld have ooy hficyM 
for your More, it wold be purveyd for. for Heryng wol 
be acre or LetJtc. 

Item, tliere nm wyndowne? blow opyn in the place^ 
and the wyndovm of (be gonnc hows with tu&e tha 
brcge is rcvyn. I vroC not nhclTilr il was so or ye 
wentf or not My Txird of Norwich was at Caaiei 
HsJIe for to a cen the place as he cam to London 
ward, Scr, rcmembir yom liors to have a belter kcper. 
Scr, 10 remcEiLblr thc^ac met] of Scrcwby. and eomoa 
with Masiei Willianj Paston there in, fjr he partifh with 
yoa both wrebke and growndage iq C^^ter ; aiKt he 
wold take the accyon ifi his lordcs tiaiiic that he ddyth 
for, it ware a £ood wty, be my jympil wyih, God 
presov? ycu, and kepe yow, and bryng yow bome a 
yen to your contra 

Wrelyn at Mawtcby on Sea Edmundis Evyn, tlw 
Kyngt i& ha^l. 

Be your man and nrrvant. 


A,D. 1477, 30 Not. 

E7t«aFut«iMSS, aW.) 

nsia ia BB ^dnaa u I^a 1«Riv, bar ■ ia - 

B- iSiJil ■•ij'.- 

^^■YTH worchypfiU icr. I rcconn&nd me to your 
^^^H SDod muCcr^ticp. Plcnyth you, *a for Pck- 
I^B lyngcs nuicT, ! wmt,! ftcfcin John Pet*Tyngci 
ruunc f^r Ihe *i7dciwi and he had an answer 
^t if be had a buucheUii] of cv^'dcnn, he chuld r^ooQ 
luTC of thcni, for he httb set the Umde in troljill, ijor 
he cowl hive no aejle of Done. Also TCmemhir your 
iTlfc of yourwreke at Wyiitctton, Thtwe am the mencB 
Dimp of Wyntenoo, Robert Parker of Wut Somerloot 
John Ixmgyard of Wynterton, Thomfl* Gocx3kn*]«! 
of U*e suncj Will Wranthora and John Curlcy* of the 
»tre Vr'ynicnon, that oryid of your severel RTOwnd 
X^i'y auie ftJ ofMuffc, viij"- bownuvis., iij^ *nd vij. 
mynescoitd, xtJij*- dapalrle,' y. bartll ler. iiTJ. copil 
orw, sDd giet plajiCe \/*^fy] of wrcltc of the schyppe 
thAt i» worth meche ir^OAy, 11 yc dul undcrstonde the 
tfowth after this. 

And u forynurhCTyngUiAtchtildin lo Es^rxkn, th^ 
am there, be the rticc of God, A* for your swanet^ 
they chal be ihcrc be Our Lady^ Dxy next comyng, I 
trostc to God, Ho hire youf ntiolerchyp in la kcpyng. 

Wreryn at MiwWby, where .\% I am ryth wer^, on 
Sen Audrtws U«y, Anno xvij" E. 

5a^ if It |iJe«e your iiLUtcrchcp, I >ok] yet no hirlv, 
ua Dtme can a tove xiii}^, the comb, as I sen word in 
a kter be John Rufse; and J toke iiiJ/iH in mony to 

br^ to yaat mattn:hep. The pryssc of your hcrrar 
n iii|£ iij/, uij^-, bei>>xl oiler cc^tcA- Hery Cook wcild 

* iti fagt jtt. Sttt I. 



goo with your tvuict, fi» hyi ycfte cbcU be v^, vii)(£, 
«uJ itkcrc foic he wold jvik you hia Uborc. be w |« 
payd for his cosn*. Ipse dtiit. 

Be your lerviaDt, 


A.D. 1477, iS Dec 
Hamckv Paston to Jomk PAfrov. 

[From FcPn, iL tSfi] 

U h cnrthH i^t iFh* t* iB*f4k HfVbittr« iiv A* 

4f Ida 

tk*«HrKDl Eft( biJlcPi* ^^ AiimmcT. HUA LtIIv ■oftEOl Eb Iu>« hfvC V 
liDwraticr Fcmh rFmaifti Efui 5t TluHDU'iDitt ini|lii fCdfl At Mflft-j 
kUn4rk:.7lH^-.%« k IU>V-(. -tfi J4lv 1474. mhl " Ov L*M UiBi ' «b^ j 
bath* VjHiaiwp u( iJtE Vir[iii. ati J uirprnnllBi' Bvl (lu> « amthj^i 

*U. Iht «| JgJ^ i4]& bcuila, IT ibe tnT ctcjld or I r^i Fuiu IM 
«■■ lUI Hiviiifar MB ba'V* J^. ■>)• U">' >fU ':>>uin}rBnA Vf»l 

aaalttaiiM ihoD Ltu Uii> knee vodU timiit. jrr Xij SiifbU^v^i^ J 

b itn J ii'i*iii J y M^ r tot liarat iTfty, and w^ lir< CBwfuay tf ■»■■■< 
tht MIT vlil lUi hnimilL 

Tomyryfkrtvfrtmandwcrschrfuthmhffnd, Jfm fusion. 

^^BVTH reverent and woncheful huabond* I T«- 

i^^B fc^rr ofyowriffylftre, thsiikp^ yow for the 
tr>kyTi thiLt yt sent me be Edraunde Petyi, 
prcyng yftw to wclc that my irodyr sent to my fildyt to 
l^oniioEi fjra g(>viii( doih ofniufityTddcv/lkrs^ to nuke 
Of a gotine (<«r me : and he totfle my modyt iml me 
wanoe h« wtts comnie home, that he cargeyiyowto 
beyit aftyr tJial be were come otite of London. 

I pre vow. yi it be not bowl» thjil ye wyl wcchoif tO 
bjT^ aoc leodyT home as sore ai yr may, frrr I have no 




gotme to weyre tM» wyn \yt but tny blikp and my grrti« 
« Ijer,* «Ad that b ao cMnems ikxi I iLim very to weryt 

Aa for the ETidjl thii my fftdyt be hcttyt mc» 1 
^nikc lu hjui t^icr (jf X tytyl bcl^ir: Uc loic to LoEidOD 
ait, uid he «eyde to me thar che fnuvi? wa^ in vow, ihat 
■• woMe cot IbyfiLk th^i uppe on to <Io inak)t [i^gd 
a madt] I but 1 9OD06C thai > J noi *o ; he icydji m« 
for a ik^naaon. I pic yot^, yf }'e.- cIoi ukyt iippc on 
yow, ihit yc wyl «tw Mfi> lo do mstkyr a ycrn; yi^ 
come homci for 1 hftdde ncvtr more ncdc thcr of than 
I hive nov» ioi I him wixsc so fciys * that I may tioi 
bciiyncin nobftrrcof nogytclyl ihal Huvc lui of cnc, 
F-li«hct Pcvrfcl haih Icyc wk iv. or xvy wcky* o( 
the leyeiykA, but «clie i^nt my modyr word be Kite, 
thit 4chc xuld come hedyi w^i^nne God sent Qnne, 
tboow *rhc iiiUI be cini [niArd/'i/] in a biirwc, 

Jon of Damm wm here, and my modyr (lyskerwyrd 
me Ig hym, and be seyed, be hp ^outh that he wju not 
fMdcr of ro (hyiiji that be h&rde thy« lowln^onyth, 
thta he mK iher of 

[ m:iy no lenger leve be my cmfte, I im dyncevwyrd 
of fiUe men thu fc me. 

Of aXlc odyi thytijfyi tluC ye deieyrcyd that 1 xuld 
sende jfw won! ttf, I have sCTit yow wor^ of ici a lerttr 
thai I deJe WTyt« on Ouwyr Ladyin Day* Iwtc vu. 
The Holy TrcJ^ytc have yovf in ifcae kcpyng^ 

Wrctya^tOiticdc. iiir}-:hfi(cth»t,ou thuThiusclay 
next be fare Stfyrit TcannA D:iy.* 

I pre yo* thai y« iryl ft^ere the rcyng with the eraage 
of Seym Musretc, that 1 sent yow for a mncmraunst, 
lyl yc cxjfue home : ye have lefic lai: T^wn:!ic a tcmctii' 
raim»c, that mflVyih mc m thjTikc uppf^ on yow tottie 
^y >iid nyth wanne 1 wold eclepc. 

maak ■ wr^i and I ibvuEd tun'OM "msic' wbc > npt^mie vctJ, ihtMf^ 
vktfT 1 EnV " (• 1 laoDH n/. 

■ Ce^SSi of t >lir IjilIf, Ith d| IhwALl^r.-r- 
felt, Iks ^T « S^ Tl«KBi 9 n«dif^ih4 Muiyr 

>1« THE PASTON LETT1R& [4.11.147^ 

A.D. l478^— AbST«ACT- 

|j« ]l«fL III], Will; iiiElttloiia idachiog n-udthipt^ rctkCit Ml^i 
tc UliQ effect «Acr H^atUr ]4B(X 

A.D. 1478, fti fuL 

JOWH PaJTOM to Silt JotfH rA5T<»f. 
imm ruton MSS., &H.] 

■^■|YRf Ed^ All delict of reoomctidjLqrDii, I/cketh 
^^^H fow 10 undyrstand thai I hxvt comond vitfa 
■^H d>ven folkys of the Dvrk of &u5ollt now thjrv 
Cryslouis and lytbcn, whydie Icl lue b accicl 
wyw have knowlige, lyek as I wrotl on to yew, thaii 
he must mak x shdiEt for niooey^ and thai in lU lost 
WherfoT, syr, at ihc reverence of God, le( it not be 
Udicsyd, but with cfTe<,l a^ilycd tiow, vhyll he a in 
London* and my lady hys wyff also ; far I aiaaflfya 
yow that C mark wyil do more now m ther ne^le thin 
jc shall pcravcitturc do with CC. m&rka m tyrac 
comyng, ajid thys aea^n be rot Cakyn. And ^wctv 
^d ihe meatie ihal my Lady of SulToUc and Svr R. 
Chamb^rkyn may be yowr gwydea in Lhya mftter, lOT Af 
for my Jortf, he ncdyth not to be mcvyd with it tjll It 
(hold he as good aa redy to the seulyti^. 

Syr, iydteih yow also lo remtmber that I toW yow 
that MaityrVotlon^ had, as I cvnUcttowanlcaLoadofit 




dnyred nr, bf a )enT« of attoraey wrytryn wf^h Hjn 

„ « , . , gavchjin, 

«nd At S)N±C flCWOU HA I Lul'J fUw of il, jrc i^LLyd on to 

mr that y« woLd is^y to mak^ a bai^^ with hym^ no 
thftt ye roy^i hnvc & pr^t Co sy^g m Outer* Syr, 
DC thyakca yc oui not bbtvc so |:ood a seijon to mcvc 
liyia wiih i( sa now tli/a Parltmcnl tyiae, for now I 
tfaynk he shslbc awaytpg on th« Qii?nc ; and also if 
ye mygbi compose with hym or he vy«t wlut thfi 
i*kw Tcr, it wcr the belter, «id I have promyscd b>tii 
to KUd hym w(«iii thys tcnnc of the vcny valcw of it^ 
and alKi lychc mony fu I oovd gukr of it Whofor, 
fyr, I prey yoir thai by the next racssoiner that ye can 
get to Pck(^ thit yc wjli aoid h^ vroo^ to paye oc 
fbn the kind in jojc. aoc^ aa it hathc hen auaverd 
before Tym. 

And AS (w t)-dyQfet hne, »c h^vc rione» hut we wold 
fayuc h<ve of aU youi ioy>^Ee ax London^ a» of the 
maiy^gc cf my I,*inJ of York,' ai^d mhcr Fj-rlrmrnc 
Biacer ; and ia I prey yow that 1 nuy dco when yc 

^rr, 1 prey yow that Whcticy iniy have knovlagc 
ihat roy broder Yelvcnon haihe ptomysed me to ttkc 
hym xbf. ; he owyth au by reason ot his fennore Oit 
Caster more then that 

Andp syr, as for my huswyfi^ I atn £iync to cairy hyr 
lo « hyr fulyr aad hyr ft«idei row thy* wyr^tcr, foi I 
liow ihe wyll be oug^t of (acyoo in somer- And so 
IS my prosTtase &o my fjxdyr Brews od to Mawtby* I 
took UaatcT PUytec in toy «ey, ut whoy^ tu>«v3 I nrot 
thya byU*. ih« xxj. day of January, anno E. iiij*' »vij"- 
Afid 1 bcMcb« <iod to pT«fiervc yow and youn. 

'■M THE tASTON LETTERS (i-d. 147%- 



I • <WlLfl dufeMll 

dfduAtbU he TilwiiiTT h«d wir » hit rrvs t. 


7> rtv ry^A/ tiHfrt^f/uii mffdjr^ Mar^rd Past^ 

'GHT *POtichepftill modyrt allyr ^! dwte« of 
humble tccomcndacyon, in aa humble wj»e 
iS 1 C3iij I bcstclif yuvr xii yuui daj'Iy Wyv 
(yng P[e**yt yow io *rtt thi( nt my being 
now At I^ndotij lypk as ye gave m« in <:<3msndnient, 
1 nscTyiJ to Mwlyr Tykcnhim *ad lo Jarays Huborl 
for thci being ±1 Nurwydic now tlijs l^nt tluit ye 
myght have iher xvyaes in lyche m^cn is yr lee rav hive 
underflundy&R of- And od for Mavi^ Pykctiliam. he 
bmm JuEci^the Attl^yi* and abo he hiihe an otho 
eOycer whyche ik ca31yd Audita Catriantm, and hys 
besysen Is so gret in bochc the« oriyces Ihac lie<an 
QCt XtU the season when ibst he ahall hav« leyser to 
come in to NorfTolk. But I left not tyll E had ^otyn 
Jamys Hubhort ant] hym (ogednn, and Ihm I tt>Td 
theyrn your intent; and llien Mafilyr PykcnhAm told 
Junys and me hy5 intent, and he preyed Jamy> that he 
shoM in DO wysc faylc to be with yov thys I.cnL Not 
(rithsund/ng i! was no grcTe nede to prey hym tnytht ; 
for he told Doctore Pykcnhaia that there was no geiMyt 
woman in In^lond of ?o lytyll a<]ueyntancc sa he had 
wtlh yow. th;it he irold be gUder to be scrvy^ on to ', 
and mychc the ghulet. for he purjKJseth fro heiKforthe 




\L royle ot Loddon, whyche is hoc viij- or x. myls *C 

Ifc H1^\ 

£I>WAJfi> /it 

■ tr 


dit tDOQl fro MftHlliy. And in cooduayon he hftthc 
*pjwTyT-i^Tl irt AWTtytr '^n yaw bi Nooirrdic the weekc 
nertc ifCyr Mydlmi Sctidav, ill the hole vtlce, if nede 
be, aU oihcT Dutcn I?r^ Af lut, 

Abo I coaacad wiEh my brodyr Sir Jchn at Lonilcin 
offjrrliMnatcn »t yc woM ha*ff amenriyrf in the b^lc 
that be Kent oci lo yov, and he sUke not gretlj kl it 

Al>o, modjr, I bcrd vhyle 1 vojt in London nher 
m a goodly yong woman to miry, ^lydic va^ 
dongbttt to on« Sdf, tt mener, amt ihe ^hnTl hdve 
CC& in money to hyr roirya^e, and ix mxflc by yer 
of lood iftyr the dyswtLie oif a Mcppc inoJyr of hyn, 
whrche a tipon L ycr of i^^t i and ur I dcpirtyd ought 
oTLflndoOf I 4p.ilc *ilh 4ome of ihe mnydy* (rrndy^ 
utd hai»e gotyn ther good wyllys to liave hyr nwryd M 
my brodyr EfliQTin A Notw'iihutandTTij:, those ftcndys 
of the Eu&ydys liiai I tutnoiid with jtyiyrj nfe lo grt 
thf gocd wyl! of one Sitirmyn, whyrhe is in NTastyr 
Fyk«Dh;un}-i danger^ so myche tfait he ia gbd to i>teue 
hym; And m I mevyd chy^ mater to Msstyr Pykcubun. 
And inooRUncct lie srut fuc Sluimyu.juid dn^ied liya 
good wyll foi my brodyr Edniimd, and he gmntyd 
nym hyi good wylle, so diAt he koud ^c the ^ood 
pryll of the tcmenaunt that wcr eiccuEoim t^ Scff. i^ 
well AS ihe j.rj'(i sStarmyn wa* ; and ihusferfbnhe ii 
themiter. Wherior, n^odyr, we mnat beaeehe yow lo 
hcipe tiK fcnvaid with n Icttyr fro yow to Mastyt 
Pykenh^m to rctncmbyr hym fof to handyll well ^nd 
dylygcnlly thys nulrr nmv ihys t^utj and for lam 
irjueyniyd with your coodycyoni of o!d that ye reke 
not ^'ho endyiyth mote Icttfct then yc, ihet for 1 have 
drawyn i note lo yovi sccretuys hand, Frcit Penc, 
KJiyxlic Iciuc we must jirry yow to send us by the berer 
herof, and I tni»t it shall not be longe fro Mastyr 

Your doughter of Swcynithorpp jxnd hyr ^ojomunt 
Ei Puton icCijiEundytli hem to yovr ^a ther mtjtt 
hafnblc.w)fBe, lowly besechyug yow of your blyisyng; 



aitd n Cor Df- brodfr, Edtnuod Svcy&Athorpe, ka ooot 
iuifclc tlul hyn okLli yuur di>iighiyr, unr I kaud ioUctie 
tiym, myghc DOt kq>c hyin. bul that he wold ha%« ben« 
at home wiih you it M*utby on Scnday Jxit pMt at 
tiygbU and u he w&i dcportyng fiv hena, b»d wc 
word fro Frenshd wyf dial, (««] yclJ yew, inudyr, y< 
had govyo hym leve lo dyapone hym hw with ui for i 
vij, or viij- daycti j and eo the iirtvyU loat hys thuik o1 
u«, and yet dbodc iievyr die lesse. 

Your iloughtyi Acndyih ycv pan of syche poore 
milT ta 1 flODt hyr fro London, bei«?chyug yow to pk« 
it io greti though ii be lytyll pleote that ahe sendytb 
yow- But u for daijs. 1 wyll >cy tiowthc, yc bivc 
[iot so ni'Uiy by ij. powod as ver invrnt on to yov^ for 
she thynkyf Al thya ft«iion datys ryaht good mete- 
What K> CTCT it Tu^nytlii I prey God send us |p>oij 
tydyngcs, ^'hom I bc^cche to fjrc&eivc yuw uid youn^ 
H/id so seat] yov your mysi dc^yrcd )oytr. 

At Sweynsthorp, oD Ashe Weclnyiiiay. 

Your tone *od humble ■crviiiot, 

;. PUTDOr- 

Modyr. pleasit yow lo rrmember that ye bid D«ed to 
be at Norwycbe v, or vj, d^yes befot that J^nyi Hub- 
but tod your consay^U shali be ther with yow, iot to 
look up your cvydeuce and aU other tliynfEes rtdy, 
AUo if yc thynk thai lhy« bylle Ihjit I send yow hcfwlth 
be good ) DOW to Bend to Doctor* PykcnhAm, ye m^y 
doie up the same, and scod it sealyd to noe Ajciit 
usd I ilulJ convey it lodhc tg iiyub 


A,D. i47&^ 21 March. 

[From Pailon MSS, ft-M.l 

££>UrAJlD /F, 


in kia^ 

[YTH reveresT and worcbq)^! sct, I r<'COmcnd 
tne on to yowr tn^icrachcp, c/ycctH*lly dc- 
vpyng to here cf yowr wdftift .irw5 contynual 
pTMpeiiie ; and iT it pl« vow to here <^ vat 
pour est&% I irsa m good h«lc U the mokyng of thit 
9fmpyil bylL Ttwcliynjj ilic cause of my wrytyng to 
yowt mfttendk«p is, for m niothe jj I poyncyd irith 
fO» to 41 tW with yow be the day thit ye asvfiyd me of, 
tto wbeche, with outh yowr ^ood supporUcyon, 1 ecu 
not *dl hare my^ cntcnCi wiUitjulh a pie yow to aend 
oof) of yowr mm to tne, and I paiL pravyd i letter 
IB myn unkyll nu&^ ch« irh«efa« h9 p^all delyver to my 
coaynJubcwcrcRiynuTikyDiDAffigcajiiiiidLc Lhi>(mece 
Ivyll comeatyoAnc^ucbl; Tcf myccsyu noltl I ptulil 
t)ot depart with hyin, with omh it w^rc lo myn uakyll 
wrryte; hoy» and a1 I otJien 1 refuse for yowreB^yf nay 
•ympul scrvysc may be to yowr picture. And of wi 
■aawer bcrof I betckc yow be tlic biyii^cr of inj Ijyll, 
xad I i^ll conforms mc to yowrcn lertej be the graci* 
'Good, ihc Whcchc mol prcflcrvc yow at nl] outcSh 
Wrctyn 4t Cobhain. iJic x*j. d*y of Miidie. 
"By yowr woman ami av^mi, 



A-D. 1473, 5 Mny. 
Sir }ohm Paatom to JnKif Pastok, 

[Fnn Puton M^., B.M.| 

,/MfV Fasten, Et^uitr^ antU to dhttnt Utrnty, a»J 

Recomaundc mc lo yowc» and thanke yow oft 
yiiwi labor that yt Jiiiilile ar Heyltwlon and 
Draytofi ja *eyng the woodj-s there. And \\ b 



■00 ticcT that Ric Fcrarc srydct th&t he rcpcntjd 
hym that cvyr he dalle niCh any woocSe ihc«r, md iff 
I hoddc scale hym but the Jccst chyldc thai 1 hodde 
to h^vc wAinyd hym io Joe he woldc noUc have 
dollr tbrnvyth ; ard he flbndc r»nc romffoitr in the 
Chancery, bui thut he it lyke to conienie mc for the 
hannea and hLirtc that iji doonc^ and rooc^rc ovyr he 
h^thc ;i[i iiktUucyoD lliat he sliidl ^elle nucj tnoore, 

Ifcm. wtieer ;tshj;dcsyrydmeTol5e frtcndly to hyin, 
i tUltc it> with hyin, th^it 1 trowe he wyllt rcptjrtc that 
1 »cydc jnU tUJtc muorc coneaiy with hym than he 
demyd that I wuUe d^x?, Yitt Tor uUc in cci&rcuyc^ce* 
ihftt myi^hl (TdLi^, I wolJe b« gbdd^; to h;Lvcr a weell 
tlODULkyd fi^Uive that wolde for my lake *;ve:ye daye 
KG the Kydc wocdc« of Hcylcftdon ^d Dr9)rtf>a, 4^d 
to kiiuwc ilTutiy wecf fcU>ii hcci alTLic , auJ iflc tlicre 
he uny fcMyd syns that Whcilcy wa* diccr, and I ran 
prcvt ii by wyLQCfte«, J sholdc have better rccooipcnco 
for every tree thijv iiij- trcc» weer worthc 

tieiik, it h £0 tJuL he h^ibe an&wcr/d to roy biU^ 
whcryn he scythe ihat he never kii)-we byfor the mt^ 
pena delyvci)'<i hym that 1 hodie any dayiDc or cntrett 
in ilic nmncT oiT ircylcidon, but that it wjw pcAxybli; 
my I«ordy> oJT SufTi^lk, VMier^or I l^jl]xv^e thil there 
be many men in Nnnvjrhe tlu: tom*>nyd wuh hym off 
the bycnge off that woode ere cv>t he made by% fuHe 
bergnyne, ind pcrfl-tenture Home frctxndya off hys gave 
hym w:i(iijng IhtTiilf, iiiidoffmyncnirMt- IfF^uiy suche 
credyblt in.ine ihiit haddc hmlJe any 4iic?ie I:ing:ige to 
liym, or in hys compaaye, or thiu he birgayncJ^ or any 
man thAl he Uboryd to be hiliTt nLxrcbuit or bycr with 
hym, nr miy iiuiu lIuL rffiisyd lu Lyr che ficyti wochIc 
bycawse off myn ^nrrtit ir ih<? prw^nce of FeroT, any 
auche crcdyblc man muyc. ifT he -vryii, wytccsac ther ia 
with Hie, or thatdaic ai«wc it. iholdc be to nc a remedy 
ofT:tlk ihfli IS fcllyd. r praye yow, If ye cin here any 
fuchoi that ye wiU in the projwnce off thfm mak^ « 
byLlc of rcmeDibraTince thcroiT, and oiT thcr t^ynCi >o 
thai ihej cnaye hct afTtre ^jUiciSG ia ike Mttcr. 




N«T««lbd«»i«. ttovtbe it a that be hAdcle kn^«1echo 
tber off i none, lud »oo luiJilt; evrry Dun olT bys 
hAvcwe (nAifniMff^ in Norwych, I do«i uMi; and at for 
h^, 1 ftB) svre h« h^die IcDOwleche, lor to moche at 
he dcmyd ai bya b&mirn to have a B>'wcrlc to be t^ryd 
1uraiidt>agcyii CDCwbytihe was ^lawnlyd hyin butt iioU 
cieraiTd, No nor, butt I hope with Goddys gnice to 
tUT« Ii4stcl/ soode remedy lor Iho hole nujivrr &nd ofif 
Dmyton thcrtOi &nd aUc the irrmcDaunte. 

Wreijn a London, ihc v. tU/c off Miiye, anno E. 
«]■* xriij". 

n }om Pastov to MAVCAarr Pafti^n. 

7^ my ry^ warikypfuU m^irty Margrti /^Wjst, Jv 
/^j J dfiyt^rtd. 

[LEASE It yow to wcclc, Eliat wher «• ] entendyd 
to have t]r^ at homr th/i Mydiomrr, and 
ptirposyd wilh yowr goode htlpc to have by- 
KOnnc uppon my JLulrys lombc, so that it 
9y«ht haic bcD ciidyd thyn »c>m>T » it i« 500, that Dx^i 
tQcnc <UttiyK ai ar nrrwp bygunne Ity iwyf^n my l^uxle 
off SiifTolit And me^ fibr the maneryv off HeylvK<lon, 
Dnytcn, &c» for whychc^ matcns i moirt iitfdya be bcci 
thy* utttK tcmie j tlicTfF^^j I Unuc il iruli be AfTtc Myd- 
■onMT, ef than I can see yow. 

Please it yo«- alio 10 «*ete that I comonyd with 
Muier rykcnham to wcctc ill' he woldc bye itic clothe 
off gokle/ur !tuu uiulIk lis be dc^iiyiyd uus lu have bat^tc 
tt, and he offtyd me oni xx. marke tbtrflbr, neverrhe- 
Ittse it cwte me xxiiijA.^ yit nowe, when tlut I ^pakc 
to bym tbcr off. he rtfusyd to bye it, and icydc that he 
Idc nowc BC UL&iiy thjiJiiiy^ tbui be uuyc notU 


Butt \t a «on that ihr Kynftr dathe male Rrrlayn^ '^PT* 
wid vtttymeniyfi o3 like clothe, whych^ he cnitndftb 
to (cyvc to ihc Colcditc M Foodryngdrc, whcr my loide 
bya tToidre tt dowo boryciJ, ami he byclhc «t a ^f ic 

1 tomonyd with the v»tinect nulcer ffot to litlpo 
mc ITorthe with xij, ycrda, and be bAthc f^nmittjrd nae 
Uxloo, u WhcUcyc can tcUe yi^n, whcrfTor, ilTit pl^siW 
ynv that it be bys,tt)wycl ffcirtf) nuitea taivrnhr fTormy 
fffldfc xt Itromhohar, iff yc lyke to lenJc it hyddr, ifle 
It be aoMc I umJrtfUkc or Mychelmci^Cj th.^t thcr shallc 
be 3 tombc. aiid somwh^tt ctlyi vvyi my ffndris jpare. 
on tthoy* lOA'le God havt int*rsye, lliiit iher ihill aoocc 
be lyfce it m Nortlijlk ; aiid u y* shall* be t^ladde her 
iflW to Bcc it 1 and God acndc me kyscr ihii I majc 
camt home and i/T I dou not, >'U the luuiiyc; ithaU be 
pune (o noon otbrr u^c, bust kopyd by w>me tlui ye 
tnjst, tylk that it may be b)*owyd acord)'ng u ii oboVc 
vTCtyn, An*\ elly* 1 fyrc vow cawsc nc»'yrio unite m* 
vrhyllc yc jjuI 1 ly^T. Wbcii T wja littt irill] ymr» ye 
gniuntyJ thai the s^yde dothe of golde iholde be hy- 
vfaxyd [sfimf] abowtc thys *iverkc, tiut is above wrch^ 
«4it<che iiT ye iryllc peiffonne, I tmdretakc tlut iber 
ihalle be «iiche a towmbe as ye sbnlle be plca^l at, 
CbowRh u cost me j^l laarlce off myn owne p 
b4m«t i^ 1 ons geite Nippon it. 

No mor, but I beacchc Goode have yow m 

w'rptyn at London, the Wednyidaye in Whyghttoo 
v«kCi -inro E' ixif xviij'*, 

Plcnae i; yow to sendc me wordc by ^Tmtlcy 
yowT plesyr hef in. 

By your Son e, 

JotDf PafTON, Km 

'«n««. I 

WAtTBt Tjl^tos to Margaret Pastow^ 

(Krain Puina M5.S.» U.M.] 


Thvi V<ttr ft p«inii-J iq Fmn'* ATI* <i^lvntv. v\A MiHl *y lilv Iv 1478. 

^ ■■•«h*0«'<4 vkAt4*i4*H' T>* *Alti"l Out pvU«4W JH4r fa *V «JL«Vpt 

duE. m he uiu u clsevbcn. ^V&li(r Fuiuu luA. a i1c|£i« ol Oaf^r^. lod 

m Jlawfiy, be ikis Mcr d^ytfryit m hash 

ffittx and worchypftjll noJer ! 
L<] me oa U> yowr ^ood moderchypp, 
bcicchyiig yow ID gcvc mc yowr dayly bccc- 
Jictyou, tlci>irryii|; h^ilyly to }icci vf yowr 
pncperyie, whych Go<! pieiterve to Hy* plesure* and to 
bo^v ilesyyr, SCc 1 mirvel soor that yow eeot 
mc noo word of the letter wych I »cni to yow by 
Va^trr WyUJajn Bn>i»ii ai Estx:r. I fcCHt yow wunl 
that tym that I xold tond yow myn **?prn6es piny- 
cvkiLy i but as At thy> tyra the bornr h«r of had n ktccr 
lodcnly tluit he xt^ld coonc bomc* and tticrc fore 1 kowd 
have no Itrysui lo tend thcni yow on thai uya; and 
there fore [ xaU wryt to yow in ihy^ letter the hool som 
of my CEflKiucA i)tbyi^a 1 wa« with yow ty^l £sicf iut- 
wte* uia alao the rcKytys* rcl(cn>ng the xxj. that I 
oad of yow to Oxdii wardys with die Biudiopys 

Tbc oool *ome of rctcytya ys v/I xvijj. vjrf,, and the 
hoU tome of cx-^pimsc* yj> vj/t. v/. vj/. ob* qu^, ind th&t 
cormh m'cr thir resieyiys in my f-xipcnsts 1 \%vrc 
borottii of Mittcr E^iuid, and yt dnw%ih to viijj. 
And yet I rcconc aone exspenrics tythyna Efiter^ But 
u for than, they be aoQ grete; .md thcrfor X bcacch 
yow lo scTiil rue mony by ^yr RidiaiJ Ccuujin, biyngti 
of tbys letiei, or ell>-s by the aext ao^iiengcr ttui yow 
kui uve to DC. 

Hi, Q 



1 bes^ch yov thai he tlul t »enc bytfayt Tctin 10 
yow may have good Bch«r, yf he bryng« yt hym Mlfe» 
u he ulch mc tbat be woU/Ssr bt y5 « good lover of 
iiiyii. Mutet EiiiuuiiitAlyaftlnxijauiuud Uyta spccy^ 
aIv to yow, and to tiii my brodym ind sy^tyra, nnd m 
dJ yowr hoiA^bold ; and I bcMcfa yow ^&t I may be 
rtcom^uodyd 10 aU ihccn «leOb avul apc^y^ly 10 mj 
brodyr John the yongtr. No more to j'ow at thy? tyin, 
but AHmythy Jhcsui nav* yow in Hys kcpyng- Aiocn. 

Wrotyn :;lI Oxonrorth, on Seyni UiuiMOayft Uoy and 
the UL day of May. 

By your sour and i^colcn 

Wal'ikx Pastoh. 


A-D 147S, JO May. 
, J. WiifiiLtv TO Sir, Jojis Patton. 

IFrmn l-uKm MSS, K.U.J 

AU^rygAi -worshlyfi^fui/ Sir f^kn PasUm, Xnyigkt, 

,EAS it your iDcartonhop to und^rstOiQd the 
dotiync of every diyii^ tlic wych I w» 
chained vith at my dcpftftyng froiDc jcor 

Fyi^, yoiir siippena to Dc&too waa delytcrcd by me 
4)n Trcnlie SondjiLyc, in liys parycb cberdi, at M^caa 
fymr, he flnr the ^iuhsisns nf tJir puryrh ; atid ha fnr 
Drayton wnd, it is uoC all down yc^ bui ic dr^iwec last 
tovmrd. I have the names of ail the myncstrc^ off and 
m tbAt wod, ftucl marc schiill know 01 1 come, yf tha 
be any mnrr dealyng, i-r. 

Arul as for Haylyidon, my Lord of SuflcUc was ther 
on Wcdcnsday m Whytsoa Wckc, and tbci diaed, nod 



dfew a ste* and tolce ^ct picnte of fych ; yeC haih he 
ld% fOU a p^e ot ij-, ogayo fc come, thif wych wold 
bttrttCOlDfordto aU your frcadca. itud dyscjomford to 
yonr enmyi ; for at hys Iie>'iiK iIipt th^ii dnyc thcf wm 
B«ver BO man th*t playd Herrod in Corpus Cry*ty* 
pk^r betur and nkore 4E;rcabk to hys pa^nonl then he 
dud. But J? Ach^ und^islcitid tbit it naa oiler none, 
and the weder hot. and he \iy f^ble fijr Mk«ne!i that )\js 
kggCB vroU not bere hymi?, bFut ther wu ij. mc^n hjid 
jret pain to kcpc hym oa hyi fclc; ucd thcr yc were 
jqged. Soai Siijd " SIcy i " some *ayd ** Put hym in 
pK9on." Aiitl fi^rth ront my lord, iTid h^ wolrf met 
yott with a spcn^. and h2v« none othev mendei for the 
tnble ftt TC liavc put h)Tn to but jrour hart bloJ, and 
that will h? ^yl *^^^ ^^y^ uw^cit luujdi^v : for jikI yr have 
tUylndoD and Dreton, y^ srhall h^ve hya lyfTwtih ii. 
And lo he ootntbrd your ecmys with thai word that 
thay hare dodcd and dc^cth with the wodt and movt 
prynE^pdll nciwc is NytuJcaae Ovye. For aa for Ferrer* 
Ute MrtLte, h* d^lys not wiTh owt it be imdtr covert ; 
fof tt >« cayd that he be ioj*ht my Eord thai h« myght 
hnr« otbcr ayfocmcatn for hy» money that he liad 
paydt for playnly he wohi de.ill no mor with (he wo<t 
And to toy lord hACb tet in the l^yly ry\ Cossay, and 
«Il»dooD:n hysnani«; andosfcr hys ecrv»uiltcs, thny 
dayly ihrct my mcA^ter ^ur biothcr and n^e to shy for 
conyng of ihcr Irrn!<rs giiiumV ^rtd [h^y uy that wc 
mfld«anentTe;ind thoy beth insw^rd u ye CDmsimded 
BWt fof many a gret chrtlaiuige make Ihny to Metier 
Jfiiu^ both MciiAtcr Winlhowsc, Wyaman, with other 
dyvcret th;i: ! knnw nnt ihrr ninits ; hui he hoWeth 
hfi own that thay payt no RTownd of hym. And ihys 
be Icttn thuytn Icnowe thai if thay hcTc hym or any of 
hji, thay ichall abj tj. for on, and so tliay deal] not 
hot mh tfarr l<ittg« \ anri ax yet, syth Ferrer was at 

Aud F«w. rvMur. « FvrJDur mi five Una Uiyor of rfonr^ 
'•■UrV '^J*' '"'J- ■^'i' "J "W^-^ 



I^ndon, there psu«n noi iij, ftcrcs of wad lUiwn but 
tluv <^' iktti for fac of Txyn, &c 
, , Abo, sir, 1 ttuit to btyn^ or send hutdy the cloth 
off go\i* for It liwh ben luficly icmptcd i bat as yet I 
have nnnc [ihyii a-nswcr, but pul it> hopct Ako I have 
spoken with i'opy for yoMx mooey, ukit delyvervd hym 
your letter, thi; wych* ai he eutrth, ii a slmu&gc thyng 
U> hyiE, for, a I UD(kr^tuE)ii> be dial tm^hl tl^ 
deuttf wus undtf to tliys youg niui. atid h» Mtyth tmt 
hys fAJer W3U never t^^isf^cutor io hym, nor n^ver 
myocstrcd I aj^d I (cld hyia howc thai hyi l^dcr w 
bound ivt the mjuc deutCi i» bo moch util my meitftcr 
woid Tiavfl foTgevyn put uf iht* avnc ilcute, he werM 
hMve p^ytd ii^ Aod «o ha wlII bo *t London tfajt 
tcrmc, And »pckc virkth yoo, nod Lb>9 (s hys Uffwcr. 
( Mi>iuvcr VVyllyrtin Wuisc»tic locvyd ujnt> vue of 
Cnne Sir WyllJam Eiokkjuf. ciwcciitor and hmtlipr \o 

i^Kn itokkyngi th« whych wu one of Stf John Futolf 
ys clcrkc», the «'hych itmtcr I knewe not, doc had no 
toiuduudemciu be yoLi to deall ^cria &Qd so 1 iM 
hynv Ncvrr the \etse he sayd thft: ye ptomited hym 
to h:tve «cnt your wiEl lo h^vc bene done m thAt tn;Uer 
by mCf and w he trowcth that it ms owi of yoor 
myTid at ULy (iei^nityng. YtT so be that ye will ifiy 
thyng to be dooQ by me or I eoine to yom in tfwt 
m^tcr, let mc haye knowicgc sdiortty, for i thynJi to 
,bc with yow is the wckc foloiryng aftrr ihys wryien. 
[yfiOt owt i niAy h&vc mote c^jmfcid of money then I 
,liave ycL 

And u for my mea&trec, your modei hnth ben f^mtv 

deceased ami «o £ckc thii hhc wcncd to hare dyed, 

and hath niaile hei wyll.* the wyLhe ye abail imder- 

■ itondmorewlien I <:orae, for ihefia every nmn tor hym 

.K\fL 1 know not ihv fiftrconiatancu ctf vvery ll^g aa 

' f ctt and thcrfoi ) writ no more to you thctin, but I 

am piumyscd to know or 1 depait from thcnsi 

* TTif will (wv ttMle fay U«xu*i l"4im wv flftfnw^ cwcvHal m 
(h«r vtikh m> proved mAv Hf 4ialli ut iiit «v Ji4«4 «* #4 4B ■' 
FibiiHfy fih. II E- rv, 


BDWARn IK 1 J"" 


Ate I tpoiv wiih Wiiimn fioiker, lad he si^tWOpifi 
I ih^a httvc the mstf or I dcfwrt, or d> the iBnqa/ 
ji^fn thM he htde vf WytlUiu Pccokc^ 

Abir\ $ir, mi for yrmr load b? syt Kromhol-m thai yr 
had of fiaktoQ, it ^Ih liyn un ociipycd syth y< wer« 

Mcreover, my Ijord of f^iifTollt^ U rrmevyH in to 
Suffolk itir-mcirovtl^erthAthch^bcnrflc Hiykulon, 
3U)U my iady pttrpotted to rcmcff lEto oi^ il^y« day, 
CorpuA Cry»l>' Evyn, by the icrncc ot Jou, Who p«- 
■errc yow ever in «x)jiiiq>. 

Wtyttn u Norwyrh* on Wedecnday Corpiu Cryiiy 
Eryn, tono K ii^** j*iij". 

lian, w for tlw kn^mlcg thit Ferror lie^ywl l>y fcy* 
othe thtl b« krifw ncv^ no tyil^ nor «ntT««t ihai ye 
bad 10 o&il to Haybdcn an<l Un^ton, as yet we cas 
not kDOv ; but thys th^iy will rtcorvl ;tll that were U 
the ddyvcTiunrc uf t)iir wryi that hr tivil Eny loni 
bod prottysed lo tave hym hannTw, in so mech th^t 
Wynua wM bownd to l-crrotir xo aivc hym hanueless 
■od he hiJ ^T bryngyng that mater abcut, that Fcrrow 
ikiiJd h^ve ilic v/itd, xxj. 

Ydut icrviUQV 



A-D. i4tSj a? May, 
MARCAKrr Pastok to Sir Johs Pastok. 

[From K«nci, il 3C4J 

Tff fhf f^Ai wcnAyfftiit Sir John Fssi^t Kny^Mi. 

«f fffclanl n^binotL Ihike vf Vurt. uut uin if EiL*iv4 IV. Tw 


Onwt yow well uid send yow Coddyi blytsfog 

And iL>yD. Iaiyii|£ yow n^ce Lhai I luvc acnt 

;rnw tv \VheiHr thcdorhcof^ld^, cturfmig 

y<jwthAtiibcnot solde to rooo odicr rnt* cnui 

to the pcrfonnrng of yowyr fftdyra Iooiq1>c^ ta yc aead 

mc wonic in wTjIyng ; yf yc sell yl louiy othyr n*c, by 

my trowthc, 1 nhali never tro« yow wyll I Icwc. 

H«fl[i«m1^ Ebdt yt co»te rae xx^ nuilu the pLdfuyttt 
Owte of yt, and yf I wher not gkd to ac that nuiac, I 
woldc not dcpAiIc from iL RcmcmljyE yow what 
charge I have ha<i wiih yow of Urc, whydic wyl not be 
fot my eacc this ij, )-ei ; whju yc tosxy better, 1 trost ye 
wh>U icmcmbyr yt. 

My cusyii ("Icie iluthe as medic cuiic at Brcmhara 
fts whylle dra*<; an Ci^ upon Ihe dcikyt in tbe qnere, 
juid m othyr pLice<i and HeyttOD in lykc vrhy^ and 
yf thc^rshuldcnothyngbcdon fof yowyr U}-r,yt woldc 
be tu grct ;l si:h;3mct for us alle, uhI m chr(!c to m hym 
lye as he dvthe. 

Also as 1 (utderslond that my cosyn Rf>bcrt Clcrc 
ihynkytb gret on kyndcQcm io ddyr^g wylh hycn of 
Pccokr, tot certcyn puttrrr that yc ^ gTiiwutyd hym to 
have, aiid Fecoke h^Eh Ict/n a to othyr» tuche at be 
lyste to lete yt lo, not wiUutomdyag niv couvq h«th 
Icyd the putui wilh bys catcU. «nd Peccdc hathe atrcnyd 

I thynk thya detrnff ia not as yt shuld« be I wolde 
that ichc of yow shuTdo do for other, and Icve ai kyn 
nysmcD and iicadys; for suchc acrviwnts my taakt 
tiohyll by twyxr jxiw, whectie w^n-r n agcyT^sTv conwy, 
9Q tiyhc fiewbors su ye be, he is a aian of mbitaoce 
and woRZbyp. and so wyllc be tftkyo in thys ichyr ; and 
I wer lothc tbai yc ^hulde Ic&c tbctfuodwyllcof buclic 
ai may do for yow. 

Item, wher as ye have bcgonnr your tkvmff in Hcy- 
lysdon asd Drayton, I pray God »cna yow KO'>d 
spedc and fodcraikcc in yit Ve have aa good a aeaaon 

Thai \t mwviyd.' 

1q ibe uinkrn trVkhrr^i U li " l£iiI f* find 



XfL IflCl 



■Itadyv net m tir« fe\-yt with Thr Kwgr. 

Abo yc hiTc the vo)rta in chii contra, that y« niKy 
do A« meche «iib the Kyii|^ » an^ knyi^S thai ys 
loDgyDK tc die code; vr yl be so, I pray God coatyDu 
yt; xnd JLlto ihftt ye ihuki mary rygth nygth of tho 
QiFcnyt blood ; qvotscKe^ weurc not as cerieyn, but 
)f flMtCKthwyowyrlondschiildccrocagiync by the 
rcsttOD of jowyr tnuyajfi:, auiI lo be srtc tit test^ &| the 
re v erence of God for talte yt rowtn yf yt ran fj^i; in 
yowyr harle to love h}-r« to thai ictie be vuche one cut ye 
QU) tbynkc to have um by, or cl}y», by my trowthe, I 
had mther Out yc never m^iiyd in yowyr lyfTe. 

Also, yf yowyr quict take not now to good e0ect», 
]pe md all yowyr freDd^^ iDay repent thetn that ye bef^n 
yoiryr deymc, with owtc thit yc have take auche a auyr 
wry, lU inty be- uj yuwyr inten:, fur tnany iticonvcnycni 
ihit may Falle iber oC God seed yow good sp«le in aJl 

Wrctyn at Mawteby, the diy aJtcr Seyni AusCyn io 
hLty, the xvi^j, yet of Kytig Ktlwarct the liij**- 

Be yowyr Modyr 


A.D. 147S, 3' July* 
OxNtrxD Pau^qnaci. 

[?roiD {"Btan MbK„ RM-] 

Tb« ^Ut o^ rhh docuDBd » tfAwn Dt Lt« loUinrU^c nutilUBd eadone- 
mh: '*- > . , r . , . , pkuwiui af (JKaK^a DucLs luij. Jiilii, 
A* nUKlC. IJHH' T1»»*m'>mTTl»ir¥f»d(«b(ki>"'n]ewai«flf." ormiBe- 


bd ■)«• pBpOf I* B4UMi 

the hny/ya uff Oxnni. 

new parton oH' Oxned, whan he la infltut^ 
ficd inducic, at the fint entrc in to the 
cbyrdi and btncfyte (ifT Oiin^d, muit olT 
awncyctit custom long ooaiynued with in t^' 



4yonaK off Norwjrdie, pxy in ihf byvchopf nflT Sor- 
wych, foff the fiiit frut«i ofT ihc scyd bcncfycc, niij. 
Burke ; U3r wyche xiirj. nurkc, iff the iic<r ptnoQ be 
wytty and have favour d bowt ibc Qyschopa Dtfycos, 
he Mihal] luv^ lUyi itjT pument to 1x17 the arid xiiij. 
maik« in uitj^ T^^< ^'^'^ ^ 't nurk? Ji ycrc, til it be 
^yd ; «o thill he can fy&d su^rcyent o)«fic to be 
bowml to the Uucho^jp be abli^cion to kepc hi» days 

AqJ Uie chyrch ta but IJtill, ind ia mocibk pUMimt, 
auid rcparr*^^ |^n^ t'tc] dwcUyag pliicc of the ftunon- 

Agc it A yoyiiyoij to ibc d well 

howsyd and lep&rrd, kali, chamberes, bini, dolfbmrte, 
oiul ait howxvt oil oflVcc. 

And it hfttn a doffnowsc vorth a ycrc* xi\i$. i^A 

Aot) it liAtii 1). lufc gvdciu witli &LtlD> Arid ia 
yOTiyngf 10 fhr place and chyndi yard, vhtr off the 
ftuti ii wonh ycfly. ixvj/. viij^. 

And ther lon^th to the scid p&nona^c In 0« IockI, 
afalilc; puture aird iiicdowc ayottyn^ tu die «cid pti- 
sonagc, Jt*i)*-' flnr or more, whcr off eveiy acre \g 
worth ijj. ; to laiya [/^ /tfl, iij/^ iiiji/. 

And WillUni Piston, Justice qvAn he* cam ^nc 
to dwell in die mancr of Ojtnc(l> piid to the parson 
ihAi woi than for the i^i^tne ir^wyng on the ]Mrtoiugc 
londyii and (or the tythuigci, ondcly but in come 
whan it wu inncd in to the bom, xxiiij//. 

And the same ycre tlie pornun hod all the awtCfago 
and oder prnlytes bt ^yde the iseyd xxiiij/t 

It k ycrly wcfth* as the world j^oth now, sJL 

And it 13 bull m cay cur: to kepc. Sot thci ar nitt 
liiist xi*i jicrMJiis to be yeily hows-lyiL* 

The punonage stint be a fr«h tyver tydc. 

And thur iti a good markett tovhn c;U]yd Alysbania 
within ij. mylc ofl the pfirAonAge. 

Bi>wA£j> /p: 


Aad Uic cjtc «f Korvych U within vj. »y!e o(T the 

Altct inc w U wiihiTi T, mylr off ihr [unnnagr. 

Aad if & poHJon cun now, sj^ti watt pTcsentyd, in- 
ftitUtCi iJid iaductCr he shiiLd hav^ by ihc la»c all ihc 
CTOftp thftt U now growyiig. thjit wu ciyd and aowyn 
off the old pflttiiio* cost, growyng on the pinonagc 
londtt now, a^ hu emu gctxL ;u3d oU the tyth ofi' ill 
auukCT i^ynyi off the moner. londcs, and tcnor^ccs 
loodesi^ CownnJcftliisdiaJiiC^on'lhc fyrstfnitcs And 
if it mm? innyd it war (the crop nov gruwyng)* «orfe 
kit fint frutei. 

* He that hath tbU beno&cc, and he were a pore 
maiif my^ht h*vc lytciis lo liavc Venice be iule. 

Tli^BMhopoughinotTohavc the valewofihjscropp 
Cor ibe irreng«s of the tfyrit Jrutt«ti tfut Sir 'Ihom^ 
Evcnrd, la^t panon cf Ouncd. oahc to the Br»^op 
whui he dtcJ. for ihe ^d Sii Tfiuiu^ Evcrinl waa 
bockd to ih< tiiishop ia an ob]iga<:ioc for the salii 
firato, ind the Mid Sir Tboma» E^'^r^ird, fi>r to 
dcfruidc the Bjwhop aad odcr mco that he owB monv 
U>,£Afr a wjiy hia tooddcjj tv ^c^lcIl persons, qwccfi 
pcnons :ote a WAy ihr uid goodes, and aUo durrea 
aad vyndow of tlic said piirsofi.ige ', ixnd it is thoiiflh 
ili&l Dolh the BytvUioj^ ^uid ihc i^ixliga wiy^ii \jut 
acciofl^ a ^|ns >he uid perioos. 

A.D. 147S, s Aug. — AemtACT. 

fpOOUUciii (7 Acco TuLuTi of kidunl LymdA. S-T.^^ 
t(> ibc t>A(Uh cbm<h cf OicDcd, m« Itioiuu EycwiJ, dctCMed 

* IKItel fall*** i» to WUllup r>aLon'» luiuL 




A^Dh i47*» '5 Aug. 
Sift John Pastok to Joiix Pastov. 

[From Fam, il 17^] 


my mtOrttMt, hyt ttyfft^ al l/ffrtiychy t& defyvtr to Aym. 

lOTFTER John, 1 rccomiund mc to yow, and 
I thank? GM, vay *ustr yowr wyfle, and ycw^ 
t>jT my ffayr nevywe C'j'£tofi>re, whyche I 
undrcsimJc yc have, whcr off I amc ryghi 
gUidc^e, and I prayc God ncndc /t>w manyc, if it be Hjt* 
plesyr; ncvcnhele^ yc be nott kynde, that ye swode 
menowetyngtheroff; I haddc knowlegc by ffaotcmen* 
or ever yc kovde tTynde any mcBCOggr cm tiontiok 10 
liiyiigc mc w^]^lc theroff. 

SJr. it is too, that th<f Dtike off Bokynghun ib;JI eooie 
CQ ptlgrymfLgc 10 WaJsynf^haEa> and im> to Bokenhom 
CutcIL to nty Udyhya aujilc;^ and then it b fuppcoyd 
thai he shalle to my Lady off Norffolt* And myn 
onde William comythe with hym ; and he tellyth me, 
that IhCT v& liko to be troble in the mancr off Oxiif^ed j 
wlicdTor 1 prziy? yow Like hcdde leuc that the Duke 
offStiffblk councell pley ihf^nviih now at the VAcacIm' 
off the beneffyBCr J>£ tJ)ey <Jed with the becefflce off 
Dr&ytoni irhyche by the liclpe off Mr, John S&ktt and 
Dunne hyit mAn. ther was a t^wcstc inidc by tlic itcyde 
Docne, itLir fTownJe tliat the Duke off Suffolk **« 
voiye patrone, ivliyche was ffalse, yttt they ded it ffor 
la cvyacocc i b jt coivc iS Any sucbe pmite acboldt be 

WdAuji Kae*n- K^^iitii. urfiA^ntumi Cudt, in NDifblL^-r. 
1 i:tin.>Hlh. widcv .>E ;nhii Mawbray Duke of N[.Tfo]h '-!'. 

bfl Hcn bf Na iBUuihartTfl prtHAEu^ WiJIjuil bidhulnm the 


MJ>nrAttD /K 


iaborrd, ie » I hoi>c iit bcltr cue, tSor auchc a Uiynix 
lacttt dccUa be fTowixlc byfiu^ U^utcr Jului SmyLii, 
whyrh'' i« nwT fiWr flVrro^rj wherflbr I pnye jrow 
bbcr hym, that, ill' ncccl« bcc, he Ruye doo utc a 
&Ccodi come thcdn- 

\%em, b<'ihc >c iUii) I imoAl ncd« Uke thys mairr as 
CttT owne; md it werr tTor ooon otticr ctwsc bull Hctt 
<fwt goode sra.vfnt aamct nke ^ nevcuhelesse ye wQoEe 
weD. tfcut thcr u AC other *;ntrcs»c loniOTig to usac .ifiir 
ber djlCOac; ifTc ihcr Ik mj Kurhc: thyngc bct^une 
thef 1^ fflxhe a ffy« or fjT«ti as it is ncydc, I mcrv;tyle 
that jvfeotemenowofile theroff; butt ye have aovt 
vyfle and chyld, &nd » moche to lur ffor, thaxt yc 
flbfgete me. 

As for t^-dyagt her. I h« telle tliat my co*yn Sir 
RjobolC^imbcrWr^hathecntryd thcroancrof ScoiEon 
DO wordc 

Item, yonge Willijun BrjLndoQ b in warde And 
Aratyd iFor than he scholde h^va by ^oroc ravyohyd 
ud ivyvyd us oldc jcntylwomui, ziui yitc wu noU 
ihcnritb ciiyt!, buUivryvyd hyr cltlal dowir, «id than 
wolde have nwyvyj the oUiei austr bothe; whcrffor 
totn sey iFowle off hym, acd thivt he wolde etc the 
hennr; ami illc hyr chelcynnys ; U)d »om seyc thul t]ic 
Kyngc «^lenilyih to iUtc uppon hym, and men ieye he 
i£ iyke to be Zmgycl. ff';>r he haihe weJdyU a wi^dowe- 

Item, AS ffor the pat^irnt tlut men sty Uut the Eric 
offOxcnfbide*tuihe (/Icyid^ttc Ilammy^.I ^uppu^eyc 
h*Te herde iheioff; fe is so longe agoo, I was nott in 
tbys eontre wheo the tydyD(;s ccme, tberfor I sent yov 
no vordc thcroft 

Butt Qtij coaduaon. u I her scj^e. ho lycpe tlie 
wallys, and weste to the dyke, and tn to the dyke to 

«d dM to U« -lift* -4 Uwf vui.-r 



thf ehjBCc; to wYaxi vmtM I cin nwi idtc ; so4n« 
ity, to itcle awey, afid totme thy&ke he woldc hnvc 
drWn^ h)Tn3cl&- and so it is cftmj'd. 

No mor, but 1 Jmc liati if?jU)iir whctlicr I *hnll 
come home ii^ hji^i^ cf nan. 

ftnao £. uij>^jcv^{«. Joii» PAirott, iL 

A,0. 1478^ 9 Oct— Abttkact. 

tFrom Puion MSS-, 8-M-l 

Wn-UAii Paston to Nkhola* Coloiwrll. 

Spi>We 14 htm oa Snodftt aboQE m claL prcKDiol Tf 
RuLon'fl iBodicr 10 th« Cnarcb of Ouncu, uj not kdoJni 
ttoimb tlid prcfcnLiticn wsft d«li¥«nd to Multr JcJ;n Uulauo, 
Bj lofd'i d«piilr, wiEhici the tune bmiitpi hy latf. kn^Tir^u him 

uX Ihc Jcluy tiiiL tic ^{ LieIc lEucfa lu nay luf«L DoAitft all 
ujircT br the boirvr, Sir Wiiiiufl Upcfcle, ViatfofC Mttu 

^i^ity at ^orwKk >&' ObivbiK ««> jaiij' It iJj"» k]r Sir 

AD, J^y^, 17 Oct, — AKfTHJirr. 

(Ftoid Puton MSS, B.M,) 

WiLiiAM TAaroN to Wiluam Ton rtr&iETTow. 

Gannoi \k bI tht CvntL Al Pblon mi MoniUr nirtt, Bidi him 
wKra the ItiLsnta to k»p (ho Cowi on Frdor insicjid^ and 14 
bring Ihf^i rents, for hi? will be there hiciKlf. lie k kIh l« fmra 
tbt tviiuiU of Silrtofi lo<tar>rTOW opvaJy Ln lfa« church of iIib aid 

■ St. BtrihntVHEv'f 1>4T it rht t^Ib Avpwi. " TV tliy v#r ?> Bsjw 

IbeUnu* " tteuij t*ihc «i(b, w^ciat]^ vrtw mbu t4 tor "bbbi WVb* 




Qmt to b* kni en Friday nnx ' id» ibc MudIi ti SwaAld, 
Hanteky.* CtJ^udiorvc. And Wytiui. 

K«rvidD, S*liin[ar titer Sc E^nn^* (Ik OcWber^ 


A,a 1478, ; Nov. 
WiLUAU Paston, Jijnick, to John Pji^ton. 

[From ra«(QO MSS., B.H,] 

K* ««i (cfii» tft rcna UUi lu, i« i^nn and 11 will b« »«fi by wKar u lud 
«f k^ In Lavn I^ dv* Ik vhiLI i^a p,quL»Iy U i>Ii]ct, Hr ««i a*/* 4i 
DM Itiirfufj bii vduciiiap, <,nf v« Ihm b I^iim i-nm ^im vnrru Uwn ^ 
^* •iJ *' FilmiiO l^Tf, ^(L AVM mvd nHon fa aUnkji 

'iliDj iLLf Id tl»4 

in nasi. 

^Girr reverent jind vrcfchcpful broclrr, I re- 
*X3m»undc me on to yow, tlcsyiyage to h<rrc 
of jowre welfore »nd pro*perile; Ictynge yow 
vctc that ] have r«evyd of Alwcdyr & IcUyr 
and a nobyll In guvldc therin, rcrtJttrmoi my creuiAyr 
[fraAftfrlMayitPrTfiomaB,' liCTtrly rcconuiridyd liyni to 
yoVf and b« prayifitr yow tc aende hym lum moiiy for 
my Gocncna i for he BCyihc yc be X3c"j. in hya dcltc, for 
a rooothc was to pay kir whcii lie liaJ mony la.blc- 

Al»o I b'^ftbc y<rw lo *ciiclf mt' a how clothr, one 
for th« halydars of sum cotorcj aod & noLhyr tor the 
vorl^n; day^i now corse »o ever it be it mckyth no 
uutyi ; aJid a itomcchcf e, ^iicl Ij. scfiyites, and a peyer 
Cf sdypprw Ard ir \x lykc yow thai 1 may come 
wTlh ATverfyr be waiyr, and Bporle mc wiih yow ti 

I T^ mma H r«tT ill vfilKTi, and IwVa irdTV tllci *' Mw>I«f ," tr<k| Mll»- 
dolET i»llK ubIi tlMe iir Lit i—hjtlil.njilv.^iJ il.wi t*^iib ai #11 jiUjWLlc- 

' TVihilBCiaB */ V, fcwjni Eiia [fluffiMir. i|ih ch-iobc*. Iha Satiintef 
tffes ih fa i^iB *v Ihc 191^ bvl llva trnKp >ku lafL ablv * tluik fat ih« dur 

•3^ THE PASTON LSTTE&S- fl-b. M)» 

Ltwdoci a 6a.y or ^^ ib^^ tetmc tpnc thAQ ^c may let 
b11 ihyi be t>i the lymc tluU I tome, and ihan 1 woi 
ItU^ you when 1 iditn be redy to ccme from Ei'^o, by 
the grac« of God, Whom hare yow m Hys kcpyng. 

Wrclyi) the Siluiclay ncxi aftyr All rUlova Da|^ 
witli t-he luuid uf ^uur btuilyi, 


WvLLuu Pasiok. 

A.D, 1479, i8 Jan. 

[Fiom Plkob MS5L, EM.] 


■vLlr. ra olT 1 tofv w OolT^wd a( Soil KdoiLiikila (lie ■■■ ^Tl*' 

!o^ Genilil uf M4j1iiigfocil uiTjjLc Ui mv, and 
kn^w were hey* beicome; in qw[ac] place he 
hyclyth hym, he dothc hul disiroyh h\Ta sdff. 
Do on $tcWAni [of] Colton, a Iciuiun^c of 
M^rliiLgfrrd, come Ui Enc 

Do^ Sli Joha Chapinaii,' |>:ireon of Ouit LMlia 
ChjTche, send hider Uji: lull of rcltcE>T»g of Richard 
HciKj', ^htwyug vilmi iiukkc wii Uclncrttl be Kicbinl 
Hcny to HiTiy Hervy, and ilso a l.iillc what cxuttS 
that Kiciiard Hfurvy] .... of at ihsil tytne.' 

Do' John Brigg come to mc aod tnyng aie suynt for 
hy\ dcUe* and kuovr qTrm wry the p&taoq off Melton 
tiiltj'* with hyni, 

. . dt lh« pajjflODt] ojT Mdion com« to mo to 
Nonrych, lor tell (Him that] arid he cwnc oil hwdy he 
adidl] nal fyud mc here, 

rt*m, pray che pnnfin off McIeoti to taII iip on the 
partectder tcQAnntcn off Melton thii h^vc tud partO' 
culcrfcnnys fro Michadmiis xvij. lill Michacknav xviij. 
lo i^ij ihcr fciiiiys. 

I "D^^U.nuic. * Ifr III rnnrrnni Tl infi TTnwrh llilm 




A-D. T4;5» J Fell 

iFroB PiH«i MSS., RM.) 

■Mb UH IH vnHT «b UMb in Vao^t-n. uid u jaud^KcutatuK^iiUbAd 

7b my Ma^tut^ M]tiriar€t I^tott\ ait Nenvkht. 

wonch^full iTUk$Crt4S^ 1 rccomcndc me un 
U) Tow^ jjtd Lbiuiltc yow cif yovrr appiovyd 
ctmnfftyfl EjTiflpnrsur^ cvcrmcrr sh^Wilc^ ami 
so I pray yow (o contencw. 1 have tv*yvyd 
fCfm kucr, and unfl/cftondc yowr dc^yic, wyr-hc yn 
tfcfcs the Unc fcr three ci;i5>'9- Oon y\ foi' yovn son 
Wsurcy^noil innscwfyiJ, ici mtMlrc cuiiijc ciU j-il BeiiPti; 
A Dodrec»itc, he n not xxiiij. yeer of agiic, wychc 
y9T<MimTyd compltiei :hcthyrdc, ye oft-iejA^^uc*/] of 
tyjElc to be i^rcyat wiilTin dwehnothe jflcr ihat he y» 
pduvin, vylh owir io inert hr hudil a dysperisunoii fro 
Rome be owre Holy Fadr« the Fope» wychelumcftteo 
cm not be tuuJcIr. Th^oi I present not votvrdtayro 
un to my IotJjC," lot ye (Ar] woMc hiivc [aiyo ;rt tO * 
dyi:p1«^itr M ^Lsc to uke a grete sympylnease m yowr 
doyrr, wyc^e ^liaidc CdKw* tiytn, in ni^^he mAtr^su 
nil fcminc yow lo spttd« vith hym a nodre tymei 
to sbcw uit to yow the ri|{Qr of ihe Uwc, wyche I 
mxMt bn loihe ; thrtfnr prrsmt a uocitr man ftbylL 
Uaeke confiHl or Mr. John Smythe, and seite of yowr 
desyrc ia thymic pirtcy, for yt yr: not Roodely nelher 
Ooddcty \ and klc not yowr deayre be knowyn, sftyi 
my tvyw- Tte not wruibe, th»we I scudc un Uj yoir 

t^f> THE PA5TOK LETTERS. (A-lx M^ 

tInuM pUyttyly in ih? nutrc ; for J volde ye dedc jjs 
wdc u any womnn in NcTifoliEC, [ihrtl ys. vrjth tygtlili' 
to yijwr litinor, ptnsiirriic, un in thp plriitjf of Ot^cJdc^ 
with yowrc vul all yawirt, Ho tuw yew in Hyt^t 

From Houu on Candy Imusc Dny. 

William Pvjtv.'^HAli.' 

[ scr^dc yov yowr prcscatc n£CD in the box& 


Wju-rAH ?*sir»w, Juwtoff, t*i Johw Pastow. 
[Fjmm Fcoa i- 396.] 

«1h ilfte *« Ltn ItiM UuDiky uf Leii> 11ie>c paulitvlwi pnrrt On ' 
hara twfn vil^i-n m if^jh ■mo WlUub Wtiort 
|M>«B|]r )iv«» of vc^^ 

lliE>c paulitvlwi pnrrt d* ktttt 10 

7> Ait WQtxh^fuU IttiJer^ &hn /^ lom^ h€ tAyt t^yvaeit 

|VGHT ffvcrent and worcbepfuU brodcr, after 
alJ dcwtca of rccomcncUcioa, I roconutLimic 
mc lo yow, dcsTTjiiH to hctc of your pro»* 
pcntc ind wcifajc, wnych I pnty Cod lODg to 
opnt>-ncw to Hya plcvoic, and w your hcrta dcfyrj 
Ictyng yow wcic ibat I rcccyvcd jl letter from yow, ui 
Ihr whychi; Irtcfr it;is riij(£ nith ttic whydic I tctiubj 
by<? a pcycr of Sij-ppcr*. 

Kcrthcttnor cunyfying yow» as for tht xiijs. iiij/. 
whychcycjcadcbyAicatyJa^^iny:^ mjji, foi my borde, 
tawlyil TlkomaA N*;wtor, wi* dclyvercd to myn hosto, 

Euiolk ifi 1471. ■i^'l V" aIhi ICJB0 liniF Rwt'>f eJ HiAtnrh in ^Bflrll^vhrr* 


(■■Bd pu M Wmj WTiff* iht fw**a*^. ll* diBiJ •■ i^fif 


nniTAjfD fv. 


tnisOQ^^enaaMt\trtditfr\ Mr. Tliontta Stevcn- 
«on ; asd h« hcittlr itoccacndca hym to yov. 

Abo ^ KtxJc ue wof Jc Zu ihc kctcr uf xij/?- fyggif 
isd vi*J//. rtywna, 1 bavf ihcm not cl*lyver«l. but I 
dovi^ noi 1 fthAL hiv(, for Alwedyr toM< tne oT thcio, 
tod be upJc tlut ihcy CAROC fttiyr in jji oihcr buifc. 

And ii£ for the yon^ JCTitylwomafi, T "ol ccriyfyr 
row how I iryMc fcUc in f^wc}'numcc wilh hyr. Hli 
Buicr i« ti«k ; ihtf be ij. jyitcni of them ; the elder U 
Imt wcddfd ; at &c wbych ircddrrte I wsa vith mjro 
bottc*» >A(3 steo dcsfTfti Ijy Lbc jcniylnuo hym tclfc, 
caivlyd WyUUm Swanne, who* dwyllyngc b in Etcn. 

So it fortuned tlut mytse hostcs rcpottyd on me 
odymyac thui £ wu woirty , ao thai hyr moicr COVO- 
■uodjxl h>T to nuk? mc ^im>(1 chc^nf, mid xoa in good 
feythe sche ded. Sciie is not 4 bydyiige ihrr sche is 
Doir ; hjT dwcUyng ^ iii London ; but hyr modcr and 
<di come 10 M. place of hyn v. myle from Eutn, i^xfc 
fb« vdciyng wu^ for liccauic xWk^ wye to ihr Jmi)'!' 
ma wbjrch weddyJ hyr dowljT, And en Monday 
next coQsynfe, tlui u lo sey, \ht fyrst Mond^r of Cktu 
Lole, hyr modcr Add ichc ivyl goo to the p^udou a| 
Scheie, And u» Tortlu- m Londoo, and ther to abydt 
in A pUce of hyn b Bow« Cbyrche Vefde ; ud if il 
ple»e yow to mqucrc of byr, hyr [Eiod]fiB name is 
Uestieft Albotow, tbc niltte u'thc dowtyr la MuKaxctc 
Alboiov, tbe uc of hyr \% \k all lykriyod xvijj. or xic 
yen »t the fertMSte. And m for the moay and phitc^ 
It » tcdi' when ioo ever sche were wcddydj but m for 
the lytelod. 1 tiov not tyLl After h/r modyrt dufrse. but 
I cMi not telle yow, for very rCTTeyn, bat yow inay 
Itoow by inqucryng. And afl tor hyr bcwte, jugc yow 
th^t when ye tee tyr, yf u> be thAt yc uJtc the kubon\ 
Aod apoctily beolde hyr bandysi for and if it be u il 
b toloc nx', ichc it dytjiotyd m be thykct 

And at for my ;;omyn3<! from Fton, 1 kkc no thyog* 
tatt wcfiT'yT'^^) whyche I troatt to have with 4 lytyU 




(San, Quona^n non *«Itt hon, «■!«( noA, 

Aitiort Jua Tldcsi etemp^um, Xob ill« pDcnnit, 
OxuuB npplcri ; kel uuvcti llli mun. 

Aod ihe» too vejte *for« B«yde be of t^yt^ own 

No tn<jrc to yow at ih)^ tyioc, but God bftve jow 
jn HyK Iftr^jyni^. 

W«tyn al Klon thu Even of Sflynt Matthy the Apo«- 
tyll ia basU, mLh the hondc of your brodcr. 

A.D. T4T9,^FAKBoyACE or Ouicva 

mA ^^i^hip i#H> 'It inrm b ^ » vi (■' itte^'.iTrtrAn "t iuicmf uoaa Iv 

tftliMiri— rSn-inJi— wi'iihii Mf Ri>Jiai.1 I.4A Dtr |b(\» ■ ii^B 

no etf I^r** varr ouDlUcd uCt Eiaruy UJt|lbM fna (ht *nsa w du«p^ 

MORANnUM— ThpflftyrhaT thrlapwwmi 
:)i]i, vhichifi mch day vj.mOTictbcK &i(hc«cid 
luTsnn died, woftoiiiTcwcMSiiy, Our L^uly Day, 
x\\i- N.nivitc, the viij" diy of Sc|>1crabrc lact 
pjui, anno iviij". 

The dfl^ of vj- monethtfK afller Our seidelAdy ^^ATi 
Ui« Nati^ilc was on Scint Mather Day' the Apottw, 
last put nhldic wa?i the xxiiij. dAy of Fcbrjjic, ukd >oI 
di^me eyiher tht Bis^ho^ipe of Norwich* hath |trefentcd 
or din it IB in lh« gist of niy Lord Corjinill ' nowc 
loquer^ this nmtcr. for ihc Biwhcppcof Norwich lythc 
In Luntluii, uid shall dDo ttU Our LjidytL D^iy tlin 
T,rmon, fl* il 18 Raid here. 

My cnodor dehvcred Str Willum Mo1I« his pr«MjitB< 
don the xiij, day of Avi^st, anno xvjij% whicli was 
ncTC jl inoiiclltc or [he duy of the vj. moucLhcft went 
out and pniiL Hlictfnrr ih^ nii;?^hoppt ovighi to prs 

1 at HftOilu' iJiiF (DDE St. U»t[|i4V'U it bou. 

*-» H79-J 

ETiWAttn rv. 


i«Bt rarf n^oAcn dojke- Nev«rth«Ifffi« the Btsahoppys 
oftcota Aunivart itiis t&yiic;. that if Mndry pcniorca 
ileliTd jj, wiidrjrtr picti'iiLLLJOiia Tor to ilivnM; diirkm 
lOfhe Bisthopp^fl cfl\wfs for one benefirp. that ilwn 
tb« fiid |jany&i aholpd sue to the fliftdic^ at Ih^ co&t 
CobftTC ouL&nmqiicrrcto in<iucrci?SrT-«7ii/r;/rrM£', uyng 
florthCT more, lh«t if they me nfti oul this inoTjcrrc w»ifi 
AlVcr^ Aniit thai thf hp«f fill, thsiii ii it Ecii^U ft^r ihr Bit- 
^Qptoprc»nt, and \i is told roc ttiAE the hwc ia this, 
ilut the BiMhoppe, be his office with out ^u)y- )ntc of 
the paftictf «lu1] C^l Hii ineiiicnc ifikrc bym to inqijcrc 
iU pffvj m y wh ^ and he thiU iwgn them a diy in bryng 
in a rcrd«tt, u)d he ih^l wnnie boihtr p^LrlyC!; to be ^cr 
a^ Ukd he ih^U ;im}-t^c his dirkc lh.ii \n fotmdc pa.£ix>n. 
Y« ibc Biuiifipp mcth nit u> [lu ihi%, but there nit 
boche panyci thit present arc myghiy [and whcr ai he 
t^Dkech ii were a jopaidy to hyra]' to sue the 
Uushoppc ;f he did them Any wrong, and whcr u thcr 
uadoubtilile mAtrr; bui m ^is cisr the pmi thai 
mwbleth my moder ts but tt simple feJowe, and he w 
AiywwMf, for he was samome a White Frere, and of 
simple repeticyun, and of liiil) sulietans, i\a my moder 
cmn ttfU, vherlore Bt-fsh(ippy^ iis^ naE in sii^hr 1itit1 r:isy«& 
to take *i> ctreyte an inqLterre, and spt^cyuUy whc^r u 
ooe holb contjivued patron with out iiUL^nipcton v> 
long tU my noder hath done for ^^c h&th coiitjnucd 
mot« dttn L wynTt-r ; whcrfore I priy yow sJicwt my 
coosyn Lov«l] this bil],and (ynclesorno (ntar«« 10 intrete 
the bi&^hopp by thcioeaneof Jajticrs Hobard,' which is 
gietc wttJi l]ic BiAsliopu. ftnd U dowc Rtd^i of L/ncolD 
(noe this I^nr Am late ray lady qpclte lo James 
Hobard in the mater. If ii please my mcder ther is 

m pr«1 caUdc Sir " irtiich i> thought hy the 

tciiAUDtc« of Oxned a metcly man to be pai&on iher; 
thr mMt thyng ihat I dowte, bicausr Sir William Holle, 
whom my moder prefleriled, \& lonne AW^y, and if the 

tMt La Lat. i<>:4inL^ IT. 


THE FA3T0K LETTERS, Uel 1479. 

Biwhop will mx prc*rrir my n;od«rs cljirte in her liiif, 
than i wold iliat lh« Istboui layghi l>e noftdt to ili« Ihs- 
•hoi>p. ditt he zttyg^i present tay modcn dultc tuchc 
on a» *l)uc will Qjuae, >ri bis ottc tiUc. 

Kir. l.rr, liltc u tt mny undcT^anf) br l}ii« mdog, 
where u J tirtdcr^lotl Ihot the Bischopp mygkl iuvo 
kept the benefice but vj, moncthca aTict ihc pttrooa v]. 
nwncthct wu v^jm out, ttav I uatJcrvOnd the conDioy , 
Ibr I undtfr^und he may kcpc it a <welino[ninhe] ukd 
jx day .... [j«rvrd/ ^in^f /^f/] 

Abo, tf M k&cw any yong prcjtc in Lo&doa that 
icttcih hillU uiJoEi rowJy» dorr |icr i.ventan wiold bo 
gbit to hivi? it^ aiiU woll be gUd nJio tc serve my buljr 
and niy mcUer iot it I6r ^ MtUOD, I atn no mote «ay 
but ptirray a nic«n to the BiA^hopp, that wotn moa 
uuy be (uit iii i> my uicKlcrs liile- 

of tbc oonsi«tcro in Norwich, mxA be 

hath a brodf r in the 'rover»iti outierol the Mynt under 
Bricc, called Ikftilmcw Rcdc And a nothcr brodor is jt 
gDuki [iinydi Jwellyui; lu llic Cbcpc Side uiited ■*■"■■ ■ ^ 
Reede. And he n <?yiher loged with on o< UwM, hk 
brcder, or eia al the Jorge in Lu&ibard iitnct, or el« at 
llic Cok uid tlic Delist £Ulin^ ^^xc, a biuo hous, for 
thr «ei[^t] gold sm^tb luitb nuiricd a bn^cwyf, and 
kcpeth the bmc hmtt,(^) and he can good iJcylit to 
bcip^ in this nxatcr of the bencbtc q{ Oiincd. 

AUo, Ric lyce. who >o ever shdbc [prcicntcd to 
tbel bcndii^c of Oxucd, he muMc tell bjnj, 1 jmi^t p»y 
sdiifp mnn; to the? fruien, And ther for ihaU he have 
|da]yc« of payment to pay a marc ucyinj it be dj^o] 
^tc h>iD tVcDfbtchi^ Andibo, lUr.hara. At the uilt* 
yng of ihii icUrr T mrtiil (?) to have ben aurc (?) . 

md &01* I m lu for if 

it please a\y modcr, we thynke it wu v.-cU dooCi &r 
WiUum Stoior hod .... 






Kninmti Alvard to MAtt/iARrr Pactok. 

TFroBFut»iMS£^ B.M.j 

li<HMHWn**equ<Di VrroBE^t WfJiH ThIitji acti^j \a,\ wA^j^t 
ADi&c4 aft JU^Do^ii". vk'' It *ill I'' UW4 N^ii'iLLo[t«r, nhi-Au .Ui»f\ 
^ite«v4«l*^HI^ Eh«L kiDuM^H dbH KiB i,;f- LfkfljH/jlhudaatL 

3> ^u ufcrs^/vi Ki^ftret, Mattrry Marmara PatUn* 

lOHT worabcpftrl mstMrcs, T reocimmHnd* nte 
unto yms- m IoipIj a* 1 kflu, thantyng yow for 
youf ^codnci ti all trmvi; God xrnunt me to 
docrrc it, xiA &j tlut m,iy picsc yew, 

A» for jnat finn Wjitcr^ his labor nnd Icmyng hftth^ 
b«,u>^ w^fc the FacHlUof ArtTSiTMiiswpllEperi ther« 
jB, lad mar E}c Bitchclcr %i focbc n^^ ^ ^^>^11 ^tIec 
j««, acd then lo %o to Ififrc- I Van tliyi^lc it tdhis 
pfg fr ftypgj hill it \% r« good he Icnow it on to tb* 
ifiXM he shnl cheninge ; ind oa ! conceyvc ther sh^ 
non hftvc thAt exibcah^on to th« Foculre of L^w^, 
Hierfbre mcve ic the cxccntocc* that at sochc rrme as 
he rt»l I^'c 1!, ye may pnt a nother yn hi> plnw, io<"hc 
■c ihal \ykt yon to prtfrr. If he ahal go to IaVh and 
bt mipdc BnchcJer of Art be fore, and yc wollc here 
hjm horo thia ycrc, then m.iy he be Bithckr at Myd- 
laonnr, nnd he irirh yow yr ihc vsrackm, flndgotf>lTiwe 
ftt Mihclmaa. Qwhat Jl shal Jyke yow W command* 
me yn ibb or eny cdir, yc shal hare myn service rcdy. 

I pray yrmr lie the n^xt masciiger lu send me yoijf 
entmt* thai tvech aa fihal b« n«MS«3uy may b« puiy 
vcyid jTi seion. And J«« pr«erve vO*r. 

At Oxtnfortb, the nif day of March- 

Yuur aculei. 




A.D. 1479, 21 Mfty. 
Waltkr ?A»Ton TO Sir John Pastoih. 

[Fmtn Parton MSS., RM^l 
Tlili iMbir lit cpdoiwd io » connfrTipanrf tuAiL A|ipvAtJr Sir Jete 

73> Ay/ ryf/k rftftrfnd br^dtr^ Sir /chm J^/Sm, ai CctUr 

UaU, m NorJ&ik. 

VI^R ^\\ dw rcT^eiu uid r«CQfn«Q(lac[onii^ 
tikyth vc >ow (o itcd«ntuiid tliai 1 rouyvyd « 
letU'T iro ih)- brodcr JoKn, where t>y I uadcr- 
>t^ lliM iLij' uiodci ujd y<jw wold know 
whai the castes of my prorrdyng schold bo. I sen* % 
letter toxnybroderjahiiiccrt)^^)^!^ toy cost««,ukd th« 
cQusjB vhy tW I Aold proccdc l out ju I hive acnt 
woid to my inoUw, I jjuiposc to Uuy now lyll yi Ijc 
Mychy)ni3s, for yf 1 t&iy cyll ihaa, sum of my awryt. 
sclifLlI be payyd ; ibr I auppcaetJ, vhau that I Beat tb« 
letter 10 my brcKlcr fohn, that the Qwenys brodcr' tchold 
have proccdyil ai Mytisomcr* but hi^ ivol] t^Lry dow iv1I 
MIchylmu; bitt jul send word [o trty Tnod<-r, I woldbd 
InccptoT be fore Myd^omer, and there fore J bescchyd 
hc( to tend mc Aum mony, fox yt woll be iuin coit to 
mcj bHt not mych, 

And, tyr, 1 besecli yow to send me word what nnrwcr 
yc have of Ihc Buachopp of Wyt^cKcAtcr for il>a£ CEiatcr 
whych yc spak 10 liyirt of for mc wbAH I w*» with yow 
jtx I^md£>n, I thtJwihfor 10 have had wrtnl thereof or 
thys tyme. I wotd yt wold cooic, for owr fyndyng of 
the Buschopp of Norwych bcjcyAnytli to be slake in 
payment Andyfyc know not whithlhy* term raenyth, 
" Intrptnr," Miitcr F/Imund, iJmi was my tcwlcr Mt 
Oxford, berv here of^ kan tell yow, or eltys any Oder 

1 UeiHlWHdfillCAAKwdaBblnipfifSaaitarT. 

■fc m^} 



AUo I prtif yovt send mc word whil y» do witli ihc 
Iior* I Icfl «i TutiiArii, juid whjdtt ih<^ man hr c^intenc 
ttut I lud yt of, or OIL Je«u pr^crvc yow to Hjs 
plccwTC aftd 1o yovT mOM htxtn desryr. 

WrctyQ o-t Oiifotth, the Snlurday next aJtcr Atccruyoa 
of Vk^m Luf<L 

A-Dl 1479. 30 June. 


[rram l-utoo US&, JI.U.] 
7b >// ^^ irtfjjr^* and hariyly btltmyd trcdfr, fakn 

[YCTH nwfcfaypfull lod hanyly belovytl broder, 
1 itoocDftund mc on ttJ yow, tir^syt^ryng fcylh- 
foly to hcrtof yow^ jjicapctyle, qwhych God 
proervCfc ihinkyng yuw of ilyversc* terrerys 
thjtt yow lettt xn«. In ih« Iasc letter thaT yew j»eni to 
nCf yc wryt itiAt yow acholtl hAVt wryt in th« letter 
that yow KDt by Mister tlnjwn* Low that I Kchotd 
K^cl yow word what lyme thai 1 schold proccde, but 
di<r wu fion mich vntyng lh that letter. The letter 
k yet to «diew, Aodyf yovr comcloOxon, yesch&l see 
the letter, ind nD the IdcryA ihAC yow Kfit me aytliynayfe 
I came Id Oion. 

And ilso Mofiier Brown hod t^t »me tyme my«ch 
monyin a bnge, so that he dunt not bryng yt with 
bym, &nd ihai same letter w&s in ihnt sunt to-ge, »Tid he 
lud for gele 10 uke mrt thr Iriirr, and he sent all lO 

gcder by London, to that rt wela the nejLt <Lat oftci 



thit T wjui tr^ud Tlji^hjlrr err cTiin the IcUci coi, and 
tiJ ihe ftiwi was nfit in niP, 

And yf jne »yl kftow whiE tlaj" I w« TTuad Baschyler, 
1 wo* jaaid on l-'ryflay was wryofth. and I mid my 
ftrt on Ac Manday *Rer. I wm prcroyiyd vcnyson 
a gcyn iny fl^ftl (if my L^ily Hitrcort, and cf a nod«r 
mui uxlrat I «u deaeyvyd or both ; bul my gcftec 
htwid Ihem pkeyd with nich mete aa they hA<l, 
bLy^yd be God, Hoc have yow in Hys tqiyng. Amen. 

Wreiytk at Oxon, qd the Wrdeny^ d^ next aft«r 
Scyni PcwT- 

W. Pactoii. 


A.D. 1475, 7 July. — AffinucT. 

[From l^op MSS.» B,M,] 

Bin wiliitwlin Jic tlcliTciT "jf P^*^ t*? CJeiiflfrtj Hunt <ia 
betrffo* Wiilkm Pkatmi to John 0B*y mJ Allte. Kuinfcf Ulc 
wifo vf John Gyix** ^ BninbKmr t fnly 19 K^lv. IV. Ttu 
fOrirplj arc: — "A nyirid dit (owiywl, panv' nil: ni iHe Ixffilfr*, 

vrtlf^tllTlg 19 Of. l| 4^f-., ind blSD 6 SllVCf IDOClCJi, vqiixfT Bhkfp 

cncji^ to Itecp qfclr. arui rb!rUt<T ro WL]iia.iu TMtoo of 
C«4lTt«y }hmi Wnio ili« lout of 3l FaMIi ccieC cuo^u^ 


A.IX 1479. '» Jul)t.-^WT«ACT. » 

rrrocn faitop MSS,, HM] [ 

WllXlAM PaMTOM to THOMAft LV9(STt». 

Hnib tkit be bu fr^llvcl ^ind /md fin. && " Alhi Tultb balb 
^ mud* Mw CJ) SALIOh'^ Dflijtt hiai to " l^ni iBt nK&nn thfli 
iheyoungspmg maybe s*v<U, ojiJ d»w*Hid fonpl . . . - 
AtiJ alto rpt m? It ftniwctcd balli f6r ihe did pijTaeitt utA the 
new ofwAfvi ttlft" 





>*.S^ "U Jolk h«r« dude • gile, h 1* the bcticv for tb« 


A-D, 1479. tS Auf^ 
Will of W\lxi& PA^igit. 

rFvum FhIor MSS,, B.Tif.] 

|K 0ci ndrainc. Amen. Ego, W&Jtcrtii PiiaU^n, 
clcroia, in bout ci UJift rocmoju cxialciii, 
condo tcitAmentuna mcum apuii Nonpiann 
x%iuj^div moDflis Auguati in bunc modum. 
l&priail* Ic^o «&iDnun mcam Deo Omrtipoicntli Bczox 
Maiift ct oBuiibus S&nciis, ci coipuA [iil-uiu ad ^pcU^ 
cndum in ecc1c«iA Sancci Ptftri <lc HiTn<lcgiTC} coram 
ymo^nc SoACti Jolunnu Bftptistac. Item, icRo suromo 
ftltATt prBc£ktc c<dc»ix> ]^/> iiij^ Iicni, lego rcpstn- 
doni ccdcKiac mpradtctfc, ijJ, vjii^. Item, Fr^iiri Johanni 
SofnertOTi, Wchabureo, v/. Item, lego Migistro E*i- 
tnuDdounun to|Eiua pcQuklam curn mjiTiids de M>7»fr^^ 

Itcoi, IcRO Robcflo W'ulff unom ic>gam viridcm ■ ' 

cum fhimtltL lUrm, lego Robrrto Holand, filiO 
tpbitujli, Tc^^ua meum cunam, Icem^ lege Mogistra 
Robeito KclUr unom lof^m permhtam cum ^^«f. 
Icem, kgo Jolunrii Parker mAntcllum m«um niExuio. 
Itmi, >egi> MagiMru Rolwno HoU'-Tf umun |JuKlnar 
vocaium /r Mt/ar. Item, kgo M»(*istro EdminwTo 
Aljofd tlQUm pLilvimu- Itcn, kgo Rtcardo Richard^ 
Aon unom tog^im pcrjubLun Ad nunus cum mdYnvT' 
Item, vulo <;tMHi rc^duuiu bonoruiu tiicotum iJi UxonU 

1 UukinUS. 



sit mi irsum Magistri Edmundi Almd.fictiuod BOlrat 
. . ^ .^ Johanni Skeltoc ei Thocan Loco, Item, 
volo quod ovea mec <|ua£ habct WilIcLmus B«ulf 
senior Id vilk de M&wteby, Klividaatiii equAliler ioUf 
fmirrin mroni Eilmundtim Pa»iori, ef sororrm meant 
Annaui Ydverton , et sorcrem nieam Morgenun Puton, 
uxorcm fmtns mci JohaciUR PftslOik Item. \cff> tcnu 
cl icncmcnlft m^icrij md rl? Cressynghom, » porauni 
dare, fratri tneo Johanni Paiton iirmigrro, sibi ct hare- 
dibiLf )^i£,Kubcoiididoncutii,guodGiconting«tfruCnm 
mcuTn pncdicturo, Johonncm PutOQ. asc hatrtdtm 
pBliis mcl, quml nullo Tuodo habcAt lcDa.<i «1 trnrincDa 
pncdicta, «ed quod tratcr metis Filmundus Puton 
lukb^at lerraj ct tencmcnta prredicta iibi el auis lucre- 
dibua. Residuum vcro btmc»nim n^a Icgitomra kgo 
el do dw^Kjaiciiiiu cin.-uionim nicumiu* ul et i}Mi 
fldeliter dUponoDl pro aiiinut m«a. 

HujuE outem lesltunenti mci executortf coodo per 
pnuentcs, fratrcro mcum Johanticmr4atoiitanmscTOin. 
j>rD isu ^lima, et MagiKimiu Kflmunduin Al}%td jiro 
bonis ineia remnncnubua Qxonuc. 


A.D. 1479. '9 Aug-— Wtluak Pacton's Fi^ts. 


ns tnrlenmr« made the m. day of Aunisi, 

anno six** [vitne«sclh| * llul 1, Kichtrd l<«, 

Live ddJvcicd to Mr Jehu Ruwhc thca 

jWTttl^is folowyng of plate [audi' of Jtilvrr. 

Fint, a baton and an ewer with iij- combu in a fkocbyn. 

Item, a ^ih-cr pottc 

A layer c>f silrcf, paitc sUtc witb an aoomc oq the 

I Hen oMTt t ihBft mil AhiA ii 10 n« unrnteJUfflUa li 
' Qaunvd in kilt • 


■**- H79-1 

JiI}IVAXD 17. 


A gilbe stdufin^ couppc ponsi*] with a coTct- 
^ chuid pecc vith a cover t^^sute p^rc, 


A ivhite pU]me coppe villi a ■uttc in the boiom 

with ft cover. 

MudiDg ccpp« giTte with a cover. 

csoddkiik of Kilvci with A nokctlc 
A trevett of nlvf r. 
A salt of tiJver with a brokyn cover 
A <:ovrr for h pLtrn pecc* the knoppc gnvid with 

Richard Tsk. 

[EDHVwr* Pastow to John Pxttok.] 

(FroiD Fvton MSS,. B,M,1 
7U> kite b hUb itfB«4 BEf AEUnnl. but [» Eb Ub hudur 

'ER dytljngci ara com to Norw>chc that i^ 

Buidam is dysseMyii, whcni Got! Jissoylc 
yn vncle had i mc^fHc-nffer ^cutcnUy ihat 
the ihuld not escape, «na thii day oina a 
uoilici at suchc tyiue u we were At inA»Kc foi my 
brothrr Water, whom OoH wso/lcl M/n uncle ww 
cvioytig to hAve otTered. but the \xii niecEenger ift- 
tOffUftl hjin hofiicly, »o that be loke h>-K ho» locoa- 
iTiicnt to co'tinnc more of ovt hc^^iicv My fjTtcr p 
rirlyvnd, Rml the chylil luuetyd to God, Who Msid ua 
Uys grace. 

Dokkyns told tne sekreclj that for Any hut myn 


mcU fitiM rydc by my Lftdf of Norfolk to have a 
iij. skorc pcnoOi vhythcr ii u to coorey my gnndham 
hyricr or nowgtil lip mwilr nd scy; 1 dcme it is 
raihcTtoput them in possccKyoo of some of her londOL 
Wretyn the Satcrdayc the ixi. 6ayc of Aa^B^ 

A.D. 1479, 16 Atig, — Abstract- 

[Fma PmUm MSS. a»Ll 

Wapoi or MA»uHoroiD. 

DEcUnliuu liy tUiljctt Mill, luhii lIpbEx^ Julia CUiviigtarv 
Hmmu Dmiy^ fotia ^tjVCf. J'>^'i V^Mri, uid Willtjun PuHo, 
Etfianu gf |hp maxar ofTtiul/ngforJ, Wfor* thp Ahbot of SL 
liciiff*, johr (K]iddyl i'yjvtuv,' Mr. John Sin>^L, KobCTt Ip- 
pQwell, WilliEiin l^imnnr.JnJm PKhHSH, F-kq,. Wllltim Vd7*non. 
acmuj* JiAin Coke •Id^njaa, WffliAiii ElumtiJ. i^iilcuMiii anil 
WUlUaa Fuller, that tbey hnvi: dwiiTa held of the iMaor id Ac 
nunc of AgQu PuloOh doLughtcr, na one of ihe licin of Edmund 
Ifcry. KnL, and in ber mae only, rUI Sotanliy (91 An; J before 
St. ElftrthDlnmew Apn«rir. t^ Ktlv. IV.. vhea h« ud. WLlEtan 
Paftlocit dnind thivn to attovn to Llm diUiriut tliijvriii|f nrlUtif 
Ot oiidBocc. 

Dcve b the pwLour (>r J«faD C«olie, >6 Aag,, to Ed*. tV, 
Stm^} "'nooHv, AbboE of Scyrl Beoeifcs trf Uuliw."— 
"J- RtdelTir Fytnr»u(«,"— "Mm SmyHi. d«lL"— " Rohnt 
IperwplL"«" Will. I^mnflr"'— " W, Volrcnom"—" Jotm 


AD, 1479^ Allg^^MEMOK^NDA- 

rFrou PjuKA MSfi., aM.) 

Tha>c BirJHrAtr]* ■nkfeih* \aniwritlnt of Sir Jh^h PhHa 7m* tW 
irtqutrjr fUvinif Ac^^ft T^uHq ww yulJurM ibtiJpiLi bi pfldHtly k , 

1 Jabn fUdcliff. tan uJ lia>> af Dlr J>hit RaJcIEIT, •■llail L«d Plt^fcW 
Inilif r44i4in Ijiiiin ^Ntk ]ii^. Hf *« ■inuwaed M iVIaaeH U Lorti 

BDWAitD /P. 


cndc U) A tcx niih i). or iij, bciLdcTlLs with 6^' 

MemAnJidiim, ih;i( ihtrr it noUvK ijrieiy^l 
appon Ihem "Contn HHIctraum Pu[ion]/' ind they 
be owthcr uppon the prcac, or on the ccA^'ntrc, or on 
ibe aAtdiTc by (he cownuc. gt ellya in Lhc cowntte on 
, . . that sytl* ne*l the shclfft 
To enquire, o3 myn. oack WiHiim, ijff Jtn<r, off «iy 

Siuntdfuncs] iT^Ic, vid whoo wrot xtx^ And whclhcr 
c be bimcLj cr noo, tnd who wac piocnt at hjrr 

wylle nukyc^aai idT&hc Apakc owtie 

off ^ler lortd^B.. 
The Chfl!inri^lfr, 
Milordc Chomherlcyii, 
Sif Thomaa Mongomcrc, 
Mi Loffdc OuLl^ndll. 
Masirr Belt, Jtrtd hys dcrke, ffbr niyfartrTCS willt, 


A.D. 1479, or earlier. 

RiCHAAD Callk to MAR(>AReT Pasitw. 

[From PutonMSSn BMJ 

UforM PxbifL- TV 4i'i' ti niii tcr^ niifiitl, Uti ^t ir htroliuv £11 
laf*lite*bHiilrtysr 147b— Set Kuh7iUt 711. 

P^nilh El ftur MMilwyWp lo vin«. th^t 1 tcudc you & tijuu 
vith eTbJcn(« of Bakinu loDdn, weetc pl«ili ii yuu lu Jcljrver 
lo mfl B>*&]v> 6ir \9H»y \<t Ibal ! miv Imvt mv mdiia7 thnt 11 h^ 
^jW^ Ami n ft* ^imrlr^ I fc^mft j^ni an nfitifpfiirr ri thf 
bcnwi* vidUj, obllj£iclo(utchcuft. marVr And as for LiiFva' 
4otaR oTlhe w4ff ule I niade iioa. bui 1 jlod(c biccfcly of tlie 
cXmIc^ vicb £ iiWMJt ]r«Ut b I iuUc mv nutCn «I CriuMxou, ivl 
lh«t l)Ptt« b« tclde 1A Ru ha v^^i iha bstLu plivtJ. and «a 1 £«4 
«e» pon t1iHl«a ; tr\A an nlili^iiri'in of r/r trrrlw ih^ he T.diiin<t« 
10 l»a tB fcrfofuic Oirr ther Cfminaunta ; w^thr rcmavntth in 
tkcoMite oflho vfk«(}f Spurlc. And 1 kiiJ yuu iU»)tj. billed 

t Buini ar lauvb w wbOk Die bark 9i ibv »C<3dt Jiad ban idd. 



of the porctl] of the wcde ttle. boTht ihf wynis ule lad the 

have thcDtber parlicaaf thcAii u K« o^muuded bjn Jtctfc a1 the 
b«cjmnynC' And l^i^RiycountnlU'lM vlut tijinliiei- t fynd 

di uyhlrond, KDd b^ I nn'^eaioa^ tn>m uie{n] he baib ilo ; tni 
tbow I hftvr iLMnrrcnilcufUjiiimUiAtquJiartvrp Etiave uwCiaHlet 
in (hit cull I IT Llic[iill>c<i^(r, Muires'' '^C'^ ^oodc l4 maatifcffv 
your iHjffc ofhfffji^ nnnirhthii fiBli]Ti( tjmr, t htYr^clca b« 
* frvuJe b Ltflcl^Qt w h*lp« to pcrvty a>« of wmj, or riij. 
buitll, ud AkI not noihlc m« upon Above V}s. ^\^ i bind. M 
IhAl lie iiiiiy luve uuicy juju^ la ibe bc|£yniiy[i^ j^ ktiil <lo 
tnafc rrnuj;]! wUIk ictj, thru )-c «n*l cIq at CriEcria wjth t, hujU^ 
Ttc Bi.(hj^£ at Yommirh wol not ba to vpodtr at it i«i^Tb< at 
Lfyiitori, lor the haven wcil nM prov* jvtt*, JK- AlmTstLijGod 

Be joiT strsvoBL K*C, 


A.D- i479t !»9 Oct 
Sir Jobk Pabtoh to Maxqarct Pa?tok 

IFrom Form, ^l Jj^] 

Tff tht ry^hi Ufonhy/uU mtttr^sst^ Marf^a Pasffim^ hf 
ikys ddyvtry)i~ 

[LEASE it ytyv to weet, that I have ben h&er 
at Lcmdona niij. nyghL wherofrthsflyrstrnj. 
daycs I was in suchc fiecr off ihc lyloscnCi 
SMi\ Jibii^ fTowndc mj chombr and stulTc noU 
so dene as 1 demydj whycKe iroblyd me toor; and A£ 
1 tolde yow at my dcpurtyng, i was nottw^ll mon/e<t» 
ITor I haddc noti paste j^ m^kc, whcroff ! dquityd 
self, ro be *ldyvefyd off my oI(i«^ liwlfekwc ; and then 
I rode be yonde Donataplc, and thcr spake wich on oft 
my chclFc witncssis^ wbydic ppomj-scri mc to calce labor, 
and to gclc mc ttij-ghlyngi towtihyng iKys maici by- 
twyen me and the Dulce oT SiifTclk.^ and 1 rewanlyd 
hyra xx/, ; and then, ac I inlbrotyd yow, 1 payed v. 


^P- U79l 

gD^TAxn iK 


mut« iiy^Mpitffit tippoii my cornyrif; h yttdr to rq>]cggt 
ovte my sovn« c(i vetwctt and oiha gcer^ 

And th<n 1 hop^d to bare borowyd tocnc off Tovdo- 
amd, joid l^c hath flbut l)rd mi; * iTortlie cvyrkjujn, jmd 'at 
f&tcit I cowde hiv^ at ih^ most, And it xr\e soned 
yistcrdayc kx/. whcrfFor 1 bcttoche vow to purv«ye me 
C^ ud tho to wi>-ubt 10 Pckok, thit he purvcyc mc 
&s rooch^, Cj, whychc I &ii[)rjsr; that he hathe ^addryd 
«Paston*ndo(h^rpljicw»bvtSy*t)rraej flforwiihowto 
I luvc Ehyt tJi., as God hcfpc nic, ] ffcr [ ^ doo 
buU litcU Koodc m noo nu(eT> noi y'lii 1 Hootc noEt 
}iow« to come home, bin iff I hutvc it 

Thift gccr hiihe iroblyd mc to, thii ttt hfithe nude 
mc moor ihiin hi!fl"c ^ckc, lu Cod hclpc mc 

ItOD, I undrctcanclc lluc m>Ti ondc WillUm h^Lthc 
niAde Tahor to t^■ Riw-ljrtnr, ind ihai htr haihr bolhc n 
«mte off tstmJ. dowtjth cxtr.j and also a jwywr- 
duw/' I )u^ wretyn to the Kxcbctor thcr in olf myn 
cQtcai, iff mjii ondc t^ddc hy« wyU in (h^, yitt sholdc 
he tv iirTcf ihf nrnr die tfMidr.bHH incffcfccheahold 
h^^t '^jt ^vnniD^, vbyrlic i« bchovcfull (Tor a weykc 
outer to have a colour, ot ct clookc, or a botioic. 

Bot on Ty wc^'.kJ^c ! was vriUi ihc Bywhop off Hcly,* 
whyche tht-wyth hymtelff^f good* and wonshjpfiijl ; ind 
he teyde that he shold* sende lo myn oncle William, 
tlut he sboldc aoCl f rocctic m no aiifhc mater, till dial 
tie ^kc with hym ; ind tiKjor oxyr ihaC he aJiolde 
evwie hym to be het^ h:iiif^ly<r; in whyrhr mater 14 no 
remedy a« oowe, b*it iff it w'et 40&, thai the Eschetor, 
iff be be cnlTctyd tosytle bymynondc William, whyche 
pcic^c li? hhail noli, lh:it iff iivy brother Jujiu jJid 
LomrMr tntji^ knoft'leche off the daye, and they myeht 
tw dicr^ Lomnor cad geve evydence 1 now m ibat 
mal«T with owtc the boke ; an J mor ovyr that they see 
bodte tlic letter and tlic oiIlci noote, llut I fciUc to 

fS^ THE ?ASTOrt LBTTER5. UU 14^ 

the BvelietOT, Arr) with h<lpr ofTtlifv Eichrfornll njght 
be as bcK(e i« ; axtd iff my ^oiUa and Lomoor Ctt« 
bbor her in, 1 ahftl rccotnpcBOo thor coMa 

Wrclyii in hutcwitb ^ori AdviscDociil on the Fry- 
t\ifc next -Scynt .S>'TDonri* and Jiidr, unnn V.. tfij^Yiir', 

LAie m^ brother John ftc Ibys bilie, lor he knovvth 
mor off ihp mciECr. JOEtn PAATObi, IL 


A.D, )4T9i 6 Not. 
John Pisrasr to Sis Johm Pastwi. 

rriom I'urnn MSS, B.M.] 
|l tff I ^ Wn Anm 'h* ffifuam* iKbi ihta Un*r lALiii l«w S« 

|VR, oftt^ fiil dwtcs of rccocnendacycDt plcASyt 

to uiidyiGtuid, tliAl, Acoidyu^ 10 ^ixtf Ictlre 
sent mc by WjlUoji^ Ij^mnorc anO I mctl at 
Norwy<hc and drew ou^ht a formabio byllo 
OUghtof your, J^dfecnd itaycn lo ih'l&xchctofc ralmcr 
by rny brodyr FkliQLuid. wliychc liul «ii ollter cnind ia 
10 thni conirc lo epekwiih H, Si)y]mai],ioge£bytgood 
wyW lowATdci the borgayn lyck to be fynyshed ba»tyJy 
bct*py* Mftstrcs Clypp>'Eby and hym. And, lyr, at lh< 
dcly vcrc of the byllc uf m;juisicyon Ili th^Exchcco«r» mj 
brodyj Edmund told hyra th-iisicoijftlyiig to }'Oiii wryght- 
ynjCtofnc^lBpak^thmynond^ WiUiim, indtolihym 
tlicit J uiMlyi^ood by yon that my Lotti oi hljn had as* 
wc!l dciyti:il hyiii in wryghtyi^ an ytxi by uiouibi^ UuU 
non of yoLi ^bolJ sue to hive the bquJcyclon taad 
aftyr your mtcntys tyll oih<r wtyn oi p««< wf;r takyn 
bctwyx you^ ^hcrfor my brodyr £d!mtmi dnyicd 
liyin lh4t with ought myn onclc lalxid to have il ftmd 
for hyni, dlyv ilial be shold not precede Cor yov; but 
th*HKchttour Answcrd hyra that be wold fynd it foryoo, 




ftftyr ]raiui tyU, of hp oirnc aulontc ; nnd so it ww 
fuod But, »yf, jc musi rrmcaibic iLat uij Lurd <yi Ely 
<lei)rreidiD3iioiiideuireil«syou to lUTce&w, as I put 
mya oiid« in knoirli^ and mp ond« at tho Fyitt 
a^cid tbu be void imkc no morcAute a bouj^ht it, m 
UuftC lltJil )e wuUI (ttv the aauKT, acont^i)^ lo juy I>onl 
of Elyi dct/er ; whcrfor ye had orf to tc warr that 
th'Excbetor ekjrppv not tVon you, vvhcn he comyth to 
Londoo, And •enjfyc it, or yc spck with hym. 
Th'Bidiccov shalbe ^t London by Twy»<tAye or Wcd- 
nytday next comyng, »: John Leeis hou&c, for he Ehtl] 
ryd fOTWaniyt aa oa MoEulay next comyog be Cymyi^ 

^jft, your teiuuDtct ai Cmwracr ley that thry know 
not wba slulbc lh«i lord j thev mstrvRyll th:tt ye tior 
DO nMui fior yonr hathc not yet iien there. Also, when 
I »u with niya onde, I hed Ji Jonge pyityll of 
fayn, tlut ye hud seat Pekok id PAmon, and cpmandyd 
tbe t«cttunt«s tb«T that thty ahold paiy non Arentgys to 
aym, bai if [uew^] they wer bond to hym by obligocyoit 
foi the unic; myD oude tcythc it was other wysc 
apoyniyd he ff>r thr flrbytmryT? ; ihry thonght, he 
s«y^c, as well my Mcutyr f>t£wnltcr fla other^ that 
be ahoJd rcccyvc ^i u it my^ht be gadiyd; but 
OOiv he seytbe, that he woltyih well some :i]ia1I renne 
away, and lomc >haJ] wait it, so that tt t( ncvyr lyck 
tt> be gadiyd, but losE^ and so I vcom ic ia lyck to b« 
of aoBic of the dction, what for casuchc of dcthc And 
llko other amaea bdbr rehcisyd ; whcrfLjr me thynlcyth 
if U were apnyntyd bcfor ibe arbytror* that he ihoLd 
Kccyre the)'m. as he seythCf ii wer aot for you to 
twck It. or clly» if he be plcyn uecutor to my jEnmiitdiun, 
Uica aJao he uu^ht tu Iiuve it. I Apek lyek a blynd 
rmo, do ye at yc ihynli, for I wa* at no ^che apoyni- 
tneal bdor tb'arbyliorh nor I know not wheihyr he ia 
ftxectttor to my grauntoam or not, hut by hyi sofxxig. 

Abob sp, yc fuust of ryght, aicj-^iyilr^ryci^ my 
tifodyr Ecfmiindys diligence in your iiuters, ayth'; your 
dcpanyng, hdpc hym hsrmurdy^ to mya oncU Syr 
lu- s 


George Brov&t u wj brodjt E4viU3kd prejrid yov 
hy« teicyr Ulli be «cnt on to yow by Moodys ftone 
Norwyclur, ijwdl>Tig with Tliom^s J^ncy, th^t mjn 
nndr Syr Grnrgc majr gctt id mjr hroflyrf Fiimiiml (if 
the E^VtMf *^^ warrjshepp of Jc^n Cl^ppj^by, son osd 
hcycr to John Cl>-|>pTTiby,^ lace of Qwbfy in [he cofl*le'| 
of Norffc^h, Sqwyr* ilvrjng the nonnit^e of my Lord 
am! Lady of Yorlt,* thow it otat iiij, or v. mart: ihe-' 
KWte, t«c myn oncle 9yr George be clerk of the 
h«nipCT. and krpe the patent, tf it be gnuvtyd, tyU he 
have h/» nuji3e< ajid ihit ^ImU not be Ionise to. 

Hyn onrle Syr Gwvgo inay prifonne the Kyug Ibr 
trowthe, Eliat the c^yld shall have no loud duryng hjv 
yotig Akodyiv tyff, and iher ia no man hcr tbat vml 
nuuy vriih hym wJihoughc they hare aooio load vciCh 
hym, niifJ no The gyft ahnll not hr grpt that tbo ICynj 
tixold gcvc hym J and yet l trow he *hold get the 
modyr by that mcRiicr^ and in iny consevt the Kjng 
Utiilia but lyglit if he giaunt my brodyi EdmuiiS 
son in reaimjionse for ukyng my tTTodyf' 
idee SOP, olherwysc caliyd I Jyuort, Ihc <^hyld] 
fadyr being t^prc Dyxson is dcd, G^ l^ave hi 
towle, Whom I bnxer^e to send yoti your moM d 

Wntyn at Nora^K^he, on Seynt Loooardct Day, 

J, Pastok 

Syr, £l i> told mc th:it Nyrolaa Barlce, ih* Scyner, 
hflthe takyn od axion of dett ayentt me thys letma^ 
I prey yow let Whctley cr some body spck with hyn^^"^ 
arwi lett hym *cl that if he mtc me sujflly Oiys tense;' 
thui he ftliall be pay^ ot the riexie t^me beatttA 
eod< It IS a bought vj/j., and m leyth« he tfiold 
had it or thy^ t}in7. ^ud our thrtrihcrs of dti 

t n. w,U»T pflcfeallhf Imead^J id nv " aDli ^ai S'lr CO Witnt 
>!>¥/" ^J-u <i^^ iiLwui iJiJi iLiti?. UlkwilIov OBEhCTine; Urn OsHEbiv^' 

* Kichui). fJukt urVtirii,kn tALC^ntH IV,. al Eb» tinea dulA^^v^H 

AA. M»J 

ED^AHI> ir. 



had Dol dfcd uifi>; and H J inȣTit h^vc pj^^cd it 
brm ft yer o^o, lu ircK a« t miki I Khali i:onc Aftyr 
OyvnoBBf 1 irold hoc for adj/t hare brokya hym lo 

Alio^ syT, I prcj )ow i^od mc by the next man thit 
Ctfo^ili ftrj f.Andai] ij. porty^ of tiy:idc of Jerme,— 
Uwr shftU co«l xtj^.j—foT 1 have spent ou^t UuU I 
lua nuh my yong H^i* and my yoog A^ikya, aad ray 
iflC^od J ihidl }ay h>iii tfuil stJil l>iyiLg hem tt> me, 
and for hys ciTy%ge. I jtrey you leit it be sped 

TV P^yll (iyrtt sore in Norwyche, uid specyaJy 
abcnjj^ht my house, but my wyff und my no&MO COCOd 
not i^u^lUf and flc lenhcr tre cau nut ; for M Swcyma- 
tbovpVtiyifaeaiydqiArTyTig ihe-ns, they h:ive dy^, ami 
iMA ffkt nya in tvciy £xoun 9t the lowu«. 

A.D. T4J9, vt Nov, 

WtLUAM pA5rO» TO RoiXMT Waj.SU. 

■■■■ET Kold I Iftry. aJ] be yt I li»vc taryd your 

!^^^B comyg thti tul^ ycr, for I drmc her euf^^hc 

ffj^^l mcft flfttchflU welt ut^dynlond xayti titill gofxl j 

fff «ny man fuTc good tytyU I am suyr that 

myn k |{ode. I dftrwrll jtipt^rOr to ulcr a dysirns 

wedjT they come or oat, uul to I wyll xc know. Wcr 

€oft m so much w I left m)"n distrcsi for lowr dj^yi, so 

thjitlbe<siweridoff mynmonr j^crdyngtomyn ryth, 

AT chic »cud mt ou^vci, uue ju uUex [I'nf <t^ dMct], oiid 

l«ti nv CAkc th^av^rLig^ that tbe Kyugc Uwya uili 

seflT mo b« dystj«8» qut^h* 1 huve delayed, mt ihynk 

to lonfCi for uiy thaiu that 1 havc- 

Wretyn oC Nozwich, ifac uuj. Novcmbi^ 



A.D. 1479, Nov. — JVLLVE TO ms Fatssr* 

[Fiuiu rutw USS., D.MJ 

Well twIo¥«d ftdo. tnj murec praiwd jon iLai rewUI Made 
kmrwUcb be my bioilcT ^loiv uttieKDiaibecaiBcic Kmyto^ 
ud IbaE ye nvy laye ■ wcdie I0 knowe to uttu thrf be <«aD^ 
■ttd icniie ni4 l< y'our voac d cIh be none uthcr irvXy nua j 
Kod I hat4 i*kv four loii ■ ^nC* for hia luboar. AtieI da iha a 
IwM : for whr<]«r r)ii?|' ^m ^^r ml I wlUe Uke a diMrt aw tha, 
udLluu will tLMv^ till I ku^Bvc the doling cfibeiDlhUij-« Ui- 
diff* for to Luvw wbcUci ihcy villc codu or Ba^ ftOd tbcr aftet 
khftU I be dcDfltfwd. 

t t Hbrmlta t9'^J!t^m fBst^t M^tuS^h IwcrRu ■ jHlIf^ rtait df 


Makoii of Knaptok. 

IKrvBi Ptt>toallSfi^B.M.J 

TUt U « pv* ^ BMBttiMja [a lilt faudwriiliv bT Unkni tiHM, 

Mr Thooua rtochooflVynKtwrtdketlKutitvuid rDCometo 
±e Than mnd ColiCB «/ Wjnucvr A^ ftirti— > 

And OH * Holme, mbynty off cc*tt, li ttaga^ (?) kad 

mu »1 iciLf telrjm. 

Robert WiUtholTColbjrjp mrLdiU'fni BljUjag Sf AffvinL 
Hcr< fvlijw JTTjri ef Kuptfii ;— 
Fio M, inj, (in ami}*, Mutja Smjliii 
F[ro] M' ivjif. till xtvo. Robcnl Fmunk 1^|hii pliOl boftdb 
Fro M. sit nil «o. Thuma* fmitk, hkl pUr Ire. 

A.D. 14791 ^5 Nov. — Crmsimgiiam Manor. 

fFreinPulonMSa. EM.) 





ECEYVBD M CTcaamflham, the Thl:»day iicx 
«ftjri Sfynt Edmund 'ir die r/inr thfrr v;^ 
ij, by ih* hADd«3 of mc, John PastoHj 

Wberof pftycd lo rny modyr for costyB 

doD up om ihc bcTying of Wali^r 

Putor\ and whyll hie lay srle, ii)d 


«yil W^ier tiro Oxcnford %r.d. . , XTdiU, )g/ 
Itenu pbiyed ba Willurn Cy^Mjcm for 

j. hone ftkffyll and brytlylE Irnt ta 

Water Pa«tOD by Ui« c^ WilHtun, xvj/. 
Iico), gvvyn tfic wrtl w comyng fro 

Oxcufoid KiLlitlicbtyd Water by the 

luftiiyiiof]. Paiirnn ixJl 

Item, [>iycd for dyvcffl thyngw whyll 

Water Pi4ton Uy sck, . , . , iijjtft 

ItciOj for the costcs of Jclin Pa^tton 

tydynj to krpr the rooft at Crt^- 

iiij. dAycs in domur, for the aiyward 
mygh not be tba at the day prc- 
^xkl^ iijj. tiijjil 


A.IX t47p, Nov. 
JoriK Pastdh to Mahgaket Pattoil 

llMI — HHk 'l^aiM^Ui'ivP'Pi'^f jM^pHH ■■ iwt POW 10 bfl fwilJ , bill (tiS 

vrti u IM Auricaur iriJJ cinu, liicl n ^Uiol « Nov, ig Edv, IV. fbd 
Ifiiin f^H* ■*■ hiIt " ^'^ ^^> -4I f4 !Akf J«1u iSuiuih hut ikl«a le ih* (teih 
«f lA cnAd&i»ihrr Ajpw^ 1>< T*>r wu odc ^ Ettat rtwruliijr, 

M7f nf^m>^ 

The T>tf«d>r wSun 4 ta 


'GKT vorcheplull modyr, ftftyr iJl dwtct of 
humble rccoinoDidAcyon> u lonl/af I cui, 
I b^TMchc yow of your dayly blynyng «nd 
pr?:yL-r«^ Aod, nodcr, John Qentctit, l>fref 
herofi, can tcU yow, the mor pitc u, if U pJcasyd God, 
that my bfodyr i» bayed ui Uic "^Vhy^tc Fr3fcra At 
I^nrlon ■ whyth I UiOii^C «liOld n(rt luivc Iwm^ for I 
suppobyd thit h« wold h»v« beik becyed it Bromholmcr 
uid thuc c^u3yd me ao sone to r^ to London to have 
purvcyd 1i> Ji bn'^ifi^ boiOi vid tf it had beo bys wylle 
ro h^vi^ Icyn ai RronThoIm, I had purpof^d all ib^r wty 
3k4 1 have rodyfi to hu4ve brougtic \v>n\ my f;r.amt<I^uii« ^ 
«Qd hym to ^-edyn ; but that pufjoiic \% voyd u oov, 
Bttl th>3 I ihyiike to do irhcu I u>u] to Lundoii to 
tpek with my I^rd Chamberlpyri.^ And to v/jrnne by 
hya m«^nys loy Lotd of Ely,' tf \ can \ ind if I may 
l^ cny of thcr nicAnya causc Uic Kyng to Ult< my 
servyac And iny quoirell to Kcdy/%, 1 wyll, and I tiiyiik 
thai Sir GrcLTgc l^romi, Sir ja-iTiyt RjtddyC, uid othfr 
of myn dquc^iitancC) whychc wayte most upon the 
Kyng, and lye nyghtly in hys chuabcx, nyll put to 
thcr good vryllya. Thys is my vrey ha yet- Aod, 
inodyr, I besechi* yew, i* ye msy get or ceitd coy 
mea^cngen, to sead me yowr av\'W and my cocyc 
J-omvncrs to John Leci> howj, laylcrc with la Lud- 
gatc. 1 hare niydie more to wryght, but myo duply 
bed wyll not l?t me r«Tii«nbre it 

Also, modyr, I prey that my brfH!>T Kdmond mty 
ryd to Mailyn^'fortnc. Oxcnhed, Tiaiori, Crowtnct, and 
Caster, and jili ilits uuineis lu tutrc in tny niunr, ami 
10 lete th* tenants of Oienhed and Marlyngfor know 
Chat i fient no word to hym to tidce do nicny of thcyoi 
bui thcr uttorncmcnt \ i^herfof he wyll not, tyll he her 

> Jotkn Murtnnj nfLuau^i ArchbLabepeTCBnlvblirT. Hid 


&I>WARi^ iV. 

£co nc JO'cn, ajcc Iiob hoq. but kte liym coouuid tlicym 
t9 |uj (ij wrvnunii ol* iiivyr oficle«v nor :o hymu/UTH ncf 
to non othyi to hn um, id peyae of pj^a)«tit aj^ to 
BC I thyak if uicr *Hold V coy money sxtd in inv 
njjDc, pcTAvcntun k wold uiJikc uiy Uuly uf Norlvik 
AyEiist inr, and cauK Ii>t to tiycik I dci^i mon coo- 
r to byr pknirc tiuo clyd my l>rodyr, whooa God 
[qoi «i ilyi grct mocy. I H»vc wat to cnirt: «t 
ttcd juid At OfwcUbciy, njid J \ma\v^ wKtyn %. h/llc 
to Anne MuntgGm^ry xrxA J;ine Rodon to E£alcc.if3|r 
Lft^y of N^^rJfoik, \\ it ivjll be 

Voiu 90nc and humble Acivaunt, 


A,D. 147<J> »8 New, 


P^toai Ekkf^u MSS., B.M,) 

it la mt^ifol (VcB [lie anicBia tlai lUi kiui nv wdlUn khontr sAci 

'*' 1W'*' wGrihypftdl John F^i&n^ S^ytr, yn hastr. 

Mmicf Frtrton, I rccomatinde me to yuw, 
, i[l to have mercy on my masm 

.1 -r sowl*, to whofli ye ar heyre, 

and !ib<j tv my masCras yoiiT griuntdam. 
edbre Uc Ui'iLvyst of n)y niiislias your Liufal ujodcr, 
btOlhcre Edonind, en Sonday T\ti%i before Stni 
rewr rod 10 Mitrtynclbtth, arid before .tlte the 
icEKutritcc* cxjimyiiid on jHmce. kcpcrc ihcr for Will 
EuOA^^wliac he wa* Ihc wckc ucxi before Scdl Aiidrew, 
jumI there be «eyd thar be wns not a: Marlingf<jrth from 
Ibe Uooday unlo Itie Ihord-ay nc c^^yn, and boo there 
ir« DO man llicte but yo«f brothers ai the tyme of 
diCce*c; fto be diJt your brotEicic dyyd a»jd, an4 




b«hoir«, and wiixntd Ihe t«niuf»c» to pay noo man, til 
>NC hiddc spoke Ihcm. So incsCTortH ^^ y^ a remyl- 
lir (0 70UI oil) Uylyd tilcU ; coeuou wllIi yciui cxidccU, 
PoTtheTj ai aLfkpTTioon hr was sii Oxncd to undcmtDd^ 
how th«y }ud doo, and Pcris kepyd vour broUierce 
possession It that ij'irtc ; «nd y'oui oqcIc hb ntftn was 
nol there, but he swyned ftnothcrc pore man lo br ihcr- 
Whethfrc that contj^uid the pocMUoa of W. Paston 
or not be rcmcmbridf &e. 

And ^tcr chc dcccse* &C., W. ?«AOD acr»t tKc msA 
iKal Vrpyd possession to fore to cnlrc and krpe pos- 
fie»rir>n, whrche wiis noo wifenr be thn poyntmcni, 
for yc slaiidc tit your iibcttc as for ony apoyntmcnt or 
comunycjtdon hjtdde before, ind »oo nicn acme it wcr 
gorvi for yow to stJinde m Iwge :il ye bcrc more ; yf ye 
myghi have my Lord Chamberleyns good faver »nd 
lordshipr tt were ryght cxpcdy^nt -As for my Lord of 
Ely. dde not wyih hjm be owr avyse, for he woH move 
for trete; and elles be dis|3lE^«Ld- Your bruiher Edmund 
sent to John Wymond, and he sent word he wotte be 
ft mcne of trelc, but wold talce noo parte, md oa I 
lopose thdt vus be Hcydoiu avy$e; for yoitr uncle 
sent to me ta be vnth hym, and also Ihe same nuj) 
rodd to Heydon and Wymondham. tkc. Tht brenger 
of this tclter c^in telJ. for he wju wJtli your brothece 
E. a.t thrae pkicec 

Foither, my mastnis your moder gr^iylh yow wcD, 
and sendyth yow her Ulessyng, requiryng yow to 
come outc of that bcrc Uiir] alsone as yc may ; and your 
brotlieie E- curaaaiKtiJ hym to vow, and he dolh hyt 
dylygciis, and paite for vow fill writ and wddely yr» 
nwny beliolvyft. and halh brought my mmvn^ ydcr 
w^c to Topcroftc on Friday lasl,and they far« oil veil 
thcit^ ; iind lie ynicudith lo tve m> MmIcf Tiiz Wftlcr, 
wheeh lythe *t Freron, ner Long Sn^iinn. And Cod 
be yourgide yn oil your maters, and brcnge yow »iie 

Wririyn at Norwychc on Sonduy at ovght next 



bdbn Sent Andr«w, and delfverd on Mondikf n«3ct 

tFfvm Pktton HSS., BJ40 
[Wti^fjOf FArrcN to Rovirt Watjtt] 

vriur ti Boi MJd hU '^. koccrdiiv tc ib« pminbe maae by hita 
mad FMike of KiB jHob, vlicu ihcj were vltblilai u Konoo. I 
biJ ft ^f^cs uvi icfl 11 for jour mL^ bul 7011 aboir Da cop* 
ililiiiliiiii for mc. &1& 

iniBf>adnftln:l4lvdnliiB4 of WLQiun P^ji^ Tvkli Aiudic4 a 
■•■ tf» iriu ibav wcrdiL " a Uiw 

SlltcbwiSMSBt KMplW "I 

fit) WUUftB PuUb I* Kabsi H^jiIkA 


A.D, 1479, Dec 
JOf!« PAffiow TO Margaret Paeton, 

[Fitjia PmIob M33„ RM-l 

U ti ■vUol fttn (be tvunu Omi eIi1> liiicr vu wrUta ttmnly tiur lh« 
iiiiitfi if TF- Jt^it Fivtan- 7>« ytv r^pp™ • yf^ m' irwi noMiJity, in 
«4kb III* I^Hoa IkdJli Loa ibns oT lu "■f^-'" Tha teiv [4 d» wvL 
^1 ta in jDha PUdfllWd 

7* M)p r>y*/ Wiffdufjuli tmd mast fyH/f mtfdjr, Afa^' 

YGHT wcrrhcpfiill aiodyr, sS{yi rU tJutcs of 

humMc rccomerifUcyon, su towl^ u J cAti, I 

bcscchc yow of ycnir dayly blysi^ynK and 

prcycr. Pkwyl yow to uiLdyfMand tlut 

whcr AH yr wylly*! mc by Poincss In bnsi mc ought of 

the bcy«T thii I aca uif it is «o tbat 1 mun pwt m« in 

Godi for hc:r mual I be for a ncuon, and in ^ood feyih 

LI rikall iicvci> nhyll Cod >cad>-ih mc lyfT. drcd nwr 
dtdw th;in sfi;inic; and thankyd be fiiid, the .lykncs* 
IS vreU Aesisyd here, and oho my bcfiynciu pmtyth awcy 



my ftse^ I Axa drtvya tc bbore in Icttyng cpf th'catc- 
cucyoa of mytt utikyud oqcIjf^ ciilrnt, vhcr in I hare 
as yet Qon other dy«cor>£«, bat that I irjEi tn God ba 
shall (ayEe o-i it 

I have apokyn with my Lord of TAy^ djrcn tymyi, 
whythehslhf |iul mc umrtfyiite by hys wcortl^ that he 
wylJ bo wiifa me ayenit myn oode m kch« maJOz that I 
(ftyiic lave a ixiondblc end bciwyx us, wbci to Kc wyll 
he]jie> ^ he scythe. And it is seneyn Diy bmi.lyT. God 
have hys aoulc, hod promystd to » byde the reul€ of 
my Ix'TdCZiflicbcrleyn^.indofmy Lord £ly^ but 1 am 
not yctt to fiir forthc> nor not nyll be, iy)l I kAukv lay 
Lord ChaitibcrlrynK intruf, and rlwi I [iT^rposr to do 
to morow, for then J thynk to bcvith hyin, vith Goduf 
Icvc. And s^lhc it b so that Uod hathe pnrvcyd mc 
lo be the solyayiorc of thy> matci, I thank llyin of 
Hys ft^r rhe good lorde*, maiiCTys, and frcndyfl 
that He haihe sen» roe, whyche h*vc peifyicly pro- 
mysyd me lo uke my catuc u thcr owa^ ojod those 
frcndea be not a fcvrc. 

And, modyr^ as 1 hfrsi can and may, I thjnk ynw 
and myoo«yii LoEn^Doitf of tb« good avyxe thai ye 
have 3cnl Ric, and I shall aplyc mc to do thcr oftyr. 
Alio, modyr, I bcsccheyouon my bdialf to tlwnk m/a 
£t>syii L[)miiaiTe for the kindnesa time he hatbe sitiewyd 
on to Tne in gcvyng of hys ansfw 10 my& ^nc^ 
ECrvaunt, whyclic was with iiymn 

Modyr, I wiyi^ht not ^o largely to yCfw u I wold do^ 
fcr E havt ncit mo^t leyst'r ; and ntiio whf^n I hive bm 
wifh my Lord Chamberleyn, [ pnrpoic not to lery 
longcofi^TTn London, b^it todresse mc toyow wnvdc*! 
at vbyche tyme I \nm I shall bjyngc yow tm^rc ftcr- 
leynic of all the forddl [ads'atil^] that I hjivr in my 
■besyness then I can as yclt wiyght. 

1 am put in scrtc>'ntc by my moGt spec>«ll good^' 
mjtetyr, my HflStyr of the Roll/a,' thai my I^ord of Efy 

pljcrt Unlviu 

1 Lordtlviw^ 




b, and duJ be bcttyr lord lo mc Ui«a be hallic ^wyd 
0* yet, ojid yd ^ihc he dcU ^ih me ryght wcH ud 

Mnfiyr, 1 brscrhc yow ihM P^kok may hr win tr> 
purvey mc A£ icycbc cioncy u \s. potEybyli for hym to 
make aycnsi my coinytkK home, for 1 hire mydie to 
pay her in London, what for ihc futicraU coates, dctto* 
OHO kgiElei ti^t mciic be content in ^Ker hut thei 
vhilbc myn uue- AJto I wold the fcnne bitrly in 
i'lu^e, u wdJ AJ at Poston, if ther be eny, ver sadryti, 
andiCrjt m:^ be rocmubly si^M, tlLen to bcacJd iirpult 
•d the mallyng ; but I woU I ar C-u^er thai i e were ought 
of iht t«n3ijnt«» hiadyt for thyura that 1 her« (k^pe 
yccoDuU IhyafroPckokind a(i folkya], whydicmotcr 
I ^lall Appcbc, if God wyll t^cvc luc Uvti. 


After A,fX 1479^ 

JDHH Pactov and his Ukclb Wiluail 

(From Puton HS&, il.M.) 

^^BHU£S be Ui'crLJurye« and wrongys don« by Wil- 
f^H fiftin FsulCD t^ John Pa,^ton, hys nevew. 
SH I^VnT. the m&ners of Marly ngforthe. Sian- 
ilcri, «id HorwellbCTV w»i cev[cn to] Wil- 
lum Poston, Juatyce, ind lo Agpcs, hys wyff, Eind to 
th'cycn of ihtr iw . i > . , lo whom the »fiyd 

Jtrfifi Pflstfin ii <^o*yT] scd hej'cr, thai is to ury, *on to 
ohn, son and hey&r to thi- se^d ^Villiam and Agnes. 
Item, whcr the Sjtyd WUham Pastrm ttwj s^asyd^/ 
tkt man€r iff - — — ], Ed, Clcic vpith olhcr infcofyd to 
the use of (he seyd WiU[iam]^ and of hy.i heytt-t, the 

I " EJ. Ckn— Willi k'nl" -Tboc »Did> uq LnicillnTd in pliht vT ibt 





ft|tt [wifcj. shoW havr ihe spvrt aiAim *or icrai« or »>yr 
lyjf. And iStyr th(ut be] Gy«d, juid fbt my^ Affncn 
occiipyod for tcmic of hyr scyd Lyff . . . , of the 
Mjd tcof^a the scyd cuncr ; ud aAynnuidc* the K^d 

Afltyr whcjysdethe Sit John pArtoo, 

Kik\^t, M cosjn uad heyer to tfhe Mid William^ in 
totiicscyd m&ner cntrcd, vid dyed ^itlioiisbt msucoI 
by»bodvt JohniAbrodjEanJbeycrto 

btyd man^r mtred, ^nd h kuyd to take the pro^tj* 
ofUlcttmcby , - . . of ihomancnof Miriyug- 
fbrthci S:&AatGd, and Horwdbcry hcSoi r . . . . 
by thr mcAcys q( the iscyd WylliADi. 


A.IX t479-So. — JoHK PA.'fnirf to 
[Trotti PuiCon USS^ B-U-l 

JUllifaliCHrntatfa t3ic mpjitqg ot « ukdUloo* Cm Sfrjala 

fiTy^lR. J pray yow Ihnt yf will *Pnd sum thyld lo my 
^ ' Lci\l of Bukmghiuu pEi^, uid to the Oowq, 
I ii ^3 1 coDvcivc is ciilcd Ucr&rdc« HiU, lO 
iii^d SUcl, to iaqiicrc whcdii [ hare 4OT 
inawer ormy Wu^i scrnC lo CAk'y«. whoch yc know on; 
And that >£ isill rememtre nay brothcnt ftion, «o fh&l it 
myth be uud cr I cumm flfeyHi tind thai it be klcfilj 
wiuwgili. It i& told tnc ih^t the man nt Sciu Dndi> u 
no klenly ponoyer ; [thf ]rfor 1 urokl f:iyn it mjrth be 
portrayed be sum odb laan, and he to grave it opL 

Sir, it is informyd mm pcr^orn^ in ihis enntrc thai ye 
kuow that ilic ficic will sew a nodii ddcgAct fro Rome, 
direkt in sum byschop of Ingland, lo vneoil ho 

i lbs* ^w4t mr flrvB^ ihnw^ 




Duttf, £zc; u>d faow b« k ^al it nuj not gretljr hurt, 
yet A« cejrd pcnonesv &Cf wold not he Gbuld luve h» 
oitetic, m JsoDcb u tai suggestion b untrcvr, but nuW 
thtff wold njcnil mony tcj I^ttc it I stipptse tlic 
Abbot of Bety shuM labor lot him mh^r ilLin uiodir, 
bccMic the 8ey Abt>ot is a perteyuor to the lor^i that 
i> the Ifcria m^ptLoicT. jicc ; wbacbr, «cr, mr moUti 
and I pr^)' vow enqLitrrc tAcr 2 raan callid CledcrrOf 
whyr^h is sofi^iior anri atiornc with MASltr Will Grey, 
thnilitciraficlic King;§ciproklora1 Komc,and chcscyd 
Clcdeno ftcnditii nuticra aod letters owlh of In^clond 
Eo hii wryd truatercvcify) moniih, Ac He w well 
hnove in t-oncion, ami amotiR ch^ l^timlijirdcs, ^iriii with 
the Bischop of Wincheilcm men, but I wot not whcr 
h« dwellit m Loodon, And I luppos if yc spckc with 
hjic. he kuowitli rac Pli^c )-ow tu amioiji: witii him 
of th&ft outer, but !et him coi wete of the mater atwU 
ay modir lod him ; hut desir him to wryth to hie 
Okuter to Ictt Ihb, if it nuy be, or ctlcs to sc the best 
mtj thftt be btire not hia inteite, ^id tu c-aiiiDii with 
the proktor of the Which Fr^^ ii Rome to hep forth, 
for the freri* h<re have Ubond to my moder^ ajid pradd 
bet to Icttc tu9 cntrcivc ititcut* ami have wicte lo her 
prokeflor bdbr thj±^ And I }kuppr>4r^ if ye ttjieke to 
th« prior of the freris at Londoa, he will wnth to 
her *eyd proktor, J&cc., but tell the prior no word that 
I kDOw (tbti}ofi but let hioi wcte :f he will wrylb to 
htf proktor, oijii mt^it hhnll help forth. 

More over, that yc will trlt Cledero that I am tou 
fteker that the here Uborich thui, but be I:l1ls of frenfi 
snd odir; cevenhclcs let him wnth to hia muter tWt 
fftirl whalMumcvyr he d(i herin^heiWl bnniiycomcnt 
for nit labor and coirt-^. And if ye think that Ckdto 
Twill writhdfectuitlly henn, geffhyro 1. DoWe, (bidjhym 
let his maatcr know that my Lord of Wynchcstei^ juid 
l>u.uycll uw ^udwilj tu Uii^ psut lliui lie lIuiU lubor fot^ 
And if thar be fown no se>rhsewih be the seyd [frejre, 
yet void I have Bum thing Iro Rome to a^uU ibe old 




btill, Jtr., or m wpryr [wB/iwV] U [if] t^ Hijlh b^ do 
e«ily, Sec, uid ^m^ whnlcr thcr be ai&f 8«ch Ki 


Your own, &c. 


[Fnr]bow Vif that iimay rmFrhirnvayJncrTiuit.yrt 
my mod<r Mil thU t>e do. [I] sent! yow the copl ci 
the bull, and hov cxecncion wni do, Arid infoncadoB 
oTlhemntcr imponc. Sec And, sir, I shit content fcfot 
!iol)ltf, fie. And I pray yow mi it oytr, and tp«dtf 
yow homevvjud, and bnng tbifl letter home with yof, 


Alter A,D. 147^— Ak Ikvkktokv or Vuam 

(Fwn Pittton MSS„ B.MJ 

lUi nrvoiDfy w ccmUfdr dnm vp itet ilit tfoah of 
bol kcw buy j»nn bdtf il k un?«tf blc te h^ 

la ftim1\ ■ qJit witlij, (ttvfr, . tt, itbCPtrit Jfr A t^mn. 

J- Uumpc of 4 Mk«. P . * ^ ILllC« & <dl, 

|, iUt 3M.I villi A viiuvicll, - . J- nuLC ilj^ quftitei^ 

• r««t !h til* b^om, wcytBj 

lutlov* rliHh'^ 

Ivj. daev 3- oDiorlcr 
iL anon j- quriKo. 

y. chafic of nJw, 

d], ijJver i-pyucJt wcrwf mjf liJy^ 

j. lytUa^r>Be ^tLtppyo^s, 

j. lllvM tpOTP for *BP*> 

!, prekei nupd il*fi», 

in .«okat>^wtih litutchH in remeire- 

ij). vherwilks lu Cm xamc. 

j. pla^roe p«ci (ot poL^^ 1*^^ ^'^^' 

«BMl«Mm . . . , 

, MtW pU^ pwn nvv^ Fnre 

Vf HlLa, . . ^ . t iiij. uaciesdj>qu0f1cc. 
i. duldi, , . . , >T, nncM ft d3- quwMn 

atk. ^a. dk 

IX. uiKci jj. il. wcijf^- 

3}, upc«a i^ ^uuMr, 





I. mIowp bvbon fauoa, tooflu 

Li{iOa«hHfT«B«g]rB£«r»aiIt, . 
J. gUM cap cotrtd, niihAM 

JhOdm^ qujt«r}^q*-ft4t 

with %n^/ltt witb ), knop wli 

IcnMUM CDAfbdHlf 

|ibj> li^nqjp not CQuadJd, . jliUJ. nnca & j. quarVr 

. fUtapooM, 


whllElpirTp vluoio li all tUi 

Hsb £b«f1ra fljr^d- 
Vvn caU inlhjinc Aikr fiamf^ 
4. bBEB tami IJLyll wlOi brokiV 
mcr lAJiT eld TjATitls jjUt. 

IWHi a Maada^ <appc wilh a coTH 
IttfD, ft MftDCHag Ccppc Cflnd gUt^ 

««]«a|: . . . , . iicrv). oaasi. 
Ilanib a avfhaf tUii^ui£ inipp tucri^t 

gih, wjing . , . , m, qnccs iij, ip- &di 
IM^ a gablfU* of lilvcr uud giJi 

emrvd, iiilj. unraj. qtiutcr &di, 

Itan, a notTier foblfrU pllE.vrcyeaj£ ilj. iijuf & J. iL wd^bt. 
lloni,a DDllJir ifuMct i^I, wij«eu{ tij- unc'. 
llDin, ARTandmcvbiit p<n wim « 

tl«n, anil wilh a pale ooTertd, euaj. udc'J, qtnrfer^ 
Ilmi, • ruonde ull oivptRf . . i1l unc' J, quflnrrr dL 

llCB^ a baioaaft ef . . . xslt, mc* j- i^gulfir. 
llMBj Kft ««v td tha um« of ■ Kf^ iaa«' 4g di. ^urur- 
Ilon, u«wer» . , , . t1l>j. tii>c' di. rfunripr. 



thATp knoppa of . . v.uiioniijiqnstcrj.d-wiBkl. 

Itim, vpow m mOK gfOlset o( iij- qmutoi ft ij. d- th|^ 
Iteoi, « Cict* gUt dttlkiHdi t f«lcnC 

Irvm. ■ liFi! mtuflin^ prrfi rriticlEl 

pluinrttkWilhakatrri'>(br nmr, x. nnotaj. quuiA 
XlciD, ■ bUk unit? ttindin^ of lilrci 

uid £ll(,uiih * bcvcr to Lhc itne, 

in tbe itorom. 3i;irt th? anoA of 

Selm Jor^c, vrtylne , tv. use' j. qilvUr44k 

luin, kiMAhti iuftKT>owiuJEla(bc 

bolorauid ■ KncHbnqJc, rny uac* ft j, ^uuIcTp 

lt«n» ■ lytil mwiBT wiCti a foot*, 

VF^H]; , , , . iHij. unc'. 

lEem. a nothf r nuua' vlth i lytlU 

Item, h ADthir liiilX maJicr with ba 

hi|^hgr fwL*, wvfin|^ x, anca & j, qoArtV. 

Item, nil ipooK on & btonl^ll, 

wtylnp . . ifFj. unc' )- qruoTCT, 

)lcid. rj, »pvm» Willi ■cufiJkv ^**y"'i: '- u=ic' & iIl quncr, 
Ittm, ■ ptjtt bodct ef Hinl] with 

palfTTuxIrlnoftilftr and gill, and 

% bnopp oj tnuie pei1«, wtyiDg v^. one' J. qmrtCt- 

pltifvc trilb ft loaadc inopp«. 

wejreng . . ' - . luv. QIiscl 

J. nodir cuppe of c^^lde cnveted 

pliync *i[h a chflcol knojipr. 

wcyiDg , - . - . ud)- unocK lU- qatna^ 
\. kycr 4jr£okliriUi*cruk)d ipculer 

wayecw itij. vioei iij- ^quWift 

j. nolFiiruijvrof (foCils, w^tng - tiij. uncH j . qaaftv J> A 
j, fholeit of ijnv ffi\Ar in prdii 

tiroken, itUlj, iaoa», 

with a pcnct . - p . nj. odco. 
j. latie covered irJth a benlJ gus- 

nfthid, r. nnpfcj. qnarln 

j. DKhlr uIl «jvcr«r. ^iti^ihcd 

j.parcfpltlHitmnxovaedtWcjrcag vtii"K viiLnncc* 4 (U- 
j. »l(c ^cc, «*e7«r6 - - icviij. uncH di- «ift>ff> 

i. GOYCT la the AiBF, wfjcng^ , viij. onon }. qauicr. 
> DoihiroiltfGilr^vltlioiitca cover, xifij. nnrr* Uj, qnutei^ 



ftiaOiC pM« ifilU, vnth A CDTcr 

xnTiJ, iinc<4| qa/ter. 

iTJr uncn t(ir /r ilk qiuLrTvT, 

ivu^. IfhCfl ft dl, 


i{> linen Jt dl. 


j> ftoihtf iiuutUif pe«ft gUtf wi;h » 

cnvfT, A- P- . 
\. flute pan corcicil. Ei]l> h* P. 
k p«tte H^r fiTcnc evnii^T pile. 
^ fotcr to wie Biftme, wtymg 
;. itediijg cupp* c^yend p«fc«U 

filt. Sir ftik, . 
LHllCOvendpvc«D|ikSii|«ic', lij 

}. Mudiafl cme vith 4 kcTci, 

J, ^blfn&rRjninliwyi^HCflwrefl, vj. untn A d^ ^jiibtIv. 

;- povder boacCp ^ rLoncoj-qLimrf i1L<^uart«r. 

tDoda pcvdu boKF. . tiLj. uncn |, quinrr. 

ttDdII<iykL« wkh » low \h»M\ 
•akeci ud J> prtUt. P. . »LJ. «acc« dii q«uta. 

ij, andikitjk*! with ij^ k>ui pra1(cep«t« 
Sk«nit , , , , , t»sj UBWt j. r]UBfi*rdi, 

Jh do>^ 'f^^'*' SEuitDH, . . y;j- uucL 
i* faMon» r- . . - ' >lv, UQCM dh 

latai, SmrmcT. wkh A ipouu, u^J-unctsJ. qnftrUrKrLq. 

Ur j - d. i|*- 
y baiPBi Row, > - 'I' un«< ii|- quArtn. 

> •*«, T- . . . . i¥j unfr* ft *ii, ftdl qiurtir. 

I , xitljn upcci I' quirler fr dL 
<]iuu-lcr q*- 
. kiitj. bnc«i di< di. qnwici 
i. 4. obi qL 
TvitJ. nnccA. 

- uiviij, LiJtxA iij.c|uv1cr di j| 
n. unca. 


Ltwcr. Ron^ 
I pot, lloiu, 
i.pci«,P. . 
f P«i,S. . 


, SCKV- uncM. 

< mlX' uncft 

. ' ' U, Liiiu^ AtjUArirr ftdL 

>l^iv^ . . , . . Ik. «nc» j. ^uiner A i]. dE, 
vprajicuppiaviihaoovrr, SkrTT>«, 1KB, vnca it;, qiunen 1J4. 

J. d1»hk of lyhcT, 5V«me» , xvljKtvj. UQcn dl. 
11:. T 


THE PASTON LETTERS. [a.ix t4:f. 

* nj- ftof CJppii of BlWi, R Mid 

■ Ul^ cuvrrrt to the b-lol^ P^ ind 


Alter A,D. 1479. — AnWTBACt. 
[From Putca U&S,, B.M,} 

WiLLTAU TMlCtt TO Mil BuoniE^ EHMUNlt TitWtm^ 

EndvA (lie will ur Iiik £&ihcf, "huJj o m^ brother IwOi;^ 
«ti0 4Jrp lie hiH H odt of the rc^-iitcr- M^biuinca iaco (sftbtr 
ftdv«DDrd KJncv J [vft yoti, «Ko*pt that trtj brotb«r hH ^1 4 
HundOD of i^iv oti^narmn mnrle by tbft Bubop of WmdicVtCr. 
Clin Gvi no utaic in it tic^c ACCOTdto; to hb ftttwr^i wfll, vIl 
to hhnidrqr>J Ijin lu^tiMiin-lcT Mjr biuthfT*! will U tlulT thnld 

hATC Runham, nhLtJi 4 ^^ a )riJ at ]7«*t, tn fCOMBpCIIK <^ llU 

to raukt o^if of Sporle, if 1h voold nlcau all hit ilcht U tlul 

manor- Tfiere it noftlnfi iwiching Ton la my bfoM'i" wlU, 
for I rwd It ov« md vlH write It I'lo ; *'ta fhtf I »dII tutv 
thciuue for m> ccit»^ Elut br wfiiEc wtlli hin vwn TtanH,'* 

RcwmiiicTiJ mc hwiiJy t^ niy tmlcr j^our irifr, 

London, 23 Fcbi 

imclf WULum *lih "THjot ifi* l»ip viunffcf Jiahn Fbliuqi &■»! "O aunt d»- 
|kut*« 1 v-e nui^fbji <■. ft* L>i< ■Ui- tfyirnd (h< r^a ihAl itit iHUr wv 
vtiUH tHii ill Jwfui fawoa^k clEAllk.] 


A.D, 1480. J4 FeU 

Wiu-tAM Paston to Joiih KvNa 

■uwrogtelii mill lh*i iMi IfUcrwfei prolvblx wuh 

k T]iD4 iWD cjiuici are LiradtiEtL iDncdiCE in iLe U5-. uuj "SlHBd It 


gDWAXD ir. 


^/sht I^ftiif, Fcttwffmr fff my Moh^ tf HaHu^liwyy 


huiitt £9jtig9^ ir iku tkijttrd. 

IHN KVNG, I grct« yow hflj:t«ly vrdl ; ^d 
£ nodcntond as wtU by my frcodc, Syr Wil- 
lutui SlDrAr, AA hy Rtc. Ttiowne, th:4t ^ wdl 
mykytinnmaDSyrjohr PnstoTi that ded^ ii.jls 
m^ byaiiMniUk John PiLacoa th.ii now icvcth, fiavc ben 
vith yoiTi fttid yovyn yow irtaoy grc^c thrctiA, foi Lhii yc 
acofdjjnag W) ihc ircMffih, toldciinio Ilicm (hat yc ocup/ed 
my nunrr of Harwelbuty be my leese, and be my 

Sght Andfnrthermorel underslODd,DctwiUi«ondyng 
c icydc grctc thTCii% ihal yc. lykc a fall txcwc, haHy 
frcrd«^ hrtvc dclyJ and (aslrly abrdyn in my tytill, md 
wolde not retorae to none of them, Wherfor 1 hanely 
ttULOk yov ^ ftnd fuithor mom lo coragc yaw in yowr 
btt dcdJynjT. I tchcw octo yow that 1 have ryght bothe 
tn hw iuiri in comiirncq n4i«lTy I ]iiDmysc? yow tm 
any fcyihe to dcfendc yow and mvc yow hirmcles for 
the occupodon of the londc, or any thyngc that yc 
idul] doo in my titill ji K^yiAt tiym. Acd it schuldc 
coa mr AH morbr ts ihr raanrr \% wnnh, and also 
Vkoth«r tyme to doo u moc^he for yew, And tt ty in my 
powTc, yf yc have ony mAta to doo thcr as 1 maydoo 
fix fow, 

Ai>d^ alio, I here «y, by my seid fr^ndc, Syr WilHam 
Stoni, u)d by Ric, Brown, that ye ar c^ sl]d1<^ sub' 
npoDce^ and of suchc m^£t uuJ suchc favor in Lbc 
ooniirc thcr> thAt it lithe in yowr powic to do a goodo 
nunc for yowr fnrndt 

WreQ^ at Loadoa, die xxiiij^ day of Februaii. 

Be WiLUAU Faatok. 

Date urtcertalo. 

CliOaOV, StftVAt^T TO WjLLr^iM PAVrON, to JOlfH KVHO- 



7> >*« A>^^ Tlf^Uoti- A&ffrfev4bl*K 

RiCJht InutTtsd w«Jbc1ovcJ frnJe. I comiaJc rnt lo toil 
And, 8er, I l«ld« ui^ mvtccr thsi p wnlrlo biv« b«a wth lum 
oTuiit; Ibr which ttntt ht rDfn'mlfth i« li«p« ml 
Bmm)ii« Wb«rfore I atUc ^ io fopw am brrag oif 

nit mnnr7 iJq(4 (liikfeii of Ciatm^c. 

*rfl«rtliepn<ttJcoei1i*ffr AodflirnyribrPttTBcroflrboopefer 
u. jtm, I if«ii« BvyM )v° 10 doJpw natQ i^wHtmm SOwm 
atHld duu^ at di I cAanceilem toHMl nf VMdMi ft rwi* 
i!tJ««aiiui»afinoncT iriih rhiri rrmm ilhrr rTJirnriTr fn yna 
tl^uikc} coD&idfiTH^ m» kTrnk dalyag, u wdl in wllb^uiicc of 
jum moDcj •■ in Toar«imc nuti«r. 
WrilCB at Lottdtyh^ Ih* irjih ^Ia;' of Dtrvntt*, 


[From Fm, aL 400.] 

Oa «k« «Ht of iMi IrffB tram irmuki u foUm ^"ivteTtft^alaVH 

CVarBnimliDlAbTn} i^ba for ibout f*Eiiiy yav*^ llib J4lHr aiMI hwi 

IjA^, *a RdmnJ IV. lurriBHl in tT^I jvar. uii] J Vutbn JL*J Lft MaV I«H 
If II «■> n-rilETU in tic TifuiCf, |]i« n^u«M Itm Uiabt^] DuillWH nsftB 
QHflAMUfUTi;if intbfUcier, ifl IrJiBbcU^ittcljuatri «f XCwd IV' tt 
Asa abunnitpia i" mn □vtr^oolu 1^14 pMBibvliTr ftf A* Mtv ?u^u Uag 
■idM>»d»aiiTH»iT4CT [unik rmuiOlA»lhefbiltlfl^«bBirLq; ttd B*ttb« 
df |h# t*4y«m, vTitch aJoiw iuj: (hii ni^f^oiliHi, hv Audi Ifinvi^l p^^. 
WbjIilJ. U 11 tHiCQ|ic«t<mUE tl^f llif VMC«i '.cmIhJ Iljic bmi rnlEui ip ifk^ 

e^a. and it i> pJn>4i e^uaUr ib^robablD thx ihc ifiiaojuM It^irt b^* ■n* 
v^«n Ji^hn FauoD, iht rAffttf^ vi«ln pht^iL Wf Tuwrvrrvrhiic tfRtBOic 
ihi Imw ivHi iddTABd It JwB ParbHi tlie j'— —jr". T'II^** ffTnli—. lac 
■ricr Hit Liibcr'i JulL, ■niliirLcr iLhI of In* litoilifr 3(1 Julib tlB fdhl 
1 ytlf^aLr, wi^a wot FfioC o1 hrcymhalzn jr iqAit, i/rmiU£nrt'.^\ ai ^ha' ^alt 
*< •re ftn* iftfo'inni, I'p Jinlm kla^h'n , H^d a/Ur hiTJ John t,Vtilu*.4i^ 
SiLbop or ClialccLlfin, uLfTESfin ar (It* Bffhcp of ^arvtl^h, wti itnai 14 iw. 
^Im J«lc Hjf '>]ib Ipftrr, T<i>iBH«v*f. iriuH h» w *B *n if«^ and ifi-^ ta wUn 
lUbWTfar TirTiii FuVoB iJtD y*Hi*l|E3t «» dPLol « hlujcljl fol lui iCCVlcaB 

I IWmWm^ikB u ib 4 d^kn^t hand tok iti* Itllv JiHl^ trhkl wli.* 
4ft biM, <vy vcU mUHb 

hS&] mi>wami> it, if} 

|TCHT womhipftil RiAtiicr, T rccontJiunde n« 
un to yow^ ncgifTTig to knowc oi youic wcl- 
(fttx Vld proftpcrytc, vhcchc ]c»lj roftyDlcynr 
and cncfccsc lo His picser aftei ytmrr hrnys 
ddTT^ ihankyng yow ever of youre good maisicr^hip 
to tat shewed at alte tymcs withoutc fincite OQ my 
b^AhrCt prayrti YOw, an^i hirtcly bcscchyng of yourc 
gOodccoEitynauitx- Pk^Ac ilyowrc niAtntcnhip, foi 4x 
mochc 1* it [U] mov^ fin to the my good maislen;, 
the c<^^3n*cU ofth* Uuchc of Lantistr, that they be 
wcclwitl^ns to nuikc Ubourc on lo my Sovcrcyn l^ady 
the Q*recn at joufc good iustauiitc for ccru;yn tymbcr 
lowan) my dortour at Bfotnholm, in wheche mya 
spccyoll detyre b lo have viij. princypaU becmyi^ 
evcrych oo in icn^th xj. £<tdB. l am noi cupccrt m 
mAky&g of any tui^plicat:iu]i, Lcstthyng youre nuitter* 
■hip to take It uppon you to do it milce after your 
avyc^ oUgged ail poverty, aa youre worchipfuU dia 
credoo can moche better than I can enformc ; aad I 
rrmjtte alJ to youre wysdam, ever be^t-chyng you to 
calle thrt fiiaiyer to ytxir? reincmbraunce. No more 
at this tymc, but the Holy Tnnit-r mole have yow in 
Hia KOrcmauacc, and aenic you longe lyf to endure 
to His plciern 
Wfreteo the iciij' day of Oetobr 

Yoiirc preest and diapeleyn, 

joiitf, Tnour of Bfomholm. 


Uoi after A.D, i^Ai,— AiurraAcr 

[From Talon M&E , RM.] 

I- Appdataicnt louchhu ''AjDCldrt wrJf-" Her Ciicn^ to 
Umt inf ber Bciujiul of Ihc ftlonr, wJchoul If lEin(- of Wnni' 
latpjS wife, A<^ ^ao lo br ilfip«|t«d *4a inen« luiid " by thv 


ttttl FASTON LETTERS. |a.IX I4tl. 

frirfidB af A^« Mrlfr, (a be HnHtrMd cm her tcqninal 10 Dutrf 
4Jid whcr fiieodt of Wi ttifb- AIm Hutcf V<1vntii]i liAllhAK 
lua j^s du< (c lum &«m Ari«Uji vifti p4id bj both p«itUh 
iifM— John Yelvcrton. 

t*hjia}y ut' i^lan^tUi c ) wwM b* labr l>«* «W( ywH- J 


Aboui A.D. 1481? 
Edmijki> Pa^oh to Wjuum PAfiTOir> 

TFtom Fmiluu MSS-, B.M.) 

Tlivc U ivthlra [□ A^uw Lhi dill? nf ilili liiiif, uccp4 ibtUadauyn- 
lliaa l^ftna ilVl i"! font* i>r t|* iwfrtwjit- ithf iiIi^ «i« iVir i^ *i ih 
101^ catllv. l^Hhupa *( OLAV E« A r^w /oil Uiu, |c vblc]i«i#»lba 
wSOld ml have beta ivry iciucA (nt ■cntcu' , Eiui irui arniBSucv 
lllelr, in ckoH Aajih i« liAvt tv4n [rttHy Fflswdi4 ia ikt nHiv^ 

7^ flvy drvtAtr, WyJOam Pattffit. be /Air defyt'er/, 

HARTELV rccnrnnHni) me 10 xow. Here 
IatcI)' inWyn a wydow in W'oorvtede, wbyicfae 
V9^ vfjff to cmc Bolt, d womtcdc moKhAQiitt 
aad noith a m^/i., oud gill 10 tijrs wy£f 4 C. 
markf in mcrny, stiilTe cf liow!iol{1, iiuJ pbtc to the 
vcUcw of ail C. marlce, and kA. be i*r* in land- She b 
calljrd A £iyer jaatylwonum, I wyll for tout OAkc x 
her- She is tygkx sysiyT, of faciei and modyt^ to Hcnjr 
Vnglow*. I purpose 10 sptkr with hym to gctt bji 
good wyU- Thes janiylwoman is abowghi xi». mtci^ 
and hftfl but ij. chyldcm. whychc shalbc &1 tlic dcdd 
diaige ; she waa h vs wylT but v. zcic. Yf %hc he eny 
better ih*n I wryght for, tite it m wooihe I ihe* ihe 
leeEte^ Thus leie me hxve knovlach« of ^owr myode 
a^ shortly as £c cAn, and vh&n tc ^ali DOun be ta ifeU 
cuntrc. And cliLivGcd scud Aow^ood htUli and ^ootl 
a venture. 

Ftcm Nonvyche, the Satcrday if 



ilX hSi.] 




BclirCCD A.D. 14^1-4. 

ScuuND fASroK TO Majlcarft F a^tok. 

TFnm FMon MHS„ RM^ 

l>^ 4*m iliii Icitu i4m-fio. timoau ttjar ii mwi Qi<4 been uriEffia 
KB* M«a Albr MniinJ V^wt^'t Nkvnkf«*i»lt iti- vjplfn-*' WLDtkox CIh1i< 
•bDTi H hi mni> iDimulj lEiu ^t hjd flat r«i urrifid hU Wide EiD puiy bci 
diitT s* brt mwhf*. ^ 40 n-HT, Ir-r mr (nff, fcprjir ihc .fn? -^f ''in ii"tT>*a*. 
ud t MwpACl fat b4 u. titu cTuB b U ibwt Ou Exi thai MiiliBJu Cilf- 
Inbr, m kiJVi GiH liuilaiEiit, died ne tbc 141I1 3crtc^»Lj<r '<??: bui 1 
vtPwB* hH vdoiv wat Mil iifim«f*W v^iii i>i* (Ln*tf4 tik« viIU" ili* illh 
K«f «4fr> iSec ElauKficI^ V- '«tJ- I onibki. ikvn(w4 Uwt iht Una 
lBii« TbJvT Wn VFitlll ^ivffll Ik* TW i«li lU c*l« u UtrfVTl 

r^ mj' ryf^ wnnkypfuU and ftf€tia£i /^o&d mfft^, 

jYGHT 'norch)-phill And moste eEpceinlte good 
modyr, ID Djy mostc uniblc wyac, ^sjlli allc 
pay ijutc and scrvysct I rctuuuiwnd mc tc» 
yow, btficchynec /ow of rniir My^synp, 
whjxhc is 10 tne moi;Ec joy oJ €rthcly ih/nij* j iind it 
plcfC TOW to be so good and kynd tiiodyf Lo n^c to 
for^cvc mer, and also my kvyflc, of owr k-iirfc ofTrncc 
that ve Mve noe don ower dui^, whyche wn« to ^xvtr. 
uyn ortd avc wAyCyd cp on kow or novr. My hufh 
wyflc truKtychc lo ley lo tow her hjswyft^rey far her 
eicatc, Kvchc I tnuttc bucchc £0w rnt to acccplc, 
for tn gooil (aythtf I dcmt- her myndc hnihr ben ether 
wey5 ocapyttl than as to huiwyfcry,^whychcscmythweUe 
by the btch»nc» of the tylthc of her Unddt^ I 
bcKdic God fur the fnnlciiwncc cif ihcm as now 
rewards >ow ind lh« good pinon of Miutby, and 
ite M&ityet fijile>-, who 1 wcndc woold not hai'v 
btlkyj this pore IcggcvDg to Nonvydic wardca. 

IiuuI^ntLjiiJiIhy UielKynf^erhFie oflliat jHrcutcndc 
(O rjdc 10 W^ilsyngham ; yf il p1eas« jh>w Ih^t I may 
wete lh« tvayson, tt my dute tA^ 1 »hftll« be re^y to 
(iffiytc up 00 covr. 


Pkse iCtov that the bryngpLt hereof c*iii CO raefof 
xj. Yiijy. vhydtc 1 shiild ow hxt ladyr ; trcw il wu u 

bur iwtajmljf cr I cam at TTiMflTord homrwdet, I 
thovrt of concyfDce he o^c to hive retioryd me u 
niychc. I bftd my horssc viih hym at Ifrerr, Aod 
amongc all* one of ihf m *ris puttc tn etfmc anil to 
labuf , «o Uut h« dywi of a lue by ihe wey. I payed 
!or hard mete cvtjr to hym, 

Pkac it tow lo delyvci Katcnij vj„ wychc [ vend 
xow in tUis byllc- I am iioi a^uijuyiid how i^ic is 
purvvyde ofmony townnl^i herjomaj. Yf h^rfadyr 
cowde not aclt>-racd id, of me, I woold not ftc her 
dyiporvcyd. yf 1 my^lit* oor the porcatc chyld tlut U 
belonggpg lo hys loggeytig. 

Modyr, my wyfT^e if boold to Mud tow a loLyn. E 
b*teche to^ pardon alk thynsgc^ cot done acordyrtc 
toduCe. I bc»cchc God »caa n>w the Mjconapl)^* 
ment of towi raottr anii woarchvpriitl desyen^ 

At Owby, ihcSfltcrday next Wore CaadylmM* 
Zour umblc boa uid acrvotit, 


A.TX 1481, Aug-i — MoxA?rrfiRt or St, FAmc, 

[Add. CWivr, I7,A5>> B M,J 

KoTritrtu filju* (1ci»im WiUrii dc Mauicbj milita tBKJ[^]dl 
atflttfeii(ti^ui ^ , ^ . c»Aon«u JJm dcmoiufUrioSanels 
Fldk qDUi^ti« qiurrcriit iolit AnonLlit i^ddoui . ■ • ofeai 

fimn<Ln« fMjrr pfTciplFiulft d« ulirdmfi^al 

4t Uaoteby ■ecunduin mrn«Linpi vjutdcin f(ii«1^, QoiuD i(a^ 
dsB «DiiQCWDBCin {iranliclu* R^^mut ntifiial ..... 

At the t«d Seynl f-cythm. menn Aupiici Anno n)v Rigii 8, 

^ <4<l,] 



tQ}iAiti> And for Ibu rent • , . tlie prin md Ibc mookf* 
tVrv itivwjd ^bo thje wW Jobo. Ibi luar borifih uid tyme, dm 
OMb felorng difuM le ilv . , - ihey tlay>1 tlui 

thcT . . ' • • wtiichv mM b« knowTD vi<^ wtckji. 5o 
tb< lajd - H ' • (be obhiios . . ,.,'>>-. 


Uasgaret Pastqn's Wiu. 

th« oacte of C^ aincQ. I, Margfli^t 
Pkltoct, indowc, Iaic tlic wilf of John PutoiV 
S<1 jict, doughic: aiid Lclrc li> John Mjiuteby, 
Sijcirr, hole of spirit and mymlr, with pcrfitf 
avtscmcni and good dciibcracion» the iiii" day of 
Fcl>raAfyT Jn ibc ycr of Our Loni God a ra'ccwlAXJtjp 
make mj tcttAmcui aiid Iul tfillc in ihis roiuinc 
fr»low>Tit J'l"^'* ' brtfllfc njr sowlr lo God Almyjthiy 
and toOuir Laajr His blifised Modcr, Scint Michael, 
Scint John Bflpiisi, *nd lo Allc Scintcs, and my body 
to he bcncd in thr He of the chcrch of Mautcby* 
byforr the jmage of Otir I^dy there. In which dc 
resuthebodies of divert of niynaunccicrc5,«hos«o«lef 

ItciHt I bequcthc to the high A«'tcr of the Acid chcrdi 
of M>ureT:iy \xs. 

Iiem. I wTille th*t the leid elc in which ray body 
ihalbc bciicd be newc robed. Icdcd, jiml glared. And 
the nrslln tlien^if hcyi^ed (Z^^'^^J coiiveiiytnlly fiu4 

Iwio, I iralle that 111)11 aecutour? purvey* a Moon of 
murble 10 \k kydc &lof^e upon my cr^ve within a ycr 
ncit aitci my dccrsM:; and JiKJU lliwi siyuii I wulle 
hiYe Hi]. Korhens sell x\ \\\t Siij. oomera, whencif I 
«ulk that the first tcochen shnlbe of my htisbondes 
times BXtd, myn dcfuitn). the ij** of Mfiwtcbysarmca 


«9p tub paston lettsrs. 

iTvl Brnicyn of Rcdham <1^pantft3, the itj* of Mawtc- 
bi'tirnies and tbe Lord tovtyn depaitcOL Ibe iiij" of 
Miwicbysomics and Sir Roger Ucmjchamp clcpaited 
And in mjddys of Uic Kid itooa I mill have a scocSc:^ 
>eH of Mui^cb/sinnea allone, and undti ihc joune 
thiM wordes wretyn, ''In God ia ny mul,' wiih i 
Knpturc wrctyn in Ihe verges thcrof reherayng thiac 
wordes, "Here liech Margrct Putcn. laic the wif of 
John P^lon, dou^hTer ;irid hr^u« of John Mflwlcfay. 
^quier," ind tto forth^ in the lime scripU^rc rehcrwd 
the <lay of tl^c moitccli and the ycr that I shall decent : 
"' ou whoa aowk God have mcrty/' 

Item, I vtaWe didE tiiyn frxpCLitOLin sKaU purvejc i^- 
poni meec c1 my lenauntes, oroth^r if they suf&oir BOC, 
the vhichc I vruUe ahalbe AppAmiLlcd in vfhitc icowtics 
ivith hodei accoidiDe, to huldc xij, to/thcs .^bo^ic raya 
hi?rw or here at such l}Tfie a* I ch^lh*? hrfied, durinff 
the exequie? ind nta^se of my beryiog; which adj. 
torches I wilk- rcmaync in the acid chcrch of MiLWtcby 
whil tlicy may Lul for my yerjuy. 

Which ycniay I wull myn heire kq>e tn ihr «afBe 
chorch foT me n^y seid husbond and trtyti Aunc«t<ft« 
ycrly during the lemie of xij. yerca riexi ^icr my dc- 
cesse ; ' and T wiillc that ich of Ihc seid xlj- pore mccn 
the day of my beriing have ilijr/ Al«o, I wulle that iche 
preEte heing at my berying and tnasac hav-c viij/, and 
Lch clerk ij'i surplyj iiji/. AlffD, I wnW that the picste 
whidi sliall beric mc have vj/. viijf/-, k> th^t he acyc 
over me at Ihclymeof mybetjingall the whole tervioe 
that to the bcryiug belongeth. 

Alao, I vrulk that from the day and lymc that I am 
beried unto ihc cnde of \i}, ycTe\ than Jteil folowyng 
be crdeyoed a taper of wexe of a/i. to brtBDC npoa 
my grave ich Sondaj^ and haliday at alle dl^wc semoe 
to be seid or sungc in the scid cherch and doilly at the 
masse of that iirrcst that xhalle tinge Ll^crc in the 
ele for my sowle, 




lUn, 1 millc ibat ▼). upcn, ich of iitj/^^ brcnnc 
ftbovlc ngm bcrsc tbc da; of nxy btrrvii]^, cf whidi 1 
■oUdmBlJ ftrly br kept to brmnrnhnwrcni^hmip 
whm my )xrd4L> tlullx kept ulong ax they nujr 
honestly «crve. 

Iicin, r Willie have an honcsi sccuIct prcst to s/njcc 
and prav in thr *cid de for my wwl*, ihr sowlrs of my 
Jatber &tid nixbcr, th« aow^c of (^ s«id John Paiton, 
lite my httsbukd, and for the lowlyv of hii aunccLcrcs 
ud myn duiing ihc icnnc of vij, ycnu ticit after my 

It^m, I wuUe tf»t ntyn cxccutourv purveye Ji com- 
plect legcDde ID oon booJc, and in oi^tiphoincr in fui 

oUlcf liooV. whkJ] Iiuukti I wuU Ih: ^c:;'[:ii (« absJc tlitr 

in thr ftvid dterch to Eh« wumhip of God ulonge u« 
they may tndurt-^ 

Item, I wuLIc tKftt every houahold b Ma^tcby u 
lustily u it nuy be convmyently <)oo aJter my decrsitc 
have ^\\d. 

Il«m, to the cmendyn^ of the cherch of Frelon in 
Suffolk I bc^ucthc a choipLc and an anbc.^ 

And 1 wullfT ihit ich hoLuJiold being ra^ tenctutit 
tbcrt have vjy. 

A»d I bcqucthe to the eoendement of the dicrch 
oTBasynebifn a choiplc and an awbc* 

Asd I nulle that rvtzy houahohl ih^rr have vUJa! 

Item, I t>eqdcth lo the emendjn^ of the chorch oi 
Uaiclask a dioiplt and an awbe.* 

And I wvll that evcy poic hoiuhoU that arc my 
Icnauntci there hayr vtijf^. 

Item, I bequethe to the emenrlv^g of the oherch of 
a dutsiplc tnd an awbc.^ 

AjuI I wullc that ich pcie houshold thiit be my 
tonauntes thcrr h:ivp vjrf. 

Item, I vulle that ich pore houihold late my 
lenaunte« at Sporhant have v]-/. 




IueUi to lIic rcpviLOoa of tlic diudi of Rcdtttm 
[her* u I was t>onie I bequrth v. mjirc uid a chf«iple 
of iitlc vith ui awbfl wiih myn matt thfnipon to tbe 
cinendGmcnt of the mnc cbctcbc* 

Item, lo ichc of the iiij> 1iousbc» cf FrtiA in Net- 
mch, xrr. 

Itcffif ii> iffac or the iiij. h<}U4h» cf Fretci of Vcf- 
moiith and at tht South touD to pny for my sowlc I 
bec^iicih xu, 

IttTTi, lo the anker«« at the Frew Prechoua in Nor- 
wich 1 bequcth lijj, iiij/f. 

And to the \nkcrcfl inConoford I hcqucth iii/.itiji^ 

Item, to ibc anker at the While Frcrc^ in Nonrich 
I bei4i]Cth^ tij/. iiijrf. 

Item, to iche hole And half susten at Non&uH m 
Norwich, viijf/. 

Item, to Ihc Deen and hii hrctheren of the Cbepetl 
of Fetd, to th? uie of the santo plxce to s e^ z ^irigt 
cuid a ma«5e for my sowle, xxj< 

Item, to the hoapnAlle of Scint Gile in Non^^cb, obo 
for a diriff and i niuxr for my wjwie, xxj. 

Item, to kh« of ihe ilij. pore meco, ind to eidwv of 
the auAten of the ocid hoapitall, iid. 

Item, to tbe oiolher cherche of Norwiche fo< 4 
rfir^^ and ma^se, nif. 

Item, to iche lepre man and wom&n &t the v, Yitei 
in Norwicl), \\y(. 

A ad 10 ichc furgoei at cvciy of the md y«ta, iJiLI 

Item, to idle lepre without the North gaict at Yc^ 
mouth, Vi)d. ; and lo the forgoer iher, '\]it. 

Item, to ichc hoii3hdd of the pnrir.h of Seint Petct of 
Hun^tein Norwich thelwuU receyvcalme*, haveiijj/ 

Item, [ wull liave a diri^ and n mnssc fot mj- snirie 
at the parisshe cherche of Stint Michael of CotLiny in 
Norwich, and that every p:«le thcr hfl^^ng h:s stipend 
being thcut h^ve iiijr/., a-nd ichc clerk in surplj^ of the 
same patissh than (her bdng have ij^,,aud the piinsd] 
eledc vjf^., and the curat that shall leye high 

I In narfia. "«tf.~ 


BDWAkD ir. 


have Txd,^ and \ b«queT}| to the repAraclon of the belljri 
of the sunt; cherche lu. vii)^, &i»d lo tte sex1«yn thert 
to nuc^ «it the Mui i»>^ uij nuJKt X3u/. 

Item, I Willi LJiAL biju ciciiuLuuia ^ti^ cctc to ihc 
mteBtibcion of the pinon or preste that shnll for ihi? 

rt njnfitn Um sacmmcnui and <iivine Kriicc in 
cbcra of Sdni Pcifc of Huoiyuc id Norwidi, %iIL 
of bwfull monc^ ;^ whJcbc \tii I will ii be putt m ihc 
nit awl difipoudon of the chrrch tcvck cf th^ um« 
cbocfce lor the tyiM b^ng by ihc Qvernght of the 
mfaMftnd&lUpcnoiieftofthcMad pamsh,to chuintctat, 
ttMt thciicid dLe-Fchrerc«,bylhe€rvctinghlua before- 
•eid, Khill y-rly yrve, if h *o be chat the profiwi of tlie 
wad cberch sulhcc not to fynde 2 pT«t oflcf ther dift- 
crcdooi^ put of the scjd xx// to th^^ aeid puaoa or 
presto, actn thr sdd xx/il be ciijriid<:il- 

Item^ I bequelh to EcImuiKl Paitoa, my «one, a 
■tin^iTig pece white covered, with a white garlrek h«ed 
MpOll the knop^. and m gilt pccc covered with an 
■nsosmc, a frtbcrbnlcle oncl a trauniitom at NurwicTi, 
Bsd the cocten ' of worsted thAt be hsth of tMs^ 

iteiDf I bequeth to KatcriQ^ hia ihfl a piupill giidiU 
fanDand with ail ver a^nd ^ilE xnd m^'by^e bnuich^ourt 
a bnsen moner witti an trcn pcittll, ami a siooo moncr 

Item. [ yeve a&d ^^autiie to Hoberu 3cn« of the »eid 
Edntundt oUc mr tsH^mci morkcn witb ihc iiicrkc cAllcd 
Dawbcneyt racrk, atid wiil^ ttie m^ic kte Robert Cutler, 
cLerl:, to have hold and «ntoye th« sdd awaimei with the 
■cidiiMrlcoatolbeaeklRctwrtafidhiahcin EOT evermore 

Jicv. lbcqueEhtoAciiie*m^dou^]itci,niJ't\jfWiliijuiL 
Yrkrtlon,Ea^gime hacgyng in rny parlour Jtt M^utr by, 
a atandlDf ^PP* '^^ ^ cover giLt with a ^Attc icnoripe 
■Dd a ifttw pec6 with a cover gilt withoutc, xij. tilvcr 
qioikcif a powder boxc n ilb a foot aiui a knoppc cnamcU 
gilt, my primcf, my bed«E ct siJvcr enamdicd. 


1 1* aafsiii '' uA.* 

■ f^MtftiinTrjp— a< 

I ih* ud<a 01 uU^ batf^ afc— tfjtffi^q 



Ttim, 1 bwiiifiH lo ihr scifl Annp, mj fflhcrbfdde 
with (illotir,' curUynv uid tester* in ray parlour It 
M&uicby, >vilh ft wfvitc covcrinK, a pcire blukctto, tj. 

Ecirc uf my fyncai shclcs klie of uj. webbn, s fjrikC 
nlihrtc of i] *pr'bhrK, my hr^t g^myvth of pcwier 
vcAScll, i)^ bLUynn vith ij. cwrcij iij, ciLndcU(«kc« oi'ooii 
tortc, ij. bnu poltci ij. bru puino, a bnu c^oui CO 
*clt by ihc fyie, *atl a cb^oui for (X)l>«. 

fum, 1 r^ttr«r myn eteciitoun tci p9i« to th« Mtd 
Williftm YdvcrtoQ and Aimc the mcn«y that I ck«Jl 
owe ihcm of thcr nmrifig? moiicy the dfty tf my decent 
of such money Jis ahalbc reccyvcci of such londcs II I 
ha/<* ptirte in fcffement to nificompliiBh my wtUe, 

Item, 1 beqtieth to Wilimm Foiton, my soae fnr 
lUudtng cuppc chased p^uccl) giLt with a <oTct vita 
myn artncs ia the boiom acd u flaUc prcc wjih a naU 
upoD the cover, adj. silver spooe*, ij. silver %»liei wtieraf 
oon IB covered the hole bedile of horile aliwtundrc u 
it han^h on the grct chanmber at Miutcby* ibc 
fptht^rlialtlr^ holster, blnnkctte*, and cavrrynK ta the 
ttme^ ij- peire iheie*, ij- pilwe*, and ray b«t paJd, & 
buynn an e^re, and a, liieL white be<Ji44^ that hongdh 
over the grcriyiigGci m the litcU cluambcr iit Mm^by 
foff a iruK^yng bnkle. 

Item, 1 bequeth n.n C. mAtc in money to be plied 
«nd bestowod to the iite and byhoflT of the aeid WiUnm 
PaatOD fiflcr this fonoc tolowyiig ; that 15 to Kf. in 
purchiftfng of as nioche lond to htm and lo hb heins 
jii may be h^d with the same money, or «Uyi to bye a 
wordo to be rasiried to bim if cny suche m^iy be goio^ 
oi dlys lo be paled to bini a&«odc as li luuy be cOD- 
venyentTy gariereii and receyvcd of 5ucchc Tondet M 
by me u'e pui in letfcnient aa ifl beforteid ftfMi tii# tit 
in Mooteby chcrohe be fynsshcd aiid pertbnaed 14 tt 
bcforecld. an<i after the stipend of the prestc tymyUd 
to singe for me be yerly levied, as well as the money 
be ditpeoded upon the keping of my yoriy obite 
And if the scid WiUiam dye oi he come to the ngc of 

MI>WARD tr. 

D}. ycr, Hiftn tKc icid C- Tnarc to be dispoftrd for ^c 
«^I< of my »cn»]c by myn exccutouia. 

Itctn, I hrri]:rih to Jo^in PaMon my icnf ft g;ill ciippe 
ttaiidyi;g vrilh jl cover ind a knoppe IicImi a gorkeek 
bced, Y). jiobtlctUs of silver with oon ccA-cr. 

Item, 3 bcqucth lo Maigtiy P.iMori> ihc vrif of tliv 
tejd John, my pUt of rilver wiih ij, silver cnici:« wd 
my iDiuebook with all mj-n awi^rdothcs, 

item,' i be^ueth to WiUiam Piistoni soQc of (he sdd 
John PaslOD, and Elizalicth his su^Lci, Q. nun: whan 
ibey cDTn« lo Inafull ige, to be wkc antl rcccyvcd of 
ibe londe* befoneid ; lad if eithei of them die or they 
eeoc U) the »eid o^c, Eban I wuil that the pan of hint 
er hir so deyitig tcnuycie to die ^urvyvrr of them at 
luMI t%t, ortd tf lh«y bothe dye or they come to Ibe 
tM age, thiQ 1 wiUl Uul the eeid C mujc be disposed 
forthchdthofiayKPwleby th'avUcof myocxccucoun^ 

Jt<^QB, I bequetb to Cu&Uunce, lfliala.rd duughir^r of 
John Puioi), Knyghf, wh:in she is xx yet of age, e, 
nufCf oQd \i the die bifore the fcid Age, than I wuEl 
that the Acid x. maK be; diApo^cd by myrt cxcoilouis. 

Item. 1 besjurtli lo Jo!m Cljillc, suae uf Maisety my 
doughter, xx;j. wh»fi he comt'ih to the A%t of xxhtj, 
yer, and if the seid John dye or he comcth to tlic acid 
a^ thftii I null iJiai die ECtd XAJ^', evenly be divided 
aiEwen^VittumAJidRicJiftnl, Eonc^olth;: ^t- id Margery, 
wkuk ihey come lo the age of xxiiij. yer j arid if either 
of the scid Williaot ard Richard dye or he come lo the 
add ace, than I vruU chat the pan of \\mx ao dyiDg re- 
Buvne to the survyver ; and if bodie t}»e Mid Wilhajii 
aod Richard dye or the come to the Eetd age, than i 
vaU dutt the scid kjJL be dispot^cd by the good advys 
of myT}c e3ieaitoui» for oic and my frcndcs. 

Iicm, T hnjuethr In Marie Ten£l:illf,mj'^oddoiighier, 
ay peir bedyx ofcalcidenys gaudied^ with silver oiid gilt. 

.Ddvvt^' ■■ "tliBhr 


Item, 1 wuH that idle of myn oth^ E^^^i^cr be 
tdWifilcd hy iKivyttv. of John Pjsion, my ttyac 

Iteti\ I bequetik to Agnet Svan mj tervxtiatt iof 
musterde^yA ^otm furred with blak, nul a fsirdcA <■ 
bkk homcited with iilva si^t u»d cbuuellcdi and juu. 
in money. 

Ilem, to Simon G«ranl mj nilver gobdet ciired And 
9, flott pece with vtrge9 ^t, «ikI loyn hol« Iit«J white 
bedde ui my i;haptll ctaunibcr at tiixaitby wiih the 
rethprlMrddv liche nv it is now* in thf ceid chapdL vMi 
a p«ire bUnkettn^ t petrf ibttea, and « piLw« of doiM 

Item, to John HefA 4 imt«n» with ft tmivom, a 
pciir ftheictk a pcirc bludctttei and « coresiighL 

Ifrm. T miT] that 0170 honoholt b« kqit liter my de- 
c*me by hall a ycr> anii thiit m^ vtrvnuntn wiigM bt 
truly p«icd At thcr dcparling, ud iJso ihM cvtxf 
pct«onc bciog lay scrvauiit the day of toy dcccuc b^ve 
a quan^ vmg^s beside thai ihey ai hrr departing have 
do Borvice fore- 

Item» I Willi that alle Buchc mancri^ kuuUik awl 
tcncmeotcs, rcutc^ anU bcrvkccb whiche aic desccttdcd 
unio me by weye of iJih^Htauncc imTnediaily $titf my 
dccesse reroayne uctc myn hi^iTCA a^cordyng^ to the k*! 
willc ^Robert Mftutcby,SQuicrt my gnunt&der, except 
suchf lomWas I have tiuueio l^fTenienl 10 accompliMi 
rherr>f my last wille, and eiu^q^t v, marc of ananytt 
which ] have graunted cut of tb« meuiei of Fretm m 
SnlTdlk to Edmund P^ton, my soae, Katherinc Kis mM, 
and Robert, thef sotic for tcrmc of tliei lyvcs. 

Item, I bequeih 10 Ann^^ my doughter, yM. to hir 
pfopre Lise. 

And to O^bcm Beroey x^ marc of the money cosnynf 
of the icMidea liy ine put in fcfiVrDCiil as is iTefbrsrii 

Item, I i\'uU that the retidewe of the atuffe of myn 
housh^ld unbiquoihen be divided equally betvi^ca 
Edmund axid \VillLim, my aoaca, and At:;nc, my 

l^he residewe of all my godes tod catalle and detM 
to me owing I yeve cmd comiltc to th« good di^poakaoa 

of mtjn exeatUmn to petfonne ihin my Icittament md 
kat wilk, and in olhcr dcdes of mcrcyc for my »oidc 
axjrii Mmcetercz i^aulr!!:, nnrl ullr Cmrrn ^nvlcit, lo the 
niMt plftuer of God tmd profit to my «owle. 

Of thid ray tcsUmcntf I moke and ordeyt\Q the ftcid 
John P«9ton, Squicr, tny %otic. Thomu Dtrntall* dcHc, 
Sinaon G^raid aiuI Waltcrr Lymyngioo myn ^xfctitaun. 

And 1 b«q«eih to the »«id J«hn PmIoa Cot hii labour 

And to ichc of myn olhei executoon for thor lAbour 
T. mi/G 

Iq vritSMU wb^roT to this my present tP&tam«il I 
have pfitto iny «e&L Ycvya dciy ;ind ycr UJ^ancid- 



A.D, t^Si? 
John Pastow to MaacjUict PaStom. 

fFrom PmIw MSS., B.M.) 

r 22«i 

*V fW*' fofirdirpfuli mcdyr, Jifjt^ara P^ton. 

|YGHT ikordicp^ill modyr, in my mosi humble 
w)^c 1 rccnnund mc u; yow, bcKcchytt^' yuw 
of your dayly blyscyng, Anrl when I muy, [ 
I wyll with OA good ivyll be redy to rccom- 
pence yc fcr the cost Lhai tny huswyff «nd J have 
put yuw la, a<i I jim now haxnl in tti4nk yow fix a, 
whj'che J do in the beii wyse I am. And, modyr. tr 
pk^syd yowio have ficrteyn woordya lo my wyJI aX 
oyr depcrtyng. lowchyng your rccncmbrancc m" the 
AhaRDOs th;tt y? thyuk your i\ayts ui, aiid hUo of ihc 
njikd Ihit ye haw lowirJe* my brfihjyn sjnd sysiyr 
your chyldyr, Jiad nUo ol your 3Crvaunte&, whcr in yc 



mt PJiSTOH LETTEHS. f^-ix r A« 

ff^yd [tyi la be a incamc to mc. tluE I wuld tendyi 
tM TiLvorc the ^xmt. Modyr, Mvyrtg yonr pXfttiTt, ttt«r 
aedytti non cntMieatoun nor m«Anvi betvnrx y<vm and 
mc ; for thcr » ncvth<3' veyff nor other frend Ahall make 
Uic to do Lhil tliftt yuuj coiiiAAdiiinit bliiJl imkc inc to 
do, if I may havr^knowbgcont; nnd if I havcnoknM^ 
bge, in good fcytti £ am cxcuscabyLl bothe to God 
ADO yoMT. And, well TciRconbicdi 1 vrot iroU yc cnulit 
not 10 Imvc mc in jrJii»yc tir one l^yng nor o(bcr £ai 
yc wold tiftv« mc (o Accotrplythc if I ovcflcrrc yov ; 
Tor I vrot well non oo man a lyvc huthc cftllyd «0 oft 
vipouyowjbS E, to malic yourirjllc And pai ithc t^T^ 
in !(CElcyntCi ibat yc viuld luivc dn^ic foi ^^jur srlif, and 
to your chyldre *nd servaunrec Alsn ai tlic mikynf; 
of your wyllc, and at every comcTiyCJicyon that 1 
luvc ben at with yovr towch)Tg the »mc, 1 ncvyr 
tcnmuyeii if^yu^' that yc wtM liavc doon and pcr^ 
roniiyd,butaJwc>-soffjTd raysylfflo be bownde to d>e 
nrae. But inod>T, 1 mm ry^ht ^bd that my vyflT is 
cny thyng youi uvorc or trust ; but I am ry^ht soiy 
timl my wyff, or tuy fillicr liiyld ur ncrvauni oif youi 
■hold be in bettyr fivore or ErUtwith ^-owtbcnmy 

KUT; for 1 wyll and nxuat forbcro and put fro me that, 
ttl all youE otha chytdrc.ticrvauntca, prcsty*. wetkraen* 
anil frendy* of yotir that ye wyll i»ii^ht liH^uethe to, 
fthall tftlcc 10 theym. And thys hatve 1, and cvyr vylb^ 
rt^Jy oo tOi whyll I Icvc. on my fe^th, and rv'*yt 
tliought other, *o God be n\y hdpe, whom ! bcMchc 
to pn.'Brrvc yow iit)d send yow io goot] lyft anO Ulf^ 
that yc mAvdn Tot yotirc Kylff and mc ftftyr mydyvMits 
and 1 bcshrcwc thcr hcrtys that wold other or «hAl] 
tsusc yow to niystriist, Or to be imkynd to me or my 

At Norwyche, tHy% Monday, with ttic hard oi yow 
«rpnc and trwcst scrvaimt, 

Jon* ?A9T01f. 




,0. 148^ 10 April— T.CftvrtE TO John Pastoc*. 

tFnn t^uicn MTiS^, »,M J 
iRif mbiTiVA^ ^^ kftdrest massif, Jeht PasUn, 

ilCH wunhepfuUe, *>ne of my most kyndwi 
and usdcKH, and ucdrvtfvcil moat ccn- 
tj'DUGLI autisicr, I rc^omaundc me to voil 
And wlirrrc your iruitiy cutJiiCTshcp willcdi 
OH to come to Norvich, picu >< >cu J niay not ; for 
CvcTt u in lonfE tymc poucd, on Thunday m Esicrne 
Wckci bcEynnc Mjistci Ilcfdonj ootuta Jtnd Ictc^i 
thr vicu pf tbr hilfyprc of the hot»hc>l<1 Arcomntr, thr 
doftjng Qp iyiuJly ot' th'sccompK* of illv bAiUicvt, «o 
thAt the rcKcyvour may m^kc hia fynal) accompte, 
vhkli wille cxCcritc in ^Ic to xiilj. d^ycs aud mgic ^ 
and to thi« tanon ik my dnrU^ ind cllr^ T i^tmldr not 
UilE your pliruurc. 

Moreover, picas it yoOt my Lord Rcvicn is his 
iTvmc pciMjnc lulh bene ^tlc Hikc^Iyii^, mil h\% coun- 
«cill !cTiicd, and *tfrch<^d liis feesfrji bis ho tiugct, among 
vlikh ye be lor B«gvylet> ^^ttite in Sometton, acdj 1 
support ^VynEertOD. Lite Sir John FiutoIfcJt; my 
nuiaUc» your Tuodrc for Manlebycs in ^V^i^Ujuil; 
whcrem I ^jcscchc yoti previdf, fur I have done therein 
l»«stoforCr atfer »b 1 mygbt, &l\ What it mtnetfa, niy 
lord \a accic lotc co ujjptowcii'LC&i &iid huhboadfy. 
Hi:i t:ouiiscill Lkthi toldo tiuu lie may bCtLc liui [yiura for 
re^ie of homnje at his jilrajnirc^ &c. 

1 ICxtceh you my Tnaistrcssc ro^y have wordtt of thift- 
And ourc blcascd I-ord ever rtmttc prcacrrc you, and 
be yoiu govctnoui lad defend cf. 

Wfetcn ;rl Thnrplonil, ihiii WedoeidAyin FAieme 
Wcke, bJiyfig die x. day of Aprill, uico E^ iiii^' Kxij, 
Yoar aervaunt, T. CnyvL 




AD, ii%i, ^Ort- — AiKTHACT, 

[rrom Putnn MSS.. B.M-] 

Gnrit br Mvjiuet Pulon to ha nn E<^aid«i4 u^ bi* *if» 
Cftt>i?niH Vid IQ kobdl ttkcir >on. cf u ■niiiuljr«f Art nudu 
cut ol the muuv «/ KntoOt KuCoUe, viib p«w to dutiwa k7 

9 Oct Z2 Edw, IV. 


A.D. 14*3 (?fi Not. 

Maac^skt rxsroN to John Pa*to«, 


tliii t4riAr, ll vCU b.1 t««fi, »i4i«l kava W«* >r4<*4 t«f<^ t^U Atlh bT 
L team vEuu ti fUici: IP No It}. U li 

ftnt MflL^ |>Uii 4,r._;. T^- 4)Mlr. 1ir»W«V4F.IIHHlU W>*WI V^X* aM Uil^ 

l0f Liuituc.libAi[h<aiiii*£C4lwn(MB|pkkHd«(sGnai«dBb ibfl WHQ 

Bbu I>iiri till diii4 of ibU ]Bn«r, vh t Wvdnlivr, rb« nsr imiC bi uth 
ll A 1i>iknrliy ttSi. vi4 *r Friday t,tf Wc »rv r*il)«f ■BcruiM u >hiu ii 

7t my ri^Af w^thifjuii mtultr, John PoAim, in htuk. 

llGHTrevcTCQtaAdwonhip^llsir, inm^inoste 
umble vice^ I rccomaundf me udID yov, u 
lowly as 1 can, &c. !Urte you to wei^ John 
Howea, Alexuider gvhartm, Join Fille, 
with the pu^on usd thcncwemyller of MuLjrngfortbc, 
hiivc gotcu Hiom' At Wcllta outc of EstttodcnhAru, 
fcnnour lo m^ uncle Willjum PanoD^ ^*^' Hctv/ 
Of M «elton MAgna, f«miour and bftly to tnv ittdt vad^ 
Ric. Barken caitc of the acide toivnc of Mccltoe. kte 
femiour* Ait^ ycltc is Id dAuogcf ^ to my scidt ildcIc 
and ^ViIli3m Smyihes carte of Brandon Juxia Bemhjim 
iJroom, late fermonr and baly, and also in djiungcr* lo 
my ftcidc undc, on Monday and Twcidfty lost jDEt^l^ 
CArycd a wcy from Mcrlyngfodh in 10 the pUcc at 
Seint Edmondei in Nurwidi,3dj, of yowi grccte pknl:ci, 
of the weche thej made yj. loodo, beiytig a. boivte 

1 -■lb J^bfvf u" alj[ijt6« Ckbbu In ftcU oc u&erfUc rctpgiiklbic w 



\p Kridr ftut™, hnwm luii! gltvrt, for frfTi* nf takyng 
Awey, Sir, asfof yoflrrscjvauniesof Marljnftfnrth,thc:y 
vithAolde her cxk]^ and bcm sdfc botbc from Ehc 
COOTtc. ^Ad ccxac net wkhia the iortj^hip, noi nuike 
nooa attonmitiLi, cxcpt Thorn' Davy and John W*trr, 
vedie Abftmtyng of the ttnaunM^ U to th«m % 
greet hrurl and ioa, for lilt of scdyofj th«r loaUta with 
ihet w>'Qlcr corn; bc*ccliyiiit ygu lor G^« wke to 
veiaefntiri! »ow rc^nied/ for tlirm. 

My LmSv C&itorp hath ben al Gfppowich on 
pilgnr rniche, ind atnt liomward bo m^ La4y of 
K<molk,An4 thcf wju niochc communic^on of yowr 
BBier be iv/ix jou &nd i&yn uncle, seyii^ to nty T^y 
Caltorp, y« neoe not i |^nc to London, ye myght 
hftvc Aa ca<Je At home ; rcmcmhcrycK tL> my acid Lid) 
CAltotp of (he mocicn Uui he maiic towdi^ng ihc 
manrr of Spf>rlc, pinmytlyng m my lafiy lo ahyde ihai, 
tDid to vnic artd leale ij( l^cly as ^y man wol 
dwirc lipiL And at his dcpaMyng from my Iftdy he 
BOt mcry, what the taucc «» I wor LOl [but he 
BOC mcry of yrnir dq^rtjtig].* Nfy Lj/iy CAJrhoq* 
dtfirctb me to vtitc to ycviohav^ etide,for he inLcndcc 
krgely to have a peace with yow, as he scth ; but truHlc 
hym not to luochc, foi he U not goode. 

My mothi^r in l:Lwe thynkcih ionge «he here no 
woco irom von. She ii :n goode heeJe, blisicd be 
Oadt and al yowr babccs oUol T mervd I here no 
irard firom you, wcdic (jtevcth me ful cvelc; 1 scot 
ton a letter be BrjsitMir sone of Nonviohe^ wher of I 
tmc DO woTtL No more to you at this tyxne, but 
AJmyghty Jcau have you in ]{ca bli&acd kcpyng. 

Wreten at Norwich, on Allownies Day at nyghL 
^^^^M Be yowr urvauDt and bedewomsn, 

^^^^B U^Rc^Env Fastom. 

f Kr.I 

i mix n\pa 

&t I prey yow, If ye ury loDgc ai Londou. that it 
wil pleae to sohIc for me, for 1 thynke longe sen I lay 

(Qwi annes. 

> T7lOtWV«IIR 

av. U ifia U& 

Tilt PASTOM LETTEfta Uai4i 


A.D. 1481? (3] Nov. 
Maicorhv Pastok to John pAsrinf, 

7> Mj- ly^A/wnrrAufM^ ma^ster, John Past^n, Eifuyif 

FE owyn Bw«te here, in my tiui«i bumylwyie* 
1 recomaund m« on lo yoo, demyrg h^rtly 
Cd here of >our wclfAr, the uhcchc I bcKche 
Allc my^tiL^ God pic&civ[: and k?[ie Lo HU 

on Friday att nyghllvtpuUomc AtcxuiderWIuiItt), 
Jolm HuLi^p Olid John Fillc, wiili ij. ^uud cart* wdl 
izmnnyd and horcyil wiih l>f^m vo MartyngTord, And 
thereat themancroi Malynglord andai the mille lodyft 
bothecftttcs withcncatlyon^uid whcCc.nnd boiynyaoa 
SAlunl&y, in ihc raornyng, ihcy tiqifljtyii fro Mirlyn^ 
ford towardes Bcmgc)-, fl« it it icyd ; for thr sryd cartel 
oomc Ito Bongeyr ^ ' fldppose, by the ft^nd^n^ di 
BryoQi for he goiti hutyly ovcv Ihc ac, eu ii \% ftcyd. 
And 43 I tuppuse he wyll have ihc rmllyon over 
with hyn^, lot ihe most pan of the cart loode* tnn 
■lesciyon, Jte 

Item, acr, ob Sacurday last past 1 spacke with my 
cos)'n Ganuy, nnd he seyil, if [ wold gou lo xiy I^dy 
of NorfTolIc, and Isewche hyr gocd gric* W be fWir 
good and Rf^cj'ous Udy, she wold eo be, for he tCTd 
that otic word of avomin^oiiUdomorcttiQd^icvordct 
of XX. men, yifFc I coude ic«yll ujy Ijugc. ajjd ipelw 
Aon hirm« of myn imkyll And ir)<e oom«iind me 90 
for to do, I tn£t I shuld tey nolhynge to my l^y* 

your ptofyi ; tor mc ihynkylh U the 

of then ikd of your fiood fcrmorc of Oxficd, 

Lt Uid wvil %aac Llnne tn ati chlIc Feu hcuinydi 

tjmw Uttt ever be come m ih« fermc of Ouud, 

ir be »eydi tfaat be vrotytb wcU that he ahall have a 

rttc 1oMe» uxi ycl he nyll not be a knovry;) whcdi^r 
Ittlhe payd or nought ; but wliaii he wcfac hia tyme, 
b« wyll ley tro^rt^ 

I iindcntCDd by my «yd cotyn Gofnay tliat my 
hdy is nac wciy of hyr pijic. «aU he acyth my bdy 
■hu corne qq pylgniiuije in to fhb towne, bvit he 
toftowth not wbecur ifora Crisunct or Aftyr ; loid if I 
wold thaiuko gttt nny httdy Cftlthorpe, ny mcdei in 
Utrcwd my modtt.AmI ciysclfe.and <oiuc before my 
Ittdy, be«r<:h>-ng hyr rn hr your good nnd mcyoui 
My, be ibyitkyib ye ahull have ut tnde; lorlanM 
■be *old be icddc of it with hyr onowr wyd, but 
y«lc money abc >voTd tia^^. 

No move lO you At this Eym^, biiti^ I w^t-rvpLl sorr 
tb^l 1 hive DO Mtcr trotn you, Lut 1 prey God pr^ 
»crye you* iLod ^ud me good tydytitco from you, Aixd 
a^cdt ytkj vcU la yoai uuiterci- And ta for mc, I liavc 
gotya me miothp logyn febLnrc, the frrsi Xnnei of hyr 
Dome Ib Maatn^ Uy«cJioppe- She recoEnnnndytJt hyr 
U> you br tlic tame iakyn tb&t ye wold hjtd* 
tokyn it> iTi)' May&ter Bryoit, 

A« Nor«<>cb, the Sonday next iii(« ihe F«t of AQ 

Be ycwr scrvAuct «nd bcdewoouin, 



Wiixuu l*vmjx i\i> JtjM John FxurrcjLi: 

Hiip9'i4U« ilkj,i d( WiUStjn riBttn oJvh TTit cue ilaiv vT Wari«iirt 
■•■n \M vntrrl»in^ nV nnly 4pt'iV ilif* ti' 4-qt pIi" Bt 111* a« lift (Hf 

0^ far •< tnal vortaUly, i|;v itc ducviucni. hup«iu, pkt bi coy 



•*«iU«llypliiBid«llhc«id(tfUiCttifnDfKdnrtlV. Tti* eru^id USE. ■ 

dT WllilMi) mnm aad >Urt»4 "'ccnmvr v« vaclitd ^ ctfk «f fwi^ 

A loun it i a j a ra liAAd^- " X '«*ii invKynll LtvA WJ^a l^k■b4tp C*M, 
inni Ban la Idr Jv> ftfinU. tail oihtr irutTtn wiUuii ctcecn/Bf ibt lii 

|0 «Jle maner of pcpill to whome this present 

wiytyufe" aliAll come Ulito, »c or hOT, we, 

\V^]llt£jn Bark», lav of BloMd, in i)i^ cowote 

of NortTolk, cUrk, and Margret Wjti^four, 

indor, late the wyf oT Williun Wywot^t, Ut« of ?okc- 

Itotpi be Norwicii, gcctybnuij dyiec«ld, scad gretjOE 

in OUT Ijotd God £verlui)rng. 

For sa incchc as it u iDtiytory to i jtii ^ m and 
tc^Evfy tlic trcuth in ma£cK£ doi^bUI or bcyng in 
vm^&uncc, whauony persons is lefuUyllicr to rcquyr^ 
It n so thstx T, the tcid WnUm l^^tikrr, wan bf r hows- 
hoW scrvaLmtc be th« lipncc of lotn ycrc with Sir John 
F«tolf. Knvghc. dysficsid, aitid luid wedded Anaa, 
lite dvttu^iJ. tb^t vtiiii ttic Loolc aybtcr, boibu <in to 
Sir Tnomnft Howps. rJrrle, dyw»c*id, ond aI*o hoole 
wysior to iasljelt, modyr to th« scid MArmt Wrue^, 
which foracid Thomu Howys and William wvAsetyr 
were boihe hou-^liolii scrvjinnics many jrcrys to ifie tt^id 
Sir John Faslolf, and were with hvm in stich RyiigUr 
trust th.1t hi made them boihe his feoflfct in all« hit 
landcs with in the tcaiac of Vitglond, &nd alM> his 
cwecmores: He it taowm tc jlle maner persons lliM 
we, the *«d William Rarker and Margrei W^-^tetyr, 
testylyr depose^ and wytnesse for troulhc that we hftt* 
fiill sertcyn prof and kuQwlAche ihAt WiUiaoo PaatOfU 
of rhc stid coimte of NorfTolk, jrniylinftn, was tynnys- 
trun unlo th* sdd Sir John Fastolf, and *as wiA h/m 
in ryghl syngler godt tivour and tntst ; whcrupon the 
Kid Sir John J-'i^toLf made the »cid ^Vil]iAm PuLon 
one of his leid feonVs m nU his ^eyd tnanEi^s, LondcR. 
And (etiement^ rentes, and servyces mih in this seid 
Teame of Vnf^bnd, and made ihi^ sdd ^^'II[ia^n prcvy 
to nuny of lus mateiys of gret charge^ and ^\.tti ibc 




tttid Willujn PajrtEW to maiqr Uivb«re« in hu Iji 
vhkb the acid WillUns P^eod dcd of i:odc lore aLod 
Ijoil djfapu^^doii, foi Tic never lud of ibc kilI Sir 

tohn Fwtoll?i??n^rcw:irft in hjrslyf ^ Tioiwi(h«ondjng 
had Jor Ibe scid Syx John VxtollI jutd lor hia 
suicrts Do&ay (TCtc kwbourcti cw(ea» jom&ys, and 
boyiKuc in ihc lyf oT the sdd dir John Fastolf, and 
dcd for hym uon^ kynd dcdcfi at hU ovi^c char^ for 
the which the teid Sir John, and he had coatcnuvd 
lyft wold have larficly hftvc rccoinpcD»cd. Aiid nho 
ibc >cid U'^lliain Fation luil, iLfiii i}ic (Ecsrv^c of the 
Bcid Sir John Fittolf, At ibc dccyr and mi;tan« ^f th< 
txsecsiorcs of the icid Syr Johit, hod many f^i bw- 
bonrc*, coiK^ tM junuyt lo hi« ^rct pcync, i^ well 
in rydyng Id l^otidon rruny and mmcliy l)-in», inin- 
teiti^riig nuuiy ycre« to help «Liche nuiterc« &s were 
devyiyd aycos the sdd cicsccutora, and also to iLnxwcr 
to auchc accionx jukI sutjn And byll putt into the 
ikyti|;e> Chaunoeiy, niirnipnn vryiimof jjuj^/iui dyvrn 
and many tvmcAtn^ule upongrct pcynyR were del yvcrcd 
lo the seid William lo nppcre in ihc K ^ngcs Chaunccryi 
vhUli were taken be pel juuics and be sucfae niy^hty 
p«rBooi as wold luve recovcryd the ^ond wrongfully, 
and thu» trobdjd dbe ccid iViiliam F^ton, be caucc 
be wu a f^fTcc, and taT>'d hym there and hiA counodi 
Id hit gret bpoitunibil] ch^n^, WEierupoi; we, the 
idd Willivn Biirkcr iind Miryrt't \Vys.i,L'(yr depofie, 
vytnccs^, and be tlu» preMnt lerty^e lar crouthe ih:Lt 
ve wttr pire»ciit whan tli« add Sij Thomon Howyj mid 
WilliAOi WjBMtyr, in jj^jarUornxoini^cti^ ofsLidicfbr* 
ftddUwIxiursandccstesasthe ^eid Wilham PHstonhad 
had, u wt\9 in the lyf« of the eeid dii John i« alUrhu 
dyMCK, plumed &nd )!if to ihe acid Williun Paaion 
4 liCjC i)f txutuiia (;i>vcr7xl >jf sylvi^r of Fdrytli luwcbc 
and overgylt, powncyd and imlX'i&yd wtih rooaes, and 
«ilhgret« laf£aamcl|y«[j:tf<fm(^lLntht?boioineorhoth« 
buooi, with scrteyn DC*tya inboijtyd sicndvnk;: yf\ib, inn 
anbt^gc oftyUtroud^iL upon die aejdauicllyt, which 
bacbebouoDS dtd way oi Troy neyt ix** unccs, suid 



Also A grtde^r^n of ^yUcr of Pftryvc Ufurdie. net gy-lt, 

wcying cf Trciy wryrh * tinrct, uiri ako a pn 

chjirgijoLir ol sylver of I*afyRsc lowcbc, nw ffyl'^ wtyifij; 
of Troy wcyih J unccs, to haix asd to hoJd Ut the 

own godeti for ever. And iIko we vymevie thn ve 
iinre flUo present whan, for a s^flcyc «otn of mcdjr to 
be payd be the »cid Williarc Putor, whereof u pirtc 
be a^Tiicnnwct was p^yJ be the f^eid WUluun PiAon 
to the *i-id Sir Thomfis Howy*. nnd ;i parte to on 
P^mond Holkhom, and the remenBurt wu pcijd to 
one Marfi^t IlolkhaiCf sy»ter to the tudd Ednond; 
and M> the «etd Wi^luiin F^iston had derly payed ^ 
tih* «id tnotiy. The *eid Thomas Howie and WHIkiD 
Wysseiyr tKu^yoed, sold, and graunied to Ibe wid 
itymiJJIc for erer, a ti^ticiiieiic tailed Mclhia, ticbenryac 
cxlltd HaWthnsti, iviih ille the londei and teoementa, 
rentec! and lerv^'cet, frtt or bond^ And with ftU the 
appottenAunce^ ther lo bdong)'n& in tlie town of 
Citystcr cj[ii! ndft townt^ys wljoynyng with iiwic tJie 
»eid cowcte of Norffotk, and df^ly^'ered to th^ «4d 
[Willuim] I'jislon and to hia aj^^grm a. stitfl of all the 
teid tenemental, lonJea, rcntes, and aervycca. with all 
thrseid oporifiiauncet ....... sotd and 

bntgayned to the teid WiUJatn Paston ,i1t« Cliche loodet, 
rente, and servycca aa the seid Sir John Kutolf , , 

Of be ibc ryght of ony manerc thax 

he or onjf man lo hts use h.'kd in [^mes^ton, or thai 

thdMidThomars] ony other be 

the rcson that tncy were feffcB of (nut of the add John 

Fa±to1f had or olaymed iu hare 

or cUymtd 10 haw in he y^sint or chArgeabill ouDt 
CVUpOD th«e«id tenement CftlLed Meihefs] , . . , 

londWf (cncmente*, rentes, JCfvyce* 

at ony lyinc afore or thiin lon^ng to the Mid tcncm^t 

orowt fimanerecaliffl Homfng- 

hall, nhth the apportenaunoM, bte Clerj^^ in tbc tctd 

L Uiut In W^qL 

MV^AilD IV. 



of Cutyr, t9 have {^od to hM to the i^d Wit- 

] Pft»tOA. hia c>rc« And uayipiea, the ^cid luud, 

rrat, Sid KTvyce (ca cvn mcir. And iiurrly be ther 

dede and And 

dyschoigcd tbc m^ WiniBm Pasior> hia cyrca md hu 

■BygncflfoT yddyo^ of payment of uny 

servyrre; and also dy&chargfd .il! the 

fcid tenement .'md the «cid msiKrc, And ftlle odcr the 
MCA, with Alk ihc 

aow!ttvc<ic^llc hcrr Aftbbcposswsoncresoflhc 
<eid teuemenc or imnere with the aporrTmaiinc^e* . . 

more. Alle whLchc mater Afore 

rchcnkl, and evcty parte thcrof^ we, the teid Willi&m 

Bo-iker intl M*;Ere(i Wyssctyr ] 

iww, and we» and Khe one of tu» wiU it allc tyme be 
rcdy to wytoeise and depose the some be ony vuche 
. - pcraone^ outh to do or moy 
do afore ony Jngc Sjiyrytaill'? or Tcmperall u wc will 
Mifvrer a fore God [it the dreadful] day d Dome. In 
wytceue irterof we, the scid WUliam Barker and 
UftTgret WyiMtyr, to this picsent have sett to our 

Wre^ th* ' ' d*y of the ^ yier of the 

ttya o£ Kyng.' 



(Fram PMten MSS,, BM.) 

W. B^UCCft TO iMARdMET Pahtom ?3- 

OCgf her " luyttnahipp " to infuTfA hb rld^lvorahliifid 
»Aj(Cf of Uie condnrt «l Mur<t KecKc «t Wctyog, wh« qd 
Hodd^ OMiua 1i> b< ihtrt vnh a ffr«it fdlow*bJp. 

W«aJMI|t If* ^jIauJ sft*' iha tui N<^» uliltvuiilt biuhjlilj itplU*v**nI ix 
HUfUH nAn, indilvA maH ftLety dunfiG Ihc hit (A hcT ^l]Ilhlal]. li 

Qhiio* cf OiIn<L heU ih« iumoi qI 'Ac^tbi U fcltvcU g< (ha Uuki tf 






John Paston's Book& 

[Pfom Kenn^ 11. 300 J 

nil >• ■ mvTsfpi* a' ik* Wcl^ 4Uh-« af J«>>n Phia iW yvtKB^ at ot 

giD PtMon, KDifbl, jnM |ifqWUT (he finvK^i (Irtan kip U Uh fi^L^ of 
■vrd IV.. Iioi n*U^ Vi m Atrtj olf ^hr ^in^rin^l hf ^ v^ <ukc all ib 
vtHifiv^ lE 0cii>la& cauU »a( ttavt Wm i-kjtrfi ihan ai*^ i*fc« "lit 
Outo Wd FItT Vf Qms" ihe fim Wjk ififi^cU ui Lnjliiid. bvuad lt«a 
^nBiTtpTvi t(WB"niDt»i. t( k< Jmibrr^ i-«inAfki1J« lUftf iKai iiv«»- 
PKWJM * ai pnPA " ■hnulcl Iut col mw ak iT^tt cluruaj tb« nl^ff C^ 
mot IT, ] tiUE «H BtT (kifirnv rhi>r v\.h»n itpii^i'-*' ni.H ImMIrktv* 

I. A bolie had oir mya osrcfse ii the George . . 

Gay £ar/ tj/] Wantryji:^ ^y*^ /ii Car tfV Zycn, it 
Crvni£^tt\ le i^^iiriit lAe itj\ prcc 

X Item, A Boke of TroyJoa irhyche Williun Bm . 
. . . . hath h^de nccr x. yci, a&d Ic&i it to 
Dame . , . . WyngfeMc, and i^i fg^ vidi; val«t 

3. Item, ft bl&k Bokc with the L^mdi af /d<^i0; 
Aj BfJit Dame\ lamnu Mtrtye^ the Parkt^mt ^f 
Bynf\rs. the T^tnpit &J\ Giaiit^ PiUatyif. and SaUtuij 
tht MAjIitafhns i>/ . .,,]/*? Grfou JCny^; 

4> Item, A Dokc in prccntc off the Tlejc off the 

5. liexn, a Bokc lent Midcltcn, and therio is Jfi^ 
Da[m£ sam\ Mavy tJU PaH^mmS cf Byrdi^ Bdiadi 

tfjf Guy and Cifibri>Jtdc, aff iht G^dt 

tk , Mr DysfalstJTt lytrtym Jlfipe and 

Ujy^ffyr, Afarr^itt^^r, rht Lygt 

Seyni O^shftr^ 


BDWAMJ> tr. 



^H €. A leede Boke thii Pcrcp-ill Restart gilT Tn[«] 

^B ffg i^4 «A/if ^ tJu Maitt^ iht 

lammiaafin fifC/tyfA Vp^tis, 

a Frtyier io iht i^tmydr CAllyd 

tkf Abb^reffshi Hi^iy GcGst, 

^^^ nhcicff ihcr b DO mor dc^ 

^^fltc w^th Wili^m VVorc«sUT t valet 

^^P 9< ItcCD, in qvrflycrB* a Bokc of the Pokcyc of 


to. Item, m f|wayen, a Boke df Sapiauia . . . 
whctin tht ij. pmon U Uknyd to Sapifence] 

II, Item, a BoVe dp Ocht^L' text and ijline, vdlct 
, , , in quaycrt 


Mcmcnndum/ mjn oMc Bokc oflT Bluonyngs off 

Iiem, the n>-we Bote portrayed and bhsoned, 
Item, a copy ofT itlu^^nyngs off Armya luid tb . • 

Ticm, fl Boke with irmyti portrayed in paper . . 

HemoiuidiiDir my Bokc ol Kayghthod uid the 
Bttjofcr] off makyr^ off Knyi^hts, off Jusii, oif Tojf m»- 

and chaJengei, tuiuia off weer, and jf 

Jp4pm[<M PriKdpum\ Talel 

Itcfo. A Boke <M ujm Sutuu ffiom Edvud the iiij. 

K » Dim ■■nntiipt-— g'^ 

*!(■»* 4*#v«t 'kn.mBBtB]tc«th«t lUl bf-ok ihaUJd be Acre mcntLotitdH 

■ JWfti IJ- p- )]^, iiUla ■- 

* T\tma birt^Q aic=(ia(*Baa Ham id |ia» bc« pAI*^ ai ■ Ui«t wtfiAf, 




Vbi^» dv a Ladt. 

[rrrm Feno, tt. 304.] 


r 1» BM ifHnM 1^ «nm tfcm «!««« *t» i><faui» ««e «M loM ftv 
* fciJiBMif, TWrAorWv* Imu 'nv i>i«CauAH« of OjEfofdiokiiir 
bnd ftfW be odiKd ilm4 jk itji On Ktk Mfl> Or th^r iiMy htm 
II Ilia apoduitian n( 1,y<1g>t4 wiiliiu| ID ih* D>ttMrf fcUrir pina HiBH 

Mtm If &««rH^ llvft 

Vfrsa nffitC^n by a iMdy in tkt rdgn &/ Hfnry VI. er 

in i9Xf€* 

lygbcgcod lord, moBitEnyghtlyofntyHknyght 
i}\\ IQ your mc# in mv most hunabyll *)<% 
I mc comanG, as it i« dcvr itcd ry^hti 
Be&ecbya^ yaw at Ic^sci to Advue 
Ui>on thys byU, and pnrdrjn luyn cnipiyw, 
Growndyd on Ibly, for lak of provydtmcCj 
On 10 TOUT lonUbcp to wry^hc with owght lyccncc 

Bui w])^ a man {s urith & fi!vyr sluk^H 
Now hot, now cold, as follyth by dVcntutCi 
He ill hy> raynd conjccie wvH, incl ukc 
The nyghrti luc^iit to worcne hys ciiyrc, 
More p*cyerrty hyu pfynys m cnddTC ■ 
And lyght so I, so il yow not rfvsplcaac 
Wiyght in thys wy^c my pcynys (0 .ipow^ 

For xr\\ti\ I cownt aiid'nia.k & reknyni^ 
Bolwyx my lyfCi my dcthc und my dcsyer. 
My lyre, alan I it aervylh of no tliyn^ 
Sythc with your pafryn^;, dcptrtyd my plesyer, 
Wyi^hyng yowr presence setylh mo on ()'crj 
Byt tlicn your abeenoc dothc my h«tt ao cold. 
Tliiil (gt tic fcyiic I nol ^ Dkc whcr co IjokL 

O owght DD .tbseoce, ther fooljrs hoix no grace. 





I mcoe iDjvyir, dot ytt co v^tt to tyryc 
Thejta fmt of pcyot to com on to ihat place, 
Wher » prewnct may shape a Ttnwdye ; 
Kor at dyseckM, now iyt on my folye. 
For I drnjcfT^xl 4111 tif your soouc mctyn& 
Thai God ) pity mc U» yuur i3i[:s<rin:c bryug. 

Kftm^, my lord, for J raay wryKhi no more, 
3i> Ui>v1^l)\I u my hcrt witli )ievrim«c j 
En\y'e iIm, it grcwyih me mc*l tore, 
TbaX thy» nuit byil thol^ put hyra sylf m prose > 
To u your lordshcpc of liys piciuinptaouanewfl 
Er I my «/lf ; hut yen yc slull Dot tnyoae 
To hH*T my htrri lo for my byU. I vry% 

Whydie I comytt and all fny hole »crry»c 
Into yonr hxndi, [!rtnra.nF il ix yot: ])^i ; 
Of it t kepc' to luYc DO roorr &jiichyi« 
Then J hciilc«»c mirly me ivy^t, 
Savvng ooty thai it be u trys^* 
Ana to yow tirw at e>'yr wai tit'fi, and plcyr 
Tyli cniell d«tht: depart yt up on iwcyn. 

AdcTT dy^iiorif Huwcll good compatiyc, 
I n all ihj» world ther lu no joye I wcene ; 
Foi ther sa whyleom i tyt witEi niyn ioe, 
A Iiuty lord kcpyng upon a Rittic, 
The soylc 11 Mjotc. rm k-iiyght^ thcr he seen, 
No l>dy*e n^ulk thcr thty v$vr woai 10 doooe ; 
AJaa, aofoe folk de^wivd hcase 10 aoonr 

Socor lymc Alito tncn myghi n wa|;ror rnikf, 
Aftd wiih thcr b^ivys a ifcld havo It ir)od, 
Or lU the Vnnmc thcr, tlicr picture for !o take, 
Hkcn HCT iKcy loofic^ llm low sund a& tycd* 
1 IMI ^ wher lA ihys world may he apt)red ; 
For aJI p;ood cher on e^-yn Jind on morow, 
Whychc ihcn hm noadc, now tomylh mc to sorow, 
1 iL»iiii>u- y. < J w«--r 







u* ^?^L .^,^'1 ^'^^L •ot':!": ' ' i,^ ; 









A,«« >«Sj,1 

BDWAaJ} If. 

r mmr mjravIC nor yw no vytt to jwyc 
Thcym ont of pcfnc lo com oa to thai ptuce, 
Whcf u presence may shape a rcmedye j 
Fotf aI dr»cuc noiv iy<: on my folyc 
For I rijspeyryd am iiTyouT »cx)Tir rnityng. 
Thar God I prey ate to your pmeoce biyti^ 

Firwcl], my loid. for I raay wiyghl no mocCi 
So irowb^d k my hctt with hcvynene ; 
Efi'^Yc alto, ii fcrenfith me mwi fiore, 
"n^t thys Tudc byllAhall put hym sylf in prcuc ^ 



a-D. i4«*J 



1 mcoc mj^ylf. nor yd no wyit lo j^wyc 

Thrynj owr of prynr kj rrtrn ftti tn ihat placfl^ 
Whci' aft pm«ncc may shape i rcmcd ji^ j 
Fo» «l dytcoac. now lyc on my fol>x, 
For 1 djrtpGyryd an of joui aoo&c ii)Ct}'Tie, 
Hxtt God 1 prey mc lo your prcsrncr brytig. 

FanrcU. my lord, (ot I m&y wryglit uo more. 
So lTOvrbl>'d is tay hvtl wJtli TicvyncsAC ; 
£nv7« aUo, ii grcnvth roe dkM Aorc, 
Thai \^yi rude till shall put hym B)'lf in pfdM* 
To *c xouf lorcbncpc of liya prctumptuoumcve 
Br I By ^\(i but ycti yc sltill not my«ac 
To haw my hcrt to for my byU, I wyk 

Wliythc 1 wianva And all my liolc ser^ryKf 

Imo jour Nnns, imic^ne if JS you lysi ; 

Of it 1 i<pt ' 10 havo no more liAcchyte 

Thto I bmltttc svvrly mc wy^l, 

SaLvrnif ooly thai it be &s trpU" 

.Am 10 yow trew w^ rvyr wai f rrt, nnd plqil 

T^ cruall dtftlic depart yx up on Iwcya. 

Ailcw (Ij-j^iOrt, farwtll jjooi <.'am|Juryc, 
In all ihys urorld Cher ift do Jcyc i vreene ; 
For iher as whyicom I aye with myo ice, 
A luMj lofd lecpyng upon a ^rcoci 
Tbe ftoylr is «>ijlc, no Knyghts ibtr be seen, 
Noladyse uralk rhcr thvy wcr wont t^ ^rrane ; 
Atei soQic folk licpcrtyd hcnsc to «oonc. 

Some lyme aJio fnen mygbt a wageo; moke. 
And With ihtr bow'^'i a iJeld have it trycd. 
Or at the TiJinc thcr^ ihcr plcsiire for lo take. 
Thru vrt (liey loose, tiiat now staiiJ iu lyed, 
1 not * »-Jwr to ilijs wcrkl may be aplyed ; 
For aU gocTd cher on evyn and on moro*, 
Whychc then wu niadc, row tomyth mc lo ^orotr. 

I iLcUtaM,— F, f L Dtft. r. 

■ Oivv, vlwav t^ irnni MrvkM ar »«a7.— r. 

[FfOD. I'iMw MS&., au] 

The kttcn foUovi&g bk all probably of the mgn 
F(1w£nl IV,, bui tbdr data arc quite ancertaiti. 

871,— J. Pjktow (or CnsToftfj to RtcitA>i> Ctorr. 

Send* three bilb of Jchn CtUc and Robert EaUe'i rcceipo and 
p*)vwDli bfDugbl \^ the fbmcr. Ca&nol find th« e>«w fettbiU 
ofCuTtr li«nir po h< Hh gitrn tha t«arvt Thv kr/«f hisoo^ 
U Yunooth. If jnm wcmld nilcviih Mm, 1 thiok raaMlt And 
U lt«re- Apeei Co JuIlji Wj'jlqc'l luili. lioiriiitf to beftUovcd 
jf 5 '^^ iSyibuppU af VuiiLuiiihi arid fui bcmw odivovd bv dlt 
vouun Lovodny; buL Jaha ^Vwim mnKi not tc|I mj lanfl bul<7 
to pay ttiv&aU 1 with %l\ dwi nrir^' m S:i rharij* in«lrr<i iatWij 
iMd Vountioy. I mid a «rur?nl fcir rhv ihrnTT Fo vam the 
peiww )d Flr^c ^iul VuraouUi iuk^^dlol Ifcivmi (be K-Lni; 
Ubd Kit lu tx 4i TlicLfvid OHttcj uu Wcdnadij ue^If Gate it 
to Simon C-miard, 

672.— Stk TiioHU FTtkr to mi« woftdurrvt, Umvut, 

QItIdv La u ACCDbiit of i)i« number* L>f lier tbcTp uiiS Unbt 
tt Spv&n from Dmvton and TaverliEua, uid llw*e with ibc 
thepncrd at Hicylvftian' 

Hcyludon, l~hiirKl«y Iwfon* Lady I Hy th« Nfltlmty.* 

rulkuljr too tarlr Tlii'intt ITirt nt VLcar of ,1ullHin Iji ifela] 

873 —John Dow^Tn« to Eimuftu PAaron. 

I* a riniple irrvsni of hk motiicr and inilla nf Wood UilL 
Cmnplalni of Will S;r'>T'n4n, whom ICrlinurjA l^ton vt\l kfu^m 
to harvljTcn "defiwlyf in miny nlhrt ihvn;;^'' einl htio roibn- 
lll» wlitBl aitd tyv. vyd mwn\jt Tiim E^liaiE unr tood of &d«< 
be bold* of Fftikion'* molhcr. 

Nonh WtUhim. Thond*r t^fort St Brk&< 

[fl?iiiD mciMit-aiHl* iJ riciivA mjt vi^lieli aam* lilt lacL) 
1 The Nki j«i IT dT :^i. Mwy (}i« Vtfiin, «[]i SfpunW^ 

The P ASTON Letters. 

Edward /^ 


A.IX 14^3, It Jiase. 
RjCRJUoi. DuKi OF Gloiic£st£r« tc» Lukd Nxyiu. 

\\tt<a^ Kcon, T, 300.] 

TUilVwwiiM ■ pari tf tf» PmWh w . iwao u J<t>a^ hu m— prinft 

pf ^tmm la ihi «■<■■■ a* a laiui of much hiAUmcjJ uiisrui Erom a copt (irca 
hiB |i)pl^ At*. Jahn Dned, H<Tftkry iti lT>( Scr:iflly «f Aph^UKnai Tha 

" ftAnQlr«awi*aulcii(MVcdpHlutci^t,Ait.iDiliun0» Ivf in the tnv 
■^■gaef S^ Wftlp*ff IIWI>e4', EUh , ^piT^k'W itn^«i | i^i j jf J.j|.n EniiiLu* 

laf j>jiLa|..ihHichABVHe*neAlcafitmutiiQmuLBfinrf BVdcn 

~ itttr Cu^iii* [Jieanot? Of PitfkuDp' 

f ^B *M» itjc U daa* HOC «pp«H f lauly «)k« tBU L«d WatUi wu- Rut 
■ ifcc VUKi VIA fuubl iu Libr Coilc >fw Itic jtrvi itbclUm dI i^ Ewlk 

■V ud Ip pf I1A bn.>cTiEr ^r JjUii Nmll, vJiu *ii» kkJi' «i Tuwin 



7^ my Lar^ Sfvytl^ irt Aasf. 

Lord« Nevyll, I r«commai]iid« ra^ to j<ja u 
tuiTtcly &s 1 Cftn ; axid ai ev^r ^t love toe, uid 
)rDurAwncivcAl>cu;d9Cciirty»aQ<lthu RcaIcoc, 
lUtLi yf come to mt viih that ye iD«y cotkft 
d«f^«ib1yamydo, in ^ tb^liftst lhaty«poc«yDle.2fid 
thAt yc wyll yi^ c^c&cc to . . - ■ • Ri«liardc 
RAtd)'^, ihyA bctncT, whom I nowc do acndc 10 yo^ 
cnArucied mib al] my myndc and cotcnt 

And, my lord, do me nowe gode servyce, we yc 
have always befor don, and 1 trtist nowe &o to rciRen- 
Ucr you 03 nhalbe the m^Kyn^ of you ind yijur?. And 
(jod wmdr you guodr forruDes- 

Wrytien a« I-ondon, ij. day of Jun^ with Uie tumde 
<A your hcrtciy kvyag cou&ya and mji£ttr. 

R- Glouckctsk. 



Not after A,D. 148$. 
EujUBHTH, Duacx»s or Sufpols, n> John 

^hom FcDOf iL 294,] 

rriB ii ft ItoWr^ Isw <]r UdUdv Duchw at Suifolk, iIb 
Eifvird IV. Thfn cm bq Uiile doubi Lhu iTie Urd Oi«mberlil» 
ta ii (bfl Lord nutuiBk wba Fb^ b>«a wv ''vqiivaUy BrtElotW Ik 4kk 

tehadHi kj. lint yr^r nn rK' I |iii ii\i\-. b? -ifiVf '^ ■h'* JVnr^Ttv StrhA«4* 
""'Wwl •!' tlir ^fu■>^4«^ JliIid FuduJI U|l yvuiiMf* tLVUiblr Mt ibillKl 




On tfi/an Purttm^ in A4$tr. 

STYR PASTON. I pray yow that it nuy 

Cc yfjw 10 levc yowf Iggcyng foi uj. or 
dayH Ijil I ntft^ he porvcd of anfxIyTi and 
J sduU dc i£ muschc to yowr plciyr. Fot 
Goffys «1k, «ty me not nay ; and I pray yow reko- 
iraumd mc to my Lord Chanibyricyii. 


Vowr frend, 


The P ASTON Letters 

Richard If I. 

A.D. 14^3, loOct 
JuH»r Duu( or NonroLK^ to Jouk pAarroK 

CFrom Fnm, d. 314.1 

Ur Jb^i HqWU4 «i44fria1*d l>u^« of Korfatk 9* ih* jJtl JuB4 ■•Iw ^^4 
T«a lilln] III lLc wo* u' Diavun^ uu tJi« tjiI Aufiui ttf» TuIbbs 
u^rnaiAiian b4n vrlKA la Oruttfr i^la. v'^'i' ti '^'V Ewbrh !■«■* itiic 
■ Narici dE iDMriKiioiu Win about b liLt plic* jd 'liOcrfW ■*—■ **'-l ^ 
«hkhlib«Duk«of tludliMi1Um«H tht prtncJMj Injurs ]i*«»qi<teiMfc 

mHu tlB9alabiiiil«flliHkbiftiAari^r«ilF<lirMMti, 

7b fltj' r^A/ weiddeved /rynde^ John Pasi^n, ^ iAif 
ddwTfd in Aasf. 

ECHT wclbelovcd fryndc* J comauadc mc to 

veil' It in auo UiAt lEic Kccity.'^shciicn be up 

in \\\v weld, md rtry Thit thry wol romc and 

r^bbe the cite, vhich 1 tthall leEt yf I may. 

Thcrcforc I pray you that with allc diligciKx ye 

make you redy and com bidder, &iid britig with you 

»ix tfllle felaw* in hamesse, »rd ye shall not lyic yowr 

Ubour, thit bnoweih God, Whoo hAv« 3^11 in 


Wtiticn at London, the %^ diL> of Octobtr. 

Yowr fiend. 



JtlCitAKD lit. 



A.D. 1484.— AnsTHACT* 

fFrom a MS. to the UodkiAn UbruyO 

PiDn»o fo bt iTTHrtfd in ut Aft of I'LTliAinnl in favor of 
Idus^nt. vidov or John PufoOt <OQ<blng h^r n^hr in (h« 
minor cfCailTt 

pTfcfcp ftmi n Biirir Tiavb fa*#n dnwn 1111 in fdrtnKtim vii^ unn* nnkit 
dtfBibf, M Wogcf TowBi— 1 wt DOE mM>Cia(ed Uof I Km*Mi nil Jaar 

A,D- 14S4, 8 F€b.— Abstract. 

^reo) A Docuacht truiicAlicfl by Skful/ord la ZiLk Gnualc^ at 
tha PmIoo FitnUy, ifld prmteJ ty Mr. Womlup m the A't^Jvl* 

RclciK bf Johfi, Dukr of NotTolk. a^icI Willlim, Evl of 
HoniDffbaiEiit ^ iiuinAEi hkJ hdrof Juhn, lutn Dukf (>r Scuf^ilk. 10 
J^Ui nUtOD. I^i-lr* hmlhifr *n^ heir r>f Sir Jo^iri I'jnior. Km^lii, 
cf all rijftt *r»il nrt? tn «h« roanciT oKaHTer mUt-I KM<^">rris 
Viwi, uid fiiTrsoiiTU ^r Gmil YnrmouthH of vhich 61r John 
Fikimi iru iltncual UQJUBcI/ by ibc uuJ Luce DuLa. 


A.D. 14^4, I \faf, 
^Tus Duxs ar SLrvrou; to Thomas JsmtSTL 

P'rtim Fena, tL 316.J 
Th« Due of Sufolk. 


THE PASTOH LETTERS, [a.i» i-^i* 

wc)lc AJidt atrcttif chAF]^ you Uut yr conii 
Aud \jaic uiitu ilic bnitgd bctof for moDi 
irT»pIoyM in our hotubold fW pouDd tliri 
leDA« UulUogB aod Joura pom &f «jch iti 
•4 we gui ovrnc pcnon liavc promy»cd, uid not to be 
fiiilrd upon our worship, Of the nhkh 
luxfij/. iuj*/- 00 by you conimiwd and r^icd, 

find i]x> strctiy charge our auditora for the lymc 

by vinu of thu our writing, signed with oui hftML 
taakc yon dew and pleyn aJlovanQce ftt your 

At Wmgfcld. Che ^Ttti dAv of May m the tui ycT of 
Kyng RkWd Oic 111^. 

A&d E&yte not on peyn [of) losyng offyor ffennc. 

A,D. 1484. — CouPLA-i^TT^ or J0H9« Pactok agai 

11U Ur^CLt WtX^tAJI. 
fFrom Arffln ChmFirr I7»»S7, IIM.J 

IliUBafi ftotD EliQ (wivn i1i>E Lhn HIA «ki4 hit* bSH 4nv* «p 
Daa'lr n¥* wwi «fi«' £ir John fWioo'i 'Mill. Ii u t rv"*ci*' in\ »t- 

KfiiiLy -if* DtU Ld ChvH vy. An4 #>Lfla of 1I4 turnaiom u* In Sb J«H 
KHn'4 hjrkd. 

All M Ihe wjd^ John PitfUTi* nov couiplrrnuini. wyth Hat 
J<Ain Vtitoa. fulyi ad the uaib Joluii wmsieued off the IMDV 
^lyd IlolUclitiawr, wyih (h'i[iputtcDaimca ia EtfodcidMaa 
pviiil^ wytb Ul Ihc lindiDH icnctHcatcif r«&trt, u4 vcrrfceK 
wJiych* sunLff tyme were |ohn |*rhaA, Kwititt Howt, i5*'^ 
Davy,* vik«* <iH !!ie clijfch* off EMloilfTiham.JlniV WUfr Dae- 

GtJ. ctany ofT Ihrn, lyov in ibc luvnp Qfi* E«tvl«iihani, MaM- 
He, MftLaEiiilcUcigh, aikd «thiE ig^vny 1 Atijv'/Drii£, ukdcoff lU 
Uie londii »nJ tt-ncmenici mrtitx tcnl^tt^ ind lyboia wj^ 
Iher ■ppuH«i4iLiiL<.« .^ullvd TtjEvflr 1/*^ ^ ^^^ CO«TAi off 
Wymondbjmi anfl Cirltmn >fi'l offlir tmffijn •dT*yy"& vnfdi^ 
nimc [ymc wei? WilLiiuiL Thuulon^ mod cIT tbc klic cfl oa 




tti^ppBWg M ciic«> cftllTd 0^a«3)i, '^V' *^ nllyd Whynnrt in 
CtnetOft ^^' tn hyi a«ne»np u olTfTrt: inde lo bejnig kwhI 
Ibcf oC iit> oo ciiul eDlTrfr<ik WjIIUiii VdTtunii. Jiiaij^ Juhn 
7u«d^ Kjmhl, Mytu StapcUi^n, Kajv^i't ■"<! oihir, ta be h»i!c!c 
•0 tfavOi aod W«]T hayn for cvbTj be (h« ft>f« wher oF ibe^ w«e 
lh« crfl n4S«d m Ehfjnr i1tcri«abe u olt Ifep, ■n'i« affrjr the veTif 
flM!bkfii1 tn fbnnt dffi3r»Tf1 irud, chr v^ Jotin FutAi^ fb« f&ifp 
^bMiBcd. Thit iT^hE oft riic whyiJi« inuiicr, lundK ccn?iiicnta. 
ftBiI ctkii tllE piLuijwUf «0I]rr ihc dcvin of the u^d JuEm rhc 
fail/r, ovttK l4 COM to lii« Wrd Jelm, timtf ccm]>lirrruanr, as 
•CBviod hfjTT off «h« Hyd Jobn Puton, lli^ li tuytiiiF at the «7d 
John the aajr made na wyfle nor mpncytir of Ibr a-A^nntl 
■HOTT, loodU^ tcoemcntei, nor cpff oititt the (ircaiyueip vTjycDc 
■Nixr, lun^j, «]J icDcracDUi^ uiti otbir the prnijucj (lie wvd 
IffmiaD Fulan lintb. uiA •{vrtat dw conn of iha Um ocnpyBEc. 
ho, th* (Md loui Mqotnth an oitatt to b« Ukyii In tbua 
fanrtri mnjFtMl (« Wi}Li>ni)lw«oiieford«ftbtoffi«K(i ntlf lf>mrn( 
Puton ly Ehe will of iherv hdlr >«viiijm{r tc ittc ^it will. *■ 
wd! AA fix tlLciae luudb (]ur u m ukulil be (^tiiUiaxrJ wiUi [be 
tt]L [loool ourk Acconi^uc to Fh'cur]<i]taT inad by (1*711 ih'cn' 
cotiafi of WUlum Puton, Jtulin, tbu it to mj, io th« niA Wil^ 

the ton, md lo ihe eyK* of hji bodjr, md for dcftmte of 

Pa of hEi bodyf. to Twiuyn fn ih'eypT* of Winiani Pftrton, 
lOB, ttUdl Ibc M*i TullTI k 

AO ko Ibo HT^ John rMitoik. aow ctifnrilcyii:LUQt, acyth lliiiE 
IbcT b« dMAr*^ ft! Mftrl^nurffofti and Ounbtd bv mcaue off 
lh'<nler\fclo« off ihcKyd waiJAia Iweyi) wAl«r dhJIHt vhcr off 
Icbe »ii*lrtyft Iter t nurkt Iw vrr AtitI ill so olhlt Iwmynff 
bt the unic ochaaSon at Oiuiltol Mu1y]i4,'fT^ri1, Siaruted. ancl 
OrvelburT docaycil to lh« Jiuri dT the »^ Julm Putnn off 
*'C fsob] mark trtiMlL the k^ John PaMoii d«syr«th to b« 

Iterr^ Ihe v!(I 5ahn uLth of tli^ wld WiTUara for wait don In 
ib/t BUDfr nf F^lim fnr IaIc of reiiarB^iEin, ilAL 

Icon, the teid WillUm baLh Ukfn aucj Lji*th of Ehc irannit 
of John Pailon, tbil ii 10 ■«> tJ bci nwnen of Fvi-iun^ 0(fnrd, 
Varbfn^rdv StAnitbl, ^iidllorwclbury^^cbe sIi^fF annl cr-Tiip, 
CaHlf Vid huldcnLeufii of ilie idd muiHl u »er« n;L^ryo ^« ttie 
ncpmon oflbewjil WilliBtn PtHciTi. fmtyiw, tot* left and laiyn 
vith theKM QTAiiirTi to the raluc ofELT^ 

IWci. tbc Hil John iLdlh to be rcatorvd to all tbs crydcncc 
bamtf r» The mucfi aforeiftid uid «th« ibc prtmfnn wbicb 
tbt acid WiUiiiB "TOdglUly wif!ioI<Uth. 

tt«a, t!iD »i^l John aiSth 10 by* poMfmim whif h he haih of land J 

b the manrt of CaaECf and vihcr man«n ij^Tiviii^iir'S' ^^^ [<^Jcvie 
of aU M£it ik1« Aiid mtcrcal u tLc Ktd WUliuu da^ to ny of 


THE FASTQN LETTE113. [a.0. mS*. 

IdTeiQeal la l^ faimid maucr uidnuuicn.iiLlikc'pniiduiillici 
bb cijr«flin h«t« la lymc piul icUaocdti' Sir John Putoui whiM* 
^R iJu Kid John b- 

AUo, tA4 Hid Jebn Pvtoa dctin^ tb« pcrli3naaa<:* of Ji*«B< 

ttnn'iiaunht iinTarrkir* rjimrynrd in iltrcnp Siwfmmrif* %nd 
wtiiynica mail br ibcflvlKioftliciTrciCDiilidit JuGvd, WDlkm, 
Biwctoppf; 4jf Lracoiach' >iipc3Ti»iu of Ibc tcotemcat of the *dd. 
VUUiffi Ptuuii, JiuiIc^bTtvU i}i^eucutoa of tie matt WUlkift'j 
]h>Uia for kcp/^ of lli« tn*« iaient ind *II1 oJ Ibv Mid Wtl- 
Ikni PutOD, tuUiO. nt h^ (he umfl iixlmtum ind wntiyngtt 
rafffff to be ichewol morr pLrynljv tliil] appenf, thr rntmi and 
peifonnurjcc of wblch vik]rD4f it inlcraptat and biokyn by tht 
«eiij WiliUru [^loik uict ma meui/a to [he hoii ukd (UhujI^ oIT 
tbeKfdl JUin ?uTun, imjW coruiilcjuiiunl off ^' 

Itms, rhf nrrirl \Villuiiii hiili, cmiimj ti trouuiJi (nd dfa^ 
•diincA wiwJ *nrl tnmtiMM uit] put ^o can ani c^ircf iJae 
■eid Joha dowc be tti? ipuze of v. yoi HfTc ai^uvLcr/ ud hotk 
dl>twlx:dc ibc tunc JcJuk 10 IaIlc 4ih1 pcrccyvc Ih'baui uid |rjo< 
Ifrttt crfT Ou Mmt nuAcn, lo the bmi ufl dmnagt olT tbc mjA 
John in deleadynf of hk rfobi olT iiad ic ibt m*iacn iiToTtstTd 
Of ij, nil rruul. ha^e ff^r, (nfil Eitfoir hivI dhcintc'r tIiaF r>i« 
Nia JiJ^ ^^ ^J^? ^ P^^ uDlDby ih'okcukaii AAorxyd.' 

Jltin. at;coii^>ne Lo the vtill cf WtUiAUj FutoiL, Jiisiice^ Che 
kM J»hn fciiUx ^D be f catotpd to wth of luth ^o'l'^" " ^**lb trtB 
di»p«ndid by John Pasun The VoJct, Sij Johu f vton, n«l Eh* 
Mid John iioir« cotn^IeyiiamiT, m iIW>iim, krp/ii^ ind racav*r- 
jni'offnchlondiiMWfn? AVIlJiflm Fairniijjusli<?«, which clrawtch 
above llio BumDuijf loV'^ 

Itaa. t^bcre on * Lomnor hod a cofu ia ^.e^yufi Mid 

And D,mt OLLrk in (he «idi« be utynuitori (i> t^ie ute of /oha 
Fanfon, fadir ^fftlic forwynl SiT John iiBii Tohn, ih* idd WtUiwa 
PaMon fniifirlmtly AFicynod rhc htld c^omr tryrb ihc Myd ninw 
^riQDncT 9^a Ihc J^accc of ibc kJiI Jolm ibr JacJir, via lud k. 
^ lili Icepnu ocitcyn ild/r^t imd did w itli U hi* plewnr uJokBCvrft ^ 
lo ilie »eld Sif Johii Puion «rid J»}u Futon, bk hreEbiv; MM 
■AcralHRT/ CoIcUca* houba UiQbtid WilUvn hrou^rhl thoMid 
colvr In ihf tjir! Jnhn Fa<iroii, KnwfiL ;iiir! [1i«t# oprnyd Ih* ipid 
Cofuf, ubeiT w^s then Ir-fi? but CC oJO nobliB whiiV wcr b^ nljr' 
Dfujixi iu vtiluc C'a Autl tiie ictd WUl&am tok« liter xlit icn' xold 
ftwcy with UyiJit ^^yn tIic wili of xiLt Sit Jol'^, uid wifh^fdilh 
thfl "nmo, vhtreui iht ieyd John pEcyelU W be re&lorcd. 

Irvm, [hr ifiil ^VifhQin tlF^jynyil tjid LM*e a pncr of LdwlA* 
■Llv«tuidp«n«ora.1l eiU fn^m th« tctd ^r John ranonand Joha 
ruAoi^p now (orapteyuamiL. Abouulh ititb kuvu m hr Eokc the 

1 WE\]lairi Xlnmck, fluhi^ □■ Lintoln, «bo Jltd IB 14^ 

t tUink !□ MS. 

1 OridjMlIv wrilien "« 7«f and morL^ md mnvcul 


* rubtradhacahteiudD^aCekt 


IttCHAMD ///. 


M^: Hduodd WiiUua t^I wUluitdilA ihff »iil Liju^n^ to 
iki wtifdic the wiiJ Jcdbn |jri7<iu Uw ioti«fC»tUT«d- 

llin, t^ Kid wlUUa f^% ja to bi» pj-fjija • chu^vr Gt 
iflw n tUm X. aiwke, «id uj. t«Uy> of rihvf lW vm in 
kmrnf df BadiclvT WiCcr, a I'rcr LarTnerii of N«f«ld), C« 
A^ncpi Elutf « cmrTn oxt ibald Iuiti? rira dnon upon ii« 

WiUUi PulODt JulM AAd AucDOk hit wifT , vbidk <;bugci 
mJ boUjv 4i* Mid WilUtfB fH ^ihhoiditb uui kcviili ubi* 
hk ««ii« M»i u>4 thvrfon the *«id f hAim ar not fcUrlM. 

iMB^ibCHid John ujth TAiliccLon ofiui^be tnpomH* dUuM 
M Ac aekl W^llBtak faUTic pui i>ie /uruiil ^ir li^hn <airji hj Ibr 

nakb t^ wmni; cf the hondo of thff irid Sir John ' vhkb 
wmmmm nd c&ugai dw mM Sir lohn vu nnitrfrW 10 d«« 
fa ilrfiiin «f ihv *rtd vnutUB ; v^a cT the add J(^ aweh to 
have amm^ of C^ roarti. 

ItaBtVr™* aKuob Kju! oininri of tbi Mnd WlJlJam, Ibetch) 
fivloba wa «caalicja«d I4 l?ndc ontu the RcrcrTDdt Padtn 
ii God. C«c«G«» Ut< Aic^ebnchop ^f York ^ inl irArh, which 
vttiMtpmdagnikbfthepinnru cfT C/i. The tchl John ulltt I0 

IlBB, tLc kol Waiiajn IiuJi lolljd lTntbi« lad vodrs iri thi 
Mapcn of the acid Joho^ thai it lo my, the nuaen oi Oiened 
«aiHarimfc«d,t4thebiinh«fthe teld John of ut/r 

Itvn, tAf MT<i John futon, complejiuuai. uitfa Eo be tt«lom) 
toillFvfdwiDanftaihirhf betiLjri »n^ rtjupendTd br rtlo lidi* 
aawuci Bii ha*c wx\ uaI^ilkI bjr mcann of [ho Wrd wjUUm 10 
oafivtc usl Dilaupt tkc kH T«1iil. nJrnplcTmuni, of b^ nsbb 
tji^iIrO, poticwyoi^ otrac, vi and in ulc mancn* londi^ aM 
icoeWAtn, t^A r?i>ier (he premyEHt duiyn^ the b-ydv^^er uuD 
t '^uareT. at vfTI u to all &7f he money w hithe hrn dyipendyd 
imne the ytift v, v?i uotT t ([uvicr 1»r rhp ^rmiimp of iba 
i^u ciiai|]leTiuuiiiI by hvi» ^t^-^ipict (u 107 mid ib)VJ ci^j on th« 
a^ Daacn^ ludai, aad IcncoLcntrip ud olbcr the pjemjwM 
tfo to Iwpa ttn po M M W O i t of the sej^l aompLe^naunT, vhychfi 
etievUch to the Mmt or iLV and ibove. 

Item, the le^ f ohn. femipkynMinl. aiiih m he rmioryil Tn all 
feT^bc (uoae)' b ludjc l>ciifl w c g j rw l bjr tiiC3ii>i ^r ihc k^ 
WSiiaaii dvi^^ tbc wyd *. yor auiflf a qoutcr, of lythc u ar 
«t hat* bco ftiBom or tananntas of the moiwn, londi.s and 
tw—ttrtit 9&ymrf^ ^aryng Iha aeyd «euoD. u well u to kU i7ch« 
nwcejr u ii aoi W^ble cu' dytf n of ilir le^ fenriLin tad ten- 
tamaa Ulyn in jjuveilr i<;i]ie the (rowljlcivi H'sixiin of Llie v, yvr 
Mvir a i^BBTtcr liabr ntoi«d. wliT<hc rxtcwlctb to th« komc <d 
CCF, orfcboTfk 




[From Fain. IL jja] 

111? )-■■< « MAnF"^** '^"^'^^ ^''^ y<> finite: -lui U p-utMiH mini EhV 
|iii4 Bt lbs ^ui <^ tltU litw Lwa iwrn t;«(idbl4 « bdirji («a( «b uh— f i. mt 

Thni-Tf thai tii,i[.i hiL«« ixdkcikvl iNa nwkiif «f *ialt > 

r*«Hv«*U«GiLh>k^ltnHh««4. i^'^n 1^* eahmam pnmmd m u 
M& biHl ki itiv puVMVQ «r Mr C W, McrKlL I Ibd Art tbc 4M 
Ok Iht fth NorrfFibfriflH^. Hv MU wu p'Dtvd «t flofVUlk « (l» lU 

2^ my ry^M u/&r4£AifrjuI Autlvrmf^ John Paston. 

VGHT wuEsclii^EuI LustUuiid. 1 icujiuauuJ mc^ 
onto you. Plf^e it yon lo u"«(e th*t I sent 
>otir dd«3t 4unn« lo my Lady Moriee* to 
have kn(jl^^;c wat bpoiU wcT liu^yd m KcT 
bows EC Kyritcmcsaic next fultuyni^ afiyr llic deqra^ 
of my lord, her hiKbond i nnrl «rhc :<ryd that ihff 
wer nor dyfiEyr^yngs, nef hnrpyn^i 'icr lai]rD|-, tier 
sjngyn, ncr non lov^dc fj>-5rjc>rti, bur plcyng 3i the 
UL^llySi artd bdi^se, anil t^Airls Swci:lif: dytpofU 
nchf gave her folkya Icvr rn play inH non oH}T- 

Vour tunnc dcdc hcsc hcyme [^'■<7^w/] rrghl irtlc a« 
yc *hal her nftyr ihi-i. 1 acrit ygur yongcr suni;c to the 
l-idy Subyllon^^ ini| schc *pyJ icocijyng [o my Ijuly 
Moric« '^yn^ in that^ and js scht hsdde seyo htisyd 
in plflocs of worschip " Iher as sthe hathc beyn. 

i pray you that yc woll z£xa to your some tojm at 
Ct3t«c to k*pe yuiir botty, for the raane ibil ye Icfte 
with m« woAl tioi taktf upon hym to bre^'e^ ^^"^1 =» y^ 
comman<lyt He s^h he b;ith not u^ to fivre a 
ickcnynj; noihyr of brrd uor »llc [a/r] tyU it llic irckys 

> w^ldnwor Wiliaoi l««i. UjtA MtnieT. who dleJ lU >aiti « Jiil» u^ 

funvdip llvfnlluwi/i} ^rmr Sir Kh^>iuil Kufuri iif RJIs^ihalt iBtamtt^ 

■ukceil Ui« uKiBC tff L'lly ^u^lelon. 
■ " V\t>i—.tA ^trtrt-W'y \ •'* Litikliw nf illUkikC-Hi-*- 
* Tv Bukc up bffmiUL 

LD, t«A^i xrc^A/tD Fit. %t% 

end ; and he «jih he wot w^Tl rhat he shnH not «*a- 

noc ibjnL Rnd I iio« yc shall be fajmc lo pui>c>e 
loocber :nui for S^und, for yc har never ih« acre? 
■ HjJU! rasu) for bynt. 

I bun voTf Uut r« shall notjbc] at horn be fgr Cryste- 
aes. I prar you Uut jx woll come a« sonc as ye may. 
1 duQ thyckr myself Wife !i wedcrtr, brvatite ye smiJ 
DOC be n: ho(n«, Ac. God hai« you b Hy> kepril^ 

Wictyu 00 Cnsicara* Erya. By yor, M. P. 

About A.D. t4S4 ?— AftmucT. 

fFraca ?MfiQ(i MSS^ B M.] 

nit !■ A pVA sf Doua nCoEJu la the Birura uf EfoniUd U SulTutk 
4jn> «iiiit U<Avr !<*[*, **h* ■■— UrffcjaBHHherMVJui 

Tbo DiBOr 9f SlarulcJ U m [h< ccimlr of SvlTcJk- Tht 
Mt«t« «r lltH mncH T4c«il not by rh* il#«d thai thv ^rtMa wu 
IiIecb bf at HsDiinfl^. in Norl. J but T claim fhii manor hj 
ojraiMMr'i^' "TtkinvQcU but ■ Diile lri>m Qoiirun'hanil 
IM £v fctnabmnlbngfc, wbcrc T<aur Gnec la avw*' JnEtu SakII 
li fannar *f tbia nkui^. wha» wbcn I coma to ^our C!!tiic4 jtiid 
«ft«r vy nttliar'f dwh, »nteasd b*fion jAtir Hrv^nri, l^vrt 
KjiMhoM ftml mthaTi Smyrh. rknr hp «« rnrf '^ mtnr «aate 
ki ay UOClia'i dayi, and (oak thr birm cf ine at IMI iim^ 

fcctoltcep t^ pMMuba llicrc; ajiJ t^cf he Tud Urricd t!i<rc 
•whil* ha took ■ ppcaa i aa aI Fh* hrmn that fia th«ulfl pay no 
■■joqr to •alwvlf nrrfhnnr mmrriin^mr-ir Imm y>iir f rTvre * rofi- 
UMyto r^idi promiw. by \ht fivguT of lomc folks i^uu your 
<inge qm iJcoDw tie hjhtli ;iitkl uty ucfihctf ftVTio iji ^j» 1 
ttaok, "*^**. yi>Li teal wtd au ihae Iti kccfj puunaign tlierc ; 
b«C j^or Cncc mi||[hl *end a ■crvsnl ibithtr '0 thow tho tnunli 
7«u i>i|ilaMU», tuanocb m h? htth brvbm hia promia* with 
yoBt Crutfb lod Ehieam ro dlMmtn. 
TbcHUun of lU»dIliuTy b in Htrtfanbhlrc, fow mlla from 








-"'"" irr^ii^^ii 













10 tbc p^caeuie or Gad, u»l a yc&£t ill txoutfa, tkOoour, 
And nature, y%k\v formkyn th^rc n-ttitnll coQtT«y, tft^Trig 
tbook fa«l to beuDiler ih'obei«auDC«of the Duke olBret 

laU ftfld iibommablf tor ihom to grannie obsen^c, kepo, 

Obdpcrfoanne, 9Xvt thcribre the h.'Lo\e ulierly rclijacd- 

Tbcscid Tiaytooni'scyng* the seid Dute Mid his 

CM1AK-1L wolde noi airic oor socxim t^rym ntrr foTowc 

there wBycn, privily rirpancd m«e of his contrcy in lo 

fttuoce, and* Acre Likyrg thevm to be under the 

obctMuDCC oJ the KyuEE* nuncicnt enemy, Charlys,* 

CsJIypg hymwlf Kyn^' nf Frauncc, anil to abuse and 

tfyode the cornons of this ^d<l RcAhnc, the seid rebeltcs 

nhd trntomn hare chosyn to be there cjptcyn one 

Heoiy lyddcr,* »oa of Ednwtid Tjddcr. ion of Owen 

lyddo"/ whiche of hi* -imbicioncis and insociablc* 


Ud title of roynll Airtatc cf thir Realmc of Englcnd^ 

vbcre unto he hath no nmner inteicsl, right, tiller 

or calonr, a* evwy man weir kn^wrth;" for he is 

dittC«Dd«d of bollard blood both*: of fisther side anrt 

of mother iidc, for the scid Owen the j^aunfader wjli 

httstanJ bome. and hit modei woa dcmghler unto John^ 

l!>uke of SomftnietT ton unto John, Erlf^ of Somtnrt, 

ttcnc ttnto Dime Kateryne Swynford, and of thcr" 

iadoubk " avotttiy \ad^i!hry\ gotyn, whcrby it cvidcoily 

\ FW^iitftl'-.ttwLutl^iikfi^anugdf.vufTWRhfVMVCfavtHTllX. 

> " anblcLaiu uiJ iDuCLLbto." A. B, 

** H*l*« loiT H mipj4 lA >a *n(l. 


ita turn ID Ibe tin] olthf lanjTapliItiiinltitmri A. 

M 7t^ diui BMUB (JuiLik vtlnlL'FV. i,lhii ■» ftdalkair ^ ^^ aiJiai 4r 
>fc^H>BMM> p6Jimbc*J KdiLiiBrr.— * 1 ■i](ivattHtnaniBitiBai4ha"Dnil 
^f hBK^AoUv •vowUTEF'ijih' Ii u ■ r*** qm«iw> ^fcibr* J aha, Ea^I 

i ^ ii W ihi tit trf rr" r 1i~*N *— y— » " -j ■f — ji .*-^-i j^\— Qji>tjfii« 

l«M ■tffc*4«l JMtftt Jr«Mf«', I U-«. 



appcriih ihac ao titk can not mAj [be] ^ in bym, vhfdi 
fuUy dittmdcth to cncrc Ihis Re«ne, pwpo«fDg a con 
cjiicet, Andifhc^dUltf atchcYehuJuicDlaitjaKlpQr- 
iKUCpCvccjr uutnis iir,Ub'dcKVaucl goddo idiuUc be in 
his tuLods, tibvne, and dicpoddoo, whoby ^old« en*i>e 
tbfi diftherutras ^^nd distmccioo of alt the cH>bl« tad 
wotBhipfull bloilc o( thi« Rt4tac for ever, osd to <Jic 
reiLAtauc utiil vr'tt}iHlotn\yr\^ uhciuf every uue uid 
QAtunJL Eiiglishmu] born miLM Ity to hu baxkd* foe 
luB owcn Mieitc d^d wclc. 

And ic tli'cntcnt tLil the »eid Hcarr Tyddcr myghl 
ihc fAlhcr fttchevc hi« taJs m;ciu A.nd puqxiM by thcf 
Slide, tupportc« xnd usuifncc of the Kynggfk Mid 
Auacical enemy ot Krsuncc,^ haih covokUDttd uid 
bfljgAjDcd with hym ud aU the couomU of Ftawioe lo 
t^cvc up ani) relnie iiipcrnrtijitr aX\ ihr righl, lillc, and 
dcynie thit the Kyu^es] of Eoglond hive, had, uid 
o^ghc lo t]a\e, to the Crovnc and Kouoe of Fnuoee, 
to gahcr irith the Duchies of Ncrnuady, Anjoy. «ad 
M^ygfic, Guroyn and Giiynr-, c.ij(lrli[rfi]And Dcmraytof 
Colcya, Cuysncs, ILimmcA, with the nurchcA apper- 
teynynj; to the uune,' and disccvir and exclude the 
umca of Frauncc oute of tlic ornics of FlQ^lond Ux ctci- 

And in murr \itavt- and vhcwuig of his tdd purpose 
of conquest, the *eid Henry Tiddei bath goven ju weU 
to dvven of the ^id K^'ngg* cnemyi u to hii tdd 
rebelled Ji^d itaiiomx udicbiMhotaika* buelK>|itiko^ 
iaJ ottttrr (Itgriii^ts «i{jmti]el*(, and also the docben, 
ejledoioez, b:LrQDyeA, and other potteiiionft lod Men- 
tnunccs of kay^ts* squyrcB, gcntilmcn, tmd otbor die 
K.jtL)M Uue *ubictts irithynac the Rcamc, and enteo- 
dfthaiio to chaiingr Jtnd Nubv^rtr ihi* hn-r* of the 
t«me, and lo cnducc and ceublisn nrrc lave* iJid 
ofdcaaurcea»mongctthcKyiisgi8cid«ubjctta.' And 

*1%«ba^Biuiic^lfeuiviB«petiBAl>HUk«if ''AiidiciliraBBVia 
luwv* lUBiBijH w ofAiiliiirpyiuUBff-" 
ihta^" til U «muu4 (P A- 

ovtrtlii^wKt b«ii?c ihe ^icnw^cm of aII the prcmyiscc 
bto the pouotion of the Kjums k)i1 ^uaUciki aaaajii 
TO tlw grcHrnt a^J^lIi«hmfIlI,^h.^m^, and rplwikr ihijU 
ever iny^^t iallc to Ihii* toid land^ che strid Heniy 
Tyddi;r and othcn, the Kvnmcn rebelled tmd Eriitours 
ofoEpiCHl, h«vc extended [M/fAJ^f^] n ilicic coniyug, 
tfdiejr may be- of jHJwtr,' to do ihe most cnicll nmrdrcw, 
dAU^Oeryti^uidrobcijv.aiaddisberuoiu chai ever were 
tcoA io £3»r CrbtcD rcamc. 

Fat ihc vich, lUjd olh^ ioestvmablc duungcis to be 
uchevivrtt, anj to ihVnlffnt Ihat the Kynggt Kf^iil 
rebeUeSr tn^tour*, and enemys* may bf utterly ptil 
from that odd EOAliciouH and Qib purpose ' and aone 
dttcomlbrtcd,* if thtjr CCtfoiCc to Und* llic Kyng our 
sovenlgE) LoitI^ vimhf charg^h, and comauTidiih all 
4Dd «T«sydi< of ih* lutunlL .ind true sttbgettt oC thiA 
bis Rcunc to ciaII the prctnyuet to there Tnynda^ and 
Gkc fockr asd tnic CnelishrDcn to cfxiorcr thcEOAclfs 
»fth all there powrri iKr ihr df'fcncc of ihcnSj there 
vilh, cfcvMtryrii »k1 godM^ ud hrfiditiinaeDts ayenet 
the add molicioiis parposcs «nd coiisriiritciciia which 
ibc scid AUDCJcnl cnciacs ' li^vc uaUc ^ ith iJk K^uj;);i 
(Hd rthflles And traiioan* foirthelyTL;iIt(1iqTmrao[i of 
ihis lAndc oa is oforciEiid. And cnr «aid ftOv<njgt 
1/wd, u a wch willpl, diliKcni, atid cofajfioo^ P r y netv 
vd pi^C hi,< tnoo?^ robll pcn^nc to nt! liibour nud iiAync 
nrcc«i;juy in this bchalve fw the rrsisicnpe and Kiib- 
duyn^ of his «id encmyi, ret>cUE, and traiconn" to the 

■ iiliJiiMilmji iiii A. ' fibfeliilMAt^A^vw. 4- 

* ^ilpUiiJ A. t^ 

I lilt luiicwnui aincEnrs 4f tJih L»de A* 
I ""^iJ kviHN*," <ii»H>J in A. 

, |V<*B ■rAf«l4, '«i4l 14 Irsllim-'l '>T ill' iii'l>l *.w.U ■.lifrHCj'ri Ij"' ih* 
■« hu t^lt^uiLlf tut wvIhJjI "di Lb<: fi^'^J'ii^t^li'"' ' "A|k1 AkV 

ItHT^ hbili tK \dur wilhmmi >*iiEr:iMr Lii r>LiL LkIuiIvc' Tlii) *imnl 




noMt GomTortev wck, and ftucnc of ^^ itis Cnie ami 
frhtiftilT fipg? tnfii .^nii siihgrrw 

And over this, CUT seid ^ovcmign LokI villith ttoA* 
ConuuDdilh »!) Iii» 5cid submits to be rcdy in th<3C 
moil dcfcDsiblc .urayc to do his Hifii&cs scrvycc of 
weire, when thy be opyn prodamarion, or oclii^rwite 
fihflU be comaunded so to do^ Tor the retinicnc^ of th« 
Krn^s scid rcfacllcs, traitours, and crtonyc^ El hoc 
sub pcricL^lu, &c.' — T. mc ipso ipiid Wcstmotustenucni 
miij, die Jtmij, Anno regni co«tri seaindo. 


AD, 1485^ AiTg, 

TiiE Duke of Nortolk to John Tsartm. 

tFrom FcBft, ii. 334-1 

TUi kntf nuir fv** ^Hqwinan In Aiirwi 14A4 <vm ^HttltotW 
liDdiaic'ilie EbtI of KJdiBuiid. aAcrnrdi MUM K«v« 

7i fly titfibeimryd frmd^ JcKn Ptuirm, 6e thyt i^jiJl 

dtiyt'eryd in fiast. 

r-KSEL^VYD frend, ! cumRiAonde me to 
/r>iv, tccyng ^'Ow to undymond thtf th« 
Kyii^:^ enutysse be a laind, and that tho 
Kyiig wold ha^c aci for tlic a^ppon Moodajri 
bui onl^ for Howre T^y D«y;^ but for scitea to; 
gothe feitward ^ uppoti T«ivRday, for a tvrvuit Of 
m/ae browt to me the tertenEe. 

Whcifor, I pray yow that yc mcl villi mc oX Bcry,' 
for, be the grate of God, T pHUHtssr :o lyr xx Brry u 
uppoD Tewid^Ly itygh^ ^^d thiat yc bT)riige v^ih ^o4ri 
ttcche corapatiy of toll men u ye nuty jpodly nuOcc 4t' 
iny cost and choree, be tcyd that yc have promysyd 
the Kyng; xtsvl 1 pray yow onieynr ihcto jaJiru ol 
my levery, and I vhall contents yow at your metyi 
With mt, Yower ioveij 

J. NofcrrouL 

The P ASTON Letters. 
Henry VI L 


A-D. 1485, t% Sept 
Damp RriHerrH Bkownit t\> Johi' Paston, 
{FronPuiotiMSS., U-M.J 
TW Hdn Cnob vliiA Ih^ kitai 1> ^iiisd taMUi iba tavdiqtilPli/Dua 
vU ike *ddmt u the l4C>*i^ 

^ "V rW'*' tffCr^hepfvU end hcrtly bti^vni ntvan, J^hn 
Potion, S^'yiT. 

[IGHTwOfchtpfuH.m'J my ry^ht hertly beloved 
ncvcw, J rcconiaudmc toyow, Andivhcraa 
vc dewier inc tu bciid yu« wimril whcUicr my 
hffjdyr John Pi4',ob, your fadyr, was with 
B»T fiujyr An4 nyii^ vhom God AMoyle, diiryng hys kst 
vyluKSM uad At the lyroc of hy? di«»CAS« At Scynt 
Bn^ or DQffght. 

Nevcw, I iwfttttyn yow iipor my Tcythc and poore 
bonore that I wan xmj,^ xv. ycror xvj. ycr old, ocd^ At 
Scynt BrTdii vnth my fjidyr ind my modyr when my 
fadyn U^l Jhjkim^c u>f'k hym, *tiiS lyll he w4* dis- 
MMSbl; -TDd I dan; dcpoie bcfor ony personc hoiid- 
abl« tiUt ^vbep my fad>Ts innt sikntsac cookc hym. my 
btvdyr KHU fadyr «as in NoriTnllc. and he c^ac cot 
to LtiuuoD tyll aJlyr IIlii my rud}r w;u diM:^u.!t*»id, ami 
that cui Sir WiltJAm Cootyng* aod Jamy« Gres^hixm 

oIiL Hid' nn u inuriI(i«vioi. T- y- K'^^Wf 


■ ItoOCf 4f :SvIBbWh CrOD HMW t4^?, unlnjl Irn |i«tII f'<,<li i«wlv 
*«ff- n* *H t»iJnliiif III ib« (ormH Tt'kr^t br I'^^g* fvCDD ltd Jcln 


S»> TH£ PA3T0S tETTEltS. t*-^. M*5- 

Ttcftrd, ft>r they baihe wtre mr ftdyn derkft at l^flt 
lyme. And 1 rcmcmtra and wot weU Uuit Jftm)S 
Grcnahom noa widi my fulyr at Seym 2ndn duxyvig 
ill hy} likncssc md ai bjrs di&sc&ssc, And thyn w>ll I 
uyftnrsir whylr I Icvr for a irrnvihr, 4^ IcncivHth God, 
Whom 1 bucch« to preserve you and youn- 

Ancl. ncvcw, I prey yow rccoaiftnd to my ntac 
your wylT^ whom I vfM be glud to fc onyn a yen in 
LoiiJGn, wher thy* byllc ww wretyn, tignn! *iih myn 
hand, and Kc;Ued with my teale [the 'I'hurtiiay next 
bcfor Whj^hujooda^-, the second ycr of K-yng Riduird 
ihc TlueOy the ixiij. tlayc of September ihe firai ya 
uf lilt rrya^iw of Kyrg Ffcrry the rij*. 

Your iovALDg dnmte, Ki<[iEA>ent Bilownl. 

Aia 1485* 3 Oct 


[Prom Ptotr^a M8S.. B,MO 

TIkti IfiUf ibiiM h>'Y b««h oriiuii tiihn in i<l) « lA ifM IIiimh* 

UD*«rfL Irful or Aunvy^ vu bkdii pnvturr at Lh* bKib si llcv*vt4 04 f bi 

14B}, ■! the ipcimniitf *\t ttjt Earft jn 
hfLjli>fFOiui( ui TM^k upon lb* iluoqc.' 

148}, >i the Ipcfinniitf t\t «tjt Earft jf»|mH«iKtfl, *«J 'bn I I — ■ / Vlt. 

|VN ty$hi woralit|jfLil] coiya 1 reconuwndc inc 
hfiUy »ti yoit, [hAnkjnji you of your grccl 
1i>kI and me 4Lt ai) tyoict, vhieh 1 pny God 
J limy IcvG lij see die Acquyccll thcr d to youi pleaure^ 
poyrng you of your good cxindnuMuat. 

CoKvn^ I shewyd you myn myndc that I «olde hive 
myn KbiUcm lo Thorpe,^ wher in, God yelde yottt it 

e1ci«yd you to sey that I shulcic Uivc hora of you to 
e\l> tQ i:ianveyc them ihyder ; hut iiuw 1 uiidijMoudc 


asj/^r rrr. 


mjo LonI FhtWaJte.-i hath dJscHftrgyd rajTi lonlyn 
Mniiintet thcns, n/tcmvng up on iri«ni thai ihey 
ibiildc Kavc had unfiliyng Lui^^e ol the Kynset Gnce^ 
CcayD, 1 tj\iK dut jc ax>d all ihc JcLCiluicn of the shirci 
vhich havr had knowltche of iryi; lordes serv^iunics, 
bm scy that her lo foi they have not ben or that dis- 
poiicioa to be Ut-i* of ihcyr tm^», whan thcj- had 
nuKirc cacsc of booldnri^ [biw llicy have nuwc. I 
woUc not hxvt thowghi myn Lord Finwalitfr woldc 
hove lakjm to fcrforth dL«plciunire for the kccpyng of 
t^OTxij. mcnAtXhofpc; ] wool vccUthcr exceeded not 
uj. meet' meet good and txtd, I tiu-^tc, all tbovr I 
we^i a wd wommn, to maynr^ne %o many at the lerste, 
whAt so evyr J dyde moorc. 

I miatyd Xo have fowndyn myn Lord Fitnndttr 
lictlcr luiU to nic, atyiifi whan I *iU( wyth myu Lotd 
of OneiifonJi, up on myn desyre And request ai that 
tfroe made ud to hym, he pronyved mc to be good 
lord TO myn lord and mc, wher of T prayc you to put 
hym in itiiicmljuuiis, [niatyu^ yjc be the mccue of you 
to ^nde hyni b*tier lorO to mc her aftyr. 

I hftrc (owntlc myn Lord ol Ox^nforth sin^^ulei veiy 
Ifood and kyadc bnl to myii loid and rue, Jimi tlcdt' 
£isi«; in hya j>roniy v wVn'i by hi' hath ttonue myn lonlys 
n^rvicc as longe as ht leo'-'vth, and mc lo t>e hys iTtwi* 
hccdwomon urmc ci myn lyvc -, lor hyni I dicdc 
■nooflrtc, AEid yit u hythet to I fyndt hyrn bcsLc. I 
pray ymi good cofy^i. the nther by your nie'^iic, that 
3 may havp the cffptindaiirni of hyu good lordship, Etnd 
to myn poorc power I tnistc to deserve it. I cray you, 
cosyr^ thill ihyy byll nuj (cc.onwwiidc [mc]' to nyn 
l^ny Prrwi ami m myn cosyn^ ynur wyr 

From Myntter, in the Vic of Shcpey, the iij'^* day of 
OctobtfC 1 l>my you ycvc crcdcnr- to the hciet of thy», 
auid to Thamu jcTincy. whnUi he comyth to you. 

*Yoiir fuythefoull t^oNycne, E. Sukjuiy. 

> J«lui lUklii; Vor4 rilff*«]iv, i^M *«* m^owii «* PflAiaaoi u 
■ A MH "TH h iiAi-rT </ faor ti JIoht^ > OfmUvdinMi. 




A.D. 14^5, tdOct. 
Tm DVKE or SurroLK to Jobai PtkSwjt, 

[From Ktsji, U. 30fiLj 

Suffolk itad NgfgM. 

Tun Due or SurrOLK. 

|1GHT wclbclovcd, wc pck ywi wcE And 
for A.-imiic:hc Ai ihc King our !sovctc^< Lord 
baili lair iuldrr^rt! his Irltci^ i>f comuttkm 
undre his acak unto us, redting by trie simc 
thtt hi» bijjhncsK undmEondith ccrtayn his rcbcUs 
anociatc 10 his old camya of Scctlond* extending not 
only to tmrtlilc hi* |>pax, ihe noTilcs anc] kuVJ^:ia of 
thi* RfaJme 10 dt^itroy. iheir gcodi and poSMSiiotu to 
spoil!, and rawuid ^t tbair iLbcrtics, but aIio the Uwa 
<u this lond and holy Cliirchc to aubvcEL 

hift tJiid tninys ftnd rebeU 10 

regist, hftth ASsiKncd and comaundcd us ic do a1] na&nei 
. , • . and oihrf? dcfcii^iblc Able 10 kbooTi as 
well Jtnchris M hobbyllcut' to come Wore lu and 

charge (hem airoed i;)d araycd, CvCTy 

mftn afbc hii dq^e aod power, u attend uppcm lui 
penon, afid uppon us, to df> him xcrrice in ddVocc tt 
wrll of the frhirU^e ju of the »ii(3 nobTia and ^ubjfra 
of this Reaim, Agamsi hU sadd enmja atid retek. 

We therfore widl, and in our said eovereigoe Lord* 
nunc straitly choree and comLturdc you, that n oil 
powible hail yc do llils lo Lc i^fodimtd ; — And lluc 
lU maner men ^iblf ro do ihc King fiemce, u veB 

■ U4lubprKuttlL 


i/E^'fY rif. 


hundreds, u wtfil within ImichetM Bud libcvtts at 
ithout, withm the coiintica of SafTolk acd NOTflblki 
and thfltthe^b«clur|Ccdiobc:cdyat lit tymcs appon 
an hovrt w*rayng, nnd nrclErrd ;icrf)Tding m thf l.-ut 
comiviioa tfbrc thU, to [ittcnd uppon hif Gmce and 
uppoQ u* to do him service. whaCiocver the/ >h&lbc 
comaudicd, nut lUlIjLig licruf, as >c null jui>wrr ill your 
perBt Goi'en^it Ijiiiy Simtion, ihe ii. diyof Oaotier 
Ajx) forthwmore, that yt yeve credence unto our 
setviEint ihia brioger, aa this tmmc day wc rcccyvcd 
the Kin^« wmmittioin at iiij- aftr? noiic. 

Suffolk, yot freode. 

A^D. 1486^ 9t Jut 

(From FMton MSS,. B, U.J 

[YGHT reveicnl ntnl wonHhcpfull »yre, in ray 
ntoci umbill w^ymc I rccomaiind^ mc to you, 
dcsjYyn^ to here of your welfare* the wylche 
X |}CKpch« Cod to pretienx to liis picniT imd 
>0 jroar hixie^i ^iesyir- Syr> 1 thank yoii foi ihc rcnj^ 
■00 tluit ye lent me; and yourc scheme is leylyd cwt 
of the ha^'cn* iS thi-j daye- 

Syr, I send rou be my brodyr Wyllern your »toma* 

dxre of lUiiuuke: A^ fur yuure lepiiel of vetvi^t, it 

H DO* here ; An sryihe that ye put yc in your ca»ket 

U LoodOD. - 

Syr, youf chyldrjti be m #oode hellc, bdlaBidt: be God. 

^, 1 prey yuu scLide me ilie ijuwild, tbul 1 apak. to 

you of be ihe nexst mun thjt comyihc to Nonvytclie 

Syr, yotir nrtast l^i/e &i Veriuovryth b Iciya to a 


ich»pp« of HuJl Tor xiii/. iiij^. and if ihtrc &wyU on; 
hart tficr to. yc Actuill have a iic»c oaut tlicr to. 

No utoi tJ yo\i ftt tliL» umc, but Mntyiy God tv¥C 
you b His knpyng. Wr^yn 11 Cutyr Hawitl. the 
nq. dav« of Jft&c*«r, Id the mm yerc ol K^yng Hany 
the vij'^ 

Be your scrvauni, Makuckv ?A£nj)c, 

I prey Cod no l^dyis do more ovyr com )vu, that 
jf;C.£cvc 00 IcoggAT rc«pyi m your outoyi. 


A.a 14S6, 14 Feb. 
AlicEt Laov Fiizhitgh, to Jokk Pactxw^ 

[Ftcm Ffltfi^SL 33^*3 

TI1W i» * Jifi^by 111 dHdbK drii Irtbot uly Ata lb uMifM Mm to tti 
Jckn I^oHoa U tiB* ««viy Ani«uuH« Of ba¥iu Imri vrictea It iGb nu 
i^Sft, wTiwi F»Trii, ViWMi UULIycMOMjJihaHlyUlBwMiBJifcnafc 
•nil llK4>ptu*T Bidd TJmiuv SiuJlt^ Dml ill iIhL ua* kka pwtt "»' 
tofaf* JobA luoa^' ubh bdK net t* alan «i indieHint t^at W v»< Hih 
■ ItfUEnkl f»f ht w«A m kfHtlUd II II «T-« ^'■tllr *f S^i>lv iu June iiBj 

Ilia vrlUT of Ibli Lclur vu Ibe vulnv nr Jianrr. L^ri r;ril<jrh. vM 

6i this tieiytfrrd. 

|0N PASTON, I recommauncle roe to you in 
my iHoaLc hcrlcly (uajicr. And wbtr I under* 
sLirdc be my aoghter Loveli, ye d^tyrr 10 
tcnow whedir I woll hive th< bujgjute ye 
mode fcT mc in Norwich or imyi &ad if I irol, 1 naoste 
content thcrfor now in meica ; Sun. 10 |,'0od fiiitb it b 
]to, I uhal rrceyve no rionpy of the revencffrse of my 
lyvclod afore Mydsorome; ; And also ] hfiW payd 
accordyriK to niy promise 10 Sir William C^bcU a greU 
paymcnln ihc which yc knoi^c wd Wft&duetobc |KtJile; 


irsi^/tv vii. 


» thit I CA& not be of power to coniccil Ehcrfctc for 
Ae vbich I um ri^hi 90fy, for I know well I tlutU 
ocver have buch a LulIBUW. 

AJao ray doghi^r Lcvdl^ makith erc&t nite oad 
kboar for tu/ louc iir huibiuul& Sii Edwaide Fnuike 
teth bfffie in the NcKih to mquifc fbr hyro; he ii 
coom agsyoei &ik1 cxne cogth uaderttonde wlitrr he 
» WhofoTG her bcncvolcD wUli^ bir to continue hir 
■Die And Ubour; ind so I (an doc depane nov leve hir 
u vc know incll ^ and if I might be there, 1 wold be 
^l^od, A» kjiowich our Lorde Cod, Whoo have you 

Flum IfOwloix the imiij'^ tUy nf Fcbru^iry. 
Vour k}ving moder, 

Au£It LAbv titzuuoa. 


Uaroaakt, Commun or Oxroitr, to Jotiif PxnoN. 
[Troin F«nD, G. 338.] 

AAA nvm^ VkHIM Law^h *■■ '^* '^ ''>■ pftA«pal adhnnnfft of 

MaiT ht Qf •! bi OHiwIiHAt fix uiv lintt *ni«h 

&/ Xar0cik and Suj^cii, 

[IGHT tnsti and wclbilovi^d, I recomitind me 
unto you. And foi xi moclic as I am crcd- 
eb!y enfourmetl th.-it Friiuncei*. late I^irde 
Lovell, IS now of lute recorUU into the Vie 
of Kly, to the crtcntc by exUc lykdybod, to finde the 
ws)« and rticanea to gete him shipping &ud pju^cigc m 

f Pitfiit, ^■kOdHVi ItfTtJ, MMtkd jtiiM, dauthicr uT AUm. Lftlr fi(» 



your cottes, or vl!ia to resorlc m,tyn to vcrntoorr, if 

I thtif'.it lir:iu\y ilt^sirc praie yonn .inH nt^-erthrfi^sv, 
te the Kingrt nume, Wfeiily '^h'argic you th*l y< m lU 
l^ocxlly haaie t'otletxirtf your seJf that a^Jidae wetcbe or 
oiher njcAn» be uacd Lind haJdc in tlie pooru, And 
crrt*, iiTifl othrc pUa-s wMcr ye thfnkt netcastry hf 
your diBcreoioD, co th« letting of hli&eid [ntmse; Aod 
dial ye &Ho use aJ th<s v^itifs y« tan or niaic by } 
wijKtom, to the ukin^ of the same kic Lonic Loi 
And whstt plcasur yc m^ic do Co itie Krn^ Gtswi; in 
this nuLlier, I jleu tare, U not co you unhrjom^n. And 
Cod kop* yon. 

Wrclyn at LAvcdhun, the xix. diy of Muy. 


A.D» I^Sfi, 13 Aog, — HtV&Y VII. TO JOItIf ?A9T0IV 
[Ficra Fuylfoid't Gcnoditfiy of the P&Uoa Fsfinly.] 

on ft lis. f^cLic^tuj^t o( line t*AkvD fanuTr 'n«e ilau muu b« titO. Ai 
)tt9 Puiod'fc Mirt«li7, 'Die inhKiit>i li 4l Ti4 ftVwcAiHdik «aiiu|r. 

Tfi <>v fratiy taut jofibi/'JVfd fiMit Pajtan^ ent cf wr 

Nffrffaik iuU Suffolk. 

lIJSTY Hnd welbelovpl, n* grwt you w*Il. 
Aiid v'hor^.ia wd icnd &t thU tiirre ccr Imtly 
and wclbtluvcd ckrkc atid couDacilor. Mr, 
KUnmiidc CniAjcftuji* lu do and ciccuUi 
certein thing* by onr commandcmcni in tho^r* piutlj 
like OB he can tJnJ^^' to you inore at large; Wc 
and piay you thijit yc not oiily ycvc unio hira thercii 
crcdtfocc. but abo. fur the criccLUAtl acd »pccdy per-' 

lUetardTUw f^alftul tf Wvw>;](, wh ihe hiH «!« ol Jcta «e Ten. Uit 

fi>n»UM< of t^t Wnc^ yc will be unto him from titne 
to tifiic m cver^thiafic ma tic ub^c bLjilI fcijuire^ ad- 
vijtringr, aiftmgr, anc 3S5i?rirpo, a^ w** ningitlirly mia 
you, and ju yc <lwrc 1e dc us ptcuiurc 

Ycvcn undrr ^ar Sii^nct a1 our DUinDor oX Shenc, 
the lij'* dif of AtigQit 

Tut Eiiit. or Oxwmo to John Fastium. 

(Fr«n Dc«c» MS. 353, f ji] 
frtui^ Vla»at]lL««alj»fi«irTiiVt»nii4i >cb&ll W In Eupluid Id •«■& 

^ n> n^ Avi/r and riihi tedbdffvyd CtwteeiAfrt 

IHN PASTON, I cynmuAd me to ^ou. Aod 
iiforsiichtith>'ngcuyc Uvc»cnt bidcr, the 

Kyng haiiViiuwkch ihcitif more than ascvjn- 
j>)'ght pAacd- ActI aa for vucb nunec lu ye 
have tent, nuppos^iif; thcym lo bo ^'cuv w;th the hdd 
I,oYcU, ihiy Lc jrni lu £u|;Uiid, fof he in dc|ianyitg 
tttihuiij. {MrraunyN^kiid nomoe. At the Kyngf^?( Ltim/fig 
t<i LoaJon 1 wold ;tilvi£e yon to «ee hjs Highn««, AdS 
Aliiiy^tiiy Uod tcpc you. 

Hnttc At Wyiiocsorci the jo-iiij* day of Jdiiuaty- 


I, i4Sj-**<Jciii)f, Pmok Of NoRwtcit, to . 

• 1 [FVftm Paslwl MSS-, B.SIJ 



tt Httrf VtL, Ii BiaA h«n U« mftiaa aii^vf *Aw lU wd AofiM* ■« tJM 
or Wm truf diie m iaOt- Mc' nobthiY it ■ cf tte Ian* rvr. u m 

vhkh ««iLi i.t han W^rt viaiMr it i\v icti *4hd t'mn cnpid A* KS- W 

|IGHT worchaffiill Bcr)"3» "^c rccomaimdo ib 
All URio you m ourc most hvrty 'nyw. Aod 
it is so ihat longc a,nd xnaoi^ )^Ey« iher tuiJi 

ben ha^jgyoff ftgrotC «UUlUkC« OM A 1^^^^ 

bitwix ATiiics pAston dcc»UMd, Ute Ihc wfflfof wiUiut 
Pulon, Juf^Lcc, ftud WlUL^eei P^luti now lyvyn^ and 
Oemcri Piston ^pcp^ikwI, :h<rr Kon«s, one mc oodq 
paite, and John PiLftton, ihe sone of ehc licide Williaia 
Putooj Juaticc, AJid of ihc scidc Anncs hu witT, also 
dtf^'ctMic], ;irnl Scr Jnhii Pasion, Knyghc, tlccrnsKrrl, 
und John Fuioa ytt lyvyng, lones to the sdd« Joha 
dtfcciuaicl, on tbe olhir pan«^ And na^ the acidc 
Yariauncc coctynucth bchruie the addc Vrtltiam and 
John tlut nuw U lyryng of anil upon tht- right, riilr, 
and poBStJJsicun of the rruin^fi of Sporl«, Woodhall, 
Pa^^mve^ Creityngham, Swayncjrthofpc, and Kst Bck- 
haro, aII \m] ihti cuntre of Ncrfiblk. 

Ukith tt you to weie Ihat the Stfide William Paitotv 
Justice, in hia lyve wot a specu.II 1ov«t and frecde =o 
oui motiaat^iy, and for syngcler love ind uvst thai h< 
haddc to be remembrcd amongc ua aftci hja JcccaJoe, 
not with Btondyngb[edr]ytdrtiLondon.yclhel>wjj«t 
his body lo he berycd, aud U berj^d in the chap«U of 
Out Lidy with inne oure monoslery. [And] the acul« 
WilHAm Pastor, Justice, oftyn and lUJiny lynica in hU 
jilryn Ejfe, the seide Annes bcyng prr.srni, hf* fhcA'ed 
imto the Priottr cf our nion:u;tcry thai was than, called 
Uawn John Hcvcrlondc,^ and to Dawn Joha Moktt,* 
that woi l^our oSicr, to I^ann John FomscUt Doctour 
of Uevyoytc, Dawn Richcnl Walsham, out «ciien,And 
toDiwn JohnWechynghom, and to many dyvcree other 
that were of his aiC<]ucyQtAunoef and that he hod trust 

A.iLt4>7'j fTBrnty va. 331 

unio to brckf his npdo for th« weU oT his 0oul#i thftt 
ircit llunnc oldc £idln of our moiuiitcTy, uxi ira no* 
dc ccMtA tli^ ii W4& hii \cETy la»i wtJI iJuL ou^ht of 
tbo f ^r manm w^iild hr prqirtii^ly intmnrtAytcd a 
Mn«}'a lonclCf or anniiytc of tuchc vilcwc, Uui every 
0QCbc rDOnkc th&t tyni^th the luE iuc99C in the tcidc 
CbapcU« whcT the hcxly cf the; ^ddc William Pji»icn 
ligbi beiycd, lachiald have thii diiy thar he langc tnetic 
t£er uij^- to pny for th« foulet of the leidc WiiUi;tmt 
and of Ajinc* hin wif, uid fi^r thcr aujiccuys, kynrcd, 
€OllWi:iSuynylCrair/iiytc. Audficudu, andforuIlCmku 
ttules; vul over that, ;i scrleyn Mtmmt? (jf money ycrly 
to be payed to have the obytt c( the teidc Williaifi ood 
Anno Kffy kept with ^j/^ and niaoac xd the seidc 

Acid it ii BO tiue many yere^ iftir the deceue cf (he 
Ihe Mide WiUiua, Juatice, iher wtw many meti Jyvyng 
faotlic of otdc btcthcru of oljtci afore rchczsyd, and of 
other that cumlcilianirwitiieaitr^ in thufnuler.iuidthjit 
knewe the mynde of the aeide Willbm PiMon, Junice, 
th«t tt wit bis Uflt wiilj of whiche mca miny uow be 
deccAued ; And no mct^xUl, for it b upon a xtiij. yerc 
put stiheD th« sclJc Witliim, Jutfice, deyod. Aiiil 
i)(0 the seldc Armes that was hva wif Lyvcd inor« thiuine 
XXX. wyctcr afiir liir husbo&ae. oad waa in singer 
Inist witli hex husbondc umI one of his canxutoum. 
ajMl w^le kiLowen in thu cimtre, \ woroan of vcntjoa 
lyv^rnj; uuj diipoiicion, and of goodc dLfncrionn uid 
<0DBci<ilc«> a&a knewc hir hiisbonde^ myndc wd la«l 
vUl u welc u ony lyvyn^ creature; ^ic witneAsod 
ahray that il vsu hirt husfiMndc-'i liuil will in have thiii 
p«ipGtLUll mesfc, and called on it all the da\x« of hir 
I;fc»And'xlso;ittchcTdccesac; and nchc »cidc that lit j 
wtt» the will of her hbubondc that the annuytc Khuuc 
go ouie of the wide manct of SwaynejiihrjqicL The 
•tide John Paiton dec^cCEcd woMe have hadde il 
pwrntedowtcolLhe^idetiiatLct of Crc^nghant^ and 
furotnc of the cxcaitoun woldc hai^ hadde the icide 
nieitc to a cooiynued but for the terme of iiij»' ycrc^ 



sfide An^M woldc not thcr erf, but aeiiM alwiy that it 
irM th« last will of hir hu3boe<U to hive ihe ia c»e 
iriAdc 1?crpctQA)l nnd th« cxccuioars tchevikl to «s thnt 
tbry woTili- *r thp wyll perrfonnnnl ^ ami tJiri upon 
fli« citcutoum, be thcr comoTi nsKnt, lcft« a cofrc with 
d grete inibstiiincc of wonc^r of th^ goodcs of the scidc 
Wniintn, Justice lo he ktpte inih intic out moiutlcry, 
antl loldr ai^d sr'hffvprd to us tliat iht tfitltt god« schuld 
never be dcparti'l fi^r hjidd« ouC« of OUT pljice tiJI wo 
wcr made tfurc of the fioitic annu)^^. And diuyn^ iill 
thai »£i»oa iha! the scide cofcr with the coodo wm 
wiih y^nnc oirr n>ora>4tety. Et wu alway sdnrw^ to liv 
th«t iho &d^o Knnuylc sctruldc b» monaT^cd m per- 
pctuytc, ftnd doryng til thnc scjuon that the Kid cofcr 
»M ID our place, ^t haddc money yeily yoven uai 
to pray for hh sonic to kepc [hk nbyn]'; Mid bo 
menyi dcvyscd with cute the knowlcctie of th« soide 
Anfi««, or of our o^ ^^^^ brethcm, All ^e good? thAt ««• 
in the fcidc cofrcw^ conveyed oute of out nioiuMcrj'f 
and *ff(T that derlc done, ihcr was no mote unonejr 
yavcn \ja. rowiher to Icepe the aeide obit, ner to pnf 
for the £otill of the sctdc William, as be the acidc 
c»fcutoure, »4vy[ig thjl ihc stride Artnca, durjng her 
ly>e,yttfFTi*orh(rowneco« if eriy to rememhre the »tiale, 
and that that haih bt done tythen* huh b« dos of our 
owne deroeioB. and tbif many Kryb thcr hath no thiott 
be yoveo \a. notwithMoadyng of our om devodon we 
have ri.*htTsid liis uairw in onre bed^ rollc every Sondty. 
And now it i& inforrrK-d iH thiit aA wclQ the stiide 
Willis^m as the ?cidc John hath pult all thcr title ftnd 
mtctetti u wek in and of all the itidi: ni;i]icn, loudt^ 
and rcnementys tu of ihc seide goodes in the avvde 
and jugcment of the Right Reverend Fader in God, 
my Lord of Ely,' Chauncdcr of Inglond, Scr Rcyncld 
Bmy, Knyghl, and in you twcyne. And in aaEikodie 
as u: be of our itiiiure md spcciil) frende^ lo our 

1 Tit midiia M htn Uuirvd Bad iadUbnu. Uing vnbcii «a ob v««>fl«, 


Msmiy viL 


mooatteiy, and loo^t ofqucyntyd with you^ that 
BMkkh nic And oil m/ brethren the- iiiorc bolde to 

yo* bothe 10 icndie the mater, jini to wrhcwe it boihe 
to Qi)r LokJ« of l^y ^nd to Ser Ktryiiolde i^v. that 
AtCC Mchc l^roc &9 AC Juvc the cxunyn^on oJ the title 
of thciK seide niaiins, thHi ;Le will tuuchi^ g^lT or ^our 
c>iarii« to ach<w« thU mater aiitl our intcr«ti ia this 
b«h^i, cuid of tiic Acidc annuyUt nod how that wc 
jLUjiht of nght 10 It&vc a ^Aunt cf it outc of (lie ^ide 

Acd in ihtt autcr wc hciiUy pray yon ic laJtc 
rcmeiabrauncc ccd «pcciall labour, io ihal wc nuiy 
trunC thai it tchAlJ not ukjpc your hcmdc!*, nowc that 
the muix^r i:( puilc in yowc; and ^1 our mniuuilary 
tchoJl pny for you, aod obo tcuirdc you to your 
plttuit A'^d over ttuktr tA 9chall do hci in »uche a goodc 
dcdc ibat God acholt rcwArrlc you. 

W^rtyn in nur mon,i*ifrj, the ' d*y of -^— ^' the 

KcUAdi: ycr of the r^;n« of Kyng Heny Uie vij^. 

By JoKM, Prior rrf! r<nnhwich 
And the CovenL 

A.D- 14S7. 16 May. 
Silt CtwuxD BKj^tscittU) TO John PastoN' 

(Fraa Puiofi MSg., CM-I 
leilr Jvt« t«SN fraj>a4, viKguni IfHk Ii^lt pn En lIic ttwvemciUt uid B 



■"GHT wurthj-pfuU (^)«7n, 1 recomavnd mft 
itn to you xi hcTliy as I car\^ Ictyof^ you wjtte 
I vsiA -mxh my l^ttdc '^t^nnic* u on McmiUjr 
laste paste, liy thpilf-iyirtifihcni ihatTmyght 
fiOl »ey ney lo I hcrJe all that wji* icyd tb^rC; tnit 
Ihcy gaalcr h'M arawnt^gc, wurJc, nor prootpc off mc;, 
but they th^night in «aaoclic a^ ihcy mue the beste ia 
t)\r sherv. tlut evi^ry thhti owghte lo wajte u^cl go with 
th«m. Wheno yt wnf uuweid that oore mdjter,' 
neKttf the Kynuc, h^v^^^ hys oomi&yfshoD, mistt^ 
Dcdys hAvc the jcntylincD And thecoaut toa myte up 
onhyin by the vcmi of ibc samr ; bui yt vna thoiifjfkr I 
owgnt not toob^ no copy of th^ coGar»iBfihon, vithouic 
1 ha4 the Mime under wcxc, where in hAthc ben gnt 
KrEument, whydie I understooLlc by rcporle a fonuyic 
p*sir-, anrl thftc c^irtyil mr tn nm^lr imin my !ofde TO 
hftvc thcrt^cfimmyitfthon, whychc he trnE«nM^ fliicla 
letter, where off I scudc you ihc copy here in closyd 

Afr for you, yc be f^oic Xnkyn in auiii pl^tcc* scying 
ihat yp iiiirniic ^^^ychc thyngra as y^ lykc to folow gift 
myt^cQe 1 seyd 1 undyrsiood non iwychc, lUff 
thr^lCe} lykc it; and yt yi thougbtc fne iotcodc 
to go forrhc thy5 jjmcyc, not no jentylman m 
tjiinrtct liui Rcbcti Brandon that hath promyiyd to go 
with th«m, a» they icye, 

1 undcntondc Sir Wylliam Bolcn^ ud Sir HAny 
Hcydon* vite At Thctf[>rdc iii to Kcnte vmd, bui 
iTiey tetiirnyd in to NorflulV a geyne; i thynke thejr 
wull not goo thys jomey, yff the Kyiig« nede, S« 
iiany was at Aiiylborow on i^aterday, I miut he had 
ft v^ytc tlieic to lurue a «ii; wUcr Cot, cwyu, yt ya 
good CO »rdfreiond«' the sert^nte vrhat Jrntylmcn 
intende to g90> &nd be asfiuiyd to gi> logethei, thit 1' 
nii>y ha^c >*Tirde ; my co«yn HopiuQ haihe pioiny^ 

Wuliii R-ii.Iin', LwiiirJi4*iitlcr,--^fTCMV^dni UuoUtfaiftHiftBT 
tA Wrtry vn_ I. pa, nf- 
« IVaUMv -lie IWL *f OtCvnl^^wMM Ufl^r, 

tKa Ci7f«<iBi!on a'ftji'btH til. Ht iIih in t«n; — r 
' S-i llfciy t|<t<J<M> ^ EUcciMiharpi Kai|[1tc Idd bntt iicmrd of ■&■ 


ffs/if£r VI 1. 


tluit be wuU be ooQ As Toic Wynoar. he «c>tbc he 
wnD br clf (hr sirnr, but \ (An hAve no holrtf- 

Fuithamoni own, yl yt acyd that :^icr m/ lortlyi 
deptftyng to ihc Kynicc yc i««tc mctlc at BBtkif^, 
wbyvhc fs conttiuid iIjai >'g hjid bco with ihc LAoy 
LotvU, tit TrtUihcKryd never well; andin asniodicas 
wc utidenton^e icy lonJyK plcsuf, yi jb well doou we 
<lde vy^ly ihcraftcr. And* nexie to the K^ugc, I 
uunvefd pleynly I v-u bowutle ic do hjm service. jjuI 
to fiiltfy-lle byi comAundment lo ilie ulterrnm off my 
povcre, by the gia«« off Ocd, Who ever preserve you 
to Hj% pJer^ur. 

Wr«y« At Oibutgh, Uit 3tvj. day of Mftyc- 

YoiiT cosyii, fi« BcDTiuarELEj.' 

A.D, uS7, May? 


[Fmn Putcn MSS,, RH-l 

71a M& frvD vfiich iKn ttttcr wikpiiTir^i wu ondm^tlktupy h'b 
ll^Mr. wtillfc *M ■■Ehu J *■ Ifc* £ — ■■* >ig^ Pr^ti i*!)']-**** vjltl UW «v^ 
[Abltiiy UhI ibewUBrwu Aa tul el foiuT*], but iho Ml^ bung Kiiy* 
nar, iMTf !■ Bfl tly hi** i m at mL Cowi'Mtcn of vn^ w«ra ivuc^ Qh 

ilia T<b Apdit E40r '^u llv ODUBttoi of !tuJfalk, K^oUi, ajiiI l!^wu, uLiN 
i«u*0 vlmn Hu J-vIn Pbibuk'^TA Piuoi KiU, ■ Bea- VJI-, p *. 

|HERH AS I undcntonde by your late wry tyn^ 

Mil lo mt% limf yr havf vy^^t welt endevml 
you to ih'exeeuiitor <if the Kynges comission 
and comjiwndmcnt, in r^rcpnryne your telSc 
wttli the jcntylmer iJid oibci of the contic^ to be 
rcdy ID do the Kyng srrvyf.r, whychc 1 h;ivc shewid 
vn to the Kyngta Hyghncsj to that by? Grace ys ryght 
weD content and ryght thantiii% Acecplyth Ihc souic^ 


THE PAfiTOir LETTERS, ^n, u»f. 

undcraionclynKe ihc rygr^i good njndyft and djopod^ 
srhon n? you niid ntf iiihcr jrniylmai thefe towudcs 
hyi Gncc. How be ji, hj^ Hy^ines wuU not 9% xytte 
puj you to ony further lobar or change, for somochc lu 
nys ccbc.lfys ;uid cnciDVcs be in to Itlaadc ; ncvcrthc- 
\estc hy?i CmcF viill :b:il tlic <.^iitn? he mljr af dU 

^mb to do h}-s tlyt^hnei i«iv)^« u^ on resoDabull' 
woRlimfi; toriOTnochcnfl ihi: Kyngcs Onc« latradytbfl 
ixj uia-kJc piwyiycio to iicndc an ^uixii in to Iiltxidc tn 
h^istt, Dui knoviyu^ as tytte vr\tr\hct that yf^ and other 
aboute )'ou Bhflll bo dvsyiid to b9r« ony chtrgv tfmt 
to or nci> And who'C as yt y9 nicrvcliyd IhRt ye had 
not the Kyngo coniyuhon, uAdcf bya gKi t/oH^ I vckI 
yx ici you with ihy^ my wrytyrg, w^lljitgc ytm nai to 
precede further to «ny cxccuiihon ihcrotT lyil swrch^ 

re OS ye have other wise tn eomawndmenc, uvcy 
ikyng heityly the jentylmcn, ami ill oihci for ihcr 
good wyllys touinio mc 


A-0. 1487 or Ulrr. 
DamK Bu2AB£'fit Brkws to Sir JoH^r Pa^tok. 

[From Paitoa MS3., D.M.1 

Fri« diUtt IU> ItLtcf ">b[i<4l IhiST'" 
Ihitl T>U. *"1 K:iy b* B taw ji#o™ labT 

Tit trtjf ryith jtvt ihapfuU jott, Sir Ji^n Dui4n^ hiJ^- 

hyil dtiyvyrd in hast. 

|YTH irorchupfull son, I recommend m^ on to 

low and to ray lady towyi wy^and ihankyM 

low luriiyly fcrr the jjreit kl^r iluit xe had 

on Tlioryu day ftjr me, aiid for xo*)t kyitd- 

neft; for and odyr had don oii* ic dec!» I hu<i hml tuy 

purposj qweribr I prey God do be them aoc they do 


HSfrnv viL 


SoQ, I imust ptcy xov U^ hav« a dou«j-n men in 
harcprs, wi(h boirys Ofid *ep3fti CCnvcnycat for ihcm, 
Uttt I oasj fcclic my «»lich jgcyu. 'iltc HtiuL-vv^ aum 
vutv hen vytbc mE, 3md [J. on yo^ym, b^ wyia h« y^ 
»d h« hitth DMd cne fcythful promvi Uut bt wot b« 
wytb nic A|;cyn on Honda)', txKttXoT I prey xovr 
h&ntyly, son, and rft|wrrc row tlut aowyr men may be 
wyxfa fnc on Mcndiy, u my worry trofl y« in zow, qvro 
tknowytb blyA«yd Jcsu, Horn haff xow And lonyr in 

Be lowyi trew modyi, 

Dam KLYSA&n'KE Bunrmi. 


Aboui A.D. 1488? 
Dahe Cluabetii Brews to Sik Jouk Pa^tox. 

p^ram PuloQ MSS., aU-J 

Vbcoi the |t*i( >4E*. fhfii :»i: Ji^lui r^Jilva *«• ki 
UrilUmb Bk«> died. \iV\t ^riei p<>rt ttf ibclAEri 


jjMiflTj ■>•« t^C'Koi the |t*i( >4E*. fhfii :»i: Ji^iui TfrJiiva If 4* kaj*hn4 
"' lUmb Bk«> died. If iFie ^rief p<>rt ttf ibclAEriviitn 
.1.4f]), d*i <v^4h Eh> ]]>i>.-4 ^r i-'liMivf 'iyhm t'vn 
tX<m>' 1^ *^"[< li|d«tidE»IV Dbudt flic EiJiJ uJihe pcvr H*^ 

it this JelyvfTii^ 

|IGHT wornhipl'iil] ^on, 1 fccommftaDd me unto 
you and to my lady my doughier your wyfe, 
aod I send you both Grilles bt^yng and 
uiviic. Aod, soa> I tlunk you heitcly for 
my loit, U'illum lir^'wn ; and 1 moiiic pnty you ftd* Ifie 
rtvereoa of Jcfiu to help Kym for your len^unics and 
myoCi 01 cu John Dynnc vnll oAwer rcwle them. 
And, SOD, God thant you, yc hdpyd ona Whytc of 
Mrtfflri, ami w> I must bp^ethc you nowc tc do, and 
Uk>t it wold picafi >-ou 10 gyilt? crrdans unto Ihe Phour 
of die Wyhte Ftcns, tor 1 hove Bbewed unto bym my 
inyad ; uul u yc do, I bold mc coaLenL 
III. 2 



And, ton, we bdys and j«ntii women in this contrey 
that U trcdiDva, be ^aic ucb^vld ^th the Byssbop ol 
Cheater,' iintl hasViih <if us marc tlun wc majr par. 
inc! ihit kDcrwuh All myghty J«u, Who hiv* j-ou in 
His Wywed k*pyng. 

£c yc>UT modcrt 


A.D. 1486-95. _ 

Sir JoiiN Pa«on to Dame Mahcitry Pastov* 

[Trora Putoa MSS.. B,MO 

itala lam tttn f4t<itlf- 

7b Dame Margery Pastcn, at Ostenhtd. 

.STKE^ MARGERY, I recona*nd metoyow. 
And 1 prey >'uw id all \\^\ ponybrll 10 Kod 
mc, by the DCiT Bffcc messcngtr that ^ ciui 
getc» a large playiier of your^tuy muq^si/si- 
j'^im for Kyng*s Aticrnc)', Jairys Hobart, for all hj-f 
dyseasc is but ;tTi nche in hys knee- He U the cun 
thai broLiglit yow aud nic logedyrs, aod I Lad leva 
lher> tlA' ye Itoud with youi pbysirr depart hym and 
hyspcyn^. Bm n^hcn ye serid tne the pUyst^, ye ftutl 
aenn mc wryghtyng bough it shold be Icyd lo and 
LtVyti fio bys kncr, And houeb l"»ngc il shold abyiJ on 
hys Icnr urirrmryyd, onit hmigh tor^c the pkyitrrwyl! 
lute j^ood, And wbctb}!* ht? must kpe eny mote c^hjf 
ftboutc ihc playster 10 kepc ittnurme or noughL And 
God be with >oir. 

Your^ Jo«K rA*TOi»- 

1 lit* Ulahnpfl «f f^tfrn^^Tf ■"■■ LirhftvU »«« dftv* a>b>l lliboft aL 

*.a l+fT tSD») UBKJtY VJI. 



A.D- i4&7'i5Ga. 
'rui Qucuf TO Titu Karl or Oxro^itr. 

[Fmin PfstoD MSS^ U.M j 

Mil qiilH laccFUiEi in ^%\ oi ,uie< uofpi \\g*\ iher Cum ba culkrr 
ibAfl j^Or. irlkM Kip J<r1ia P»iin ^v knifkred. i>or W«« ihiu 130^ »& 



|YGHT Inisty and cntierly tii^Iovcd cosyn, w« 
l^rctti 70U wctU lallyng r^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^ 
commca un u> oljc koowlcge tliJti wlicic u 
mnrwlycrtred uprm ourewclhrlovrrt S)Tfion 
Blyuit, ^c^^'nUTi, in lo ihe nia.ner n\ HcmnaU in 
Cotton, descended and bc1ong)'ng unto bym by right 
of CDlieritAuntc, its U U bcid, xc thcr upon dcsli cd ilic 
•lUiK'SymnrL tobcftgreftbte fftrhyspstn lo ftEUAll maten 
of VKjijuicc thvnnc d«]>eodyDg itwere hym and oon 
Sir John P^ton, Koyghl, prctciidyng ci lillc ttmo the 
teid nuDCT into th'^wanJ uul juj^ement of two Icntrd 
men, by you named anrl cho£cn m arlmirouTt atwcne 
them; ind in ct£c that ihe umc oibriirotit? of ind 
apon the premisses neither ynvc oiitc nor made audjc 
avr^rdc be for tlic brckjiig up of Pajche [EatiFr] tertnc 
now*;!atrpisied,acoryoiircjwneoffrtf graunted and pro* 
iny»d unto the icid Symon^ ** «« b« enibmied, ic 
rcitore hyin Ibrwyth there upon usto hy^ po^sc^iaioa of 
tJie Ku\ miner. Arul huw ii be ih^i ibc name Srnion, 
At youre modoa and for the pl«sir of youre loT^ihyp, 
OS he aeith, aggreed un to the »cid cotnpromy<«, uid 
ihcr upon brought and shewed hys evydencc concern- 
yu^ and suflittcully pitjvyrig liys ty*;lit b llic Wid 
mner uo to the seid wbHtronn, ami ibar thry have 
not made nor yoldeu out LitrtwcD^ tlie Baid partict nny 
sudicawArd, yet have nol icieatorcd the wmc Symon 
mto hys pottesfion of the tfid iQAncr, hut contymicUv 


kq^c hyrn oirt of the same* wich, yf it so be, b sot 
only iQ hyi right grdc hiut md hkcicnLUCCC, btil also 
ourp mrrvaJe. Whcrfore we dtnitc ami p«y yoc 
ryght ilitectueusly th^t sc vol! the nuhcr ait the co»- 
tdspladon of thees oure lettrest »b«^ tinto the «4u:l 
SycnoD, in bys ngbUiiU mtere^^c and title in Ukc %cai 
mifitt nH the fiivonble lordshyp thftt W goodely miy, 
doyng liym to be restOTe^t mid put ii: <<3 h)-E lawluU 
«Bd pea^ible poascssioa of the »iEie, u fer M rcuon, 
equite, and good ccnscicnce ahall ic<iutrcp ADii jwm 
seid promifie, irt eudie wyse t>i3t ht; may uodyrstoed 
hyiD ttlt9 herynnijr lo fare the better for oure sake, u 
OHM VttfTfty tnut ie in you- 

YrvcT»wn(Jero»i«signclftt ray Lorde« PalotiolWcA- 
myTijRtT^ the uv. day of Juyti [ELKiKBimL]^ 

Sutekiybyd irilb the Qaoqrk LhkI 

A.D. 1457-1501. 

Thb Ejtai, OF Ox»-OHP to Sir Johw pA^rex. 

|Fioa Doom MS- 193. ^ 84.} 

IGHT henly welbilovyd, 1 grete fou wele. 
And where Sir John Howard, K&^-gbl, Sir 
Gilbirrdc Dcbeuham, Knyght, ^tderllh jrrtc 
fdoship of men, piirpoiyng fin Mondiy n^tt 
comyng to txEce stresses or the Uidy Roos; OJQd Idente 
that they imdie the ccbur of the sjune entendc to set 
on Cotou, and to gcte il If they may ; I Ihcrfor ooun- 
celle you to sende dowtie a certeine of foxir men or 
cUet: come your Bille for the save garde of the u£d 
Cotoa Abo that yc ycvc credence un to the brjogcr 
hciuf- And Our Lome kepe you. 

Writyn at the lodge in Ljivenlum the last dajoT 
Juylle. OxYwrowx 

1 l^nuDe1iin1au1ii4,tl^rrvnn(ituracWr.lnlfiM«i3»<rfpmcBHlM 
■f lb* (jbHD'i ligDainrt vfuch n loDM^hii nxeabl*. I'M Vrlaq^ BH 
OWTT. Il oHHtJ cut li u lwImIi^it iJh wA uI i^ ihh fH lAU w«nc *| 

VCnl bAtfliw. L^u^ I^MV m in a nUaJIffr boflil 




ffEKJlV Vll 



Kot bcfort .\,D. J 48 7.^ Abstract. 

[Ffcm Fasidd MSS., B-MJ 


V««r EiraNir of MitiiUhy h^t not elTai nrctr onJ fAid pound' 

KlirliioltW. AbeminfU, IhopBToo wilJ noEfncvu*^ 
, «hf n tie Btlli TDO Be owet me 00 dof^, uid fhir he look fun 
ny "noch" Tuc twaxfjan, tfnl (diIt id lort; u hccuuUimel 

gronhit c4irir fAna ii prvul of tmclcnt iJcmnDC- Your trnwU 
Wiiplitn of me wtthoiil aoH. I hope jaa vill not b^ditrlHiH 
ittmti \httn tfraplyf^r «het ^idne in mr. I nerrrutd **iliflr 

>if ui do ajr Ixtl fin ytfU. u any ^nr 1*^11 iImjuui \\\ Nvifvlli. 
I prtjTou brwfz fortli laru^iscr ttiu I ouj come to my »o* v«r, 
iDd booiT vho vould muo wluice bclweca tt& 
Onoeiby, 24 UcL 

ITTic Min «f (liiK If (i«r 1^*1 Fobeit (^ip aT Ormf s^y. who km kalgtiivd 
htfDD, Ulrl IFljI llu ^.T jiibD itldzeajd niiLiE hKV< been Au^eCAl 


■f <f M«ulilvdc#«ndi^. The iUl4 

4 tbcnfocQ, a4t 


A,D. 1488? 7 ApHl- 

[Fiom PuLcm Af i^S., a M.J 

««ilUr ihu rjn Ii k k**T«tr, bm iiBllkfliv lo Uj« betJi whrco in 

pBl T***' * e«f_V IWQ T«Ui lolv- 111* *r:Ear, Lzird FirrwaJlar, n 

Tf my FVihi HforthiffuU tosytiy Syr John Pasfffti, Kn^Uf 
Jtf iAys iittre ddyvirtd. 

IGHT wowhipfull cojT^-n, in my mOBt bettf 
wiac 1 Jcommcji^d nuc to you. And when I 
Lun eafonned ttut ye hare tak>ti a dMthnia« 



within Uic [Du]ch7 of I^nkutir for sucKc money 
u; was fxiiiimytig townrd yoii of ryghl fat the lyttic 
that fe were thirycf, mc ficnc, cocyn, jre aught doI 
to take it WTthio the »id Duchy of noon anncfcti 
dctncnc holdya upon the King; for thereto pUcct 
iDow lo gnriir it ix^tnk without the uud «tiocyca daaokt, 
and K v« ctonot lo«c iL And alto, cosyn, I am 
coTormcd that it 'm poicd alicdy lo ood Joba Buium, 
which vt of surTKycQcy icov^ I-or whichc <au3c 
TUfsemytJie it wvme r«sonir to levey it upon hrm than 
ihcr wh^jre aa is noon aucioriitf" to levey it upon. 
Whdfore, toayHi 1 pray you to be Kood miattx for 107 
ttkc U> Uika pore tQCu. wbidic be cEc Ktnge IcnaiuCi, 
tad [OBhevthfm ih^favcirtnhar yomny. Audi tiull 
bo u glad to do^ vou a& ^cl picture xn t>Tae ooomjiigt 
by Oodds in^acc, wlio ^rc^crvc you. 

WitLjtt a Aujlboiuw, llic vij. diJc of Apryli 
Zcwir cosyn and ftendt 


A,D. 14S8.94 
Lord Fit^waltkk to Sir jou^ Txnov, 

Tltf due d< ihti laUH. ■■ Dl [Eli bM, BUK be tanccD tbt r«m liM 

7^ my rigAi viourschi^fui/ and h^ely vdtatfftmJ €9aapi, 

Sir/a/tft /Ixj/tf/*, Kfij^hi^ this te ddjTftrtf, 

|IGBT wounchippfoU cottEyit, in su hertdy 
wy^c ii:i 1 cant, 1 recommauiid mc to yo«. 
Aitd fonismochc oji thcr >'u appoyntcd a 
day thai yc mil my tciuaym Hcydoil^ Sir 
Robert Brandrm, the Kyngu Ationoty. and other oJ 
the wonduppfull of ihia ochyr, ahouJd h&T« mea hoc 




b«to* thb tjnc of Ettvfn, ic ww to tonge or the 
JC^iffit Attomy voa commea m to the oonlre. and the 
tirmoo Aoftbtlk^t il hail^c benelhuvrgbithtrcTuy^hl 
bo i»m coveoiibk mnc Arr«f Uiii. Wheifor they br 
aiptcd ttiat the^ fl&d yt thould rD«te li«re on Thunda^ 
MXt cotomfikg* PnLriiif:c yciti. therfor, tb«t y« wolbe 
ka« At ibu tynci tnislyfi^< to Gixica incrcy t]itt a 
l^hfl^tkod wry >IiaX)c hftd<3e b€t)nc yo» ihAT All gnij-grt 
sad MD cof CT iiktJbc Uyd a parte. And therfbr, cou^yn, 
I pnyc yow that ye voJ not byk fcFr to be here ood 
what I ouitic di) for yow, yc nbAll fynde tl redy with 
Gcdct graces Wlio fuve yow in Hit nasi biased 
MvMd fcepysfE. 
Wretca on Good Fiyday hut pisied. 

Zowir Uifyng roijn, 

J. Sir Fim Wauttjl 


A-D. u^Sv Vl M»T- 

[Fnifln PulAo MSS., Etl] 

ton w fl Waadvoc teillid L*4 WcddrlUi \ bM piw a>q to mid ib« Uute 

Ttf Sirfikt i^shn, ^ tAyi idtyr dtfyvertd. 

^^■pTYR aQ dewe recomeiidAdon, pleuyt yow to 
^^^H uadyn^oode tluE my lordc' hatbc ben vrjth 
^^^B the Kynge in Wyndcsour jit Seynt Ceorgys 
Ff&le, in<l llitfr m the Kimrr fnie were bathe 
^ inbaeeioun of IMtten and of tUundyn, %% weti 
bo th* Kynge oT Komiyne > as fro the yong« Duke," 

« M I rtrniUin, AnMAi flf AuMT^ nw flkuHd Klog «r t^ Rawu* ib 


THE PASTOlt L&TTBft& {Ajff 

But I can not ichew yow tbc certCTnThaJyrwc! 
hkvc »ith (hem witnc est pcui;; but 1 imdynunde 
*n ocrteyn that ill tudie cif^ieTnft as wcciie td the 
we is Lent«, that uf to »ey» l>ix Chvlyi ^raenelt, S^ 
Kidurd lidwtc. and Syr W^UiAra Vojcpigc, mxkythe 

ihcia rtriiy lu ^tiu lo the srif ji^ryii u tthuTlrly as thcf 

can, ti> wh^c inteatc I can not soy 

Aiso> vrhitc &e it was seyde tfut my Lord Wocldc' 
Tyk uid other bdiuldc h&vc froAC ovo is to Bittco. to 
Ittvc cyded the Duke of Bictcn,^ I cao aoi i«11 of non 
tuchecyd. Biitt upon th;iE Kyn^. ihct cinw uuay 
Rwn lo ^ovtkchAmton^whcrc it wa« icyd that he schoUit 
Havc t^yo »ch/ppyjifit lo have vmylyd upOD hm 
ovrrj iiuiil toowtuui hr wak oJiuityitiuuiTidyt!, ibo* vHUt 
Fcsortyd thedyr, to have gone ovtfr with hyra tuydo 
thcfc *tyU in hope that they schuld have bea lyccuyd 
to have gone cvci; and whaiLtheysey[jint^iioljkcm4 
that they M^huld hive lyceti^, tliere was ij.C, of them 
that gete them in to a Bnften «chyppc, the whyiefec 
was kle come ovet with uLte, and had the nayitcf 
sttt them a bnd in 13rctca. Am) Uicy hiui nott »c>Iyd 
not paste vj\ legm buu iliiry asjiicd j Ftrndjetnan, and 
th« Hrench^cuin mad over to them ^ and ih^y fcrde aa 
thow they w<iMc not htiVQ cicdyldc with thon^ and all 
tbc Endytidic men went undyr the hetchy^, too that 
Ihey acwwyil no more bjt thobe ihat <^\)t* to So«4he- 
htxfitOB with tho schypc, to caw^e rhe FrencheDQ«n to 
bt the more cladder to medyll with them ; and *oo the 
FrendMfiiaji burdyd then\ and then Cboy that were 
tindyr the hctohes came up, and soo lokc the Frtnih* 
man, and cai^-ed the men, achypp^, «jid atJ n t^H 
BrcJitcn. I^H 

Al»Or ther waa thcr an inbacetoui fro the Kynccl^' 
Scholtesj^ whti U lura put in ^eie tn^hyll he hyi> son 
and other of tlie brde^ of hyt londe. 

Syr, afi 1 oime homewtfcvlc he Lonion, I ttpokc theve 
with Emoodc Dofnucd. &aJ he scyd that he had 

t FHnfif IT , Tinhf Af Brinimr 
1 Jbbb ill— iSinr ^nllflUuuy HCb 


ff£j/jir r/i. 


wieijQ oolo jow, but he hftd none &unftwcrc ; wbcrfor 
bf pnj-rt mr th-if if! Ttnrwcmymanromjmffr IowphIm 
NovwhfChc, and 1 woJd wrylhc on Ij> vow that he 
InythCi iT vc ace Doric other dyrcccioti, limt he cchoU 
be ciomtod to the FUic- 
Aito, he fcberwyd' me that Heny Wyoit whoMc 

re tfic mene to have 70W ccFndemnyd, and recover 
obtiAAckm ei xUt. agcyna jow, md »oo b« sn^c 
be iriiolc nctt hc/irto doo. for ht: in hdfc dysouyd; 
he Arrythff !4^?«f thai bt ichiitl tii^vft cont^ home But 
he irtepdytht w plede the obligacion fuUyi)"d at >"or- 
nycbe, foi he icvthc thcr is non othci rcincdr to B»vo 
ytjw fro ibe ccmttcumiLcicEU, lyl that ht hciTtiie otkcT- 
■yte from yow, whyrhe be ibyiik^ih longr aftvr. 

WfCtya at Henyncham, th« xiij" day cf M%y, with 
the bond of joui brodyr. Wvllum Pa^toh. 


About A.D. 14^8-90. 


[From Puion M33.> &M»1 
»4aAv^lktHiwfiluluU(, wvt A MEivit ar Wln>hfn r»Lon, 

■ilk ibtEutvfOiftrddmt^di* rain uaft«» 

J> lilf rjy4/ WffnAtfi/uH maysier, Wiiliam PMfftr. 

dky^trd in M^t. 

iYOHT worchijifuU «Ir^ I rccomflunrl mc iin lo 
you [q my be*t nuncTf acordyng to my deutc. 
biir I t«ni you 1 tetter by Hertre Fox wylT, 
Add I hnj noD an&wcr ftcm ygu of iL On 
of the ^rcteat tliyzigca tlui I wmt eu ym\ of, wax thai 
the *yCT Utii]d be ftpcs«d. hoiro wit pre\7 with hym, 
vbtt he robbed MxlUr Man)T], the prctt, at L[om 


yngtoft in Norffblk ; sIao tb^t Fox and tHc p&r^oa of 
TcBtcituii,^ hliujij be dijAAcd if dif of Ucmptou Abbu/ 
whar out [utfre »"^flf) pfcvy to «h* mony nukyng. 

Sir^ DOW 1 buecJ)u vou lo s^i\d m« a copy ol thM 
mony imkcia confcACAoiit uid thcr iuiD>3, for t amc 

U«o on rhr quc<t u Ufg*, ftod of that wc n^ost nukt 
our vcrd> leal the MftS^o&9alUrCmCBic« for the quc«t 
at liLTi^c . for wc tokc d*y over At the Ust iCSS)rcH)i Eyll 
ihc scsftjons oflcr Crcscmcs for the quest At Wgc. 
l^rtefot, of your hows, iv twome on ue tf>r- dWr- 

£ bcsechc you to >pckc with luy Lord, to kaov of 
his good lardchf|>c hi>w we iihal! dcmenc oiimcifT m 
ttuit be half i v)d 1 bciedic yo^ send mc word u fooe 
w yc can, 

I thynlc that Ydvertooi *emnC, thai u vith you m 
pic^ou, shall cam a gaync heiher, anil he- tnay bryng^ 
your letter to mc. He' brjmgflheyouthit Letter, Anid 3^ 
it may be n^t a fcrtdyn^, I pr:xy you be good nuatcf 
lo Yelvciton for my uke- ! hjive f^wnd hyra a good 

Sir, I sh^ DOt be with my lady it gncc' this 
Cryaimta, far h<:r ^J^icc shalbc with the Kyn^ci Grace 
afict Qj-^uucH ; a^id thfinc 1 ihall anayt un licr grjice, 
wll« ye *ha11 have rny aervyce be the grace of Jemi, 
He preserve you. 

At Kyburgh, die xvL day of December 

And yc kcpc [A^l oai, I aa Ickc to ioftse mocfae 
mony of my cosies for ihea iDony makeiB. J 
helpe, &c 

Your scrvantt 

Tkomas Akiaew; 

uoe ■ ]iriwii<r iii ihe fu-l u1 i^Jilurd'! miintfy. tcnm mu aw m Jy f«tt4t 

' Fmn aiilf ttxa " lUTlaily'l £ia^ " lU l^ the COUblBtt tX ' 
Kkac'« ftviiVmr. I ahiMklil ■^'r1lf, 1*>#vn-', n w^ furnv prtlmbl.* fu 


ifs.vjiy K/x 


A.IX 14S9, 3 r«b.— T. GttioG? TO Str John Paston. 

Ttf M/ j?^^/ HcKcrabU Sir John PasScfi, Kaygh:, bt 
this de/y^ffiJ. 

|1GHT reverent and lionortblr, after the ordfe 
of all diew Tccomniendaxion had, 1 reco- 
nuunde me un to your ii34i3Cfr»hip. Sir, ii 
b so thxt Jolu) TcU/our of B^ichun* deblte 
UgMr/7] ID youj athce of Th'jdmTnllit*', was with me 
this momyng toliave myn 3d^7cc in this initerfolow- 
fBe, the vhicbc in thin. 

There iru uikca Agcyna Thr^imbani* in the Kyngca 
ittrrcme^, I^tig ij, fiidam .ind ;in haltf dcpe upnn the 
fee, a trhiilc fyah, by Thorahim men laboajyng nl\ 
n^ht oa Sunday tiyRni Ja::^t w^tn, and so have slflyn it, 
aiiid brought to UndC) upon the whicJie yoiir uid 
ddjite hwh ben ihcr sit yister day, ind seys») tny 
loed«* part iberof; vrherofthe pijple was glad it ahutd 
so be. Thiin Johfi a Lowe was there, and he acyd to 
j'oui deb!:e dut be wotd h^ive the Kyrigcs piin in thb 
wi$e, that tht Kyng and my Icinl ^ihuld j^nrt the halffl 
Sfr, the Uwe cyv^Ue seyth thui^ " If iny fys^h ryolJ be 
fotmde on ihr sc. that ib to ft^ty, whaUe^ ba/a, stur^on, 
^ar;pQU i>r r^a[jn]^j. tbjLl my Lord Adxnynil aholl 
njive the hjiTvtTidelf," A;c, 

I thynka my lord^ hath the KyngcG prerogatytT upon 
the Kc, (he whiehe I rcmyttc to your dbcrccion, &c 

£if, by ly^yli^Cj williouL ye L^ke hedc uird ^cnd 
ihrdir firmi of youren, my lordrt part KhnM he HtilL 
It IK 1 greet tijtth ard a ryill ; your dctitc idic^cth mc 
it b I]. f;iiijm end more of length} And Ij. fodoiD of 
bjriKicK And depnet in the inyddc fy^h. 


TH£ FASTOH LETT£R& [A.t> 14S9- 

£&r, rttncinbic what yc hive to do j there cojoe 
not «uc1ic ;l c^utiultc Ir jrotir tfine of jour o^ce, &c 
Wherfora Ib^s, by ih'eufbuniuicioA otf youx n/d 
debitc, cnufte ne to wryte un to you tbis s)inpill biile, 
puyirtg you to |KUx!one mc of the wntyng, far it wa* 
lion in hast ; nnil Ihiv bitir 1 ieni to Willjnm Brykkes 
your fcerwit, to MAtcbsk, by cuts« tyme, to bt^-uke U 
10 you. And this day they purpose to bt4kc tu Do 
hcfcya now as ii pleaae you, and Allnighci God bavi 
you and all youre^ in Hvse kci>yiig^ bc^cd^yn^ 
thai this «>mp1e bille may rtcomausfl* my poutr 
un lo y<>»r EnAlstcnhipph 

Wrciyn on Ouidiliuai IHy, ia haat* at Wdles. 

Your, T. GvitiMitst- 


A.D. I4tf9, 10 FeK 

MaxoKKv P*vr(*N to Sim John PjuTOtf. 

tFram PaHrw M.S5., R.M.J 

vtll- >*>M>^* «<> 'Pii>.tJ]i>H't>#J «i|i*t|ii..i L4ti« Hfiiiiijr It ilbi «;>niic 4rf ■ 
wbJi:lk LI >I]uil4<l (D Ji> N'o- ^14, (1° ■ivt'ur* wcr< uni (qr ItKdvfcf ihi tW 

Ut Oiufltbr Ahh taunc &udm of lTrlnn^ Piitfjifaiii 9t 
■ff«b>M lor iIiB irltef 'it ^riiui^y \>*av lABiftl kA t>rBnAim, mm4 buj 

2h my rjf£th wunA^Jf/u/ masixr, Syr J^fm P& 
KnytMf this Ifityr bt diJyvfretl r» hast. 

GTH reverent and woichypfull v,u in the 
mo5t owmble wy5c I Trromand me im to ycnr, 
desyryng 10 here of yowrc wclftrCj thd qw«dl 
God long contyncwn 
Sir, myr brodyr Wyllyam rccomiwnd hyro on to 
yow. And ;w for ihr Icttyr ihaC ic sent i>n to hym, he 
naih schewyd my lord the ement thvr oil nnd he 
thynkyth hyni tcif, iha: It is no pan of hp dutc to 
hivc ftriy pan of the fysch, or any mony ihac athuld 
grow ther oi Never the laKie, my lonS, acordyng 


jFS/fjfy rir 


ju y^niT dttyiv w^ in ih* ktwr^ bad ^wwtyoi^d |ohn 
a Lomt of tty« fych, cior iJie com)Tg cf Jotifl Uuifd, 
wbst he had dooa with aU ; And Se acewcrd. u for tbc 
aahrrdttvyil \jaTc\ tlieruf, he h^d imt it in st^wrie, uul 
leydittB a hov««, b^ cnw9« yooivdfbyT^ [fA^itif/)'1 sevmJ 
it to niTn lortia ub«, lyll it myth be uod^rond *ocijT 
tbc pTQpvnc vrair iu Lhc Kjajjc oi io mj lord ; and ao 
oiy lonl Dcld hyni vdl coattnt ii scbod be so, in so 
mocho aa the Kyng and my lord have convivrndTd 
lohD a Lone itua ihy^ foruyd chaivyU schiild be 
browlli up to the K>Tiji: in 3lI1 goodly hast. 

FardenDore, my hrodyr Wyllyani jrtTriicy vyd be yowre 
wrytyng ihal yr rowtJ make the rcmtiH-wnih of the fych 
irorth n inj^ lo my lord- My lord weld ec itfhuld 
not trobyli yovrc s^elf no TDorc with oil, Uccawdc he 
ihynkydi tbii thp pftijiyne w imi( in hym. And alwi 
aoodyr, mf hrodjT Wyllyam heryth ley in the corte, 
thac the Kynx Ei^d my lord be content that the 
rcacaaant of the fych be to the oic of them of the 
nmtrc, the ivcch zc ichjJl here the moie tcrtryn ihcrof 
nvc alter* 

Also my broder Wyllynm leyth, that my lord vyllyd 
yaw that xc vchuld send the retome of the comy^cioll 
at hanyly u 7e cm. ucd mervell thiit ze hath not sent 
it up or ihyt^ 

As totiaids the brekyng up of the Parlcmcnt.^ tnony 
lykeiywcHxIea tier be, tJiai it achulJ ctmtyaeir oo nyle, 
add thew be ihcy. My l^til the Archebyschop of 
Yotke d«pftnyd aa xynerday. and ray Lord ol Northe<i 
thocnyrlood scludi i^oo as on > rydny ; and also all 
adiiidi folhys aa acli&n ^oo in to Breten &clia)l bra! 
Ponynmowih on SatynUy cum frirthTiyth, and (he 
HaMlar alter on t<c bord, n wech scafsuti the Kyng 
iaceatya 10 be thcr to tnkc the mijstyr^- 

And aa for iht>& j^ntylmcjt thai tokc schyppyiig lo 
A gon rrect in en Bretcn up on a formyih a goo^ thai Is 
to Wfft ^ Richard Egeciam^ the cowntroUer,' Sir 



Kobctd ClyfTord, ^r John Ttbbjh^M, ftad Jehti 
MoitDn. »Arj&nt portcn bc ft rpvytj oiceni up Ott tbc 
cubt cf Vuglaiid. bive: all only &yi Ricluid EfCCCum, 
vrch londyri in l^rrrtcn, ard thir m-as in a tnwrie tMyd 
MoT\9yt, vtch A non up on hyw comynff wa* bcfcflyd' 
wilh ihc FrcDchmcn* niid so sitspyd hjirdlf with liy» 
lyff, ihc wcch lowne the Ficnchomen have goCyiit and 
flliio the icwn caWyd Brcctt; how be it the cuiefl 
hold^h, u wc here A,ay. 

And ther be itpcyntyd ncncrn captccri At thyi vcjlsuq, 
wcch be Loni Brukr, Sir John Chrncy. Sii John of 
Amnd(^l^ Sir John liccham, Sir John Gray, mrn broder 
Avrdlcy.myri tinkyll SyrtiTlbcrd U^bDim,' uid TtvxnaM 
Stafford, aod nu-ny oilyr Iwytys ajid csqwytys, 

Andf aai, I tlunlcc yuw for the tettyr tliut kc iieitt 
me. A]so, syr, t h&v« fiUyilyd myn pyEgrenug^ 
Uunke it b* God. 

Aho, BIT, we QndjntoTLd that it xa anactyd of every 
X nrnike of meKtlle guocles iW- la the Kyo^ bsjd 
the leoDyth of every nu.nny« loAdyiu 

And^ sir, my brodyr HeydoD «chall »end yoif cba 
sertcyn of all odyr thyneys mvrnlvd at tbya Pttrlcmcnt, 
far hr hath caw&cil Jonn Hanyel] to leiy all ibya d«)r 
far hy< Uturr, be cawse he was with the Knig M 
Wfstincfttrc, that he myth not entcnd to wtytb it tfi 

Al^Oj sir, Midler Caliharjj hiuh pAvd j,C. markc lo 
the Kynj, AUo^ *tr 1 have <lelyvcrd the xH. ta Master 
H&wca, md reseywed of bym the oblvi^adon. Also^ 
T hd^e ddyvcjd iht x\^ niarkc lo Edmund Domijui* 
hr my bnidyr Hrydtmv mmav^iidmenL 

No more to yow ai thy* tj-me. bat God and the Hol^ 
Tniiyte have you 10 Hi^r kcpyrif^. Aad nvyn qstcr 
Anne, ^vith ill the coimpany, rccomawad beni on to 

Wretyn nt London, rtie it day of Febnur. 

Be yowr Bori-auat, HAncftltv Fastow. 

1 Sir TkvinA) Qi^wK Ha 
VUkIwUi. tlouff tier at A-r 

an4 lUlvr gl Mi UlLi«ff iMUrtM 


JfSffXY Vil, 



A.I>. 14^?, 7 NUrck 
WtLUAM Pa^tov to Sir John ?astov< 

{From Fcon, IL 15&I 


taitaibf M^fe'fl IV., ro vk4ah f*ui b* &*«■« ik*J ir TH* vf(iv. Wtl^an 
fteliaa, W qdIt bom in lh« T4V 14^ uO wu ilIU punuia^ fui KuilLu A 
■M> I* iMt to uwHI fV»o « (Be rw ura in rfic?"i)-i( -vfiif li if^r Hi 

SM AMtlf ir«irv VII iFkAl UKh ■ T'^'Vnt K It Tif* t(-vl'-i fitf ■■■ n« 

tfhM tM<il4 vf rtvTr'i'f. iJirr K'lif tln/uki WL-upf & lortukhi « ihsvair 
Aaa UD4ADT& NanniK ud imn^an h Kka Su4jrl«» l^r*« 
■■■ ifccwfaK !■«-« Wcu uiK II] tIi»^ Paiitf fluodw Six ftU IvtHtbihe 
A tad rii* iiTb of A^iril mil li:aiif* 11«t hMvMH iti* ijih iM t^t, 4|iPiL 
T^ ndt— ■ »*«|*MH WtU HBB ibttCfiCHUioiu a i4SiJ» wIkb Euxtf Eclloi 

Ik iflhMniH u^dME cliliwlalbicnititapturi^f li^i^r k mddf (iroUbla 

Of M^erti- A e^MC ctnjuciL EW (.-ffUialr mci ui Uir cliJ uf iIlc tat C4BB 

Iq^ «f l(b(«<4 tfaEm llcOl unw lo eudc la %tn fi hi-ViU TcjUoin-id^ Mco^ 

Um ^Hiii mj * J fo ll^vy. Eart of (lanbLimbvEvid, Bw foartii c/ th^Ekuof 
^■iniaWW *■■ tlaJu iu wi uimirKEtiuD inilx aunJi lu Acrillvliuiiriiij;, klw* 
■tfribi hr wiHViih rha KJit^ii '^Fi*m *n rhr t>^riiunr af Mtinh, APtl ^lar 

biioi* Im^i^ b'lTtMi ^\Wi uiim ro pui Ai^iu> 4I4 JLiiic'tnWitouiHib- 

[R, I TCOKTiaimdr mc to yow, Ict^ngc yow 

WfltC Ihflt * 

A* i<tt my Ixjrd'IYcEerct^' he was not wilh 

the Kyngc of aII ihc coiinxdl lymcr ihe 
ThJrr^^^ nm rndjil nn thtr. nj'i' rhy of M:mit And 
thedcr came tny Lordc of Nonhcfhombyriand the fyme 
dAycf Mjirche, and dcjiinyd the even afore the makyng 
of thpkiter, ami hath endcatyd with the Kytigc for the 
krpynge owt of the Schoitys *ml wanyiigc on Uiem, 
flnd tchall hive latg« moii«y, 1 can not leJk lh« tome 

< late, lAd bj^hani 



Alw Ihcr i> ftu r»i-cr Ukya it IJryitoirt en (»kJ 
Cowper^ a.% I Brtic, nnd h^ is lykr to lie hang^rd, .-uiri he 
conr«Kiythe more of hy* fclairU. Al*o EtlwirJ Hcft- 
tow(; of Dovcrc is Apectayd of ticsoo of mvijr Knuoge 
poynb ; And hya accuser and he were bolhe ifore ihe 
K/nge, iDd ihen th^ry wrrt rakyn ajirrt. Aim! he 
byixkMlfe Confes^ it ihil liy« accuserc a«cu&yd hym 
oC and many other thj-ng^ mere tliAA be wfts ftcctitytl 
of And he had atasiy lords >nd gviHjIniCiQ 
atniiwi'tc (at hys t:onlhc fLtid hk demcnyngo 
lynic. for, as I ^nrd sn*, both« the K)*ng« in % tnanm^ 
nor non of (he tothcr ford» nor g^ntylcieo bclevyd not 
hysiLOcascr, cyl \h^i he coiifc^syd it hym acl/c; vul 
no hr lit in The Tnwrc and lyke to hr ricrir- 

Af for Lbi; Kyngee comynge inio th« coatr& Oa 
Monday come fotieti)^jht he wc!l lyc ftl Ihc Abbey of 
Slnttcfbrdc tad «o to Chclmn^ford. ib&b to Syi 
Thomas \fongrhomhriry, than to HevrnynghatD,** 
than to Cokh«i^y7, ihui to Ipavyche, ibin to Bery, 
than to Diuuc Anoc WyD£fcU», Ukd 90 10 Noiwychi 
iind ihcic woU he be on Pahnc Simday Evyn,' «cd *o 
ctry there all VmcTj nnl Than to Waliypghana, Wbae^ 
fore yc hod nede to wame '^Vyllum (^ogyoe olid hyi 
felaws to purvey ihcm of wync i now. for every coad 
beiythe me uo h.inde ' thai the lownc xdulbe dtonkya 
drye :ls Yorke w.ia when thi? Kjiigc wat there. 

Syr, Maystei Sampson rtfcomaunde hym oo 10 T^^ 
and he hachc scnde yow ^ rynge be Edmonde Dor- 
ttUD, and besyilys that he rccguctyd mc to wi^ie on 1^^ 
yom that it were besi for yow lo purvey yow cf some 
gest)'] many thynj^ea ng^yiu Ih* Kyiie> comyng. lor 
suerc he well bryngc yow gcsia i now, Aod thcdbitt 
purvry yOM tlicTiiflyr. Albu he nenJyt)]^ yow wonie 
that it ]» my kords m«ndfi that my syiier vA^ all ochlv 
god^ly folkys ther abowt Bchokit acompeny with Uaia^' 
Elacbcthc CaJthrop* because there b noo ^tdc lady 

1 NnE tlDvpntn^Kun in innntb. biiE H'viUnEiuirn, h"iiichtfB, v,»i )|tl 
D»W (xilriiiionL)' wn'Itn, HqdirL^bAai, lb ElKv, thi ttmi «f ill* E*fl4tf UarfsHl 


/rsfixr vii. 


tber aiMBie sig^iu th« Kyogi comyng, foi my lordc 
bfithc nude K^ct« bccvtc of the fayre and goode gcrttylr 
wonocn of the ct^ntrc, Atsd bc the Kyngc ac^l he woldc 
«cc Uiem lure 

Syr, my lorde haUie sente on to the moit parte of 
tbe £eatyl raenof £«:iex to w^iytc upon hym at Cheln>' 
nyslord, «rlictc u he eolendytht tv luclc wjdi the 
Kynge, auJ th»t ihry bc W4f1l upoyuCyrl. iti:tt ihc L^i- 
keic^ere taea tu^y le^ that ther be geDiylmea of u 
grate tobesuunce that thci Ic able to bye olie Las- 
KeochcTCi Men ihynkc ttial yc amon^jc yow wol doo 
ibr S1ID4. Your eoaire ii grctoly bostyd of, J^nd al«o 
tbe ijubyton of ifae ftime. 1 bescche you to remembr 
BQr boft tliAt yc pfombyd mc. God kcpc yow, 

Wretyn ai Schcuc in hiaic, Ihc vij. day of Marches 
with tb« bftTiic of youT brodyr, Wtlliam Paston. 


A.D. 1439, 17 March. 
Thit Kari, cr Ocpx>rh -n* Sia Joww Pastok. 

Tfbt dd* al wVch U!- IriW wu frnlH {« UKcataln. but U ■■* **«7 P**- 

7> tiu ri^h vf^nki^hJl amd my ri^Mie miMy bd*^y4 
SirjGhn Faattm^ Kny^hU. 

|10HT£ vronhipfuU and rijcbtc iniicrly bctovyd, 
1 contmaundc mcio you. And ai^oiiiTing 10 
ihp Kyng ovirsovieraync Lordis commiund^ 
mcntc late to me addrcsaidt 1 desire and 
pny jou that ye woll in aSX gcdcty haste, upon the 
ai^nte hereof, prepare youic aclfc lo be ia a icdinewe 
vithasiTDany pmonnrs us ye herbyfore gnuiDtid tn 
do the Kyng tervycc in my company diffeosihely arayed 
«Dd tbcrupofl M to rcsottc unio me :n all godely baste 



poMvUe upon « iky wimyng, horsid tnd hantemi, to 
h« M ihr Kyngt^ -waTpe*, AnH God kepe yow, 

M'titca at m^ cucdlc of H««iirg1um, che xij^ day of 
Morchc. OxY?iroftD. 

A,D. 1439. 


{Froia rcnit, tr. 310lJ 

Ttlia UUa ia -lalcd frOn tfcBUiohpn, cr Jf fldlB^lBdi •*« «f lb* 
<fTiLfh. k> trff >iv- ffM iTi Km '^A ih' Ktiit wu It hltr *iAH 
lnlwWEdd Seufwr nerlbwanb la 1,14 L hiw Eiltlt doqbl. ihft^kfVj — 
■lu vfLttEH in thhi vcar. Tli« "tiU'i vE^'jiiJIiTi i'> Faut, •« V\t 

IMlqb. Lb J«hD'ft*p(ber, vntBi leJunfrne LJwnEnua, uid u the i4rB*- 

■iii^n am f — hM'l»»-wa4» «—; TtihiiiHiiiiiii, ■■ rini i rn 
Ifrw4 by ibf Qui iUl Sffuiby •m f^ ;irgm7 1^ Mavpirvt PioUiv *k> 

illHl Jn 1 iH^H *nri (>"< ■■ «^i^d>'I nnr pntilit^ rL>v* rfiwiKMu hn tr(i>ii ■ 
Uw WlElnuiL. (botijE^ her loa Williara n^r Iiaw bad u blirl U & 

[AVSTER Bily, 1 i^coEuautKje me on lo jow, 
pt-Ayagc row ihAt yc woJ acndc mc be W)* 
liAm KiAl[y«^ bCTCT kwr of, nij. nobjrilcsiv 
golde, pun in to the &Lmc boxe Ihat Uiyi bvO 
19 in, na tliow il wer evyder^ for I have lold< A* 
ria^cngcTc that he scliuldc br)n£C mc uotbyc^ bui 
cvyiltns, foi he h in a mancrt: dcpaiiyjig owt of my 
servy^e, vrhcrlbm t wrM rott he knew ao VDycbe of 

Scounsi^lL And cu for the rem«nauiitei I welldc tc 
uldc kcpc it tylL I come my s^c 
And iT Baiyarcl be uninUIr, 1 pray yow Iai^ hym be 
ffiujde fiXU ag^nt the K.yngc come m lo the 
v)Mt M> «v«T 1 pay for the kcjniiR of h>int 4uc I 
vctc how j;;>ode a concr I schfUl he oiy iiclfc, ai 
ccmiyD{^ m W tire cuQtre, be the gncc cf ttod, Who 
have yow in kepyng. 
Wie^ at Hi!ijyngEiLmi. 

Be youi- M'viXlAM Pa«ti>W, 

nrewr**!! A-l>. 1.186-9. 

A inrtta af Ikr Uvd* r< ThafBi>. Lw4 Sain. T>«wwidH, KI^Ni^ 

cMkd 5aM> Mw^r In HL4hwgl«.-4Bwiv«cd «n>? (be teiih Of <b^ Kll» 

k«* I* WUrWv Trt-A*]-. «Ill> w IidI|e1iI*J ■■ At c«pan*tinr» >^ ArUkf, 
fimu <4 WtkkoDLht iof& MdvcaIki i^S^ tSu BIoidcAeXJ u. iK hJ 
LAiiil>C4>J(ruof«. k i»>t} AfiftLtMi'T rtuff hj<f u^« vfinm aHrr 

■iffk «al > rf Mi Willaa T>kU]? wu ivi]« ft Lolit^ ihe diH u beCiretA 

|[GHT wtlbilijvfil, ! 'gtvXtL yuii w^lt Artl 
wher* a* ct^rr^in bndiis which laie were the 
Lonl Scnlrt !>>■ tilfe of tfoheniaunce, bedis- 

ccndid 10 mc, ard to my wclbilovcrl cousin 

W&tiuki Tyndjlr, '\\ \s ^iCtxtnJiJ iitwi^ lue iind mir 
nid cousin ihat the protucs of ihe did landes, sh^^ 
ELcilhcr be Ukot by m^ nsceivoiT^ nor bis, but thjU 
m indilTcrcnl pcisonc shftUc tike and rcst^clvc ihc 
moe pTofiUct lo the use of os boihc till sudie lymc 
AS % reioiiAble pftrticion may Uufiilly be itudc in ihat 
bchilf. Whcnorc a« wcic 1 u my taid cousin, havyng 
■pcdiU confidence &nd truM in you, dciirc and hciily 
|anr ]roii to ukc Ihr labnurr nitd pryn attc; mirr rj^ioi 
aod diirgeif co (sike and resceive ibe profits 4^ aJlc 
the Bftid Undtir to oure u^e and behofe, dcbvciyng 
alwey ttc ooD moytc of your rccoLca to my rc»<:civ- 
ourcv iiiJ liic wUift trjoilee lo my said c^uisiu TyiHliile, 
whan sc ever the »:iid profJiei Ijy yon «o shaLlo be 
tBltcn ucd rcfjctived Vcvyn^ you fuli atictorii« asd 
povcE by Ihi^ my writynj; lo execute the &arrtc. 
Written atle Ni;wc Martrt llie vij*"* tliv of Apfill 


^ THE PASTON t£TT£R& i^J»> 14^9- 

Tuc Scales Lands. 

[Douce MS. J93, 1 fo] 
]| !■ wfdeat ihir ih)»<t«iLfacbE it u ham ihn« yttn litm Itaa ibi ptkM- 

IDMUND PASTON, rcccjTor of the ScaJ^ 
londci, nakyih w> be allowed of xijAL sdjj, riyit 
whichc Luij^ith over hi^ hci^e; in hJA aKCDinptc 
iTuulf bclbrc Robert Sh;iTp at the Fr«te <4 
the Purebcacion of our lady hue pEUie, for hi« costtt 
and expedites for two ycres, u byt appenth in tbc 
mydc ^ccomptcK. 

Hera, the ttyde Edmund a^kyth lo be illoured for hit 
costu aaid expenses of this yere, Cxvi:j/i lujdl, beside 
his coatei commjmgc ard goyngc to this Ac&ompte^ 

Iicin, f(Tt hh reAurtle uf the ?^lJe iij> yete.^ ad/£aa* 
turn dcminumm. Whereof y» allowed for hu coKlc* 
by the conutuideateDt of my lorde, juKl 

Item, jillowcd by llic ^ 


A.D. 14S9, S3 ApnL 

HCVRV Vn. TO TtlE lilARL Qt OxrOftlX 
[From PuLdq MSS.. BvM.) 
TV4 If a*r *»< vriilNiff vrlri4<ii (> the una r")* ^ "^^ WT. li ittiid it 

GH'F tnMly and crtierly beloved cousiA, we 
gretc ycu wcU. Iiiasrauc^h ns it h&tb bited 

vudi 9^ we dougnt not bnc ihii ye be dedfOUi 

1 H*rocV<MS»ln>hi«#«hnvlJj. 


tfEK/fY rii. 


tr> uEidrc^toEKlc ve wryEc iinio you cf ilicm u tlt^y \k 
conwn lo our Iraowbpj, ami as fok«irth. 

Jli^ Li>i<d MAlpcntiia, nov laie with U3 in ambuade 
frocn our dcrc cousiDG, the Duchcuc of Bret*rTii:i 
aluj^wd ttt our portc of Doilnioulh, uid sm^^d JiC 
Sajrnt Poiric fie Lyon, in BnMa)-n, or Palme Sonday,' 
at iJiil. after aoonc^ Irom wh^nit he wrote us the di«- 

C' 30II uid the ^tI^e of the couotrc there, ftnd of the 
yn? Mid the dcmcnnyii^ of ourc nrmec- Wc ro- 
Cfivcdnli wryiyng on Mr.nday last, it frvytiBong fym^ ; 
Iftd bt Cfliu« he iVQ« f>]~ HrcUyn borne, stud favonble 
to that pATtiCt wc ne f^Ave such tnjfiC to his tidingcf, 
U ««« thoujiilit to u> sutctc ici vrytc Uj /liu thcruppon. 
Thk dayf. aftr« HigH ^!l5«. comyth tinto oi Irom 
<H»tc of BretAyne lorsiid, antl with a. new :imbasude 
from our said coaamc, l'aw<on, oon of out pUT^ivanics, 
tJut ntifieth Itw ntwci trf" ilic icid I^rd Milptrrliiis, 
which ben theie. 

After the j3:;uyK»on of l->cn»hTTteti in the towno of 
Gjtiehim' had terlcinte of the landyriK of our (utncc, 
ihci dnrwc ilownc ihe tocnitK* of Gyngh-iTn,andmade 
liiAj-Tce m«te if> d«f?nde a ticge ; biit oi^n^ ik ihei 
iitkaif^iodc Ihftt OUT «iid annec jonrnyncd tow.irdc» 
ihcna. Ihet lefl the tuiue Gyu^huni, ^hcre <>i:i »nid 
anww* arrived tlie'n»iiw!iiytif»rt heforv Palme Sandfly, 
and was received with J5roc«isioo, loKj*ed ind received, 
refreshed ta the tovo iiij. daye«. And ffoyng towardcA 
theoaid Duchcsac, thci must peine tu ihe cistcU ariJ 
Ixvugh [>r Muri(0iit4-T. Ifi lh:it L^ttL^ll :\i£ also a 
gMmttoc of trenahenien, wliich iDconcmenily^ upon 
worde that our said aimcc drwc trnvindc* thcym, the 
Frcti^uc'u (lid cjiaL dowiic j^il'I pafle of the WAlleXt 
aod IM from th^n«; \r\ ihfti rastell and borugh our 
«eid Amee kept tlwr Eelr^ The ca^teU of Cha^^ r^oo, 
adfornuii; ncrc to the rownc of Sctyrt Bryak, wu abo 
gojubuud with Fienbluiicn ; tliut CiUlcU tUi^y set on 

> jPMftWA Ttikt rmn fiippnn hfn ic nun wncuHteip bui I tnow 


7HE PAftTON LCTTRKR |4^ t^l^. 

fir«, lad too fl«d ia ih« bowiwi ol U«Q«boQ6 and 
V^tntica^ were ejinusond with Ff«nahsicn. wfancb broke 
dowut tlie wtlTes oT iJic lowucs, uhI puuc chcoi sdtf 
to fti^. Th'inhabitanTCf a bought Bmi tuve Uwd 
A«ga tti«nintcv ukI f;oc*n th« Buo Coiirtc of m 
Prvnihcncii or the dcL>utyDx or our aid punivanac 
1'^<: g^rnsoD ol' the tcwnc of Concsniewe, whkh a 
Oon of the p^eliee sireojihci otf ill BfCiayn, «» 
besieged in like wy«c, uid riicvyn io that necossite 
th^i i^c^ with in ofTcrid, ar hu sud flcponyi^ to ftvoydc 
the lo^ntr with ^UlTe in liojidc^ htjw that a Ukyn, w 
wh;it U morr done cichenit, he cannot ielXe. 

Ourc ^d cou^inc, the Duchcssc, ir in h<i citfi« of 
iU>7ie«; ftfld our lijtbt trusti knight add coonscUouj-, 
Sir Rkiuiiil RggerombCf there aho^ h»)iig chrcJF n;le 
ftboute her ; and the Marchall of Brelajn arredieth 
byin to joync with them in olle hAtte vith a fiode 
b^d of men. Mony noble men of tlut coanUce 
Kpcir \a mir tnid nrmcR to tike :hrir ]Ktnic; 

ThcftC premium's in fubiUuDce we have be VTyt)>ii^ 
Aiwell from the cjn^ff cApyuyocs of our uud umee, u 
from oui comptrnllour ' fcmaid- And that cur s^id 
trmec, blewicl be G<nl, hnth ;Lmang iheyroe vrlfc kepte 
such Icve and accordcr that no moner of fray oc dcbftte 
hath bene bitivcoe thcym aithcna the l^me of thoor de- 
parting cput ihiKour Rcjune. Yoveu under our signed, 
at our ca&iell at Hanforil, the Mxij. day of AjiriU. 

Syr^ tbys is tlie copye of the Ifittyr that the Kyng« 
•entic my X.ordt of uxyaford of lydyyngfB ow!« ol 
^idca. Be yowrc trcdyv« VFyluau Pastok. 


A,D. i4&9» 30 April 
The Eftfli, of Oxvord to Sjk Jokk Pastoh. 

LDoDceMS. i9yl^s:\ 

'Hie Earl aV Ntrtlkun^vtud hi «ki« U lU Di «hJi 4 ifcv itih April i«ftfc 


HefrnY nt. 


tGHT worbliijjfiklt uid fight wcllwlov-yid, 1 
Comaonde mc co yoLL And for aa moch« u 
k if Cfitcinlv LtntQ the Kyugca GRi<:<: showed 
ih^l my I^rd of Norihunibejlajkl liavyny Uie 
auctoritc to «- ihe Kyn^ci moiLry kvicd in ihc Nortli 
psitiet, ha<l Icnnwlcrhc thai certe/Qe perAorm o/ com* 
poc« vcT AMci&bicd At Topciit, And At a octbcr lord' 
«hip of hi» ny]£h to the uit\c, uying th&l tlity wolde 
jny no money ; ray wkI Ij^teI of North umlx-tl^nd lm> 
yng thcro^ nud that ibcy wcr but naked men, a4* 
dnsKd hym self towordcs Ihcyin withoutc cny huDcys 
ia pciibk nuuicr, tmstyng tc» hj^ve appcued thcyca 
Howe br itt aji hit is »cul, ih^t hr ix dii^irrjup<l ;ind 
that t}^y have lukcn hym or slaync hym ; whichc ih« 
KynR cntcr*dcth lo punytshc- I thcrforc desire and 
hfTtciy pra)' yc'U in all fodcly ha-Nlc lo be with mc ftl 
Hfldypghotiit there ivx ii> krowc more clicily the 
Kyngec pleiii ia thii b«halvc^ Wriicn at Hertford 
the kat dny of Apnkv 

Alao ] seuJ to you & <:omy»ioti of licence to ahcpp 
eonoCt urtiich I ptay you to do to be prodaymed in 
■lie h«it«^ UxYVFOiu). 


A.D. 14S9, 1^ May. 
TnK Earl or Oxford to Sir Jokn Pa?ton. 

[Fr?nD Puioi MSS., B.H.J 

7> /Af rv^^ wcTihipfuU and my riiht wdhdffVid^ 
^M^rii^r^ ^J^n Pmt^H, Xn}%kf, 



tHT woE!ih}pluIl and right welbdoved caun- 
ceilour, I comiuod^ me to you. And where 
25 I un(i«rsund by yotir wrytyn^' thai « grcte 
ihippc u pcri^ahcd with you in tboo pntie^ 
ftml t1ia,t y« bii\i! lien grcitlyuttupicilabunlclhcwiTynjE 
of the gcwyJ^v or ih« 4Am«; muI ihat ih« merchaoDttt 
thrrof ben dupot«d to put ihetr wyc^ to«Je, or the 
whichc yc oii>< by a loa foi Cj. and liicl more; I 
may by in ihia cuntrry for WijU , wVierfufe ir ye may by 
thcr« «ny btticr chep^, I pray you lo purv*^'* for me, 
aucli AS vc Bcme cccc^ftuy. 

And Ioi9omochc aa yc ui&y oat tx here n^Oi me al 
this tyrac-, 1 (Ifflirc ani prsy you to prepare- and 
ordeyne your nelf with ^s many men in hArncys as ye 
godcly mfly, 10 6o the Kyng service in my compjinyi 
9X the Rynges charge and CDStca. so «A y^ and they 
may br wich me at Camhrigc, upon Tcwwdfly* ne« 
comyn^; and that ye faile nat herof, as ray right 
cfipcCLM trust is in you. 

Writcn at my answl} of Hcdynghim, the vj. d*yc 
of May. Oxv^roafi. 


A,D. 14S9, May. 
Wiu.iAM Paktok to Sir Jouh Pastuv. 

Uw Tun'j.vy frkn'j>-iiii ■» ^'^ lh« Klrt Hrvjc. «bA han *w iu4ti 
iOMbilcil hhrtli* Kiiku ^imiwiriv Jw* b*«h itHn^ l*fedil« *J> Hr^CihUlll 

3^ /ijfs brodyr^ Syr John Fasten. 



MMprxY vn. 


^^^H as ye d««yre thai J nchnldc .'^cikIc yov worje 

Wyit(!t?rt>e liryn^yilic fro the oonp, ihry lie 
come th«as tothe, but we hereof uo Tyrfynncsthatlhcy 
bryoce, bul that yondyr folky? abj'^ie 5t>'llc abowie 
Olt F^Acc wbcic u thys oaluppy tlo:le mu <lcne, ind 
not niih no grete nowmbyr^ tlivy s«y not patfe with 
▼- or vj. C, *Jierc they were mone. Howbeyl they 
have made proclAsiaciona in the cuntrey to mete vilh 
odcr of ihcr oiTj-nytc u on Tuesday last past, nt it 
aperyihe in the copy of tfier procfaniadon hentftyr 
foTowyr^g. Alao Ihcy schewe the Kynge inteiKl)'thc 
to hdldc oa hys junicy. And Phylyp Lcwca is rcdyn 
agcyn (o llic Kyu^, and Kball Lijiii^c wttli li/m money 
for all th(?T wages thai schall he in my lordyi rriynew, 
as yoiiK ,^nd vj. of Syr Wyliiara BoIcTiii scrvjuntc* and 

Syi, Mr. Cloplonaye[jiia^l ygwrelcUyi, and a seythe !ic 
knew my loidfs ro«ndi^ sncnr. ihat hi* riiir^te noc toeve 
hyia wttli tL Ther w»^ Syr WylJian) S^iy, but CLdpton 
wotde not it schulde be knowcn <A non other but your 
idlV. He sent niy lordc be a servannL of hy* jilA', to 
btvc e»cn*)id hym, and it wolde noi be tAkyc, and 
tiui I merrclk of, Hovbcyl he brake thus ler to my 
lordc; he a»:]>cd hym how many he apoyntyd yow 
to liryngc with yow, and he answerde hyni xx*i, and 
than nr «ch*wyrt hym yowr <^hftig« that ye have had. 
My lordc «^ yc myght have men a nowe, and iher 
«agti Khal be payd for. Clopton ^ivmawerde how ^t 
tt woliir rn«e }xjw large money, besyde iher wages, to 
hom them and hemes them ; and how that, lo *cy the 
Ivcrwihe, ye were not well at cse. 

Not with3ljtnd)n£e jtU ihys. my lorde wyllyd that 
j^ schuldc cnme tt> hym lo Cimhryjp: on TiJe*<lay at 
Ttyg^t, with u* many u )'e mygh^ and ye and he 
Bchuldc do well i now. Soo Clopton Thyni-yth that and 
ye brynjic a tfosca with yovr, \\ is suffycytnt; how- 
beyi that Syr Kmondc Beitvngfcld, Syi Thomas Tyrell, 



4cd Syr Bye Lcvrca h^vc bco wiLh my lordci ju«d yUllH 
of ihrm h;Lvi: ofTyrdi? to xnrie wiih my Innlr- 2Z C^if^ 
bry^ wich xxx. men a pcKc af ihcm. So 1 wolde not 
yc scbuEdc be lo fcrrc iLndyr ihcm ; vhcrloi I ihynkc 
beat iIuE yc purvey yow so ^ ^uid yc »c]iuldc gaa 
fbrtlir ycir w-lfe, for I cac pcncvc noa othyr wysc. 

My bcdfirhwc Comwalcv£ b morycd m the Noribc, 
and he catqc as yeilcmj^ht to my Lordc sureyt 0«t oJ 
the coaUCt and lie idicytiit: [j/wuyM] uqu othji n>ic 
but At 1 hive wrctyo hen- afore in thyn lettyr 

Ye tduU hav« for yor iclT and fo( ydic of you/ 
■ervAUQtu hcRi)-d ^ind bcmcisyd xxj, ia kmdc at Oin^ 
bfjrgc for JL modthc* uud 1 Uiutc wc sdul have dooc 
or It day* lo ail todif, with the gn<:e of Gvd, W 
havtf yow m Itefyuge* 

Ac HcciynKha.m- 

Be your biodyii 

[71^ NiSe^ Prv*iamafiM.] 

To be kiiov^'yn to oil Ehc norihc pina of Ei 
ti> fvfiy lordp, inyBhl, pH[uyef, gcnTylman, urid 
thAE they scholbc Tc*Xy m ther U«f«nsabU ojaj, ta the 
eat putc. on Tuyuky next comyng, on Aidynoa More, 
and LD the wcu [mtc on Gatck)' Mure, the BUie da^y, 
upon i*ryoc of lo*yng of iher gtxxles *nd boflye*, fuc to 
0e)rn«tondc tachc persons u it ibowtw iM for t> d/ttioy 
cure vulTcrcyn Lordc the Kyngc and the ComowD« of 
Engelond, for nuclie uuhwfuJi paymts a^ Seym Thoma> 
of Cauntyrbery d/i^il for ; und diys to be ftilfyllyd uid 
kept by every ykke cvmeoere upciii pcyn oE detbe. 

And thyi >» k tlje mune of Miiyr^ici Hcbbc HymU^ 
Robyn Godfe1aw« brcdyr he Ift^ At I C7i>n« 


/fMftKy VfL 



A.1>i 1490, 37 Jul. 
Tax B]9»^ c? DiJiiHAu TO Sin Jou?4 PAmw. 

[Fx«zi PutoD US6., aiitj 
7^ rff fTjf A/ nMTiAyz/tJ r/V/, /fo^ iTty ri^'^/ frvrff and 

[VCHT wortdiipfal site, lad mrnc cspccul 

and cf Iqo^ IjFiuc apprevyd, itwuy and feytli' 

fbl frrod^ I Id myi'it )wtiyt^e vy%e rooon^ 

Duuod^ me tut lo yoa And iM u mydbfr 

u [ hafc coles lod odyi th^cu-cfi in this? parbci, jrnd 

lUo )fc taJc m tlioic poilics comes, wyiie. jjid Wix, 

ud u I am rnfoErrmyd yc br nooht ev]^] u-^llyd to dele 

*Kth mt, DO more thar 1 aca to dele ^th ycu in utter- 

jts, and ilio in rcccy vyrg of siichc iliyngta, the whiche 

Oij^tt be to tbc picrfctc of vi boilic, I thci fore send 

Oil to ywi atthf^ tymc fhy^ bercr, Willbm Walkere, 

Aentj'liDAn utthcrcof m^cKjinibeT, (c cammune with jou 

ocr^uw so that by dclybcntion stichc ft vrcj nuy be 

takyn jn ih/s byhiilfc it« ma/ be to the [iroftTie of 

vitbet of tit-, and wher by our f^miliarilc xad frend^ 

'•ti^p nofly be eocreKyd in tymc (ocum. Where an to 

for otii old ocquayTJtflncc to ficdyr, yc sful (yjidc roc 

iVil rcriy aitct my juntic, by the iirst c of oui Lor^le, 

'^^ho ever kepe yoti, lOd fend you royche worship and 

l'<on)t prospcriie. 

Sciibyllyd in die mostc hutc;. al my c^atel or 
xviOLDoir of Atjchjid, [lie mvij- day <>f J;mtuary 1489.^ 
Yow own irewe lufler and frendc, 


MMf ^ tlu tolJcimPB oi KJiiff Ki£h4nl1]l- tl* wuftiuAi ~ 

u4 t*uiiin. u^fAaafitecBilictiCKtlc ■cbvknia Ei 




About A.D* 1490? 
LuvEH HAftvsoK ro [Sir Jobv Pastov]. 

(Frcxn FuitonMSS., B.Mh] 

m>lM(W v4 ^bUd In voloDi - of till kri^UHl tdlliah^ 1*^ 1 4« 

"kboui ftV^.' ^I B^ 1 Kfl nQEhini Ed ihacOntniy, I l(*C(rl( OAdV JtifffA 
ridnvwiTh v'lt^ Kt cimt (hr laiw Artina la U*v T]A*n*Uiil»A«^U<fei& 

ERABVLL and wdl be lovyd Lii)ilic» I 
commcni;! rncoo to ^wur inii»i<-rc1ic[)<: Aod to 
my Udy rowyr vyffc l thjukc zovryt 
maatyicihcpc thnt £c have don for mc. I sc& 
(ojr Ud^ A lylyll pes *>( Rcnysch wyac of the bc*l, of 
I, gaUrmis nnd halfe a hondynl urry^j;)'-!, I it^ull Jictid 
h)^ inor a gcyiit Pcncosi lliai nth*; m^y ki^^e frcsclie. 
And Rcnr>M have «oi r>^c inc tht to nobyli and djrf,^ 
iIiAl -tc told mc off fo* the wync. And my scrvy* be 
nyit and be tlay to lawr tumrouwiidiuuir. ZyfT jrowyr 
mastyrchcp wyM uny t^yn^- xrylh mc, i stall be ut Cley. 
No mor Ihon God l>c *vth iow, 

Wtytyu up OEi the Ttiyiiday ^flyr PjJmc SoLidtty* 

At lowyr cotoawndca ML 


Atout A.D. i4<jo? 
Sir John Pastok to [Lcrd t rrswALTsst). 

tProuL r^lon MSS,, B-M.] 

lip til' f f wnMioi* f Nir Jehu t^jrinUff, Lcnl Kim'hv,th*imEva'L«4U« 
«ai ana oai, f<3r Ui «v lonl ^rf ihc lamaoi dT DlODidHd ib HuliA, anJ 
Juw* R^ldjfl. ihc fwinrr nr hk vkh*^ mt #«td«iitlr bU fclnjMB tte 

vriTA Urrd ntf^^lvwv tprbevltiJ- Hit U£. i> « raufti uAlaHwu^ 




^^^■UHBLY b«ft9ditth your £ood lor^Khcpe, your 

^^^BR ^%j\y aovaur^l oi^d bccdmuH John PAsuiri, 

^BJ^I mure ka)'tc^FT ihixxx \ny^t, dot it m;iy pliMKcr 

yon of your specyaU grace lo dyrecl ought 

joxu IfftUtfl, tyjmefj with your hand ati<t r.calid with 

TOUT seal], 10 Uic drccdfull man, Jamj.i Raddiff c^ 

BytfingTori]!, Sqwycr, feniiour of your wn.rcyn tlier, 

OQght of w^*l'* warejTi no Tnaner of man nor vcmmi 

4ato iftkc on hym, for doughi of your scyd dredmU 

[ettn], 10 Ukc or <aijc Awcy ciiy uf your jjamc tlicr, 

tar fere [of bcin^] hjjL^\d li^ punuri^ urhLT mytulo^n 

uid fiw&ytoun, ft«^ wcseliu. loLtiett \tr^U\ poUutttys, 

boMHy* [hamks\ and mayno cunyi,— that the wyd 

jAnp sluJI, upOD the Aygtit ^ yuur acyd wiy^iiyrLj;, 

itelyvcr, or r:iufip to br rif lyverd, to yoar wyd beaccbrr 

or to hye depute, delyvcrcr of your scvd Ictiret;, at ))y< 

fffst s^Khi of the sJiinCi vj. coupylL bUke conycs oc 

itnuyn^ rjibbirtlys, or Bonie Ukkc utid ituiuc whyj^1:t 

to th*- sfyd nomhre, to 4Tore with a nowe grownd of 

Siur Myd btsecherc at Oxenhed, more lyeke a pynn^ 
bd then a parkc. And your acyd l>c»cchcr Ah&U 
daylyv prey ii> God for the jjrcitrvatyon of your noble 
«fC»tc loag^ fendurt. 


A.D. 1490 or later 
Tub Eakl or Surbey to Sik ]onv PaSTON. 

[Frnni Pwton MSS.. B,M J 

rniAin*! Kna^M V^y of ;^R^1T Ih' irfiEet rV iFiia Irltcf, loufhE fat 
ttiilWl^ nil M it* WlU cf It-^v-'TVk. ti^d '■* i^W'ii ^n«-it-f lib VM. 
banWi kfLef fgniAyBn' aonni>f(ninr, MKraud rrum ihc 'I'dw-ct, mrl uLcn 
WtnWtf^ Ifl I^VA i1h Klflti lanf h'Ti i-iln rli' Nhjt<]v «^ ^11^4 il'hwii ih* 

f^WUn in iflikli ^ TmK ■■' ^<^<tllHlll'l^*H]«J|t: la^i «Wn, *Kil Aitcrvdrj' 
■■Ai Mn hU liMHuu-pncnl iiDTEri « J roiE , and iDT \iB TVr> Jxe mbdcd 
ccUteMl; ^ ih«H (ibi*. 'Di^ -flit Mr <li4 L*iiir>. tlivnfv** Gaiuel ba 

«jr r^A/ wcrshipjuSi oJuiitt^ Sir /&/m Am^ 



[IGHT ivonhlpftilt cou^imr, id right luny «y»r- 
I comnuiundc mc unto you- And irhcre I 
undt-rsLaoil b/ThoiiiMlIanfoTdci borer of 
Nofwi'r.bc, hrtrr hrro/, haih becai potl Ui 
gF^tc vcxadon and trouble by con Thonus Hogan, 
scomak&r, of Norvichc, And that I pcrccyvc ye have 
hardc the metier depending in iravcrabitwiii the »«dc 
panics i J ihrffore desire you shit, in the right ciT the 
fomjd Thomas Honford, ye wolbe unto hym gode 
maitcir, mil Ihc bettir for thi?E myn utitauncCi fti nay 
ainglcr truM \n in you. 

And where 1 rnnceyve lUo that ihe sinnc ThomaJt 
b uoyted in Nortfulk for a Scotetuim borne, y« fttwU 
lUKlcrttnndc Ihcl i pcrccyve wclc. by auchc honcftl 
ft^kcit HA [ have lunl jpcke wilhin the tilic ui Yyrk. 
that the satdo Thomoi tns bora« their, aod hu 
fftthir there inb^ibityTig, and bia god hlhm and moth«Et^ 
tfic which bcc Hcht honcal pcraonc* i uid for that tiiia 
is tiuc, and noi 117 ^leJ, je aiiiU uudcxBiund tlic Miiour 
of ihe cine of YorV Jind his breibcm hath mndc grctc 
instfl'ince imcc nic to writ for Lhe uidc ThomAh, for 
whom T m\i3t ncdci do, because tluyc arrc my aye 
neighbours, as our Ixjid knowcth, Wlia h&vc you iii 
His blitsid laiifegafd. 

Written m the casiell of Sbir«f hoton, ihe sniiij^" day 
of ApriL Your lovyng cousint 

Thomas Sumnav. 

Tab Easl or Oxford to Sik John PASrcvr. 

[Fitui r*itw(i MiiS-H E.M,1 
At " FrUu M'ttiyu ■nuEuio^' Kv iheriUi ApnL Runr Diit aia« 
luu <iLli*r M9i « t4tak 

' T> flM ^A/ owrA ipfstfj ami my r t^f mtMy wafcftgjrf 

fGHT wonshipfiill incl ri^ht \nuff\y wpTl>flovyH 
GOuncellour, I commauni rcc henely \o fou- 
And (biumochc oa fcr cenn^-nc c^pcciiUl 
cvjACs moving* there be xrAKioiiK j^ijKjyntcd 
to be hoHen >t Gyppiawichc, the Friday scvenyght 
dkre Ectr^T wbicd thai! be the xv, cJay of Aprile^ vhere 
1 purpose tken certnycly 10 be, &nd lo hive tunreU the 
matcre by tweiic Sir Edinounde Benyngfelil ^ *tid 
Tth*rton* thert lobeJiarJeandcommcnyd^as r1ivrn« 
othrc grete niiLl«T« in ttoat conirey necesBiry to be had 
ID comy&ycAcion ; 1 therfor dr^uc ^itid pny ymi that 
yc lay^c imt tu bi; tlicrr the !m£ii? iLiy, biyiigytig niih 
JBDII tb« foncid? Vrlvi?non, mistuig that then ludie 
(Hnocion shiill b« taky» to tlut materc bls can b« 
lought resOTible, and to the wcale of the parti**; 
ftl daiibltrj^' but lliiil Sir Kfiinouiiil B<?]jy[i^f^kt ahdU 
be tJwre in bke wise. And Almyghty God kfpe y'>ii. 
Wreiin al my culell Ot HvdisghAm, the xxvij^ dij 


A.D. 149I1 6 April 
Hbmilv VU. to tiu Eaju, or OxroitDt 

[ProB Puloq MSS., B.U.] 

|YCHT tniily and Tyght wclbelovyd cousyn, wc 
grcic yow wcU, &c. In lli^E ye Jcsycf all the 

dogcm [jiiliin^ sma£lti\ of iho* panra schuld 
have our licens to departc inthcvtAgeiaw^^cs 




Jdond, u ihcy haw bcti AOCTifitoniffi|d to do y^afy id 
tyme pouyd, and llut yc froU undcrUJc ilkcy ibull uivc 
with them no inoic tiuj^iitilcs of ^yoet then voll only 
suffice fur ihd viinltyn^ and expciwifi; wc )Aie fow 
witlc^ tlut owr fulJy iriicrLy beloved couEyn the Kyng 
oJ Denuirkc hath ^hovryd and complcjTiyd un to u» 
bjrd)^vcivc his ]cUcrf>thai when our sihjcctci comr to 
the ^M iKlclaiKl, bcyng in hyt obrwumcc, tbcf >ielt^ 
robbe, and cutortc hU vrubjcctc« ihcr figcyiiu ryght and 
o»ia«itii. Whctforc, the ^fd doftgcrcs ^dyr^ 3ufB- 
Ciciit yutiic be Jbmc yow. njch or yc will oaMrcr unio 
Ufli ihai tlie^ ^IiaII not have with thcns no gntyries mo 
lh«n shall only vul^c:e foi ihcr vitUiyog, dot odyr lliyiig 
wotJi ihcm that p for bcdyn, aiid that alao they ahall 
Dot in gvyiig, CLtuiyii^, uvt in ihcr bcyiig ^i the Bc!yd 
IflTond, take noo thyng iui that they ireuly (>ay or agrt 
for, And fr«Qdly enltett our eeyd cuiuyos aubjectc* 
witbcvlh ecy robbyng or exitartyng them in there 
bvdyes ocruuudp; wc be uiplcnt the Acyd du£gcn» 
make rher viAget thed^at thet libert^ipeoy our w^iyng 
or ooronDdmont nsad in to the ooDtrtjy nat v^iUtttand 
jug; and dlys wc woll that our rcatraynlc of thcr 
ihedyr gqyng stond ^tyll ir: his Hrrnthc and lenu. 

Yovyn ondir our signet, ai out maoCT of Shcnc, the 
vjiiidAy oi Aprilc 

JOHM VtR, Erie of Oxynfoid, Grct Chan^byricyn 
and Atlmindl of Vnglond, Vitcount Bullvk^ jjid Lord 
Ska(j^ to all ihera ihit this pmenr wniyn« Rhall see 
or here, grctyng. And for Jivnucb a« i late bjivc 
reocvyd the K/n^ our Sovcrtyu I^rda tettcr\ beryng 
date the v)'*' djy of llib moTiyih of Aprile, Jirroprlyng 
to a copy of the ^mc, ^ignyd witli myn hand, «riche 
my ritht iniflty scrvaui, John Rowc, Marcholl of mj 
Aomyraljiei Iiadi I't^i to ahgrt^ ^ 

Know ye thflt I, i^ir ficyd File and AdmimH, have 
assygned and deputyd nty aeyd servant to soc our teyd 
Sovcreyn Lordca IcttyrA pIcynLy ccccutyd acordyng to 


asNRV vti. 


the icnure £>f the «mc. iJ»d by ihys present wTytyng 
have jrcvyn to hjiu full Rufciryir uinl [Jtmtr to put 
UDdyr uett &1I such d^^ggcrei it be dyvposyd to vtak 
the "^^.t towatdes Itlond, to tuch tym« as tb«y havi 
fovtid «uttc ifoT tnc; occordynf^ to owr scyd Sovcrcyrt 
Loidyi conundmcu^ ibr tlier df mcDynj^ in the seyd 

Tovyn coder mya tignctt and ^gn«e m^LaaeUr th« 
jc* day of A|iiilc the yj. yetr of llie rcygnc of our Kjxl 
SoYcreyn Lonl Kyng Hcry the vij*^. 


A-D, 149W 31 July. 
Th* EAKt or Oxrt>Ki> to Sm Johm Pjuiov, 

m have btca wriuiai 1p i&r vi" 14Q1. 'Sep n uu* be lutMxnc-J ituf Duma 

Tff /Atf r4* tocrshipfuU aruf my right m^hved Str 
John Fitif&n, A\v^'Al. 

[IGHT wonhiptulJ and right welbclorcd, I 
comauodc oac to you* And where w I ktc 
received your wiyiyng, beryngdaic th< iivj. 
diy of thu present monihe, by the whiche 1 
tindcnund thjvl one Kich&rd Caiic tokc ccrtcy'nc rocQ 
ofMcrTE: icbbyik^ upon the co&tc thcfc; ^ud iii ?ii>iuoc]ic 
aii T xiniI<Tfii-infl that they be iicder the obeissaurice of 
Ihe Kyng of DcnnurLce, I wolJd aod desyre you that 
yc dcryvci thcym unio tiic aeid Richard Calle Co tike 
his avau:iU£e of thcym u pniooe-is, izyaj^ my dutcc 
reserved in cvrty thyng, a^ ray trust is in you. And 
Almy^hty God kepc you. 

Wnten at ray costcU of Hcdyngham. the last dky 

A.D. I49I [ScptJ— Tits Ou> AMD Nkw BAjarra or 
Yarmouth k> Sir Johv pAyroN. 

(PranruiOAMdS., DlBL] 

- iiiritvin atom a\M!ni* iprHWH,iE4L itiia i«(iH «ra«AliL 

jqr Mp^au^rbft lb* taHV 

7& aitn righJ r^-^ent artd teonhipfMU and sfieciai go^ 
maisttr, Maiilff I^ioru 

EGHT reverent ^d worshtpfbU ofi and ourc 
vcny lov)-ng ^ukd curtcys good mAjmcr. wc 
rtconutund ua uu to yim iii ^n feyllicfuU wy*e 
i« on oore part apcrteynith ; and hcncly ws 
thonkc you lot your iabour and letter, «tiche ye ico 
to UA be your ^ctvaunu be the wliidic vc ira askfJ 
leyniii iif the Kynjjes plewrure. and tu ;iciii]ijjly»!ie ihe 
ftirn^, w« with the assUtCDfi oi youre riujiftirship wyll 
put ^5 \x\ onrc de\-ott^ 

Wc wcie at your manoir of Ciiatir to have »cii your 
maifetirsh^P, b^tt ycr wi^tt depAttyJ ^ well from ¥cr- 
mfwrth ywtiTday, as this day iVom C«tre. W© wolll 
h:tT< bctk joyotts to have seen your msxitirsliipt if 
OUT fortune »o had ben. 

Sir, we be cnfo^miyd Thai oto okl special good 
I,ord of Oxford, m vhom we foundc is gttt ^vour be 
the mcditidon of yoiir may^inhTpi u ever wc h&d of 
any creaturci na wc have wiytinit to recumpcns 
ofwhirhe at all tymc* wthyn hiV lonl'ihjp hst^^ had 
OUT preyens ; and now we woid have iva)iid upoo hue 
lOTdsbyp, but your maystirfihip knonith well we may 
not be Absent on Mychilmesse Day foi clyvcnc coo; 
wdcmtitms- WlieiTare we fittefcc ymit gofxi m^]^^ 
ahyp, ye lyke of your jentilnesse, to reconujand us uato 


A.n. I0IJ 

fTRXity viL 


ow Mjii nod loid, 4nd to make cur exktu« to h>in, 
mad todoS]r>cloidBhyp[lobcj pTdciityJ>*ithftpon>cT»c, 
KwlikJjC »c ba^il jow be itic brjnger of thy* ; ami if wc 
hari ary oihw *1(^yntM lo do f ym n pl«a§Tire, we wold, 
thjLt khowyin God, Whom vre beK«k« of HyMi infcnit 
mercy to i>r»cr\c the K)'iig our Sovcr&yii Lord, atui 
oure scTtl i;<km1 lord, nnd you, ftod 2I] dtc ftuty^ of 

Vourc LovtrMAfld bcdtncn, the old 
Baltffcs of VrrmornhH and the new 
Balyfiea Lhal uow >ilulbc> 


Abom A-D. 1491 (?) JO Oct 

The Earl of Oxford to Sir Johh P*stcw- 

[f>nm a M»- lo iht Bndlrivn t jlmiy-] 

rh< H?l of Ttii tii'rr i> muTUnd, Kir ii n pffftr^Ii^initllirihl*, u 'I ii 

■scuQi^ In Iu« ftfih miitinc 'Hii Jatr of Eha jniHtoT rrJVrrni rati llO*¥»«», 
llfrniiP, tfi'l t fulli'io ill* '-■ ■kr'ifil'' ••( V*—\ Mt xtv^iixjf ll«« mrfrifvni r4<lf 
^■ifKtbnllr u) iha ^txt 1411, *ti HLticJi tit hAV* bJi« blHn rrunilid KuL, 
«• A4bb*L le Sir JoAe. b ua VKF-AdnunL 

7i /i/ ''^^ vforskiftfiJJ aMti my rif;Af intirrly wd- 
M^jd amnuUior^ Str Jakn J^HrH^ Knyi;AL 

{IGflT wonthipfull uiil ri^hl rntirrly wcU>dovy(] 
counceillor, I t^amaiind me to ynii. And 
where u I iiXjt have tcccyved your writing, 

fthahy I the dcrneanyng 

of RidwrO Borkc^cy attd hU sihlpp u» t>thcr, I luivc 

ta of hym 10 be »dy at aL) 

tyniM lo ansn^ to all suchc ihyn^s na <an be 

t be dcmc4iiyD|jE^ 1 vol) 

tlKifor ikit ye aufTre hyia his men acid k1ii|]ijya, 

d 11 fot a [a&i of hrrtng iod 

on hall, wluch« 1 uadinioDd bv by 

of ivict 1 voU dut jc ddyvci tut to the coaiitioUct of 


THC PASTOJf LETTERS. («.ftt44l- 

my howihold. A o put undfr 

sucrtie all tudic hcrbtf so ukja or rcvid t^ the cm- 

vcyll of uiy other. Ami 

Wretia U M&lford, the use day of Onobrc 

And where a« I am afonuyd ihii ;« ukc hym oat 
for my «crvAum, and so he ^ roy^ed In thccomrey 
ther, I woU Ihai hit be knovin that I i^c hym u my 
nen-ALint, and «o will do t« long u 1 Laow no cftust of 




About A.D. i49< (^) Oct. 
Tfk Eaul of 03cpori> 70 Sm John Pastov. 

5k preUiDtaiHir ddic is Lbe Una. 

|IGHT wot^pfuU &aJ right iotitrly wclbclovcd 
coiincdlour. I comaumi wc lo jou- And 
where R3 I iindirsiond, by your writijig to 
me dclyvcrid 6y thu bcru", the foborve uid 
dispoyling of ccruyn CorvcTs of Holond Aad Sdond, 
done by the shipp c:allyd Uu Fctolf^ whcrcrf" Robm 
2>pcnscr w[u iiruister, uwell in herryng, vitaylCf uid 
luclyrg, ju yc be ct^fourmyd by uj. p«T50ftnys of the 
ttiDC fthippe. ;iDd of th'etitcDi and dispondoa of the 
majilrr and fclMhy|> of iJit Kime, uhicic *bcwe. aa ye 
write, tliat Barleelt^y, oswrfll with that ^hipp Ji« urilh a 
pnse thai he hjthe bought, bttf Ukyn ol Ihe ?tGiM:h& 
mc<k. ivcrc dispusid and dcCcnuenyd to do mydie 
1i«tQic,w h rni pon yc In ve indc v^ind vou to brel: e the vame; 


HJK I49<-1 



ham be bh ihat ilic scid IJa^kclcx ti^t-h be btr witli mc. 
and found tucr^if^ in a C/r', 10 Antwer to iXl suche 
decncuiyngr when he shfllt be caLJydj ai>d Ih^mpon I 
ttTOtc to you to lu^rc h^, hb men, imd tbippis to 
<lcfwic &t IJLeitic ; ytl Doynticlcbs, concjilcrin^ youi 
Mige wrinng, I cui nat b« £r>nifnr in my mymie to 
e lymc ^ 1 may hen: bcttho you and Rarkel«y to 
Itdcr; wiltiii£ ihcrf [or tluit yc do] kcpc the shippyi and 
goodcs m sucnic, J«id to br with mc your iclfe . . . 
, , . . . well m«y, bnngyng with you liuche 

iij. penonnyfi as have ce^ 

tayntc of this nAttt ; and to 1 ha«« wrctm to Uukc- 

ley X to omwcr to the same And 

G«d k«peyou. 

Wrctm ....... ol UctobFC 

Also yf thcbc cny ofihc Duchcmcn 

. any auic for thet gode, that yc thr^ c^ust 

of to shewe and cUymi? thet 

owafr OxvtfPOBP. 


About A.D. 1491 (}) 28 Oct. 
Th e Eabl of OxroRu to Sia John Pastoh. 

[DottM MS, 393, t 90l1 

|1GH'1' woTxhjphill and nght wclbelovcd cotm- 
ccilour. 1 c:omaijndc mc to yt>ii. CcitlQciat 
vuu [Jul I »u1l1c lute be fight glad To halve 
hM\ yo», the iij. p*nonei that cnformed yoa 
i»i Berkeley^ decaenyu^r 1^ Berkeley togedcr, to 



Ui'cntent tlui J myght have had n|W knowledw ot 
their dcmen)'ng, to have shewed the Kyn^-f ai toy 
coinjnt; (iniiJ Hii Nevenlirlca, aith I ucJct- 
«and by youT bit wryljag,. lo mc bronigbt by ibe idd 
Berkeley the Kxviij- day ot ihb preaeDt oioochf . b«rm 
ditc the Mcnday next before Sc^Tit Symond L>Ay aod 
Jude, tliai iJiti ii lut ■«> fc-rcic ddauic in llic uinv 
BfrkelflX as rt by your fomicr wnting«4 to me seoc 
wcrd [/M^m] ihcrbad be, ind IhAt (he <lr{£tute, tf e€y 
be. b m one SpcnKt. m&t&tcr of Ihe fihjp;>c bclongriV 
lo the aeid Berkeley, itni\ that ye thytike also that sucE 
ffnfeiee as 1 hiw iiikf oi th^ «Ainc Berkel^ h ^ufflcitor 
inogh, belter or more thiu) n^cth fcr that <:auM, and 
thjn in your myniic yc thynkc he woll bc of godc Ktljrd' 
yng and demrnyn^ in lymr tomvng ; I wdl *nd Se^tt 
you that yc deliver hym hiE shipper, men, 3J)d goodes, 
oocordj^g to my fint wh'I^t^ lo you sect in thoi 
bchalre. And Altnj'ghty tJod kepe you, 

Wntei] at my uuMell of HedingUaiH, the xii-irj. diy 
of OcEobre. Oxynfobd. 


Year utrtTrtam. 
TifK Eaui or Oxrofti) to Sir Joith pASToy- 

[Ttmet MS. jflj, f J^.] 
TTiU iTTt l« riLLJO Linrarrun In paiiu at d*H. <Aafi« ilai Jr koil kava 
•fltf Oiiitr Jf I^Ti or UiG Earl Dr OiTurl 

Sir f^aaff SAifitin ^rttf Sir JcJi^ I'aiimt Kny^kta, 

[IGHTE tru4ty aud li^lilc Wbdoryd cdod- 
ceiUuur^, T conuundr inr lo yuiL And 
fior u iDOche It ooe 'I)]Oin:t& Clurlji of 
Nonvichc late bathe pre«entkl unto me a 
bille ol com^yQlc ^lyii^ic S;moiidc While, ^otjt 

JUD. 14*1.] 

ffEXJty r//. 


wchc wtortgia as the uidc Sjttiondc haih« dooe and 
dtitv dothc Co the Slide ThoiSA^ aa b^ the atldc bille, 
whtr.hc I fcndc you mili ihl^ more plkyticly iji^crith; 
I th«far dpsirr smt pray yon ihai yc woU cfo railr the 
takl« pjirtict I>)"foTc you, find mwo due e^Aminadon 
had iipon the matct contejii«d in the saidc biHc» yc 
lake mchc dircttjon its mgy nrordr with righic itul 

Eode cor«d<*nt, soa^ithcKiidrThcjmiuCh.irHiihctafttit 
aire no c»)ic to rttortc to mc ccrnf Ltytiyng. And 
Almightic Gcd kcpc yi^ru, 

Wnttn at my cutellc of Hcdiiii^h.-Liii, the iv, daye 


William Pa^tok to Sir Jonw Pa9T0K, 

[FrcoD rftitou MS5^, 1].M.) 

I^YR all <!««■ feconr^nrlarjriin, lykc It yow lb 
unjyrstond that Syr Hcrry Hcydoti »ch*wyd 
me \h%X it le .tgT*^>'d be Syr Edmond Bc<lyn|;- 
fcld, iVi^t the router bctwyx hyni and toy 
hro<1yr Velvpmn * sch-iTbe comynd -11 Nnn^yrhe^ *nd 
there i dvrccdon to be totcyn in the ucnc QUCer^ 
mete for tnn;! hr^ihe. 

837^ the K>r^- scndylhc ordjn«Bncc dayly to the 

»ee lydr, aud hys icntes and fllys (^^r'/V/fliw) be a 

nuikyng fwie^ and many of them be raidej and there 

" ii alio j^te pro^Tsyon mode be gentylmcn that rx^olde 

■ VlllUfB Vtf T«f UP, tb« fnflijKM uT ih* JttOct. i>(i*iiianUOAHitrA»«. 



goo wythe Hyt Gnc^ or hon, luuDOCp ICDIs, haJj\ 
Ipudyvyoat [£ta^ja^], coftes, &nd otbvr ttwnfci that 
•diolie serve them for th,vx jumcy thai Ihe Kjntge 
enUfiicIyilic la ukc itrt hand, icx) ih;ti ti«l/kdyixl Hy« 
Gncc wolb* giy^-n^ tone upon Eater. And to I ^^1t«lde, 
ftfiyr that I btrc hcaJtyr, to goo to C^kjs to purvqr 
me of hamcpi and midic ihyu^ct u I sdull ocde 
boydct hoF», tinilyr tlut forme th^L tay cottea AchallM 
payd furs, 

Syr, [ UD is yet 00 bettyr honyil than I ivm trhia 
I wu wjthc vow, otjT 1 wote DCt where to luve none, 
for hore flescnc ib of iiticl^e a price hi^re thai my puree 
U Bcbftnte [unfrir] abl« co bye one- bon; vrhcrlbr I 
bcECchc yow to ncrkyn [iitfriM] for tome ia yowie 
ccutie, Syr, my co&yn. John Hcydon, loldc me thu 
the Prinr of Wflbrirai^s hor^c wai; rially amrndyd, Ukd 
tbat the Abottof 5e)nl Becetes Kchewcil hyja tfiertW 
A bay hor^ of a persons ny^ht onto Seyni Bcncrtia, and 
tliat the aljot w<j1iJc gcte byin Cue iij)f cu^yii Hi^yUua 
at a resonable price- Syr, my cofyn, John Hoydoc^ 
woU gave m« hys entreat in that hon, if the abot haipft 
bow^t hyrn. And so ye may ktc the abot have know- 
lege ; and if he have not bowghl hym, I bcMcl^e yow 
ier\de lo see hym, for I vote rot bow to do withowt 
yowrebelpeaiweliic hersyng of me oa in other thyngcs. 

At ihc mokyng of thys Icttjx, I cannot at^crtevD yow 
what pcri^on it is ihAi ovythe ihya ht>n. If I can 
lenftw, I wolle senri vow xvorde in a bylle I ftende to 
Thomas JuUy& be the berer hero£ 

Syr, XI towAfdcs my juracy to Caleys. the wh^^ehc I 
entendc [iTtfemfa/] to hive taoe at my Liste bcyng with 
yow, it wiis !ii>, 1 wat dyupoyntyd of Thomas Dey and 
an other man 1 s^^bolde hkve had be hys menys, 13 yo 
hare hid knowlcgc of or now^ and iXu> I had went 
[fA«(fji/] ij luve Iwd fulkys a mctle witJi mtt ai Ilcd- 
yMham.whychf ded nott My lorde.'seyng me dyxcaydt 
and aleo none otlierwyBe purvcydi wyli)^ me in oq] 
wyac tc tvy on tyl liya comyng 10 London, and sent 

JLtk 1491-1 

MBf^RV VSi. 


KDyn etcusc to my Lotdt Dawbcncy undyr th^a foiroe 
horn iKii I irtfl loic di5£»ir4^ noiwyihoiondyug I w« 
welrwyllyci lo Juvr ixane ta fulfyii my pmmrtic, bui 
he ccwde not «ofyT mc, wyng m« loo dyw£ydj sliuI 
so my Lord I>tirbcocy 'otan aoiy of my dyscAC and 
CDDlent due 1 Uiyd. 

Syr, t bftrchc yow to holdf me excuiyd for k<;pyng 
of Thomw Lynited, yowr lervaunt, and hym bothe. 
It ifi SCO that he And i bothc have ben in hand with 
my unkyll' fur h}^ outer, njtd y<?ll vrcc luvc hyia aL 
twogocMl poynt; l>m 1 rrosie we !n:hall Imvt Syr, if 
1 taJM lhy» juniey to Cilcy*, 1 mosi« beft^he yow to 
forbere hym k-ngtr. And iJ I goo not to Cfllcys, Ihow 
1 be lotlic to forbcrc hym, yCl f at:hLill biyiigf hytn 
with me schoitEy in to Norfolk**, ye to have hym, if yt 
lyiity ^nth the gr^ce of God, Who have vow in kfpynS' 

^Vfccyn at LoodoDj ihc :it';ij- da^ of r«bniuya «riui 
the hftodc of yowt pof c biodyr, 

Wvu-rjui Pasttok. 


A-D. 1493, cO April. 
?.oozk L'EsTRAN<jt ro Sir Johk Pajtok. 

IFfomPuronMSS-, B-M j 
Tte latla ift vnl*^ 'tT ihf r«r 1449^ Hhaa ike Klb^ itM ptipg mmr ta 

7i /Ar fyrA tttenitypfulf *^r John Fasf&n^ Knyth, ^ 
thyt iitiyvtrytL 

[ASTYR P,\STON, [ recomawud juc to yow. 
SvT, VI ii U rha: f ^m not yet piuvcyd of 
men to my nonrntyv oi ATchcn*, iuych as 
chotd j£0 h^vyi Rcc with mc ; wcr for, sjr, J 
be occiic yovr Uui ic wold plc»c jow m llijs tyiuc to 


THE rASTON LETTEKS. [ui rfffi. 

do so mych for me u to si pyrrejrd me of ij- Of uj., 
fuch 4S ye thvnk di&ld be for mc 

SfT, 1 uDdyT«lond Syr Tciy Rolrttcrtl lyth boi lyttTlI 
from yflw, wrrp, ^k I imw, her mjf le Iirlp mr of j. by 
yowyr mcny*, and at foe Thw ira^«, ihcj- xall hav« the 
K]rQf:cs wJi£c? and some vhat cUo, »;> that t croAt thai 
they Jtall bt pltisytl- Syr, I he cedi ynw lo tak Uic 
p^yne for me ic ihys tyrnt, anrt I xall f!« yow ihot 
ftrvju that lyth in me, Ly Ihe gnce of Jew, Ho pre- 
at ivc you- 

Oq Monday next iftyr Pilme Sonday, by fomji 
tiow&e to hy< pouyr, Rogea LESTHAVNa^ 

Syr, I be Kd> yow thil thyi byil ma,y rccomAwnJ 
nic uii tv iu> kdy>' omd 1 Uu»t 1 uiU & w^yi un yoiJ 
«0De on EACyr. 

About A. D. 149I' 

tFiixiL Pmifiii MSS,, R-M.l 

7> A« r^f^/ wurchif/iill mnfrr, Wtl^ioM I^Offit, and 

tJtis letlir bi iiflyv<rtii m hent. 

rHT wurchipfull MAiflcr William Puton, 
wiih mya good Lord of Oiinlorl, And myn 
wdbelovyd Mr. Derykr I recoruunri me ou 
CO yoiL And it \& 500 ihnt I kepc % priaoocr 
of my Icidis TO answer lo Williini Grcie, nurynct uf 
Grct YermotLtJt, ihc Wiethe he bfotight hym \e\ mt by 
my lordis aucloritc of a waraod from Bell Key; and 
the acid WiUkm Grc\-e cbor^d me fiiih his phtoncr, 

1 Fntvibly kfiircwtH fbir »ii« of iht £^ ■( 0«/o4 

A.a 14*3} 



luusc^ rhillyp Barbour, and cluupd mc with hym for 
%U., Aud so I kcpe Ujnu, aiid luve kept hjm thin ij. 
jrcT ^tA an hitf Ad'1 I Kivc af^yr Lind luany tymes 

Ibr ai£ bord« ht he promybid and ippoyntcd with mc 
for every wckc ijs,, »m1 I to T^tkc tilvtr^;!.' lor 10 an^WL-t 
ti^ of his pryion*?r iiff>rtrKt ; and *o 1 luivc be <:haT- 
gith with hnn ij. y«rifi and an half to m^fErGt cost and 
c]ULrj:c and novrh the acid Wilfi^im Grcvc iiUcrdtlh :o 
|Mf mc noon mony, 1>iilt he \s a Ixmnht :i> icmcvc ihe 
pryscnfT ty a pryvy sr.ill to nlijjrc nw^ from myn mony, 
Wher 1 VQ cnformyd thai noon prysoncr of my lordii 
sbuld lut be rcmcvyd out of my lordi-'^ prpon, nor 
crjfTtid ai» Dui of piy^nn till ht h;id iinswcn! ihcr ro 
MChe cause* ni iie lyth fore, and specially for a!le suche 
coftbc and choxgis of hifi kup^r is charj^ed (or hyin for 
his coatb of c]opeiut3 \ and that dooi>, 1 ^ oU be ledj 
to delyver hym to the seid Williiim (Jrrvr [lr»] pay mp 
forhiv costis as h »haJbe demyd with rc^ison. Bctc- 
chynd 4nd pr^yiMij; you bothcn lao to b^ flo good 
caa[iatna udIo] me tTut yc woll »hewc thin mater on to 
my lord, and Id kuuwF my lords memd whedyrtt 
■h»U pteue hym thai 1 shall delyver hym by a pryvy 
■call n thia cauub or tuiy, for the bryn^^ herof u the 
pi^rsoDCi- And if it be my lordis mend llut tlie pry- 
aOKMi ahall apj^ert to that pryvy ^eall, that it wall plese 
cny Icrd (o be fo good and graicyous lord on to the piy- 
BoncT to send hym to hifi counceU to London, to 
tetxJjT Lhti mater for Ihe pofc prraoncr, aad tocoa- 
Rj'dre ihr gn-t lovnc Jut Ehe at^id William Grcve 
totcndith to piJlio hU serv^tUBt Wilhim Barnard, buv- 
dudl iTid kcp^ of [ui^'l lordis gaylc in VcrmouthT tfid 
ScrTSkCint|to?jRvbcnCto\vmcr,deputckrrii)ytord in the 
pATiyen of Nnrrihlfc aiiJ Siiffollc, I shuld a browce lip 
my lilf, but wc be now in grct bcsynes in kepyng of 
mf lordis hononibylE couitis m Noiiiblk and ^ufiolk. 
Wrclyn the lost day of Aprill. 

Ey your, Willuu BAii\Aao, 

that J caci or may 


TRE rASTON LETTERS. 1-^1)^149*' 

A-D. t49>. "4 Sept— Ei-UABmi, DtCKitM o¥ Noft* 

w laantit ind reu. 'liir ntquiikiLiri iifut Lit duck wv Ufcaa oa ifai. 
O'l-^l—-- ** \i**i VIE. (-tt^l U*i II t]iw« iiAr tiAit ih* 4tB^«n»k^ ^ 
i%< jL^iuLA f^uikil '(l>-»Qtu Mut^ib, who iii,u Uicn tliiri} ycja eld aail i^tA 
lr>ta<h" tiiKmtn rrif] nvvr h^' . l"ir r^iiT *"r"-illl'-m Ifift Tai iJaiiiiJ 

^itan, ftad F*iii> •*]'. Though 1 Ky-i*! 

iia/n Kn^'^Iii^ Sin John Patlun, Sir^ AVvVrf C^rrft 
Knys:hrei^ the Kyr^^ts Ammty, P^Ufp C^hofft^ 
aUMard 5iiihwHi, Squyrri, ^tJ to y\-/ie tf iA^m. 

EuzADCTd, DucfresflH or NonrrouK. 

|1GHT entycfly ndbetoi/yd frcndvft, I conuunde 
me to you. And for &« mocA^ u 1 under* 
sUodc that Sire Han/ Grc)r> Uiai b ilic vcnjr 
owner And potscssioner of the maner of 
Ketryngham, \% nowe in gr«c itfe, and fl< ie u Mide^ of 
n^lit sockely diflpoBicLon, ojnd t&t afWr bis deccute tba 
ligbi and title therof shftll of njE:ht bdonKe to my lightj 
welbelovid scrvaimt Thonuii MAnjii, ^i\i\ his ncvcwe 
ajid heyrc of blood, suid hit cyTe ihcrof h^ rokson of 
ent&ylvs: — What th:; scid Sire Harry cntcndjth to d^ 
ttienn, I knowc nol, Ltii il icnrjyth in irporic, lh»i hsj 
is in piifpose to dishcriir the »cid Thoroxt M^rtyn 
thCTOf, contrary 1o ^M right and good oooscieiice. In 
cfichu^ngc whcrof. I desire end pmy you as hcnely u i 
c^n, th^t \x ivu[] lecke yoa to be »o good TDomyrs Cik 
iht scid Thumu as, ^ly your wiiclanit and Oiscredon, 
the seid Sire ilsrry, by you or tome of you. mav be 
moved of coQBcieQce and oi kjndciuase tc his blood 

A,1k M9S-1 

HElfRV ¥lt 


to hare rtganl in ihe s«r) nRhl, an*1 niv in <!o rny 
ihysg that thtild be duhcr^TEf^n Eo hit ).<id n^vewc, uid 
to have tht mon: tender coo«i<lcrcLoion to y^ir niodon, 
for tluU tlic scid l1i<iinA4 is toilyvcinc nf ^OLt of kyitnc 
anil jIliiiiicx^p ami lo many ^Thpf Ern:ilinrn wiihin ihr 
shere in leelti: t^at Acd for the conicidcmcion ihsit I 
hare, Uul ihc scid &tc llioj-and Thtnnaa hii nevcve, 
were cf tny lotdci nctc Llirdc, whon v^ule Jc:iu pAtdon 
Uid uvyle, 4c were to grcl a jwte lo see hym by dis- 
beiyttcm to ffclle to penury and povcrte, wher by yoar 
good exottaooD in ^ onittderunon of the premisiifli and 
cao odir by yoof wtadAuiyt* lo be rcInelnbic^l. in the 
!jf of (he arid Sire Harry »iii<:he inconvenit-nc'ea may 
bt beitw nsudv«<l \ wherin ye fihall noi only do an 
Aiau4 dcdc; uia a i^vet plca«ir to Cud, but ^ao to me 
for iliaL blode^ ule it hiEiuitki plcuhir, arA c^usc rae 
hcittftir thmthrr in rnnsidfr ihyngr rhar shall rnni-rmr 

i^cur rcacnubill picasir, with Goddcs grace, Who ever 
Al Eric Solum, ikb ainj« Jay uf Sepicirtbyr. 


Bdbre A.D. 1493. 

EoMusb PAJTroH TO Sir Jouv ?Airxo«. 

rFt«jD Fncob MSa, EM.] 

TUftMfnmv Wki^t)ifintht7»u 14^], m Sir UogarToWB'Hi^ JUI 
I Ihc ^ ticwvbci tn ibai >tfi i1a^p.ri. lo Hub VIL. Nihifc-^ klorc- 
m ihf •ill of FIlHbHhClffvfjrUrmAl^ *4>|iri>v«i1, trcont^ne talUMU> 
.eulWCKh Utrek 14^ > AvIufirJdVin IVilcn ■ aldBK nb VU ABjy 
tar* in i«t<> Uk ■1'I« i> *W OkrJr cu L« uuy v«n urllcf . 

VGilT wunhypfuil Sir« I iccoiuawnd mc to 

30W. Ab jnirnby I waj> with cny cotyn 

CLere ; ' he lyihc at Bo^o^4% afid my mutrei 

hys wyveffc,^ Ixj cause ihc plage reygnylh at 

\ ftr XOxtK Ckicof CnnbliT, 
i Cm •rift Abui 

■ Fnta>»lr W Cn* ^••^t A-na, iUu^lLl-r *r S^r Wllikb Ugftu. 



Ofmyiby. And to of hyi own nocyon be nie«7d to 
mcof the ma^cyxRc of my nercw coar noo, uid<KBlui« 
foolkcft woold be to buEJiyn m t\cx tc ir/^x, »nd soo 
hxihc iihrwytl tt\e ilui xc ithxild har:; js mydbr >» 5>ir 
E. BcUjDRfclid, whychc wu» v. C mwkt Uoocc over 
he fihcwyd ihat he woold depArt with il 10 Six Roger 
T.^uitoII-uiyCoIctU wh^xJic hrshcurjrtlee wooUlAot 
of, but to ha\c the mony at wjct tiysy<ajiayob ; and 
roe semyit be hya report that he kfiovyth tirtli tlm yi 
le <ldic whth Sii U. lU^ he wyll be in ft auerte thu the 
mony tlui he ihM deport mi\> %}iuhi goo to iho 
redemjTig of kout laiuln, and oO^ffr tout dewngcre^' 
Mon; ovvt hf «Jiewyd me thit the monTwhydh^ie 
skyftyd of H. Colott wna Ui[oug}it be Sir Many H. tlut 
Sii IL Tu4tLui:iid ftUuld luvc ben ojuicutlc with tL 
whyche 18 knovryn thr- €ontnry> and rtiiflyd hym 10 
geve delay i& that bo h^llfe to cow. I know well thit'* 
jantykaan beryihc icw oa good raynde oa axiy tnaa 
ivlyvct my lua::»L11!^ hy>t uiul)ici,' a»d alh\> my ituslies 
hy» wyv* in Jycke wyesic; m«1 m* semy* hf makyi 
not the dosvchuts to dclyver jow hys mor.y that other 
men do or the dclyvcryc of then. Foor tiowthci be 
^hewythc me hy» myndr, whyche h thus: yf to wyU 
pun \xv\de in fcfemcnt f(ir zerM, tA the ftill o^ntentv 
cyon of Towncs:cnd| Colctt, And of my urjcle, whyche 
he ind all men thynkc ic mustc he chATRcd to, or ever 
Rc goo thoTow, And xoui ilc-iI ffcn^lc^ hive the 
[Tceyte of it ryll it be fiiU rciJit^Tur xT\t\ p^ycrf, thiji:, or 
Miche a stici wcj^c to be hod for the well of a\l pOTtcyKi 
I doTTc ?iay he u not aXyvc wjli indevout hpn wiA 
beiLet wyll to iLtIc witli turn, ami iis my niyuilc scrvys 
tne, stTcytle hym*ylffe, U it may be hooryii, be <ydc 
my masttfS hys modfn v. C- My Tnisties hyt wyffc, oik 
my fcythe T d^rr «3y, the mosic harty body to wrm 
wordes in this be hMs thst is ^yve, and the uyne^Mtt 
body wodid be to have it accomplysbyd' 





S7T, 1 th«£Lk« xe be to n^krda l^ndon> aadweU i 
wooC K r r c inside \% to caw; £OUf s>lHc u lTa;}loI]r fla K 
imx ; I pr^> God ic Oo tu soiu boaur, oiul (o ^our 

MaKhaj3<t(s or n«w jintylmen 1 clcme «yll prcfert 
Ui^c i aoon other 4y*prcyacU, tc knew iIk cojuyncw- 
aocc of this man, adiI how he is atyotL Wrll I wooU 
yf ze (IcjidJI to London, le thai] h;tvc profcrr« Urge} 
yf 2OU1 jonuy be not bat to c^c ^ow in Uut be half«, 
be nty poci avycc alike for iij. or iilj. ^v^\, for ever 
IOC scitiys I (.hukl not hftvc ben 1>rok>n to ki Liigclj% 
btit chAt th^ rnlcndc it haticly to ftay to 20W> Sythe 
I wa£ thcff 1 undyr kUikJc yf it hod not happyd me to 
have aeync ibcm m tester day, ahc wold liiis day have 
nude ber ccwnicnajicc tn havt %e/n her ncs, Bniiiu (?J 
dovtcr, wyehe is ai Pallyngr^ for fere of die pUge, ^^ 
have comyn scyne J^vm^ */«</ strn \ my wyffvc, and 
apecynlly to have dc sj-rid il5 to mere xow towantce 
ibetn, 4iid in irnwihc «q !«hr hA.<«(c. 

I pray God ire do u wdl to £our honur as I woold 
do my n'He; Vf ic wyll tcry Ihya lytcil :icason be foot 
ichcnyi^ jf u ly^tc, I woott welJ ^ nuy hive the 
tmater moor l^rg^ly tomyne<l; And yf x<^ Luy tyll 
Uondiy* I wyll awayte on jeow to Hyn«^ngham, with 
Godoft gnce, Who ever pmerve cow and /cura. 

Your, £> ?A3T0K. 


A.D. 14^3 (?} 38 Feb.--ELi2AirrH, Dccue&i or 
Nokfoi.ic, 'ro SiK JuHK Taaivs. 

EFrtim ration MSS. HMO 

1^ tiait nf Nw v^ 

EuzADnsf^ DvcKSf or NoiirrOLK. 



COMMAUKDE nae to jon, tlumkjDf jov u 
hArtdy ■« ] can for j^ar bbow tod wtTSUn 
L }\iJ!&crchin20wtcofT1iot[tt»MaftyiutiuiyT, 
preing jnu of (vmipniuuice, and of jOKir bc« 
Oidvyse th^n^howhe thall brrkc the ms-ter so af by yotir 
hdpc And v^sdua, a frcnddy conun^xotion may ht 
haddc, so u the niiUcr ituy be bad m cuumynooon 
by luche gcntylirfn as shaTbt nanifd by th'jws«ii of 
bc>the pamcs, suche an tendyr oi^d love th« wel« of 
bothe parties, uid oUo d^ peu and tnuiquyllyte 
of the cuiitre* and love to e^chewc vaiiauncc asd 
paniM in the cuntr*, whtrin y^ ihall not cjily do a 
pwtc pleaiure to me. bui a grete dfde of charyte for 
Die profight and caac of bothc parties, aad also s plc«r 
hruc to GoJ. WIiiF liuvc you luitL'pin^, 
At Efle Soham lodgf, Ehifl xxvLJ, day of Fpbnnry, 

N. E. N. 


A.D. 1494* Nov. 
Sm T. l.wc TO SiH JoiiK Pastok. 

[Fiom Tuion MSSh. B>M.1 

7U> IfriVa ct^rft ilif IW 4^ il»< Kii>Ahu of il^ Uatlt owU « tW bmIb* 

A mj rigih 'jjVTihypfiii master^ Sir John I^aOstt, 
KttytM, «a hasi^ 

EMORjVNDUM, thai thes bcthc luray? tliat 
war iTLod Knytn of the Batb, th« Tliwnday 
be foi Athalow Day- 

Fyrai, My Lord Hcrry, Di:kr oi" Vork^ 
My Lord HatyngtOD, Lord Marcat soD.^ 
My Lord Clyfford. 
My Lord F/Hicn. 

I Tlffui Qtrj. ia« of TfiomH GCTr, Ant UsXHt^ Al Uanv* v%o fuo 

v». UM-I 

MRHRY rih 


M) Ixird Dakyr of die Sowtk 

My l.'Onl Smtngc. I,«rd Stnng«i sua. 

Sir John Anmclcll of the WeBL 

^ ^*atcr Grdyth of LonkuchjpTt' 

Sr ]anney« a GyOhon of Vorlcrrh^rp, 

Sir Aobeid Hnconh of the WctL 

Sit EchmDcl lYayfonL 

£a Ileny Mimcy of Ettcxc 

S£r Rogrr NewburcTW. 

Sft Raif Rjtber 0! Yorkcchyre. 

S(r Thomu Bawd of Harfofth cbym 

Sir Joba SctflkOi 

Sir Houm/rcy Fitl/otd 

Sir Kobnd LyttoEL 

Sir PcTs Erccome* 

Sir Robcrd CIcEc 

Sir Thcmas F^yrcfiwc. 

Sir Richinl Knylhlcy. 

Sir Wylkm ChcVc. 

Abn ViaxSxs Robert Suutliwelt ia Hey Schrcrc of 

Memono<luu, t^t cafom is &t xvjj. )/t. the lowest 

Also, the Kyri^e and the Qweitc went crovn«>d on 
tfilowixi«cie !>3lt tut ; >^d lav Lord of Schr«wiberj 
bare my Lord Hurry, Dakc or Vorkc, in hy^ hormys; 
uA 1. by»chopb> vith DQjrtcn on ihci hcdcs^ Kojngbe 
far the Kyng ihsti day iriwnd ik howt WrKimyrster 
HawU, tilth maAT odyr grei iuutes. 

Sir, ther h«^ be »o f^rei cownscll for the Kynj^cs 
malcr^ diftt mj Lord Chnvmslcr kcjit not the Slcr 
OkRvmbrr thyn riij, d^yi, hut nuc day .n Ixindon, od 
Sent LenAHcc Day. 

Be yomc pore prcit ood scrrAund, 

Six T. Lwa 

Tbo lo«4ft pTy*e of tafbrn \% xvJA 
Icaa, the Koytca of the Bath, 
itenx the Knytca of the Schyrc. 




TH£ PA.STOK LETTERa [jla Mff. 

Item, of recorder a yen&t toe 

Syi, ihcr Ivub rcconl a yrnsi me. Syt Tobn S^yve, 
Veoy oT Bftrt<?n, Joha Aiiood, Rid^rd Qvytk of 
WyttoD, John Etowlond t>( I'otvDfCEOCb ffuaiDOf , wbe^ 
aoc all /oiEAoiyL on die Crttiij^ a >ciui iuc> 


A-D. 1455, II Jtiiy. 


[From Pulon MS5., B.M,) 

TV* law vrfm m ih* 4ii*t>im 1^ PvASn W«to4h M I>«iL M 
HuffitemirbLafOll'jirDfibiidnlantiuidfBjjrtn^aAd ««iial]«lBV 


|IGHT wurchipfull scr, we fveoiruiiml ut <Ui 
your good otMixicrship, Acrt^eog ytyn tiut 
Robofi Alban of Vermouth with uujiytiwro 
of oiii neybo^ ihii Saiodiy tfn comoi Ihom 
from CaunEcrbury. And Rob;9n Altxm hAih epokyv 
irilh th€ Eofflwh captaynn of the Kyn^ rcb«Up tbcr. 
part of thcym (hat (un mkyn ; *nd Rolxtrt AlMt «ad 
\\\ii romjiaDy »ciih I hit clicrwcr Likyn ^md lUyq tt> tito 
noiuabtfe of vij", whtrtjf wcrp v. aprfyni. iiij. ci' llMoi 
he namad, oon Mounford. Whyght^ Bdt. andCorbeR: 
he coudc noti tcib the fyfft capicyns ncunc. And Ihcy 
lold liym that llity liiive apuyntcd to havr 4 torn of 
■Uctiglh^ for they wold an had Simdwkh. and the 
countre had acHt a icai«tid tlicm. Aod so Bdt scwi on 
tf> Roharl Albon he yyaX wodl that he was but A deed 
inan, itiid for juiULXjhc tf» ho wtst that hi; wu of Yer- 
raouCh, h« shewed liym th*t th«y woll have Yennoudi 
or they xaU dye Ibr it, at Koban Beyth lo ua. 

And this is a mater of trcwili^ and thofe 
ilesyre and pray yokU good CLiaJaienhi|^ that « 


A*B^ 1*5-1 


hiVF jnmir my^r^ hdp of »ydc attd bocowi, and ihtt 
it voU piciM you tr> comoQ vnUi M&iatw M^fcr of 
NonvicD^ to vncvc hym of hys lokour. but ic apecyaU 
chu we nuy have your mAuteialitp aui^ijx* *»■ ^^ 
liBi^he ttrrDgdi of your good roTinr^ll, u your intiRe^ 
chip shall ihytk toosi be; t jot iJm Kyng« plcwur, ■ad 
iw ihc ftcwyrtj'c of us ^c ; for i*c putt 1M ID Avwft to 
fumyiL liic towQ wLlh all ihal wc 4:sik doo, for we 
know HOOT odcr tui thai lb>?y may be bcrc by poi^ 
bjplytc this Ly;£ht or lo roon^jw ut nyght al the fodttL 
No nooic to you, but Jem ptcicrvc you. 

Wica>-a ^ Vciiaouth, in haxt» ihh Satenky, tbe ■! 
dfty of July, 

B« your owyn, the BaJyfie* of Vcr 
mouth, with our Orcliicm ftnd 
ComooA of tile luuiK ToMiL 

A-a f49S. " Jul/- 


(Fmiid PBiUm MSS., B-M.] 
lUi kito ivGcn t? tbd illaHnUHi cf WulKtk'B fl^ct niter d« ui 


Tte baddvriElaji ui li^i Leila u lAe ant u ttu 

1^ my fight 4jpe^aU and iyngier gp&d maisfir^ Str Jtffin 
Pastcn, Knyf^hi^ ihis lfii<r be dtiyvered. 

iURCHlPFULL fifr. I r*<x*tnat:nU m« on to 
you. Ma)fitfrBilyff««,wiih:iM(^myaMa]!iterit 
ofthclown you hattilly. 
mU liustyii^ fcythluily uf yvui .lydc juid 
CotRfocd *l n«de; ftrri if any snche cutwe happitll 
wiih (U| thi^ voll leythftiUy send you word ia aU the 
hut poaqrblc, up on the syg^t of the shippb. 

So-, fcrdrrmor. ther is a flhip of our town come honi 
Ihm Sdni John of Amy&Sp ^i^d he «cyth that on Saint 



Thomu D&T^ ihcr came to Sctnt Wallmis,* m Not 
iTATiflir, an hoyp of nonicryghi, with titJ, linnis, with 
maiiT uddiilcs stnd brydiUoi : th<r ia vcr viij, or ix 
Etidysb men, the widie tokc tAC daippo boot, fend west 
on lend &i Suplis*' aod am rcnac a wey tip in to clir 
niniTP, And ihfAdmirnllr^PeprwTjM^onyTlrli^ ship 
ind hon, afld all that lh«y found thof to, to tho Kyt>^ 
OUT soverayn Lorded bdtooff; and the Ducfac mcti ifcrt 
Icyijcin piysoo. lit Js ia s coatei of crowth^ foi^^^Uiam 
Cattp of OUT lowQ, mxryncr. sukd ccfcr of our town, tec 
this doort in deed. And u for th« ahippca nitfa tbc 
Kyngc* rcbellan, Acy be furth out of Cambyr* weal- 
Wh'uds ; whydcr they be, thci cAn not tey> but the 
Duche Tnen seid lo William Carre thai they tninid on 
onfi man fihuld help thetu with manr foen. Thea is 
Authc lydytiKca as the Amyas men broui hou. 

Set, if JI vToll please yam maif^tership that ye mf^ht 
have leyser, I detyre and pray you to come spotte 
you, and to see bow wecU we have apporeJd and fil^ 
nyshid our town, I wold be right gladd, aad I tiutf 
to Almyghiy Ciod that it wold plrnsc ynat nuuitmhip 
right wedl» aud with yew bet)r ad^'ce we w^U doo 
more to our power, that knowith C^imC the wicbc Lofd 
preserve you, 

WretyD ui YenuoiJth, on Relyk Souriay.* 

By your cenauot, RotaitT Cftowimu 


About A.D. 1495? 
ViLUAU Pa^tow IX) Sir John Fastok. 

[Prom Phi «iM53„KllL] 

WnELn MliVKb 14HE uA UOt- Al tA> f KfLin cr Ikftfl 4lHl lbs 



if Elf it y vit. 


MV bn« bBBi un chad iviIh nxi« qU. bai u Uilt v<n tK4 b ibe uni- 
WBiy ■! * vvi chUh ■■• ia iLob* ^"V* ^t*'" ^ futi^ trMn ih* «*>!■*« of 
llrMt -Mtf f" IT* iai|rrn*tilT> X^w ■i7l» irfLh* ititia, hu«i**i.«f aedtff^i 
liOi I itanM have teu uwliud la pBh it t reu ar hvc bHi eno ihoEi 
Pv^i li*iri> 4m, byl ab^i iK^n ia ■* (Lv •Thl*r-r* ui p. Vy- 'Il.> -vwiivk 
ikkatia *«» p»ril*nt 14 Katteid v dllTcmii unn duhu liv fcieq v' 
H«MT Vlt . %t^ ikr'^ IA on f^rticbW rteurJ of itavtHTwc ciiilTiil^i*- 

7b my m^rp^^ai^tcdfaifur^ StrJ»kn J^Ait^ X/t^gJti, 

BDPWPTER nifjsl humh/l wysc c>f rcrominftiitlacion, 
BJJsH in mj- mott lov^-ngly wy*c, 1 b«cchc yow of 
m^l your<IjiyJy blyssyng, showyng yowUiot I un at 
Scf Jolin Forte.^cu plai:c, be cj.use ihcy swct 
Ml sorat Otiahijgc Also I shew jow Mr, Hloiuu 
Cldtrk yj dnes^yd, howa sowle God have mercy. 

Also, I bcsechc yow that ye wol se a ri_-rotfdy Tor the 
ooonia of So^Iwd* for i}ic Bayly of Snaylivci and on 
of jov fcnnonwuinth my tutariind mc, ujid ihcuyJ 
me thut ail the oomun shLld a be utkyn avay biati for 
Mr. Cotton luid the Vccur of Fordon,' horn 1 beseche 
yovr to thank Fro PunzibctQ^r-* 

Be your mcwt huTubyl !Cr-rYaiint, 


AAcT A.D. 1455.— Sjr Johw Fastow 10 Wili-Um 

<Fn>hi TiutuiiMSS., HMhI 


I tciEEi ii uioDiFiiiciLu, tui iL ut Ehi hi4^iinicuu or S^r John rutaik(h4 
[H (Jihilt nui^e FlirflD llv pwitljiia of hi* wiTf tnif ''the v^p^hv*^ hrf 

Lqihd," i| Pti^l Ll-Wltb^ -V^iilEJJ tl<>E Jm(pI<M lTlC life uf >1h|CJ^ 

'' '>■! Vih. iivClU ELUK lU*« diCil tftrLkiiE Ehc yClT 149^ inil ittCI iiri 

twiV rf»iT*l Vfj^rp Kff iriAfi-LAHf wnTi ^.r Jr.lii. Il*' rlr^f l^kthap.^ 

Uwir*J IV. ri'f fAi^nl *« Joriu liley of Sucdridjt, \<nL by wliuu thi 
hod K dAUftiEcT, lu^t. oumc^ bjikha L^he«rMnncL^r.LiJ»nfb«, ^m- 
Ry,Ew4.,i*t» iPHjvTil Jiu ^HbtB-iU'tflv'iwiUiu ifA ^'^ tjcncif vimititU liDl 
an IhlM ka»l4itd, ^1' Jdlin Pmon, und died tn esi« Htf vill, rn *hi4^h 

* Nv^BfM. AMI ^urifJd. jn tfannirLlihi/D- 

190 tH£ PASTOK letters. [A-kM^^ 


7> jffj' iroiktr Wiiiiam J^isiim and nty cnjm Jti 
Lig^tiafe, and (e kht n/ tKe^m^ 

IA5TVRS bothc* I Tccomacd rot to row, uxl 
acruJ yow dusul bcnu a bookc of the ac7iD( 
of dyvirn fiilLis, whidie tcuy&rc ayeotl 
'i'hoQm Kuity iDd ot}\e^ I prey yoi* ntfttt 
it to my tortjys ' good loul«hcpc, And it^t 1 amy kruw 
bys ^l^ui icrtUcr in oia h&sty wysc «l4 cuy bo, tbaL I 
tmiyoiiliL- mc djL-r Aftyr. 1 liadgrci taborc tu corac by 
Um ift^omvi thai was m sorvyM with Kutty, whicbt fsjt 
\i(m\ ^ thcr coDvcrucyona mw> ycria- ^c u now in 
tcivy^wItliRJcluidC^iilcH AndllidVcTLoiuuBaiitc 
b prison at Ncrwyrhc.with ihc Shrcvys of Nofii^<aL 
The vromia a«yChe be i« as 6old a tbcflW u tny u in 
Jngknd ; but he wyll ttcwghtc ajnfcsK, nor J hAcddy^ 
liyiti Uiil MJrc lu C4Utii: hym luixjuTc^aa But <uu] Ruij 
knewf chat he and «hr womjin be \t\ hold, and hsthe 
told talis, I ihynkc it wyll cause Kutty to »hcwc the 

Clerk and Roger HcToa arr cndi^htid at thb scaiyoni 
fli Nonvycht?, La±t hfildyn on T«^wl>y \%%\ past, for 
robbing cf the cardon^; and so is Kctty and all htl 
fcla>^'>Hcj>c that Inc woman hathc apcchid. Accoidiog 
to hir <LpE^dic(ucni, Rail Tayloiii is over rhc «ce; Robeit 
Fctine is dede; John Bake* and Willi *m Tayio^jr ar 
yen untakyo. If my brd send for T. Banf^c or thpc 
vomAQ, some ofmylordbscn-^unteshjd need to cotDC 
fiiT tbcyni ; for I on ii4>t d» in ihe titiisr far lake of 
men and hor^e. for my wyffridiiJi tTiis next week mto 
Kjsntc, to the wydow, hirdoughtir Lcghc 

And as for Riuocscy, lick a prowdc Icwdc obtftynai 
foolc, lir wyH not come bdbr my hrothefr] Sir R. 
Cltitv nor tne. but he leythe ht wyll be with ray loid 
htistyly, and ihewe hys ntynde to hu lordihepe^ whji 

A.fc I49S.) 

/rsxjfv vji 


I bdCTC not The sabsttncyaH raarchLintys of Nor 
W/iihc hftUic alicwid Uier myndyx lo my brother Sir R. 
C]«re lorj me that h« ^aiendidi to William BayljF ^t 
wroAge in hii rcAEcyn^v^ 


After A.Dl 1495, 
Thr Eam, op OxroRi> TO Sir John pAa^iOBC 

IFmm Uoiic* MS. 39J, f. S6.| 
vbV lb* Uis w vfiEWiu WilUu* iWw BM kiUI iri lU LuL ^ OoAflaV 

Ta M/ /-(gA^ ^orthipfidi and my rif^ht inxUrty ^^flfnt^yd 
S/rj4fAa I'asfm, ^nyghf. 

rllT vonkipful] and right inti^l/ belovyd, 

~ aimmaimd rac hfltiely (n yon. And vbrre 
u ycm broder WiUiaiT], my Kcrvftuntv, ys fto 
troubclid with Kleenex and cnsid in hb 
mynde, that 1 miy not kcpe hym abgutc me, wherftn- 
I tfn right soiy, ami a: this tyine *enHr hym to ycni, 
pnyvg ««p«cially that he may be kcpte surely ^Lod 
tcndiny vith you, to ^chc tymi: u Ciod fortnoc hym 
to be bcttvf aJaurid uf lijin aclfc and his myiidci more 
wA!^ di^potid, wliicbe 1 pny Gfxl may br in shorts 
tyme, «tid prtf«rve you louge m godp prmptnte- 

WrilCD at my pUcc la LondoD, the xxvj, day of 



Between A.IX 1497 *nd 1503. 
Hasoahet, Counters of Richmond, to 

[Pram Sudfonl't PuTon Ocbalog;.] 

M* T1IK PASTOir LBTTBRS. [in. tW-lSO^ 


DqlDD «f Soncnet, tfid «» dnvTcR uncle « tf» antt* cTihit mtr. Mn* 
jim_rTinTMrrfBtrfcBirfl_ltn mtittn rrrf^n Itn^VTT n«f 

uBboo ibc tKVt Is AddRHcd li not uaoed, iniil]btia(iiaA4hru 


IRUSTV and right wdbdovci wc greet j'ou 
weU, And whet by the mcSLQ«« of our tnim 
and nghL welbeLoTcd Sir Rntiold Brar* ^ 
ThortLU LoYcU, anci Sir flcmy FIcydon, 
Ruightfi, there wn^ a fuU a^ccmcnt mode -uid coO' 
eluded, and also put m wntrngCr berwoi our tnttC^ oul 
tight wclbcltTved Sir John Saviic, Knight, and Citt>crt 
Talbot. E^qiitcr. on th'onc pottic* And yav on tb'otba, 
f[>r divfTS kmli which ilicy dughi tti tavr in thn ri^i 
of their wives, dau^tcrc ixtd htyen to Willi£iD Putod^ 
£>quicT, their btc tider dcccfissed, vhiefc ki»dA ^ 1^ 
roichtj power kcpc and wiihholdc irom ihcm mtbool 
aii]r jUAl tiltr, OA ihry ftlfennc; atid albrh ibr ttid 
agTcm«Qt WK made by your micdc and coiuetit, yet 
ye RC dec pcrformc the suae, 1o our mcrvciJe, if il be 
30. U'hetdbic vrc dcsicr and alra couiikcU yaw wiib- 
our rlelay trpnn thf? ^^ht hf^reof now fibanly Co ride to 
the cotxn 10 tbe siJd irbitriion, now chef b<tng, with 
whom yc &haU find? your adverse paxtLe, orotbcris 
thcif nunca fully aullicnird. to Abide such finil code 
and <:ondi]%io[i in the prciTii <i*h4 as shall be romoiMPt 
with the taiiX a^«m«rni, wiihout further trouble* or 
busiDCB ibcria hereafter to be had ; and that ye will 
thus do in any wi^e, so £s wc be nut driven {through 
youT defaUe) lo put to our hudi for fiirtber r emed j e 
to be had ID the premisses^ 

Ycvcn under our sij^nct aJt Our inansoir of CoBy 
WcstoD, the x^ day ol Fcbcuuy. 


/tMt^/tY ViL 


jU)- 1499, JO Aub^-^Thk Eakl or OxfotD to Sis 
Joutf Pastdoi avd ANoratft. 

ft^^ 4« b Kk. B«l ctf S^tA. w^Ml Atn^ H ita H Tub UM 

/^sffi/iy /Cn}:sAf, ^nJ Sir Anyxht, 

llGJiT trusty aad iv«Ibetov«d c<}unc«11oani I 
comiumicmctoyca;, Aodwbcrcthc Kingc» 
GcacG u Uldy M:vitcmyctl th^t Th'Krl uf 
Sudblk U depftnid owt or ihk his Eralm^f 
Uyi Gnce ludh a»aouundid m< to wrytc unto yoti ilut 
fc ioGOPt y ncttt uppOD liic aight ijf iH:i my wiiiuLg 
oideovour you 10 enqnyre a&wcU of *udi |jcr*(in« u 
b* fiepa/tid ^«r with tbe tdd Ktle as of theim cha 
ttoovnpoajtd hjta in hia rcpAyrc to cHl* tec* Eicd 
Rtorayd «cyD| or an ^ny wtm were i^rcvy to the 
KM, «od ilenippon, b ■• goodly hut as yo k«n, to pot 
Ibem and every od ihtm in su«nio savaly to be 'kipt, 
ttd tbcTof t'AccRcjn mc to th'aktcot yc miyc koovrc 
kn dWthcr i^lcAbuic iu llic taiuc Aod tf yc ahaJI jU 
*njr tynw hcr.ifTcr pcrccyvr Ar»y sii^pcrr prraon nyghe 
Halo Um see coft04 whtdi *hali umc unto yoLj 10 bt 
of the eaitic aifpytc, IhAD Hts Grace will that yc put 
Acm in Eykc »ucruc> And Almiglili God hiivc you tn 
Hk kcping. 

Written at GtddithiH, ia the Ue of ^Vight, the 
xx'^dsyc of August 


tETTKftS. [jLD.tSO» 

HrsKY VIL TO Sin. Jaim 7tamsr, 

(«B«t vhluivh dk« 314 Boc iKBuIr idtn* Ul OeUtcr tjoi. amw^ tm >■» 
■utntloa or &lftat 

Bv nift KdoiL 

IRUSTY and wdbclovc^ i»r grelc yxiw »flL 

l^ttng yow wctc thai our d«e«t rf>uitDS, the 
Kinge and Que«nc of Spairte. h^vc ci^^ed 
itnio us by their Mindry (ettcn that the right 
dccllcm Prrnci^s^Cn ihr 1 JiTy Kaihcrim% chtrtUoghUr. 
»}ial be ifjimportcd ftoni the paitiei of Spaine aforcsiiJ 
to this OUT Keolmc, about the moneth cE Haye tttJX 
comcTrg«> for the solcmpnuation of nttriaioriy be- 
tweenc our deerrtt i^finnr thr Prirre tad ihe sdil 
Princeiie. Whcribrc we, considcrintje ihM it i* rigfci 
fittinge xj>d ncttsax-tyc, as wdl for the hooor of 111 as 
for the Uvdc and praise of our »id Rulcie« 10 hove 

the toid Princesse honounbly r^errred al hrr Mrmc&D, 

have Appointod roir to be one imooge othen 10 yevc 
AttendAncc for the reccK-inse of Ihe Mid PrmccMei 
Aillb^ and deairinge yow to prepare yonndfie for thai 
miait» and so to coniinue in r¥dynp4>ie t]|>on on boitni 
naming^, till that by our othn \tiien ^t shall MJv«ffiiie 
yivtv ol the day and ticne of her onivall, asd wh<Tt ft 
4haU ycvc youi aaid attendance; «ju1 not to hpt 
iherin, as yc tender our ple-Jtstire, the honor of your- 
NKa, and ol (his our foresaid Kealme. 

Ycven uuder our ni^cct al our maoDOV oT Rkh- 
moQDt, the u^'' day uf Maiche. 

BcTorc A,D, 1503. 
Ric[iARJ> Caixe to Sir John Paetow 

fFnoi ruloD MSB., B.lf.j 

r. Uii i1j< Liuiiuf iru MWfTil lolLii ao*. Sir 
lie htUdx iJiAA i}v> tba j-^t ■> vhjcb 3v 

&h7 HI ft Lt'iH.A^i'K III U7T. Uii 

^/Af r^*^ rttterfnf attJ h^uta^, my mastfTj Sir/eAM 
J^OJiiW, KnygAt* 

■LESiTHT it your uuatersliip 10 remcnil«e. [ 
shtwyd cmto yoia in I-«nt« Ihat I had bought 
Bikcotifi pkc«. Sir, 1I 15 so l^t John 
B«ktoD gnuntcd to Joho I'rovy h«3 sone in 
fawe, hea mcu; with Jill the lunilca aud icncniirnts, 
&c, i^pg c* ihe Bcide John Trovy viij. ciiirke of 
■nottytc rcrly, tcmie of bc9 )yfp whcrupoQ codcanirc 
wctc made jwd i &tuc Jdyvcrd. Upon the wtdie 1 
l^argej-nnl with Trovy. pJiytig 10 \tym for hea p^ne c. 
matke and x., wherof ht hadde in hknde itij/;. v|r. i^J^. 
and xv//. xiij/. iiijiii thuldc be payd nt ^uch tyinc aa I 
had A lAvrhilt i«tAtc« wcdic iru Apcyiitcd before 
MichdmcBluipui; wcchr ib not yet done. ^V]J<.■rfo^e 
he hxth fbrieud An obUgGicion of xlVi. ihai he wu 
hovadc tn to me for the iime aitAtc; thcr wu no 
dc^cc in mCf fcr my inoncy was dieie irdy- And, 
fir, in ihr omp wrVr ,T.frcr your masier^hip depanal 
out of this contrc^ KaktoTL and the aeide IVovy eomc 
10 BhIlioh, And ^cui for m<:, and there: were vrc 
Appoyntcd for the same targcyn and accorded, wen- 
yiwe to me Aiut to nil tho that w«nr therr it had ben 

lill^ corie)[nded] my queries ind for 

<tl Other ih/Dgcs. And todcnly Bokton deptrtrd bcm 



be the Avice of [the Prior of Brojmholme, tod John 
Bowie And othtr, wccho xnevcd Bilcion th&i I cholde 
noi hftve my baifctn ^ and so they cntcDde to puuc 
mc fioiti Illy ber^cia Aiul MiUtcc FiuU^Ys* Kn[L]ght, 
of Eapx, baih sent mc a letl«, wrche I sentlc you 
closed hertn; and it hes enounce I have }tnuiiil«d 
Ttovy an cnde for vjA', and my iiij/i vjj, viij^i, and 
my cosies (hat I l^avc rioni; on the place, wethc with 
these mony ;iiid costes drawith lij//. If 1 may have 
fill thes mooer pftyd onto mc wilhtn mj, diyei after 
Cnstenu4, 1 »ol like noa JLVAunUffc of the obliKacion, 
weche Tiovy is bounde Co cne. I (iuppate Mi I^w^ 
woli speke to you of thes mater, I bei;echc you thil 
ye wol be goode moatcr to mc henn, for 1 nni lothe to 
be puite ficm my bei^cin. I am in suertc there u no 
muti wol gcve so fuocbe for it ai I widdc and tbey 
nedc not to fere them of ther psyicept, for I o£?r then) 
hg. suertco, the woiste of them ii wortbc all the loade ; 
yet Bakton myaUustca mCt and nedc Qot If I had tU 
I woltle tnisie to make it n jjornlc thynge, foi iher is 
mochc tJiyoge thei by that myght be hail in to it, w«he 
caudcth me to be the moic dcairou:! to it- 1 theme 
your iriAJicrKhip the previtc of iny myude, tnistyosc 
ye wolbc good mastre to me, ami I ihal pray to God 
for vou and for ill youres. 

Wreteit at Fclmynghom, the Satcrd«Ly next beforo 
Sein Moiteyn. 

Be yoor servautu* 

K Callk- 


AlumiACT, — Year unperfiirL 
[FicmPut^MSS-f B.Md 

[RfCHARD CaU.1) to [Sifc JOItff ^ASTOIf ?} ^ 

R«nind< him thai fmii nr live yean avo he recflvenl from Wie 
writer " cfTTiin vainKoat " and luUId fidi far Ui tiouiicbold, a 

*.»- iSc*I 

ffsirttv vfh 


lietJuH pi trine, f^dn, "chtpfcolt.* Je& En luH Jiiefu^ -tf all 
fcnacrdciMt. Will alwan b« T«*dj to repay wlixi bu corr«' 
IfondfOl luu pnuf fill him lr> Th« Km^r K^^riirfd nl him i 
■fDMoae^ pnn /j, for vtlch CaElc ^v« a ryciU b fArna^ 
MmJ dd^nitd I qoAJtCI «b] tu TluCij^ l^vaUy- 1 4Ut f imlcful 
tor the p«iu i»keri by "tout ouulEnhip" oa myiuxouDl, &c- 

flhi ImJwiiiim 0f lUi l«nr ftHou to b* tluiof Uichud dUa buiinuai 
llitt Inkbc Iku ihU «( lAMl uf Am lellerh A> L^ert it vv illdtlHt 

BeTcffC A.D. 1503. 

rFroDpMMliSS., fi.MO 
'Jttaft^alfw Filer cfSb J»W« (rov twi uiwi. vhI prcbn^ 

^^^ tffiw andjrmdt^ SirJoArt Fajian^ Kn^ht, 

^^^^^UGHT wonhipfult sir* I rccomnuundc mc unto 
P^^^H you. I wrytc Ihia uncly uiitc you, to ailvisc 
^^^P jOd that I W14 myndeJ tliai loy couHJn CIi(>- 
Mlby,^ berti lurol, ahukl «r«le have ina:y«d 
her« im lhie» putM, whcrin your nycc' lok« hcvy 
ooDceytCi thmkin^ in bir luyiiUc, tlmt 1 was Dot wiUilltf 
thai my Mid cou§in ^Imltlc niarye wiili lilr. 

At th«t lyme 1 knowe not vtut love was bitwii 
ihcm, but DOW I uodreatitnd th«l botbe there rayndea 
b tu loiiy 10 seders; wbctuiito on ruy pane, I am 
ngreblr juid wel coTirerit> <l«sir]itg and piayiTig yoii Id 
btt th« lame, und to be Lhe bett^ frende unto them at 
thu my prayer and inscatince. And what plcosir ^ 1 
mty doo (luto you in thics iJ^rics &bjU be redye. in that 
I nay, at your dt^sirrs. And I pr^y ydu to rccom- 


TQB FASTOM LETT£Ea t^i>.i$03. 

wtarndt me to VDf oou«n your nycc And Jou pre- 

Wntea ai London, ihc fimt dar of Juyn. 

Voui ott£, Uic Fiiuiir uf Sj^mt Jului^ 

Sir Jobm Kbksiai. 




TO Sib Joav pAaros. 

[Fi«n Fci3t«D MSS., UM,] 

n*n btfdMM r^ tht laT'r ^i Jchn I'pUoa (Tar in hi< hK<i)iH'i (H<v iHv ChI 
vfOiHoE-l wn> u ciilc, und LitCvUBbOH Milifpircl ID "-*-*]■ ■>---— ^--^_ 
tn fTui tlif> 4|jT? iTikiii [i« JtttBH* i-iM 4B9 ifu^ Fff atAi xvoo* da* 
4, ciunlau calk Six Jolui h^r bIA [ <»ajiei tlfUD. 

Patten^ A/iyg/it, 

[IGHT ttve^ and herlcly vilbilovvd 40ii& I 
rtCommtfmdG me to you, and send )*ou Godcs 
UrsijQge and rayn. And wKerc oOd Jofao 
Mtilpm my otdc scrvAuni, br)!!^ hcroC lutb 
purchAcede a vriti directede to yoa and othrc Juitieei 
of Peace in the shires of NortiVilk and SuffoUt, and also 
lo the ShctyfT of the sjun^, for to put tiym in pcniblc 
pos4e«don in strch ccrtayn lani^Pi nf his, vcxirriyn^t 
to the Kyn^«3 wiitt ; I pray yon therefor hcftdf , aikd 
of my blys^yngc tlmrcbe yim that «i thia my pour 
rcciucnc x^d dGiir ye wolc pute you Ln your ^ythTdl 
devoir wirh otbcrc jLitures assfidctc with you, tn tre 
the e*ecuscion doon itul p<?rformyede accordyr^c to 
the flftido wntt And Alttty^hty God cvcre naoro pre- 
■erve you, my novtu dcte sonc- 

Wriimr in my lordu cuiell of H^tliynghun^ At w, 
<Uy of JaQuary> 

Uako&kt Oxvnkmux 



a£f^iiy viL 



^* EwL Of OxroitD's Stevmii> to toe "Black 

[Fiem Fcn^ \t> 45!] 

»? 4ie Id htiq b«B PBUpmlMbly dK Um ftu John PtdDOL wboH Hrvlca 

ON d*c« Sinwcalio t«m niBpii Comidi 
Vi Comrfl OxODi:c verbu la Angiidt 

Aliquid propoDoc d Hon in ladxuL 

l^itar illc piiipcicului prB^cli Comilii 
MAgnjs Sin^r^tlits mA^i Comiiads 

Vuncupatur NortF. Utiioifi in verbis 
Apua KnftpcoQ in cutiA in fonn^ Judick 

'Hbt sigro militi nliitcm, ct ooonibufl 

NolIScc^ t)ood Longdon ille homunculua 
Nulhm pmifiijfn LliF^nrt* vutl geutibiiA, 

Jdcfaco tiba Dundo mb poonfl contcmptu, 
Qtiod tu indikte prt^pnia Tnantibaa 

Scribaa Iiula Icltns, gutjd iEle homuncuhtt 
Copivn pacumr delibrrrt gentibuft. 

Sin AUtrm prr limiis hait nDStias paientcfl 
Ego ct opemrij. qui suni <:oiiienttent« 

Otj^cs una v<>cc promemus guos dt'ntes 
Nii> libcrcl jiccuDUini, coin uinua cg«slc4. 





Tale micipso apod Knapton pncdktft, 
Fj(1 el Txiichi ttr^s Maria B^Pilicfi^ 
Quod viccitmo di« Julij noa inde rewtft 

A.D. 1503, 6 Feb— East BicufjJL 

[From rutoa MSS., D.1L) 

rj^llKRKStr John Piston And Rogir TowQeseodt 
hav« afii««d ucl promped to ob^ u ve, 
Jum Hoban *aj John VeuIct will devTM 
for tec vAriana of the irumti of Ealbckham ; 
W» d«vf s« And a watde ihit Sir John Piston HaS^ 
have tJie *«i<l fiiitner 10 hyrn. and to hk h«tru - uul he 
ihcrlor ahflll payt to the scid Kogyr al/^ jU PcnteooeU 
uciic, uid aL lI:ilDAiucaac iicxtc aft)^ liuL ;kU^. And U 
POTitcostc Tifxt Bft)T (hat laJi. ; flud the nine Sjr 
J ohn ihxl t hftve tht iJTtngtc of Ihf ttid ruldct- Am 
iTthc »cid Sir JohnrcfiK toh&vc thcRuacr. thcathcsdd 
Ko^T Lo \iiLvt^ the &&in<r inaner, mih the irrenuett >i b 
a. fortcid. paycng to ihc ft«id Sir John th« im CAf. m 
lh« daye* ^oraetd ; and the «id Sjt John lo ficve 
oiuwcr which he wiU choftc the riij. dAyt <^ thb moiicth. 
Yeryn the v}, da,yt cf F«bnuiii« mnno R. IL H^ *i>. 

And &1I this to be pcriiirrayd 4nd pnt in surte alter our 
«vise. And we dcvuc that he that aludl hftve (be lasd. 
shall p«ic Loth' other ai HaJvemescomcivelveioonTth, 
ten mark, besides the irid Of ^because Ui'wrer^gcs tuv* 
ben Long in the tcnaunEe* handct. 

JOMI* Yaxlvl 
Jaws Houkt. 

^n. r5P3,j 

usujty vrf. 



^^Ikt w^m «f 6to iBoa ■» VTUUia WsAub. wtu wh frv BJth<Y> of 

'("-1*4 hrfiDp of I^n^iA lA 

A-D, J 50 J, 6SepL 
Akcuoisuo? Warham toM'iujam PastoH' 

[Tnna Putiiii USS., B.MJ 

atfac'Ve'i'i'lSlrJsfiBl'uLun vuAJjv? ulauuiJit bcdrmkicf fcbrwr 

tW tal te u miahrlun Hkw Wud ui tUc jgih >Jii'<iiil>cr a^oi. but 

WKtwOr Stnap sTLflBdoa, ka ■AouU TiB*a •niton " ETutoTl-aA^oD* 
tttfacv itf Ctoet of CutUrtiv^." M'-im*«, ^lie lUuiint ui ibc EmuueiB 
if ftBafclliiliirtii lyw —nflj vLth fhu wpiBkBiiaa. 

5^ fly AWJ^I Master Wtiitam Pastm. 

HJSYN PASTON. I recommauaJe mc anto 
you, and have received your letter, l>y the 
wbich i have midreaeuid of the deth of my 
Gou^yo your tidro, vlioac aoulc Jcso osaoUc- 
] wol counHiile mid cdiurif yuu 10 lake U us wel <uid 
ai pdBdeatJy u ye caq, teeyng ilmt we il be monol ^d 
borne to dor- And wlicrc £« ve dcbiru to liiLve jl letter 
«/ a&igotdua^ aTlcc mytie ^visc ye alidJ dco wcl to 
be here with me at Mir1)acrlmas rtexi commyng. and at 
jOttT Ihcfi commyng I shulbe glad to doo you Iha best 
tonfoTt ftod hetpe that 1 CAn; counsj^Uing thai ye in 
tbc mcAAc lymc doo cot cntrcmcdyll in any vi&e with 
lh'&dnkyiiy«lHng of any pajle of yotir fadera goodcs, 
nor vidi the rct^elving of his debtee, for divers causes, 
u At your comyiig hudrc ye s^ knowe more. 

TIlc ine.L[)e kc-uoHh lokc that ye be of u confortdblc 
flicrv AS yp can, cThuning niy l;idy, your motJic In 
lave,' to be in Uke wise, to whom I pray you to have 
ue reoommcndyd^ Thus £txre ye heriily weL 
'jTDiD London, ihe vj*** day of Seplcmbrc. 

YoUTr Wll.LIAUt Et^ctr »r LoNT»OW^ 

UM ID Letter ^^ 


40a THE PASTOff LfiTTEfta ^ktt. t^} 

A.D. 1503, or later? 
Joniff RsttDAL TO [WiLpLiam Paston?] 

{From VuK>n MSS„ BMJ 

IIilik»p^EiM«u»4'liwu(1lBiuiv[»Bb»«ft)h Vniim Umitf^i i*fmbt 
iId^ ii cDuU h>«a U« Wmiun Pudv, iIw h o^ liv kU* Cu i«h» Tb« 
«ml4 BBkE ibc dMc ■! Whiu I«i« ■■ Uk» ytv ua sMp Mft ttlbn dto4. 

aiSdtgtwM lMBliiina4iiiihaiiHd«4f vm»>t <h#>«> a ih# t«v 1^ 
m4 ii in^ijulihl "myttaMmyturmAtt' *vtti*ti \tiamatt liiam^m 

EiiHiimil N4>f*pBn, i*T>^M»«fihM> wfc— ifitmef. JUJMfar WA — 
iXfl. lHauu'Lcid >■/■ lit fru kua]*^ mpaisoC ilw OBocrflf Ft^^^liit 
dE#i rtrkf r*t^m'-K4 t^\'\i ■« ifinK altocwnn b) fvotBAof Hnln DJdL iW 
(m^ y^iu •'i I'llLr hijc ar[L.-pu.tli itt\A U ui^l^f Sj jafc» FaiUlfi |iH 
WilluiD hititoLiit lEiJ ilfcily. Iii« "lie were LL>nliQf ibv wfwii ibbiv tBi 

|OUR pore scrvftUEil and bcdcRunr John Koh 
dJtlp, be secheih your giwi nrifl cradoui 
mofltcr^ehcpp^ at ene rcvi;reiice of God ftod 
in the wcy of charyK, to rctncmbrc thtt mif 
nJUAtcE your Mci, on whos soulc God hive oiercj, 
had fro mc x. itcics of free lomie ihat t bout of iHe 
executourt of Nicholas P^teryng of Filby for xx irmrc 
piid on j. dflj, to paj[ to cxL^cutouTJ of Edmondc No^ 
niuit for pmdiiisc ^ ij^ ponca of Hulm llalle, KotntyiQC 
Edmonfle Norman. 

AUo my B«i<Je in3LStcr» /otir fader, had fto John K«n- 
d^c the croppcof the aciiie x. ocrts londe. sovren with 
barly And pcagc. wlicruf v. ucrc^ were wed sonierUydc^ 
lo the seid. bariy, thr whirhr rroppr the sride foha 
Kendite schuLde fl made worth ic hym nij/i: xuj/. iitjtf| 
axrcs utd half of londc, thflnt iy to scyn up od ait Kn 
ij, qtiJirter, iiij. btwuhrlj; and tHfc Iialf acrr in Av«y!e; 
betyde ]. £ctc und an half of peton, for the f eide Tobn 
Kendale solde his m;xlt at Urmcsby oaad of the bttriy 
grov)'ng the some ycr that the forescid cigppc kvI 


Xt^jtn fro hym, for liijf. vii]</- 4 (juarltre ; And to ht* 
n^EJit a toldc the uunc and laeche mca^ if be tad 
hod it 

Also my add ouistcr, your fader, tuth caused the 
fomcul John KeiHUIe to 4 furrbomc Ihe fcraic of 
the i«ide z. acr«« of londe be th« ipa,ce of ix. yer, be 
Ifae jrtT xvjj. Jt vijjrf, thai 13, the fcimeof j- acreiui^., 
iriienf the Hommc conteyncth vijf^. v. bcaldc }■ ytx 
ncqrvcci of Hiij^h » 

A.D. 1504^ ic Dec — ABmLACV. 

fFiauFiutuD ^f53„B,HJ 

Vr ThciJiiM SiwTburv. ddriiDxa of Looiloa, to 
Eaq. i:i Ncrri:lk, tOUi Dc\- 1504, for j£5 in full 

a jeai'i reat 


A-D. 1506^ 17 Jan. 
Waxum MAXKrYi&R to Dj^kcv ako Alyndtok. 

[From PwtoiiMSS,B.M.J 

lldl IHIW ft*** kf* U*<"<il i»f Ihv iiitvlibf M HF~iy VII- nntl FliEIlp^ Kin^ 
«r &tt^ aCH Wlndfltfl, di4rpij[ (iic tiotc ■ban iho Ueegi *» dmved Is 

ndtlp Bicl i>iLh A uuriE], uid vu dri*fn id luiL ibi uurtouc, bid Jki«, os 
^■■iiiM ■< 11 H^i-ry miw^imJ ^lfn «■ *ini him tt ^u Cr<iirt, «<'h*r« h* «ujd Tor 
tan UH ^If (bv d^jBajis <Xm% u/ bia fl«[ ivu Wa^, mpmkti^ 

7ii lAe rygM tvoruhypfull Afasfer /^r^ger Varsy art4 
iMmberd Sireti, ^ ihyi Hflyvcryd in hosL 

VUHT worachypfull ma«ler5> I recomerd me uil 
!o you, certyfyint: you that the Kynfi^a Giacc 
aJid ihc Kyog of C^lyle melt this (ky at itirc 
of the cloke. npf»n Cleworth Oreyn, ij. mylle 


o*! of WjndesowcT, and ther the KfHg reseyvjd hym 
m xht goodlywt Boa&er thit ever I esrev «Dd edi 
Ihcm cnbnicyd odcr in &itdt«. 

To achcw yiTu llic Kjii^^ck apoicU of YiigUiaJ, ibuil 
wa*' — hys hors of bay, tnippjil with nMyll warke; di 

§own ol piirpuyr veLvyt, a cheyn with a Joerge of 
yuQOndc^ asd a hood of purpuyr vclvyt. whycb lie 
pul not o«'atlhcmcHyrgof ihcscydKjngof CaiCyUe; 
hys h*-in 3tid hja boncit hr Jvilyd, ind the Xyng of 
CastylEe in ci£ lylc?. And the Kyog of CostylL rod 
ftpon [fi] sorcllyd hoby, whych the Kyng g&w on co 
bymj nys r.pparcll w^ jJI blik. a gown ofblik ^Tlvyit* 
a blak hood^ a blik hat;, and hys hon hama of hlalt^^ 
vetrytt ^H 

To scbcw you of the Kjn^s company, niy Loi^H 
Harry of Sufiiorth ^ rod in a gown of dolh oi tuysscv, 
tukkyd,futTydwithBabul1es»a hati ofgoldsmythvarkeL 
ood full of GtoD£, dyamondes, :uid rubys, rydyog apon n 
Aorcllyd oouibct bardyd wiiix a ba/ro of goldnaytho 
WBjk, with losys ajid dramas ti^d- 

And my Lord Markas' rydyng apon a baJd sordyd 
hon, with a doyp irappcr full <>r long laseds of ^Id 
of Vcnya. and apou the oowpcr of hya hor» 4 why^t 
ffdyr» with a cote apon hys bak, Ui« bod^ gotdunyua 
wark, the stevys of crtmysfne vclvyt, «iih l«nm of 

Hy Lord of Kcmi npon a eordyd hort, baU. Ac 
hamta of Vcny& £oUl, wiili a dcyp fcyngc* of half uad 
oflcnoh. My I-ord of Kent cnti wat on borrof doth 
of Hold, an oder of crcroysya vcU-yi^ pyriyd with a 
demy moDchc cut of hf the elbowe. Thyes be the 
lords that b^e the bruyt. 

> TbojiiA* U^T, MuDui* of Doner, kv iJi4 tmoTTIkhwik thdliulto^ 
euu, vbo wu i^« 9)» Dl'E^iiilclIk Oiirvntf^ lUvinl JV, (^ tW Om ^Tiitrti 

u<] iur*i«ed ttb% jacodI k verv ihort (inc. Jylni whin EAc vcVr— V, 


ffs^fjty viL 


Sir Urm Wj^hfln apoQ a bay hora trappyd with 
(TfaiysyiivflliF^lulJ of gylt bel£, JL^cvaoC bkk vclv^n, 
ami • d^on of gold, bAwvlryk yry% worth r. hondrcl^ 

TTiys hr iW »pciy^ ■ MafiTpr Sflut JoTin apon a blak 
ho«> wjthh anics q( cloth ol gold wuh tasacil^a of plun- 
kyit and whyttt ^ cott of pkokytt and whylt, the body 
of goltbniyths wrrK l^i^ s[l][?v)'s ftjll of ^pangiTls. 

John Cnrr and Willum Parr rott; lyke, the horsya 
gray, of Part imppyd with crcmynyn vclvyiwiih tiissclle* 
of Kokt, and bcb jcylL Cur hon bay with An Almnyn 
Juran of ^y^'c^ on ynch brott of bciyn »ytvcT, both 
the ttstlfti of gol<Umyihe« wark ihc bcxiy*, the t)t\y% on 
»!tyj> of Eyilvtr, the odtr gylt 

Cdwurd Nc^'cU ipon ft gray bora traippyd with bkk 
vclvcylfuUof aiuall bcilc% hysnoii tlic un lialX of grcyu 
vclvyt. The Oder of vhylt clcth of golJ ; tliyie to the 
ntUO of the spera, wiih cder dy^-^ra w«b apponiyd. 

On ihc Kyriy of Ca^tj'Ucs pany, the Lord Chacnb^r- 
layncLreyfT, lean not Ullliyanarfieaayelt ; byBappudl 
was nd, and fio \n^ all llie rff^ydeu of hy& company 
Wlh doket of sad ta^uyti bUk«, ganiyd, £uia wttZi 
^rcilvyi tnd sum with a&rfinyt^ not pnuyng n dosya i:i 
notfttbcr. It h ^^yd ther It niaiiy by hynd, wycb 
drms with ibeQuryn of Castyll, wych schnli rum apoa 

When the Kyr^ rod fnrth to Wyndcaoocr Ca-'rtyle, the 
Kyognxlciipon thc^iyght hand the Kyng^a of CastyKc. 
hovr be it the Kyngc* Gnce offcryd hym to take hyro 
apon [be ry;;ht band^ the ^vbych he re^i^. And at 
the lyglityng the Kyng of Castylle tras of hyi bora a 
j;uix] spate or i>vvr Kyng was a lyght ; and then the 
Kynge* Grac^offoryd \o liike hym by the ainiTthe whych 
he wold noli bol toke the Kyng by the anne, ftnd ao 
went to the Kyngca of Caatyllc chamber* whych a the 
lychesUy hut^yd ibai evtr I s^we; vij. duiiibeia to 
gedrf hangyri with cloih of arras wroght with gold as 
tbyk A« cowd be ; sind as for iij- t>eda ot d&Ute, no kyng 
Cryuyiied CAtt >chcw »ych iiji 



^^M Thja 

b tu fer M 1 lan siJinr yon 

af ihu lUr, and 1 

^^M wheal 

can know mor, ye tctull ha^-e koowlegc. 1 

^^1 yrom 

WyD<Ie»ouer thi& S^lerday, tt v. of Uie ck^c | 

Uj youn. 


WtLtljUl MAKtCrTJTA. ^H 



Aff Invektobt. 


(Fncn AJd. Cluriet I7,*SJ 


^^^^1 bt>uvc l^fn^d lu aAnj -tiOaTiil i>»na1, t^ i 

■■T "VVvvvvNttri*- ^J 

^^^H ftwT^d to J»g< Jt laa ml fff Qitf cnlkiction 


^^H Jam» G\oy^, }- dongge,^ , 


^^H Itemr ;t 

ciwerlete, , , , 


^^M Item. 

blank c^Itcs, . • . 

vt/.iiiii ^H 

^^H Item. 

pare K)i bticUes, . • 


^^H a 


: ^ ■ 

^^H Jtem, a roiour, 

^^1 Item, V 

arertcfl, . • • 

. vujx. ^H 

^^B Item, >- 

rose! ck-pz, . * * 

iijd H 

^^H Item, iiij- gownes, ... 

nvjj. viijil ^^H 

^^H Item, n nirt baron^ . 


^^H Item, ij 

, gyrdyllca, - 

«}di H 

^^1 Item, iJ 

. payEc of hosftCD, • 



song Ijoke, pris . 
dowbetei or fusnatip 

xsdl ^H 

^H Item, j- 

. iiif . ^i. ^H 

^^H Item. 

grcae cottc, . - 


^^H Item, ij 

bolt Willi j. por^e of duth of gold, udL ^^| 

Item, j. 

crosse silver, 

ddl ^ 

Item, j. 


m. vii}^ ^^H 

Itccu. j. 

bokc of settitttSp , 


If^m, j. 

xu ^H 


boke of 7'i/at Folrutn, . 


Item, j. 

purs in Ihc bedstraw with 

w, H 

1 AsUln» < 

Atodwmi ^H 


^HFfJSr ffEJi^JiV VII 


^ikra,i. bokcofuj.duipfrlyriiuf I^ccoId, 


Ard k bokc of taftfin?,^ 


iictn, \j. at^iMd pi|m^ - • 


UcED, ij. 9co«hc&e% .... 


ItCEO, a li^Tcrd, pru .... 


Itrni, a iciwaylr, , , • , 


Item, a /u/<rjtf/)<a^ of Gloys, Oabom ftnd 






1 Itmo, a bbkr? cUikf, .... 



1 Ittn, 1 boctell foe t^nc of a potcll, . 



Ibna, A pcyrc cf tabillc of home ind box. 



Itcsv « cunfcsftitjiul], 


H«rc BoU, a dongg«, . . , 


Item, a tmiuuoca. .... 



I(Ciii»apaircoractictlu, . 

Ilrm^ A blniikri, .... 


lecm, n CDvcrki, • . . . 


ItcTD, a pillorr of dovi'ii, . . , 


llcm. ij' cancyiicA 



Item, X dowbi«t of fOBtiaOp , . 


Item, iij, .ichcacs 


Item, a cowaylc, .... 


Ttem, a blafce hml, , . , . 

|j/. ^H 

Iteo), ij. coffor}'* suifF«t, . 


Ucdc, j. WM spnvys chyst vrith 


Item, jp dup of sylver^ ... 


htm, of payse money, . . « 


Jteo), it. ferUiynges, , < . . 

lj</h ^ ^^^^H 

Item. A lytyll chyst, > . . . 


ItciUi ij. pors with, , . . . 

vljc^idi ^^^^H 

Iiern, tiij. ryngw, 

ICrm, a bos with tjedys, qwere of ij. payre 


of jell, vilh Patcmosierys of coralJ, 


Item, A poyre of jcit, pm . , . 

ujn^ ^^^H 

Iwm, V, payre of bot, - , ' . 


Item, ji payrc of imbc^. 



1 5uifliiiUT, 1^ iliA]Klf(b 




ItcoD, ft para cf wclwct • • 
Item, iij. i>ayre ufktiyffo, . 
It^m, A payr ci hemishrdf knyltat 
Item, r, lupettt?!, 
Item, u). licdkcrcbcfTcK, pris 
Item, A ht^R. yviih *iylkc am} [jcttjH 
Xtcrr\, a pow<^he ci rouet duna^kf^ 
Item, 1 payrc oi^ gold weghtes in n dfic^ 
Item, a brodi of syWci with a crown, 
Item, a p^yif of bcddes of scg^jnoii^ 
Item, ft hot of ceae wich tylvcr wint 
Item, uj. new gyrdyll, pns 

Item, in the second coffer waa bcikes, pri» 
Item, a hoke of Srynt Thomas jolf VfritO' 

lihuif prjfi , - , , 

ICeniiA red boke withHugucio&nd Papi^ 
Item, Ji). bokes o^s<:JITl^L^c, 
Item, iTtan«7 nihcr smAlc boltrt; 
Itera, ij). cappis, . , . , 
Item, a surphcc, . , . , 
Item, iij. tcttcrys of paxdon, 
Item, A sievynyd^ dothr, a tntdfix, - 
Item, a payreof dowbyll glovys, ^intdde 

with knabc, . - - , 
Item, ij, payi of hosaon, ^ 
Item^ a. combe of veveri,* . 




John Osbom^ a cott of ro&set, pns 



ii)al ^H 



hollonU cloLhe, , 


IWm, iiij. payre of sokkea, pria . 


Item, ij, pnyrc of lyndoys, . 


Ilciu, ij. payic of W*eD, . 


Item, a pAytf of schone^ 


Item, X payre cchettcK, 


Item, iij. gyrdyll. 


Junius ll^moii, liij. ichcUcs. 



lECTOjij scherrisflDdaqaaneroflyndoitfae, 



^ ^4IU<»W^r«l. 

*i— > J 

^^^^^^^^^fl ^1 

^^^^^BHI^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^^1 

^EtT^oa!] SENJt/ ViL 


Item, A pclcvr bcre, . . , . 


Itcin> ij- p4yn; ufauckea, . 


ft«n» % gown furrtt with blake Itwn. . 


Iten^ A payrc cf cr«metfs«Q h<ui;en, . 


Itta^ a P^pc spores, a pore of glovi\ 


Ittn^ s stonmcr of l«Dcloth«, . 


IteiD, ft payrc of shone, 


Iicnit ftCofTc, prb .... 


Item, Aukkc, ... 
Singleton, a payr of bctto acd a pure 

yQ\iL ^^^^1 



iiij^ ^^^H 

Tton, ft ladjli, a pnjrtrcU and a 1>rjdoTl 


Aiul ij- genh;£, .... 


Itan^apayreofdovbdctilevTiorblakc, ) 
XtcD% a p^yrc of slcvya of roucl, j 



Itcn;, 2. jrayr nf sLok«^ of fiutian, 


Icemf a pare of schone^ . - - 


Item, a £chyrt .... 

Tid. ^^^^H 

Item. 4 puis with - , . . 


Item, it g^id^ll, X payre of fiaUiiys, , 


Item, 1 d^ar knyffe, pnE ^ 


Kaujh Wilton, a dongc . * * 


Item, a covertel, . . . - 

iiiJisC ^^^^H 

Itern^ a blioket, .... 


Itcm« ft p:L)-T of &hettc9, , ■ • 


Item, a pclow of doun, . > . 


Item, ft puyn: uf new hossoa, . . 


Item, ft gown and s kertyll, 

^t. ^^^^H 

Ilcm, a cors hamesshct wilh blake, pria 



Itcin, ft kcTchtr of lawn, prin 

3UU/. ^^^^H 

Item, ij, ketchcr of therd, 


llera, ft pa)Tc off bcdys of ambre^ • 


lieu:, ft new cftnvas^c. 


Jane Bdton, a blanket, . 


^^L ' fiuueli Llifuufh vlih ^t L4iv 




A.n.t50&. 1 

^^^^^1 Item, 31 iheti^ .... 



^^^^H Itcm,akcrchc7th«rd, Aod thcrinwu^/. vaidtof Jtold. | 

^^^^H Item, 1 pAync of beydyt of jcttc with 

^^^^^m Patter acstcns of oorall. prift 


^^^^^1 Iient, t payrr of tumem of hwit, 
^^^^^P Item« a ycrd of lyodoihc. 



^^^^^H Ittiiii A piyrc of Zicrsscu, , 



^^^^^1 It?m, A fccrcher of thnd, . 


^^^^H Syraond Houston, i payre of bottes, s 


^^^^H payrc of fiporiE, 



^^^^^H FuTTtfy^ a blw gown. 



^^^^^1 Item, a briduli ^od x fclcHoVc, . 

« 1 

^^^^^M Item, A. payt of hossen, a payr of achou, 


^^^^^1 Item, a pire of fuired glovys. 


^^^^H Frere John Alderiche, ij. quafi« of 


^^^^^B prayens. Item, a powt«otT« with 


^^^^^H a p&Ti€ of bcdr> of jcttc. Item, jl 



«iji 1 

^^^^^^ John Keduray,;L piiyfCDriynck>thya,J. 


^^H got^nofblw, . . . , 

v^t. viiJiL ^ 

^^H Item, a payre of hosseD, 


^^^1 Itcmi a p^yrc of achonc, . 


^^H Item, a payre of glovys &nd a lutt 


^^H Simond S^^liller, a. p^yre of spcHs, . 


^^H Item, aknylThcrnyshid withsyJvcf, 

^^H Robett Ken, a gown, 


^^H Item, a citppc, . . • * 


^^H Item, a peyre of lios^eci, . 


^^M Item, a chart (?), pm 


^^B Richard Charlys, a peyr of honto, . 


^^H Item, a dager, , , . • 


^^H Item, i gyrd/11, • . . > 


JbiMi Fjut«r, a botne, • . 

John Juddc. a dicn. pm 
Itrm, n pcyr of bedp of Jctl, 

WilLiAED Bcmcnd, a custcU* phs 
Ileal, A pcm of bouca, piis 
Itetn, A peyrc of glov/» of ottcr 

Wiur Wjnccr, a «hcn, . 

A pttn with , , , . 


Etuidcr Kukc, a uiourey ^t>vrn, , 

Iifra, A roue of mOTi^rr devriera,^ 

Item, X blanket, 

Itcm,apcyrcof fthctt€% . 

Iten^ ii). pcryr of ahoya, . 

Item, t pcyr of 4i>kk«s 

lt«&, a ball, .... 

ltem.A pcyrof pitanp.a ai[)p« of viokt 

II«n,iij.gyrdyJi,jAOtl aicrdicjr [ktrcAiff] 

Itttn, ij' of' of hosien, pns 

Soallcwdl, a EKiid, piij 

Iton, ]}- ahunnn a pqr off lynclothift^ 

Itcin, i)^ dowL«lctl«a, pru 

llcroy uj. gyrdyll, ij. cappCfl, • 

Item, ij. pcyr of houcc, . 

Item, a lyDcna to a gOMm, 

Item, a& hoddt, 

{olm Bubc (?)p ui« haU^ pria . 
t«m, a h&we, prift 
lt«inr a p«yr ol botl«^ 
ItCDO, a purs with 
Item, a uipjjc, 






Hcny GunncUi, tablys and stolys, piis 


tFnm Futn MSS., BuH.) 

The foUowtn? Icttcn are probftbljr tJI of the time of 
Ifcniy VJl. They are nil addiOKd to & Mr WiLIkm 
Putcm, but pciluLiJi^ nol ;tll to the sAmc pexsoa. The 
fint two are ajifwrently to William PastofiH ^tuf broths 
of the two Hit J&hrs. The thitti is doubtful The 
laat may be to the son of the st^-cund Sii John. 

9S6-— /oha Wr^fht la AEutcr WillkAD Futoft at HrnoraE- 
liiUD, — Hoi icccivcU fium UimaLiil] wiUi V- ^o w1 payuBcat 4^ 
Ihe cotton nael. " llic rc»i wc iluH Uunk wtid* Ve cocne W 
Lundoa" Do«a not aAd«ncand i'juboa aonJer fbr dthtr^ faid^ 
Unn he with rnetti OOtiCffi or ptitin bJmik«l ^— l^rffid«v St 
Cathcilnt't Uvcn. 

99A.— John Bretiw of Huflry to IhfimTer ^VUUoin PuiciL— 
Dnlm hiiri U> Ix- i^jod uuuivr iv ihr 1>Tircr, '*a |>uai kbnaui 
of miiK/' tu whuni mjr lord' b^i Hilticn ilufptf, that bit dut 
come brfare my lord for tdi 4iuw<*. 

957>— PctTT M&rhuutohU muttf. WllUm f^lurin— Dcvkt^ 

*q Ktian agaioir ^1ln >i the commas Uw. 

9aS,^Wil]tainQc]cnrto Mutfir Wlllun PutoiL^Hu rpokfO 
vldi yrning Wj^^tim in Master Dlfibj*! pnacDM. He <n^ 
natcmL iu Pucuii fui tJi loviae luliid (cvma him, aod lakJ 
Ec«DuUi«cJv? "UictvtoiUU hinueir, uul bn au ci«ir na^ 
till he knew Lhc KUis'i ^Icjisufc luiAchiug hi* pv^oo.^LiotmOt 


Appendl* CTm«i*ts of fbree paits. In the finrt 
win be found ft fcv letters and papers ccnncctcd with 
ihc Fcmlfin lamily. whir.h wrrc either discoVCTed coo 
Ute for uuertioQ m then proper pbces, or had been 
acddeniftUy omitted, McisL of tlic&c were ToueuI m 
the Bodleiin Ubra/y at Oxford by my friend Mr. W, 
H- Turner. The flccocd part cootiins transcripts of 
the wills of member* of the Pwiton family &ora ihe 
Ptinapil Kegiatiy at Somerset House. The third 
has been acldcd nincc the other two were in type, in 
coiwequencc of a diaco^'efy made in a prii-ate libnirTi 
iuAt before the Index bad gone to prcsa* 


Pari A 


A.D. 1435, 94 Sept— Assnucr. 

Kll witntciivE ■ conmH m%At ^ Sept. f Un. VT^ bt^vwa 
Jdn Kottlyng, ct*rk, grurtsl nnnmcj cf Sir J«hn Fastolf, an 
che cne put. ud Kkharti Ec^uii, Em] . on tltc oihn. vii^ : Thai 
PtJLotf tfull hftVC b /cc-i^pk Ehc uLiLiiDi of The uid Eiduid m 
Culjc eiJled BosofU ciT the girc of Fhe tvid Ricl]ar>1 bcTirc ELtlcr 
rm, ftnd iTwt the uirl KKzhani ihAll Finv? ]<'».itoiri muhor in 
TltrliTthal? CK]](h7 FFfklialLr, m fiF^iiDinlff. of the gifT of Kulolf, 
pQTUf to Fwiolf j^OO iiiLhia the ncn fuur yaui« 

A.D. 14^6. I Dec,— Abstract* 

[Fnim M SodL MSJ 

Dnift wHl lo thp -Sheriff if XcrwicTi (a Attdch ud brine bffofip 
Ihr CuuiLcU Jotin T^Ton d/iW WijtIci ukI olfani for tIoLdiI^jd of 
Uk« tUiula of Pruvitori i\ Edw. JIL ud 16 KLo IL, <» 
Ibe cmnplunl or John HrunJaJ^, prcrof BrumhalmtEmt dEbosg^ 
b^ finni4il«> vu cinnt.iE^iMy cIccEhI prior, the i^ii) Piaton n 
Wcrtet hid CfOj»Frl thr *ri wiihout foyal Hcnt'if, uhTahfil % 
proTblon of the uid loloiy Jn ihc Coari of Rum?, uhl k«i hint' 
tdf uuIhIIdI «« prior, uid the other cupdloiH AFm thr bid 
John Puloa or Wwtc^ *nd John Ccc% ft Cumeiitc Ickr of 



Komrid), Edu'oad Aldnfoid, Ut« of N«fvUK «lcrii« Balk 
Waryn, pancn ol TiuocIid, WiIIiuq CWtm «f WtnMd, dtft, 
JoliD Gm of CnntoDCT; mnchinit bm! MUfh Gooiidd Af Km. 
widi. miirvwr, ncvml Eht mil imru&Bt> tt BiXion, lud pvi 
Oicdi inti> lAccjtion.— Diird i Dec 

ii, On tlic bock of i^e |-re«<linc ts ftaothcf dnfl «rit of the 
EODie dale i^iijiit ilie ujue putMiio/ iDdHvooriBf todnvAi 
prior QUI Qf iht kincilflm hy « luif tn rtie Coart of Romo. 

The paper i^ vnclorml*-'" 5^ (?) B'Hk viL Vctactfc pmt, poU 
diem iiiCciUcLuEn f?) Anno II <j. ^ ct floa QCPCTn/io Ust^Vi^- 
llcnim wpemdcndiUQ." 

NntihiLk bill ^lur^" 


Josh Willoughbv to loiu> Beaohowt. 

[From Paiton M5S., KM,] 

Th* vt^w •'ihU bU** -V Ov Mli«* ctf IUUh. »>ti Uf4 Wik«iblr* 

PnA^vliD j,ftiivinUl^ claim IV ihcbHfaati^l^bMi.HtetaK^HaBM 

frtjui >~-ltHJ«l1i tifr «n'| h.F« h^ir 'if JitllH S'vill, lltS tvd u 


» U9f by ■ wnl a( uoudou 0> Ut«ure Ncvitl. ^ *» Df lUltlu fcnt Kirl « 

■oLKlchudHcvULcUmniiiku ufiw 

1VU yw» 0U, who ha4 «iaM«o 

M4^ .TTltJ'A^LtlllhwhkfVfpBbaDflflllH 

*Ckl. wbU* ha |9 sal h WiUvi^iCd licr*. 

7h my rygfa HohU and rygki [dra^tU larJ^ my Lari 

jYGHT wuisshijjfuU ^rc, my rygbie nuble, anil 
vyghte dradde lorde, >A«t dyw reoommcndi' 
CLOU to yo^^ reverena, pl««Ac hit yov to kncv 
lliat /uwr Icidcsship lubLc to cmpuiatc me id 
aliyd^ yowT noble avys icuthirg ihc Undii of La1^ 
m^i which my Lorde Laiemcf no]<lith ate (his day. 
My lord, 1 nnistc, iAd owe of dywtc, abydc yowrc cni^ 
poyntcmcLLi, &Dd A))all; how be hii I have be coiircmiU 
to romplfline me to my lorrii^i nnd yow of ihe grew 
wronge th^t I have. But, sir, y have »oo vetniy tnutt 
ODC yovrrc lopdcuHip cJut J rcf»e a11 cotuksulki 

ycwrc cmpoLntcokCDic and icwcll, ai my diwit 
bysrrhiti^ yow, my lord, Icj tcmcmlire ynvr 
compassc of yowte servsuni, and that yt lust of 
grace to conaync with my Lord of Solubury, jud 
to (tie hdm in ihc mAtcr, and as yc fclc him« hit plcA£C 
yzfvrc lorduslijp I muy liavr knowTi^ge ; and wh^ie 
yowr« port b«<lDian mav do to yowre pi<-«irc, [ amc 
rcdy ate vcwrc comuuncJcmcnt ntc all nowm, which 
kaoi^ith God, Hoc have jron'. niy ry^hte coble lord, in 
His blcssid couvcmaitns. 
Write 4lc BroUr, ihc V, day of Murche. 

Vouf pore bcdxnan and servant, 

John Wylugiut. 


D. I44», 15 April— Absih ACT. 

[From • Bodl. MS.] 

Jour* AHP MAKiSAKKt PAltOlf, 

Infcn t u w nlHitllf. vhrrrh^ Sir Simon Kel^T^g^. dWver 
Graoik Ciq, UQ WIUIded Tjutijn, fcoflcvi of KuIjci! MLuietiy. 
Ev^, decEttwd. ki the rvquai of Moi^t'ct. wile ofjciliti Tiuiai^ 
dnii^cT antl hekr of Jvlia Mutitcby, aon onJ hfir of 4i[) Rnbnt* 
■Dd in cDiui(I»!nrion Th^iT the ui'l John fufoa nnd Mnrgwt 
now hJ*r iHue a lun. Jobc, whprphy John pMTnn 'hf falhrt 
ik bjr iho Uvr d/ Enuliiiid, fur tcnu tif 1jI3 Lft of (hf iuheriuiuw 

«bb nU wife. ettJK ui*] coiiFiriii to Iti? &Atd Tohii F^tlaa 

^t nttori of Mutcb/. Sfflfliftoi, I'uyiigEmiik, watbeklum* 
UftTduli, uul hrufcpn» ilip Ennnnt- uf Sail? ■railed JCiikefiaLK tnd 
Ihv ntsBtDT called F!*^hi]lc In Wynrfrrnn, SomcfrToo, Omiesby, 

Ckatn hy Kwuli anH McrkcshAle, Norfalk ^ ud ibe muior ol 
ftevft lb Suffolk ^ «iilj(cfuia revenionaon the tJCAtli of HlMnOt 

«^ oT^liOTOu LhombK. ICtq., ^urincrcy vlfv of Xht idid Kobctt 
Ifiinietiy, Margery, mife frf R»]ph naniryR, K«],. mnrhrr ni thff 
hU Muv*"<< fuJmrtlT wifr uf Jiiliu Miuh-by, uiiJ of Edwird 
M>Kititi7r ^*^'r '"^ 'rhnmu Mjijicbjr, Et<|,, Hiis of ihe aaid 
Itatwrt. To hcM iQ the ujd Jo)iD I'natoii. wilh raoaioder lo 
Hucvtt ijwl rhp hrir% of bcr bixl^: mth ^oniinncDt reaiuuiJen 
la aU 1Q Edw, MiiJteby. Ttomifc Maiiteby, (tc 
DaiDl Mauicby, 15 A|jril, 30 Hol VT, 


2 E 




A.D, 1443, 17 Oct— Abstract. 

rFrgn EbcGuuiveiT Rjllcf tbc PuUjy vt I jfla>Ur.aa llpii 

Lahu i» tAnoXi 

Winnt 10 Sir RcwfT Fmiln. Kniehi, CfaW S K p ^i J (tfi 
Dni^ lBkd» ju Norfijlk uJ oihn munlLBft lOd Sir Hmom 
"nidenlifttn, |artu.<iUr Stfvru*! cf tht lafililiip uid nabof «f 

holrl IahiI in Pihirin and F^irtmrn sruHad lo th« Khw t^W^ 
htm r«icaa. J^obert CIccc. awl Edciuiid Cler« In cxducse fa 

loil rctrliunoU botdcn 9l Wcftmlmiv. The aopjIiuH bol 
i;ianf*d to Ih«n coaiiiied oi j6| LCfta 9 pctchv t^ 7- ef ■ 

ouvFi bulk on ccTlaki iBurdr rlifir^jr, vith^ of a rood o^nM 
liuiil (ULJI bclujijfioe lo die Duirhr ^E ^n ra^Urri ; und il wu i>itcl 
in mc^rtijJcnK fui 36^ pcrc* £6| p<n:ba «jid Hdf a quvtcr (/i 
p«roh, half a "pekk«" and one " nAylla" ol bod, patfiM^ wJ 
uatH, rp]lr<l "i~harlrt<h[>lEi/' wilJi Two hniivn htitll O* MfUAl 
pUCPli ihcmf, (IL TdAtoiL uid EditlioE^Vn ntikt arc ic> be uiacud 

iS M17 iS lien. VL, Tcniaiuiaii iu tlic u-:xiiur of Ibc Dmdi^ 
wfudi wat 'altot b^ vutu of loUiat cf Iha CutliAal to Ldri 

17 QcL U JlElb Vl. 

jfcforc A-P- 1444- 

[From PoDH CliArtara m BibL Itc-^,, Ko^ iS, 

ei CAiallTi, que WillSelmu* Prtut^n, in indentura 
prebcQtibuB ann^iu nominatuSi indrdit ct 

Xdiiiii^it Williclmo Joye in codcu inddiDan 
Itiaio, BCLuiMJum funuaHl ejumicm inH^nEnre, ei 
cornmunt !i»«-n(u coniid*m Williflmi ct WtUjcimi, per 
Robcrtum UyLnc, JvlianQcm Aibon dc P&iton ct tM 



c|)pirccu£a, avtgntta ct 3pcd6<:ata. modo subscqnenti, 
tiJdkct: lira Willi iJicciiijumquc ttJinanini; quainor 
nccc, qtielflct prtdi v^r. vjo', ; una j inifnOi brcndyi 

dovct prccii ajj. ; due sues, quc^libct prccii \\\s. liij^- ; 
tm porculi, <|uilibcc pmii xvjj?. : uvu purt.y^Ui, quilibei 
ptecu xij^. ; quaiuor aLi porcelli, ijuilibet prccii riijjJ'.; 
UDA cuccu, prixij Yj/, %iij£^ ; AppjUAtuK curette, vide- 
licet UQA dclla, imum pfu dc3 AUcppyij; <!uo pum 
d«t tiftysts prrdi ijf, ; due canicc cum l«s hokya 
ct itflppill«s ^ unum p^r rot&nuni ) due htrpir^ prcdi 
ta; qustLiCT p&tijl d«;s ixayscs td u&trum, prccii 
vii{<£ ; due fujsc £inoac> piccii vjs^ ; una vvjga, precu 
iiji/ ; TRii» uibutus, prr^di iiJV. 

Hcc i^nt bUda ct alia hOKtilmcMta et uteruUia domus, 
bona ct coulkt per prcdJctum ^Villiclmum P^ifton prr- 
dicto Willielmo Joyc ac^imdum formam dictc indenture 
fitnniirr dimisici et non apprecinta, vidrlicet: sei 
qc&rtctift frumerli ; xxv- quarteria ordei ; viij. ^aarterti 
CVCOAmto ; quidam Ussu^ pis^rum m fine mistTnli 
UHii^Lic grmjgic mcssiiagii picdicli, qui est altiiudims 
iij, ^TT^rum ec iij. quanetiorum unius virge, el quidim 
oUoi tassus veicarum in barioU one ejusdcna grangie, 
altitudim^ iij. Air^JLTum ct j. quartcrii uaiu^ vir^c \ qui 
quidcai duo u^ni fucruiitvestuic xrj. actor um cl dimidii, 
el dimidii rode tcrrej itj. vasji vocjila Kelc?ry<; y 
GiljrrigCLtj liij' ttlouda pro ^ervitio ; j. «totide in 
coqnina; i). patcUe cum Ijpimimbua fcrreis: j. purra 

PEctU cum lig^iiine fctrco; j, m^gna olli eiinca 
•flf]; alift oll;^ ernw minor; j. parva oTh eT>rkeii; 
y Uvub^ j. p&i de^ troBtdJes ; j. longi^tn bosliura 
Jtccns in bolczia; j, par dcs trcstd!c3. j. Irovv, ij. 
bo1k«, j- QiUitcri j. tLcde, j. tem^c. J. iii«A>i8tercll, j. 
tinkjiTi! rum ligamine feireo \ j. hulcyngpote^ J- magtia 
rraiv [tr^ ftrinjL, eisu pro firina, |- tlcsnolce, j- tripes 
fi:neiifl^ J% vcni ferreum ; j, auodcnin, j. purdc tongyo, 
j. Uch'grcs cnnua, J. ^ciuris j. liUi^nuui 1iiv-icn:m pen- 
dens j. kyndcrtyn, ij- roos Teelce, j. psr dc belwes, j, 
Bugmim planke super tncn^sm coquine hargour^ iij. 



pcnip*idc8; Iij. Ubd; iij. tftUKfjri dc pewter; ^. 
p«i«|k»kleB; lij. dad ; J. na^ns rininw, vj rais^m, iij. 
eiphldtlignoyj. chayer^ duo Longa Kcanna,), Kcormum 
iD«diocre loiieitudim* ; ij- scwiMt vocMa buflci stolcsj 
jj. bmlur ; J. |[UiJiuiL> ij. fens vocaii aplttteA ; j. chime; 
j. ehjinfog ttw; J. cnrm faJx ; ). c^nd^bhmm f^nt^sm; 
J. pumm soknuiD ; j. bervn^cppcv, unum par da 
pcpyrjucns, ij. uteri, j. caduB cum rcri;cii»: )> p«iv» 

j. pyfcforkr; il). longabordtlnthin; j, lowtyU,), um . ^ . 
ti j, Vfiltt pro autumpno ; j. Iuccttia ; ij. votnen et i^ 
cultn que po&dcrftnc wij. ti. et dm; j. Guednbi 
ArLgllcc, antrre; j. ELmvcr.tonum (?); ij, novi rowintFCCi 
el j- curtum iignum io Ic cArtfaows; ij. veiem bige; j- 
par rotarum fcrraCnmm ; ij, ketnGlL cum hopfs ferrti*; 
j. freno, j. pelvis ; viij. «iod ; iiij. longa ligna baxtcon 
in pjsitiiu; j. fetyriok. 

■v»«n«k All 1|#. 

It^Btdief* vwtiin fiiBwi «l ««*cap. aid U., »«* bJ Uv* 4t ng. a^ Mdl 


After A.D. 1444. — JOHK pAfiTOWS PnTTTOW. 

(I<ri>in Tanner MS. ^^. f Ki.) 

Tbii imdnft lii ihebiadviKiniDl Wil£caiWon«ifr.vfrT<llvff'U*frv 
*|ie tiunlitr drthafwr^nii^Li*, ivtdAluf^aHihaUil: Thida m^r CKch w>' 
or iD> daiE t vUiA<A lell e«ccpi tlwi ll w» dw^r viiuni la ib« H*^ * 
Henry VI, ud >riF4 iht ileiih<>rju4cB Pttfm In iitg. 

|LES your llyghnc!^ cf your abundojile Kra£^« 

coasydciracian of the scrvys&nd plca ^jrcft tf 
yourHyyhnei knowyth to yow lion hyWiHoA 
Fallon, late ODC o( your judgyi, and oU 
KTVfliiiDt lo tbal noUyll Prinsc your fftdyr, to graunu 



ODlO Jolill Futoni Eflqoycr. aonr &nd hcyir of the ACyd 
Wj'llunD, your Icttrys p&lcnte uiitler Uic ftc«1 cif yowr 
Dache of |j»ncJ»iirc, far-rrg ira the kq>irig of Thomu 
ChtthAiUt aiiyi ^lilcctc oi note folowyog ', and he echill 
pny to God for yov. 

iUx, ci(^ ScJAtU, quod de gracia uqsU? spcculi et ex 
m«ro niotu nottro, ic: ;iio bono et hiulab)'!) urviclo 
qaod dilpa\i» ct ^ctU nobis Willdrnus Pasion, nuptrr 
unua JusticiarJofum nostronim, defunctuf^ nobis in vita 
fua iDpoiidydii, consostmua ct hftc prcatDtt auu noatm 
conftrmsvimus. In quantum in nobis est, JohaQiii Pa&ion 
anoi^fcro, ftlio ei h«edi dini WILIcImi, viginei tria me- 
sol^iAi c^un^QtutnginUCEiiii- acrttApASturc, brucrcct 
iQtfU^r IQ vUIb dc PastoQ, Edythoip, et B^iun. i» 
romitAtii nostro NoriT. qTias divemi trnrnir^ nostri 
ibidem de nobis separatim nitivc leneat ad volunutcru 
ooitnun per fM&m aivc coptAin cc per scrta rcddiius ci 
KrruaJ^ nativa annLinlia indc ricbb tcddend.j que 
ad vjdnrpm nov^m libraium annuatim exeunt vei infrx 
CooccsftiEnuse^iameidcmJoh^nnicuriant ltte,seu vUtis 
ranciplcgii fioain, in villis dc Poaton c: Editboip ^/tc- 
dictifi, que c&c aunxii valoiia viij. ^olidonun per C5lt[ik^ 
donem ; ad qtiAtuor Ubnui, qtiatuor solidatas cl octo 
deiunatas reddit^ts. Redditum octo boftchcJIonim 
avcnarum et thuin caponum euro pettirkcntiiji in vilUi 
pndiui»» u: in \x\\\^ VVytton et Kxscwyk in cnmi- 
lata predicio^ percipiendum nniianiTi de omnibui et 
flDguliEliberysteaenbbus norths ibideia pro leneon en tii; 
nil qui de cobis separatim tencct in clsdem viltis, una 
oun fuleliutibus et alijs setviciis eorundeni lenentium 
ct eonitn cujuiUbet, de, stu pro, leLetnentis jllis et 
eonim qooltbci pircplki nobis deUtis stv« pe:li])t!iitibiis, 
Ccinoc3aEn:m5 ctiam cidcm fohanni ct bcrcdibus suia 
oflic-ium jarcAfie attustidJC^ parcinostrideGrymygliam 
in com, nostro pr*Klicta <Jna rum proficuo agiMam^rti 
bdtiAJum L*jusdi>Tti parci pro vodiis suit pro utHoio pn;- 
dicto aonuatiQ pcrcipicnd ; salvls no[bis?] cthodienui 


aufnclcDii pasUin ftnnm nostnmna ibidem tit Icmpove 
noctronnusuritAhinnfiiit; iiiix1<]tjidraipmflaiiiniagtv 
tMAenti ad TftlCTcm x. mircAniin c^endii per ABsaou 
HabcDila, tcncnda ct pcrdpicndft predicts mewiagv 
tcmii] i>tjasl u/ftiti^bnicEoiTit nmn»cucniCariun] vists 
franHpiegii, tcridttiiK^cC lervii&ia, offidtim*^ ftpjjunoctit" 
proficu' c:una pertinentiu^ prrfato Johjjuti ct hcredilHu 
tum unius xttx njbic ad TcjtXum N;3tJvi1atLs S:incti JofiAi' 
ois Bnptisttf annnntim noH* lolvendum, <i pctntar, pro 
omnibus scrticiis* cxacciombni ctdemandit. Koouod 
mcss-jogift* terra, putnra, bmcrai mohacus, cuha Ictc, 
reddilus, icmda prn:!i(:i4.*jfi]dum ci ogi^Eoincni'prpAc^, 
viJorcm 9»]pKnpecifieaTUiTi [non] creeds iH, vcl vaJorctn 
illuTQ nun ^ttinfpint, sut Jlrquo achi, rv^iiccio:>£ »n 
mandato facto, cdito lut prorbci noa ob«u^l«. 
Vcliitnus piIlUii t^l a^aiijiiaviLima vjiiod oiniic^ tHJ ipri 
per nos sen atl nsum no!d.rtim, jua^ ttlulum, 9« 
sutum in premisais, ts<ru atiquo premissonim JuJmcmni 
3CU habcni, nobiaancchac non rcla^atum, jus, trmlum cl 
siaittm All pivnito Johaiiiu tt Tifrcdibui sui» *liini 
ei relaxcTiL In cujua . . » 


A.D. i447» 21, 36 OcL— Abstracts. 

[Fmm MSS. HicklioE, i3f\ t4f\ In M«^ t^., OmL] 

tt Ckt.Bt Lcbdun.— I^Uci fruia Fnoloir Iv Tboniw lUmp 
and John Grcnc, dc^innc than ro pnxuri infonafeltgn about eve 
Robert Eccl«| cousin vth b^r Xt> Jobn Ecclfa* whon ibc c MBui 
fortbc pnor oT Hicklinf profhUc lo vU to g1v« vviJttic* tboil 
The Tent of 3% ratuki. 

Hen. VI. »1 CaiFfC' I-on£ ]cim from Tltomu il 

and r«fa,">6 
the ptKcd^nj^, u'lEh ihe rcsultc tjf ivarcbei nudi in Vie Biwa/* 
H^^iry for willt of tIif Krdu foDuLy, viEh puticolan abott ntf^ 
1q(u nipmb'.ra of the rDmily. ftc 

[Fo£ tbcw abamctfl 1 uq IndcbUit ro Hr, Hacnjr.aod aliafa 
dkMb hilMnifalfljr foUowinc. wbith arc fmm the *■« MHVi;! 

(From USS. in VAgd. Coa, Oft] 
Tub FftiCM or HICKLI9&& 

Al Wru inbuilt cr. 


■lOfftoapfcicrtiii KncUnh^/rkvqAiv nPMKurV. ffVAuM WiAfF 

.«■ fall 4lum ifilul Che fdor of lllclilm^;. Sir J«hn fftTinol 
lite jfxatoffrK. bpcuiw iht cotnltucm uf the cHLgftfiiVi 
Mif olmdnl (u (Iw hdn of Sir Kn^h Qi^orr!, ini! nut BO hiM 
migpot 3jul Sir John ii pnir sn «uji:n ; but tlic rmt of i; markft 
fa lore !■> turn, imd ho Cftu r^OiVcT it, if dtci^ b<r the piior, by 
prcBWi of Uw} Ihtjr vlU couull wilh jiutuxi and wrje&nis 
nliKhcr !t« CM) recover it bf diairftim, 

fi4 . . J F111I4/ lit lliC aihl week aAci £utcr «1 Lcnag. 

Z<«liF> fin Eiudub, ^ji \>ayt.t] ft^m Jlft^ty Xfitvwfam to Sa 
Tltftr/Banon, AldETimmori-vEidcni, ii:u cKUihtf iHwith PMtra^ 
toA finds him mnir (rirfliily unH rpaH^ tr> help in fiarioD*t m^cr 
attoi eta ticfoie ; lupposa thii the c*iue It [Jiai iJir prtar Ihit 
■■i cLfrtiiuEc UiJcid. null ■iiuiIlci u.}ip(/iiiid. wliu FuiVoii Cfuvii 
irifl bcmcROtfiy tontir. Dfvrcn mit Fvinn miy be l^n^^i 
ScndjA 3ctt«whtc1i he dnifi*'; "a fbiM of nun ma^'U/ry I0 
MMr«M jmkbi Ljpvcnrhorp? rhejonilg!V) Uid uk Bl my lOfd** 
Ldd of Dorfhim or of Rjif lylf 4^r wne DlTtrr wtiich hrr miv lliink 
b«i^ if be (ir. n^^ LoEtl uf Uiir]>4cn) iJioll be m (hit Purltuncnl. 
Sad to TliDiudm Giyv tpitet ni MuiiriJi) hiluc "luilcf,'* ax 

h« on poodlj buy it, which comot cacb vr««k lo Rovik^ 
BUA Iim in St, LAurcDCf-'fi L4fi«> 

[14 . . J t4 Apr., At NuTWiclu 

iMr^ Dn Enclkh. on ptpcrl fiom Jflfr^l ^'^'ynj^m to Sir 
Kcary BiftaD,Uilcnnikaof London, D«Uveft<] 1*li»iliei ihc copy 
of tbt dcffk I ihT*f«l hit Itucf I J ihe prior aiiJ Ltiu^tnL, but 

Ktnrki TWrthirn* 1 r|it7 Mirt they wiMiKl i^lrjir TlaTrfm fi»H ftm, 
I ilf Ibtk cuariM:! arr full ii£iijrt>it thdf biiiUlniE Llir-mKlvc* (■> 
aitr »Lit;h cunl^niuiiJoa ^ thcv vcfe bouad lo tbe bxvcf owdci 
A*i bi Uciri, 1/ui aol 10 hli uAigiA AdvJM* hfm to Ht fMd 
OMA«al, ftbU tli>nkh naihing orn d« dono unlstt h« ipilt Ptfiilofi'* 
ftOMt (tnil (nnr la h«tp Tha mntrpr, 

Z-Sr [in fifwliih on ,»p,r] y^« '* W^ [//d^i J^bntM^fT 
Ifmifkh^ 10 sR John Fatidf. Jfn- |«c hinuelf gmdj bUp 



houif or liyVflTDf . and his been io iiniK^EtujiBU "Jut l>?rd 
bu aJvucJ liim AcrL Ll> ia?<id]c la the jokiter, tvciUK be fa 
%M ji n]:ip;ci pcr^'Hi i it he cout-i Jd bim fBOrt fifofil, be woidA qm 
nfen iaoi^^r or coU, on ucoiml of FuCoLf* towudDOB aid gtV' 
tHOW W crtiKtrtnufl unlo rigbl >tid iwavmi^i}* rnvwi, ib» viKih 
Ik fcrifcjvs noE bi (lie othrr pnrry. Had liQpfd hitgocd «ttl 
d^Odl yufposc t^wiinls (he plue of Su fieooec't wtnJd !■« 

Eiina Id lomc i;,'jO^ coadvaic^ ^ wt*EhefC the Smtiar fc rfaie St 
gnacv't Dty. and j^raaily Rjoind U ucb work kdo cofl lU b« 
hi! done thprp HHrtihr unrwhia Eaooxuhcr* tolkriitfcl 
hit Diiun.] hirth, whflv he will fisd n; Lord «tf NorlbUt «■! nch 
aLicnJiuiLic »iLhc Itidhi^p umI oilier fcntlaof (bo ccnntnrBMgr da 
Rtdv uaLo ludi al all urna^ bk coc&bic ifOttld be 1o bbfav' ^ 
ud aMTt** cate* asd the cauc of nnidi pcocv ia dw coiiMry. 
9auU «b1. &iRcua] m ChcJoltEr; AHif ; aftrurnnmd IL 

ffittUfii 104. 

Iftrer^ [in Enplub, on ^pcr] from /-«r^ Staia to 5&r 

pAflloJf, uhinu him (o withilravr an ouUawry nhicb bi* 

Iisu^ a^rml John LMvThrgvnOi lerrmi of the lonaci^ feri 
drT^i f,r/, [QOilu^raFuToiniy TftonuU Dinjvll, E»|,,farvb9d 

Ki{m««L by Lord Sc^aki, h^Iid u&A\ k ^ucripl in hk ovQ huJ 
chat FailoLf Kaa hMn at faltbfuJ atiil Ititul ea htm tioM he ctfU 
Into Es^uid ubc iru ia France, At\A \hBX ih?re Is naooe ofUi 
Otite fw wtcin be would do lo much. 

Small fteal <si rb« p*p*^ *>ii't ^ itiuw loool h. 



A.D, 1455, 10 July, 

Sir J- FASToLr -ro John Pastoit. 

(Fku a modem ospy by Gough In Bodl^ Libra^j.l 

ThiftbtEenw cvjdenHT vnitCfl id fhd year mU- a:* ■J>pun Wy i^fvhp 
■net » Uw h'1>»ii>-<i "i^ I" ill* ihiabiImI j«vni«r ^f^' J«^ FMB^vit 

Lnd» (H Nd. iiaj. 

TiJ the ^mrshyp/uU and my rygkt vHif bdinyd 
John Patttnt. 

jORSHVPFULLam! ryghic wclbplnvyf! tSfS 
I comiiind me to you. Please yo\i to w«t» 
that the prycur aad coavcnt of Norwydi 



ivc wylh hoMcn ccrtcyo fcnt foi lonJcs dial ihty 
holdtn of niff wythynnc my manrT of Hirlystor^ *nd 
the ij. uperi ot wut of ij/^ wygbtc by the space ol 

iTiij. yccf« thalmountyih xj^/. 

Ttlucd in mcr^cy; And itie lordes of the &eyd uiancr 
beying before inr, antl ;iIeo y yn my tyme have be seiEid 
jad pocf«»cd of the %Ay^ rent. Praying you to speck 
vyth the pryoui, recomaundyng mc unto hycn. 4Lnd 
duU yc lykc to mcivc hym to make me paymcQi, as 
hyi ilcwice y», 40 ju y hav^ no ciuie to stirre further, 
ud to doo u jujibce requyryth- He holdyth xxsl 
acres Uiid or more by the saya reat, ajid yhyt ought to 
pay me utliyt lent* more by niync cvidcnU of raore 
auie- V pray yOUf Co^yii, thai y may sptfke wyrh you 
or y lydc, smd thai oft Thrysday by Ihe fajlhy&t, and 
thcD J shflU tcLL you lydyngs olf the Porkment. «nd 
tluit ye £iylc uuu as niy tnis ys yn ytju, V pray OoO 
hive yo<j yn Hys governance, 
Wreien ol Casirf^ the x. day of Jullft 
Vour co»yD, 

John Fastoltx. 


Before A,D. 1456. 
Lord CitOMWSLLTa Jonx Pasi^ok, 

FFiDtn Fern, IL 29a) 

Tiii 1cii« *u uuil^ied ly Feim to Huinptrer BnufthWrn who wnt 
0WT*4 LnitlCfkinLHU III ih* Anl yca"ir £j3*>a] ]V., Abll«i(i|[iU4««*tlnf|)P 
pfaVEdlnrhUu Lc lLjI nifjv H «JiB.>i:ciilcDlaI>Tu>c[loi.i1(cd[ir mdq lU ifOpo 
BifA Tbf Htii'UUe, -if bNtcb ^ffiQ Kl-'^ k liifiiiiitF, i« uul ihar bl 

IRUSTY and welbdovcd frond, I gr^^tfi you 
wclc. And foi SA much as htt is don nic to 
tmdpr»tnndc ihat there is a greet stnmnge- 
ncste be'.wix my ri^jht trusty frcnd John 
Kadclifl' and yovi, withoute any maticr or ciusc of tab- 



iCauncc, a^ 1 &ra Icmcd ; whcrfbrt* in ss much u I te« 
yoa wcic bothc, I am not LtJiitciil Jul Hbutdc to be, 

Pnytng joo hcnly to forben^ ihe uid ftntmgMioM 
on yoitr yme to Eitcl^c t)'m« ae 1 speke with yooo nat 
m]r BclT. IcCm^ ycu vi^tr I have wrcccn to him to do 
ihcsarnc; uia thai yc failc not hi^roT, is I msy do tfif 
thing for yoti henLftrr. And otir I Girder tuv^ yoQ i& H« 

Wrctin «t London, the x. <Uy <rf Fcvricr. 



A.D. t45g? (?»] Ang, 
William Jiinmiit ii> Joiis Pastok, 

(From ram, tr jS-l 

Tlili Idler Ii ivr«mj by Fold (olh« Fvciariinf of Eilmid IW 

HCdiUEi^ F'cii \niht flnt rC3E eW J^«AiiJ [V.. wcTi b] popManig ft t 
Jnhfi (\i>iii't T]>' ■'■til Sf^ijH h*p^ HifVifimnil ou"! iliir*«HW* kvtW 
■calcft^'i ILciuT VJ.'feiLik. vlio v&*iqbiJ<.j>.J Jd Jiklr 141^ aaI Uba 
hiwinc tcfEi vTidcii Id AuieuK, ChikiliL be lour <fuD >4)^ Jb AaC fi 
-mi^tl t* iHik by L.<4E'> >«}. Jotn l^alfin't aliJ**! tun hAd«M>4f hans' 
Hit. arid J am lui^HjkU lu (liiokiWll li IheprcdK roffiD vhicAut|i 
laa^r vi.d wi4ii<n. Julih 1*«jIhki, ah* •Amnii^ <«»» ar ihai iibwim ^an 

nliliiTkpM"i*inhpfil*iIbk' Jo'*'! I^^od, Miltf, fros uftlbar A«^ftjfb 

71* mjf 'TttonJtip/u^ anti ria^t gode maytttr^ /akn I^tsiffm^ 

j U RSf U PFUL sire And ray right godc 

r r^voniAundi; mr to zou^ ^nd hcndr 1 

! lh;Lnkc zour gode iraystership ttut »e Iflwd 

to sifiidc my uiayslcr taxit aonc to 5|:K>dc w^lh 

AuycZi fdftbhip <is £e d^df, (oi \*hi(di 1 um rver boumle 

(o dor* /nn service, prayeng 70U of iout gode coatC" 

Sire, Ihc cauac why I karn not wu this : I vu fdic 
VCcL tvitli an axc^ [^'''<']r JiC'd Lruly tlial cauittd me tlot 
T and my feliihip laryed ; and ^o be raui« tberc^e I 
<xut«d tny Indy to wryte & spccynll Ictac to nny Lord 

But fbr al thnt lUake hjUh boom the com in 
m> I^y of Sufftilkji iiamc AtiH ihr cBiisr whjr X 
tfoi no wurd of m^ teknet vif ttut I wuld aoi tnyn 
ttmy ifculd tw r«jov««d be the knonlych of my nek- 
IK»C^ So God bdp mc, the fcUshtp that wm rcdv 
(o Koo Wft8 riKliI Hury that th«i myglil que goo funn 
with toe : and my brdes and en)' bdy«t wyl wu thU 
thct fhuitl have ](oon lurther- fj^t if I had been hdl 
mod not seek, there ^LiulJ }uvc koine i wiuahipfiil fcU- 
«hip QUI of Suffolk nf ^o Kiel wamyM^ ; l>ijl Iruly 1 Liy 
««-k fti Ipp(wych of ihc axcci boihe Simdfty and Mon- 
diy. But K^rc, iryn ec have shewc<l me bo k)'mlcty 
zour Kodc nuiyiccnhip, I preyc io\x I ni&y h^vc your 
fidAsh^) Tcdy at a nolhir tymr In help to csi^cuK' a 
comn^Mioii toudbyng BUke, and that thn mty b« 
Kd]r withinne ij. dayec after jte have vnunyHK- And, 
nre, my serrioc is rcdy to zoxi At allc tymyB, as « 
*hewc me gret CBtitc to [lt» coo icmcc. Wrrtcn ftt 
Thelton," the Wcdnytday next bclbrc Scynt BertilnMif 
^Bfoy in hutc Vour 3CT\';iLint, 


^ OTl- 

A,D. 1459, a6 Not, 
Sir Joks Faotolp ahd Joh» PAffiOM. 

[FrorattBodL UK. J 

P.MORANDUM, tlwi I Roljcrt Fylnawfl; F* 

j^Hyer, rtcort!* tluf I, beyiit' in my Miwirr Fas- 

tolfl chinnbre, tenyng upoa the gfct bcddc> at 

suehc tvmc M John Taaton, Eaquyct. Moncr 

John &rackcky» Maatct Cleujci:!! Fchnyti^bani, wccrc 

m comoiiycanoi ^'\l\\ my af id mfl«ier of dyv^r* grel 

maten towchyn^ his will, and serteti iLppoyatmentes « 

twyx my add mfotcr and ihc BCid Joh& Piuton. ia the 

wckc unit be ffof my jscid iiJUf»Lcf itiaiii^id, I li^J xxiy 

seid mwtcr and thr *irid Jo^n Pastors ^[ipoynieana 

I "nHlvQUff, Ht7 IJii« la Nvfulk, 


conclude Uut the ttid John Paaton ihiJde take upon 
hym the rvlc of my maEtcrs howsold and of ftU hu 
[yfi<^ in Nortfolk md Suffolk duiyng his lyvic; and 
^lir hU (liMtsc thr seiii Juhii Pjiton shulilc (to ffouncle 
a oolage al Carter of vij. tnoDlcei oi prcilis, and p»y 
iti], m^' coark of money be yerca to my seid muttret 
executoriA, at eche payment viijc loiuke, liU the sdxl 
Kim wer |iaid : JLnd thtt the fiCtJ Je!:n Patron ahiilde 
have ill the lyvelode thai was myieid maiten in Noc^ 
fTolk 01^(1 Sufl'olk to hym and to hit bcyiea ifi te 
Aud aftir this acid nuUer rchcricil my scid maaier seitk 
l]ieflc wordes, *' Cosyne, I pray you aod requere you, 
lete this be fettled in nil hast wi^hovte larymg, Tor thi« 
in my very last villc." Also be it kAowc to all men 
tliai I had k[iowtcgc of this bargaync d>vcfbc tymcs 
hfllfe^yere poM, und how my ^n^\ Mjucer Fa^otflT nnrl 
the sc'ui John Puto& wer nyc at a concJucion ot tbe 
acid naatcn a quarter of a ytTC be fore tfau la^t baf- 
^:;jyne vm [uj.dc. 

Wiete at Caster the xrv) dsy of Novembrt the 
xxxviij, yere of Kyng Heny the Scxtc- In wttdttfte 
whcrof, I have s>'n^yd thit bull with myn o«rn hawl 
and sette to my scale. Roat^ Fetzrai 


A.D. 1460 {?}, a6 July.— Ansnwcr. 

[trom Pastoa MSS., BM.] 


DesirH thtm to ihow Una to iha dofcndaoti bi ui npiKsl 
of robbery nud bdorc thf lu out of nullcc by ThatOJU fiuiv ftf&iuE 

{aiui Hernev oF KnlhiraH NorL, lLtTi4or» Kvj.. John lw« 01 
tonrich, wiri-, Jolid licrtcy fif ftnJhjiin, Wfrt, Si*iicjr, Kaq,, 
|i4ui Uvrcanii-lntn. of NunvLcfa, Ekj,, knd Cbrbtuphsir NomidI 
ofBnmJfliklii^ Thcyuc W receive uo B^rtieiuniea In ifacbiiM 

of th< Sheriff of Norfolk touchia 

Ihu oibElcr oicqil hy the 
John BcKiH^* hit nadrn' 



XL AnollKr lclUr« tiaubF in nitHtwictfi in tilri«K no i<iti<cft' 

idOCWOitt caEiti« 1< EaET ihiD T^fo. i« Lhc Toiinrec Jahii hcntjr 
st)r m b« af Eb« ]p«u i^fb iiHtL] 


A.D. 146D, j8 July. 

Jorts- Paston to Ma roar tT Pa&ton- 

(From F<BD| iv. 36^] 

_^M 1p Jul] iqAj.anJh* 4^>atfdtiitlr |]L*«i 
cvUolp hakfirvr, ilui lohii fionty v« lievl 

iMt ttunhrnd ir iJtaw-v h-tipmtf i?f i>4 mr^niK JpvI'hI, nuolHrttH 
ia Mfr ^ Mu^uTi Phiob vkbw u Hnon About itu MnroacUumi* 

itaibc jtE 

[juiinia r «■ 


tklyvtrcd in Aa^k. 

RECOMAUNDE mc udIo you, IcijTifr yo« 
ffittc that vou: uakyll, John Bcmcy, w deed, 
whooi iouie God have merry; iJcsyiyng you 
:o scode for Thomas Hollev snd cn*juerc of 
hym whet his goode ls, and what he is wurthe, ajid 
tut he Ulcc g^odc cede to all suche goods aa he had 
buthe ntcvcftblc and 00 movable; for I iindic atande 
ibar ht IS wuithe in rooncy v<^ [500] tnarlce^ and in pUie 
to tli« v^kiwe of clh<^r -v^ Tnnrke, beside other goodi. 
Whcribr I woldc ye schulde not Icte hym weic of his 
divcac mittj the tyme thit ye had enquereil afihcHcidc 
Thomu Holler of all luche maters as be :i bovyn 

ttMBB w fnnnd pffiviUaull; to iTiitnin HMo]fr» vFia w la HVd in 
MVllAU W-f«lkr mvfnV4flbaCc«vciHOLi(ir E^L FniI Uk& ati) l«ILavHi^ 

An Ubn ViV'-ttiLi B« iippvr h (lu dir-and Uftibtundmdvli 



ffTCtm, ani! whan he haxhf «&foimed jOQ 
tins IcEc h/Di wcic vct^ly ihac h« is dc«<de, d< 
hjm th;^t no tn;m <ontt on lo Ki» pboc &t Rcdhim 
lijui sclfe, tintJJ tiic tymc tljaE 1 cowc 

Iwro, 1 lew you witte that gret pine of ln» 
b«t WiLliam Tavcmcr*. oa 1 undKAUade. Tboi 
Hollcj wt>U Idle you juaicly iLc Uoutbc u I supfMaa 
and de»yTe hym on my beliulVc that he doo locv in' 
th«r U wiitycg Ihcror ; and tcUe Thom« KoUet tt*l I 
and he be cxccutours named, and ihctfort lete IwtD 
take hccdc Oiat ihe ^[oods be kept «a£^c «ttd that 
nobody knowe whcr ii sliall tic but ye and Thotnu 
Holler. And 'Inertias Holler, it jtnir onkyU loAde nc, 
13 PT07 wticr lit hi» jcoodc Uthc uul rU hu wntytig, 
ATtd so r wol ibai yc be prevy 10 the umc for ouiuJtc 
erf deethe, and yr mo HhJd br hU mrnitmiTTi for me 
lonae su ye doo trcwiy, u I trowc Tcjcly yc vrolL 

Wreten ai London, the uviij' day of Juk. 

1 njqucr yow be of Kod cumfon and be cot bevy, 
yc vildo owth for mc. 



A.D, 1460, I Aug,— Adstract* 

fPiom MS. Indn in M«cd. CvQ.. 0>fbtd.| 

"Srut^crk cunt mcmLrii," No. jot. — " Iui|Ue»Ii1o (luc niorlk, 
Toluni^l} Fabi^^rjiiiliCii capti per ochiulvrcm Rt%U, nH awil 
tit quuivivlAm t^ncmonloncrii vu^t <li« BmhcuRtf, tkiint-^-' 
dutiliumci cl » molendbioniai unatiosfva, Ave, 1, 


A.D. 1463, Feb or Much. 

[From PuTon MSS-, RM-] 

T>Tt iFVrw F^outlt noi mditrfsnct vema ic lute tc« wrfri 

by M _ 


■HWniBtMbr* Euur, Ud Ktta HtftTpgta KklTl Jvn«f ud OaWlJlUI' k1mi| 
G|[an )inr*H ilkt lI*» ld ■ cuiubit, CcaajiuE N» fOt ud 4M ibVdI, jL 

[LEASE you to w«t that WiD, Jency and DcU 

ham <:ain to Cokotc en Wcdnysiiay before 

Boac« and ther thqr ipokc wich Ryayn^- oud 

lohn Smyths, and Tiaakyd lieni leiit and 

trntie, 4Aa they sErydyn they had payed you, and %o 

Uicy TnyghtDotmyehcm. AUd, fcnhomorCt ihey told 

hem thit yc ti»d hcJd a ctntc liicr sya that |}icy cnlcryd 

there liian Jcnncyaiiswcnl agtyn " Be causr Ilc held 

4 cone here wc mad hym hold cone at London, *nd so 

KhaU we make the to hoM a cortc at Ipyawcchc tvith- 

on-t Uiowwolt pay us the rent and fcrme." *'Str," 

quod Ryiyng, " I tclcr thr frrtnr af my mastrr and nf 

Sir Tbomas Howyi;/' Jctmcy wyd, "And aa for Sir 

Xhonu^hecLZtdwc AchaU accrd well i nowc." And no 

Ucj halite >e]<d up the heme dorc and woll diyvc 

a wey thr fJiTrll hnthr of the fonnorra and of thr trn- 

auntec, withowi the Icrmor and John Smythc woU lynd 

fttem sticrte to pay hem at Estcme, and Jcnrcy and 

Scbhamwoll [be] bonnd ageynio hem Jnaoblt^cion 

^rf %Ui. 10 savr hrm liarmelese agcyns yon. And ko 

su yel Kysyng itandythc under award ai Lcyttoflc^ So 

Hyayng hathc leni vrord to me that 1 shall knowe thya 

nyght or cilia to morcwe what end they liathc mail 

IteCQi a» towchyng the burge* of Vcrmofhe rhey wer 
«rhOiyn on Wednyulay, The Baly Wydwell ys on ; 
«ik1 m for the todjr the Bischcppc lent lo the townc 
fov 10 )i4ve a maa of hy^ i>wue. and so they be not 
acord)'d yit of hym ; «i cas Ihey may not acoril, John 
iLua aWu be the todyr. 

Item, aa towthynf; Grcne, a cajne not lo Caster on 
ThuiMLiy. fof lie wuit to Norwich Lhe sarae diy, and 
v> he is yet ther Pajbcr^ hathc spr>kyrj with Wat- 
kyu Shypdam tor to bv ai Btylou on Mouduiy in kepe 
ft cone ther ; and to )^e woU be at Carter on ^inday 
and apek with you, for hcseyihe that Fastolf' liaihc 



mad a deyme ther lo ; Ihii is ihc cause he wolle awwtt 
(ind npckc with you ihcr of hym iclfl- 

ilcm, 1 cio not. ncr Uiubcnc)' fiowlher, fynd )xnir 
wyght btjkc ; il ii not in the iriissyng cofyr, ijct b the 
Eprucheste nothyr. Jon WaUham toke me a <inajc*, 
I suppose IE lo(n)L^thc to the Moac bokc, that usic 1 
BCUii you, and the byilu of Wikotc nicL de scol^ 
Wrttyo this day» By your, hL P. 

"miTi—dinif Tiinni Pi ili. - r . , . 


I>t Jfkluiu lUvHHjr u«un 0«n]. . > 

lltn. di Jflhubs 1tui«t. 

*|ilju Juultudi JulHiuiii iteiutr Jt R?iI)iBn' ut-j (aiiI' 

hUii'i . . - . 

InprlreiL^ proirtu^c J<itBd|ik KiuraD, Jim tiro. CiCf* n 
■lit* tniiiit {^ -inCB Andc-H^k* d« dcmtfiw fW^^ 
iV p^^MJrit vrirtni NnrwInaniH ^ , , . 

IUu. lie b*KA |*<:uiiie ivmLiuij* todvni Wnpora, , 
■■■l, di riBmaiLniT' in f«r*nc »bbf' li'fccni'l trt^t 
fi»uaWtU' Vck'n. 

lAiiJcia , ttriifiuuM>Ui*<ti4#>/iL,Uiii>*Mv lEUUitJ, 
iiKBAjf nljd. - - - , ^ , - . 
lieia» do i<H'jRt LoQiltA Tembia M>fJdrlt>, I jii«£',f 

Iudi, da iruum Tfofffullt e»P»l' *rf*<» Vmrlflu C«p. 
Diluu r^ichp:, ulua kI^ rEiDAnciu (i ■ ] ninnl ixnu' 
niira TnVtilul, . . . . , 



M i4^ 



1 T1ieiKinit"iKBur']njcT]ii"'Hc li]iE[lbci]uiil«i>pbBiils'iiaa*Mltl> 
iomiii ban. I rriim W** <*« cr«<ikii'Ar nf rKp imi«fi^«A li ■&■■■%>■ ' ' 

> iVw w^rAt »<: liLscncd Ixr^cui ilw Udh, Bin *Bau«B Ihay 




A-D^ 1464.— Sac:ru» Vessel^. 

MM^hJ*^ nruAn'i iiKTtfaTy. kMl in nu lufpc Ir will br w^n that it 
^BMOMb *iili ■ IXfB liii uNiiBtuvd ia Su. ^, *ud iDiui Lhcn(>n W tiw 

Chalcys Df gooM pUyne. wcyng ij, pound. 
IteiDf ;t mother chjlcys cf guoli. witli thin 
wTiiynge "CaHcemnI maris ^ icdpiam," weyng 
xix. unc«s. 
Item, one ubk of gold^ with an image of Sen JiuncA 
»pt with ijredt>us stonys, weyng xi:j. mice iij. iiu;irlcr, 

Iicm, 0D« peyre of enters of silver and gilt, with 
scripture, vit, m the fir*l pan, *' Dat' est eis,** Stc, and 
in the Koond pfutc, "Asccndit fumus," &£., ncyitg 

Item, one box of *3ver and gilt for the sacrement, 
vith a cTonoc b the hcyght. and chased with Uliis, 
ircying v/i. ilj, unc' di. 

lietn, onf? potie callid a cnETnatorie vo ptil m holy 
acme and oyk, of tilver and £p[t, weying j/(. 


A LjtT OY Gilt Images. 
fFr«m PuiOTi M3S.. B-M.] 

PMm up »b«jr Uc luiie lioir u iha ^iravduif oa 

iTTiAjr olf Owr Lady with Sj. awnjeUiv ttSi^ 
yiig, giithc, viij**- udcT, vit, iJuA'. ct iiij- 



1 ?ial..rul>ni, 1|& 


Iteo^ ■ crone with a fbtt, U< jdc', gdihe m to 
cusys scd ^t, vijj'^ S: xvij. unc*, vi^ xiiij^. Sc ix 


Item, an lmag« of Swt Jon Vad^IUi, eJltb^ ^'^r^ 
vij^-x. unc', vi«,, xij/r- vj- Hnc*- 

hcm, AIL im&Kc of Sent Jon Baptist, fiUt^bc, with the 
L^nkb, kiij, unc^, vU.. iiij/t x- unnc^- 

iTcm. an im^iEc off Sent JainU vrhh his vtaff, g^th^^H 

Item, 4in ima^c oUT Olu I^)r» filcht, vith » crowna^H 

Trem, nn image «f Sent Deoys, giltHe, wtyn^ L nne', 
vi2.T iiij/N ij. tine'. 

Item, ftn image off owr Savyowi, giii, with Hii 
i^nnor; Hix fliademc, ajid His fane, t*^ej. udc*, vu,, 
tx/r ii), unc^. 

Summa unciirum xl^'viij, unc', 

Suirma lnvij. lib. ilij. uno'. 

Sum ID nuikis (Jj. Durk ij< unc', di 

Mi-itioiuziduin, j- lib. coulintH xjj. iin<^; J. tDIRT 
coDunct viij. Tine*. 


A'D. NiSs, 14 Oct 
The Dvkb op StTFouc'fl Attack ok Hzlusdqv 

fTrum A BvJl HSJ 

[YS be the parreU undenrT^'trn of foch 

3s were taken and beren itvray at Hfti 

of John Pn^ions, hys cones ^nd hy^ a* 

by the Duk of SafTolk i^e:vaunT» flbd ti 

the liiij. clay of O^nober the v, yerc of Kyog E. the 



mj**, ih« whyoh diy the pUcc of Hiyle«dcm w»> broken 
ind pullyd dowyn, !tc. 

In phmis, Ihcrwa^ lost of Joho FutoEis thci ftl ttui 
lymc in brddyn(j ij, fiWifT bcdds with i), bolsfrr^ iiJJ. 
nuicraf, with iiij- boUlcre; & grete ftcler wilb th« 
tdtor, A&d iij' cottcycs of vhytc tyncn cloth, and a 
a>rcrlyic of whytc wmiriic longyng ihcnix 

Item, a telcre with * ttstorc, and iij. <:rtrtcyni of 
Ucwe bokcrom with a covi^ryng of hletv wetittcdc long- 
yoj ihcrlo ; y, pylowy* of dowyn. vj. covcrJyii of wcA 
of dfTcni colors^ vj. pnyr bknkdtySf i;, p^yr shytcs of 
ii), webbyi, ij. hwlih)-t« of tj. wcbby*^ i^. payre ihytes 
of ij.webbys,!}^ buons olpevter,and iij- cutdcUtykkt 
of Utyn for the chamber. 

Item, in primJs, vj. Ijord clothys, i^, towcllys, xlj- 
Dl{>kryiM, vj, candrlstykks of kion, ij, satfsalera of 
jylver, ij, Ba]tia]«s ot pewter, ij. basons of pewter ?riih 
ij. twtrt, a barcU of vynegcr, a barcll of ver^oiis, xij. 
lie atuU'Jys, ij. p&uijc Ln/ves, .\ pycc cif eylvcr, a pypc 
fOl bredc, a ale stole, xij, spones of sylvcr, &c 

7jt# Bnm/tirtt. 

I Item, a gitte Icde to brew Vh comb maltc vp'ith one 
^^bwyi^^, d mayslisate, ij. kyl/ng satcSt vj. kylcn* ij. 
^^eciyng i^Xv^t 4 Upuogh, a temjjs to den^c, with a 
" »cyppe 10 btre make, a sj-ff to sytc malie^ a bultytig 
pypc> ij. knc<lyng A^tys^ a moldyng bord. 

Iteiu> ij. (losyn pcwtci vc^acll. iiij. grck braa pannes, 
iij. pott? of braa, j. gredd/ronj i)- brocheSf J- drew/ng 
koyfl, ]< morier of maibeJl with a pesi«tl, J. litctl panne 
of brai of di. galon, ij< pothoks, ij. rjkk^ of yion. ij. 
brcndrlciu, a diniajy lo kcpc m aide. ). ai;c to dyvc 
«C3de, iJ. sa.1tyng satys to aalEc io Ittcih^ 



GfTf f<ikf« firtft 9f fke Ckyrck, 

XMn, in the Uepeil, ix. fihetfe W71* U. btmT 
himdgonne** iiir- diAmbcia Jbr goui^ Ji- migr» «f 
kdc, ij, jokkx 

Item, b ih« church, at pun ud uj. g^ rjog^ 
A colcr of tylvtr of iha Kyn^i lyvcry aiDd a nobyU W 
raj, liijj^., the whych WM Wyk)"i* 

Itcnif » *3ti^ (^<iwiK of b1<TWc of Wyk\. 

luiQ, 1 ttokkc gonae with iij^ chAnd>en. 

G<rt taken otvUtf ike Ckaumhar^Rk. GaGEt. 

Item, a syde monry g^wne, a dobckc or bhk suyo, 
& payre hosyn, a )jikk*, iht polrondi oT » payr^ tty- 
jjuidi^r^ of ri^de BUl^yu ffugr. 

Item, a piyr of Xai^t tabcllea of box, prb vj^ viijdt 
^ Itrm, a sUfTc, pi^a Liij. iiijf/. 
^ Jtem, boke of Frensn, pni iij*, m\d. 



6^ Aii<^ atvay GJ MarxerH P<uUn^ 

Item, an unce of gold of Venyiie, di. pype 
damuk. <3i unc' of gold of G«i^, in imc* of syik^ ft H 
of thredc» a close gliise of yvc'r)% 1 gfeCe coonbc 
yvcTc, a fync kcrdty of tyac tiolond dotJi, 
of bktk velAret 


Item, a lyng of gold with a dynjuorucst A 
Mncoct, A QobyU of x/., a ncbyll viijj. m^ 

Gfrtofjckn IVykr, 

Item, A drjbeleE of bkk fusltjyn, a herv hunjrst yjc^ 
a gray bcR, pm xl>., ij, shcrty^ pm iijj/, ^^J 

Item, a Nonnandy byll And a bawe> pru of \ktm 
both v]A 




Iten, taktn avtr uppon Drajtnn gronnfle at on Tyme 
b^ ^ baylly of Couey 4iid oLhcfSi CC> i^Hcpc cAllyd 

Iltm. St a noihcr tymc, uppoM ibc wme ground, 
iij*" hog^s and atl. iheyvca, 

rtcm, ai a noiher lyme, at Ha^kudon, by the ba/Uy 
of Cottscy iud Bo[ic»ford and other, viij" xncMci 
fthypc and CCCC Lunbei 

MernorxndcrQ, a gownc of Richard CdJiCi pru w.^ 
M. pcyi ho5ca, Lijx, \. swcrd, iij/., 1> boncts, ij/. . . < . 
J, jal:k| Ki^jj, viijfiil, j, srhcrt, iijj. iiijrf, 

Mcinonndum, th« pull/ng dowce of Ihc place al 
Heylcidcft. tA ihc hurt* and :(kAtb?s of 

Itcni, the puUyng duwnc of the lo^gc of Heylesdco. 

Item, the dintrayng of ihe ^-afyne ivt Hf^ylKdon, 

Item, , . , . the maner and iJic u-irr*yn. 

Item, fficmnrandunj, the rydyngs and costs off authe. 

Mcmaran Juiii, the asxiw iiuilc iip|>on Mii^'' P^'ou, 
SSr John Paiton, -it Heylyidon bccffor ihe placL- wajt 

Memorandum, ihp im[iri30iim«iit off Sir Joho Pastoo 
In tlie Flet and u^ llic Kyngs Bcnchc 


A.D. t4S'S*—PAfiT0LF's Goods. 
CFromftMS. in ihcTDwerorMD^, ColL, Oiicvd.1 

yi .©■.., 


iCI^RAClO boaomm QObikiuiTi Johumii 

r^stoir mjlitis ftd ni&nuj fotuuukiA PutOD 
iiiiiiicii dcvcQicndum ct [xiuidcacJuai Lun 
L v lihcracione Thcms* Howjs, Rtc(oii* df 
Pulham, unius cKectitons dicii cnilint, qU4Si Cx Kapto 
Aljorum hcn^inuni AcnicTicium c( tcncnciuxa auooxua. 
Ac viLloTcin ilk possesaionc dominionim nuucnonin 
icnaium cc lencmeDtorum stjomm in coram piiixiA p«r 

Juindwic p^r dictum militera sobconini ct per hcMCOD 
icd Pislon cbmcatorvm pro nichilo solvcnclo, cuoi 
cuatubus cdi(1]cit:luQis eonindcm. Fl pro trmbiu omni- 
bus supra cpeciEiciti^ execiiTorrft dicti rmlitis pcQuni 
d« hcrcdiljus cl cxecuicribus dicti Joluams rasiOA. 
solucioneiD ruDuicioncm ;ic udif^ciowiQ dc duupmi 
occ^uiunc hujusniodi rctci^cianiv 

Die octavA mcnsis Navembrii tnnoxxxvvl;. Rcsni 
Rcgu Ht^iULci S(!XU. vidf^lic:ct tocio di:: iicat obttiinn 
Johaiinift FaMoir mililiv. Thoiuas HOW71 clericiu, co- 
executor dicu Joh^miu Fofttoli, ddibetavit JolumAi 
Pattton irmigcro dc bonis died Jt^haimis Fjuiolf cn>- 
i^ntibus jd (line lub silvH citaiodix in Ablathui Saocd 
Ben^dicti de Hulmo dc ^m* inj)oriA >timm« ia oora^ 
videlicet k nobiUbus aotiquis boni ct jtisd poadcris 
jjn] ^^^^ nobilU> precii nobllc viij/, tlij^., fuioiii 
m^i, H alia vice in monna argtnti xxiiJJ// irijx, \yL\ 
iiDd< sumoiA in^xxiiLj/i. xvij/; ij/. 

hem, idem Thomas Ubenvit Jotuumi P^stoa dicto 
TDciuc Novembrifl apuii Ncmvicum, dc voiiJ a-tgcatl di' 
ver^aniinspeciCTiim ad njnchabiT^rum extra rh^jOi^anf CUD 
dicti mihtii; inan^nj dc C^drc, iii|'"^ X3di|. uadAmm 
ponderis 1'roie, precium undc ij/. u/., ftciunt Vi4xijl& 
xmjj^ v)'/, Et ddcm Jolunni ^pud Norwicuiu jdi* 
vice, de va^is argecii, pondcris Ivij, iiridanim, precluo 
unde uC supiM, vijf'f. iLijj'- tji- Kt cidcm Jobuim iJii 
vice apud difiriim Costrc libcmntur dc vuu uf;cAti 
C>i}> uQcii&rum preciuin uc supn kv/l xvij/. ^iijd^; uodc 
niinnui i[^uiJ»viiJ/Z viijdL 



Itrm, tfJrtn Thonuts llbmvit cidrnn Johanni Puvon 
fipyd Norwicum diclo ni«n«« Novcmbhv^ in i^phie et 
vnsi« auri tniti ct finnti, iij*"xv. uxtckmm poodcna 
TfOLc* prcciu^ und« iL CUi 

!rrtn, iilrai Tbanui^ libcrRTit dicto }ctbnnni ad fad- 
cndtim ccrtum prestittini comili de SiUysbciye d? bonis 
diet] Johonaia FwHolf, undc idem Johannes Pinion 
habct lulTLciciitrin KircunUtcni etobli^aciuncm Episcopi 
Ntirwicensisi miij//. vjx viij^l El consimili mode 
Uberavit dacto Jotoici ad Ciciendurr certum prestitnto 
dotiuno dc ritfWTiCcr^ undc idem Johannes hai^et 
_«u0idc&lcs sc^uriULtci, ixxuj/j'. \jj. viiji/, . . Ixvj/ju 

Item, dictua Johajint* Pulton cepit de bonii dicti 
cxuLcQtibua sub cuAtodi& Willclmi WorcctjTi 
ai^iuiuntituiii stLiuui, c1 imiitLi per ip^uiti ad 
lalvo (iWMOitliDllniii Thorns Plummor dr I .ondon «cty- 
*u«r«t JobttnuOreuhim de eodcm capper^ videlicet 
in Y«b jugcnti divcraarum »pcdcruna m^viij"^ iiij^x. 
Dnuaiiniu]. pircimu uade ui aupiu, CCUvuj/t', vjh Kt 
COmimilitfr repit cj'phiim ooopcrtum de puro auro 
pcmdens J^ote xxiit. unc\j, qujiri. dL, preaum unciv 
jdji xlyjriSf. iv/. Ec ^mjhicr ccpit uiuun i::AL}icaam 
auri puri, pondchs Troie v}uij, unc' ci dlEiiklii, urcciijm 
nn^'m^pnudvij/L CLCIrijtf- 

Iwm, idem Johanjies Pn^ton ccpit coDsimili moido 
dc bonis dJcumiiitisirAditisWiUdmo Wor<;*iyr,uicu^ 
uxSiritiluiti, dictn ntcn^e NovcJiiLht, videlicet London^ 
ipud domum dicti Thome Plummer. ultra Cxi//, per 
4bcCam VVorcestre acluLt^ pro p.-innc^ oi^o pro liberotis 
bOgUUlD ditia crgA funer^lia dicti miliCis, ct pro schco 
pro Innemix piciis rum ;Lniii^- neitioii pro vino el 
tptfdebutr videlicet viij-j, nobilii antit^ua bc>ni t^l jiuli 

rdcria> prtcmm nobile viijj, uiji/. jij'^xixiijy/, xvx, 
Lbcnmtur dicto Johaoni Paston per niaaus dicti 
Tliwnc HuBjs, LuudoHn de uiuacla tradiu lu Lualodia 
dicti Thome PiummeT Ixij/i. xjs- iiiji/j pro tola . . 
CCCiuj"-ivjA vjx. juj*/, 
ItciD. dictum JoluLiinc» Paston ccpil consimil] modo 



de WUIelmo Worc^o^ cetti noiabilta moulifl n )oti]u 
ami cum latpidibus |3r«cL0n& g&miuLi, vidcJicec nituim 
tnonilc ditiajiinium votnta jVcglicc a JF^f^ ^Mtr mpff 
(loatLdi ducijf Eboium ^ cum iii:i|;uo ptcci<vto Iftpldc 
yrn-nto a ^jtKiA^ ifyamant l^n in prraa ffnpdooe ODCk- 
subiE, ut dicitur. iLjf'm^DuicuuEn.acxliJtdvojocBlu 
ntLpcT dicti doniini ouda oadiu in pl^BO quAiMO dip- 
lus Johannes FaMolf obll^us ia'tt pro dkBo dttce in 
tribuK Tnilibufl Ubna CMCiuovibiiK curdiiulit Aogbe' 
siipo- cam tcnmiA preuitie dicto duci, ci u&de idm 
dominua dux dcbcbai dicto Johjumi Fft>ii>lf in deiuru 
pi^litis CCCCIxvjM Kiijr iiijff Ki pro alia jwt6a 
causi£ CClxvji'i viijr iiij^, F.I prcdicu Iria JMMlii 
per atspdfucn dicti domicu dods tub offiUo aiiiianii& 
m scriptLb tradit^ AndgiutA facnint dkto Jchanm Futotf 
ut ban-i scut iirupna ^ vrndcndutn rt Llit|HJi]CTLdwD 
in recompcoaacione debid m et oliui m»gtus Uborliufl 
et vtxacLOQibufi dictt mibtis pro dieted duc« ca«t«nlsti* 
ct hfttntU dum modo locum tcncfiS pro Kcgc fuit in 
Fnuiti^ oc poalra in Abglio- ... vij«-xcdijji 

Uem,T)m3ictu£ JohannesPofftoDrecepit Gcitusetprv 

fiam cnmiLum nLancnacum, tcnumm ct tritrmcnUxKm 
dicti Tiulitia in comitATihus TVorfTolk, SuffbUCf Kncz et 
SuTTJe permLinuBmmcalrorum tl <?rvoruui siAeoOdMBftt 
flsDCUtonim dicti militis, div^nnA ^nnis tx quo obiilt po 
pEOplaqLiim estimaciQiKm . . mU'jf^Uvj/j!. xiijj,&udl 
Item, (tiLtus Joh^nnrs Pasion rcrf^jni diion« tfia 
cAUlta CI be&ii;is dicii milicit, vidHtcffi «quu» et paJe^ 
ftidos pnncipaks suo5 valoHs xxx^ nc ovci ft iuinuolia 
micuM cuLiJUicIa In pasluhs dc ChaUC Ci ^liiA ukjuiouv 
viddjcet ij'-'iiij'^lvj, ovcs 6\vtj^arwxi putnun pre* 
ciuxn capitis xinj/i, Cxlii)// v/. ni)</. £t in pr«do JcUi 
ma^njirum bestiarum vj/i. £i m vsdorc vj*^ cucdm' 
onim apud Wajcmiuindc FIa)'1>mjoii umoquoiKctaA 
milts otuit per WarenDorio^ ibidfiD [ta }jropinQiuttl 
eBtimAcioftem Afisessa-los precium m^^ jn4,j kIvjK ^jboii- 

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Hajrijridon ante oboturn sutim reauncnciom, xxvjA 
xiJJ^. liij,/, per tpitum recq>f . , OCl/i- ivujj, viijW, 
JlCfB. iucm Johanna PutDD reccpil 4pud CAttrc 
pwdicttiii MuSunuu cE cirdiiuiciiDnrEn |>ni itrfc^i^Mtuie 
patrie ifi MrUleria, v)d«IicfCt:oliibriiui hbriUjut' divpr- 
tocuB BU^itiKlifiUDi cum cumtTift lo deccm amcCiB 
OBOsba «c in cuiTuHysi bn^'ujdiob, i^kkis. nJcctu, 
bUDcivii hibouifoonya, laiicr^tH, cnii?/:lK>Mirs d^ ctUte 

OttConyB, e( cetera bjjusmodi dcfcQ&jbilui v:LJons, Cl/r> 

IleiD, rcccpit jtpud C^Mxt per »upcrvuuiu dicti 
Thome Htwyn In v&lorc Itbronim iKrrtincDciutn c^peJle 
*c in uirnciJits ^mferobe didi mihtu ibidem, videlicet 
in coKtent el l^ais de pluma et iooportwia de &mia 
CI upcaiiu oc pcituJi^ <1« m&itjrs cum logla nccoon 
uci^dZU aulc camctatum coijiiinc ri rrtrra. huJLisinadi, 
at per biUam de pirriculis pici, Cxxj/t ^jj. iiijji El 
fiimh mode dc utc:nciJii9 WAiderobc ct canacruum 
ronukGiicium dpud [luoeriuu suum id Sutliwerkt 
vcdoriji xx/i, * . . , Cxlj^^ vijf. iikj^. 

Item, didui Johannes fccepit per matius dicti Thome 
UowjB« Willcimi Pastori, Thome Plnyicr, Thtjnie 
Flununes dc Lcnxlon, acrp^iuicr^ Chn:(ii>[ori HAnugci 
arangen et Luwf Niiuroii id viceis tarn 
Lotdonrw <i<a^m ia ^uihwerk, ut patet p?r bilbm <le 
psrocUis Clibj/x. xj^f. viijff. 

Ilem» ['lent Willelmus Woo-LnLrc mcnac Jutii anno 
v*» reigna Regi* Kd^-iirdi qunni solvit luori died Theme 
flumcr pro dtbito dicti Joh:injiiB r^tcjo ui pro |uLiino 
lugro AC pnMJtA IkcCA ct libGnL<iot:)c« d^^cim fact* 
MO nofidaiu divGiiia pcr«ouU. * . xxjuj^^. 

item, id<Tn Johannc* Trcepit in valore ec piedo 
paorj Unci dI^ coloru per ipsiim dAii divoreis homi- 
ikilHia lie &£iutAlc sua propria, uLin CitK'* ut in precio 
|Mini hoet ni^ colorit ^Jroviti et rlali Amicit ct 
nnrivattbnfi dkti jDhannU Fsuioif cr^ rincrilii sua 
Hdbh^i lUt t^ KimililCT idem johAnne» PmtoQ fecit 


prcfatuTn Tl^omam }lowys expiMi«re et tnden divan 
bommibuA in rcgirdi^ ct »o1udanibus cbca propri* 
nc^Dcii Uidi Paxlun cufi^ieiHk Lontlmi' et ANbi 
xtx/j- xvjr, jY- El consinuliter idem Johannet fedt 
dictum lltomam expODCre «t solvere in cxpctttis 
victtudium hosj>idi tcnti Apud Cutre aano prauo cjuo 
Mem mjifs obiii, tain circft cxiraneot « noto% super- 
vcnieaiea <1« afiioitdte et dmicicia lua sine cum apod 
Ciutre Maner tnLhonu-i 3l>idt,in mcinai isutilem, ad 
*iumffl:uQ ]iij"^x/i., ptout cvidcotcr pabcLil po c^um 
Jrclar^ioneiQ CbtV xnj*. )<£ 

Item, ulirft predictt bonA aic nbL ApplJcau, pn&lus 
)ohannfaFastoopWindoba t hat>orc€tpo«rid«e,j»e 
ii^^ioiic ct bcrl^to ftutcntlquo, oDOiiift doatinLi, trrtu et 
Norwico, oc %\nc toluGiofle ALicujua nuDtoe ^ue com^ 
bact dicto iniliti in priow cmpciOEie ultn edifficadoBei 
et reppaiadones dictorum mancnorum, jx'»Wiii*Jlt 

Jltra, comiderj^ndiim csi quod, nltn dLctai perqui- 
siciones. edifficacjo niaiieru d«Ca^t» velut fortUKnia 
dcTcD&icnia patrie coostAWt m tri^inu umu v^^iC 
Rt cdtPirj-cio mHncrii de Hfty^/^lori, L;iim f;ljUtTftiniboacl 
et warenne, svc edifficacione duutim dornonjm vooUl- 
rum j&s le^a npud Haylyndon ?( Drayton, ^tbmiJi 
jciijj. iiij^. Et custua impvc^cionui pnrd im Cottoa 
cum repparacione manciii iiij^^y. Ei reppsrado rnlad* 
paEis nic«iB£igii sui in villi dc Jcmrmotith CO^ Edifi- 
cacio et r^pparado tenementomm sttiorum iactTitste 
NonHci CCxlA. . . vij*^' CCCiiij"TiijA 3iii]f. uij4^ 

Iicjh^ ultnt isT^ prdkltis JoIinnEin Paaioo rriiim la 
cuttodia Giu princzp^e^ evidcncias nunerionim dicu 
milicis vocatorum Dedham Nctherhali et DcAcni 
Ovcihall in comttAtu Ksacx : que quidcin uuoeriA, to 
ddcctii dittirum evidcm:ianJin per ipmm non imv 
sequmoruni n tempore obilua ditli miliiis pro rrn-ijrtfl 
ciore eorundem, vt hucuv<jue. exiatUQl ejctra poster 
aioncm, in maximum prqudicitim dduncti, pn> «> qood 
dJL-tuTn manerium vucalimi Ucdlum NcthcriwU eoa- 
atftbat dicto nuliti in prioia empcioue m^jfii., ct pr»- 



TTunerium voo.atum Dedhajn Ovwhall CXUL 

nuuti cxccaiorum <lL<;ti militia medio Icmpcrc i\on 
dcvcnrnml lirriimliini mum il/i, ptrr ftimui^i aaccn- 
daac ad CCuij«V^ Sic m toto, . m^iiJl'' iliV. 


A.D. 1467, >i Jaly. 
DtXTLji^AiioN or Sm Thomas Howts. 

(Fran a MS, ia thir Tours ^rMied* Coll., OKTbid) 

il kiiowcu \%> :ill men that this prciccl wiytyng 
tb&ll rede; GC«» or hyrc . Forasmoche ai I 
nodoetuid* TkQvte htc ther ys a dcvc con- 
tryved ptt>cc»sc coutcrnyng ihe variauncc 
appon my maister Sir John Fasti^lf i% lesljjncjiE, aud 
Ufttwilln whcis auule God assoyLe, made by Sir jDbn 
Futon, Ki]yghtf and hiA oouns^ll in the aeyd PaetOOt 
name iia<l myac, aycnatc Sir William Vclvcrlon , KnyghV 
and Wdliam Wi)r<^ittrr, that is exhibited and piiitc in 
tnj kird/i courtf of Audience? be fore his nuditoure, md 
UQwctyng or outntyng, ia the vigiUe of Seirt Jobn 
BapiialCi id wLeche proccfisc yfc sumiytlyd and made 
mencion thai William Worceitcr in bis ovme persore, 
and by others in lii& n^me, hathe protnysed and gevya 
BWiloy 10 conipte cerUyne wytnesac to depose unCreul^ 
lAApIOOtsTC cjLbibit ir John Fastons lyf tymc by Sir 
WtUiam Vdvenon, Knyghi, the sayd William Wissctter 
ayefkcCfi John Puton deccsed and me; and wheehe 
witncMe were Slephan Sciope, Squicr, Richard Fas- 
tolf. ^cniLlman, 'J^homas Neve, gentilmnTi. Wiiliatn 
BoiwdltClcrrk, John Monke, Nicholas Churchc, John 
Rngge, John Daunion. Richard Hornet Thomfu 
Pykttytifi* Harry CJcrk, John Tobyc, ITiotnas Han, 
Thonias NcuIon« John liyrdyng, Thomu Spyccr, and 
iDlher^fromethemonnh of Augnst into the monethot 


Haxrh, tht y^re of CTj%t M^CCCtiw., yti Yeimouifff 
CaJtt«, Frclcnhim, libofdd, Thrt*Ord, Braodile* 
Wroxhnin, BoroagK Southcloanc, Vcrmoulhc, Cories- 
laii, SuLhewctk, Nutwydi, ami I^ndmi j »i tliey Cv be 
conipeed in all ih« forteytl lUfflKt touxi«« wyth prajn, 

Erice, und iiioney to hem promiMd u^d gv^, be wy^ 
at C3CpCQCC3, Ikct ccsu, and her Ul>oufi^ to be coiy 
ducted tu dctrusc vvidi Sir \irillkiii YclvcitoD and 
William Worcertrr panyc ayri^mc xhr ^ryri John Pftpxn 
Mid mee : I the »yil 'i'bomu Hoi«y£ to nude jpr^^ 
and urLwetyngffiiduteatyogiftycDslG the [wid]^ Sir WD- 
liam VelwcTLon and WiHiam Worcfsiit, hty and aJTenne 
for trouth in thii rmiyct xa b« knowm, tfut lor decka- 
cion of trouth in this procasc and miLtcr, AAd Tot tbe 
dtschATge of my concioicc juici the ircirc ocqitkttll lo 
my M/d Master Futt^lf Ihui imitc rrc In grrtl;'st diuge 
of hy« tr^Kamcnv, and for picti; rrmonse I have in my 
fcule of the untrcwc forjiynB nnJ conlrp yng cctuvtw 
tcstamcDtcti flnd last w>U by naked wordc» in ray »*jd 
Matslci Fa^tu^f untne ifiyr ?ic was doajil ; y, in the 
naTD« of ih« seyd Sir WiUkun Vrlvertoti and Willitin 
Wovotttvr, rtqutred and prayed the mj6 «bov9 DJmted 
witoeasc and alle otha wjinewe produced b Six Wil- 
li;mT Veivert(jn ;iiid WUliini WyMttteT ntine hefnre 
tiiat tyme^ exrti.^le tht fomiyd Stqihar Scrope, Esqnier, 
and Kichard i*a3tolf, to come to Lontloo. txl nppen 
ia my lc>rd» hou«c of audience before hb audiloor, Acd 

llien; to buy, druubr, itritl witnr^sr? thr trotitht? as tbry 

Icnewe in ccpMult, in the abienM of Jo^n Ru«tc^ S« 
Kobcrt Collier, laie vycjv <ti Cjimk, Robert Botyltr 
bcyng:ouicofthecliainbcTof Sii John F&stotfi KfiygVu 
there \w by ^rkc in hia mancr ofCastret ihr SAirnltyc 
ncH before the scid Sir John Faatotf<ti*ceS)^» namely, 
from viij. tvllc xj. rule belte atfcrt mydddy, nnd pveKfit 
in other pfaccx, where di^rie of ihe vtj^ t\Avac^ vyi- 
ncjc and diverse oihe-r wtinesac khwc hain. And the 
4ayxl Wotccrtrc nciher promj'sed at y«TO hcra gode, 
cnocey, aothcr rcwit:d, ncythcr rc]^.»cd ihO dcbtcs, not 



*oo Roui:ht F^yed doc for tuu cuitcb, uolhcr diapeutto 
hj ihpc v.ry romyiig lo l*ondor, xxxyvwg^ ne retumyatg 
t ^Wi, that Uwc Mid re«c>A woLd uQder^tcifide the aavd 
VtfDMVc QU0^t h&vc fi-T fuu* coitcb ELod lAbctuts, ivccho 
«» P*3^ W ■Qy hH'HJcN I bcyii^ picaciiL lUyly and 
ijfDieiy diTvTSf lyiDo; iqoti convcr^^iant at jGmutb 
vjtb hem; :md ui cnxci^i vr^ux i\\*:y titrycd tnor« 
«a xsiij, dtycs in Londc-a or they coudc be cx^ 
myned; and I IcnowcwcHihcsayd Sir WillUm Wlvcr- 
icnt noutherr the «cyd \^''iUinm Worco^lro promyGcd nc 
pimd no TTUiner money ne godes n'orth, notUhcr 
rclcttynic har duics, yf any they axed they knowe yi 
not, aa tiic Kcyd named witctsse wytle sey and certyfyc 
tbe trouih. And a£ fot ij. wimesse called Bunch and 
Shave, lete hem be cutmynyd, yf Ui« seyd Sir Wtlliam 
or WUliam Worccjtrc fyrst procured, moved, or excited 
bcm at Yeimouih, at any oUier plao-, Id come to 
LcmdoD to depoite in the said ouicn, or promysed or 
pftycd bem ony mcmcyT or oojman for hain promyr>cd 
or payed; ar>d yf ihcy be nf ir^wc disposicwu, ihey 
woU div-_h:ir]je ih*.- lipyiJ Sir Willi.un Velvmon .ind 
WiUiam Woreestre, for iher was none in etpcdaU but 
I, that bbDr<;d hem idle to come to Lcindon to ray 
lordis audicixcc yir tlic leyd Vetveflons uiid ^Vurceitie 
njunes; biir I pr}'nri[>^}y required therm In depose 
traily as they knewe, be the owie proiuyse, raede, 
lewftrde, or money, yn the discharge of my condcnce. 
and for the Irout^ic of the mater to be knowea Loall 
the worUle, as 1 \r\\ ri'dy l»> pteve, wliyle God leifdelh 
n« LyfTe. and yn (he ume quarell lo dye. And I evyr 
9c^ that I uudcritodc the scyd John I^ccd b untrewc 
deiueiiyu^ la the cuutiyvyngc of my Maistcr FattolT 
tenjuneni and lui wtllOj nnd was compdlyd to apprrre 
btffine my Lord ya auditour al Lambyth. to be sworn 
Alte rof ffrcc will to dcclar the troulh of my styd 
B^tCT ttcwc tc&umcrl and laM wyl] bcfor my scyd 
X^ord of Cai>nirlHiry iKaiidinirof hitCQune of audience, 
1 ncvyr vaiyed ne held aftyr wyth John Faston^ bttt 
alwcy hare ben atcdfa^t »7th the proccwe that 1 Iutc 



frfiiuimni tny I-ofd of Cantcibwy, umI divcn oUun 
nctair-ii ^If-o in lik« vy^t havr dficlamj to the »yd Sir 
Williflm Ydvenon »nd William Worcssm lo proced»» 
nnd 5GO cvft woll be «ted^t«. And in winutt for 
tmuck I Kir this itecUmdon wjrth aijr u^cu and 
subtcrybc i< wyih my hand »id riAmc, in prramre (/ 
Mouter Johii PrtniyM^ Sir Edmond HiJI, IoIkii Sxaph, 
John Rob>TutDc, 'I'homu Roorc, John BalJok, uid 
RiiJiard Baiilinewc- tlic XKJ* day of Julc the ycr of 


[Ftom PBtcar. USS., BM] 

Tbcr: b fill udimcnt mqi]? iu Uic Und urilos ■( be done piirSf* 
Tht tbcrifT luki litrti thnc? in our (ovvn iq (b«*t thr«a iptriB> 
A» fW Ibf pv)«l of Krucn' chBltvr, lhri« » non* of 1h» tibcaTt 
dqiodn tnC Fnnf \* 10 Inquire oT. 

{I «A ^4 iitoMa I* 4i|Adi d dale in (U» buff» M b w^Jvom bf i^sv 

lltfUSh I W*t MCCMHi iftf^Vt* Pi«l4| 


[Fiom Putn UE£., EH.] 

'ItVBBi i«n W wlf'Hq(hfii>cmanfidiiB«4nvBifpv*ar ^1 kac* i* 
4itg| ii itlt*% Qui u ill* Ml* t&fm0» w tehnc <o 4bt *— ■" oiOcAii^ 

■nditflf |h*i>awi1, Ihavo nAiihatifhf if nghrtaanEiit ThAtmt*''Vfttl 

Mffmrirphd^m la flp*k« vith WilliuD Byvd* b* lh« tUK 
Fc^kn?, I cdm? homp ironi London to Ffonvlch on Uj4uc*ct 
cv:ru Iiui (rati, and clie ujiuc cvrn 1 cut bone ta bit hovB« nl 

for B picfigc olf myn ; aini ir m be tW he wilntt 1^ CU tbo 
pvinp}', ]«4 hym tend me Lbe bii] iodoityd off mf Jowcfly* ddyd 
in k letlfT wkfh ■ iiignci olT mjn thit u^ wtfT hufc ia bir k*pift(- 


Part IL 


f Fvs lh« FrlnclpLl K^tJitry f>l the Coiut Of Probtl* U Suufftul 
HouiCt uid ^m tbe Dioc«Bui RegiKen il Noratch- For ibe 
HaBmuidK of the bttertiiabd^lvd lo tLc V'pdrwrt of Dr. 

A-D, 1419, JunCp— Clkmekt Pastor 

[Rpj. DiMtf. KonlL, HjTmlnB, f- S'» tvj 

(ftOiTjlecr ^ Tm^^n- or Ln^ oEh«r ^nl^Ailonl, A. D> 1 4 1 9, June 

I.<*vb Ml 9ouI foCad, St Mu^ofci, and Al] SunU \ hLi boJf 
to be tuned in Ihc j-inah diurth uf Sl Mfci^afet ■! PulOQ, 
tetvecm th* north door t^vA ihe tomb isf \.i\% wife B^itrix. 

Lstns— (1.^ T(i ttiF Hrgb AtlHr (cmn □□( naiufi); (1) Ta 
ibc VlCBT of f'Eucoti for liThes, &t., y. 4^. : (3.} For Ili« Ugha 
" Be»[iB M«rpra[ic ill uuicdlo , , . wiun r^iaaioe Dcili? 

rHunrclr, t^/i, ccr." ; (4) " Item, luiB-iiiLbiia auj-cf Ic Rodctofte 
Jen «cd«iK, xij^-'' ; ^5') ^^' "'^ rtnan-Uun. &C- af [he 
rft, 3r. 4^^ J tn.J To (he \li?ir cl ballon im utirATi) 3* ; 
(7.) For [he repiir. fltg. oi Trancli cliurch, SJ- : (8,) F« the 
rcfiu lij MujuJn dmEvh, Ik/. : (9 ) " lEcm, Tnvri «t CoavoiUii 
lie BnHabultD, v^f. Tiij^l" 



7b« ■wMa« tn Mirthi. " qua fuit uxor JatuDnkBakton, urriri 
m«vM Willelmrt J'niion, Jiiio mo^'' thnttr»^r»7fB/hi*dphrnj 
mftkc rstiruEioa Itn uij vronn dont, inrl npml th« tax m 
vcrflu ofchoHiT luiJ pic;;r Tut ^Ic ^uuil uf Ui> ij*it km], ihtl 'j/ 
Beatrix, Hh wife, the toiiliof hii lUcodcv! pvt^Ci uid beod^laD^ 
'* er Bflinubui ^cit]Luin<3cruAc(j>ninL'' 

WLtn«v«— '*Micli'o I'nori df l^roinhdm. Rick JcnMnmUi 
Maiueh(V RidL Vloiflo Koclals dc I'uion prvdlcti, Jahufie 
Krur. capeLlftTti>, RobefU Opax. cE txIiiL" 

iWed >£ Nonrjdkt " ) Oct An. Dora, ■DpisiHcto-'* 

AmD. T444, TO Jin.— WiLUAM FAJrcn, ttm J 

I.— {nirAMWit] 

In DH nomfrifr Amm. Ep% WtLMmui Pulon 1I4 PiOivi^ 
niue mcDda ti meniDrijB. coodo latamcniuia iiLcum in base 
motimii. Ju pciukK lego Knimun mtam OmTiipoicaii licit, ikmXm 

finem Auttnleia aIeuu iti CipeJlA l^i-x Mvint iiL fine OriMEali 
fS?<^rai:« CAlhff1r>rii ^ncT^ JnniEaliB. Nnnvirri- Kt i| OODdDgtl 
carpus mourn ibidem sfpcLJii^ lego cailitet moiudio ncvntoti 
cccIqiz pncilkXiE qui am^^li^ dicbiu aliifiiu tc^LLiaim^ ya kcplciu 

SoncLo in fnpclln pr=edicu lemiJnrc ccjchnljoim — '*^'^^ H4HNI 
in radein Kcfsin dpcantavmC^ ail exaraiidua in fAdoK fntm lit 
Sf^ricu Snnncv vr in fihit rlin'ms prr ipBum dirbiuinii iWrK pro 
Munumd cE jtuuQitbui lixotu p>^^, uflinun^ autrtin tt onnEiis 
coaHDeutnecrrum cl bcuctacEormn :i^UuTum» ct inmiinBi qaoiuB 
debitorta somt^ et omniiuu per n« iEijunam p«EiofiEi«at ti 
ftvom OEBDiqin pra i^mLnii Deo viT dirtirrv^rKJuni « ^"■^■*«°^ 
fidHlnn dvrUrtJrronim M^p^findviiDf:' (I'), Ilrm, l«»Kcbati>nAC 
[uluti ceclcajg Sukcij AiLilrcic ik Bruoihatai quuiitfliiti aslUOi; 
d ciulitfcl iDOfuuha cJiuJcRi d^clouc con^uiliu Jc BmVibds 
acx Bolidoi «l octo Jenjtnoi; ct caccutuiibu EatuDsid iUcnJi 
CatHton, nupervicBni cccLcsiAiIc Pulan, ti^tati laLiilai i «l«ifr 
CQinnbiK ratBtnenfi A^iFh ti\i\>eT vu-ani ft^lr^w At liiiktao, Btl 
loEidos cE ucio dciuinta; iia iniiod rtniktiiiii a lelucct Id coa> 
fidcnLiiJi ilia uumaLus prssdiiiiti si qut jxi canmi aU^duq tibii 
debiCa fa^ini. Ec al ttoc remiticic cl rcluue tw um jc j WC, dc 
prvdictiil^^tii niliU liabvanL, icd in unnitiu« qv9 pbl p«ruumi< 

fir*4icta» vif\ Mnim nJifjuflm Robert Titm^fl^^hlrt uit «*tileai«r, 
u coascienfU vcl iliier, juiin ducrcEianfm ucdifantn mtortm, 
■lit iu4Jvrb ^lulU cu^jidcuj, prvLuvci iijI mil icnUumicriPtt Ab 


cl«fiF rtMUEoTH net. R«.kliiiuA *fn boB^nim mpmom 

Abu avOk WiIlcJmi> B&liton ct Iclsuuii DmitEiir ilc :^uvtilc« ^um 

diipcnntl pf«[uE] id jusr^ oowcienLiis suia nugt^ ndennt I>t« 
fMMr* ft oniaiflbtii pncdidte proleue. In cujni rn iHiiinoDiiim 
prKtcBilbui iWllam mcDin >pn«nU- iHtun <1«ctfno die Janiurti 
HUM) TCtDi HGitto Hcittici Sotl p<iM Ccinc[uc^ruin vicdlrrio 

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AS>. 1479.— John Pyvxil 

(Norwich KpacxTp, ^r^, i^l 

Wiu. or JOKM Pvuci; KtcroA or sr^ Mioual ard S& 
FiTtb';;, Lo^c Stuattoiv. 

Lttfca to J0I11L Puian, KKntn^ " naua ditam nbnm A 
ifi . < . ■ , " iiiid M>mcclntr vticIcL 

CBCcalon, John FMion, Caqidtc. and ^linani MM^of Loai; 
Stntion. FdCih to h&T* fcr hk vHUt ^f- vAJtf. 

I.Hi? 4( irtll, S S?p|. i4T(h FroffM 1J Nov. '479 hj Jt 
FiMtm *lo»t 

A.D. 148*, 4 SepL — RoB»fT PlITTON or WlVtTOW. 


[Sorvfich Ar;tLdetcaai7 Reg., vol i,, f. 99, h.] 

(]<]ddca Vdow vbuhHihiblUbBlPMUanjUKQaaMU ntitaj 1| i 
ftTiiJlT.*ti'jtccnfTtfPW<i<WC<bca«BiprtiJiUwe*uJumtf; bENtbiBWiA] 

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TbviM of hi^fixirl^ In lir rlJKpEiW nf by hit rifoirnrvat ibfir 
dlpCIVdai iur dip jfuud of lij» boul. 

Euniti^r*— [tE9 wifu Mrii^aivi and Edmuod SIloetit, dak, 

Vmnlct Ck]r, 9 Oct, j^^ 


A,I> 1484.— Margaret Pa5Ton. 

(Kowrieh ATttidrJj^Miry Rsg., vol L, f yS, l] 

In IM eooJiiCh AmcO- £(o. Margtireia Piiloo Jc WerettOi 
tUH| booc rucuiDriv caiUm die Ltin? -tx. p<»t Doxoiolcan In 
AIMl^ anno Dc^miiLi nc«rii i4G4i°. corulo taUim«eliiin moDmAtt 
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mBomm, proiiC meJiui I^ea GDiTiipQlcnii pficfilt. fjatM «rdiD» M 
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cifuuEorci cl Ic^tUcoii nllOEiiAitK IdcUjIumitndlDGOiimpIK' 
scntibui &L£illLLJit tirpotiu, 

Proved di Cky, 14 JuM, «iiao prtedieto 


A.D. 1437, 18 Miy. — Dame EufAcerii Bxowxc 


ty Dei ooDiUJK^ Amok The xvltjlli' Jaj of the muncth of Mat 
U lb* fcre i>r 0«r Lord Cod m^cclxxtvij tud in rhc tr^iai 
JVC of the reign of Kii^ HcfU7 tht tij. I. I^m< l^lUutberk liU 
Vlfi> af sir George Un^wn. KnfgriT. bfkn^ of horde mnble utL 
Ia icoul mcaiotyc, thuikcd be AUiuyghLy ii-A, aiakeuA anic%kc 
lliii la)' (itCMtit toLKoeiit ud Ual Will yu tLUict ud fanot ta^vti* 
iA|^ thaL ii loiBiyE— 

Fu«. 1 IfUBQlh try wul to AUnjxtfv Co-V Our Laif 8««C 
Mmtj tad to all the Holjr Compmy of li*^'t>ti -. uhl my eodylff 
be'buriM withjrn the chnrdiefpf Thr hbk Frmn withrn Lodgair 
With mjr foTHdd housfcrnd Sir Gcoute : \o the wliiche pluc f 
bcQa?il]i Kti/'. for my sod liuuibaudc^ sipVI jluiI oiyiic. uur ladict 
nnJ mfdru loitltA and for ill i^mCui aoalet fo b« paud im 
And for m'ij, lienbLlJesDf SaJnt (^nt^^ry F(- be HtJ am MilffB 
(nr in nnJ Thnym l?y |ht freriB ctf 'hr muI jiluv, «i lti 4brigri 
ftml DUUia wlib all other cl^prvaLiDt^a b^lan^nc to tht wm*. U 
Ebuictaiid foiiDc CuJotiaiig ^ 'I'hti a lL>vclCi ui Lac dif oi nurov 
After «x diK««£ vi> tiCDLAllii i and crcry wckc folovui^; Htdt 


I, iQcl Ig, (itDUDH M Of taanthm 
antJ muw: Max it lo bp n- 

Ami I rhiTfft raynF pjioiroiin lo 
M ihu (Ix picmina ^ ttanv a iid pvifdimnl, ud Bhltu tLc ikid 
frvtii [o lecheiDa from ihc pljci ithat I dieuiito ihiirvid pUco 
■bujc I bflTc lymped Alore tfr be t>iirl(ii Alio, I wall ibat H 
pone u my bodj* u bunvd ltuI ili'ciipenka ihrro[ doiu ancT fuJd 
IbM DTB rwBfaori providr and hy that nij rleira be fiMiirnral 
Ud pud. Alw. I hcqoftlh CD Ihr s\cxt at thf church i)f Di^k- 
fa^t iiD tb* ocmaly vf Bxany toj mj fonud hou>^bmHlci wol ud 
mtfOh oar £bdm and modrti, and for aU Iht loulu duE wc b« 
bnuici iDiiOi, lo be piud fof svithtn tbe yer *fter iny disoHc, ta 
In dir^ga afltI mu&tii ta In uid of tting by hym or hk dfputle 
uid 10 T;ive ut tpecliill/ in rcmcmbrfltiDcc in Uiwyr incmEnLo by 
am bjic yrit nj. AIf^* [ boqiici^b lo dir Jcpusdon oftbc fw- 
Nld dnrcbc of I>c>rliinf^ mr, Alid, I bcqueilh to tbfl pUKM of 
Saint Albantbi WodtEicte wLiliin L-^ndon Jor dirigaBHl iiuiM« 
toheUJd oTfong by hym ot hudcpmi^, m ltk«iviKu the vicor 
Of Dorking II rbund. m U aXan n^hcnta. txr. AUc I IjemiriTh 
10 die ia«]s<iuO of die tlSpuH tj{ t\ir buJ diufdic uf SdriL AUieuk; 
DU «oliflC«- AtWi I bcqooth Eo [he prbonen cf NcHfnic and 
LttdgUMi Kn^M MDcfa uid MELnhaU(«h lo tv^ry of ihcMpluca 
to b« paid for, kW- Alfco, I bcqupidi wbedwd full*4»nd oihw 
»nr noOKhdrtm, Mwrll mrn u urmtni, tlvrllmg viMiin t^nn- 
don Aiid ivilhcjiiL 10 the mbutUts ut (he nJtHk tod mmle sijscljilljr 
lOuthc X3 h^ic kaoivca mc and I Lbaym, tls., u by [Lt diacrc- 
«i(nu aad advu« of myne cMsntoua it abali tc fh^jugbi bc^i Iv 
be dottft Horeorer I gjm ud blyftb lo my dou^ltcr fAoTft 
lo the jpmnacicn «f htr mariage. all my pLutr atn] fjihrr rutnlirt, 
vithaUniyiic hi}Ir npitrr IT. at«\ mil my ttunnf hnu*hi>la tfcini; 
widiiii my dwrllm^ pJuc or my filter witbin lb« cilcv ^f Loudon 
M nbiiib« of tbc unuithat li lo uy : -First, a siandio^ ouppof 
lUvcr gill, chnctfl with ^1i>fnp«> wcyeng vith the CQV«r, knopp* 
and devju vlij. [inon /l ittuwo/hiim- [trFii. n tlondlng ciipp of 
liWET Ami ^tlLi diaf.^! with fltjirrr-j^ wryitt4^ wLtIi llie uivrt, (lie 
knoppvod JctiK» Jiivij. uiin ft itiMt^tm. A ^lUyri sUndint: 
««ppof AvvtaIi, vc>n|-wiLh dif cover, Lhf knoppand thedcviH 
■Bb «BOC& A «Caediae «upp t.( i^ver arid gi\t, cluic«d wiib half 
p[cnp««. w«ying wjth tnC cowr, knc'PP uid devii« Jii. uncei and 
JiMm^iH. A pliiyn itMidiiig cnpp of liivrr i^ili uf/-ii|' vrUh 
evtoauil lltckiJup(>cKiid tht itcr^w Avij- tmi;4iuui uliaU A 
Maadyn|r cvpp< o' tilvcr uirl giJt, ^rcytLg ^ith flw COVCTi dM 
ka«pp« end tb«d<^K vtvj. qixa, A taliseler of aylvtrood 
fl'f. vryng villi the cn^cr, the knoppe and tb* devyse ithj. 
aTiocL A laluder oriylveiaml gilt. withuuT » co^rr, wcyiag 
Liii- airiCk Hiui til hulfc A litiU uuLwIcr uf ?>lvcf And ^ill, wcy- 
LiwwJthchccuvtT AD^lhc knopjif andlhr dcvyvc iv. uncci %iid an 
^^^ A til«U t^tjflor of lylvor aadgiil, wttboul ihv (over, waj' 



aviy. nDOHuid an hilfir. And tj^, b jLIv of rrlvefi parceQei 
„ , wtfinir ih\.*^ xvli). uflc**. Ani ii- ptca oi tjlytt »4th % 

vv7in£ «dii. BDMi, itnd uj. yponyt of hIvk ud [ill ^"vr^nS "J- 
nnrwt unil ^, ifdarlrnnv *nA a Innts aiiprw ot >y1m irut glN fof 
gbognv vcjpfnjt |. nncT lod IJj. quiitrun^ lien, a dafinr dfaafcv 
nl nlitJ wrymjE ut^ qdco. Aod ij. littll aew4ltiC9Ca t^lvcv, 
wtjiog v<i\. imca- A chaloe ct lylver ud gilt with Ibe ptfcQi' 
wcyint ij. vDctL An bflly viler Huk of iilvot mih ihie U« 
tumrliil, ind ipryngiir. Hrffying lij. uni-^A- An Agnu* vnSh m. 
lalrT-t Lij, «LiihirpA, iij. tvr1y> with in Linif^ trf iuiim Aniait^ 
iL^ju it, Aud 4 Ublol vjlh the S^luutjoo or Oui iMAj.mtA am- 
il)« Ktn;^» of Colliyn. A \"x with 4 f^ctc niuL A dTiDDBft<U 
ftncDunvclc^* )vr]yi hui^ng ipon vttttmt. A ncdMT 
bwvlrb a Nt£ per< vttn m awFtwdKu^l k uphkrr. wnyia^ 
U. oaMM Uj- quuTfn. A pcce oi tha Holjr Oiur. cnnarwi* 
xa»d«i boraoiM with p.ilr*i «Ei^m« i lij^ bnid* e"<^i'^"9 ^"^x ^jf 
1i»D/ilIkeiriEh bokiU Af4Ddount,«f]Othnvf pvFoUvUibdiisifi' 
and JiczidHUiI. ud the tjjt^i cf rmrpili dunukc ttilli bohell ttri 
pnuont AJid vj. bunt of &llv«rand ^tlU ud U). bnde tmf 
TjmtA pt^iile^ fyant mhiit Eluli«v. anmbcr w1 tjrulifw |>cil(Luid 

nVDce, »!>'] ij.tM^kLllciuid ii.i>cnd4uniooFc(^td,Qi^c pUjriiamd 
tlwolhfr[Hmivyd,vejkDgui«ii«*Dd4qii«tra- And » tdmjMC 
girdill «nBFVCJ«d with nvKlfliv, irejin^ nolle u trnce A d<»^ 
sfyyntt wirh ■ n]liy«i.nr1 anjinilyile vrying \- nact anrl u b>Uk 
An hitnivvd ^^ill erf ri^iljle of ^IjEHijuir wfih h iiui^ pcncUnnt. 
«dlI h t^Kil] (flT rdMb chckkrili vxjiuc j^ un^r. A etlc bnl titf 
• ■ttfe of venlarc, and a Mucl*rp«yD( t» xht Mua Aod it^. 
wnirru of penv lutrr-n, A ffVvU fviUrbtd, a liol<tV, Md «( 
ftfTwfbtii'lyK ovet worm, v], boUrmu Ani inj^ fD>ntnMt% 
lyryll over MT>rtn, lij. ^.irlkiVM uf duwnr, t. pcvr c»r|irlTjn of ^ 
tfUVBLn Icn^h jinJ ynnlc wid linlfr brodr iii. fTOc l^low bflN^ 
utd ft irrcEc cwinrfrporni of lapaifiy wcrk of v. juidc* >ftd ■ 
^ArMr long* «i>d iuj. ^rarrln bn>dft A liADcirv lorih ohamhcs 
of gmiF wy bcMiiryd wuh ■crcnt^f nvv, yem<HTmi^« ; b VlijiM 
■pcrvyaar; Vj. couniffpo^tH, an hanging \>h\. wliFi t. Inn 
(lMtcut»iJ ; nitil eUc vHk'UL--r ^liJEt, ^tmir. mU «^ km! iuj- blm 
C^rtcnji To iKf 4&inf, Add tvfi ci>vcrlfl(n vnlfi IfOiUi K bUi 
(HrniiT far a ^<*d, wilh tiij, Vjnli i^urttvi, wid t^, piCT* «f Udl 
hEui^rg 10 tlip uin« : g nj«b««t ol t>lik tvIv?1 - i «dbIi^ of 
lildk dumEuk : a f uuhoi of great wonitdt ; ■ kmg nuihea tf 
bIrwF »i]cEi rieuTC- A libit CUVC17111! fjr a Uil of bordc Uk- 

hb/i£ vhh A cliambrc, A T<tinicn[ i^if blok vf Iw-tt with fiifniji, 

hniiwdtryti wiihmy iiudf hiKboridj^ «m«and myne ; M nbc; 

J. choyppLU, with D irolp. and i|[l ihst Ivlcngcth ibclto; I^ 

' A brill beinf Tcf A^nllK 



eoporai n^ of cbth af (»ald; | oSdc vniinaii: an ftwbe; u 
twiex cludic *>lia Ihc uum:? uF Olii LorUc , ^coipOfUCMe of 
bl&iPC ctath of AjLdc- A nuthcr of blcwc >4lcn and niMct An 
%wxtr clotb« 01 tfavnyd inr«rlu. Asd xi], kU&Td dotb«t with 
mugif m rh«Tn to uJift « rtiip^lL ij ivtrr (N«rhM of wFuio 
nike villi red croHS, ind ij. irun^ns wlih whtif firn^ anil fcIp 
And iiij- LU^Icm. ij. tf ^ayol UJ-bcncI, uiJ [wu cf ^jciic Aa 
ivtor cJolhd ; fe Htell pccc ai ftcnc tocUun j i pfiyei ^ fujiljan* 
flf iiij- brod<lfi i^. jririyi iij, ijiurten fo&g. A {xd^r (►f fyne 
ibet^ OTFTVornt ^nij, }r«rd?s bmip. An li«]e ihvtv and nj. 

Mjwr of newe ^aj% of lIj. Ifrit, or in. ^Itjnand n half long. 
And Iwo pitj<ef of khdyi of IJ. Icvu uid an luLf Iqd^ And 1^ 
hcd i^Ti of ij. broJy^s uiJ rj. p44C£ ci ilictyi over wonu uf i> 
ItnL And vj. paJer af liniuhold i^lieLls, AnU (wo paior of 
VoDtn blanlctit^ And % viiAcl ^wrv, {[Lrrjd vitb mirtrant 
A fcJifc £Ownp furryd ^rl[h gnif, A blnk ^wtu? fturjd witli 
wUto. A bilk U"^^"^ (luiyd vti'Lb uortiuru. AdiI a iiycht 
figinic vf LUJl Fujit^ vt-ii-li iDiLiirQD&. A kiiiill ctr UMrav chuiucl. 
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huf loDf. A pbHiEl v\ E1U-IIIUII& uf j, vkynnf d?pcrh, and lilj, 
lardlt Innjj. A pm^ll nf thnnksof ij i,liynn« drpj-fti, mil mj, 
yndii loD^ A DoiLH of poudnd nrrLynfi. Aad n p«c of clOEb 
d^lfolde vritb dfopn, ^tlikJi vu <;if 4 ijupUJc- AnJ < ilo*eji of 
diaper napkyu fA £oifr d« Ivoe verkc uid cravor^ And k 
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taptkyuL A bordrdoth of ftrjurcdr lict wcrk aji[l<iTOffim of i. 
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AowtT delK* v(Tk« and cnivvnyv af ntj ^ardn li^nif, and iij. 
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(f latjM wcxiie md diaper of lif t^uajici brtdc hilj. jnrrdadi' 
lou AbDCber tu^vU uf iiii- grcyit}-!!, and a frcE of VLij- yirdea 

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dUpci vcrkr, a], yada and a qai/tcr Ion); ind u}. oaulei liiodc- 

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and a hiak cofrr hciiridai WLth iron, vj. ^jti«l iTr^lr^j tiij bai- 
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A EOUAdfi Ulflc, jj- [^^icHct. ij. eamradbc nod di' ijf pCMloc 
vcMcll omnlcrfeU, wbcrof j-ganij^Jic imd di' ii newc « »nd TJ- 
psal kandclitikku ntve of Inract. and hij- dcvc bcUyd tcandcl- 
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tnsM putDj^ oT tbe winch oon b Eij> eatocu. And tirvfrfihcia] 

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CaWnlin won uul hsMi Jj, ^^ vtoMjjn, a Ii?tL1 iJtdfC A 

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At lilvneof ami ovenccni ord«i£Utf ud put iaAfcgMdeloW 
kept ftnermrdbcMM in lo som nJiEfooi pl«oeiMi» ibedqp«f 

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tod bc]vrLlic<I> <n:cp( pQUtnc »lui?c utanDC dM W ke|4 fira 
mowchici, irhirh E wiil she h*Tt ih< tqIc tad nvvnMnM ol 


tor Inb Hdwvile cf the umc knd tui her wd«' ami U ny 
aoagbticr HWT dy« unmu^ed, ibn I ftre md bt^ttcttw all tti 
foMbd plftET With %t] aiiiTT urulFr of 1i<<uuin1rle romfVatt Mt t-w 
ber bnitlior- And IT It fcitujic thii lie iJyc BOiurTtii, b Ovd 
foifcndc, thtn I y(ic iind bfnitrth »11 niiH «-tvry pan flf ht 1^ 
uid plole, jucli. ud UQ^c w homhodde Bblo my soon & Bd> 
vrud Fonyii^ii- And yet i( f^rlmw the uid l£i3wMd to dy^ ■ 
God Afffrnrlr, ilipiihi^niill The fentldjuebeuidoihtrUwlpibaw 
mlitcii* nccpi »■ [ila^^c-bUodnif cuppvof lyhvAnd kBl «IA 
tbc corn, tbt )t[inti[ic, and t\it tKrjK of Ibe nme ^[h nyflbn 
bfid* in t]ic bolom vfought *pOQ bWw^ ««re, ^rylnc uiO. n»elfc 
which I ffweto m^dougliier Ln Ijiwv, Iloiiie Inbdl Voaynf^ tl 
>e d yvytlyil Ly iIj'irTviM of the ovenrmof tttlirirpRMiri MM' 
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r«niiiignc to m^Md doiighfrr-in-lnvr l>Rmp labftl paayngft 
Abo n. more which J lent aaic my wn Sir Edward P oi iy i m 
I wuH Ihal ll liCiliiE^Hiui^d b> ihc JiM:ci:<Wof DiT4accalc«0 
and ovcnni» uikotic aiiucHc a* bmi kn«vvn icy tcrannlp iN 
tlie daf of my duenu*, 'Di* n»idi» of at! my tin|^ia good^ 
dtftUy*, ftndju*11j* After my deltj* t^iyric; and mylwiuntH i*f* 
Ktrmyrljuidnilfyifyd. and huTtns done. ] evtcikud Inlly beqacih 
to loy mnnr% Svi Cdwwd Turiynea and M4lftL«tr tk^/wmt, vJ 
Ibraj t^diipojwsnd do Ihrlrt fji: wUle, (^ pniy and i^dd faraf 
»i>ue u they woldc I Jiotde do Tof thcfa, «« dwy will 


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oHetfW myii nmni^n my f arujd boons. Sa Kdmd Pea j n gy * 

by *Tid Richi^l Tul:«, Aiul I Umh"^' tn cvoy or mjnw cura- 
bOBTB foi thjJr Ubour U/.t jlu'I t<>tvci7cf n;roa owvccri Tor 
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Mtic Ym«i arl-cMon, fhe dif and 7m ■b«i«cnfi1e^ 

ac BfiTobmim ^- Kt cnmniJw htt »ln>tnl>ir»iio A&, Hfttbea 
BRnme, liliu tjuklcia «l <apa c atcri A& dc bcttc Ac. Ac de pkno 
■ wfBlari Q fti&, din ftiiun StnWi Pnri qocd di^nr v^ KiV 
arfl»> wnata pctailait cemmiR^suli ftc, Kdwinio Popjbi^ 


tn n«' TjniTiJni*, Ammi, "Hi* vijtfi rinr nf th* mon^h nf Hfp- 
iftnlkir In thf yvt^ of Oar Lord Gud mLCCCCtfiajErj.. I. ^VUUiud 
iViLun <A Lojidu^MidlBiQn. be^off of hgoU mynip and to {Vthl 
Bcmory, inude «M prnfAig be unto AlmightiCod, mnhe ud 
odsiipe titu my &KKn1 rfUauoar and laif wU4 in mfLn*r %nA 
tamv folflwing, Ihar i> To try-— Kiim, I ^rv* anrt ttn^a^iih tny 
nolcimicimy vticlfi T^irdr Ct<v\, Xf nifr Iilr4prl I ArAy^ittncF Siatyv 
^kl^puv. uiu (0 nil Lbc bu'ly (Qinpfture of IIctcil AnJ I wiU 
thai (By body ^ buri^ In the cbunh of £UL Frcru, Lik Londi-m, 
■t the bOHh «QJe of the Li^^ aliu there by my l^ily Anna, bla 
•mjwil*. AlVi. 1 wiLl ffint i^itt« b^? y^v^n tmro EhF uklr fUurch 
of BUk Frim. wtiar* my fcule body ^ul 171^, lu Xtc pnutlff fori 
■nd foi (he i^]4£«cfiDyHid«bui>iiLE lo ^ia\? h Lfugr mout upon 

ll» m^dc L*Jr Anne md net a conremoit cwafdc bv th^odvW 
ud dUcrc<i4n of nyne cH?cul^in imda-wnipD. Alwt 1 i?UI 
QiBLt a£] my dctt«i b* wcl««iu1 cmMy cctifrnt^ Eiripf piidc Aiio» 
I iriTiA thif nii'i. Sn ruonry he gmn ind clispoud for my mjuI^ 
ami tit CH:iitc-i ftDuEcA jrj clcde of faCec knd dmriicc the iljty uf 
af Mid< buryi'i;^', LhiC u (4 •CTi— fimon^cs pcucr ^K^^plcK^Ld ini- 
VOPV wicHiq \ht c]i0« of l^ond^in 4])d viilionte. AU« 1 wilJ OMI 
t lMr« a prp«rr oi honnf fnnivntiriGn 1c lyngp bothv for mt^ and 
Jbr radie u l un c^uHld 10 da ijiig fiir at Cunbrl0C» mi my 
tETtVUl, Hl^TIU^ AlK^llG^C^ C4il ^cw tif llic ^pucc uf nij, ycT^ 
AJaOk I will that fvr e ^ « y wtvp^ by uic d'^nc Ui my life lyme a 
dfiPi VaeampOBC* lav mm Ibvm fare by tbcnioma^don nf my 
flU« wivuifi^ ThAm u Andmp, in Miaibdulf. A\%t>. I wlU Owt 
tU my iuda and irnrmtnia with th'uppancntncci be dcrydrd 



to ihtym ifid to ihc be-fvi vl ihcirc ij. bodlH UvCuttf baf 
Alio. I wHlc That ill tht fev*niiuy« cf my fee "Tm^ l>j 

■hilbc dm at MjchdoHa oat >fier mj docauca W ti^B cf 

nvMLiUi ^ to the oontentncion Pnd pinDnl of mf MJJa 
UMA« u It am tw Mnvenyoitlf giflivrf flDd IfvitdgAci Aln^ 
iriB ihtt none ^ ay umiiRa not ^KttattK u^ •< bi of gRto^ 
•IQud Ulilb 1a povdCsi bcin«cijrviMvnidacl|i)MlAlMAer 
■y dtc< u o> by ay 4wqm«gt nnd ai » iiu<u fa no tn i wa r <ldito 
4ami4wnM0B«lNftmth»dAr«f«rdNa«. Ab*^ Iirtllifait 
mther my hdTt^acnti9ari,noFncvi other tcncn fort^ain^aor 
b ftitflw mma, in nnyvittyet.vue, oriToucileiTi«ttMv7»H> 
Amiicw, mjr KfTuuutc. aJUi mjr iloixaKtf oTvrtxBiijr OMUMTOf 
rcLayiLj^ or tjQujt ayMnn biCwtnt hym cad dm ia «B w Ufie 
tyin^ but utterly tbo-nf I disduffi hm Aod vUl, ud vUIlktf 
he be thetot kwuyle «nd ditdiajjeil u Cliit Ih>u1vo u 1 hKm 
tiiffwifl &nt1 rlficlairAil in my lifr imtn my dciu^bfr HfiMbrtbi 
Mjutrts Hkk, Mulcr L'lKnrik, AfdieiKOii of fftchaMOadft] 
Hfwtcr Doctor Hjdddlcn, Muicr TLavu Madiot dupckya i«< 
w LOfde CacdlBill,* UftDier John Shaft, Aiknun c4 Iddc% 
BUitcr Ktcd^ Muter Chrittalcr Uiidebofu prodnoR «f dv 
coa:to of Cuunbarf. uid inmy ochcf hooorvMr fnllm^ and H 
D^ Mnmintv In Riy IJfi: tyvx^ conaidnya^ ihaE b« b^itif be* V 
Unn and f<ljl>faU MtriRt tbCM ««. r<"^> « °'^i«- lo ohU 
■Hkaooc tic hitb lud dyrc** pet* pftyaftiU berynauid kboKnii 
nty c&u&ik, by ivho» ^e Polld« aad vouLCa I ha*e porchmfl 
mntheof my laidc- if crmpTe liodci, wMdtt a1>o c^ajin* gff* b«|-1 
Oabnuadon bunt all itJ(±e ^ds b» T hiTc purcluwd tt ' 
•ikrl whM oeoadnu ii thnr lit. uid l»Ha ererr ihync 
Ofdced Abo, I «nU tlut the 4:hurche of SAfalc l^eir^ in Wad» 
ftOrtoo hAic ii bal« v«iynutLt oi litt price of v. mvc Aba, I 
vUItba^ misLwIh CnbF be welc louicd at my coacU, oralliatf 
iht RieiiK uf my doii^hifin, UhTo ndui apmoBW b m^divi 
(mifif- try ycnt n. miLnu us «liji to a iroda Dwdaoot <V M^Ki 
flafUuauiH Utiii. I w\Ll that Chfuiofa iWbot be tMidf «*>' 
MBtld ud Hklttd (jMila wKlyuuwTiecfv-Btfkcbryardamt 
Ul Ufa. Uaoi, I vUT ilui 'tltraiu iMd^Qg bav* k«kt b« 
nnayie ol xU Tiy yrrr rlc^ryng hU Ufe IIfaIh 1 wifl« thai A* 
Ikivi^b of Ailsta ^vwi<t be nxiMJ|<iiHi] aflcr iTi'i nfuMriW 
htd <d my fudc Kminiic, TboauA Andnw. Abo^ 1 «{Olktt 
every of my •arvuiDlef be icwtrdcd for Ibcire good and diZini 
J^Mmra and ■Itnndaace tud a bt>wi« ib< UUi IhadtiEri^oa oTi^ 


AIsoh ! Will t}kAt (Jl facTi« frf mr ^rflh« 

my ptarr In Norwiclij^ he wide hj the dti- 
OBjun of my Tixmmirt, tdwiide and for ihc cuntenliLcidn ud 
pmKct of IDT uidc dftlts uid pcrf^rmiUKd of tbu mf pEocnl 
ifjil. Alu, J viU t>iat the iku «f Fvudum "b* w p w ap ni id «f 
hia littrapc b«t>vvnc hytn Anil inv filer th'abnnaden of the 
MUe Th'MEu.i Anflfc«'F. irern. I ^vtll ihit BlF my vrvountrt, 
flichcu be twbyndr of ilirfrww'nnn:! duclie^. W [.riTAly omenc 
uid pM± Attoi I will thai air oilier my j^j<ivi nat Itc^uelhkl, 
ttdf njr win inlfiltrd. my delica pmr'Sn ir^d ■ll mr wrorM 
noontHntt'l b^ Ife'eDforroAolon of the wiAt Tbcmu ^dtrv, be 
deputu hrfwiirte my i; ilfpughm tvf^jrealdeifTer Ihstfltfrarimi 
OB OT ludc cwruiinirk Ami abu. fuT 14 modic <el T have uoi 
wfficWat n>dy Dioncr, ui'l thii ivy deliiB cuinvt be redely kvlo), 
Awfbn 1 will Ihal TDcncf }t mikdc of lU tuchr f late u 1 hitve 
lor dU lu«[« of contentuiDii ot my detT« ihai I nm gf mv boh- 
■Ha And of Ihii m^ cnwnl tetrDnienr knii lixiie will I mnkr 
>ftd OfdeiTie snd comtuuie my eartutoura the mofle reTcrend 
fiidn 3d OmI my Loidc CanliiuLlI, the 'ii^hi IjJ^U tiid mj^lf 
Vrnioetr wy l»3y the Kmc^ modir, my I^rd Dawl)ency, «ia Sir 
Edwrde Poyvynftt, Ki^hi. my rCTCw, whonw t b»t«ly be- 
Mdx in cvccatTTic BPd ptrnormynG llui my lu(« will vcido »kd 
dhpow eenermytijE the mme in every thyng u ihey lAall rhfnke 
liotlotlKpIiaivnuf Alinyt^hiy Gud, luul Turtlie ticldic uf mf 
IfiirWud 4EICriiteii unlCL 

FictfitiUEi fukl ULiirattilpmin (esUmentnm conin donino »pud 
Laaicliitbt A:A*i>j° uri meoiNii N<»ien]hTi% Armo Domini MLlleuma 
CCCC* DflfiBjGCBtrhD f«i|j>. iurmnmln Thtimi? Andror pt |jLur< 
MCG Cwnrik^ Mttum. <jUlW 'I'Sh-hiiit « j.awr*nfin ^-rmmiwa 
fOit AdmLfrLnncto per TUm infetTjiil. pn^ en ri ei eo <iQOi1 eMcn- 
de hem <l ficlcliLcr j^imint'lr^nd' m^km jiuta cl Kxufiiluru viiie» 
ipaiqi dcfniictt rcvnArriH-nlum iivcnliiinBinnitluDCii^em, » pnma Jc 
fctrniH' jpt alirriiJin m "jiio idem ilrftmcru* hiijtiKinrtcIi infnrii 
flue (emyorc eihm nMlgifun, j'riiidr Irraia tn hiiJHfftio-Ji V3t> 
Iter con(«iiui. qaaienuA bom el del^tJi Ai:-* ul mtcta &C. 


A.& 1504, 34 Nov.—Marcarct Pactoit. 

[Beg- Nw^ift "Rix'f 1&7.I 

I, MiLrg;are| Patlrin, widmr. "laf* vife of Edmrtrrl Pntfon^ 
SqDiCT. > . . . uTfDT. Mcccciiv. H .... jnyilnfo) 
budie lu be burici] in il>c ciLyiche ^ Our l-^y in Itcj)(i}:bam.*' 
" lUm, tDihe HcyAwt<iafLhcchjrcheorSIiiuir4^ua.vjj,vLl^ 
," Itsm, to lh« rcpamcion oftbd laid chiiKtu, kb. 


" Jlrta. (o the rcptuiidad of the cbircb ol HtnbujbOO, Mb 

"item, t&ilic lUy A*Ut uf liicrifl(V», ttj*. T*^ 

■* luux. t> tha ijildc c* Ouic blcuiJ I_*4i iticn^ itfi. iv£ 

" lieni. ld the Hefh Avicr of tlit chinlio of Llitk 

" Ilo^ t» the Udgb A wta oT i}ic chlidic «f Wodlot 
■'lMa,t»1b*l34bA«iUL>f Ebeekirc^<tf Wcod 

"iMD^ loilir rvpaiodon oThficli my n WooJCeiloa. *k 
"hro. 1 vJll llai mj WD Wtllum LkimDorluvct^ ihceptl 

ti muv hunt, eorfd. i>L(>iv|[bett. haJ hiii<>«£b0, wiili ftlla W 
■pp&wll, u ihiil ffxiervlf m 1h« nlu df vt^ xiij<- ^j^. bf«4e 

SLAiJ? . , . . [luLi Tliomu Bri^gft l*tt< ay hmiWidft Ij 
is (eitamflTt and lut will buott^Mdcir j|Hre t»1M mU WIIhi 
Lomaor . . . - ll« to li**e ftU eh* bwitag* 1b Ac pg 
j>L*ih*r OYU Iha pwJour vltfiln (be uaor plZ» of Hftnitm^ 
■AdthagrtttbfldirithchtoavBiinguid baogib^ "mhii^kud 
ipgwlriw iroritc ; " . , , . al»tdl tbcliu2uvtofdieUk 
AM parlouj, " «*iili tlic Ctllc uble la ilrt pubut^ *b4 aH ik 
tiibUt and acoola m ibc fatLilc, wvl 4U tKe me Wjocvrv vf 
rede duumba over the paiilr^ iml IvEr?, nuJ ■ bed cf rwl a; 
. . . - . vix, iTi hrlnn^n^ jiilJowv, L:o'rnlrlv Ar^ 4b^ 

"llBo, ID thv 1^ Vrillkm Luinner, mt wa, Ij, mEc rosctv 
■andwMit U^P spdo, U. hmm poU vrlil all die brewlns vevek 
velVBU BT vMId whvcof iK* bcrMVt is kilvcr ud ^at, ud lb 
cdtmU or duQuW void, tend olao mv rruTLCricr of trvmk^ velvet* 
IWnL,IOPij'i^J'H;^terEltabpthWhjml*n;liinydyiB)f M ttfig 
«ad gilt, ud nL> coiK of L iT mby ft tcIitI puM yrhh ^M, ■>! 

ftko A ftdBtlet of OTStm v«L*ti. 

Itma, to nijr dau^'bur, Anne Lomnur, nty cuM gowB pcnAl 
wllb moikB, jijiri iD> bnt cunl lx*\a conuyolng oooe ttjTN Md 
iny bol boDDctl. 

hem, lo Ellubcth C&yn^ liljf- itij/| tO the bjfofi of Atcvn 
for hrr^ 

Itfin, to m; srui, John I,omtLOT, ttliE^iA Mtt, e heain. vilbia 
ewer of iJcwin witlia rwne of Ulcrn b u>* bottom M Xbet^ 
bmnn, and (oUi plflllcr^ ud four duliOt acd iii^ unrcez* vl 

liem, lo jof sou, ll?'L[r l^Qmor* xl/^ 

Item, tu my nephew, TbomBB ustohor . . . , a teathr 
bed, Ac, Ac 




Item, to QUI urpbcw, fuio Lor)»iui ..,».% Tcaiha 
bed. ftc 

'*Aad ftD llu midft* of lI]# my i;p»dH utd catoJIii. nlytr 
f>afv^ f^nri all my rtrfri lo mo nwnng, nhovp nnt hfr^ti^thnf nor 
■ndgnce^ f gJvcanc! Iifiqumtli tamv &on, WillLftm Lomnar, whf>iit 

tiibnlB the leninuiJc^i " (u Uic nicnl pii^uic to God auJ hdlliG ID 


A.Dl 1510, 31 May.— Damb Ackes PastoW. 

Dime Agosraiiotk, widow, lair the wiii* of Sir Ji^ba PaiCoii 
DlfifaN deOMd," nuka her wtll 31 May. A.D. 15^0, j Hen. 
VllL To be boricd, Ifatic die in LDiidoa, la Che i^GiulIj vf l}jc 
Blick Fn*n, hf her hujitund Jchi] Harv)r ; or, if ihc die in 
IC«iLr, m the fismb church la ,Soi>i]iyc1)e- {jood« m thfn* divti 
tf»hpd.lvirtHanii-Pi>;[h'TThTr*«firn, (.irorgjT. Thioma*, md hilvarrJ 
Bequittfft to her ttm (imr^jr Hftxy i pilr of lar^ sJiettK of 
bcr WA tLHiinLif:. aihI slLI Ijct bc^lduit^ hi ^oiidiytlie lu Iiei ms 
TiMmu Ma> OUmi bMunli l« jo^in TAlincr of OlldW, to 
til* pAVMft « BMcd. to uTiIaughltr l^AbcJ lalcy, li«r cmoo 
A^ FelllAn, to HOTiEUVl PiJnifr, to Mn Uyjjott *'wirh ny 
tjdjr VirqiieyL"* To hfrtuo-En-law Willinrn ffnTrrd^ira butn 
■Od MTBTi parcel [III. foT sonurku, tfhr will fivr xn mndt for ll; 
cdumiicit & loco Lo hor toiu Gmi:c IJar>7 uiil £dw. ItJaj. 
ToharXHiGvorfSAalTtrtAJtwilh ico^'ef, at Lcunburi' Tomt 
choplflin Sir Robert *^ tbccompTtiebrddc wiihin mr UtCle dmugtit 

l>T4y for hcT (piwil »in! \\\r vtji\\». jf John Htrvy, Sir Jcjnrt Pjuiun, 
«■! Juhn tnlcy. Iter bmbjinftB. To bci -.^'n Tliociiiu 1>1i:t'> c:!iil- 
dmtt and her own nnd hti d^ti^htct lubct I-InEiecll^'t chiJdrvri, 
J mvkt Hch, I0 hcf Km G«orf« Hnvy " i^ BioDdiTig Erapp wltb 
• kem, Alver uid gilr wilh Hky 1]?4," and a gold crocf.. l^o bcr 
dflnghFu I«1cy A fin^r inTh 9 rrbf xr«- To hft ton Thamu bley 
her jfcldiaj', Otlia bAjuals (o her couvna tibiipnt Faloor 
tud Thoiv. w&Krcr t wife , also 10 rokinc Fott^r. fbfl nwnof Uw| 
(O A^ffl Wucrtr^ and to Eli£. rnolhcr \\i Thonuki W4>4t?t'< trirc, 
<a Joan JiiU«» ^V'iliEiita 'I'ldinAri. (/> licrurvani KyllLngworlb^ t& 
VItiC«: her h(JU<#lfM:|*r, to *^ir FpIhtI, ramh p^'^f ^ Sonde- 
iTcbc^ U* Sif WiUiniu of NokoliL Mr, Kobefl Staljs mtraon oJ 
m>vtpcd to tw ovcj)«E of \iti will , her *oaft Otoisc turrf ■'■^ 
TbOL Xile; Eo be her uttutm, 
Pftvvd at Lunbctb, 19 June 1510^ 

> CMly, widow gfTTiOtom. Am Mjuqo^arikfHt 


Part III. 


TTie two pwviojs pons of this Appendix had b«n 
AlreAilr printed, when ll)c Editor was informed of the 
discTTVcry ofafiumlicjof MSS_ UdoiipHg Ui Uie Putnn 
Collection in the hoLiue of Mr. Fretc of Roydon Hall, 
near Diss, in Norfolk. By thu courtc:^ of the owner^ 
he WAS permitted to csumiQe them, and found \haX, 
beajd<^ the lqnE-3*'*t [inginud of ihc trtlcts in Fcnti'* 
third and fourth volumes, and i coiuiderabk number 
of othert of a Utcr date* there were no Icu than 
Euncty-fivc unpublished lettctj of the same period as 
those CDntatinetl tn thtf prrHtrni pu1>lii:;iiion. All of 
then Hd evidently been examined by Sir John l^cm, 
■iid not A few had been copied by hiin m hia own 
hind, with fiLC-similGE of tlic «i||^Alurcs ajuI wUctv 
marks; showing th&t he had at one time thought of 
iadcdiDg them tn hi^ coUeclioo, bui that u^on nutvre 
ooaadenttion he thought them not of suAicicnt interest 

For OUT own pan, though we had always hoped 10 
oui^ this collection ac complete as possible, we 
cannot, under the cLraimsCftnces of the cii^c, attempt 
to UeMt these new ckdleriftU on the sj^c scaIc a& the 
re*t of ihr corrcipanrlrncc, Wc must therefore con» 
teat ovvelve^ with a very few abstracts and copie« 



of thr tntire itilrrfiiting nf ihr ticwljr fottnrl l«tfl^ 
supplemented by a brief invctiior* of ihc vhch, 
amoged in th« order of named chiefly of the mitcn. 


A.D. 1449, aSYeb. 


BbC" ^ini I'll ic ^ (ItEpIeucd lhi>ii^ tht ha out cf i^ t^" 
he krt \iri In ; fnr &be htraitl ^ch rMknf^ tFiir tlir doni not aUda 
thcic^ Divm of my LoriJ Mulcyni' nicu uid If 1I1C7 Qlflbt cd 
lis ilit^ wfrulii ^cAi lirr Bud k«p Win ibc caJtk ; "uui 1^ 
rher uiil Ihey would liu ve iJxuuH fdeh rae out- Tlitj wU * 
fehould It but A [iiUc hea^ibdiDing lo ]r^ja/' Alio l}u£ 1 ohU 
hnv* nn rrt.' iiH I vma hi^rt 1 djf] nnr vr^Mirr MI of ihe pluv 
t^U I v« rndjr to Hde> tnd no nor knew ui hour befbrv tm. ibt 

J(Qod mi/Ct whoiQ L lokl l]kl.£ I VHA LUUiJlt); LdC to fCt tfM 

made fur me ftn4 the QfiJilrcn. I bc( >ou WUl keep leoct 1^ 
oauH cf toy comir^' ava^ iilj I Ht joiL 1 ipo^ vitb |<aar 
ItiflThpT on 1115 irny Tiilhrr^ whn oTferM To Iflt mfl (hide la Iwf 
ploce rf yon wUhcd mp 10 *my Jn Norwich, mil (o gfire me «Kb 
lEBtf iu hiie (uuld >|Mfc Lill yva ata Ijc pbtvqrcd of a ftacvtf 
jFout Q\vn< L«1 me knoir vrhal to dn. I nhotild be ntir ta 
ditTll no neu Cimatam u J ilid, EiU the matltf brtwvra jcu aid 
(he ^^M Mnlvynt It tc1il?d, Lorov aid then ^rat no htOm 
pviilmcf In tr^kncf ttian Ton! M. had iit Tri Mini Ittilill 
su^jpotei! Ilic) ACE* kucb uib WillliUD Hund ^okc oC lli< Vili 
«f ^hicii weK Qut Tct ciild. 4iid ih«L you hikl endctw* wUli fOifa 
wo ]rev^ older. Do not on aat Account ttvMt Lccd Ud«rM ibJ 
hit trerii or fat or dnnk viEh flitm. lhr>U£h lh«]r fncalk «vtr 10 
fLEr. Ko^ Yokf ri( ^purTuLTn rUre not Wt^ hit troulD feiT Iht 
suSt HirydvQ 4ad Wyndhiuii ha>caeui^i Uuu WaxUnSU|daB 
w'aha jroa to ifieak to Sir J. Faitolf about Jjt Fmntn jva ha^ 
of him, &t 

^^o^wicJLJ FricbyAfin PoItci Wci5ji«daj. 


A,D, 1445? 16 Oct 
Jasiu Grx&ham 10 [John Pastqoi} 

"The Ring It now tiito tbe Muchea oTWaka, aaH «aBi4,M 
ihe ifjicnt h^maybe near tha caanliy if nijr Lor4 of lhKkia(kaa» 

vUdi k ooimniwrtgwr now la Wiks for di*cn ol&n:!a <lf>nr 

Aoc t9 tbc Cromii would hk to tidvc lii^ toimujaiuii Eu Lceit- 
tundt (f Itc were rcpyacf!'" It h not kno^m when the Kit^ 
WW b* ID Lourjim ot^m. hut h* i> aipMTnt htn At th« b4fpniun|[ 
of lh***»flanirT[( \ fiovrfiiuT wnKof ermr, hut f«ft w* wKhiog 
wrung. Tfan. Ifcn>i uked qc wh^ v"^ ^^ ^^^ follow bki iuf- 

ftatiod aIkjuI UlC ICJltUvilEV uf lbc>Ucil^[lmGlCk|44EI],U|<] thJJiu 

It >liuuld be ^fjaz jcL Fnncia Cukluil u uoL jrct wdl at caif. 
isr hit t^Mtrt /^uriat bcTirt^n WIIL I'rtialji t^id Liun nnrl Htru 
Hotman coDMt in vtcv ifHTppQitimfly, Vou tiAii bflEf Qtaan 
billin u nan u pou^bie ulc gti tht uvor of the ifamlT UlaI ihAlI 
be ocU fcu. 
Loodoo, 16O1L 

A-D, 145 It 3 Jan> — [W, Waittc] TO John Paitton, 

Blake, thf bally aF SvilTlibiiu cuitp homt fram Loadcia (be 
Suunl^r oflcL (ay MfuLcr [VeJvciLuii| ilctmiLrJ Uvt^ you a1 Ea)r 
Lord ^ Oifanl'i, lie «rfiit slmighl 1« mv I>^tJ CliiAlxtl^^r ud 
bold him '*thAl il tha Knif [idTduiicil Sir Triamu Tqilcnlidim and 
Hvydon thnr itnirht ti^i^i )''>^ iliin' ^^f Iforfnlk wtiQld pif no ibk; 
fanrhfllTitedfih Ehr Kln^- for t<> }uive the tu of Ui pour people 
witfn he will tiu[ ukc hik U>uo uf Lh«c ^^L:h ataitJODcni ud 
op pwh jn pf hii* people ? Acti a]>j lie tnlil ini^l^td QiuKitllor 
■Ad fHS7 Dio Icr^i thatirihf Kinifiird'^mpd him Of grofitvd onjr 
m^tf^^cj. LonrfiHi ihorild vithin ihni'i rimfr have u laacbforto 
do M ^hfj had fniT 10 k»]> J^nrdon Ujiilj^t vhm The L'Apdln 
riuk C4dcJ cam ihiUier ; for he lold ihciit eIiiie Ihcrc wa> u|i iri 
Sgcfcdk, Kady lotia^ 5^^ ^^"'^'^^^^"i ^' '^'^Y ^^^^ "<i1 c^iccuEkjii 
oE th4 4*)<VT oii^ trrmirvr,*' Whvu tnr I^rd ChanccElQr Itcnnl 
lbi> b« w nry elid^ ajuI mtd4 Htakc vy tt hefor* ihr tCin^ ind 
■Q hli lW(K '*r)iii ihrybJHHfltihiiwhannpihry ti^rrim yf. umI 
if be h«J lui] ttld ibU tticjr ihoulil have hud ik jijgpj«uv uid 
pudocL" The Lutd ScaEca maintaint Sir Thoa. Tadtnbaia ■» 
HU u h< may, bat b« wiE iwt *fovr it Uut he vHl came down 
to Ihe .^jT* flH^ AvAHiir "alertly,'' lo mil* aa (rinl btttfwn 
TudprJMiro und Sw^ftham. Srt my wasTpr unHei^flnjii tKat it 
Swttflham and ht were aeMfdcilH he wovild «t lUila iiy Norwich. 
He Xie^ yuu Llicrcfuic iv *idk to die Muf^r wd hht brcihiai 
that t^cn be ■ imflicictiL fcTii^nsliip al Lcnu. iDit duL there be 
■ud* a £7rat ntnia both of l^udeiiiapm o,iiii 1 Ityiicm. For thU 
dty thf I'nnnn 0I Svirlhnrn wm nilh my Tno&ler^ ari'1 They Dtr 
tneed 10 have their Loil|*^it£ he thi; Frim Mlnon u haui. anJ 
wJ9 BAKifL tu iiu eiid. c&irC^l ihc city agicc Lo il. Jtt. M; iiuaEei 
ihodd bo Mimed ai Waliii^Eham tm Friday cicit hor ^o MajQf 
wd yoit b* aeeordvdf Ac 




A.T). 1454, S April 

"Yovft wofulSkrvamtDe»ym"to Ma^tts 


"Formuucb u tdvcnity uid pit4perity Wh lie 1* ibcdil' 
Mitioh of O E^-, One] Man iIxjyc t irumk God. ud Wt 70* «i 
ihu I bUihJ yvl in u grMi trouH* ot twr I did, ctr moitt/ 
Implorfi him to b* hit cood m»v<r, Onr Ju CiMk, nil am 

The Flact, £ ApnL 


M^ufn MM uvumA/t Jt^ldiiH AvAw ^nvr^pm data. 

Dili rnifn mA^i,fir> mro pirdiBiio aotfl tafon -"'— * qi 
(nnpiTn mi^i ^pn^rrKi r* >TiiKr aht vHlptiT mt jixTur pn> die Jcm 
pf(r iHKcrido doctom, pairci tc <aflcn» raofnUA lUMfl [<V- 

tuun iu(iiik ci jnvcuraiuT, frtlci iLicnii iioiCri cmvcnlEA ct odbi 
Mccrdof limpleiL, cmliu ^ Wwitnl, tt Btt^lc. ccob, tapci «• 
4wm prmlidnm OMumpHrqiit. Kt ffp (3ue, "OLim MboJw 
quoiT uniia fjmiirm loci innj2ld«T «arr ;^r3rf'tr[ndus in tt!t^iei 
cti:L:E:l<:Mic- ^oi uumti icLiale* li mo^itfi md MCti Cfocfoti ttcyo 
cu&i til lubcfc ui>]| ]iiii%ictittiii> dicni qUCiu c1q[iLi:iuJv ccrlc |» 
hi>c 1?jDJ>orc ndliiLTi hlium difm habere itjlamui." Uijbbb 
plamvt vobii ut mai^ittni nif«> nior i«cn, r*|Ic4 in<>i«rc yto 
mngLstm gutUnno, «T diC'TPt tihi qtioJ lp4 <^ii>^nr b fnfr «uea 
iliem eyu lialirrrjii pnj frBlribu* jJOKrutlii in t-rmiJiac otfuB Ct 
qiiDd <^ diJLj iitc Tialjjrumm tUixtv y^ cvtic ualLia ililcf. 
Qunaunquc ceo potem picdnfciic pcctiniijiicunctudibiaaB 
ongik v«mJ«Tnn «t txpfrkHrir veUem in npajmnsoita^ «b 
K^^ nn n fftrtrtte ui magnirv mrr mdffi wttnr ac tfto 
unicb TorHi vi>hiii ih^tiIh Insmutcis n«iraiii lrL4igrficlu& hd 
BbrilJuii relcvtniJiic mpiiuli iduviiicLalir 5ic cruin ad raCnd 
AH I iru^Aiji nci nprciftlciB iiiAUndsm pnCKncialiCcr bibctc 
m>dencifiin tVfi»Ot uE «li4 loca pre prEKcult nt^aw »cc>Jtii 
BOB vnlfsm, dfc. Nm plum pn prtntfin tnw fAlftna pr* 
uuicU, nJ*1 quod vol, vHtret *f t«[tb Jeui Chcumi ffnctcHC 1 
MTTd In pns^tcds d smdodm dirf^Al iu J^Lf&^ ABHa 



RccOmnundctB mc^ li pluat, uori ct matn «C COafcrfribM 
fiH&ru W,, Ac di damino tnfo Kectori d* Blofitl^ utinvn dl 
Iteifc Af- ; ou dic^iu <;(]i>t lii^ iK.rt>^ ja^mr CoHdui GftlUm 
CHtt puktaerinui Aouida nu In camtEii conducu fvr Pom, tfL 
ITUom aaxMjuin vl^bI, &c. Tpac piciponii in yoIih jinc*ciitia 
ficiN dkto KcLori tftdt pcr\crtt v«iu. El Ef4tt» <lu<k] dommm 

fti»lrtfa mam f-ruiiriB <i^« pi^niaA mane cipMito'Imii, <)uli diet 
Itt Cfti dl« ulnmo. ^ Ki DiATieno deCksiK. Sibbalo^rcil 
UaMU pruuUi ratinaolluLfuC' 

IngiMcr mcui* rcitJe ^riioa cat qitfciiJo hulIUle ildira^quo- 
IDOd« MWltcr, AuHicter, virilitu vt vomcili?r FupnidullE Bdver- 

nu Tatni coiwn Domino Cuic«U0Tio aiiLtque domioks, Ac 

Vttin j^TJC c^em oniior, 

F. J. B,, MluuEum mSalmu^ 

' A,D. 1460 [Ikt.] 

F*iAK Bmacklcv to (John Pastom} 

Jmu, Muu, &c Kcvcrcii^ic dominc, ti c«n(ui£iit at lidi 
LcndoniiQ liod lemnno in principio pu'lUmcQii, hAc patcrilii in 
MovUl dlfere <lom(i» W wik at domiao Cuif^EZario. quomoUO 
lohiDne* W.> tpDil FelfarlgiEjkCfi cum iiLtrnt funi f^onm iiikfrm 
oomui^ Rftfu FL pxttJLt, iiuL ijLuiiiuTEi nlrrr pvtMl tit tiwlU 
uablica* ct iuinnrui cApitalift domini H((,-ik <t luuiuoj Qdcliiim 

dttnlfWinim uliLwcn rci publk* bI gommtuiimjom Aflglin 
AfimtiaA, pro qno uUttr ««i«t iBodo lodikte ct <ua <nal 
taiMdftfte pAHibili pnvideoilQin qndd (SHt comttfjViD dincU 
nt) pcnu lifciuiciic ct |ke]u inorL^ ?t pHviil^une banDntm vice- 
ODmili, domLHQ U* SlapUuai. hIocojiid W, Ct&iLibjiEcyit* W. 
VrfTmon jusNcinrto, W, CfiJlhorp, lohvinJ Twyre, Johumi 
Ctncy, 1-Gum»y, Jahiiniij F^chom, JoKunni Vclverloajmuui, 
Rjifinun^lo Hokynhnm. Iikhnrini (iroi, jDhnnnt Pinin, JaEunm 
LtEdirnuur* Jotobti AfoI^LSErr. T. Dcnyi* \xl asjjsiout Wi prpna 

jiuu de piLHA pn>dojninoT T>,'J, ft-^' T. WcDlwoithe. J* A-r 
T. C«nye^, IJ. Huntoc, J, W>d«, W. TicntyE, £. Gimccr, H, 
To(T)-fllMm, j'^h. Wrndbnin, t^lmer? ttalUvu dc CckUcy. T. 
Sry2C, pE »uia t:nni]iU(i!iiu *uMiii rt jj^iit^ijfiri mrjln otpi^nrlo *r 
vtnu> Lomlun adduaiLUu turn aimiu Tuiti. ct in Tcuri >ri Ncnr- 
ipt« finulor ctmi Tborp dc Scutrio cvctfv ooUxaadc, ^ Et 
tuM «tfuiii cJJBa1«* tK cii jidlucraUM imd pcwoit, tiudo oec 
■HiUftnl noccn popu]i> ^In« t>an:B diapoitciuniL Cfiti it id 
^ KiP Jth" FvEiAlT < Sif Thi^imt Tu>]i]r«ih(Tii 



V^mni:, tt omna ftiti <C vult l^enlvDti caenl i^>bb maJtUb 
«iMin;t, ?l tunc cm« in NorifolcKi* Butub ooaeon et 
pBidririu. UntiAm tena voluntu r«ttn noa dt In tisc 

tT. Iltsi, cjuhI EpMu^iiH Xurwitciuiit oKt la cvria RO[Si 
tempos ttI in pArliirncaLo gn^i^ni^ t^uii bic fonum bi^um T 

4i*«t u coTDprHUoauoi pMimiat Rtgi ld nc<«flnt»i< vn 
enkm cunt duciujt S(i(T. «t iI]ti|vnoTili pnrtiDinlDftlls tOHt 
d prindiil iiiatlnii: fuvutiliLlu atm lotit ui» vlffUtt; til 
ni«iiii '' "' ^iB «t d^onili* Wtnrk 

tiimiiii: T^m omiriimi UJoriBk 

nun fi '. .<>..:.'-;< an Eiiuc M •dvmo^ te, 

j<. Irnn, vn «v«fn fmnuniEv p^Emtli^Ki pUa«t,DiKlorfi 
Kyrrr ci GodtM tiiiuniodtj fMitti cuounuab hU: irahl cgn dn it 
pa BocqJn at eoiuiL bntoEn ijnad Rbcd* it m fiimjtar BCtt^ 
fmnt ^"^^ dcercfo ipaoi doctonM at nc non Hlmn oMVii 
i«io<UDi«MMdj>f«««dailnc«MAliteromD« Fntm mWki 

VcrecAni ewn lodo qtrf fh ^mcnnmi Itrrtnivi aim 
utraipnitor rcconunriidt,! vt in vm mimb tUtinun 
iHc^at pet Imiuciim Dutlujc Suff. ciii cma vcdo 

4*. lien, Mnum nt;f cjuod juvmii dux AA cmn uia ■£»< 
llbai cr annlgrri% nrcrrinr uitt aitarflTti4 pT J«n 
IwIIo cai <M« rddl«, m am vrl pEtdi 5i T. T. nrTit 
nduitb <ncal uodc m^mtiislj in partbmcnlv a doniinis 
munfbDi, nOQ ilubtum €[x^n imrittf a*<nt «iUMlor« iiiT 
blsvnrm Kegk contn CfTmL[«in XTanrfc «pQd pdetpsn W> 

T. Tm J- H.,J. A-,cl It. T, I, W. « (jctcri Enriafanc ccof 
minulur prloicm Wils' [Wiblnghanil &c- 

b\ Ii«i], «vAm Contt XIaf^Lx «i Coffi« Wwfc ae qocn&ft 
mofin sir inm am fon[n>vpnEB, tffi itnt omnLno imifiiiDet ~ 

canlri^ nr* ah^Tnn r'ujiiillm* {^un^iliulaniDi >JifirTm ft-r 
conim ofJvomrla ptCpttrr luLTum boniirum U ^lokm 
dCtiAD ipsorilQi rt ulnitojua) luorBm, 

7*. Item, fi«l ptr iJccr«(iiiia poilJuncnti d^tnlnui^o Jarb pcd 
TDnim ic t«gii olEomitonim SiiU. ti Scrf\ punlcJioqBa Imft 
rinffrifonirTi appFTVi<imm, ^irrtiunik tt enmiti liWttm, ntiicp 
qucT icatmm crjtjilia ci innuilim cnviniuc uifounchuiL 

S\ Ccmtinue nc coaiLnur ccErLjJIta oof^lc u KnriiEKto 
gCttli •nrivi revolrite quomodo tnlmici vfMri tt adverwrS 
qodrfplfftu nmcorbet Invidix mlif i«c ft^rmD, birunturpvpctt* 
•no. at Utlft viritmi, vm, i?f vi-^rm vaHi bnnfvnlfB fiiiLma 



CVJlfJVin neonnc mbaerp, iguin mjtm> malum inouafptnbSltrr 
•I isiid ea«b> lUmu aepvupmtl, »t qunrt ']uod iMC MniliKr 

AD. t46o> — FfiiAH BiucKLcy vo John P.^ktok. 

WuTui Iiiiu A^fjOfcl thtl *^ bbUiincui viruin, utinani Hilirrni' 
CVSL A^i" 'A't^ Trjld Mr- ClmcnL Out FaM^lf' < Ttvir v-iLvam 
;p Koif^llc mid ^D^olk. truly n-rkoEied, cum? to vco avksi uid 
JM It wu fUT aadnvH hit haf^^kinLrtf virh Puion ^r 4000 
nalMj *'*! quod Idnn llibr?Tiatc<it trhi rlpiprlomv «t dlraiauer* 
IMMB MflUto M mnrnHb rIffUtit m^ uiucAmiD. Ac" T^c vjtr* 
I^Bl h^ du oM lUKlsttkc ibc tiunleti vt (lie nill iit adl v' alifia 
■■Mnt ftc« " DCe ODUifBUlJd j^ml^A ace crtdrnli^u Uloni Kf 
— <wa pmnaatait W, P. «t put ipnin ft«op(a< IjOmkn, u«r 
■oodjMjnvAv- OiiB LdwKihf lie aollMBOl cart, &c, ^idctui 
niW, mlva, uUrin, tniin mcliar^JaiUeiat ^vorl tli* uliii ivnonia 
cC lsc» ctt cum Qouu Dokriuio pomlali prwkni<?r |ii?vAleiiJum 
It Boliboe, ac idtm W, VT, «uli« Ivkdi d dfliUK'fticj coLofv. in 
M* fiiMk. ttl oim W. VelTnUn Juditfc ooDAsdcmiu ct par 
itectf l&BiKiiie totif itncDluiilieti ■jppoftaciu, et pet men cum' 
pUcC!i,A<^ ....... Pod HHtmBidMici tfi'ftvam m 

fvncmri ColtqE^ ruim^i) duplkilttt «[ f^Uk Cum oniiif perliiiU 

Goa^Jcd<rali■4tHtli(7li^ iEiik«(, Co^lno GaJlkiOk ooquina «lcriui>, 
W, W,, miljiji tecrrluiqi et W, bton; nunc in prcmptu ».inhft 
^iwapier Jhrnim L'hrUtiun deleujfar *ie Itbro vestwme ri unit 
niffuler irlvciiduni.'' 

luwui (liBi WlIUhed Wurc«ftf wu bui, b ihe EiiiEOf had Uurincd, ttie 

WlA Jklk/' l1/ll■rt^ ' aniT if Fu h4j| thy In^ll li|j>C-1>a ^un, J w*« itr* *hm' nf 
hii uba «■ MirttiTi 'Ibc puaeiKL ^HUiptiao, iuwcn^ it tmf fuf'imj 


XD. 1460.— Fk:ar Bracklkv to John Patton, 

^Saium IH jronr brother W, P. foreet to inform H. Kylongtrr 
libui W. W. Ilibcmiciu and Coliniu Gilltau, who arc leaded 




to£«tli« m^aisOK dielr uuta, lb« dcCvucJ Imjftl M^ fall 
Ion. «rJ Uve ^6wQ tcerel lettcn •eni to ihfi kci^ in . 
cun^rlcncc- If tliu tnachvf vto* inucuAttd b^ II, Ftloi 
or myulf, «y tii ih* FjtI rt Wiltthin*, fty-t iWniuA i.nlii 
G&Uictu would noI be k> fftuiL ud iDUcuic with thu Eut u 
(JiioLk hWsclL u( viLh tlie Qaecu, lowkow Mrvke be wb ij 
ClUCcd by the kbw fif l^ brotttcT lo Mutpct OnDOkd. If W. 
could gut hoM of ihv cvkeU cif C. CalUcu 4Dd W. W- Hit 
cui, jTDti would piotiabLy hod tona jr#<ii n^rcy- 

A-D. 1461 (April?] — [Th. Demts] to Joir?( PArroor. 

1 lhiu\k JQQ u ft poor man fcr niccouriitf laf wift, '^ wfakh I 

voC wfEl H wnc ti^me/' I hjive hwn i(« butj lo vrir« at thit 
[frr4l rrriiihl'< ** The nni&p umr tiulH'VLlr, {inii I wtlvUfatB O* 
vdlis of your dty ; God tAve the fortrarjT tberrof, fior t« *■> 
l;uhr 1u tny uic — hluec bu^j ^^^^ ^ *"^uLd be kknuw; f| pv 
fcatflltaoi ifl ftportji dimmiLii ivm per murum, ct nc cffiM|> DDiliM 

«juL fiul ba ituH AbyT) by Goa, if I hrt^ fbr KArdunc ^m 
houH." Ai for the tolH noutp h« tiMh oant 1 wiliprvnttoiE 
lay ierv*nti wm *t Brlilt thit tame hoor, mare -tuin lA nild 
dUUnt.' I bri; y<m uiU Lu lidit pit wife, fcr mr eel/ wrrmr b 
Fof her. V.TV ltiD£ I will "Kiid t<3 hf r ii> Ub^nir hei to vdicr 

tlUb" If Ihe bof that vu hurt di«, ^ you tvuot* eb tjic 
undrtd wkerft h« wu b«( "to do for meuKl flxlnc:." fee I u 
no< yet my own man. liot\ tnoin rhr mati*r wu lid»ly Ivpir 
on me. "uvl luury It uvid aisnncri," hf^ Iiimmy Hmadjr 
toniccouthis wife *'(oi ilich TTLd?w yet iui nib" 

A-D. 1461.— Thomas FLAmitToJofnf Pavton, Eso^ 

ti fnfbrmed I7 Dunydl of Gn/i Inn thai Kynj* ol iTouvhAin 
vrho sifiw Th«. Dciiyi Is inutrdn ud tn b^M ii Vi'yibyUi^ 
"uid tud been del jvci c-3 naw hail FruiLii CuCuil & uJloi kqjcly 

oUCtrt, probably IVyfr for quc. Htydon hu paid 500 niok^ 
aud l^ddivprnf. [( tssnift the rirliiim^E wilt S^prorOffuiJ >b 
4 Nov.. Liid the KJng wiU inio Scotland in haste. 

" Witiyn in hui up(jyii ihe Joy uf Oic AdvcatiixiCJ" 


ay It tn 




A.D. 1464 [15 Feb] 

Cuuftufr PArroK to icu BtiOTHui Joicif PAimf 

THK Elder, Esq[;[r& 

Ifngh FcfiD'f abUgiilba hu boeti uknowleJce^ t^ VElvcrtoa 
th tht Ktcbeqiirr ±1 Sir /- FulolT" <l«d, nnd Ihn™ h» hsd hh 
jttflf meot 10 rrttive (hf mrmry ami ^Ec> dwnagrfc Th<7 rrport 
bote that > ihcnTafici' llieii iriLcLl " wyll m^ hmt cucuc^Qiigf 
^ii return 1h«i k h^vc nuij^d the e^nla of Lbr dcdc." uul liiTjr 
«ii) fajtveciecutioncf ^our own foofUor ■ whi lotakcy^^UTbod)'. 
AdTlJiia him l.^ tfcar ralhpr rhjiu \v\ all rho Rrma» lir rhuMWUlvd. 
YdvcriDn has cTiar^l :he if nnnr^ i» Sjinihwaili in poj^ :irj ttionrj 
buL Inljiin- Tbc Kjjig \\xs L>»a jjj Lrli^ucrilcnlUTe ud mmiihKl 
Ibc r<bf llioiia, ut't &o he tuicji^k \ti do i;i NijrfuUk UkJ cLcwhcfC 


A.D. 1464^ [38 June]. 

Joaw Paston to Makoaket Paskjn, akd td Johw 


Ku TOCclvcJ h Idler froii] Ticf, and one rn}Tn CaII. &c "Ai 
Ibf yoWkOU* I Id yt^u »it> I w(>uM ^c ^v\ well ; tiuE I miderBUnd 
bbun 00 liiiipostLon of policy, neof govcmuicfi of nun a( ihv 
V«td oqghE to do, baioalj livtth, nad «««r hflthn u iDari daotntc 

^Vllhaut any proviDDn» ne i!ut h« buij'erli him nQiMng irj irrdet* 
Vind tuch niattfn aa a nuin af livelodc moal ncrUk ariiJcTsCitnd \ 
uc J unrlci^Utid uothii of wlijit cjii^johJEiatj he i^utpjicili lu bd 
but onl7 J ctn think he wmdd dwcU s^fAJH in j^iur liotuf iQd 

^taie, Ski\il th«re «dt uiil drinh Lod dHp, l^her^forc I let vtpU 
<vjt I would Itnow \\\.%, cr he Itnow minv mitnt, m^d bow weii he 
liAlh ncE^Dpifrl h» limr, iif>w lir harh hid leisure. Kvery pOOT 
pjin tluc hHtU bruu^ln up bi< LliKdrcEi iv iht ai;c uf la ytau 
iniMth thorn ;o ba holp uid profitod by Mi childrvn. ^nil cYcry 
na^mui that hAth dlmeCioQ wutclh ihut his kio iknd Krvont* 
uitt Uvelb y^ htm tnd at hit 011I ihould help him !4>ivuil Ai 
fbr foor ion ye know well be upver iTooil ynti nr nif in profil, 
cue, ui holp, tE,i faliicvfviic srvuL. uvin^: ai Cnllt^M llall^ wiicu 
[htr] ajid bi« brother kopt ti one dajrA£«niI Ocbenhnm -, »»d jct 
wu it ai ihTH [timuj t&c cixt thai that «Ttr DebenhAm'i toD« put 
bim tOt loF be her \tkdf\ pohcy ibcy lcee[> Coitnn ae mf c«l uul 
ML 3 L 



vUl Ihc pro&tfl of Ok rrAnor, WhfKfart ^yc Wro do fliTor tUl 
J9 fed vhit hci« Ud wiU be" 

C*J1 tcodi wanJ that Mr, Philip hu mtoad Dmflea in Vf 
I,ord of .S(]fri>lk'4 lURir. jtnri Ihir orhrrt piirpn^ to Anter BrZlw 
dan, Hr aiks my id^icc, whidi Ib i\at roa maTon tar U^ua 
ftnd help them (lU I c«iae tome Tell tliem 1 ituJi noi Igae iu 
And rbfli the t&ni Duke of Suflblk wuld lave bbtcglit Ic ijf FiuulL 
Ab he i>ouM riul tiuYt: it Fhil way, txa fli:iiii Ihc mHiiu:. tivjotf 
Uuu^r i»«j4nrvr PdIph - I-^tir h/i lIlvi nor omir of ihii itnck/tTuI 
if lis did it wu liwfall|r bouf^ Brai »U, ftod be ontr cJiiiMd ii 
*Iia. I lacaa M> Ukt am^ uiluL bim, dti& lie tm^jJci m 
t^niikaiucicaKbboTtnfnttUmfbrDedhun, ithkh I wdL for. 

Tknadtr bdu* £l Auc** n^f 

J hm vitntmet neidf, iik] viill ipwfl tbia mvlEr tpmlul 
before EaiTer* 


AU t465[i5j4n.l 


A long letter, fint flhou( " prortnlon orimff'' for his houieTioU!, 
{tthCfiac itvcBucn. flm " Apd whcTC>« itc«ii« tne (}iU 1 thacld 
Uke ^rotv ton to i^xocc I 'n-Lkll fur ynui u.kc 4u tbc better, luid 
will jra know ikaHie thill not be s* <-ul oF mr finer jhat I will 
H&cr him lo mitchicf without be efuoonct tut ovn dttant AAd 
hmrbell that tn Ti^i prenimpniciu fLO^I urdlurHt inneonlfw hf 
f^ boili loe uiJ you cxuk of dl-iilL^iturcr ii^ic] luuiUer of nx 
Kifvuits iIlcuiiL|]lctiiii] th&I jl1«u paJci] ium t^«ll ntctj't uaJei- 
Mudinf; tl^nE he wu vrtjaiy of bidibi; in mine haai<, and be uM 
iontrd of hel p in onf olhor rihor > yut ihjt gnevqth not ixi« ao 
eiit ei c^otti ihcil I nerer coulr] le^l n^r nnAvnJinti htm paTitii? 
nof dllfeefil In helping lilmself^ Uii as n drant anionc be«, whlck 
liilmij fur tutlicriiic liuiicy Jiillicfiddh, 4UicI die dimic Jolh u^luuIjI 
l>ut Inkcth libi p,irt of iL And if thii (tli^L oiAke hln to knw 
the bptttT himi^ir, and ]>dI him in tvmembta/ice vhat tiok* b* 
bath lo«, otirt hrtw hr hmih lived m iillenm. atv^ ihat li* «ould 
toriJlSs eichcw to lo so hercifter- it mitht fonune for his be«. 
But I liard yei never ticm iio pkcc uiui he liuthhe Ln of AAjr 

Kliticdemaninifcir ucotinrjuiic'rhliu. AnJinlhcKio^ilKiiivc 
eovld aM pui himiair forth In be in {xyot qt tnat with anff 
vun «f rabil^^ Ihnt (ni[i;;h[ tiirthb hina, ?IemlhaJ«a, u for 
your boutt! and mine. 1 purnov nnt he ^>W come Ite^ nor bf 
my wUl QOM olfLer, but Jf lie can Jj Euon Ihu look kttli and 
kiuu A £hjc and coimteuiice." 




ndbaAn Ivt ircu wu fuulljr mvlcd. ^i'Cilu vF an uffci tu 


Year ucccTtdua. 
Thohas Playtks tq John PAsroM- 

Hm fpokm vith my Ijont ChArvorilor, And pui the biU bdar« 
Kim uid &U the IahiIi bit WntncHLny oftrmuuD, " wetLyES to nw 
to bftiE UL O/UKCi u^iULi ThufvU>/' Wm itplil by luy LunJ 
Owncdlar they >pciJ no pirtiailu inflttto nince (ticy i^niCt uid 
l&ve no Ecikun (9 Htlvnd to tli'^in- My Lordi Wiirihirp imd 
HfttLirhimp hoih promnp «> h^lp. i-'enyngtej' f>mt nnly on 
TlJundiiy rvnlng. iru ^01 a ntv blil made. wMch he vill 
dcttva 10 the Kiii£. I'll? loTtt^ iiiiLrwL «>rc ^1 tlic ctilry iiuirle 
W OiE diKW^ mwi Vrf-foir my Iwd ctiT^tt'I, SpoLc to my I^orrf 
OuoKvIlor about Pa>[rpn cod Mii fHuiiJi b<ln£ put out cf lh« 
(Mmrninnn nl ihr f-^rrc. Irat "he haih noi giuicd yet tioii» 
new." iTie council t( fif*ti«l to brr«k up on Monilty fienL 
Tbc Afcblibhup uf Yvrk "uliryLl mid j&ciyh" 

Wtiiua JO JoJy. 


Yc&r uncertain. 
Sir J, Paston to Margabet Pastok. 

Os Thwiy ■Aer I d«|jul«d frooi yon, T wm with my bnirher 
lOTiA M AlwlDOfvw At S r.jf., uid founrl him m sucli cue iliAt 

r4 would hiEV« hHii bt gloJ to h4v« se«n tiim u of a new fton- 
dSil not *»Frc[ he wuult? liavc tivol ilH the nioralDf. wid I 
iSonuy )f A«liikd iwt win« lo hitahc imujil lut liave bun bLit 
ouWcdnridAY^ For lUKC Sftiupdjtr bo ilopt ool (burbmirt ^' (cmd 
yel Ibm of lbv<D nUHnte I come (bithd)" llU lo-tilcl^E- Bat 
rO'fUghl hesltpE uclE. lilt igue it gone, *' Hndall (hflt Taynn hii 
KcniAdi inil umkr !i[ii lUIe U wfireth iw»y." He liopei to be 
wfll riEuu^li 'U vbiit !i» iiupllicf in ■ fc* clii«i^ Ou WcJncidinf 
I vi^cJ lie kiLd I ^Aii LH:cn Al Nomich, cuii hf hiJt«i nU m^hl 
Upon ibc ihoki^ht, ud loM hu rvt* la ui vt^i he would DEsdj 



to ban*, 3Lnr1 hiiTV no borK litter. W« did not think ha cnitU 
faiw riddoi a. milffj bnT h0|»»ed WjmrihpmLn Int rfunan "htmt, 
ubd (tLtrvreitcduihour. and tru hen la aa hour aid ■ li^ We 
uld be led us « duii^c fjutcJ thiiit TTG MuM ftjIlL/w. Uopo be ti 

WritUa OQ Fiid&y oett tlu D«collatiofl t>f Sl John Biptiit. 


<jr each IiciiB. 

1O07, — Andmr, Thorau. In Williim Pufnn^ wtlh my lyird af 
Oifcrd. R/bunjli, ihli Maodax am St Aoinrv 
[ficii- VII] 

lOOa, — Ancmrmous iw LorJ . T<jo<ihiti^ PutOn'i title lO 

th« mixnar ijf WiEshcmi 4£iua>: Ji>lia Rutl S/gBUi 

1009,— Anonymous (Id French), Wrrnihun. iS MinJj [Eiilf}, 
lOllX — Aiiunymuuj la Wlllkm Scwuby. EdjiJiL>[|> by Hnun- 

holm, J JuIftMutibiall. 
1011.— 'Aiu}P¥Tnou5 lo K, 3. of Liihcoln About F*ibolf'««rtiI 

Wrdofstay, 9 April [U^J 
10L2. — Anonymrmi to [Jrhr; VjWohI "'Wfln^ipfijI mutrv." 

Totithifii; jimofi*! bcMintf"' Witt araa of TaUou, 

B*jty, St^ ttK^cd ujm tltc tuck vt (lie IttlCf' 
1013, — An^fnoiu ta '* M&atc ruti>n." Abuul t, Htct^ fcr 

''my Lord.' 
IQIA. — ADon}^ou( IQ ^^. A tJDAll Knp i>f pB[vr wtrheat 

XjUUfp, <Uie, or siddrai. «al«l widi ft jftwr ift Ar 
PajiEoii cr^rtll' /!fxin' ^'I t"cv ta if tc ti«*e 
tsy dd |*<wiiyiv" Me-btioiLK flue V^nidbAm I>vbt 
vroth Iboi DLnid it irndt Arlmiral [Hfla, VL1 

1015.— Bolonpr to Sif John i'lirnn, Pt Ihr O-ntpr. I7 Fiot'i 
WhjLrf{f^f -flljelert Kft hafbcr'iovcf Ip. I MudtL 

10t7-19^— Briickt<'7. Piiw. Seven 1clici> II; JqTiq Pttklai. 
F»ui iirinUd «|jori- in whok vr iJi 4b«tnct (496-9V 

I020.—Broiaholin, Nich,, Prior of* U Wiltiun Put^a (tht 
Jt^iJn). ■* Dawn" John PutonbMf>c<tfd1«ll4n 00 
Chi^tdiurdi cbih MmmDnLng tbe vricrr to Rone- 

19121,— Cille, Kicbud, to Tnhn Tulon *I ibe Tonple. My 
U^rd df WorcoEcT lin ■! BlakiLcr keeping hcHiuhdd 



PulOTb CtunbndKc, Suniiy 

Hr^fferl, S(- M*ilin'i Hiy. 

X023. — ClijpioTiH J., IQ Jfihn PutofL The Klnj has Wif tn fhr 
wriiet [0 be (xicit^ly ta LcnU Molyiic^ Mdfjrd» i 
April (fcljouJ «4Sol 

X02I5. — CrowTte(r7» Rob., ta Sir John Puton. Lnodon. Suoday 

XOSd^*— Dunmr, ],, tg John FaiUin, &t tha Tvatulc. About 

Lcml MclyncA. Siutud, St. AiidrciriD4t[i44S'9]. 
X027>— Ilaubm^.Jghn, to fSir John l^looj, LoadoQ» IsAlui- 

1028.^J)liilH, Ocfly, to SLi John Phhiod. CiJiiEiatalubui 
■Dd adike on hannE th«I be a la nujijr a diUffLici 
of i1l« Da^heu of SoidcltkL Hclloirc, 3 Nov. 

Dcnyo lo John PmM, WUhoiff due, &C- [April 

146>.] No. Jvwk 
Beuya I0 Ju^D fVkluQ. FxQUi the Fled, t Apnl 

1030— Ife^^ 

WiThmitdBJr (l^m Vf,] 
1031.^Fu[olf, ^^1r John, ta ^Ir ThcK Howtv LoDdoD, I' 

Jul; 31 UcitVI. (145+1^ 
1032.— FuEulf. Si< JpUn, Eo Ju]ta Futoo. ^unJajr befort Si 

Jnbci BopLiiit. 
1033^ — Fffin, ll>JEk I^Ji^n I'a^Timi. LoDdDiij aj ApnL 
1034.— FtliwilErt, John, fxml lumpsinrntiiiT nin Nrn. 9cn-3J 

tij JoliJL Fbltuu AlEclbuf^Jt Tticii^y before St 

Mi^CtFicw*! Vvr, 
103&— CLo)^ JiA-r Cn /ohii ?45t4a. Norwich^ St GcEaeafa 

bim [nVinut i4Sf>|, 
1036 — Giwhnir, J , ro John ywlon il WlnchcWer. London, 

Frtdfty after fiL Toifrt Day. 
GioJiutL, J.i Eu (JiJia Poaton^ Lmdcn, iG QcL 

|i+4^]. No. 993, 
103?.— Ciab«in, J,»to/ohn?uton, WJthoqldait. [HtfuVL] 
I03tl. — Gyn«, John. I0 pha I'litToii ol lyir^Ty Moll, C'lmbrldlgii^ 

About 1 pai« fount! hptwrtn ijimbridfe ind K*1^ 

MoadiT pcilL after ujil Svndfty. [DitinJ by Fcon on 
Ihe MS., dm t4i$-6-] 
1039— Hunn^ Sjf Kilph. 10 John PuFon. Hia UlncM. 
Guiutrt^v May (1473^1 S«e N*x J37. 

Fbhn, unn«r-ib«iilT' of Norfcilk Ut John Puloa 


1040.— rHntqnt). An aconuil of tiw Tr)u [H.] oxbAb^ iT 
tftk« ffMWMM of lie ttUKV oT OohhI h hJ* Inbertt- 
■aEBpUidbeiBf rKiMedbrBdannidPubMi. [Bdbn 

104J.— Hnoatnl. Sit TahD- MctUMMAo^ ss Jta 6F.(lw, IV., 

ID mv Mv lu< *iii% in the uid monm of jAuiunt 
lOtt^llowd, Sn- Jolui. Lilt oS pcmtti to Aam *^ 

DQular " Sir J. U. ^vc jACkettM tb« BsbttiB belwa 

laid Scald fend ih« Bi^tfud of Bamndv. Jv<^ 

7 E*f*. IV, 
l043,^]IcmBiil, LvW KMtwiise. Etivtocs «l tbc flincwl d 

Lftdy K. II, vftw dint U Seolicivrlc«a «■ ftc 

vtartow of Scrulnui I>iv« 5 &iv> IV. 

lOtfli Mnn^rfTirii Oobcibc to John IWIq^ Saq, llcan 
Ihu DuJd hu cnloDd Dnnloi), wd put «dt lu 
#crvuiC£, ko. Cdfed, 9 Feb- 11450, «r p«n[« M5*)- 
Sv« So. 9). 

1046,— (Narfalk, Duke o(l ta 5ut Jnhn HemtfL ToW Im 
dt^uiy now vn the urlru oT Ibe BiniKl Of Bir- 

1047, — NonuA^n, EdmuriJ^ oi THhy- Htuwil^ ■444' 
104a — Otbcm. John, Tc tahn Putcffi, in A* hiamr T«aifiCb 
AtMuf Ch*rL« Nom-tfllH Ac Wnrwich, 14 Mtvlucit 
I049.— Oifori. t:^! of. 10 Tohn fwiUL Wewta JD A^ 
lOSO.— Oifcdd. EiuL uf. in Jolin Puioo. l/VcRnha *$ JvlT' 
1051-— Oifoid, Eiirl cpf, [Q John rMton, 13 Dot 
10fi2,— Pasloh, Al:e>«, ro IciHn Fuian. fet lh« Tonplo- Pul^ 

FBUon, i^IrmnU, fo Jolin l^uML A>h WadMiiq^ 

1053. — Pjiaton, CIcmfiLiH lo John Tult^n. AWdI lb* Pa.-vD cf 
Bloficld (Kovrc^^, who hid ccdUd e» towa, BBtl nw 
«wam ysifrHdy to giV4 nndmc* 4bwt &tf Joha 
Fa«olf, We4nH.:lfly nftpr ^t Gnrge. P.S.— Tb» 
Klrg hu bHR ia Kf ni, and ieap; prruM hnv* IflB 
iud]i;Lc(L He wiil conic lu Uiwii tuHLijr, uid Ihn (i 
lo Yyrli. 1^5 Ajinl U^^l 

1054- — [Puton, li(imund],ii>hubrnihfii, John Pfertipo Aitt^- 

IOS0, — Pfliiori. lohn. (lontil ihe ludge), Peillinn to hij Ixirf 
(Nvilutlv?) lu ikd]j]>uTt mm III iIjc juvctoioti ctf <bff 
minor ^Cottan ?), wUidi w&« Fonlcirb 
raslDH, JoNn, (n Marpjvt TMton, Dfevbe&cT, B^ 
Lthf. Thnndny bfr>ir« bt. rvrct't Daf (14&1J. 
No. I«e3. 


Cjljt London, Tuodi/ nm Sl HiLut (js Jail 

1089-— (TfMOb, lofafli tfi UbtkucI Pble»t M«tow of St. 

1057^ — Puion, Sir John, to Kogrr Toumwnrl. \atiA<*b, 13 

1008>— Puioo, SLr/olm, to Mwviitn Puti»ii, CaIjJi, .11 Julj* 
PaMoOt Sir John, (d Miunrvl rxBLcn, FeuIilt acxl 

llw DoMlUliM «f St. Jobn BiplJtL PJan (00& 
IO§Q^ P toton, Johii) the ^«iingmi I0 ^1I fethfr. Af I^UU^ 

lOQCL^^Pulm. Jdlm, Tlie vitun^ui, to i\\* bjuUicr, Sir John 

1091. — pHtMi, Jotuig Lbe jvun£i^1, lo MArfLJVC FoEaft^ [No 

iPVteB, Mar^M], Id hn hMhund, Nofwlch, KruSsy 

dftcf PnNrr WcdnafUy (1hM*j1. No, wi. 
1062.— fWoiin MwEaict, Lo Juliti r»luii, Nurwidi. fir*t 

Mvodn in I^at E^bout I440 7], 
1063>i— Pulda, Hvgmi,to Jobu PutODu Mgndky afler St 

l064_^PM:Tdn, Murgaroi^ (ftjfihn Piufnn, H*vdori'a wife h*1 

adiik] ou St I'elci'i Dij. Ac. Gddi»luii. Wi-Jjin- 

dfcy afro St- TlkuaAiL 

Sporio Wood la To be inld. At (M7' 1 
lOOA-^FulOP, Mii^nrrt, mSif John I'ailnn, MidJtnl Srtndny, 
1067. — PulGi]. MarKarrl, tohti ion [a J John ?). tiL ^imon'i 

106&^Paskai, Muitmi. h> her too, HxmSAj after Si. 

lOOO.^PaBton, Marguvf. la John Fiurfoa, On^naJ Arxft of 
Lttio-eSi, wiTb <fie P.S. t— ■■ I ■Mm. yw kq»c ,lha 
LeUcT dosi «iui lew yt aifC ; lailirr Ucd yt" 

1070^--{Pulw, MaiBftRt], lo]du» Pvion "iAejvHvgrr" (thcie 
words crMcd Ihrougb in the MS.) fi«q. FhdAj 
after SL Lbke. 

'l07J*<^PatTonH Msfgatet, ta jnhfi Pistoti iht yaonget. SirndoT 
ncii flfier your dtpinlDE, P.S. — " And 1 pny you 
iditl luc bUmc liUiLtgi Ok bL^n iu :r? may ■!(& UnL ye 
be coTPciL lo LanJcFO how jottf lalhtr TpccdcLh odJ 
your brother in her (Le- theirj matron. " 

l075L^Piurrin, Mar^'iivi, to jnim PuEnn {Thryoimi^tt), llftin 
that lAmy wu mad? on him by mf;Ti lu dia^rulse^ JEc 

WltllLLiUC JmLc. 

1073.— hulon. W^Elidiiti {the Jmlffc^ Ii&tractioiu lo Joba 
!>tayiiiord of FuiTLEtaT^ Iwi. 

1074.-P«fllin. Waii^in, t^ of the Jm^ «o hk "^ata ' Um^ 

1075-^FuIwi, Wi-IIim, ion of the pA^ to Hnxf VTBtjM. 
(A tirt^ ImrrU 19 Tdjr iq EAw. IV. 

(ALvuI i4<^'] 
Plailcr. Thouiu, lo John PniEOit The day of tke Ad' 

vwdoFk i?> f U'^'} ^o- loot' 
lliirrr, Thomit, rnjulm I'lUon. aojnif, M^ UDJ. 
1077.— Hdrtiflfii in aj Hql VL 
1076- -'K- Ik iij luhn TuEuQ, S^oijc, wiib out L»nl Quiwte- 

l079-''KBddjfi; Jolnv of AHylbutu^ to Joha 1^««. 

1080-— RntioliLi. WiUlam, of Cmnur, <t> AfftA 

lO&t.— Kiuie, Juliji, 10 Mftqcmt rutoa. WJtboac 

1082.— Stnke, lULil* «f, \M ol KaiflbCi tn«de al (mtdfiaUd; 

1063.— SutT[>lk. AliCF. DnchMiaf. iJttmci'T^ijammi' 

ArcUUiJiop t4 Camerbarr. Kitioc bnh «k m _ 
bon dukIc Cu him tiy Auce D, uT S., Unu^taag 
■UbchI thlfi (o HcJMoo, Wilboot diitB. 

l084--'Siirrty, E.. Courlva of, (« . A bn«f DOC^ 

liVftttc. W.. (o Jtrliij FAiion, Roughuii, Supd*; 
NTW-Veii'k Day [[4^1}. Nu. 99^ 
lOOV-'WaftCt W., to Jolm taMaa. Rouflasi, S«:Bcitf 

1006.— Wyli^bilMi>riTBv«i1|ingeipcttML KMcL«d*'To«H 
■7 Iwont of Oodbni" 

Chronological Table 



th* nOiv iin[ur(»il J'EI'n, j^itiy E.3 Cuble ilia mdar Ta BM be k OjUimV 


limry K't m9n4 titJnpaifftt im /^oik^ 1. 




I SepL Anajtim. Tlie Kkij£ viAy lilae monlh* oU. 

Gotfuge* commlUsd by Wdtd AsUk Ld Norfolk, 4, 



IH^I« bMvov* WOllan PmUa nJ Jofao WgrtOk 

« N«v. Tmndf^ ff/fftmy VI. si l^fateuuftr. 
7 L;«& WilUun Panoo uad* • brolhv of tb* Honai^My «f 
«**>, »3- 

30 May- >■!■ ^Awt h in tt d at Jtmm. 
If Dec* Cvm^imi/Urmy yf.*i Parity 


Wlllkm DftilliUE'i pctltioD Afiiut WUUok fiM^ 

filrjoha Furat( ttpMia «r Lc Mui«,ii. 

r4S«pL ftafri tffikt DuJtt ^ 3t0nf at JVatOt^ r%r£>mUtf 
ti 3«|it r-ir l^^kr v/ Burpn^AarU £H^*Md^ mid mahtt a 

Jlffcavrfj */ f^trti ly thr F^ttt^k. 
Tlu t^dkt of Yori iamds in A'fnnBV^i mmd wnvtwwt 





AbouF 1440, 
John PuIod'i mtrvduciion (o Margard Hulebf, af. 

lUi nxurUtgc (o her, 36. 



JohD PutoL m in Lohdt/np %i* 


WUlUm Pulou ind Oiicf Jvjitlce Fortew both too Ul 
To Jp> on Cireuil, 37- 

DfaifaofWllIiani ^od, 42. 

Liupma ol AgoH Pulon with llie Vlar of Putua, 46, 

i'arlii^mmipfBM^.—Amtt mtJ drat* 9f Gimtftter, 


John Puton dispau«i>«d nf GreshAm by Lord Uoly- 

A nUd cUlaud by Udy MotIcTp st- 

Affmy 4l Ccjvcntij I^cEwetsa tht niaintn of Ski Robert 
Uucourt and bir KumiiliTe/ Siaflofd^ «o. 

DcaUi of Edmaod Puloo — bk auacupoUfo vill da[«i] 
31 Mnrvh, 64- 

Hiulcyns claim t^ Ounnd, 47. fi^ 
John Pulija u;aiii occupici Gr"lijun, 67, 77, 
n« Kiii|^ in The Mafclie* of WftJ«, 995. 




sB Jpix JntiEL ritf^n'twifrdri«aoat«fGffitthi^ 77. ?& 

Hu- Foi«Lcnvrt light an ihv ua«t of Korfolki ""^ ^' 
people prttonpn, So^ 8r 
I^ApriLUaitleoTPininnigiU— ^IrThmnu KMettakcri piuouf. 

JaAcirU.Thc DLkcuf^ulTDlk'alcElu (o hithm^ 91. 
tplilorMar. DdJiidl dhKrn tli4 (hdrror of BTtyVOtt, t^ fSt 
I Mbi', Ti/ iJu*/ (/A*/,Vi mvnf^f^ ttt t». 93. 94. 
Haf. Ntw sppoinTmain 10 offLCs of iilie, ^Al. 
V ^k Cad/ J rwMiiim, ^ 

i~homu Licnvd mA Ibc Karl 0I OicfoM, Qfi, 97. 104, 
J. FiatDp'i diipnte with I.£in1 Molpc^ ic^ 107, icA 
lit. 116. 

Mi^iyrwt ftoti hit tiicix bJicfnl ofTdoti^, tt& 
Riffrtinn rrf rwoknijlinrfihpihirr for fforfnlb. Ii9.f3a 

Oyer anJ ttrminer U Sufldlli, tt Bccda, ljc>, (ji, 

Aug. DknirbflkaMc in Ncvfolk, 104, to;, 

~i~homu Licrtyei vid Ihc KArl 0I Oicford, 96, 97. 




Ab 9ytr andtlrmimr for Kent, t4iX 
<^l«rdJbi^T«i>t/fCu b* fcvld iT Konpfcti ftt EuUr, I43, 

Km Puloa ic-tnloi Gtohim, i4(i, 
lEct;L]ToUd4l«^{nETllidd1jvCunMrilRmiC«i, I46, 
H«^0n'» harkt iMuut^^n thruijgh Ajlciliua teta Ncr 

r Mar, Tdddmhtra inrl Hrjnlon ff ^ ^gcTrf la sfgwix ih«lr 

uccrnlELniTT. IJO- 
Pct'liui) Lu [Wliimiciil t^lEUM S^ ThooiM TuJdc&buu, 

1; Fck 
I Mat. 

AfmJ- Ta Jdcohpni sjid H«yd«a to ba indicted at f(«inridii. 


Lord Molyna nnd hb men Indlciri i[ Wakln;^iuQ. 
i^c, i<6. jACLiuiUctl W faruui urihc Kuig, 1^5. IS^- 
Dtaih 01 Sir HtLtrj Xtv^cik, 1S7. 

CmtOKOLOGICAL Tabl& 495 

Duiiel hoping to n-ant*r Bn^iton, 171 1 which ht did 

toon illpr, pt. 

,7 Apil], Good FrVlay, yf gran-ai fafJ\>H gnnttd bv tht Xtag, 
AtBiLTlic Duke ^r liuifulL cumm)£ lu Nutfulk [« icdnan 
^uoi4cn,i73. >74> "TJh 
Th« £mg (too (CdBJEiE into Norfdk. 173, tff. 
Oatni0M «r Qttrls NowbII ud otben. 1:5, !?«> 179, 

%^zi Chui-ch, brini; tiltcn t<rifir>nEr Iiy lib own comriti, 
atnmc* taaxiy cT^lIcDiCn af ^CiJilicjti, l^^^ 11% IJ^^ 
iSOi tSl, 391. 
^V drwv fMi u*tJ*f Skrmtthuty t9 fvrtiMr Gmm0*, 
Ptr The DiUe of York ptvnt jf wvEi (0 r^lr J, FuTa|( iS^ 

HuiMiTitf op«BlicM« 111 LftiitTT't 185, 1146, 
Aprtl. VliJi oT Mfcreflfct at Anjuu to Narwlch, 1S7. 
Joly. DatLt uf PuJIip Bciiicy ,irid 4>iJ JuUii llcmiiJi^tumi 

*EI4. 1K9. 
JUfH 74/ ^fr^y f/ Siirr^hittyr d^otitd and Mn at CutilioH. 

TT^ £?m£i t/ Xvrfi^ift /itaiiij/i tt£tairnt Sfimtrnf, I9J< 

U Jia. Wollcf tn^rhiun wtyljkkt vA ^Igd bj procuicHKDL «f 
ThomaiL Dcu)C!i, t^^ 
TbciDM HfinyT^ 9»d ha wiin puF tn piiKn, I99t ^^ 

U Mar. l>em^ ff/Vardinai Xtmp^ if^. 


.''''' UnTTiHjfc propoKil bctnven Joho CEcplaa vkt EUdttctli 

Unyorjune. Dt/c^t e/ rht /•"irt^rA in an titivi cm J^vy tnJ 

Tohn iSuIgh jjid lliomoji Itovyi. ^?.— T*Ak] for by 
»i( J, I'ML^iir, ji;.— L>(»jmtnl l> Six rhilijj Wal- 
worth, S07, aii>, 32J, sai, in, aj4» **5, 14S, »6t. 
Edward iki Kini't tsmr^itdrwiiui af ^dj^, 306. 





Sjoly. 7Xr«%lr ATTMaa/MfbrZtfnUMM^^/rviiific 

II Jalj. Murian prcpCM lor KTimhctt Futoa hj LerlCn^ 
of naxtinp, teg, llfL 

S Feb, Sntirt/f ntmad/rtm Ikt TJbut, 

7 Feb. Sti ), Fnstolf roena wjnh tpokn al ■ dbvcr •! 

If Mat, FTFw-iiratinn io 5ir>ki>ihy hhmic^ Jig, 3ja 

Hu. Sir Tbomta licwa Vficd bjr AndivwB vkd otticn^ 331. 

Tiu Jirjt h^fifi *•/ St. Afianj, W =4l» 1^3. 

tllecuon i:rf Howard atvA Qu-TiaNidfuji f« ^orioik^ 141, 

M". »I9. 'i" 
Julyl^ Attnnpt fif thi Seta tm fi/fmkk. 

Disptitc bc(-#<cn Warwick and Ldrq Cfomwoll Wbn 
tte Kiaji, ay- 
05 Julf. Slittdcr AiE^init John FHCEoti, V«1tci1oo, and Alji^tet^ 

Ij Nov, KuTotr and ihp Iiiik« c( lli^lonfi gWMl&, 159. 37t-3, 

t\ Nov. D«iii«l 09mci Co Kb^mi; C&hUc, x6oh 

ft>J«L P#itolf»M li*iy VhifiriFh*m, 170^ 
fTrb. PuRolf uid Lord WiUoughb/i «iATaton. 374. 
9 Fell, >Wj( dW IKu'VltU c«Mf J» <Ar fatHawnf wi$M |gD 

[June 01 

19 July. 

Bia-YIJ CMSONOLnoiCAt. TjOLI- 495 

15 F«b. Vtrrit imK duckvjcrd 0/ Ai Prettdrrth^^ 

I Mu. Koilolrc ^^eonpfirt" qacd in rhc Kic^vcjidf, 177- 
37 Mat. J*rtr* n( ArchhUhnp IVjiirrJu^r, ^jg. 
31U Mat. LcEicr of Dimi! Altec Ol^nrd. s&L 

Aa^i ^in JorrV^ mtr^fi^nU m LtnJn, mSi, eE*. 

I JflfH. Kvnvn of Cowhav. ^ , 284. 
7 Jme. S^ ofirtM tif Ca/ait, M5. 

17 jaly. Kutiilf* piui>u«d Collqre, 3^0, JOO^ ^t. 

Jl Jolf. FfLfcCoIlud Utc Prior of HickUric. >91- 

to Ak£. Lvvnvd in«i not mtv lo ^fC thit harmr, y^ 

iScpL Lr(ttrc<th« Afdibliliop of Cajirrrhtu^, 194. 
0<t< TV Cemrf at Ctt^iry. 

' SmrtMn. ir^- . s^S. 

16 Oct- AJr^ ti Cj^tn/ry. 

15 Nov, VmiF nfmj Tnfiy<it Vnrk to Cildtf. >8A, ^M 
Nov. Sutlof PutcuiaEMl Howsocilful ADdrcwK30& 

^■^ JTIf OftfT ar ^/jT^«rf;"TV«Iihmeo Indicted, 30^ 

34 Ju.pjnrl Eul of Sa1l^biijy«m<«« hiirvsHf hy llJivis frcm 
^oniliiif up ED Luudon, 310. 

-^,^r<b^ Amval of Ebf iSifTcrcot Lord^ ta London, 313- 
r'^ F»h Thfl Kjnual BwkhampirBvl, 314. 
L^p4S Mtr- Tin miniiS jitt ae lit m<i€» Frvtrj in dtf JbrnutM and 
I attkr H^ltf Ptiari in tAi ufimtixni, 315. 

I tU"— Y TlMOOMtol Norfolk ioauhcd by ihcFrench. 3t^ 

95 3btar, JUarHdiiatiif eftht LtirJt at l^ndtm. 

39 Msy. Sin fshi i^f Calais om l^iiaty Snwiiiay httVMm Warttkk 

cmd thf ^ifanifirdi, 3^7' 
IJ Aii^ WiUkm ^^'orcn:^r Icantlng Frroch in Londiin. 3iSh 
Ejpciuci of Jolia r^tuu La 36 «ad 37 lieu. VL, Jil. 

} Tin. Elfnbeth fojodon to her aolhcT) Agno P&iedc. 333. 

5 Uor- Jufin fLiiuri, Ulb ddvaE kvd< fo Jclin Psuton tu &tbv, 
ve^ptlling luiviiLj^ given him dupleuurr, ^t^ 

"•^ J-V P"" f**^"^" -..U'*"* --me '" 


,,?<■'- viol v> '*^.« «'*°^ 



31 M-^. 



I Au£. 


Th< f«(Tefi of Fin^^lfs Until mu-Ti (o wll wme to the 

ThoiOMA ]3ai^ coxDiiUiiiA uf IIowdjUi ;S& 

C«'£^ M^ ^ Mf Heoir—ikt tittt fwW ^^^ ^/«v 

1^ Hflf] of Oilixil andftpoffl 4I kicurtiuicr noD 

Huwwil. i<>x 
The Dak« uf Kurfdk tiL pcueaion of Cuter, ^L 

{oho ropiicin &[ Court, jga, 393. 
-ti»b«th Pminftduponrwd QrhflrUn4liV39S' 
Ceronaiim ^ S^amnt i V. 
The PftooB rf Snorin^f ilr*^* ThtJUi* Dcnyi oMi of lii* 

The Kinc thould b« tnfontiCE] of [he d«nsuiui£ of the 

A Tnping* for Tbomii IVnyi^ wifr. 39R. 

Hnrder oTTTtomu Dcoyv ,)V9> 403, 4>d» ioo[> 

Davo' ^fc III 4:rcaj [ivubJc. 41AA 

Sir Mile* Abtplctoh accu>o Joba Ekmvr of ctnaplicUr 

in D*n)'b' murHvr, tor, 403. 
John TlPmi^ aufi (he lln*J*rSheTifl. fit. 401,403, 4C4, 

John FibLdii icHtoiei 10 the Klni: tliE lewcbi plrdfccl Eo 

Fiiialf bj I1I1 Cilhrr, the Duke ()f Ynik, 407, 
Ekdion foi Kc^rfblk. 40R. 
J"hii Pail'in'* pW**! irm m the King't boivsefiold, 409, 

4io» dii. 
AllercAiloQ twtwcen Jolut FakCou ud llotroid lo the 

ihi^'Zii-nuc 4l NniTwich, 410, 4]r' 
WiniaDi Wiircolcr uul vX favour with Po^toD xnA. 

Hnwfi, 4I]. 

I^vd Hun^rrrfbnl 4nd Rcbfii Whjtxnjjhun to MarEUtf 

of An^tn] fUTiii Dieppe. 4 1 3^ 
Iler^ty i'f. lun/ Marj;urrr uf AnfOu in Stf^ThrtU, 4I), 
YdYcrlw And Jciui y Ukc a dis treu jJ 0^(101,414.41^ 
Tl« Dukt f'f Okiuceitef Iq have Caialef , 4ft. 
7-U f.til/fi m H'iiiW ^]^Tni vf frt AirTfn rd tv ,j\ i*i 
Richard Cille prtvcnti Jfjuiry hotdinif a ooiirl U 

D&Hrden cM&alUed bj the (Kcupuila of Cotlon Hnll, 

4<9t 430- 
Tlw Kini; '\% offf^nded iF JohD Putciti for aol otHvlnff 






IJ April^ 
95 Arml. 

Aft— X( 
S Jddc- 


Thff Dnkc nf Norfolk d«&mt J<ihn PBiton rtie foihxt'i 

■JTCvriiLC M FnuuliOKlain. 476^ 
CuoplamC iHiLt John 1*a«Cdii k««pi hn noJi| ^ii John. 

loo moch 4l home, 478* 
A mAini^ eijgtil«d for }i3hn I'ulon^i (I»ught«r 

(M»rpiv). 47fl. 
Sir Juhn Fvinn luvci humc duidrfiliiicts', 480L 
PUto [flit br JoliD ?utcn b> SL Miuy» C«Ucfc^ Cua- 

brid|;«, 4S1- 

LiiHUlti flf Otpkn ifiri TJebmh*™ w*lh John Ptilon, 

Hrnrr Iknr app«]s to John PuEixi Tot aid !□ tb« 
BIcoMter^ of St Augustm^V OuiirFborr, 4Sj< 

Bemcf, Ycmfton, pm Kuu^h funiinimed to «ppev 
bdviA lt« KthEp «!^ 

Ajbdtn il Thriforrl, ^X^. ^fl^. 

Tkf ^tt e/Sfftnerja rt^h OHit more. ^^ 
Pbtc «id otlicr arliclci JcJivircd by lh» Prlot cT Nftfr 
wich I0 Ricluird Ca!I«, 4^7. 

&atHt^fIt^^it'n.—St/ntcnfile^itrJ. (5lhi ami LfrJi 

J/nHgrrfif^ oftJ S^Mi, ajU*. 
T. DcpuaitioPH loiicHI(i|[ Kiululf'i will^ 4S3. 
Seam of Hommghafl m CjiiHter In 1v (jflivirfft to th« 

I^utont, 4;^ 
CommisjuD 10 inqiiir? w]iy nifli litM Dot come more 

QuicltljF W »<(*t itic KUiR vrhcn summoftcil, 490, 
SeuI by Jenaff} Kgiunir Piuionn 49*. 
Pfliiion of Jobn Pulim Id Kilwird IV. fnr Itrvnu (9 

AsrccDLtnl of tlie King with JoJin PuloD for ihr fcuotlA* 

tJuij of [he iiiiilleEr, 49_V 
OtiLlflwiy of lufiii Pu i[i.ii1h 494' 
Uocking Jclur iildrewxl ro J4>lm FuEon^ 49(1 


7 Fotf' TqdiriavitaQdoatDaulwnry, Ric Calk. ^,.497;- 
ji M*r. ^feuAflC b? Vt^Ukm Wuei«(u 10 'An 'I'Ikjiuai 



^l™. 499^ ioi- 

Ol* ^'"^^ 





Sir Johfi PiUt»^ wishu Arblavlcr id rrfoM »dmJAliCn- 

Iion otbii kihtr'i will, ^66, 
J, Str«ng< ftapota * rruf rmge (or MArgety Futon, ^€}. 

Fd. Ydicftaa kbounm ig if et dcv wLcneuet up ta txmdon, 

Huh Jonn Tiuicn tlieyouii|^Ele»trciIo niBrry Lodjr Bolvyn'* 

daugiilpr, 570, S73, 
AjJAlWimofia corrting up to Lonrtoix— Abboi of I^nglcy 

anil WircljiJifiluuL Htniy Ifljjloi Mill not come 

without n sutipur^a, 171. 
AptiJr Sir Jolui Pb£I^ei hun« biahnnd al a caurTLuaenl fel Htl- 

horn, S7a, 
ApnX EvtHpnrvof Friu Movth imicEiing Muter Br>ckl?f and 

Sir John Fmiairi will, 573. 
Haj. Wifcr ol Sir JoEi^ Fallon touching the □Durbfc uT t}ie 

Piinoav Mai);uci tad ihc " ttc Lord CliBrlo,'* aan 

uid heir uf ihc Duke of IhuguidVf 574 
Jb^, KvideoM found dflrlnj: ruCOlT* UTc b)' WillUm Wot- 

couv lAVchln^ (he lamU which tvlongpiT ta the Dp 

^ nfulT, Futotf Qf Cowliaw lateodi 10 MHuU CaAict, S7^ 
*S Au^ FUlolfi iTiuiHi sake fnat (o £Lr Juhn FuEum of 
vuuon in Lai>t«» ^.. 577. 
4 OcL hir John Puli^n unii ri rhfl martar nf HmvnAtH in Cotton 
10 tlic Duke uT Nntfolk. 570. 

f Basin^LuD 19 Musvet 


rvtiUon of Jclia Ifeilijig <;r: 
Putoa, S&x 





Rflrttr? moJe bv Fatrolfc tnu(#« 1c Sir John Pidan 

of TTiitnon in Lnl^Tpf, &■:,. 581. 
Propoul 10 found VmnWi colls^e al Cambridge, if 

i( cjuinul be lI CiUcti 01 ftt Si- UcncL'i, 562 . 
WiUiun Worcalcr cwigTAtuUlca Mai^ici FatfoD tbkt 

C&x&E«t ifi la be U her canimandEneat, Jiia. 
April Hugh rmn inteT^^JM fnc > pc-kr tcTunt in Ljttt UmrJt, 

fram whom a distrsf vu ukfn l/y TfiGmu Pecock, 

Siijohri r^uEixi's xEViULL TiilgsJiilc had m-t li^bt tu 

ApiLSit John Psslcn in oriervd fn he imdj' by ihe lit Jane 
To aa>Mnpiny The I'ttJiccs* M«r;emrpT into Manden, 




i6TytvH Gcao^ pnloD to WiUiiiia PubM. 586. 

'- tki«t hon« huiM*," 07. 
»]«])'. Strjehn PuBOABO Auac fliui^ tt& 
10 Od. Honu urr^ti wtth Che Duhf of nar^'Ik fthoat Canhir. 


toirf will, 590, 

aSOct 'Hk^ iiD^hMiof SiLfli>lkloMM]«h>eMerC«Uati, S9>- 

Si Nov, Sir Jobn Pttittm MiUig men id keep Cikirt cf^i. 
I) Do:- Klijabdli PoD>n^ tumplaiia uf Sji Rul<n Fccjrv vfao 

Sir Gm^b« BrowDi lr> Jghn Putaa, 59^ 


WiUiun Sbfldwn Mudi ^v J, PiLit<» an meoaott Jtar 
■crtvaw'ittork, S94 
7 /sa. The Dochaa of tiullbtk kniemU holdiic • covi it 

lA/an, Th« Kinr diiqEw Sif J< PanUu aiU the D«hv «f 

Norfolk 14 c«v« (TdktBg UMnbhM. 59^ 
jf Mjir- Str J.Puiongivniriech^idMCUacfFC JohaVoUo^ 

3 April Mvifwot Pnaion a i^lijuiii Io knuv dxAit Lcr son Sk 

JoLn% ]>cQoil]Jtl, 601, 
7 Aphl^ Th« Kicfi capcctnl in Norfi>lk, tea. 
10 April Lonl Scila, la oc^utdcnllMi of Sn I- tSuaen't c^ctfe- 
fn«« to hi« klnsvorau^ Anoe nnrt*^ Mrfr4 itir 
Pake cJ WoffaJk to foibcK cri-aaring <n 5tr JoJia'i 
Uodi. 6o;i. 604. 
5 Mty. Cl*irDQ of ibe Elfbop of Wlachotcf tA «diB« ■* 

(nMOTtwi of Sir J- KuEolf, 605. 
7 May. ArclLlkhoi^Nrvtll tffvUSirJ, Fasten jf«^ 6c& 
May. Ric, Cillr rii^4:ni1 10 BCincerr PviDn, 607, IIOQ. 
May, The Dakt of Noiiolk inXCodi lulitliiv cgsm al ^kM. 


v«t Cm PUssk 

12 May. Kk> Cti]« oumol fet a [Haut7 of 

•iuflbllcor i*lcBK- ^'^ 
u Mdf. Thf Km^ jfOLii^ iv WaI^jii^Iioid, 610^ 6II. 

Juuc Tbo todee ni IlcUttdaa ^ polaicd cnt to iJu Xo^ 





- Adr- C«Kohr«if£pdbTll»eO*AeQfNorfolk, 6i6. 

£jEiuiiiiui>aii ^r MAJifvry FmIoii and C&TIf by (ha Buhop 
<rf Norwich, <^I7, 
£«p(. S[r lohn Puron mcinplE Ton^riNlpwiTh thi? L>alc« 
<4 Korfcjlk iliruu^U the mnliuiu «f l}ie KJat't Coundl, 

If 3«pt. M&r£u«( T'Eutm iianu Sir John of the diitmt of th* 

garruon bl Caidtr, 6)a 
■S S«pL Sir John Puicrn dltbriievei hk mochrff'i waniin^ 

*D ScpL RktTi and kii am, Sir % Wt/tivitk^ fmt tv daatJk ^y ^ 

afi 3*pL Caurersitrnidfired, 636-630, 

5 Oc^ Jd^h Cn^oi^ fle<irH imtmcTioni ahml the f^isfborgnl 
EflniHin □FCufifT^ 631. 

[OoilRicfaard Coll* »d MonEvry Pottva ol Hlaclthorov^ 
KuTWPiyj 633. 
C Nov. Sale of Beckliain hy Sir John r»ton lo Boficr Town* 
hciide, 6j4. 
D*& Two widom dc ui Appcai agiuuK Jobn Puloa, 636^ 


Uacolftfblrs to put n d^wn, 637, 63S. 
Hir. Boon f/IJWtaar/iflinsfiWf/^'r^). Till. 
Uij' LeEIcm uf W. WuruaLcf aljuui TLidiwcIl, Cjg, 640, 
tt Jwi& JvluL pHKluti aiul Dlhcrt c^uffcd Willi ffituny in kjlllni; 
£B€VAl thf Blflgn of C^ECT, 64I, 64I, 

n Juab The Ituchnt of TJorfolk prom]«M l» iaEcrctd* for JohQ 

fflttoD wi[h her biuluixC, ChfT 
M Jtly. Agr«m*oi tif BUhop WajTifle-c Md Sir J. Pisf fin for 

lllC K'lJiiiiiHLHJii uf dl^puEcf Jibuul Failifirii will, 645. 
IJ Julv. Marrarci rinalon cnmplfliiH of ha »oni, 64J. 
JuTi Aug. Ski T. F'luroD plt()gc£ ^latc, 643, 644, ^^9. 

iO Aut^- EDjuwuiciJlurMit^UulciL Cgllcgc. OnTutii. wiiL KutUTt 
Ubdi^ £50. 
7 S«pL Edward onticipatn ihA uiVMOn of Kent, 653. 



ItEKItY VL BUrrouck 

II Oct, C*-^ £Ji*ai^ iVpt^^A m Saw^fhmtry, 65^ 

13 Oct. Tlitf lUrl aI Otfi^nl b«fn«uli Jatui Ftium^ 654. 

sS Dec Cftltt^ojpg, wifcluoM [LI [cJuLchii koojcJioM, mItU^ lUi. 
^fd Pmvn (4 provide ft mrn^c for Ikt '^**i|fc>^ 
Anne, G6» 


14 FA LoEd BaifchamF rvhud lili ifiUrvtf id C»i<tM> ^ l» 

dpMod bj lli« £*rl of Oi^ui'l, C^). 

10 romt King l£Jvwd, G64. 
[Mu-J Ciartttci ^Mt mftr Ic HJs/iard fV., 665. 

fUfbi«f ofwiiuiipiiaiStrJ. Pueon And orboi, 4«& 

ii April. 






BAtt/f of Banul. — /ohn t'ulon voundAl, 6$B, fifOk 

Giiatf r i^i» ralim bv t trmnr (iT iW Dnk* of V«Mk 

Lord Sulti {RivcniofTtn tobofdcni Jobu 1^ile^67>. 

Thf Kin^ ttrni ■ bUl «f ptnldn la Jobn hMea, 6^4. 

7:a^ BttiiA'I hatrtm^niift MMukd, ^%, 676. 

Mr J, Faibicn dair«i hhbrollieTlo vjuch CBDiifr,A7( 

Oral morlaUtf In Englud, 67S' 

Sir J, FuLoin irikba to b^vc di« oMauivt of hb Ua^ 

lomb^ ftod vonifl m wro mDOrti al Of«iluiiL (pS. 
TlivKtBgftridQuHn on |iilgrimiicv to Cviteitori 6^4 
One of lEc tvo wWowt jnftrfled. 677. 
A fcneral pftnlon pmpncri. C7B- 
IjiVL'nrorv tjf &" Jt PintonV dccJ«i G)[9; 
Dutli orin Ettrncy ol WiEchir^^an, W, 
MuAFM PiiAlOCi it HniwiTtd at »^ Joha'i exinTifuu^ 

ViJuftiiM oTSporlc vood. 064k 7<a 

Chxonolooical Taols. S05 


I Jkd. sir John P*iton rccclvM liki ptrdon, C87. 

H I«A John TuIdii uiffc* lu brother lo obtain bf«b«te of hii 

John I'atTrn inrFrmpti g (mirt vhii-h Gnmry iirffmpri 
to IidM at Solhorpe. OSS. 
I F«b. The one widuvv cuuick U(i lu IjjDcloa Eu ^m iJic i^ppcal, 
17 Ffb> Sir John PK^trtu and Ann*; IlmitJe, 690- 

71/ A'lH^ iK/rr4-r,ffi tintA I '/urtwuf/irr Cl^Mft t tr, 690. 
Pu»chat*rt ofFer fiir Sporle Wood. 690. 
joAprlLTlic Htul of Niiiibxiiabcilimd gme bout into the K^rtb, 

^rvA^iApfi ^/fM ipmmJtaJ t0 lAf Ttfvtr, vtd lJkf» itnl 

la fiU. 093. 
rir fTiWfVUfi 0/^ Qxffrd ttill in ST. Attrrtin'i. ^^. 

35 May. Sir John h|liMi*l l&ndp^ \ri\l un'- p±y bit ilebU undai 

'-■ ifheEclluiyEiiMl, 694, 

5 JuA MuTEirei PuLon likflr to be tnmliled iboaL Sir J. Fiu' 

HcoiT Hf^oD hu boughl Suthcvptt and Tluhvtni 

^^H Sir y. J.vndt'ft goodt, 676-7. 

^^P The EKrfaf Ama \q Lfliidon. 696'J. 

B Tutf, AllDJutkmf vkh Sic Jajucs GlfVs, 697p 7°^ 
30 brpi- Sir John Pulon prvpOKd for ihc borou^b Oif MalJon, 

91 ?i«pL CanftfrTLHtirtrh tlie Dticheu of Norfolk aboue Ciliicr, 

S9S«pL John P»luadaLrciA pieluirrliLt 702-), 708. 
^« Not. Sir J. Futmi j»t4 iril^ tba Ducacvof Norfolk <fO Kti 

■fc ccindiilitfi> res' 

^^m Riven fxunlfig home (rom Urittinv, 703. 

^H Thd Duchat of Norfolk vUha to h«ie nlarffiret Twacc 

^H with Urr iE lirr oeflluicDiCf 1. 76>, fTliii Icttrr bv 

^^ bcEn Autdcutdh- suBphwtd mlhevcv I47S<J 

S Vov. AT>praching DOnfuivownEof th«DiicbMi, 704. 

Jorin PuTOn going U> KmnlLnghun, 704-«b 1*^ 
tg fiiw. Dr. Al#n'i fcir*. 705, 707, 
xt Nov. Jotui Pjifij^i ^-oiiiL: tu CiImI^ 706. 
34 Nov. John Puloi* ddivcn « ruiK 10 4 Udj forbbli^faCTi 

97 Nov. Sda«f±:parl« Wood, 711- 


Doe. MarpiTtt r«iiao riaJm a lloia tt> fau« Aa 

Sli Johv T'lulob shoiJil comt boai« to l< 41 dbecbrbts- 

\p^ gf ihe Duchua of Norfblk^i cliiU, Ttfl. 
Agncvtfii of l^uhop "WiTntitfe ud wiUioD Wor- 

BUbop WAjtrfUtt tnicicctln wiih ifio Dvctas of N«> 

folk abnil CattUr, tu- 
Qidaliesia^orihEDukc of Nr>ffollL'i cfaUJ. 714. 

^^AoiTipffMionEo ibc Dcikc, 715. 

Uugtnt FhilODirtibM li*r tdit Walter bM b^Wlov 

nto^ of John Bmwjr O'f Reolluai* 7 16. 

Sli J. PbZun wiiics from CiMi of * liut lie luuJ ytkl 

10 Uie Duke «f UurnodT** «oun M Gtwnl, 717. 
J. Putoaur^hiiBCtutvidfcoEroirj^iooforSir J 
tij, 739, 731 
S Mar. " FrQii:hmm whliUng on the oAsti," 71^ 73a 
jC Milt, Juhu Blmncrtii43^1 dtoKu tivUnUir iu NuiJalk. faa^ 

" Rjiher the Dpvtl, w* By, thia JBflf* Ua*." 7*0, 
vApm 7V^>(WM ^hY /VrfV^/'diwHf M/ 4^ f(^4Us A /jtdM^ 


/ifuniir ff/tAf CtmM ff/ Amta^MMt 731- 

//wu A7- «/f /^f JVfvw, 7^1. 

John rot^on'i :amb, 7M, 711 

Sir Totin Pa^Icm and Anne llBnlTr, 77]. 

Sir Jd»n ?uiLj(i't tu»imaloiu iLnichkitc Sporle. fa^ 7 ji. 

l^Apnl. Truce Win-ccEi Bbt£uiii]v* Kevux. athI Riii^liuid, T^l 

Sh- Jcihn f SL^ton imuMcd iboui tak aenmts. 79^ ?}] 
tSMay. The Fjt] ofWiltbhinud LvidSodlry dead, 7x4. 
JoliTi Tiuran ^vni^ to Coai^wtcUa, 724, fi?, 

Jjftly, EdmimS Pitt™ *tCfc]fl«, 737. 
SB Aug. Armrnir fnr Sit Jnhn fpiEoA, 7^8. 
ta Sfpi. Iluilnp 10 Sir }. Mlddleim and ^It 1. Pmion, 730^ 

TJtt Jij^ ^.^um Cla^rmft ^nJ CiMitt$Str^ 731, 7J* 
lite A'lWf AflT it^lfarthj G'^i .^l/, 7JI, 




A ftiipoiUFlnn vay be hiul ^f Roaf u ra Kanf 

Annr lanion mA Vdvcttoi^, Ttt. 

CUoiaDi L«uch^ng Johb Puloii'fi villi 733. 733. 

VnnMupRt Puton Jwdl M CnUtfT. ITtl b« rrcowencd t 

IT«DUU« F 3porI« tr^abkd, 734. 
Fvb^ Ifwii JCf- at Amieiv, 736. 

Jtr kit i^f, 736. 
Sir ] . l-^ccn upecU 10 hive Caister ogoJti, 736. 
V6 ApiU. Htmngi to Johfl Pufoo il C^uiinei. 73?, 
IJ JUI7, John PMtnn. ^^Iiubf rh Ebr rron^ ind unnrbrr liflr^ jyf^ 

U Oct- ^^11' Puton pledlsv pbl« to Kk Cl^rc, 7«a 
} Kot. The Vior oTlMCiM tO BbmiCfl Puian, oempkinkg 
_ of llctify W&ms who lotimidxten Eh« tsntnts Dt PastoD, 

I 741,743, p'Krv tivo Ifrtr^mhciiild havp bt«a pkced 
Id the rror j 47^^. ) 

[KoT-lSli John pATiloit le^tivirrfil Tmiu illneaS( 74^, 

Maney outEcn Ixtww^j Si< J. Paston m)J Towvacod 

L SAd bii andfl William, 74^, 746, 751, 75^ 753, 

i EdniDTul Pitfon i**lL amcntlpflH 715. 

Sii JiTnw Cloys' bookie 745, 746. 751^ 754 

JO KvT. 3I1X P^lan redeems Spcrifc. 74^1- 

Apic» Pulaa fc«ivcroJ fxom Ulna*, 74&. 

iohn PidEan und IjiHt Wilgnvf. 747, 749. 
(ihn Pa^tnn and Srockron's dnu^ttr, 747, 
A Fimch cmbELUT in LgndaDt 747. 

I I tJec LaJ/ Wil^ravc rejects J^hn BdCon't ries— her muk- 

bill, 749- 

Sit J- Paslon gning fo KlnMen;, 750, 

5f<fr LyA^MTf fli* t'^j;«Vf i^ wi 75* 

Willuiiii TuIqh cudawuribf (w i;ct pavacsbcn ol 

Oiaad, 75 [. 
^parl« WoQcf cBatwt b« fold in whol* (>> ^dTimUgt 

17 Jw 


Sir J. Puian 111 kn hli rye And le^. 751, 754. 




Sir J. Futon i^diiiicd ii Ckluit 75> 
MufuetPiuloD will ■ppfri't the ArilibUtmcf Cuter- 
bvy fti ihe Zlcenu lo hive mffnmtnt in W ctapd, 

Hw Dodtoft of Hocftitk ffMin lo WalaLwhui^ 757. 
Munjvt ruioo miOca of aodct diJnCBltLCt— " tk 

Kitt m<h "o Btir tt In tli* <ounay," 758. 
PeooeiEupaldtwoiimilorSir j. I'uMi, 75L 
Sir J. P>«OB^ bfD(h«n solus over irt. jjS. 

Edmand Pimoq jnibc av« 10 C&laik ;eo. 

Tbc Dvfitei«f Yoflk K St, Ikunrc'e, 761. 

'Pu KlriQ ^trT ipfiltoi tu tht Duke of KdrfoTk 

Sir John Putou tbc ironu fur CiLub 4U. tGa 

JIcw 10 C7l Ctuteruaiu, 763, 

T[)o Kii% P>^ ^ WftkiDghun, 7^3. 

Vrilion of Sit J- PMtoa Co lh« KIti^ Aar ncovrf of 
Caiilcr* 766. 

Deaih of the Duke of Xorfolk. 7**- 

Siijijbii Tut^ii tjuue up tu Luiduo (9 |i«tSlSciD (1 

Sir Joki; PA^lL^n* "«QndEi« to CuMm" u tU ukdkj 

m 77" . ?7^ 
9 Mir, Jchn Puinn rKcmmeadi Kktunl SiniroA fo 

HftUtD).^ 773. 

John Puioii lo [Miugery Brewi]— « iot« Iftlci, 77^ 
t7 M«» Sir Jchn PuUrn cm^cs vith Hutin^t to C«U^ 77^ 
ai Xfitr. LorS RLvct* at Rotpp, 776, 

Gw^^^/<y LnmiiHt 6y Cksriit t^r Sf^^ 775. 
6 May^ John Fa^ctui wcIlquics his biotlicr Sir /oho tftlB Hl^ 
EjikIjiiiJ, 77;. 
Jolifi Puton thinki of Mr. FiltwoJler't Mtct, 77% 
Lf \ 97 Miiy. The Kin^ hu promised ihM Sir J. Puton ifLafl ^n 



H' 10 Oct. 


Custer, 778. 



L«ttei« iLuui JohD ^urm uid Majgn^ Vrw^ 7^5- 
14 Fob. GroU ronncil br>>iin yem^pljiiy, 7SA. 
S Mar, Dune Etit Krwi Jr^im u> umi Miiri:xrcl Putou tf 

Norwich^ und i>o( 4I (.jji^ky* 7S7 
B M«. TeiTCi offwed bj fiLr Tliomii I^wk. 78S, 790^ 791. 


17 Au|^ 
9i Auit 
31 Oct 
19 Nov, 

18 Dec 


The " nrntier <4 Mn Brntly," 7«9- 

LtTtcn ■>! Jolin trope to Sir J. PuToH, 799-4^ 

Si* J- PUitoti trt^^>Mm m hr}i> hiH hrrthilr't marriig^t 

The oittcb bcCwecii Joluk EViKm utd Mu^crf Ufcwh 

79^ ;97. 799. Soi. 
Levd> XL Iku c^ed Dipy uf tho Dakd of Buixvitl/* 

tOWTl*, 79S. 

Hcljlcrsii J. Fa»(on ro Hcnfj Colff, Soa, 
Msncr «f Spork miMl4^«d 10 T<nriucnc1. Son, Soj* 
MuiF^ftrcl I'uton vUl not mv Sir lohn Pc*tDU*» ckU 19 

Sir r Puian to fflj hii lvot)ifr William'* houni imd 

MAOol-bin, Say 
£nfi* XA iui^n St:. Ovur'j, and »ttnu Ciuni, &H. 
Muwnof Aoauid WiUUm Piaion, ^, 

Wt*«k ±1 WLntBTlOD— Air J- FatloD'k cliiiu u lord of 

Mu^c^ PuLoD with child. &o^ 

Uj«a. Dt, YuDjm tndlhccha^ »lC>is(ci,Bli- 

Jobr I'astor ffDing \.<i raltc bi« wife MirgCTj to set her 
faTtirr. £ij. 

J FdU Dr. Pykcnliim now Jiulfir of i>icr Afchrv fii t 
A mMtJi fbi Edmund PuEcn* £12. 
A pnMDl of dtta from Mu^ciT I'vtoa to bu ncrtbcr- 

31 Miu, CoiuFvicr Knnfrirrh tn Stf John Pbkioii. 8i^ 

"nie I>ukc vf SuiTclkd ctum then, &14. S15. 
13 Uij. Tomb of /aha Puton the filhef not bc^uo, &jj. 
The Kiuj baytns cloth o!go[d, Si;. 

30 May. Tlic Duko«fSuflb]kal HdlnJun. Si;. 

WiUiuD WoKQler ud Su WilLua &otkin£, Str 

Mor^flft^l Paftoii very Ul, £17. 
fl7 Wiy. Mfcr^rel PulOQ tcndi dolh oF gold for her huBU»d'» 
Tmiib. SifL 

Slr Ir PaiTun'v cbitn in H«l1ndoa uid Dnjlun> $|S. 

Sir]. rksiuD G^Ji^ to many k Miuw^^ouvi oi ih«Q»«tiW 





iSAajf, BinbofTcihaPu1j»^ioaainilc3tiMi;iU' 

Tha Duke of Duckinj^iun Cpnc oa pAcnvuv 10 

William Enrndon i nvlcbcr, lUr 
rb F^arl a/ O^rJ at HAmmf^ ^%- 
7 Ncnr, \\~i]Iuuu pAttuii, juiiJur, ai EtOD, tj«, &:>T* 

IX Ian. EmndE lo MutiDEfont &>$■ 

3 Feb. Dr, Prkcnbun itifocmt Uar^uce PloCoo Omi Im m 

VTaJicr i» act ret quaJiAoii to hoU a >t***^ !>& 

4 Mar, Wdtcr Putr^Q rrod; to tik« bii B A., «ad pf«nd is 

» May. ITc vi>'iK1 1» Lnrfpror brforp Mkdannuncf. Sja 
30 iDnr, He lakn hjit ik^^rce, Sjl, 
7 Jblr. rUu of WaLum rctloJi, 85«i Hj5- 
18 Aucp Win oTWtJta Pjtfloai 354* 
01 Au|-, DtAtlu<if A^nat PuM&ud Wftlltf^SjC 
a& Aug WLltljun tension oIilUdi th* Diiur of MatlMttfi»n4, S17 

5fr J. f uii^n inqu&fH «bc(at hl» mndnoch*?* «rill, ^ 
^OcL Sir I, fU«lAt]S JirtjatfiviUiSuAik, ft<^tS«u 
Tie It ftFT ni, 84a 

Bishop HorlDn nttcm 1« ahHiiIc b t lw e<a Um ud Ui 
uncle Wmiiru. )^r>, K41. 
6 Nmr, Tfif trnAndt JU Crriwnirr knnw nm irha thall h# tbcif 
>S NvTi MijacT mdTid wd spfut u tiw mnoj cowl «t 0» 
fllivhuiii 84J. 
Nov, Death uid bunaliirfeir ToTin ]>urciv. ?f4«. 

John Pwtnn wiihe* fcii uroihfr tjJmimd Id *nl»r Miri- 

Procec4Iiilt> of EdmUQiJ Puton At Mulingfan] and 


Dec- Tbc £r«dC moEUitty fthaic^p £49. 

Bithop Mort(m pforaiae* la f±wtvMt Jflhn Fmron Agiiiut 

Iiijuna ilonc tQ Joha PAMon bjr hii oacle WUItun, Sjo, 

Tondilfif; ■ rcmturrmF tm Sir Jnlin Putciv, I51, 
Itivtf tiTuiy of plaC«» Sja. 


24 F«b. WfHtam Puirm tn John King, fnrnfr orf ltvw«ltwT, 

, BS4- 

Jahn) Pror of BroDLEiaLm. to f oUu Puton. <£ciiriitf him 
toprtMiurtoJ'ihcQkiecAUailwfurhia "dertour, SJAl 



AbtwE Iffit ? 

E<1riiuu1 pMtuD vrill sec 4 widotf la Wonlcd IW hb 

brollicc WUIiftni, K^S. 
Edmuiirl F'u[c?n Jmnirtv hie mnthar'n ^rcLvencu ttnt be 
■nd hH wift" hiTf not wiiitwl on her, *^% 

MiTgiirf! Pitton'i will, *fli- 

iotui Paiioa to hSi mother nlxnt ber will. K>i- 

V<nc* bj * U4/ Iff ju ftlACDi tofij, Sja 



II Joftt. Ric^flH. Duke of Cloucritrt, to LorJ Nevill. dcairiaj 
Liiii Eo cum? up to Loodun Avirb 9 hoAj of iueHi ^74- 
tli/abcrh. Diidifs* of SnlTolle, lo John Pajfon, rpquew- 
iufi huu Lg U&1V III! ludgatg fgi « lev tiaya, 67^ 


Thft Ddkc nf Nfltfblk 1c folinPjuUw on m iiUiumellott 
m Ihc Wfaia af KFnt,87S. 

I I Mij. An order by the Dultc of SufTalk to 1 dumer to pv 

' Cotnpluntii tjf J<]ha Puton t£uiut hU unde WiUuB, 

4 No*- Dalh ot Margnret J'Diton, Sftr^ 

Idaikon of SiiuuiAl And I larwdlburr, SSr 


t Au|>. 77u £ari */ fiu^ff^nti !afi.ii at Afi^/.^nf /fat^n, $h^ 



93 Svt- OttaiG Eliul^lh HcjwiA tv Juba Fuloa iLvot Iter 

3 Oct Ha* CoantMi of Suit* 7 Cdtnoiainf ta Jr Puton ih«t h«r 
hUfhsfirl'l wrmnCi fine tmli dudurg^d bjr Lofd 

Kitrwalter. i^ 

Ibc Scull, SA7' 

l4F«lk Alio. ImAt Fitifaugh, to Johji Putoa tboM ^ 
19 MftJ- VurMmt Jmw< f$eap/^ attt tk* hit »f Sif^W^ 

04 Jjuu Lord Lo^r* «dhcRDU. £91. 

Tli« Prior ci Norwich T<juchLii£ ■ htqtMVl Vt Jitdgv 
PaiTrm in liti ntrna^i^ry, Ra^, 
Hif. /tAvition f^ Lambert Simnd, 894, £95. 
16 Juue /^un[r ^ ^ifJit^ 

Duac EUvbelh BrcwH Ic ^a J, Puton (or twaltt ncu 
in htn^va to r*cat-a a di«ti w, S96. 

1488^ _ 

Tht &iihop of ClicAla uki <A widom mora th«i tlwr 

Sir J. Puton t^ Ihinc MijficvT, hii vde^ for a phiCcr 

ftn Ibe King"* ntTomey, Jtin« Hobfirt, S^ 

Tlt« Queea lo (he KatL o( O^onl Eoucbkng the cUlm oF 
Sir J, Muicin 10 lhpnib.Tii>r ol >l«iuntli m (JDtlOD. H9> 
Sir J. Itovnrd «nd Debcnhun innnd lo "h< on" 


I Ktb. A whale Ukvn o(T TborfihAflk, 906, 907. 
f Mw. Th«Ku-l«dffonhu]ubcrlai>ili[iiea with the ICl0£iitiOdr 

Intended pii^^icki uf tbi Kinfi 10 NorlallL, 908^ ^ la 

E^auhI PuI4b Appoiaiol rveciTtt of Unds of Lflrt 
Solb, 911, 91J. 

M April. Iltnrr Vfl. to tht ItaH of Qiefocd— /J Mff aWr w«w ^ 

m mlbftbodrofinen, 915, 916. 

' 1190. 

17 ju. 3berwoocI, BiJiup of DutKbio. <q Sir f r>Tiri FuCod, 917. 
_ HBDiDfou petition of ^ J. Pmus to LpoH Fitn^itiTt 


The vm\ of .Surrry cenJfif* Lhu Thomu Hutford 1« 


6 April Lomplainti of 1b<; K.tra of Dconurk i^diI l^gLkh 

[Sept-JTlio old inrl nc* BajJil^ cif Y&nnnutb uk Sir J Pw* 

Uja'i Dididition wiijt ilw Ejit of OLford, 9J4, 
,Ocb The Ear) of OiTokL (r> Sir J, P«itoa kbouL Rkhftrd 

DArkcliry ifldhli alxip. 935-7. 

Feb, Prnvuiou for (he UvaiLon of PnaKt 4f9i 5130. 

h* hsB Aton oMif^od to keep a pnsjQer ax hu 4Wn 
CM, «t. 


LiMvi of BtLMbeUi* Duclitn oT Korfolk, in Uhalf of 
TUkm* Hiitifh 93^3< 

Pivpixud of 5Jr Ri Cleit (or (be EUfriagQ of Sir T- 
PulOb^B lOD, 934- 

Kiii^hU of the Bftih nmdc on Ibc ljcgjuluii, 933. 

AUempi Iff F^h'n »'»r^it 6/ Istnti tJ Dett^ 93/^. 9^7- 

VoEin^ WiUtaoi PiuEqd ■& Sir J. Fnncicuc's pluc co 
iccouni of thu p[it£afl ■! Cuabiiil^Vf 9JS- 



Willkm PuKn. Sir Jolm'* Imtlcf, *'<nn] in aucul' 

Ifuiun, CovtTcu i>r l^ichnoo^ lo fS&r J. Bgy?1 
louchinc (be inherimncc of ihfi ^Mi|W>> of WilbiB 
ration, 94<- 

M AiJC» Sif J. pAilOfi to inquire who irrra priij to iLc Etil nT 


BD Kir. Sir J. PuiOQ to be ir*6f to mnd oa Hie Friuva 

Cachciiae of S|i4in on her tndvil In Esc^'^^ ^3- 

Pn^siacd ihutuhc uif CUppobf wilh & otnc of Sir J, 
Tbfl pari ar Oxford'it lUwwd to da " Bkcll Kb%H* 


6F«K Amnd [Guchin|r Cut BpckhBin henntm Sir JuAii 

Fa^Lvit jLiiJ Rl>^ci Turtiiaciul. 94q. 
6 Sept ArthHilinp Wferlmin 10 Williua l^toD on ihff ^mb 

of bi> fflChrr ^ir jL^J^n. 95<»- 

Joln Kud«J to [WiiiiBiA Poctoan looeh^ Uuk 
beaghi of ^amiEonof NkL Pbftatag 3 fSf , 

ITjub 4tetmnt9/tktViMlt/Fkilif, Ki^t'fC'^j^U.iai^^ 

Index L 

letters awd titlesl 

Id tU« 1ndf4 ¥inW feu»d ilir rAinti of the vri^en of rhcdLffcrMil ItVan. 
4Bd qT rbr pATHU imilffn ia, w\xh lh* IUI>4 irf C«h**jtar*rt Til* 

I ihftrt ID Ebe ifllHOU aod pif^id wlui^cvta ilami^ will }^ luunii. Fem 

^^B ulBfd Ina^b volant «n bdialBd Al ibvfini] of every pd^el 

TilL B. qTUqcvK loii' 

lOIttt toil. 
TfcpMlOfl, bit John, 59'- 
71 PitTnn, M4fg*ret.43ip 5^7. 

7b Sewvbj, WiUiitDr >oio. 
71 Vdveitoa JLod Puton, 3^ 

AaeuhSTEA, Jakes 

7^M&ldfli, Haijilfor, 700. 
U FABton, John, 5+S. 

7> Spclmwu Sif Hury, fil4- 

ftL. t, >rat 1 Bni.-v«. IL, » ifi«r,-v«L. III., Mil 

Alvaxd, Ehuund- 

Ai>TV0TOK, Giles, and 
Dascy Rogex. 

JikH Mmk^ryn-, Willltnl, 953, 

a^cutry ov the p^b- 
Akdbew, Thomas. 

7i> PuIoQ, Wlliiun, 9C5, 1007. 

AitMi, Mrs. 


J> . 381. <oo8. IQ09, 

Bh, H., of lincob. 

AntM Anan^niaiUj ton. 
?^ PftMon, JahD, J973. 

a a M. s. 

7^ PutoD. Jobs, S43, 

Barkktj, WTU,r*M- 
TrFutair, Sir J., ■>!, 

Tff PMton, John, ja?. 
y^Pmflon, Murt-attt, Sfti 
7b 'WoTcie£ter> willUm, i*^. 

/rpfff Fuai&U {10 Cu'kfi and 
HOV75J. nj. 



Vou L. K«.liBlV— Vfii.ll..3NtD«8r-rat. nL.«0i»1ttA 

&ARKAftl>> WaUAU. 
Tc Puluu, WillLun* *HU 

7> IIowci, SirThot., 41^ 

l>iik# of, 49' 
Fhim J«n«y. Bailiff ani! Juni> 

of. 5*. 
J^nrm I^*el, John I^nL 3» 
/VtfAf Norfolk, HJanor Duch*ii 


/VwN Sftlbbary, 

;>*« Tulbop, Will^ 7S- 
from WiiloogKhj, Jobn, 961, 

Beckbah. Bast, 949- 
{knighwd T483). 

Tfl PasTgn, ^.t JgIih, to^ 
71- Pjiilon, Joliii, Sv4- 
^™m O*f0Pi, Earl of. S9J. 

Bkknev, Joh?'- 

Tlf PaiLoEi. Jolin. and Rokc- 

^fVrt Fosiolf ^lo Rflmiy md 
DihenJ. tji, iir, (69, 17a 


Tc Putua, Joluw 4^J- 

Biu. [^F Costs, 6S1. 
BmCHAM, Kicharsl 

7> FuEoU» >6i. 

Ulack Kkicht, '11«- 


7> PutoD, Jdbk ±5l, aSt. ^5, 

rn^TKtJir^ Boekke «aiL 
oLhm], is6^ tal, ijo^ >3'*^J 
14a. i;r, 

/>vAi Wludscr. H..aii. 

/rvn WuoBUi. W. iUt Sod' 
ini; and Puton), t^ 

Jr^m V«lir«rtoB, 135. 

BoT.FVw, Sir GKorTnmr, 

Botoweh, W,— Af Wofi- 

BouRCiiicn, iBOS.* Atclw 
bbhcjp of Lakixk 
m;KV, aflcmrjirdi C^ 

7>|-m<ti>». Sirj^OT^ 
/jFp*Fiin.J-> 304- 

BRACXunr, Fmr- 
r* Pulon. J., 3I9. JJt, 34l» 
3!S-3S^ J'^-W** W.»*' 

Ta Puluji. VVJIiuu. )4^ 

WliltniD(U7. Btnmn of, )71. 

Breton, John, of HadlCf- 

7a Put^n, W^muu, 9SS' 


f^l,X«.lM3H— ri>i-ir.W«ia«fr.-nt.llL.«BnU«. 

Dame Eliza cetei. 

TV FMton, jiAiUt oi Sit Juliu. 
the jouDgatC, 7S0, 781, 7H1, 

/>Mi Patioo, Mari-aif^ 799. 

1> FMcm, JohD. 733> 7^4^ 
/>«■* P«Moij,Jv1uv7r4- 
Putoa, John. B&d M, tt, 796, 
.S#d/u Ptilni^ Mjrjjpry 

Bkiwi, TifOMA-^ And 
SrArt-irni.**, Sir Mif.t^. 
f'rfim Otiotd, Kui o^ 105. 

Bacws, Sit Thomas. 

Mcmcmnduin «f, 79J> 

7^ Puton, John. 368, 856. 

JJrouholu, Nicholas 

Prior of 
7> hUTCD, WiUlfliD^ toaa 

owHoLii, EoBEFtt, Frjor 

7> Ptoloj, Jolui. fi3. 

Tp Pai-ton, John. 885. 
Her Wm, 9^6, 

J3ROW74E, Sir Ceorob. 

7> Fmon, John, ^95. 

Buckingham^ Kumprrkv, 
Uuke of. 



Te Pulcqi, Joha, 447. 

Cajstka Cawtuc, B«m- 

Caister Cou-Kat 

CaLL£, RlCHAHfi. 

Tif PasIoh, Jaha. Senior, 135, 
156, 3gi. 41a,4A$,43^«4)S■ 
4;t<45f.4^7.4^4^). S>^. 

7!> PuT^in, John, liinior, 4411 
7(r Puion, Sir Jolui, 507, 571, 

T^PuCoa, SirJi>hDtlh«Toun£n, 

>44. 945- 
70 pAilon, Mvfftrei, 3^, 7'i. 


Etll ar DhU oi. ASl. 

Call, Rodert. 

72i Pulon, JoKn, J(S. 

Caijiuorpe, W. 

7^ [\aIg% Jolin, 10X1. 

Casov, Twomas, Ihe elder, 
of Mckyll Polgravc. 

7b Pwluu, J^, ii7- 

CA>m:iEuukr, ArchbUhop 

of, (J0LU4 STArrORU}. 
/Vpn Kulcyn, fulni. 4r- 

Chambre, Hleavok. 
n Pwoii, WiUUm. 34. 


^^^^B Tm. L. |t<a. 1 u JS3^-V«, tL. W toMt.-Va. in^ «ll w 10«4 M 

^^^1 CHAUBiittAiH, Sir KoCE>. 

Crakb, Johk. ^^I 

^^^1 7> VuUm, A£ii«v 4^^ 

7b PutoQ, John, 94, i4t, ^^V 

^^^1 CUAMCK-LLUll, The LOKD, 


^^^1 /Wn Puton, Joba, 4(1- 


^^H ClIlDWORTHjonN.fiubOp 

/rvn PiiUtn, John (of Gdium), ^^H 

^^^1 ofliocQln, 


^^H 7^ Pwt»li, Joko, 956. 

CftOldWltU> Lonj. ^^1 

^^H CiARsMCR, GioKOB, Duke 

7t PuEmi, John, 969. ^^H 


CftOWMSft, ROB&RT, ^^M 

^^^B A-fffl Rdiivit rv.. fits. 

T> VMLou, Sir J«bi], 9JT* ^^| 


Cpownx(?), Ros, ^^B 

^^^H 7b PuloD. John, 12(>. 

7> PtAtoD, Sir John, 10^5. 1 

^^^M ClERJ^ ELl^AUMtl. 

C&Y»rB, T ^H 

^^H 7> Putoo, John, Tl. ^' 3SJ: 

n Futon, JahBr S6> ^^H 



^^^1 7b PutQD, 3u John. 90t. 



^^^1 Clopton, John, 

Pftilioa gf, 19. ^^H 

^^^H 7^ Fuiw, John, £Oi, W5, toffj. 


Dakme, JohNh ^^H 

^^^B Coke, William, itod 

7:1 riE(«h, John, 1006^ ^^H 


Tj I'liEon. John, (frofn Dunas* ^^^| 

^^H 5'ni-t Fulolf, 6jl 

u>d GrufjunJ, ISL H 

^^^1 COLl,WlLLlAM,^Uld Others. 

Daniil, Thouas. 1 

^^^1 Ff-om Putolf, 7> 

Frtm Wausron. Rob., C& 1 

^^H Cook, Jont^. 

Darcv, Roger, aod At^ 1 

^^H /^r>m Coib£, W,, S9t 


^^H Ct/rvNCi, W, 

Ff«n M»kt/yn, VTiUkm, SS|. ^J 

^^1 7>Cooli,Jiilm.59a^ 

Daubbnev^ J, ^^H 

^^H /^ Puiofi, John, li^H 

/> PuloTi, Jafan, 45fl. ^^H 
Tfr Fa^Eori^ :^ir J^^. 1097. ^^H 

/VvM Fmacwn, J., (Co Dubcr^ ■ 


^^^^^^ Ta ruLoB, Mw^ftiVt, A51 

■nd olhcfi), 100^ i««4. ^^fl 


Ikdix or LsTTsns akd Ttxtss. J19 

-ToL. U^ 8Mta«Br.— Toi. ia,«V» UM 

7h FmtBO, SU Joha tat&. 

I>ArEU£, T. 

7* VMttiD, S»r John, 51*4 

Davy, John. 

n PuAcm, John, 37Ch 

Uebcnuah, TvMrciasv, 
and White. 

i3%pMti>n, John, 155, 

72> )*uion, MargiiTFE, 397, 

l>oitv, J aim. 

7^ Futoa, John, 10310^ 

uwBiGOiHO, John. 

7c Putoo, Jotui. 437. 

Jd'BdlDOJlJ, t?^ 

DimMAu, Bishop at 

7i PutOD, Sir Joho, 917. 




7* Pufon. SLr John, 596^ 


Ttf ClAreQce^ Wuwick, ud 

Archbishop Nprtll, tt^. 
Ji fftiyt^ Srr RobcrT, S94- 
Tt Tn^tuiK SU TuliLi, 534, 599. 
Tv Swwi. AViUiflUj. 65J, 
72 Vonnouth, BulLff« of, $$3- ' Shipdbun, l^ 

Edward W .—t^mittaaf. 

ffym Tutoci, Jtjibiit SfnioTk 49i> 
/tl-m Fmiuii, Sii Jului, 7Wh 

EuzAe^ti, Queen oT 
Httiiy VTI- 

7>0jifi>rU, £vUr, 899, 

EiLftAHD5 to Marlingford. 


1> , jat. 

FAKTOi-r, Sir JOHW. 

Mtmi^E^LtW b/p 119, 137- 
iVa cUiiEu «|;4k(i9( the Ct«irrt, 

7h Bwwj, John, ud JhaL 

Howei; 133, 141, 1*3, 
7^ B«iiey, Ho«ci, and Ship. 

KUnua. 169, 
7^ IkTcey, F&cton, and KowOf 

7h tt«:kinj or Kirkpr fee J- 

l*»ilon. Sljt. 
Tff Vn^idi John. Hidl itfha Kk* 

Z* Filt^glt^r. HeftJ7, and John 

Pailon, 237. 
7mQwrs,TbQniaa, 95,98, itn, 

MO. 133, UJ. ISa* M4. Ififi^ 

7Hl<»*e* aad Wh Bo/W, it J 
Til HowQ uid J, Boolungt 130, 

I II, 14a. 
Tg HoHu. BwbiHf, tnd Shl^ 

7t Hawo, W, Cok^ 4ad W. 

ShiwlliHin. U. 
7) Kdwo, W. Cole, ud W. 

3hipdlurQ, 79. 
7b H<jw«, Th. Gitcn, tud 


▼•«. L , Mh L U Ml * VM. n, >M to «V. - T«b lO. MS Lt IMt 

rA»TOI#» Sir JCHM 


Til Ka»Hv Jranry. And bot^kp 

7> Nvrfotk, tlic Duke of, IJJ. 

li Krton, J^hn. JI7, sss, «s, 
»*. »J". aji, 14**^S. w 

£&[, 166, 271. 374. llitt 3)^ 

iSj, i»K, j^i, a^, j», 301, 
jc*. jai, 96*, 103JL 

7a Futon and VriTcrton, 151. 
7t Piulun ajul lluwc^ ^14. 
7i Sctupc, Stcph-,509' 

y* WFivlyngtuTD, Ladr, J71X 

^n EtuuhuL Rit^, 363. 
f^m Docbw, John, a7i» 315- 

Ami FilongU^HeniT, »^ 

/>«■ Hovt«, Th,, 158. 

/}vn Putcui, J, , and T. Hovo, 

/^«w> E«r] of OiTonl, 139. 
/K*K WorcMhv ( Botoiitr)^ W. , 

IliiWill. iM, 5JJ. 3M- 


Ktt WiU, «umiDAtioni Mttrh- 

Ing. 533- SSci 
lavcnloTY ofhia GvtAbt ^5' 
Hill ^Vttrdrobti, 336. 
Hm Coll*!^^, 3J7, 65^ 

Hii Lands. 645. 

tiir F- F- anJ jiJin Tulai, 071, 

£ip dAiP VtOatt. WjLliaai, lOD 

Fakitilt, Johm, and Joh: 

/ViJin Futol^ % John. TL 

Fel^ricgv, Sir Jomr. 

Fewk, Hucic 


7^ futoU; Sir J., i^x 
FiiOfOUcT, Henrv, ami 

FiLOWOLBY, Hsmtv, J. Pas- 
ton, nnd Velvektoa 

AfP« Bttkiog, J., J4f. 

Fmuiufiii, Auci, I^f. 

7i I^CoQ, John, S89L 

FrmvALTEA, Joii-4, Uni 

Tc Puton, JoHn, lo^ 

7b ?ft<toD» Sirlotan, 901, 90$^ 

/Vim Puloa, Sir }*Am, gt{t 

pon of, *4j, 

Ftnv3» Sir RoasRT. 
/y™ Edwanl :v^ 594, 

Duke uC 

ANevJ^Unt. 874. 

IvtDix or LiTTsits xvD Titles. 5«t 

V^ U V«. 1 HSn-*V«. a^ MuMT^^Tn. fIL, an» ICM 

Glovs, J>ut$. 

71 PMfccm, Joba. 146, :47, aW. 

» nittOQ. bli John, 5&1. 

Fwton, MafjfiKt, 716. 


71 Putoru M4rGarc(. 540, $47. 
Fnm 3alo, Lord, jy. 

GoLDEWKLU Nicholas, 
/>n« PMtion, WLllLun, ^x 

GftAHT fTOici the CrovD, 
GxKfcr-r TftfucAs, 

^VVM KutaJl (to hmand athtn), 

GftESHAM, T^anrs of. 

/^tm Molfno, Lord, 6^ 

Grkshau, James, 

7> Puion, John, loi^ lOtt II7. 
iifL. HU»1S7. 27<, 296. J^4, 
444. «7ip 4S3, 99i. JV36> 

Tff PiAion, J» (Aram Greihim 

And J- Itaftinii^l, IM. 
7^hlW<in»flirJohn, 665, 
7> Pwlflii, MuiidteU 4J4> 
TV Puion, WiUjiini. 37, 
Tj White, MftAtorp ioq, 
/•rem Vititat. j , icA 
>>i™* I-iiaTjivnH J-. I" MuryliTt 

Gitrr of Huaiiu^ Ed- 
mund, Lord. 

r> pMMn, J., >09. 

Grtcgs, T, 

7^ Puion, Sir Joba, Qofi, 

Gynry, Jorn. 
7h ?uloQ, liVLIL, ^. 

ITane^oa, Chri^tcphkr. 

Ti Puion. J , 357. 

Harysov, Luuen. 

Hastings, Lord. 

T^ MiJ(£ctoD, Six Joba o^ ad 

Srr J, FiXStm, 739^ 
7i PuloD, Johji. 7J7. t03i>. , 

Fnm Tattii^ Jnbn, 773, 

Hawte, Jahe& 

VcJ Pabton. Sir Jabn, 6la 
HAW-fitvpi, John. 

It SlAfTard. J^ihn, Ardibb 
df Cnntrmiry. 47. 

72r SlAfTard. J^ihn, Ardibuh^ 

)Ty. 47 
IlLft ftomiuff to Omaul, 104OL 

HtLLESDOli, ihc Duke of 
Suffolk's AiUck on, 



7j> iV^hnm. John, «nd Uitk- 

ton, Jahn< 973. 
7!; Tutuu. Juhiu ill. 
/Vvnr Votk. R^chud, Dalu <3C, 

MeiDoiul (0| 9381 



V4^ I,. Ha. 1 It M.— Tg(- lU «M l» 


Ft Oiii;nl* Eui vT, 911, vu, 

HeRtVHO, JOHlt, of fiu- 
PhIUoq ot to " Udj " P**ao< 

Hkrt» Sir TiroMAS. 
IIbvuhihohajj, Sir Jomt. 

70 Fufcin, lohD, Senior, 42^. 

Howard, Sir JoHW, «Hr, 

/^wn NoffbUt, lioke (if, 1046^ 
HowAim, L^y Katue- 

RtHE, 1043. 

HowB^ Sir Thou AS. 

71 Boarchur, Cudiiul, $^ 
» FuloLf, Sir I,, 158. 

7'^ Fktir>\f. Sir X (fnxb Hfnm 

AQd FuEuii), 316- 

at*, Si'j. 440 
/rr« Buuiitiainp, Lor^i 4IJ- 
AkWB* KB[lT>jr, SuJ.,9Sj 9*y irT?, 

no, :i3, 13a, isj, 154, iiA, 

^VfA Fuiolf, Str J> (Lo Have* 

tad PdftEcc), 114. 
AfflBi Fdtlolt Sir 1- <[o Hmv« 

uid QtbfHj. 79. Bt loft IIS, 

Ifl6, iiU, i^c^iu, 133. 141. 

«43» UJ. >*9i 'Ta 
DccWaLicta of 9I0. 

Uu»<cutroiu>r Lord, a«id 
WuirriiotLui, Ro- 

7> iixr^tftt <d Aajjoa, ^ty 

Ingkam, ^ALTVa. 

Am Suflalk, Duke of, 

7^ Putaa, Jolua, £4% >S^ 
/ennev, WllXUM^ 

uid othcnjp 1 2& 

Jkrmyn, Jokk. 

Awv Oxford Kari cC IjlL 

7^ P&tloci, Mkij^hrvt, 317. 

JuR^r, Bailiff ind JumTs 

7i BauDDoL, ViKOB^ ft, 

JOVB, WIU.IAM- oad Pj* 
TOHf WaLlAM, 964.^ 


Iiruxx or LsTTftKB AMD TtTLva 5»3 

«H. t. ir«ft 1 to Mt— v«. iL, iN lo <nL-ToL I It. Ml Bff im 

Kmlk Tkouail 
7> Puloo, Jeihn, 785. 


KzrfifAt, Sir JoHK. 

n Fanor^ Sir John, gfO. 

£enda]^ John. 

n PMtoo. WUIiucL, f $1. 

KtHO, Jomi. 

GeocEi, Scnnuil to WU- 
Hmb Putua, S55, 

lOiAFTO^, Manor of, %^ 

KotfoDt, BUnbctlx, Du' 
0*. 93»' 

7& Fuioa, Juitm, 677- 

Lampet, Ralph, 

7^ J)tDbou7> bb covin, 4Tix 

LAKGLtY, Abbot of. 
Ta Tvaon, Sir Jchn. 477. 
7> Stokn. John. jji. 

Ledham, Robkilt* 

Infomulioii ipiiul, oot, 

7h FmIcb, Sir John, ^yx 

LrmvH, RossKT. 

7i V^ton, John, 393. 

LiGirTFOCTt, Richard. 

■ad FutOD, W.i, 939. 

Ljncolm, John Chld- 

T^Yutfytt. Jaha, 156. 

LnTLTTotf, Thomas, and 
Nrdham, Jfinv. 

Alt-* Hairy VT.. 971. 

399. ^7- 

LovEiq JoiiVr ixird. 

7^ Baumani, Viictnml, 329, 

LynOj Sir T, 

7i rulqii. Sir J-, 91^ 

LvNCT'Kij. Thomas, 
/rvm PutoD, WiUiun, 833. 

tM. Glki. 953- 

Malden, BMiiff or. 
/hiM Arbhiter, jAma. 700 




llAKGikSKT of Al4jOO. 

7> fUtOQ, WUUoiD, 957. 


MUIOE of. SVft 

Makvot, John. 

To I'uluEi. WillUm, 40. 

Mautsv, Boililfot 

fh/m rutgfi, WUlioni, 91O- 

Mauthv, Kdward. 

Meuoium>a for lYoBccu- 

tiODBi 144. 

MiDDLrroK, Sir JoiiK of, 

«nd pAffioN, Sir J, 
/Vrw Hafiingtt Lord, 779 


73) Uhe BtA»p of wuicbcn«r, 



/>£WT Fastoll, Sir J„ 2^% a J 2, 

MowTii, Friar JOHi*. 

7^ Pjuton. John, S4 1- 
7^ Fulan, J<*ii, ^jj. 

T«- ll.,»l ieiCT.-Tai_ lit, MftM »• 

7>P«too^J.,i96, J04S- 

71 PuioD. Johcb SeaioT, 4>9- 

Nedkau, Joux. and LiT- 

TLKT^r*, Thomas. 

Frvm Haw7 VI., f 73, 
Duke *>U 674' 

NrwLt, G,, Aidildflhop 
of York. 

/;^« Edi^M fv.,et5, 
NoKFOLK, Antborida fat. 

Frvm VorkiK Lord^ 353. 

NoRrctx, CcaUcmca oC 

TTjJbr Sheriff. 174. 

Norfolk, P;Lnit« in, «8r 

Norfolk, Sheriff of, 

Fri-m G«btt*mn of N«fofk, 

/^m I'liion. J-. 175, 

Norfolk, John Mow- 
ORAr. TiiitA Duie ot 

Pfixlatnftnon bf, [73. 

7^ r,-isijn, r » *:i. 119. 11}. 

ftvm Futylr, Itji I., 13J, 33^ 
Kit PfFid^n Bf[unn rhe I^vkn 


NoRVCLX, Cathgkisik* I NqrwicKt John, Prior cf 

Norfolk, Eijeahob. 

Duchcn oT. 

7h Beiaingn^ VlHUkiat. 3 jc 
JVPutom J., 1*4. 

- Fojnh Duke of, 

n the IfAktced ■! CaiBlu (pAtf- 
poni). G», 637. 

T^PvtiW, iohtiH Sriijfjr. 4761 
7i fMton. Jh^Iui, the yoLingcati 

/»*• Poioa, jflha, 7'S- 

NoitrcLK, D^Ki of, h« 


finrm Snlp*^ Tvinl, 603. 

Duke of. 
Duchesft of. 

7> ICaiver, £b WUlIuD, and 

oihen. 9ja. 
7^ Puion. ^ir John. 9J4. 

NoitMAy, EiticuB'a 

Hii >VUa, 1047^ 

NORTHWooDcr No«iAx>nit, 

/rjffi Puluii, J,^ iSt 

NaRWJCU, W,, Bbhop of 




OcARi), Datnc Alici. 

Tif Pulun, Jghd, }Sol 
Tf PjisCon, John, 159, K148L 

OuTiutiRS, Inronrutjonof, 

Oxford, John, Twelfth 
Earl of. 

To Faitolf. Sir J., t^. 
Tf J<nLm J» 13ft. > 

T^NoifoU, Dul«of, loO. 
7^ Puton, Jh. 97- 1^4, fB^^. 
373* 390. 1049, icjo. 1Q51, 

7fl ST^iJlatan, Sir M , md 
Brews, Thy ros- 


tess of. 

7t Pulua, J., iga, 193, 194 

OxnjKD, JciiN, Thir- 
teenth Koxl o£ 

Tb a L«dy, 669' 

7> Pa<t04t, EdTDQ&d, 9Jt. 

7-* Pistonn SirJahn.trtufWtff), 

7i Pi 

JutDti. Jolhtit 01 sir John. 
(the youiiflri ), 8qj, ^go, 9A 

9*? 9^e. «a 




OxronD, JOHW, 'VhM' 
tccDth Ewl of— *WI- 

7>PuIoa» Sir Jcthn^aod uiother, 
^gpQmui, Heruf, uul oLhfirv 
7^ Vov, llkotttu* 663. 

Am Hciiuf VII., 913, 9x1, 

OxroRD, The EatI of. 
His SiiwAaiJ, 

OxroitD^ MAJtGAvn; 
Counitcs of. 

J> Piiton, John, W Sir John* 
OXNICAD Parsokaoe, Sio, 

Pamftng, John. 

7> Putan, John, Soiior, 4T4, 

/hnn Fuixv, Jotm, (hi him «iid 
ftnd Dthera), ffilL 


7^ the BeEi^ed oa nurvoder o( 

Va^toh, Land ia, 4fij. 
Pabton, Vicax o£ 

7; Fuion. Mu^trel. 74'« 74^' 


7> Fuloti, Edviwd, 46i 

iSj, i*j, 18^ 197. ji», ^ 

7> Puma. VVlUiMn, t^ 
Jtibk ChambrrUJr^ Sir Rogv, 

/Vlii* Fcyninra, tUiubd!^ tJX 
»M KcTDold«, WIIlkB, ef 

J^nm WUliaimoB. Sir RAot, 

*' Emods to LooJm of A.P./ 

H« Will, 555. 5s6l 

Paston, r>inic AcKts, 
Widow of the second 
Sir Jobn, 

Hfr WilL. ySS. 

Paston» Acifu and Wtfr 


Past^jn, Ct-i:MK>T, Fither 

of the Judges 
His Will, ^y 

Paston, Clkmkvt, Son of 
the Judgo. 

71 Fwon. J, yST> 395. ^tt, 
VtSVS "«^. »'**?■ 

PAiTON, EoinTND^ Son of 
the Ju<tg«. 

7> Futon, John, 53, ^ 

Hi* WU1» 64- 

Pastoh, LDMg?ix>, Sod of 

J(T Puton, John. OT Si* John, 
tJiv fi/ixni^a, hi* tvwhcf, ^^ 
fiSfi^ 9U. JOS4- 


^«. t, Vh 1 !• «— Vol. a, SM to MI.-VflL. IlL, MB » lOM 

Pastor. Kdhiiwd. Son of 

n Pvton, Mfcf^jarei, 8t*». 
■A PubJiL Williuu, kiiliruLbcr. 

Dontw^ Jobo, Ijy 

. . . Pmuui. Sir lelo^ 717, 
/I — I PiutoQ. Sir John. j(c lUm 
ud lohn PutonK T6a 

brolher, Ss> 

Pastok, Johm, Son of ihe 
J>— - * uMa^ 

T> ObdwHw, Tlie L^knil* 4(1, 

7> Fdvioir, Sir Jonriy (En>» tiua 

«orl llouA), jrO^ 
r^TiioysJitt.. 355. 
7>0i«ibuB. Jjtt., loGL 
A diejr. EdmoAd, Lord^ «f 

7>HoifoUi,bh«ic(r(i(, 175. 
71 tionrm, Johr^ 14^ 

7# Pmiob, Mufuct, 553, H^M, 

7> P^iion, Mnr^rd, and othen, 

S^KA tooj, inu, 
7> H«dclrff, J^ of AUrl 

7> Sflothwcil, blchird, 375. 
Jhiv AiiQiifinnu,43, 116^42$, 
49& 1012. It) 13. 

Jvwv ArbluUr, Tu., S4I. 
J^n B, D, M- S.. 543, 
Jtarkcr. WdL, 327. 


Pacton, Johv, Son of the 

/>pn ficmcj^ John, ^Lo PbtAn 

/>flB. B. 11 M . ^. , 5|i 
Ftttm Berry, Houy, ^x 

aas. 295. i^^J- 

A/inw Bockipg, John, (lo PuEon 

and oiSpti), us. 
From Bolejm, SlrGfoflft!?, Jft*. 

/>vin Boonkivi Ar^tniJicp, 

/>*« Umtklpy, Pnsir, 1S9, 331, 
M>' 3SSt 3SCp 3"i4. wa-fl, 

/>v« Brotah^m, Jc^ Piior 

of, 36*. 
/>ijm Btomholm, Robert, Prior 

of, 6t 

/iviHC4llCk Ki^^ovdi i3Si 13^ 
454,455.4^7, 4«4, 491. 5=^ 


/hM Ca)[, Robert 358. 
/Vsn CftlLhoipc. W., leajt 
/nMi Cuicn, Thos,, ihe Bllcr, 
of MeVyll PflDTivf, ajj. 

Ffffm Clcrc» Eliiibelh, 71, SJv 



»^M Colyn^ W,, 1 004. 
^VflW Cmne, T'lhri, M- 
/^rom CiumwcU, L«rd. 969^ 

/>»H Dvnnuv J«tin> ■<» 
/Virilt Diunio^ JoluDt lod Jl 

J'mm iHabertey, j-t 45^ 
/>tfm DnT, Joliii, jau 

ud WhiU, 155. 


PastoWj Jojiw, S^n of the 

JU4, J5^. 995t >««. "oa?- 

/hin Dory, John, 10^ 
Awi Cot*bJ|»Liitt| Jc4in, 437. 
Ask* }^t4LoUr ^ John, ti7, 
Mft, 115, MS, m »35. ■43, 
»ij. 14^ aAt, sM. a7t, iM, 

174, Ml 381. 3^ Mil, B9P, 

jnoi wi. 300. 318, 96^ toja* 

^tm Puiolf, £v j«^ Qbo Pbi- 

loa «Ml oibcnK >m**7i "di- 

AnvriflR, f^lr John. 538; 
iH«i FeBO. uofli, >n- ''JJj. 
/r»* Clo)», Ju., 14*^. J47» «M. 

^PMB (irmhim, Jjii, Wl, Wit, 
JIJ. 118, t6i, »T. nSpSiA 


3W. 444* 473. «»'> 993> W3t^. 

Am Civr («f Hmi^), Ed- 

tfiund, Loid, ft(9 
/^■i rWni^ J^hn, rt^ 
/^n Haaboii, CluHslopfacr, 

»v«t Henrr Vl.f lir 

^k*«> HfWflingliam, Sir John, 

rmw Hows, Tliorau, ity 
s 14,^3, 124. u<}, i«;, «4A 

/rvm Jcimcy, Jnliii, £4% «^ 

^nwv tiCTTinm, T^i^bprT. 203. 
/'"rvrn Llncohi. JohudioJrfnrth, 

"5^ 34^ 3W 
Aew Mowf Ji, Kn*r John, ^1. 
/pvm MuiiticroRl, tliiabeili. 

/tm MurhJc/ovtl, Of1vti> 3^ 


Pa^tom, Jokm» Son of ibv 

/>m NnrioA, W£II^4t4. 
^w Norfolk, TUni tMu et 

45- "9- »'" 
/hwi NcfffoUc FcvU l>iik««'. 

Awi KotMk, Cftibcnac, Dt- 

ciM 0^44.^44- 
/^Vfl Opnl, iHnir AEifr, >Ia 
Aim Ofbcn^ John, 159^ ia*l 
/rtw Otiuid, lUil 0^ «Ti »<M. 

■»» 3TJh 39<\ ■OW* »S^ 

105 L 
/>[-» rikfonl, ElmbAK C«aD^ 

Tntof. [91, in. 194. 
Mvi fAJOFqrKlt. Jo^ 4>^ 495^ 
A** IW«*^ Aae^ M, Ba. 

160^ >6t,t&^tl3^ 1^*97, 

/tfh r«tf on, CJldiMnr, 5ftT,|i^ 

4ti. 417- S4a iim>i05> 

Avf« l^civ J«Jlin, Ml «U^ 

•™. m^ 4'»i 4«^ 44»1 - 

fi^mrtOKoa^ John^ fati BCrsd 
lOQ, 461, 4£4, 4to, 54> t W- 

>9. J^ 5*S S?* *9»«»67. Jl*i. 
134, 14^ >«. tp> tp. t^ 
r67, (7^ ■83, lB$, l^lBl, 
jgc^ t^ J6afc j»s.5*i.jK 
3*9, ^ 401^403, «G4 43t. 
4». 499, 4]^ 441. 4«8k 465. 
47a. 479, 49% 499^ 500k $w, 

5iS> Sul 5>j. pa. sSQk W, 

^VpM Wnon, WilliAM^ hit fao- 
|li(«,69. ail, 11&, 33s, >4rib 
350h 457- 

/>.1l|t VuUM, WailMW 

PI*l2cn, Th„ jS*. 
A** Hjn, Jofav 99- 


VobUKttItett» -Vai.tL.>M»«fr.-VfiklU. 

tj-iTiifi, fohn, 50*. 

Pa»t(»w, John, Son of ih« 

fnrm I'laytR, IhofflOi; 3^, 
419* 4**, iTOi, 1005. 
too, W..38t 

#r«rt it C- V. C. 47I 

JhhM RiUM, lutiii, ES4. 4^* 


Scaler Tbok, 

-Ifch St. »9* V* !tt>ii *J*t «V 

ShotbolL Jdus jTt. 
Jhw SvTth, tobn, ^jlit 
A» j >B &omhwAi> Ric . 171, sis, 

/4nn> SpMlc, VJc^r of. p 1 1. 

^Mf T»vcr]iafa,Rogi?r» i3W^ 
JNHf WflLTWLtilt, Kic-. Jslif iol, a 1 3 
Wajte, Wtll^in. 1 13, 994, 

/*ffl( VVillnuKhby [of Ere*Vy)i 
Ro6:rt, Lord. 4%. 

Whgfidil, Sir John, 374. 
firm WijrtQUj (01 Boiond), 
W,, ao6, aoS. 314. 25s, 159. 

r, a6«, 3^ 373, 396, J04. 


JJyke^ John, u«. 

rrnn VdTcrton* Wutan, fix 
fihm Vcrk, iUGh4rd, Du^a of, 

,,j*n dI. iJi- 

Ovtbwrr oCi 494* 
Funcnl of, 549. 
1, P. «ad BluicncE fMton, g^^J 
FittOlf.SlrJ.indj- P., ^7' 
111. 2 

PA.vroM« John, Eldot Son 
of John PaUoii, Seni- 
or, (Siijobixui 1463). 

7b Atffiff. Miftrcu, cBft 

7* Edttud (V,. TfiS. 

7b FaxCoDvCdiBaad, hutflrotlwri 

7>l'actoii, John, hit iBller, 331. 
410, 44^ 44a S3' 

7> Pfliinn. Jti^u, fiin LfcWlwr, 
5C6, )7U. y/t. <</!. &A>< 611, 
"5.W<hB» 656.673.676, 
690,69a, 703, 7t»*. 7"7i 7a». 
733,733.734, 735.731, 751. 

733* 747, 749. 75^751- 7^ 
170, 771. 775, ?79- po- 78% 
795. 798. *oo, Bi4^ 8jt- 


563. fiii.*jj,66».687,;36. 
74S. 740. 754. 76i. 774 77S. 
797. toa, Sij. 840, too*L 

/[' I ()wn*?nd. Kog!?f. 1057. 
7>WritiiII. Mailer. 6tA.6r9i 

F'lm AivjiLVUbuuv {9I- 

Afva* EcdinEfcLiJ, Edmflnil, 

Atm 8r*wi. Sir'lliomo, fUL 
Fran C^Xe, Rid5*H, 4ir:^ 507, 

^'VH OvibcFic^. John, lOdji 
A*i>fFf Uauno. Leclly, to^K^ 

Ar^w EljoJiam, WiUTjiin, S9fl. 
/■'vm EiJvmrJ IV., 584. 599. 
Arf (» Fnm, W\\^ 583. 

/'ivw Ur&hoTD, /smeft, M^ 


VdL 1. it« 1 1> m-VM. n. w tA«ir,-TdL ru.. Mb 

FASToat* Jomr, EldcM Son 
of John Pstnon, Sm- 
ior,(SirJoMNin 1463) 

fWm Hiutinpt LdH* (bo Sir 

f»liTi of MkfldlftOD utd Sir 
ohn ffuron), jaij 
/rmn lUvi?, junos 6lo- 
/rvm L^iclcjr, Abbul uC| «77p 

York, 60S 
Awn Oftbem, JohA, 7i(x 


^vm raijipjnj[i John* 64fi. 
/^tfHi iWlon, J^hji, hit btothtt* 

ojt, 6^ 63a, 641, 6u> Ofi<r)» 
6Ba,695,*W-6$6. ^. :oi. 
7Q«,TDa,7ij,TM, 7i9>T^ 

73^ m,T64, 770.773. 777» 

77:>H Alt. ^'> i*^'^^ 

<ii. jtt^ jT4.6oi.6i6, (^17, 
6»A&19, £47,684. £ij^,^4;. 


1067, to6£ r 
>nHff Culon. Waller, Sja 
/Vnti Fuluii. WlllluiD, 745. 

>t™* PTBipe, John, 79?, 79J. 

/him RcTdfditb. Ccniuncc, 

y^vm Spork^ Tvnukii «r, ^34* 
/pMiStnwe. J,.507- 
/hm WhotTry. L, S>T> 

>nw. Vvkn, John, 517. 539. 

Hit Will 80& 

Pasto:*, Jow w, the xorjoft 

n . ^ Ht> 

7h Bnwi, Muvc")' 774- 

7k FluWtf Et Lord, 919. 
7) H*ttti^, Lr«d, 7 7 J. 
n Vodolk. Dnkr c^ 715. 
7i TviX'iiu /otto. b» fatler, tfj, 

4£4. 4A6, Hi* l^t^ 
7h PubM, Sxjohi^lbbnit^ 
569, e73,6ca,6fTT>6t«,6a^ 
*J!. ijj- *s^* 641, iii, cav 

613, 6»jL 094, 696. ^7. ro<, 
Ttu. 708. :iJ. Ti*.7i«.I*V 
7W.J*Jf 764, T7«. 7Ti,n7* 
|MO,Sti, 141, 1060. 

G54. 660. 47a Atj* ^4, 

Jg 21; i6^ &.*"•*"■ 

73} r*tuin. ^Vll^ tit bncbcr, 

/>^ D,, R, rorl 

/V^r* Bnvt. Dun* BU^bilk 

7io, 7*^7*=»««^^W■ , 
/>v« I(rcu>. MviEmr, 703, ;3^ 

/>A4 limwn«, Dome EUuWIW 

Fmrn Rrr>«ne, Sir G««si% StS 
/>im CftUc. Ridivd, 944, ^^ 

/W CevKmrr, Robtrr, 9JJ, 

ftum\ Fiukufh, ALk«. LaJf. 

AvA FiUviJUr. Jofan, Ldrdf 

9M' 903- "«i*' 

Index or Lettsrs amd Titles. 531 

pA^TtMt, Joiuc, llie joung- 

^^Hl KeU, 'HlLlElliU, j$i. 

Keudftl. Sir John, 44& 

Kutvik, Hljubclh, Du* 
of. 9J4- 


Fovrth Duke of, UA^ 
ikrrm Oxford, CbI ^ £91, ^fx>. 

^»*, 917. 03^ 9*x 
^^Tpi Qxfoid, Mmrtucc, CDua- 

lund, 633, 

*3*, 933> ^0^4- 

/rw F<^tM» Sit John, hU hro- 
ibrr, j«^ j:d, J77, Sfll. fim, 
61 ip ^J, 6j7p *49. ''i'j. 674. 
^7*. ^90. *9>- :^Ji 7u4. 70*< 
jir.rJ". 7as. T-J. :34»7*5< 
T3«<7ja-733. 7*7^ 749- 75-^ 

7SJ. 7^. Tp. n!-n^-7*&. 

7^9.795. 79*- "ts *u. Sai 
A'nt FutuD, Sir JqIio, hii biv 

dbcTt (u him ud Ecimiud 

^lon)^ 760. 
Avm Puir>n, Mu^m, 6K1, 

63{,6S9< 705.703. 7S". JSSi 
l(M Iu7y, u>;i, lijj*. 
^VrnirAjroQi M«rf err. Hi wife. 
S(>9,W5,SM.Si, i88,«7. 

thrt, Sa4> 6>7» 9«»4. 90*v 9»6, 


^«n Fuloci, VAllnuDi ki*Baai 

^jm 'srmihwpll, Ki*h*nJ, J5<i 

Aru'm :^uiTulk. Hliubclb, Du- 

cbca of, S7S; 
/ri4ff Surrty* haii of, oao. 
^vviD Sumy, ELix>h«hi Coiu^ 

feu nf. S&A. 
/^m WfluiU, 624- 
/rni YvsuulIi^ BkilLlb v(, 

J. R ud ih* Sumntkr ol 

f. P' md Drcm^ Mjuserr^nft^ 
, F. uaI hii uidc V^lum, 
If k> Uokt. B69. 


of John. 

7t Binn. Dune EUabedu 799- 
7> Puion, Jobd, her twlwdi 

(67, i7fi,xai iSs,i»7. "Bft 
1^ 196, ifcv iaj. 361. 365, 
3^^. 39^' 4°^ 4C3f 406, 4«. 
♦>i. 4a-), 435' 43^ 44". 44*. 
405, 47^- 4:9- 4^ 4^H S™\ 
SOi. S03. 504. SOS' SOi Sift 
iij. tiS> 518. 5*i 5*^ S3tl 
Sli. 534, H*. 975. 99a. '06;t 
1063, iob4. 
7^ I'uEfifi, ?>lr John, btr cddHt 
Win, 4*5, jii, t6i\ 57^ fioi, 
t>(G. 6x7. OJUk 03(^ C47, 6&^ 

6*5. 7i'- :sSi ;*<.Soj, 1065, 

1066, 10^. i<M» 




'Tm. U.aMB«n^Va. iu,«iB»iltiL 

Fa»ton. MAit<Mmrr, Wfc 
of j[(ibn^-it)«/M«M!f£ 

73* pMiAn> JofaD, her wcoad 
pon, fiSi, ^5- 6ft*, 705- 707- 
751. 75(, K^ 1070, J071, 

Avai AlTKift, £dtDdnct» $09^ 

^('«n AoanTfoaiH, 43?. 5>7. 

/^m krtoDt T-| JJ5» 

/»vm C«I1«, Kichqfii, ^jf. fit, 


^^smCriijiJt. W.I 580. 
/Vvn Crwii:, Alic*, s$t, 
/*v« Dpnyn, ThoimSt 307- 

54?- , , 

mm Omhant Jnoo, 4T4J 
Am lIcrLrnjE, JatiEii of Ehu- 

Ann Hen, Sir Thomiu, £79. 
/Vtffv [rrny/igiin. John. ^ij. 

Af« PmIoa, Vic*r uf 741, 

/wt Pulon, EdmBBd, IL 59. 

Safi. 973. ICS^H 
Ann I*49toi). fahn. (tohit«iid 

6then), 5x1^ r«05. 1004. 
/irfPiQ ta^iLon. Sit John, 563, 

633, (*S, 687. tdoh TK". "J^Ih 

74ip ?4<J. 754 TCj. 77*^ 77^. 

«*S»- I 

/frt*a Putoa^ John, He yocme^ 
Mt. ps, S^ 654. 66c\ 070. 

Awa PutM, W^tcT, htf ton, 

673, A74. *7fi» 7i?. ?fiS- 7*^1 ' 

Pastox, Uasigarct, Wife 
of johfi — aurfmta^. 

An>i>t ^WnhnTn, VVEiiiim, Sa& 
Am Knot. John. loflL 
/-Vent S>i«uy, R>jl>«E. of foMC" 

Am Worobter. WiUiuK 3B*. 

^T-M Wrkf^ Jobn, 497. 

Jglm r 4*100 luid Bl P^ g6K 
PaSTON, M AftUJEftVr ^UfE^ 

terof JohiL 
/i>i»w rji>, Rirhwl 6a^ 

Pastou, Mafo£&y. Wife 
cf Joba PA&too. Use 

7> Putoo, Tohn, c* Sl« loha, 
h«r hut>Bd, KooL M(, «4^ 
XSi, WW, ™. 

Atwi Pwtfm, SJr John, A9I 

i.'A«rTON. Robert, of Wt^ 

Hti Will, 9S5. 

FATroif. WALTiRf Son of 

7% Putgn, Sir John, hk br^ 

thw, »3C» 
7^ f^llI(tfl, JotiD, hli bmfair, 

7^ rAhton, MftTi;>rct| UfDOtbcr, 

Hii \ViJ1, S34, 

Pa£TO», WtLLIAU, the 


K. , s. 

7» The Vjcv of th< AUiot of 
Ciu£iiy, 14. 

/riw AAaiitiBOuiv 4- 

/^wa BnouolDx, Kich., Pncr 

of; loftx 

AvM Chambf*. KiMnnr. u. 
^«ai CicuUigUuEi, K^lpli, ru- 

Ann Gi«1nn. Tu, 17. 
fnm Gmy, JoIip, jR 
Fftm MtJjtft. Stf\n. 40. 
/^vflf Fue<iji, AtfOA, 95. 

Hl» Will, 984. 

pAtfTfW, WiLUAU, Son of 

71 Kinci John. 9^, 

71 UuEenJ, Th^«lllfc^ Sjj. 

7> r«v(ni>4 J'jTin, ^ »ri, 916. 

33», 3ift, 350» /5? 
J> ntiuiJ. JiJin, {TiijirLhlnkJUid 

7> Fuion, Sif John. 7^3. 
7> radon. Mtr^w. rn^^. 

7> wWilu Rohm, &P, t4& 
7VWii7Ti>, Hcmy, 1075, 

Hkf I'JbIc. »35. 

W. P. nn>l Sir John Futalf, Wr- 

Hi* Sn^iutt Ckorrt to Jvlin 

.^ dAi> TuloJi. Aci)n anJ WU - 



7d Pntton, Jalth. or Sir JobOf 

Sj7f 904. 9C«» yTfi, 939. 
/>iMii Andrew. 'IligotM, 405, 

/>■» £i«roa. Jobs, aiUad^. 

/>**« Pxoo. BJmuiid, 8s8. 

Pasxdn, William, Son of 

Sit Jo^n tfie yonngw. 

r^ FuiDDi Sir John, hli rather, 
/»« Kmr)p1, Jt^n, 9CI. 

Pavtok, WiUiAM^ (UD' 


Pavn^ J^ 

7> ruioni John, 99. 

VuiuiK, W11.MAJ4. 
7J Pt«l9ii, Sir roho, AAo^ Kof, 

PlCREKtlfC, NlCUOUk.^ 
Will of, su. 


7v I^kATori, Mirguvt) 5^'?, i«>7^ 

70 Kukcbj, lUbcn. i»> 



vu. L , Mk 1 B MI -V1DL, 1 U JH H «cr'-r«. n I , «• It un 

Svmouc, Wru-iAU, Dttkc 


7> b(i Son, 91 

SiTPPOLK, Joiut, DuVe oT. 

7> rhv fiailifTv Ac- of Kve. 655. 
Till Att£cl( on Htfl««d«n. 97S, 

Surrey, ELi£ABSTB,Caui]- 


SiuBineY, Baiil of. 
TV — , 1081. 

7> ruEDik, Sir John, 5«<J. 

SwArr»AU, Towa of, 

Pfblloii fiom, 151. 

Swan. Wfutah 

7) BfonraonF, ViicovtiE, 7; 

TAVKftMAM, RotltfL 

TicwitESBURY, Battle of. 


TowNSKND, Rck;eb- 

Avn* Tiiftou, &^ John, 1057' 

Tmii>RtiKAM, Sir TiiowAS. 

Ftodmntiliofi ^aiml, fSj- 

Vaux, Jotov. Fanoo 
7> » th. 

Verges by « i-Adv, Src 

Waixeb, "RicwAfta 

Walsh, Rohrkt 

Warham, Archbuhop. 
7> Putgiw WUilmn, 9^ 

Warwick, Richardl 

lUDEft or Lbttbrs Airi> Titlis. 5^5 

Sr. FArra, Monutery gL 

Saumiuwv, Kickakd, Earl 
T* BeauibQCt, Viieount. 3ia 
SCALKS I^NDS, The> 9ti 

ScALKs, Anthony, Lon). 
J> .604. 

n Norfclk. CoundJ of the 
Duke oC&^ 

ScAT-Rs, Thomas. Lord 

7> GuLtolialc, That.. 57. 
7* PKton. Jflhn, S J, !l4. KJ, «, 
S7. S9^ 9<\ W5, 19a, J93, 

ScxarK, .S-rt;'»«ir. 
^>wii Fanolt Sif J., J09. 

Ibwaj(«v, Wiluau. 

I SKtr 

SKtrDAM, Walter ofWat- 


/^VH FutDir, Sir J., (tij bim 
Jkiid oih*fs), 79, Ka, 109, ia&. 

Shofbolt, Tmomas. 

7* Puion, /oka, 371. 

SlirTh. JUMN. 

7e PbIuu, John, Senior, 38^ 

SOPTHWELL, Richard, 
7h Tuujiu John, ij^ 718, S44^ 

mm PuiOQ, Johiu 375^ 

Spakv, RoasRT, oi Fom«- 

7> P*iiTon, John, 344, 

SriLi>HAN, Sir Hekrv. 
/>VH Aubif , Jotii^ 614^ 

S^njitAM, HknrVt fl&d 


Sporl^ View cd", 
n Puicn, John. J 1 2, 

Staksitd ajid Harweu^ 

Stafleton, Sir Miles, uitl 
Brews, Tticmas, 

From Oxtonif Kv\ of^ 105, 

^ODEl.RV, JOHlf. 
^'evt LctlCT of, 195. 

SlOKE, Battle of, lOHj. 

StoKftSLiv, John. 

/>Mi Lanjlty, Abbot oi, 351, 

9-ikANr'K, J- 

?>l*jLHt>fl, Sir John, 567- 

3i;Froi.K, Alice, Duchus 

of, io8j 

Surroi.K, Kr.tKAsrrK, Du- 

chcve ot, 
7^ ?Hton. Joiui, ftrt 



7^ Wua^icfil, TfiwriA^ Giy 

Wytr, John. 

TIFmIoiw Sir John, 517, 539. 
7> Pailcik Huwtl, 497' 
Aw» Paftion. T«iq. 44; 

7p t^lOQ, Jo^ Sl'^ 

7> rucoti, SEi Jobn, VI4. 036. 

ToL ttL. M HUH 
yia.VKKTtJH , Wl t.U AMf J t» 

7> BeduUiTobo. taf- 

TV PuiOD, JAd. 510. 

»«« AnDAfuouA* (lo VclFe^ 

toB KTid Patfonj. J54. 
/>m Bdckin^ J„ (to Vttw- 

im lod olhcn), 341. 

/hM Fkatol^ Sir fS;^ ica 

fcftd F<«oii>. ail. 

/hwi Norwich, W., Biibop oC 

Yblvbrtoh, Wc 

GrmdaoQ of 


YoBK» RtctfAM>, Duke o£ 


» Ncriolk AvibodlH m 



Utf, Hii4 vhov k wmBnu dE ■ puvni occun Id ibi (xctcn wll \t 

mniDKi rmoi ill tJie iv-ii^dnK, EkfC[riiiihflaLliai1nCRtiG<bi4WBf« ut- 
■a« place Id tht ladu- Nijt>«4 iftEt iriLh j* Iq ih* EaE Alt, fer Mn- 

iJhuipi |g ibc uci( I'lUr . unl lEin pumtxr o^ Lht Uu lAf l It i ifliiT, 

4Aloock'>)i tiL 30t. 
Abbot* JohQ, L 9T-& 
Abbp. wUL, a jii 
Abo^tTfti^ llkTtercuiTK 

Lady, i. W fj-r NoW), 
Acl^ l^kiU), Notfulk. L ftSi, 

Aciv (Ode}, Mcfum « Pw>, 

Acton, Hl]g^, i tsa. 
Adun, Joho, li. 114. 
Aduii. LilUc J- ^4j> 
Adam, Muter. L a&f . 

Tounl «t Coicaa, 

rpe, in LerwvMtatl. Sot 
folk, iL rss, i^i* *'y* «*■ 
176, »7S» iBo, iio» lu, 4141 
iiL SI, $j. 

Albert the ytcdlpX, Duke of 
AucItU. L 1S5. 

Albliuire.— .S;* Arli1i«tnr. 

Albon. Joha III. 4"S- 

Alljorow, MaEgaFtl* iii- flJl- 
Altmrogbi or Kitvitc]^ jatut, 

Frur, L 46. 
Alc«k. Jo.. Ul&hop of Elf. UL 

AldcHord, Etlmtind, iii. 416, 



A3d<rlcn Miirt* Voruhir*, lii. 

Alenpon, I- T. 

AlcuyuriH JoUii, DuliC of, taktci 
pritoQcr a-I the bdiLtJc of Vet- 
■nil |i«J4]i L jji. J*i,j67, 

AioiiJidrt, t. 434. 
A]cTn.Di.,k5A.S>S; Q^iBfh 

«»t *ii- IS. 5A MI. 67. 
AScyn, Dr., wlic of; iiL &1-4, 

Ab^, Jotm, 1. ijn, 105. »6l 
AkviK», 1 Fumci of Gco- 

AITojuo v., KiDC of Afn^tm, 
L io5« 1B5. 

ATfnrrt, li*n, P, ^sH, 
ATingiDTi, Gilfx 111. 403. 
Alimiuii> |l-!ju, in *7T. 
AJin£tlOJ^ Mm(o, l J47. ^(S-g. 
AlingTon. WilL, i. J77 ^ m. 173, 

Aliiflnrlpr, ^ i, Jjj, 

AliDfln. Kcibi, L it/7^ 
Aliuufirc (GrmKEii) IiAjfiev. Hi. 

Aluwick [Aancwy^ti, Nofth- 

ii«bcrlu*l. is. tai ; HL 430, 

Alotticlc, WiU., UliTiop o( Un. 

jU«id«y, Rioh«r, i. S- 

Alwcdyr. , lli 33s. 14^ 

Al)«nCMr, iUomnd. LI 3>5<ti, 

*45, J46, 349-9^ 
^A-r, Cfvtn. A kiot] orcl£<lt» 

ui- 315, 

A(yj. Sec /Mia. 

Aimuia, iiL 4? 7- 

AraiBii, iiL J07. 

Anieni {Arajm), St Jola «!, 

Arnpthill, 1. a^S- 

Andrew i^i AndiewB. J^hn^ i 

MJ4. t&^ tfO^ It^ JHk 
iP. J*S- »l, ^S, 4^4i>. 

419 ^j, 43*. U9. sj;; ii 

c«<< Tha, m 4^'<i. 484. 
Addrcwi, J«k, ii^ 3So« 

ADCcrrillf. m N<innuiidT (Ai^ 

Anfou, IdPtvhw, L JTi »fc 4S^ 
AaW OarlsA ^. CocM cf 

Alio*, brothrj of Kirf Ri^ 

L 103, 
Anjtn. Mkii^wct *ji.—^a Vm> 

AftkyrvilcH in FnuLCc, i. 9.— 

AbH'', l)arhr« M RmTBny, 
iftnwirji QaecB of Pruxic. 
iiL 3S7' 
Aiuktfw^hv- SmMwmau 
AnU^Mrd LMtfR Wlv^ t 

Aniioiir. -Cod^ «f ^ ibc 

Uuile «i St. Airt&aar ia 

Pkm?l, i 9 
ApnvTii, NoHblk, uL ac& 
AppHl of MbkWt, ^i, 59^ 351; 

Aii^Jeby fAppylbyk 1000* IL 

Ajrplfjrtrd, Jolii^ & idL 
A|^|mnl (AnpubaifL liidL, 

nf Nonrieh, L Itii; lif, iVt, 

U6 [^), 33% J3C^ 

or eMdttk«» UM d«>^ L 
3MI, jjj. 3II4, j»& 
A|i kiEv (Apf^L llVWVit >■ *( 
Apiyi,— A»Ap RiCt 
.\iL>li»[«, Afiiic^ t- 36^ 
Ait^Lviter <Alblitfi«X Jn* *• 
13^ 1^1, 963 {^X ^ jS^ 
fli'l- '^3^ S»\ $ti. 5J9J "■ 
156, :iii. 317. Ut.iy.wAS, 

JO*. 106, Ml. >M.4TT> 


LiUuter, Jai.. Wi&i << L 

*-L.'Arbrv <lr Itelull*," book 

cftUed, L act. 
Anlcru. Sir l^cur, 11. 7^ >S0. 
ArBcct — .^^ Hfirfcar. 
Atiattttnit Sir WiUiDdn, 1. M. 
Awnfon, m Knufiuidyj i. ^ 
Atkoay. I**nrci of, l ^r, 457. 
AflchwiRi ii- 3C4 

AmaM, Pivy^ ii. 14K, 
Amua (Aikciy. Ld NurmondsTi 
AnB20D> Kinc oE — ^ AUoiuo 

An«t\ llmiMt Bnyd, Karl nf, 

111, ♦T- 5^ 
A^lliuT, kiii|^ ti, ,118; I>citb 

of, «L Jft\ 
Arthar, mn« of WaUi, m« «f 

ilpnry VII,, ID. W4. 
Amndd- Sli johA, liL. ijo. 
AjuueIcK WilUimi FiUnluA, Bail 

Am^cl, Sir Joba, nf ibo W»i, 

11. m 
AitiiiFM rA«c«clvlrl0|t -^ , 

ii 241, jf&t 
AiIitcA [Avicio]]}. KBl(ib, ti. 

IA> ) HL 146. 

Ailake. -^— . lit. 104. 
Ailok. Wolltr. L 11-10^36. 

Aaptff* . u 3^3. 

Aji« k llcbolc. I. 9> 
^M«£iL To (vfl>1, ii- 7^ 

AvUci K«iH. IL 33 >- 

AaOcj (AMdc), . (cbUili^ 

dead at "Aitclo"), ii. S54. 
AtUinti- JTa, j», 335, j7fcV 

AndUt or tlursliff, WilL. ti. 
4»; iik 85, SS. 
More-— £ar Mon^ 

Anl«Uiroae'»> Marfjilk, L jSj, 

453- -iS^p ^''^i >■'- =7' »*o, 
3.14. 34'- 4^3, 4^ l**^ 

AnlcbrldfFc (Atl^l3H(Eeck Nor* 
fu]k> JL, Cq- 

"Atcrochid," i lot. So F«a 

»l«rW«U M A//'4rW. Tb« 
r^jtuig tn th« Kollt of Mf' 
linunc U> b^mcirci, "ac* 

Atvdl, ThooL., lii. 19>- 
Ai W™rlL-^31r LntffHUJfc 
Aahir, AdinuL iS 

Aubj> EAaLitI, ii. 16, *7i. 
Auckland) ta^ 368- 
Audcley. Inhn, ii. 47. 
Addvley, Sir Kiunpbrej, ui, E). 

AiHTtJey(J\unllejif), .til. JJfi 

Auftrin. Dnke □£— l^ Albcrl. 
Anantlici fAmtnAc)^ L y» 
AwUIcV' — Sm Auddry. 
Aw(;*<?), ia Franevi 1, S. 
AiFv, Anfl«, lit. 4M.7. 
" AycHldys wtfci" UL stT- 
AyteJiAiu, in Noifblk. L 4£-47i 

I99,t3ii ii. aejaTriia-aj- 
Aylinun 4? AyliAciton}, Nt^i- 

fnlk, i^. 356, 
Aylmenon. Notfoilc tl. 391 — 

S<t AjIintOQ* 

B,, H-f of LincoJnt iiL 48^ 

K,, J., |iLuor, L5I4. 


UuLcrbiiai iB^biuj^boin), Gum 

B«binicoii, Tni)^ ii. 17CI 
Babrhnr^t, Ralph oF, ud Kl« 

»nnt \- 3j'\ *3J- 
BacoD. or l^kon. ' el 99k 

li^on. lHa r| ;t = x-. i, itL 
RflcnnJhmpp. fNnflnll(,ii.i»J^ 

Air Ucydou, Jtilm, 
BkicEunfiiAl^ccui'i At- J. Naifglk* 


Itft at Gvttdg 


a?o^ m. n, M^ ajS, 4AI, 

Biici™, ViMT or, lil. 447. 
ItefUiv. Aesm, War of; Ul 

Sactoh , L«ad of, nl 3«l 

Battuci, unrtbju Widov oT 

Juliu ; lii, 443, 

iMctou PJia. iii, 39$. 

P*^»"j lliuh, i- ^^ 
BfllIl,— . L4tC 

i«. 43X 
Btlur, J^ 111. 390. 

Btkoft- — J^BftUBL 
Boktan-- -Sn/ BAcfion. 
BabniLc, iti l^i«ncv^ l 9. 

Balilwftrc, ^araicc^ RectiH of 

StockiDo, L J9 i I^rfQfl of 
OKn«ail, 906.— ^£v 4Ja) Ue- 

Ea3c:y. Mc, 111 OTfL 

Bali. ,Llifr-7,4J4. 

Ball, Afnu, L sij^ »9- 
B»IJ, JoTin, i, n^ 1 iL 371^^ 
BatLon (Bafinnl. in FrtoM. i 1^ 
D^T. Rogrr, L 24!- 
Ikiu borough, NvilbmubeiUml, 

u. tto^ 1)1. 
Bamptpn, HiH, L Ifa 
Baiifi^ Hcnrr, i. J37, 141, 377, 

EUJigc, Tbo,, ill. J9CL 
BA/kiiighnru. EUib., lj. 934* 
BjEnDLH^hAui. NoifoUe, IL 956. 

BipJiorp, — Stt B4btb«rpb 

BwbCT, Sir Willii^ iL 51^ 

(i. 15A. 37>- 
BuboDJ.Jahs «cid 

Bu-bovt Philip. iiL 37a 
Ptubour, Wiiiiui. L 47. 
BAf<i«»li«. N'i&, »L 73. 
Bndoir« Udr. L 113, £67, K^ 

Bwilolf; ijii Will PUqi,L«rL 
L fM< >ST< 'i^ »^ \\U-- 
iSvdAv Philips 

BiiR], John. iiL %x^ 

Bucu— ^Bftinc* 

EhiCe of yumooih, TW IL 
loa, lot 

fiarib^,Ki&, tiL JTI, 373-3, 

fiiJ^Pi. , oT BllckUne 

Barker, CKm., L 550^ 
Eu'ihtr* Oinitophfl-) L 4^ 

B*rt^, iDhn, \l 413. 
Barks, Rjt^, liL 2«l 
Barkei, Will,, L 154, i6j, «il, 

W6, 30«, j«s 313, 33S 33t- 

r. 3*3» 3^ 374. 375- 3M. 

393. 403-Sp 409. 40»-«<^4J<. 

4*3. 4;7. *ii, 4*>-i. *ft 

^> fiS, sitfi ii. iTfib 313; 

tii. 49, 57, io, 91, tol, «*», 

Batken[ Vudnlkiii te te- 

itoipe^L 51a 
Bark>nr ^BokCTKjX K«'* ^ 

139,4341 «=- 335- 
tiarlco, Nic, iiL i'.y 
Huiy, Mti, 111. i77,'ilLt,Not*l. 
Baraud — ^ a£» UenvA 

IUmi^ , iL 3Sft. 

Binwd, , W«la>Q«tU 

Gtty Fr;An,Nonikh,i Jll. 

BuusJ. Will., IIL 37«^ 
B[hm«t. iivEidc uT. L±u ^ 
Ikroc^K — ^^ Beniey. 

GlKKftAl llVCKX. 


SciinJk, iji. y^ 

Bum. cf UucCTP. — --, Tras- 

wei 10 Lhc Duktf vf Nuifblk, 

Bfenwl.« Bonf , Catt,, BviebMr 
olSixMiTi, i J7, Not* t, 

Bunw Vl^i Soo of Robert, i 

BBrraoBCB iBfiToam)^ ^^^ u 

Bunv, Walter. 111. & 

Burr* « EdmuDfE. iiL «$&-- 

Bufj c< hatan, A^e& — Sff 

Itany, Armt nf^ 111. 4&1. 

Btnun. . LL £5. 

BaU'^u, ^ii Hca. AUcnniui of 

London, id, ^y 
^tMAt^hora. — ifV EeHing;hLn:k 
iMAi^ Alice, iiL 4^2. 
Butuil of Bargtm&j, il 117-S, 
fiotuU, Will, iiL AJ2. 

jff, «n.i, 417; t'i. IJS, 187, 
BaiiJ;, Will.ilL ^s^ 

Bidh, Kqek^^Li [jfdit.iu- jStf-S' 
B#th>ni Wviv, i 374. 

Bnrd, Sir Llio, 0? Ilntford- 

>hJr& UJ. ^^S- 
Bntei, Wuyn« L £6, 
BhUa, WiJL, L 544. 

Bi^BPi, k hnnt, HL 354. 

Bneui. t 7- 

Bb>(^0. in NcifoLlt. L tfj, 
Biifidd, Allen, ii. 71, 
B«ri«buii (Beyleia, Boyton), 

Suffolk, i, 415,432. 
Bflj'ton. — ^er Bfi|^1iran, 
iScamvml, Ht^U lii. )}7- 

EaoduBii^ MsaoT oT, IiL 45*1 

]Kii of ncir?. Duke of W«r* 

Boaachvn|if Joha IxinJ, 1. 46^ 
7, 4^1 ii. 445, J09i 3"«- 
J4j. 4]9>0; iiL4S3, 

B«i]«AiAnip, Sir Kc4rFT, Annt of, 
ill 7Sj. 

ISc^ufuft, L<u!y Aure. ^Vilc of 
WilJiam Panton (ion of f iidj^ 
Putr»i)j li), 34A, Ni>te ^ 

Bcnfrrn, Ilvnry. Bithop of (1+17). L >S» 93pi iii- 

BcAuibn, Locd Jolui, bnlhar of 
H«nry» third Dakf aS Sorn- 

BeaufiuE, MajkbicE, ^AuKhtCf of 
John, Duke vf SunicncT, tftd 
motb«r4f Heflrr VIL, l too 

lyu)ce of- Eirtfp Duke of. 

BauUcD (Bcwdi^r] ^^uiiLitiuj. 

iii 9L {M£. Thi* is Be^ 

Bc!«niiu«niL in Fmocf. L & 
BAUincviilp Rubeit, L<iri] ol 
WUlQugbbf and B.^^Sa Wil- 

E^umonC {1lPiiinri([«), Six 

Uttry. iiL g, [Fmniv. 1h 9* 

Bcflumo nl ( Oc ^ mound I , Id 

BauiHont) jolm, Visfoual 

HWO-W). 1. ^I a.6j4. 7J. 

4P,44jM9»»:"i «MiL4i* 
Beixtr:. In SufTotit, i. 4^. 16?' 

70; u, £4[>>';v 

B«h4iiL, Uetirr, ii, 2x4- 
Bcrhftii, Sir Jolm, iii jja 
ttfchtr, Jo., m. 13J. 
Berktum. NorI«lk JL 3^, xS$. 

S>3S^< i$9* iB*- 388* JV); 
kii. m6. 



Ko^Ltbun, Wat, Al 417 

ftodftnu. Jolm. Duke of. nock 
of Henrr VI,. Atid Retail of 
Prucc, l 3* >!, 57* 310, ,>53» 

lA J7P. ja^ JW,+<ft; **- 

ftrd^ij, Jiqoeiu, DuchcB vU 

B*ilfijnl^ Vim, H, 44: iiL 44 

tkdiiifrefd, Edmonrl (k3>Ljt%tc^ 
1483J, y. 4ik SS' ^^ *» 4. 
3M-S* 33S- 3^«- 3*7. 373. 

BedMon. . U. M- 

Bwtta PMtiaiVi in SonKTMHj 

it »9i. 
Vc^ls in WLnlerlon. Norfolli, 

II. iGj, Jir 4JO. 
Beb«lwyn.^S'<T IBclfune. 

Norfii1k«i 10;, 169* 175, iEt| 

iSa, a^, *g.J*7.37S.5"**! 

H, 78,163, lKDk3^.3{l^4<7: 

ill. 3S, )i& 
Bckaroji (Bvkiitfmli JqIai UL 

171, 177, 17*' 

Hekk, , L 110, III. 

B^ilika, fdhnft. i 43, 
B«l», MMtnr, III »^;- 
Balvne jBchtlwyntp la Nvi- 

mAfiti^. i, ^ 
BtWacoinhyr, En Fnuue, t. «i 



B«lU , IlL iSti. 

Deltont Janr^ id' 409- 

Brij-i. -^ iL 70, 
BHnoad. WIIL, Ul 411. 
BcBch^nJ. GEoJTny, i, ai7- 
Bcnoo, John, i. 417, 

DvmliBjp. 0* Boiler Boib«% 
Suffolk. L ju. 391, 3^ 411, 
4*5f 4f*' 

. 1^ 374. •■;• 

B«nl««?ll. WtE, I. 44 
Bvkelirr <Eteliler},^JuMio4 
iL ibo-i ; Lu- 9. 

Bcrko.— hSb Acriio:* 
BetLthin, L 511. 

»*«™»*yJ-4?*+93: ^'479- 
Bfrmondvy, Ahlwy aT. L 9>> 
ficAOandfetT, Aht:M ctT, L jjC^ 
Bcraiotli, Sir Wn, lu. & 

B«rMe4 iBunvd], bL 64, IOIi 

Bfmircl, I«iff, L 39ft, 306-^^, 

3St. VI4. 
Bvnud^ J<ihiLt L S«9i U. 4U1 

iii. 4a& 
B*mii<l, Friu lohn, iL «7t^30«. 
B«nuM, Sit jfahn. CAjTitib of 

Jtjvtr alii Gosnnjr, L 6^ 
Boiuid. Rob., iiL «J^ 
Bcraam<-J^ D«iw|*) Bm* 

Bom^i*, Sir John BohkIiuv^ 
I«rd, li4S4;'*T' *'' *• **• 

Bmio^, . i- 55 i li- " 7S- 3»*l 

ih, ^6, [01-2, IE9L 

t)«nwj, Ji^hn. of Kccdbub [jJ^ 
1440). L 14-15-1139.40- 

Bvrncf* TDbo* u±rd kai or the 
prruJjn^ (0/. >4CoX i. f4*t, 
u. All ilk 4^8, 4^, 43»p ^ 

Hemcy. John. o| Ucodlift^. 
aT^ni]v»i of The fin* Johql 
M. MTJ), «L 317; ilu 78^ ' 

Ihnicj, John, of RndktM^ 
Wiff oi; L S3*' 

htmey. jrAo, of WitchiT^han 
(flA i4;iL L 439-4^ 5^9, S3*P 
ii ■3t j^ j6i 34 |Chi. 31, jOb 

GEttllEJiL iKDEX. 


2, 7B. ii-3, r4*, 150. aiS, 
f i iiL 14, 3ti. 

ifO* 191, i93. t*io, 2*5(i«l, 
>n. »*i,353. jj^, 504, 510, 

I4»J til- S7. 
ScTDCT. Oilicrt. IL 37". 374* 

Bcnuj. Otbom, iti. JO* aai^silH. 
ikmty, l^hilipfi, IM, 303, 3l3» 

i»;33&^ 14O. 3SI No(r,355, 

asAp 17! j8i, 
IflFB CW oi ftrrTT»Tn. Anna ol 

B«rTT (Hvrr}, Sir Kdmund, 

Knigtii, RL 151 
fienr ind Gukouuv CbBitn. 

DitLcof, iii- 114. 
B<ttj, - — , L 116, 
fivry (Htnvf, A^m, l 11. 
BfiTj-, Sir I'ldmiTvJ, i 11 - li 

Beny, Ilemj, U. n^'y. 

Boioxv J5'™i ^ 'V^ 
Bvrloc* italL, l aTfL 
BwrtoiL WUL, li. 49 
Bervkk*oii<iTivnd, IL 9^ 
Berr. Kob., il 404. 
Bety, llu», L aftj, 

ilghftm). Korfotk, L 157; il 
^Jllj UL JOT» jSi. 4*7. 
Bat, Ron Jl 365. 
BHtcm, John, i. ^t , iff. 

btftmne (UrttTnj, Hi, 191^ 

Ea>cf<iii» S. Jmv** de, i. j. 

fieverleyt iiL 17 (rtf d/iv h«aii' 

Bryluut— s&ir C«)r]c]lUiLi. 
Bcwpul^n, C*M.k of. in Fruux:* 

III. a 

BwiEinnlL — ^ BwumfCQil. 
Krvnwund —See BfanmoPL 

Hickwtid. L ^19. 

Fij£ol, Mn, Ilk 471, 

hille^ in M«lml>7, it 31I) ni. 

lULlculon, KidioL Chuicdlcs 

\tl Ikaulbit BiilHip ^ Win- 

chater. L >^ 

IMSII, Chief Juvl« of (he 
Kuie'k Bcnth (cLrijJL I45g|. L 
x^t,y>i\ iii- 97. 

RilluigfcpfTi. Norfolk, Jii. J65. 

I^illingrorriJrihnH i, 539: it. IJL 

wUc of EdmuraT. la iSj, 
BilUuftliuu, » iL til. 

Binahain. Kidk, Juiticfl «f tba 

40.J, 44a : U. IJ4- 
Diu);imiit, Hit John, iu. 9. 

Binrhom, , iiL LOl. 

Bircluua (BrTEchon), Norfolk, 

'"■ 3*7- 
Blttliv \Nia. itL44ft 
BiiUqthua, UL 3B. 
ffinnJafluuB (BcnniDi^liiuii}, nl 

"Bllhopof Ch# other lidt of the 

nuhop £Bu»bopk . i <I4. 

BubJF iBuMbcpK U> Wife, i 

[64. 149. 

Bidliop (IfjnhDp^ Ehe Attoniey, 

m. 159, 
Bishop {ByihoppeJ, Mn. W. 

Biiklcf, iiL 155. 
Hbckbttrd or WbiUbnnJ, t 


Blukhnth, L 135, 133. 

lUuW KiJi((b[, Tlw. (Sii J. P. 7K 

"" 399- 
BIuluDjrih, John. L SOJ. 




BfadDC^— > i. tt£, ttr; lit 

BUU, -^ cf &• Kif^i 
h«ijv, I. 1^7, air< th* Kief < 
SccTOiry. I. M*. 

BUkc. . Eailiir uf Swiff. 

Ardfrtf &m0Tmn, Bailiff «f 
Bbfaa^ Ai&, i. 553- 
Blifcfi Stmon, L i^j, 
DbkcEL«, Wsher, L 305> 

BUkdwyn F(«rfo1k, f 415, 

nr» 1, 46: iii4ftf-t. 
BbLcDcy. , Ocik «f the 

Slonct, tL lOT. 
SUkH y "- 49^ I 

nr Huuci. JftDc, 111. &i-^ S3. 

BI«iuicHhipc:i Mliip iiL fri-x, 
BUcOficriiavct, Rq^i^h, lii, 83. 
BlidtZinirr Norfolk, i, %t% I9J, 
TSfl. JiJi. I4«h aji, S39f li, 

DMvell, fotia, 1. 2% 

BLofirlii, NiJifuIL, 1. X14, J40, 
>77,3Ej, 404,431 ( li, p-j, 
T05, |U,>7(.?Mb. 3fA444, 

BEoAeLdinLnMi of. — iV-r lltmipK, 

Blooavrlt^ RiC', iL jf, 4l$> 
Blounl, Sir W»hM, Traiimr 

at c:»iflu, ii, 5i 5», ih^ 

Blylbbwch. SulT^k, Ih. iw. 
Blvtbtfic Himdnd, £vffolk, L 

Bhv k Hffld. Thp, in Soi:lh» 
w«xi. 1' 4JL 

Bcahcr, — — '1 iiL S^ 

BuUing iJ^kbiogJ, TcTm, L 14S 
IM. if«^ 1*7, i<A» i<*>, 170L 
171, I74-lSs-i,lB7 0").JJ6 

J I J, 514 (^u), J J&, 33^ S44^ 

m 3W. 37CV 3T5- ^77- .^?* 

<*S. -197- ^9^y^ ^iS^- S'h 
jjS; iL 1S4, lyx 2741 '»>' 

164, 17^ J^ 
BMd±A Sk WiU., ifi. >3C 
Bodhun. ffortbtt. IL 

wvtU, 1. aj4. 

Priv «rf Y»BMii^ V 4^ I 
li. i>9b 15S-& m. 373, 

Bohca^m Fmy, UL 17^ 
BokMsg, — Sim Bockin& 
Rnkynhun, — — , I- >^^ 
Itokyaliioi. Eiluund. W 471^ 
Dokj'aghifli.— ^ QockadHk. 
^Ivyn,—'^ BoolMpK 
BokjTi, AmH. La^r vtd 
flaii|!Hf«K ii. 30Q» 1041 A 

i. 346, Z4& 3(1, $«|, 5J», 
I^uEeyn, TboQisn. 11. yyL 
htiliyn. Sir W»fJ ,iii 334, pSfl, 
iVill, H»rry, iiL 407, 
lloliMC. In Vmik:;, L % 
DcJie, Uirnfy, L 433. 
UoLwcra Ko^, IL t^ 
BonuupfU, m t'niK*, L ^ 

Tknulcd, , ii* 35. 

Bdd, BotiC. CT Qoatl^ TliruL 1.^ 

L 357,5311 li. 36»I73. i«4- 

BouYcrLfurt, the tUf^ L 4^ 

ElorifK W*tm, i. 3J1. 
llunilA, VfiUMift L 541 U- <30 
Do(i(^V.^^«r Duii|Mk 
BoflviJ<^ u FniLM, L 4. 
BoDvilc. WMiUm, Lord, L Am*. 

ifii. s^ J50. 
Tluokt, iiL 33(1 : OfWIM W 

OvNititAt- fyncK, 


hr<yh <BMhtt)p Launnc*, Lord 
i'fivySml. ;ifi»rwnii!»r"ihnp 
of Dutham. tvd Atdtbi^op 
oTVoik-i. 40S, 49^^ ^Li. 4' 

JSORCtcr, Sir John, li 7- 
Ar^ rirfiLuuiHiifn', lii. 9S6. 
BosdaU2<Biuil«uj;|,L J64.4S^ 

BOffn* ^^^p of Sunn, H, ^5, 
Arm(AanHV A furtey, i- 

ifT. Norfolk, ii- Ifi^. 309. 

111. 40«. 4mi »'■ jE>9k 415' 
BoMM, Rk4^bL4ifp 
Botfwa* LmcdlHliint L 57, 


fScvhdl.WiIl.ik. ;t;M77i ^^ 

8c«<lvr. ^ Builer, 
BettvHshr, JoJiiiv L tO!(, I73<3. 

BothP, L«ar.— iff BwtL 

I^hn'f. I. 315. 
BorUSer. — £v fluller. 
BolOfHT.— tS>r WoicntBT, W- 

Bcdctfotil , iii. 4ij, 

BMiaaronln, - — ^,fiuhiTnrE7t, 

IL 048; a9> 

Bcnln^e (Boleynj, tl itS; tit 

Bourdiier fB«tincdkJCr)k £dvr., 

t. JOOj I[*niy, i, 431, 
KDurchi«r. licnrr. Loni [i^l%- 

LoiJ Ticftmucr fl4l^-6 u»l 
I460J, L 1S6, »fl^4. 33* 3&31 
40a, 431; ii 1%, 40 I, +> 
■ KHIJI, 37^ 5*9;"^-^ 

Humph,, Dakp nf, liU 

DovtAler, & JTunpL, ill 4. 
UoiiPcUei', John, '^ Flli' 

wiuio*^ Lord. 
Bourchirr, IJiAf, m, W. 

Rounhlnr.UdyElU.ili. 15,39- 
ftaurcb^CEi Tliomui Diibop of 
EI7 (1443-54)- Anhblihop of 
OintertHrT {x^^%f>), lAi 
OttncvHor (1455-4) I4^k 
CaMinai (t4^)i'l. L4S- a>& 
icj. 305. 3"o. 5<^ i3^ 351. 
354.3T3.JT4. 3**- M*** 
3^ 1>>K 400- «.. W. M 
40r,, 4tO» 41 r, 4"^ 4fl*-7. 

4Jit4^7.*9> *0i^ S#Oi IL 

SM.j«h345. JT*. JM,4W 
failed cncn«Biiil^ Gcornh 
417,4301 m. ja. i»»34, S7, 
13T. i:-(, 243, sj3,4-VV^»t 

lIuQiph., Duke of^ lii* 

BovcQ, li>lmu(krL of tbc Cbeek- 

er, iii. 133. >5T. 154, 15*1 
Bcivtt; }lfnn« Clk. L 401. 
Ikmit, ^ir Kiditji.i 4001. 
Ikrwie, Jo^ \Uw 59^' 
BovIm, Afuor or^ 1. 398, >9^ 
Itovfoi Pli», L a47- 
Bimw, MpMtr, L i^^ 
BDyLDKL— .?rr Baytf buiL 

Ko)*, John, i 39-#»i ii^ 307, 

tli^ S4r Roger, l. J74. 

haps SltrUlilp widDv of Sir 

Tov^ ^— , <iinii*hU( oC ill ijBfe 

IViTtntL'— %v Hf!ii;htoci. 

Lm..-, Will.. UL joo» 

lLi4i;kler. Tului. D-D-. Urcr 
FfLH of Numncli, i, 4>, 2S9» 
393-6. 4+4, 466^7, 496-!^ 51 1> 



J7f "ST.«5■^».»*<^'7«-«77- 
47?. 4;* (*/>. 4S4- 

findbuTT, Tiuh. .Udvimka «t 
Loftiioii, ill. 4»} 

lll«ddCgll*v N^ML de. \. b. 

■lOb). KoifdV. L ii> 116-7, 
l«i, «i. »9p *43-4. ^^ 

Hmdln.ChrrAephcr. \. 337. 177. 
Bndktuw, -^, L 74. 
Bimdmli, Soflbtk, i 167. <T«^ 

irS- *0T. »IS. 3>». 35^ J^t 

39t, 400. 40^410*453- !<>■ I 

11. ate; IIL SI- 
Bmh«m> John, 1L 31a 
Bmn|at(iOj PmvR i>r. iL 19^ 
BrvnpioiH Jobs, iJL * 7- 
BniQplan, Jolm, hoimi it. 

BramfKof^ Thai>, K. 47, cpS, 

Bi«ocacci»i Thoa. CardiniJ, 

Biibop orTnokiioo^ i aa 
SmncttMr, Ncrtolli, t, 554. 
Brtwh. Uenry. L ^^ 
Bnmcli. Murarcl. I, 4^ 455. 
B^xuli. Sir Pljilip, KX; i J7, 

4H 4Sfi- 
BnlDdHian, Norfolk, il- 163, 
BniutAToi, FflTunar, U, aia. 
BrsiKlun, ]ui(a I^rnTuimBtoom. 

Kotfi-ilV, lii- 111 J. 

Brvfidcifi, . iii. 13, 

Bmdoo. Udy, tii. 33, C^h 
lli«ndon. Mfl, lL SS. 
BnuvTnn, Kafx^ iU. 144. 155, 

Bfudoci, Sir RoiUi iii' t|J- 
Bl«ikd<», WiUiun, i. ySf>t Sir 
WlU,,ll.3sfl.37»-ui. 10,13, 

S4. Sa 7S. IhM^ MGh lfi+ 
Bmndunt Will,, juiiiur. Jii. ij, 


Bnnto«, Robert, i atS. 
Bruiour. , ifl, ajj. 

Bcwlctto^ n 

nn7lf«i Sir Stmoa, I 39^ 
Htv]H7«^ Sir Jv^ L yry 
llnTfi !«* Brnpt, , L 

(Ji'). 169. i&, iia, 395, 
BnfB, &Uit.| L ijj. 
Bnptofii Iii. 456^ 
HrivgniJrct')p m WmitrtiM, 

BrdtDok. T^Tj, L ajj. 
Bnk (BnuJikT?K Fnv, L 4*- 
BrBwrip {?^ *^ 9^ 
Br«i^ IS ^rilsMj, L S4J 

BmoD. waL. L Sll. 

Bictiwihii. iiS. 

BrwcB, DuM Qn-, ilL ic7« 

W«-9. «*ft "71, "ja. "74* 
t9<vi, 19a, 193, i95Jt A14. 

Bicvn^Birvyto: Bruevl, UB- 
i-ti7, burkd » 1477 to Jotat 
Vvnua Aa rovicaU >^ >3& 
166, 16S, 16^ 170-1, 171-a 

Bfvir<«. Sit R«Mn, L II- 

Br^vcc. Thonut i 141 & 

ItTPHvt, S4r Ttiriii. ki icn; 

ilL tSa, (fift >7t, »7>^ ITS- 

■76-7. "3*^ »J* iSfl. *<*> 

it <9^ »9y4, i9S-r, JM. 


Knrwrt. Yoimg, L 307, 4Uk 

bfcfn. ^VI]l. iii. tjj. 
BtcUiUoA, Lma dtTii' SS& 
BhEpoq, John, ui 41 & 


"a] {called ?&cn Diosy by 
LouBCf), L ta6. 
Brlce, , Ul *44' 

Brifattadm ar Bn^'andoiN. A 

I33i ii. i^ 
Bng|:i — , L 1651 U, 176b 

Biiqb Tba, io. CK>i 47r- 
Bngfail«d« <fliy^LTlhcJ, Sir- 

tjtff, «r Brythfwc}, -—, d. 

17ft, 1*7. 
Briatilled^ Rok, L $19. 

AhK4 (Brr«o«), i 15;^ 157. 

firisol, Mftyor of, L >9L 
Braton (Dryiton), Norfolk, il 

MUon ur, riL 44 

ttrflttay. KnncU L. DoU cJ, 

I 105. 
BHiCUy, FTancis ir» Duke of, 

& 94 1 iii Ao, 317* 344- 
Brtttnj, GUo of, IvotVcr of 

Dulw Frudi I. , i. 105, 
Briimr, Muilul of. Hi. 358. 
Brud«Mon, Jii. lift 
Brol, M»-^ iii, m. 
Dn>k«i Willi, \i\. 417. 
Broke (UruUl^ kok Waiaugh 

bT^LofU. »a 15a 

BnAc. —^n, a Keener, L 55). 

Brakubir, , i. j^j, 

Bnve (of Bfwiin)^ , L 17;. 

BruDitf, Mtk, iii- 7- 

SrciTDhti Lc I BnuuluunAir BktnRK 
haliDf], fJorbtk, \ 31a, 54J; 
± H«, »&0, 1X5, 3S5 ; iit. s?, 

BtniijlKflra, Prioiy erf Si And- 

5x1 U. 3674 j Til. 16, 65, 
l*M, 307. (34, a63, 376, 447, 

BnjiitlLolm, Prior nl, 1, 19, 11. 

I}, 43. ii6L II. a67, 3/l^^l ; 

ill. r44,396. 
Uramholm^ Jo hi, Prior of^ L 

S4I-3J 'i»- J7S* 
Brwididn^ Kk.. Prior of. UL 

Bracnholm, Robcrti Prki at 

i. 77 9i iiL 44S. 
Upjom. — Sm Uforae, 
BniKKton, in ]tndvr<11. SuKilb^ 

uL xu 5^^J* 
Brown {Dminh - — ,4. 114, 

Brawn» Edmood , i. * ;^ 

Brown, Jobt, Uiid»r»S«snt*^ 

nr Knfilitnd, i, jf^ 
Bromi. Tolm, lL 14I 
Ortrwn, Mu, tii, 147. 
tdfonri. Muhcr, iii, T4S. 
Brown, Kic , Alilctntan of Xor- 

wich, i, 3+>; ill, 375, 

Drawn, Thouatt L 41^ <;^ 
D(0»n,SfrTllo,, iU, JO?. 
Brown, WUl-. iii m;. 
Browne. AriiJifSn^, lii. 4A6. 
Bnwne, Klin— .^TPaili^tij Kljt, 
DrnirtjE, Sir Gcvr^c, iL ^Jt-)» 

iii 9. 33* 5^1 5^. <^> df' 'So< 

263, 4U. 
tlnwne, Uugl'. iii. 470^ 
BrowDe, Mjiiy, daughrrfr td S.h 

OmS^ tii 4dL 466. 
Ilrovae, Mati., m, 4C^-7. 
Brovnoj Roh. tiL 4661 
Itroyn-^^HW I^yn. 
Hnirc— tSflT BnwA 
6nii;ciib li' il7-B; UL 9& 
D[ul».~-S^ Hrak& 



iL 177, ia 4^9444- 

hi^lvxt itt3/t). Ui. 415. 

BiwUJ], Safluik, L ^l- Apl- 

BnjDPs, Rob., Cbcso*ilor of 
ATcht>ihm> Chieh*lfy, i 35, 
BiychiDKnlf, 1. 551. 
B17IK— Jir Urlg^ 
BiwntylhBd, BTTt^lF » Bry- 

SiykW. WiU,.iii. 341L 

Brytcbfiju. — iir Utnhim. 

BtTiLon. lohn. i aTf- 

Bnvten, Mr, iii. if. 

BuW(?l, John, iu.411. 

Black LBvtort-^ikkJ, }'^tm Pur. 
son of Sir»«M, 1, 170 [A/jI 

BuckculiwiL I BolLnijibjiui], Nor- 
folk, t, J75h 3*3- 514- 

BtoWiham (Goksahiiin), Old, 

Bufkn^hom, Cutlp of. ^tl. 449, 

4}0. 4^5- 
ButkoJiuiL [Bakctil]9iu)> I^- 

uund, of SnirldoDj l 431. 
Bvfkirtgikun, Duk* of, hit 

plim, til. 2jd. 96S. 
Buckhi^hiuUp llcorr StBlTbnd. 

Duke of, if4&i>^)k, iJL 474, 

Buckingh&m, Humphny >>lBf- 
forrij Onkft of ^M-11-59)' i- 

VP. H*.53^*.S».Mt,4», 
41&, 436. " Ku bmhrea.'^ 

({.<;, ArcKbuKop BoBrcbia 
■od Viu-otinr Uoi]rchi0|» 1, 

BiicLran>. li. ij^ 
Bak, Sit. 111. >7t, 
»akt«. ill. 476. 

I Bulloch, Jolm, u, ^ ill. 44& 
' Bttlmui. Muter JoJii^ L 4^3, 

r; il MS. au>>^ 
ttiv fdi^rl^Jk. ill. 90b. 
' Uanch, , ilL 445. 

L SjSi ill t», 
BnnweU fB»n:ireI[}. NorfaUc, 

hi. 106. 4SS, 

IlDtfiM. , L If^ 

BuKBu (Bcrm cv Binmn), 

, ii. 17S. 

liuigeyn, John, iL 99^ 

KtLTEh iBoroAX Noifolk, IL 

3T9^ 111 3^1. 444.4SCb 
BtrguDili'Ui £i&bnB7, L 4f& 
Bu[|;iui[ly, HaatanJ ci^ ii. 517'S; 

ill. 42^ (^)t hit amotmt, 
III. 96. 

BQTKnndv. Duke ol — Ar Qult- 
la Ih? Bvta <t4^'77) i FbJtjt- 
Ihe Cciod il4i9.«7)i Phi3i|» 
Iho Fair {I4bf' 1506). 

Kurlin^hitm, Notl^lk^ i, tjti, 

BiidliHfa>B^ Smlb. Nniblk, i. 

Ifiimb)r» llioL, 11. 47> 
Fivmevklrt, in Ninon. IL 71, 

S8p i6i. u». 417< 
Ituroeyi (Bcmcn?]. Lonl, L 

Bumham, Norfolk, L 1901 in* 

34K NnTfi, 

BurtoD, ^-^> of HonHch. L 

Burton, J., L Sfj. 
Burton, Binui, il !]& 
Kiirvam, S, JiqM<<l*» i 7. 
tttuy. ThM. , 1. •SJJ I LiL 41& 
Buy St. Edam¥iX m SuHblL, 
L s. 6, 141, t«i 4A4>, 434 i 
tL 95, 149^ >^ (Bbj), ^a&'i. 

4MI lU'i*:^ 37*- 
Uviy Sr. KftroDTuiX AtbtA at 

GBtfsfiAL IsriDcx, 


9t Btaod^ Uauilay 

Bllft Stunoad^ PftrHuacnt 

Bosnrd, . i 545- 

Byiter, Lord SudLrjr.— ^ Sad- 

Bolw, Sir JsniA, ton nf Jtinn» 

fixuth Ear] uf Onncnd, i, 7j. 

Ballet I Doida), Sir ktm. bi. n. 

Bvtier (BouMi Jorm. u. t^, 

fiiilBT (HoFUWj, Koh, L i6r, 
Sa7; ii ISS. i87,»P.»j8-9, 


SfchoowBUc, Li. 4^4- 


B/lty^ ^— • i. 43- 

Drrtfc. W1U,,HL 44C 

CUdc* jack, tha nbd, i. tty 
Ctm, m !tronnBnd)r, i, 7, ^, 

4S^l II, rod, 
Cftciu AbbcT of St. Sccphcn'h 

Cub. ''Tbe Bole Abbey" of. 

i :i 
OHr. Tbot , lit, Ca 
C»&iCT (Cuml ill Norfolk. (. 

^ *?< ,17. i*. H4, U6, U7. 

130-1, 148, 154, 174. IJ6, 

177. itt, 307. ^nj. "7. 
oAr, 393, 396^ yto, 30), 

3Uf 307- 3IJ, 31J. J13. J14. 

aiO. ,^1?, _V^, Jto. J*+ (J*J|. 

33S» 3J^ M+- .)5=' 354^ 33*. 

370- jrj» J77 0"). 377- P7- 

393. 351 1*"Ih 399. -1^-5. 

4uy. 4l<^ 41J. 4t4. 4i>f', 

4l9,4l»^4»'4'7' 4i«.43:, 

44X 444. 445-i^ 4S1'3- 4^ 
460, 464, 4£^ 47J. 5<H, 514. 
ji5-6^ 5»T. jjt, S4JI 1^ ai, 
33, 50, inj, niff, I3J, tat, 
I3c^ Ml, 14J. isi, *«, 156^ 
<Se- *^1. 'OS, in- tSfl. 197. 

3"'. 3l>* JU. J»4-S* JI9. 
3a2. 3J?, 54J. Ml* 3^. 
JS-^.154-35^^^S* J7«,J7S. 
377. J9J. 39S. W.40»,4i7 

*M- 4*0, *i3'4j ui- tx, le 

54. *(t. 74. 761 B7p «. 101, 
104. IC7. 11^ uS, 137.159* 
140. I4J, (45, 147, I49tl50t 
154. 157. <^ i^3h <73. 177. 
179. 199, SCO. *«. aca.9, 

3^. .i09» 3". 3U. 3'*i 37<*b 
433. 4^. 43'» 43». 44^»t 
441. 477- 479- ln'*»«^«i 
Collqjr If, II. 33-33, 37, 
70- it3"5. "3"; iW. lU. 
J^ *73. »*>. 3ofi, lU; 
lu- 119. luycaturr cif buuK- 
hold >^ufr«,t, j-i, lor. DcHCVDt 
□f Th« niAH'ir, n, lai. Kx- 

C»cof hoiiwhoW a[. ii. (97. 
inula, ilL 41 ), Vjcir or, 
jn Cotlelc FmciitAEioA t4 

ChApetn ii- 3^' 3W- ^^'tfo 
of init lu-^muibHu thtT«in, 
IL^Wi. J6V71 J7r'73. 3N- 
76, 5JO-78- 3S0. 3B1. iSJ. 
3B3, 385. 586. In'eiiUiy u/ 
good* and £q(U tdl M, ktia 
Uw»i^, 1^3*6.390, 

CilUfir HqrdAir. iii. 30$. 

CiLtlcr ClcrcB, UL -^J. 39S. 

C«bLcr. Homing lUU b, L A? | 

Ciiiatcr St. &IiDiuid\ by Not- 

vidi. lii. 417- 



Ciiiter St Edmani'jB. Fuvsi of^ 

Aijoq. DvXk at. iti 119^ 
C«hi». L 4> (1*. ur- i3fl. >«• 

50s, fo6; 11.5*, 94, "S- JJ^ 

fe *4. aj, S9»9^-». ^'j. 95- 
97.9ft loi-a, 107* U9. 123. 
I^ ij*. 117. I39» HUiH, 
IW,IST. cto, t6i, 173, i77, 
irS, llu, lU, ifj-JL, IS<'6, 
19'' 19^ l»S>304. 366l 376-7. 

iii. IJ^ 
CilU]!:. Liflittai«rx[ of. L 4J, 
CaIslik Mciynr trnl rrrr^infi 

u( liu; iUii>]c of, i. ^L J^J. 

Cnki). Trfdjunr of, llL 56. 
CaliJt, Minimi <f\\ in, laS. 

iL 7©, l>7. '*7-K. H3, 339, 
MO* ^73-+. i^ yo, 3»t, 
#17; tli. 11,51-W >J^43^ 

Cfllic, JofaD, ■(« of Rk., UL 

Cdlc'iKde), tUcluid, HftUilT 
Ifl Iha {"uton bmlLy, i- ^, 
lSo*l. iSa, 314. S(«- 531-3. 
538.54C*lil' i4-l&' A3h iSp.U. 

3, »;. *7S, 10CM04AI14. 

l9S-9t Mt-^ »3^ i(H'^. 
A07» au. 917. at9^ tJo-3, 
»ait «7. >37. "3*9. ^4* 3, 

146. 16 J, 173, 391, 293, 7gt^ 
jwl. 3VI-*, ^ti4. Wi. jVJ. 
347. 3«. 355. J3^. 3^^ ,i8B. 
390,V3 4ii>-'5>^^ ;j-57' 


436^7, 4A1-2. 4&I; U i» 

<nA«C«HLecl to Uwfcij Tt^ 
t«. *L 3<7» JSO.J, 3*3^ 

Ciitlr, Kie,iofiof rficpTcetidiii^ 

CaII Robeit. i. S»7. 
Otic, WOL, xn of Rlc. ffl. 

itj. 131. 35IX 

CflliAATpV; l^j, iii 13. 
CBlibcnpe. Matter, i. i3Tt iMV> 

*13. 439- 
CfllLhorpe. PfaUl2. U. 3^0. 
Cillhcrpf, Siir WiUiiud, t )«; 

ti 4, n, M. ftj. 3#i 35^ 

415 E 111 VXL 

8*, 477. *SS- 
Callhnpei, V«vi^, l 307. 41^ 

tiUr. . -^ »47- 

CaJyUl, ,i 137, 

Cvnbvj, Lbc acv Ryci & 

CBmWtd^L S«.S7, 4»«43]-|. 
Si9i *^ TO, 7% ^L^S-Mt 
155- «^ J«*i 357i «i 33^ 
77, 5^ 3^<'*i3«. 467- 

Cuilrridijei Peter lt«ufc l^L 


ULTDbruf 1^ Trin. HiH, ul 4S> 

C'Aitibndev, A SUiglv <d. i 

CJUUbridj^ohirC, i£ t5Aw P0i 

ramplyitn, K<iK, 1. sKt, 
Cindlr. '* S« & (JoKlie bcijn 

Okc dtva," iL 73. 

Canon. Tfaoi«, L ikl 

GsiriftAL Imdex. 


E>n. TliCB., the cider, j};. 

Smflfltrt. John, fiM3-S^J ' 
KcDp^obii, iit5Z'4)j Boat- 

CuiEo^ury, Ai^hbuhop of, 

Audilr>r fit, UL. 445 
CAAinbaij. CotETi fu Audinc!c 

«f, ij. uq> 334> 3^ 
CAalobun, Mtoulc^ vf St. 

Cviwlt', l-4ureficfi, UL 4(9. 
Cuiynn, Wllllunp L 435. 
C«ppe, Jolm, L yo. 

C«pfCD, , i. HJh 

Cuntin, R., lii. 5J, 

CwtMJd^ jo.ihi. sft 
CArbODdl, ^ir J^r;, i. 1 1, m 
CvboiicM. Mm;£cr|r, wjfv of Sir 

John, i' 11. 
Ct/Woake, N^rfclk, hi. 7I1 
Catbrcokt, Mofltr at, li. 100. 
Orr^i, Gtrnecf, iiL 114. 
CAJciiTbii iKartutmc]. lil Nuf' 

«iAiidj, i. 7, 
C4rcnt«ii. Jchn. IbdiiT U MaI- 

tiJleton. Notlotk, lu- J06, 

Cirlidt, Sic^ oi. u, 13, 
CuTi John, iJL 405^ 

C«MJlt m Fnact, L ^ 
Ca^mL a kind ^»hip. i\. 45i 

Caxrll, Eilmunil, 11 343. 
Citlicriiw (KftlciyrK), Mn. J* 
llt>; ill C> 

C4eheri]U of Armgoat LiL J94, 
Cai^ John. li. S^ 
Cunnck, Norfolk, iii- 449. 

Cuidl. lil- 30^, 

Ciilik, ETcmy IV., Rice <^t 

Cuillf. Quee!a oT-— Ji4r 1nl>rtU; 
Cutlcacrci NurioLk, u 191 i uL 
CutLeconbc, Wilts, i, 43^ 

lIuwcA. TllUlk 
Cututi, Korfiilk, L II. 
Caitim, Williiun, E»q-p L 39. 
C**Tr*. — i* Caffl*'. 

CAlfdyn, , II. t^i. 

Cuaby. Joliu, ^jcui-«l-lBvr, 

iu J44. iffli -^S^E- 
CaIEa, Noi^olk, li, 3IC, 115 
Cau<lcb(M(Ga]d*beky, int^iWK:«. 

i. 8. 
CAntton^ — Sa C-awston. 

CAuKDik, RJc. Vicu of PtatDEi* 

liL 44; 8. 44S. 
Cftv«a(Uih, Sutfalk. I. ftiii. 

Cawsluii |Caia;*>n), ^raifoUl, H 

»6, 251, J9*' 
ChutcnoD, Edud., IlL )96L 
Clulcn, Sir John, i 377- 
thamherlaJn, IaxtI, toihc King 

iif Cuiiilp. jii. 40S- 
ClumbcfUin, Mjf Lot^ iL lo^ 

CbAmbcrluii, Sir Robttl, IL 

1211 ilL 335. 
CluLrijlifiUln, IjJy, U. ijv. 
OiaiLibcilftii)* Sir Ro|*ff, L 

60-1.13% J40, iTSi "' "30i 

UL. ai6p 
ChcmberJHLn, Sir WUUbri. i 

t6t. 1S3; IL 15.63; ilL477. 
OiBnibcilniiL. W.t L 447' 
Cb<unbeif for Cumbn], 

Eleanor, tvih of Tbomu, L 

44; m. 417. 
Chfimtirr, Jf)hn, i. 44. 



Cbuiibr*, TKotniu^ L 67, i/SO. 

at In Kmuoe, L t 

CAamftrty. A lepl od'oKe, 
I4S, not. 3. 

ChancfllAf, My Lnrt, ni IJJ 

UortOTL, John Of^r'S^) j 
HerOI, ri«a (1460.;]; Sitf' 
fbrdjcbn i43^-(i>] ; ACLlting- 
lOT, Rob. (i«C';'7i); «^ 

CbB|jellp Jalm, L JJ, 
da^maxi, Str lahn, Re^or of 

8E- M.ii/i, Mrlrim, iii- 3^ 

Gupoutfi. Jj^hD* 1'' i^?- 3^3- 
Giqiiun. TtkO).. Il 107- 

qiilDCVB, E^ S45. 
CtMrlpc Vll., K^Lngef Fniuv. 

ChailaVUI.. mJ jir-^ 
CitirUi tbc HuU, Duko of Bu- 

Eundj (I46r'77}. ^"- 79. ^ 

%a\, i6j ;, 173. 19?. 

Om\f% ^\'r . i. ;rt, :i5t ; U. 49, 

Charica and bla fcnowiblp. L 

t."h«ni:cr(orChii*WTtJ. Tlinmai, 
QiLrf Uyila of Uaur V.. 
■Dd bii uf the poeCt L itt 

Ct4iim]4Dffp, Rtdutrd, i. ^ 

duwGon, in brlitiLny. UL 357. 

Chnlwortli, John. lEkbep aT 

Lmcolo, L 149-5**- 
Ch*k*. Sir Mnil.. lii, 3S5- 
ChcliniforJiL. Bsod, Sji, jja-j. 
CladsfdJ, Kcni. ii. jlji. 
Chcucy, *r;irjulin, iii, 35a 
CwiboHrf , L K. jjf, »j. 

Ch«r«b«.— ^ C^rk 

Oiamfto, I. aSl» lla 

C3iedMQ. Tbu. m. 4JL 
QtaUn* iL 152. 
Cbd^ GuK D^ iiL Jt4. 
^oite, i. 5^ 40*, 5*5 

trrmd LitHWU 
CheneHkId, YoikttiftD.3gs 

"Ctmn oifea-," i. tij. 
C4mnr*r- T© pncvn, a- 
Diovld*, «. 374. 

imcTbl, q. ±97. 
dievnj, FdMqii (5^ ii Jtt 

CUld. WCUtti, L & 

CbippfrLb«n< Utjtpr, u. >ft 
Chiirh, rvirhnlu, L 141,0); 
IL J7M7S-9: .it. 443- 

«n, 140-1, S41-J1 a***??' 

Qiiich, Robnt L J«a 

ChiiixVi Son. «L 9xr. 

Cboke. Rkftud, ScifMiM- 
Ibw, «ft«Twli Jndn of Ac 
Canunan Pltu, i- J6^ 

ChnvfL , iL 73, 

ChriMiqplwr, St, LEfc oC & 

Oiriiboptwrt L 4P&. 
CltDF<clL<-<^ Chock 
j Charcb doK in Pmo, Ht xn. 

Senuimtt, ili, 591. 
Clflrmoti Gm^, Daht <t 

361^ 369-70. »r j-i m 331 

390. 3<;^ 406: iU. M^ 9*-> 



farecfatf of Hmry V^ I lo, 

Clsnufil, jaaa. Ui- 161. 

U Ipfia. i 
Claftcnir Kobol, L 174. 
"Ultnefrftl, itrek met, and iwn 

inowf, 11, 176, 
CterOj }eAtn, i, T6^ 167- 
Clara. — % i. 16&; U. 168: ill 

Cere. Antic, WLfe of R«bcn, 
17. 44i J77» :ic»i, jtflO, j:tv 

SS. 435. Si^^ ^- "5Sp it'Si 
»Sf. 418, 4ii-3, 45H.9. 
CScn, 13k., WkloLv of PcLcri, 

5S4i d 74. I". IM. 14c, 
15flbn6, ^4-4t»I 1^^' HI. 

ait, 030^ ^ 

ClfTff, M*rciT(C. it. laj. 

Cltir, Robert, oi Onncabv fo^ 

14461,1.17.** 5S'*«* *1^ 
418,451-3, 45K<9, 
C)«f«, Kob.. Son tif pmo*eLlaf 
(Icmghrvrl I494K i&ir IJJ, IV} 

(«'!, iji. *>l. ajo. j&i. 

Jfli-a, 1*5, j^i 
atrt, Willkffl, i. 6S. 

Clerk, . Ill, JOa 

<:i«k, r.Kiffrty, n, 7cy 
Clctlt, K«n>y, ii 371, 177; iIj. 

acrk.Jfilm.l44i; 11 971, A7S< 

Clark, MuKortC, E 7J; 

('-[(■fk, K'tgrr, li, j(7 
Clprkc, E<ofa.. lii. 9. 
OcHcr (Clcwoitb>. itcw VRnd- 

ClCf, NcTfolk, iiL 3^4, 4^1, 

CIcT' ^^' J')hn» li 5>> 140 

ClUToTii, , the bdA of, i 

CliflarcJ, !tiT Hugh, t^. 4|C. 
CUflorfl, Jr>hnt ^wrlfth I,oni 

CJ43J-S5). I a64- 3^7- 3jO, 

CUlToiil. fchn, ihlturacb L«d 

ailfonl, fiir Rnh-, iti- w 
Clilmn. SLrJaicj»,ofYDrk,UL 

9j 365- 

CliHofi, RoWp L 101. 
Chffon, Sir Kobtft, Kt, I I4, 

CliQLuti.Jciha, fifth Lonl 0432- 

Clij]p««by, CftlhenH, i^L AjS, 

Nol« I. 
LUppaty, Jnlm, L 177; 

Clippob)-, JaUt of 0t7i 

Cllppabr'b WiTe, L 77- 
ClopLobj Mr,, iii. 361. 
ClopEoo, - — ', xii 17S. 
ClopEo«i'i Muior. ^ttlTdlle. 


Cbpun, John. ShcHflT of Nor- 
folk 11451-iK i> »J4. "Si-j. 


C]di>10I]. Sic WitJ., la 450*1. 
CArf /'fiim. Clouted 4f ;4(cii«d 

CbUi ef gold, Ui. 14H, i^ 







Oxigoy, Viuv-Ocuunt of tbc 
A^bol «f. L a> 

ChBkeopAvr. L at>^ 
djtf, wm.. L 400. 

Cobhun, ILL m- 

CoUum, C]fl»ne>r, Wifv of 

Hiinjptury, Dkike of GIod- 

oulei, L 91. 
Cobtuun. Luid, ill, g. 
Cobhua, Sir Rcrngld, u 9%, 

CocJLcraunth, ii. 7. 

Civltlpr Of;, NOTfolk, i 190, 

^ **■ -«. -- 

Coke \ci Lcok)» John, 1. 44, 

339. aTp; M- jj7i ili IS"- 
OAc, IJnnilii* i, 4JJ. 

Colic (^kv), buiderii m. 4tl. 

C«ir«U (KofccUj, — , L 34:1 

iL li); tiL 1001, 161, 1^ 

CokcII. John. j. 377. 
CokfddcBp Nor/alk. klL 10& 

Cokkow. Thcjmiu, i- 377, 7^% 
Colhy, Htii;y iJf, 1, 6. 
Colbyci, iu WaJsJum. i 5<' 

Colbync, , 1. fjti. 

CoIdicMcr, L ^(-Ji ii. 4Uj 
iii i>J. 

Colt. Jolm. L 17a (^}i ii^ 

Cote. WUL, L ttt. i«4. 
Cole, tVilL^" d^e mid Wal- 

km*4 [Ahipdioi'f) chamhfir/' 

Cvtebr (Colby), tiodulk. iti. 

Cobnt, WiU-, a. 3^. 

Coltt. Heniy, ti, J99; iii, [94, 

i. J94, 

L'oimV. -, II. 2f^ 

CaUmoEi, Robert, « prScA. L^ 
Culiuuk (dlkcb^ L 444* (14- 

Saj; m. 4:;, 479,47^ 
CaII^ iiL l«> 
CoUf7 WcMOft, lil«ftbun|eD» 

ihlr^bL UK. 
Colmm Of Col^DftZL Jdi^ ii 

Cato4«,Nicb., i 394. 53% Sj3i 

a. JscL 
coiDHc JsaUUtHLna 
CoJnqrt. in Cariddo. uL lit. 
CoJu. * of Hcwwik A 


iMvylt, Jolu^ L 967; tt^ M« 

155. 104. 
Coljiii JL 1961 «66. 
CovbMd«n. Kent. IL 330^ jjf 

Cmnet. "A CmH 1^091^ 

■Mm " weitl j/S- 
CoJi^3iq[DC« ia Frmcc L t6t^ 
Coippfdtdla, Sl Jum oC i> 

Cananvnrv, m Q rir oB f. H 

ConchA in NofxavuJj.'-^ 

Cotitiistbyp iluApJi., lu. 4^^' 

Conjtts *-^ ii, 7j ffL m 
Canjrn. Joha, SoQ of Sll ^ 

kcii. i 51 1- 
CoQjcn, S^ J0I1&, L yeo. 
Conyen, Sir K^b^* L ilj; ft 

Coo, Johc, i 1 37. 
Coub. ^ &ir Ci>Lc «oJ KooL 
Cook, Henry, UL ill, >J5 
Cock, Ja*, ih.4J^ 
C«ifc tKookl Ja. tti. JT, 3\ 




CodW^ ttDfBini, i Mi. 
<:ooWaoTi« TlnntMi, li m^- 
Coonbff, Rf&. IL ^ 
Coddac. Sii Vi'ilL— ^C(7tiuiE- 
Coppjn^, John, V *x 
C^ttkttyn^ Kifth-rmted» ri. 

Corbet, Sir RoL-. iU. la 

CocUU, , in. j86. 

CodnTix, Simon, v m. 
Corby «t CourW, u* cuncr, 

UL 3^ lit 
Corbrn. Win.. I. 33OL 
Coik, John rutOD. dAa Woi^ 

t«>i 0iA[|« Ititbof* of, i. i^t H- 

Conib«TDtii, htvnj^ \i. tr>7, 
Contnrtlt/v . UL 300. 

CoraT*U, ii, ft. 

ConvikD, A fvntktnao <il, ii, 

CofMUtlon of Ed«v4 IV-, H. 

Comer for KoiHt)tl(, ii. \i-^ 
C«r«<MHbT f>), in York*hTr«, it. 

C0W7 (or Cono^}, Ncifv 

39(\ aSf. 
Cover- 3«ilUT of, ^i. iSj. ii9> 

»9'» <9SA »!, »4- ao?. 

909^ fflS-fi. ^3j, »34, HO ; 

HI 07, 417. 
Co<t»flncc>^>^ CcnUntec 

Coa1u4» , i, 136, sa*, 

CoilAni, FiKBtu, L 149, 5jS-9) 

U. fto- m. 47f. 
Ctttm, tV. XS}, Nnt« 1. 
CoiCctMV.— ^ CUBKT. 

Co«ld<^ , i. 5S- 

Coulcr, Kdv,. L 957, 
Coteirr, Kab— J^ Ctittcr, 
CoEin* ICnoring. or Cuiting). 

WlDiun. clsk. i. 554: ii- 

t6ii 3J7'« i !»' 3^'. 4t^ 


Conon, Suffolk, L 14B, 410; 

ii 4?-9, SSA 57. J<^ "I- 
ua, J3I. t59. a4i. M5-4. 
,«(4 Hi. Ii*, .U7ilii- «JS< 
339. 44>, 4»"t *». 

Canon, Panaa of, L ifo. 

iVacind (Qaflrtrmy WilL, of 
i.'ambTl<)fi?ihirp. Kccbw of 
ihc l>icby of LoDCuis, L 

5^1°. y^h J>V 
Coili^n. Mr-f vi. 3S9. 
Coubitr.— -W K^TfonL 
Coalf. Willinm, i, 19. 

CoillLdll. (jlCdL, i. 197. 

CoiiTuhcui jCaudia m Nor- 

oundjr ?). i. f . 
Coorry (Car^), in Fntto^ i. t. 
ConitPOAV, , Knighf, iii, 

CuuitcEtAf. Sif HuK^, ui^ 9 

CoartBut)', Juhn, iL 4^^ 

Canrtoaay, Sif i^i iii. 9- 

Courteoar, hm. Fliihoji ol 
Kxtter. — «.5a" P.iPter. 

C^tuE Lri jjir.TlLi iL.Sun ornimim. 
f flh i-jirl of DcroAlHrc (iflcr- 
iF^rdcnstb EatI), L J50 i. 

Co'oneiu^ ft. 4o«l 

CaoTtDODe (CVVMI, in *i»nM. 

CoiannoC, WiLlUin. Frcncli 
AmbMBa<ioT. i foo, loj. 

CouioikMi, in Normandy^ l S. 

(J^rA PnMicty known, i. 344. 

Ca/e \Calt\, WiU., af No^i 
Cott, Suffolk, i, 554. 

CmnEiy, L Tj^j, ija, 40J. 408. 

(-'owntry, nrtummi ai, 1 499^ 

CovfioUy. Rccjxuri of. 1- iti, 
CovoDlnruid Lkb6cH, Bittigp 

ofp fonavly odbd 0iih<7i> ijf 

Chnler — Siv Hals. 
Ck^w- Intfipje, 1. 14^ jSi- 
Cowhuvr. tL S'vcEuii. ^ulTiilk. 

i. K^ ni Z, ifi^, ^.413' 
Covrn^ Suffolk, i 454, 4i^. 



Crttmimrj^ Courier «i dea^ 

L 1^ 
C«p«, .ia-«3- ^ 

CiJSbdil . hi 147. 

Cwrat —, i. 3^3- 

Crttftf^ Alice or -Uiod, L 115, 

Cnnt, JQIc, iU- ^tflL 

Cmn?, John, t. is6>7, sS^ 

CeuiCp Muguttr Sijieiof Jotiit, 

Ctv», Mltfntf, I 413' 

CnWrWiiom, , iii. iioi. 

Cn), tJoilb, Kcut. ii ;ji^ 
CmbkIJi MofiUcLii dcs, li 4$^ 

Oeuciicr, . *' W- 

CTtfiini^liiuD, NomUi. L tf^ 

CremceoTt Ph. <1c iii. t03- 
Ooft, Sir Hie, iii ^ 3C4. 
CloDi^ in Fnmcr, t, ^ 

Crokvr* ^lrji>„ iH- la 
Oome, K-, i. jsa; fl. IM* 

Cromof tor Cwwmtt). m Nor 

d a8;i i" ioj, ^57, 261, 4U. 

Cnnot L fo6. 

CMAwdl. Kftlph, had IVca- 
nrcr cf KofWd [t4ZyHl 

a"'. 3M. |«5< i53. 354-^7^ 
4«6,4;Si ili 4aV6* 

Ciin^iwcU. lltimiiiatj B<mli- 
chkr. Lor4(l46i-7i>, iL 6Sj 

CiORiwi-ll, Sit ThEit, fii IQ 

Cnvcby. , iL jw. 

CfCwTWioht t*-''«s^'«vt*» Not- 
folk, ronon of, U. 069. 

Croxvmpr. — ^ IL tax 

Croirmci. Rob,, uL 3r9i 3$r-G- 

CroiRmv. Itob, m 4^^ 

CtmIOI, . L t3& 

CnxiOB ICtOMiiODK AuJf«l. 


CbUvn^Ch , i, 71. 

Cindcv Jotan b- Ea 
<!torTaiiCL^sSte RaluiiL 
CunoBi 3u Jvlin, l t^T. 
CvJM^ Fhifip. 11. 071. 

Cun«7i, John, ij 713. 
Ciutoa.--«Sir CwmoAB^i 

CuOki, , L iH 

CmlalorCoUUr), RUk, 
of OUitCT, U- t^s-t, 

CuVtu, Com. 1 fto^ K«to > 

DKrecfihcKocth. Kilp«i.ta 

Riaud ^M, LDirf [145)- 
S|;, iL tl^ lis, tl9. 
rurf? nf the ?tenth, T^ie&m 

Fines, Lord (I4&«-I5HV 

D^iikuDdt* Sir Th«. , 4 J$^ 
iiLtby, c:<juuaciDr. ii, 1 w 
JHJv, Ed«^iL47^S«w^;, 

D^bjt NoifglL. EL J^ 

LiAllin^ ^Uadct K^ftcabo*, 

L I7^ 177, 1*7-1 

iHlito^ 'n«.H I. 341, 3Uk 
Paul |or Duamek Jvluk L ^ 

GuMAkAL Ikokx. 


iBow i«j. i*A tot^ w 

CS"-^ 45». «>. *77- 

iobB,u. 144. 

ttu. Ik 33X. 

i dcbU or rei9i>afcililc tp» 

liu 169. 

I01». oftLi^lv, Nor- 
Cs,€B, 74^24, iL«'7. 

taS-9. 151, i^ i«. 

144. aC*. al^<. JjS- J^- 
tP9, 439, 5*1: ir ij»i 

SI. 477.45*- 4*^ I 

r— ^-, of Qtkf* Inn, Ui- | 

[WaJtflr, ilL 31a 

lieu. L uv 

ii 4. 

>i 397- 


7,~ca<«. Lord U4S6 
iiL jn, 46g, 
7, John. il. 4, 3&. 4v, 

36, 141. 141 i6a. 

t^, 189, jr,S, soj 6. 

35.36;. 270. joi, 3rii. 

W. W 3f<- 349-5^*^ 

Ed. 384. 3SS. 3WX 4aj. 
, 30^. 4»t, Jk. :^$. 


«[|y; Hi- 4JI5. 


CaDDun,JaliB,L44*: UL 443' 
DttWWi- .%r I>iw»[>n. 
Divent Tn<>., iu ^9^11; m. 7> 

t >im ^^, 11, 405 

Davy. AUrt. Wfie nf John. 

It'- mSn 
t>itr, EJm, ii. i3i. 
Dvry, Jdm, i. 187. 544-51 it 

i54-7>37«-41 xuuS. 
Da^. John, Vic*r of H, Ttt*. 

dcnluni, til 310. 
Davy, RkJisni. 1. ifitL 
Dbvt, ThoA, III 351, 99). 

Divt^ llioi., Li 934. 
DavuMD* ^— , ill. Ill 
UrnrtoB {DuuDoX ■ i . Ii. 47. 
i^wKn, John, li. 171* ^?^ 
Dm, joho^ ID- 7^ 

Lcbcofuun. Gllbrrt. L vyj*$, 

aiO, 143- 277, n^i ii. 49. 

47. 5>, ?>, t<^ *i7, '»:-^ 

»44> "-W-So» B39^o, 3441 iiL 

Dchmhjun, Gtibcrt, thtfotmr, 
knlviitcd Woic 14^^. &tl»r 
«l Elialdta Brcntx H io«i 

D«b«nhbm. Sir Gllbot. ion rrf 
ihc prctoJintCt anil uoclc Co 
UnKyert Puloc, Hi. 34(W59a 
H'cbrcri^ll, ].cwiii, ii. 35^ 
tU'-xtt umfi/m, wnt M^ l tf* 
iJcdhuD, Eoo, 1. 137, lA 
J69. iTfW*), J59> j^.m 
,17^. 344* 54^.409. 4^ 44't 
LI. 40^ iii. UL 
Dvilhun Kctltahall, ?im i 

414 i tii, 44i»4Ra. 
Dnlhiun Oivrhail. SvtE, VL 

l^rOeiitiH Tliosui^ I. 45. 
lJ«Iv/i« Sirjolw, irL 9 
Dfrw, Rnh., I 1,70, 
Dioe^nu, la Yannaaiht il 4» 



4flet«»nl» Lord, L joo, 505- 

DcruiHikp King of, uL j63, i69. 
Dmncy (jcaacv t\, ^^1 i «i i. 

tiebjn, I'boL. L IS^Ug, 139, 
140, ija, iMk ju 971-1, 

lt-iJ,3C^3i-]i "H 475,47^ 

477. 4S0 (*nl, 4*5 </rfJ ; mm- 
*lcrcrf, IL lo< 14, 17^ *j, J». 

*j^ Apm, uAcfwjLc^s Wife nf, 
i. [39, »jo, a7(, »74, 375-*, 
aS7l il. 33. 35, 16» 991 HI. 
47&P ^; b« diughtcf, L 

Dtr% {DmFhyX . UL 15S. 

D«nlnUTi (Uynaa), Novfolli^ il^ 

mi. 33{, 
DndiHiD. Eub Nurtfblk, Vlcu 

Deichaoi, Wat, KorfoUc, L i^t. 
Dttrhwa. llm^, i. 14, 15^ 
n«yk, Mr, kn. 37*. 

DcTcicvi (DcioyiX Sir J.. LQ. 

DffvnvBUt*. il 406: HI If. 
IJ*vnniihir*. Inoi, Cowwnty, 
fifth Knrl ci( ^uaa-jS), i, js?, 

Deirontbirc, liiDDiw Cottrteavr. 
tath £«A of, B^n of tbc Aflft 

6, 7- 
Dcvomhlre, HumphK^/StikabTd. 

tK^P-lEijUr (146^1. Il353p 

I]«w«, John, iL ^7^ 

Ijf y. , ii. Jfx 

Dey, Thoi.< ^, p6. 
Dcyc, John, Jh i£[, 1*7, 
Dc7<c, Hcur, i391* 

D^t1uC<«D«tW, ,L3tJ, 


Diihm, C4Bc*Vp«ldOM.t. 

Diw, S. Pi«T«, L I; 
Div«, S, SuTcnr, L S. 
OiKon, ^^ ill, 95fL 
. Divm (Dytonl, Mrv. Iil if^ 
Dwkiiijt, ^mfolk. I,. %%^ 
Doctor of PliTikt dr 7^ 
Dode, Jokfti Ii 307- 

tfiirt, L gK. 
Ihic*turI>>AG4.Muui.L in 
Docct. or DokffC, — ^^ Ou 

Dailiff'aMr^iL 049. 
Dofd. John, ii 19^ 
DnffH. Ric, L 191, Jlj; E 


DoVe, Jofco, i IJfX 
DakeC— <5dri>3Ge1- 
Dokkjmi, - — -, EiL, If r^ 
DokkjnVi Tbo^ lii 4AI 
DdUltom HMicr. klL icA 
I>>kwocili,^£« Duckwvlk 

llalcrtfnna^ 1. 58. Not* ^ 
DoTkj, A., L wi. 
Dgllji, ~, iiL 7, U;, tiai 
Domfrobl. in KooDUidy. L l> 

Jwii^ A miring L 4H5 1 A 

4»'7. 4(^ 
DobbtLni. — At DvftbuK. 
I)4nmow<e. — ^ I>iaai6w: 
DoukC; Ijumwv. L 44^ 
Donrr, -, iii, sil 
Dcnuiynfiab In Wi^tiiB, L 51^ 
D«iuuitkon>vi<b-^Jir Duowa 

Gkkbkal Tr'0£i& 


F&-^h tJumubIc 

UonlnchT, or Dc«l. in th« 

NrthfTlindi. Ill, jG^ 
DarkMft Suirry. iii. 46;. 
Dotlct, ^- ii. ITS. J7^. 

Donei.tleiin Bouifcn. £ailot. 
Dokeof Snuertct. «ftcrwqriJ^ 

317. W^ 33^-J- 33*^— 5« 

oAc Somcrtci. 
iXiExt. CccJK, Mudiioricu cf, 

Donal, Th«aa« Cny, MArqnii 

of, iiL 3W1, Nrttp'K 4^1. 
£Mwr. Donnitarj, UL 377^ 

D«7. , i m 

Xfan, JohOi UaJci Shcfifl of 

DotTl^i, Jobn i]«, u, 49, 

DrnqrluL* J»mei« Kdjr] cT. IL 

Dovfir, E. 1345, l«6i iiL S$t 

Dow. John, I iji. 

DoWB bMf PI^ jvha, ill 414- 

DowNiThoft, L 1^ 

Do«D», sir John, 111, 9, 
D4«DllUn(Uonnhbin), NuHnlk. 

DomuuCt J(Uui| L Cj; liL 

DoityldftTt Kkli., I. 191. 
Dttftr, Joho, i. 47. 

/Mq^CjItfBi^rr. Atmnifini> 

Dim1«, , i 114. 

UnytoHn Norfoltr. i. 1 13-4. 1 1«, 
^oH, J4* ; 1^^ *5t IKV '^fl- "*S. 

Ill- « 

IT«, ITS* ill, Utj^ ifiS, 
JW, 101. iltl-4. 1^5' »^ 

1,9^ IS"' *i^ 3=^1 *>'■*» 
i^i, 44, ftO, 9J. 311^3. 1*3, 

Mfl-7- »*0. aaiX W- 437- 

DnykiTi, Doccal of Ihc Miuioi» 

Jinyi^n^ ChuKh o/> ti 193, 

370-7. »i4. 141- 
DiMliiii. UUIUToT, il 174' 
DicnUll, Tbua,, clok, lii. fS^, 
Dnuil, jtJiii, LUDl, ii. la-J, 

3-j3, ?7I, aJii. 
Drury, Mkl, t. 370. 
Diyc. TtLQL, SL 2Z4 
iJuWiii (Ucbylyu), l 5OJ 
DudcHcrth <Di^k^rotiii}» Elp, 

L 337, a7r, »»*. 
tMiiVy, Jn^^f^ SuKon, fearth 

LonI (I4d6>*-)p il 317. 336- 
Duilky. CitljrEiMC, li, f^L 
DanliLm ionium), KortolL, U. 

aoi iii, 70h 

NorfOllf. L p$. 
Diiinrcjwf, WllL, L 237, ^9, 

I>aAoi», lotu, CouBt of, l«tfud 

of Orlenni* I- 9Q, I03. 
DiiiutnNf {Dorulntilr), lH 154. 
DmuUdUiruugb ^oowEa^ 

LiEiiuHtG), NutitmmbctUiiiiSt IL 

r>Lintlon, Norfolk, i 771-fl. 
Itanwicti, SdfTolk, L ti; IL 241, 
Varaac, Lcirl. llC 93, 
BiuliiLni, iL IZi. 
Durlmm (Dcnhaml, LuimiCd 

Bocth, Huhflp of (1457;^ iih 

Dorhtm, blahop af«— J<r SbcT' 

Darb«m, Einbop of, iij^ 433. 
DocchUndt or CUmmaf, L 96t 
JhiEclimcn, Til, 373. 
I>nt, WiUlani,|L4J7. 



Dynock iDyKmokl Udy, tfi. 

bbaaI hdfis lot » 0t4kt Mb 

Dnw, , i **. 

DTOfaiuD. — fti' Ilvnham. 

DjPBoe. . L lOrj. 17;. 

Dfrvwdi - — . ii. 41. 

Cttlc Tlie> in Uinwlnahlie, 

^rl &gt»n fErlE S«Hy, b> 

III 3»i, 3fi* 
EtfUum. Norfolk. !IL Vi. 
Eucwfl-. N^irlutk, iik^4J]- 

EboHyn. Huu, iij. 171. 

Ec^Ia, Rob-i 111 423, 
44:111^4'^ 4*'- -W 

ItJjJtlHJII^Il, li. 4<^ 

SdgMOitvbp, ^ir HiH«. Ml. ^5, 
StekMirlt, John, «f Tmrtoni, 

IIiJmuTxK TlmiL, iL liM'f' 

Edmnl lU,, iiv 3D0. 

Edmnl IV., B« V».t\ fif MairJ^ 
t a*i. M7. <ux 506, SI* 
595-61 bL 47^:^ Kiflj^ LI. 

43. 4*1 p. SJ-* 6K- 76^ a*. 
91.94-S, f^. TC?. M>. Kfi. 
I». la*. i;44, 14>> 14^, t«u 
\fjsx. itii, i6f A ><f0i i>9* )S^ 
(*»), ffs^ t$K-A, 316, 3J^ 

33C^'. 3Pt 33^ 34t- ijw. 

3S^ 3*>. J*7. 3fift IT}. 
577. 3»». 3*>90. JW. JW-t. 

406< 409- itv i?r. *jj: jt 4, 
IS, ij, *t tS. Bj. ej. ^t 

9Ry, 119^ itt, m-^ ij^ 
<3S> <^ "39. »*o-'* Uil 
■SJ» «5S. <S^ iH> '95- 
»t jjr. aS3. 4Aa 4B'>4^ 

to ^o Junius IL ^; lOBif 
linldi in Wtjiff given «» M 
htm. n^ 4DI OAixta cri, Ul 

jlcfUirch, L 515. 

lUiwd, Prino of Wik%9A 

of Henry VL, i. jftj-^ 9^ 

ft. 5, 7, III! lift. 4. 414 

KJUHUU. I^illCC, 11* 111 Tilui^ 

iMwnM. a nrant^ ML 9I, 

I^Ecoiuiii. Uka Pcnsr, Ln^ 
third iQB of ri«>T| mhaI 
Kvl of NoithakAw^hl, i 

Kimottjl — Set Eohxidn 
KItcCJon for XoKcilE, & »» A 

FJ£er> John, L 314, 
£l£l)£.£uiblk,L IL 

Kimahjun. , L 118; u«ri 

HliMbcth W»dvUl^ QsMtf 

Edwa^J IV,, 3. 134,355, JJJ, 

3fta 5W, 4U I in. %, \j. >c» 

4U, £j. £«. 
C}^Uil>. Mil, iu, 91. 
Hliubeth ol VcjIg, Q^om ■! 

rakinhtit. yn^s^Ti^\ 
ftL6di i^Vd^JtCftklL 

Ctlls, LWthotciujev. L J>6lb 
4>03, 40Gi ii. If. 71. Iffc 

Gbkbral Ikouc 


jvt). J jk an 

Eimfif. iMignbi, U. J09, 3^^ 
ElLbuiL, Knit, i, S'5- "■ 1<^ 
Er, UiJioiJ oT-^Sr Alcock, 

Tlif* ^43-1411 CffTi Will. 

£4nK, BcivLcldTCM'.— ^ Cllix 
JEnArdiw^. A U^al ofltuiMt L 

Eiuutiilo, KqU. i. ait' 
EntvuU* {At Wivyll^ Sir B«^ 

ErnoU. Itir^. ^Ciumv. L Si- 
Erptnflbam llun'lrprl, Norfollr. 

£juii|>Imubi. Sji 'RHEuiias Kl-t 

EuiMi Snrrgr, |L 407* 
Mspryeft ^tilJiam. i. 4, 
Ebo, touniT, i 3™; '*- 3^ 
aSj, 4t^. 4J0 . liL 3U. 44«* 
F—gi| CfCEiUciiitii uf. ili 35). 

£»e7, in Ndiuuuidjf, L 8, 

B«i^J«hii,u. 141, i;<3.ff33. 

EftlliaJmu. — Jn Ixuui, HuL 
£fll odttJiorD. — %*«ir Tarlftonhiin, 

ILaiKlL KMt iJ- 33^^ 33*- 
iles (tuples), la Fnnce. IlL 

Eton, WilL, iL 154, >57. iTii 

Hi. 4r9- 
)!^ii, in NoiTTkiuid}, L 8 

Kuhtalt, . 1, 241. 

Kvcnnl. Sii Thu^, FanoD of 

OiJtmiJ, ili, ijj. 
KtfrLi^hnmj Thos-, J- 440- 
IkTcrtoB, IlIu., iii 109, 11^ 
£l«n«t, llwvj. Wife ef. til 

Etoytoiit John. tL 36^ 
Cviwix { Ewch], ia f^tmiadj, 

L r 
Ewdme, OnfonkhlTP, t «; tl 

^1. Ill .tj. 

i>i. III. 316- 
tifidi, 'Aoioai McKUton. Di^ke 

ur(i4[^JM. i. 10, 45^i iin 

136 Noic 
Eirtpf, Hf^try llollojul, Duk« 

oM»44^73U I3^^64.a9f\ 

W. 4M.4iS> 4^^493. 5^: 

», 5* Ui iiJ. 4N> 
Eictct, Amu, DuchMotf^ Wire 

c^Joho Holbod. Lkird Diik« 

(I44jftj. i>. ^jti ui. IS*. 
Kyt, S1dF0lk.ii.s5. 
Ejr, fiuJiiToi; iL Z4I, a^ 413. 

F^«mAin, in Fruw*^ i> ft* 

Fftirdiild tF*yr«hil(|p*), SoT- 

ifiTli, iL yp; Lii. 73, yj. 
Falifu, Gu^ ti. ^6. 401; UL 

Fiitiu, Uf ,. ib. 6, at. 
FaiHu, Sir ThcH.. u» 3!^ 
I'Akrnham, N'c^rloUc, l 191, 
FbJaUc Ukm by Uemy v., L 7. 
"KtluB Carle S|iiuuic." i. ^^. 
FaJcon (rAwcvti;, I^inmit«nt. 

iiL «;. 
F«Jroi:tin<lH, IktOira, iif. 14, 

17J hit Bfothfr. HI. 14, 17, 
I'lUytilCt Jului, L. a,i4'5- 
I'Btiet.— ^^ I'crrav, 



Aunjt/0Hf. SlmjTf lUi^ i. 

I94j ii. 7<>,3i» !it- 
rMtoEl Cubfriqp, f, 396. 
Fftib*]/ EdiDiiiKt. it^ »o. 
FBTolt ^ 'InGh. 1, 31^ 4iOb 

Fbtijir John, L «r, 
rMtolf. Joh», Faliin of S« 
John. i. 446, 448, 4S3, 

FuSl JOhDt of Cowbiv^ L 
5i». m4iz. yM-> 

Faiidf, Sir J<ihn. L 6, jj (fe). 

4j (M. 5S. <3. 9'^. "3- 
la:. ijo-i, i3»-3. »JS. '37. 
146. 14* (W'Jr IS4-S. tA 
it^ 165. )^ 1^7, lU^ 1^ 
i<*6j, 170 (^), ITr.lM.i:< 
IBs 3, ll^ IS4, 1^7 (Ai/l, 

tio, W3. TJ5- saflt^f/J, M7. 
14^ 34D, J40. 'SOh >'}'h 7<>ti, 
JOOw 5^3. J*^ .T^H 3'^H 3^^' 
l^ 3"<» 3U*- J'*i 3»* :■ 


J35. 338 i**J). J«. 3S». 353- 
«6(W)i 358-ft, SiS-T.iCfi 
l**)^ 5&9. 3ft9-TOk 3T* l*('). 
J7'3i3M^. 3;5-7-377-3;?' 
37?-*^ 3*MHnj, 3^5, 5ii 
yo. 391. 3W- 393-4. 3>»- 
3i«-0, S»7- 398-9. 404, 4™. 
407. 4» <^>. 41^". 4^'. 
90,4^^25. 43*, 4»?'i 431. 
43''J 4334> 417. 4ir, 41^- 
2, 444. Mi. A^M. 49l-a. 4«- 
4. 4W-5. 405* 497. 479, V>1. 

5*^1. 507-9. St*' 7. 5'?. SI*. 

5U 5.^'- 53*. 5390*^- MS- 
J<*; ll TO. J9. 3J. 4^. li, 
56. 7S. *i. M. 8v. loj, til. 
7, Ta*. Ji«, 135. 13S, J54-S, 
'Sft i<^3> 165, t8^ 109, ti9. 

ni, 1*7. ty^ t$t-% i7»3t. 

■9=s »9* 9. 303. Jo*.y>*3"> 
40Ck 417 |to).4J«,4M; uL 
iMr-j. jt, Ji^ 57, >S,44. 

41^ 43^ 493.4. 414.^ 4nA 

■nw «^ It 480, 4$S; hit 

rt. »■ 467731 "■ 'S?. 
4J7-43: hh W^"t ^ 
44S^ 4fto-^, 464-7 ! I 71 
in, 116. irt. i|0, 1^ 
»75. *»-3^ *7i-S*. JJ34 
3^3p 39T I ™ *a™*»H> * 
475-90; fate popMt4 Colin 

1- 397. 4i*\ 411. ^^l-i;* 

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jwi bdomtalh, fl. icS, f;<; 
ocrrtuncft «f Ui roMMcr^ 1- 


S*r John, L 9«-3. jtj. J7*. 

4C9. 44& 45].45<^ 4&4.4». 

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FjhIoU, SJiLooD^ iL 397. 
Kiitnlf, RiJ^hftid, t 379 1 U. 17^ 

bJoE 1*1. 443-+ 

Fwtolf, ThMiua, 3m«f lob^ 
dfCt'whiwvs i->9a^^ JD9- 
>^ 31 '. 3M. 3'% J>4.M» 
(M. 32S).37&4II.44>.50^ 
3. iii«>u.4i^6i.y% n% 

MI Ui.«0,4Jli£b»<^. 

Fecamp, L 45^ 
Loidi L 101, 415. 

AhbM «l 

OeMSftAl, tNDftX, 

JiftDCODCir^ *^^ L Iu4. 

FirvkoiHT, ThDL, i. xS. J19. 
F^mpi tn PJtmrunHjr, Ahhnl 

Fcen, Mvier, iL 19& 
PdM, JMk,L4<^ 

FiAvng;. Korfolkt 1- 19^ 199* 
sfE; u, 19, H- 77. >«»• "T. 

ajs-^a?!; "'■ *7;. ^*s- 

FenulaHfytbiTO), ,7^.6. 

Fclbhfg, CijJkCiinc, i^ilV' 

Jf4. J16, 313, 

Sir Jnhn, iL 35J. 

SU Simon* Kt,l t^ 

Fddyne. Mt» hi. H. 
Frli* V, Pnpp. i- 77. 
Fclmlnjchuu, Norlblli, lit 

3*9, a^i-i. 370, ija. 37s, 
a79T iiL 49* *"7- 

Fdihorpc Ffljion of. fi. 154, 

Foulykcs, ^ , 1. 35a. 

Fam, Hflfih, i. 113, 339, 375-6, 
3794EV 381 . 39J, *oJ-3, 43*. 
4*3. 467; H. TT'V 7S. <3Sp 
n*. iiS.3U'Si *«^-3A^IS- 
44*4J^454, 4S1, 4*5- 
V "lob.. uL 3^, 4CO. 

ifliBBi^ ID Hemngby, Ncrfolle. 

Fflftwyk, Ric, Rcfilur of T*i- 

Fcnyructcv. — Jitf FUanijlcj. 
Fcc^ (Fenct.), Kob,, ii. 19^ 

tjryi, 33a. 
Fmrls (gr FciWil, -, \. 

iQc-j, i$Ji a, iiii 

Fdiiituuiil aAd Itttdk uf 

Spiiin, iii. 394. 
PVM, Sir HiTT}, iiL 9. 

I'trmn-, John, 11. M, 9|-4l 

FciTCiv Julia, i. JiL 

fcrrour (Firrcr, FoffOJ^ ^— -, 

f^firnif, kit, uv fljs, 337. 
fncamp.— k^ P^t^unp^ 
t'wtU^tdo.-^^ Falidiffal 
Fid^on, RoKv, ^'^ ^^ '5^ 
l^«nna* CFjnp), lu- W> 
Kip, Prifif 0!, 1. 4SCiL 

Fi% Koffolic u i$i, try, 

Vwft hitini of^ iL 1^3, UL4, 

HUv, JohD, iii. 3g3, 31^. 

Rlmglry (PrTi™if7h HnL, 

acpficw of FEuioTfJ. ^u7, 31a, 

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437. 4o&7t 4Wr 49S, 499} 

IL 430 1 IIL &>i Ml, 

Fllfingr* yji.ocdy.wTM of HtftfV, 

Kucli it'r^hj, — , i. 43, 

FAfithflm, Ncrfi-lli, Vi(ar ol^ 

tiL 4C9 4 

Ftmhun (Fync^tipLBin], ^— , I. 

FiududJi, JoltOi iij. 477, 
Fuubun, SunoHi, of Findanpj 

Piih, A pRunt Af, tL 1)3. 

Fish [I'Vi'JjJh I'cw^i i 47- 
Flahcr (I Wl.cti. Kit. 5ce«t- 
bry oi ud Larl at SrM^bary, 

Futiirjr, Sfniollf, iiJ. Jj. 
RahvrlcK Ijuicublre, \. t^J, 

v^n. Son vl WilluLDi, Vjul of 
AnudoU ii- 9 57' 
FTtThn^, Atirv, ( A/lf. Id, 

ijifj, i. la 
tiUJ««M (F^ukvrw), Sit Iti&r 


FJUnil^h {FjUxanrfn* Joba, I. 

II, 4S^ 
Fiimuff, BoK, i- 174. 4S*. 4^$ i 

U- 5% "S7. 'T^ »75J »i'- 

FiuwahcTi [Waller JL Lnd, L 

FimlHii loka RatoUfl; cmlUd 
Lord, (killid at lfc« Battle of 
trnryMnge, I4«i), I $40] 
U. 5, 

Pitawnltcr, Toba. LonL— Jbr 

Ftu»](«r. Ladjr. in. S^ 
Iiluvalter, Lord, d 3tSr W. 

FitfwnlLer. Uuccih »i fi^, 15C-7. 

i6*j, 1^-3, i6j, y7, J^i Ha 

wije, ill. t6a, Ibj, 
Fil/wnririe {fmrAK Jo. Ikni^ 

thief. IjiTA, UL 3*4- 
FHiaillLiun. Ai»Uil i- 6> 
Fludcn, ii, liSi iii^ IA^3> 

'T3.«3 4, 

il, lOQ. Id). 1;^ 117-& 
Fleet PriwD. — &v LonJoa 
Piece (or ^nlgv*. NnMk, i 

t76,s07,446t lU.79Na«s. 

9a, I1& S«d, j(H- 

1^. 165, jan, J6^3lI,3S(^ 

4»f i^ 449- 
FlegE, WdJ, Norfdik, IL 105, 

FlcEb^ltc* in V^tiirTtun. Ul 

Fleming, John, U. ijA. 
Fl4B9ii«|[, MuT«r, U t$7 

Fkndiin, Coodv v^ uUuoi, 

Florixonj CiJnicUiB, 1. ȣ. 

FlaatrlBw, lahn, Fuuq of 
Dnjnop, ii. 90, 19^ 3^ 

Fr>k^ — *, >, TjlC 
Kokix loEm, d. 9(1|» 
Ftfkc. Hmcf, ill- «7^ 
FobLuik— &r FiHiljJiHL 

Pordhan (Om^, g, v^a i )iL 

ForcT, » of P«uc^ liL 

ti^nie^tf, NoiCblk, l i^ >4*, 

TorDicttp Jo., D^tX. BL 33a 
A«^, A, u i^7< 

Fortcr, Je>Uil, iii. 39. 
Fn(i«(£u* (FonlwT), L«td,t 
^■n^lrWIle, Sir Jo>ifc Ctiirf 
Hce cf tjie KlngV 
50L iSj. 37*. 4*1- 4W. 

pnnTtJ b^Pcnn, "Fertiu")- 
KOFTwuc, Str JeJuSi, af Pfo** 

boni^liL 3S9, 
PcMv, Will, id Jix 
Fodicrinjpy (FouirTacdMh 

N<Pftli«nrpUiiM| ii. 169. 
Fothfrin^T, Coilego a^ ik 


Pouic^ — , or Kftipeoo. 
Frnilor, WBL. L 375. 

FoulihAB (FollhAVXu^ 

Fowttr, , H. 4tl. 

Fi», Hcniy, lil 545^ 
Foil H<m. WlfriC QL 
FoiSull (F»h«k), SuAi 

3". 4«a- 
FnmUnflisfn, ^offolk, ?vMt m 

44. 5^< >'i' '«<>• >4l* MSr 
ai6, JJ9. JJi. a3^jj4,a^ 
JiJ..?37-4"'+*J- '^"^PX 

«i7, 145. 447^; 

*^Ti. Tfr 

*^ SJ. 



ftvorafitoi, « (. C93. 

Vrvue, I. 161. 365-367- ♦46» 

PruMv AnbuMdon of. iti. 

Frxnce, Kiu bf. — Stf CluslM 
Vlt, 1-ewmXL 

PaSkTSii £dw., C S«7. 

Aflo^lrM. A TflnpB aww of 
tend.!. a«r. 

rruiwcTi> 1 1h 304, 

KMuh, K«b., lii. 960. 

Fr<dtrk:k UL. Emiiaw, ill. 
PR«dMc]p^ Korihli, Ji M4. 

of l^fyiT^n AbH«v; ^iiffotb, 

L 30 Not« > 
Ftciuj {Frcuuel Lt Vicunte} 

in Fnue, l r» StS- 

Frocb, , Wift of, iiL ttO. 

FnuIc Tb** lJir«itfli Jvn*>' 

nd CuFftury, 1 19Q 
PRndi Shlfv, L hMS: tt- X. 

Fnncfi Boole** n. ^)0. 
Pr«nc&mFn, 11^ .fog 
FmKhmn on the rMNi, U1, 

Fbowc^ Xorfblk. EtAClor of, 

Fivulftr, Sir l^cf£0ff iii- n't- 
frwinn, Slifin^^. Ii J?, 
FrethorpL--iin' Titcctior^ 

FivlUuJuin. Nofl^lk, \u 97fi 

rtiATs f-'vj'j or Minor^ In. 

PiWim {KrrtoaK Siffhilc. IL 
liB, 37<M7^<, >SDta .10ft. hi; 
iii- Jh >J6. HJ. >5«V aSi- 

FritiM, V«non of, iL 39. 
^fl(T4^(J fKfMonl, naf l^ofig 
SEnilon. Km^blk, ILL J(r 

KulcWer, , 1. 137^ 

Kfltfanl, Sir Hvmpb-. bl 385. 
Fdlbnl. Wt Thi*., IH. is, 

Falfcr, WQL^ 1.159. 

Fdltlicnp, ^^ 1, 3£i:\ 4aa. 
Fullboi}^, I-a^Tp i- i4>> 
Faldwni. Sir Thm., L t^d 
Funvittl iLmBM* of Jttho I'M 

FurhuAchour, ^^, 11- 09. 
F>-luJii:lcir.^!6* Fn-Hiuief. 

Frncb, , L 43. 

liyiehduHii.— Jl* Fladioin, 
K^iiJcm, SirThot., iL ^ 

J^jup. ,Spcnk«rof ?■*«•■ 

went. IL ijl. 
Fynjs, Elolh, iL fj. 
Fykh, Prtsf. LjJ. 
F" t^Bchef- — S** PWhfT, 
f/TnijTi.— Jir Flirvuifte. 

Gicbccron,^^, i tOf- 

Ga;lfaii {G«lion), in No/SiMdy, 

OiMcbckfCwJebf^X In Vnaee. 

L 8, 
GnliorL — Str GiiltoiL 
Oalbtn-ar, Rob., ii 97a 

Guinok, j<riui, t- 45- 

*-iEVi-, Juhuj i- ^ 

(.<aul of thi Bithop 0< Ncrflk^ 

U. V6. 
Gan, in ^wioe. L & 



CmdctI) - — - 1 i 4^1 
Guiwp, Mnrj^n^, M^tfi of 

Rolptt, m. 417. 
G«jnc73v Hn., i 55. 
Ounn], Siaiuii, liL jSt^, 

Guri^tgne, Mr WlU^ OiU^ 
Jmiicc of Eiif Iuh], L 91. 

C«tcl| Moic til. j6j;. 


Bokdtk ill 
GAimkr, KoK, 111. 4'^ 

ur&iwiudiu I. ». 

Uttyn, jQhi^ iL 150, ito. 

Ca>iu^ Elis., ill' 47*^ 

GflytoD (tieylonl, Nortolt, i. 

Ga>v(KHU NiTrfblk. IL 87. 

GeddbAlfiSoOoUi, i.6i. 
C«ei, Joba< % CumeUla KrUr, 

iy- 415, 
0«ff^, John, of Crowmcrp Mcr* 

cWu iU< 41 <^ 
Gefln-it, , L j8L 

Gciilarf^no (GvriyBroii)^ ift Nor- 

folk, I. 4S; sji, ^Sj. 
GtBcy . — ^"itr jmnpy, 

GmI, jjhn, L 17J, 

Gcnjpn, J ii- 3>3^ 

Gccogr, Sim of KJduu^. Dnkc 
ofYork {«fl«nv«r^ DaLc of 
GatcqmJ. L 595.— £v aJi« 

Goocs^ WaIut, L 177. 

gi- i7S-6 . _^ 

GcmwiyllhiidAudX L ;AL 
Gci ibjiL — li^r JcmiyK 
Gcm^ocs ^^, iii» lot 
GtrTijtifbKSW I'm J I IT in rt— 
QftfiTK, or £)WT*yi. ButSt 

ur^ L 107' 
f^'tfrm. A detftlca can of 

Cfyx<ta*—SK Gmmu 
Choi 4(^AtmaK uL 79h Bfi;> 

Gibbaa,*..Ar Gybrm. 
CiilHon. WOl^ lit 3«i. 
GiJunl. Will. iiL n. 

Gilbcrl, 1 1 Ml* 

Gilbsl, Jobn, Maror </ Vc«- 

wwfi [14^0), L U? - IL M. 

" (^ila,^* Ttv, ihlp ottoV (^ 

GfWfohn. iL 94. 

Gilo, KatoU i^ 43t. 
CiUf. A ifLil, li. ;v3J(. 

A. >K-4i9- 


Hi 41a 4it. 

(-tnnr, lii. 15. 
GiiMnrtdiH-JliT Ipswkl;. 

GinfagxcD, NklL, k 3Uk 410^ 

GbnTJilei impatc&kcfti oC L 4 

GlinfiUc. Sir WtUiua. IL >K 

UJuucrilv. Huraphrvj. i>« 

nf, Rroih'r nt Hrnrr V,, ?r«- 

OXtm of Ecglutd duiiDtf ibc 

uinoftlj u( Ociuy Vt^ 1, lo. 

14, 17. a^-A 3»'*. 4<>. 

Uloac«4Ur, Bumiitipn, Ddw 

<^ Ml Wil^,— .U fUinuilt, 

Jftcqiuliav u£ 

GrouoBtcr, RkbuiXDiikeoC— 

GloncoMflnluni iL 145 ^ UJ.48L 
Gli>*cr. AIa, i* aij. 

GKNtKlt. IlfllXX. 


CkM^Tp Kobert, u. 70^ 

57, ;^ loo. lis, II?, 1^7, 

■Bot 400-7, 4^5. 
OnMtuhtXa^Sr KiutyuJe. 
Godw (Gongh?}, Uuvuvi, I 

GodM, Dr., UL 47«. 

Oodfr«r, Mr>, Pi. 4^ 
Godntnl^i ^ '^'' ^ 

GttiihlJl (tVldiihin}, lite of 
Oopvv^ WLIL. I". JS* 

Gold, Pips of, L 3^ 

GoWuDVUi, MdL. L 337. 

IKL tji, )u, ^31. i^M, 
S4V. a5& 

70^ I09>I0; Hi. 41 1< 
Ocmrv.— k£ar Gunnor* 
Ga«<ifenow, Robin. i^L j6>. 
Goodhoapc 'Ilioji., iii. ai'L 
GAcMlim (or C;oodwyn|, WliL, 

L tpft >I7. 
CvtdoA, Bob.. IL ii 

CoMln Covwl, , IL m. 

Gm. W«lUr, iL Ho. 

Gorinf im, bj Vnnnnnth, IL 371, 

a79^ 199. 311. 4^41 ni 

II. ;i. 13&, 444- 

Ipu, iii- 55-fS, 57..S, fifl, 67^ 
Ccnioth <t], Alkr. l. ju Nglc i, 
G^h. — .Sir Gi^fih. 
Ccij^li (CoLh}, Matibewt L 37, 

Gcim, 1^^ ^^ V> 
Ccw«i, TbonM, i, 3J, 49^^ 
Gowvi, iL i«a 
" Gna: dt Dicu,** Ship allM, 

ti- nS 
Gmnc^ MrL. 1!L 157. 
Gmi«re, Wjjliim, Muter of 

WmIu ftl GhlstCF, L 18. 
GMiiLbftint L^QfcJo, ki.^495, 
Unif, Sit Jaha, i. 10; III. 

Gnr, Sir lUJpb. E 6, ih. 
Cw {or Gnj), Sir Thomas, 

ilL 9. >7t 
Oral S«iJ, UL ^ 
A^MU dW, UL tic. 
OrevDfidd (GramMdl, -^, 

GrHaJwId, John, U. J7 N«» 

rpTPpnfipUl, Jo)in, S'Tl««nr<ai' 

law, IL 144. 15S, isS-y, 
Gram avu, L 137 Nulc l^ 
CrcenwfdL, L 31^, jaj; ii- 45. 

Gn^K j^i WbJiw, oI Lui' 

enter, m. 385- 
GiPgoiT- <^ KiuoaE ur ICJimuicI 

PluiDflvi. 71- 
Gtbuck, Ctr-, ii. 37 Noia 3, 

C^renf. , ii. 3p>} iii. 4JI. 

Gren*, Dr., L S30- 
Grrac, Johii, iii. 41^ 
Grmc, Sii ftob., jiL 4>, R^ 
Gmi^ Tbofl-, L 133, 1^7, iaS, 

4'3! ^t 37. 71, 136, 11*5, 

?6i-3. Ml, h|»; iii. ITS. 
Gnnc, WlU. iL 311. 
Grmefcld. — Sat Gicrnfidd. 
GrcBoiieve, Chnafopfier, L 

*J7. »rr- 

fitHfinMrllp, L ft 

Gratham, NcHoUCp 1- jS, 7(x 73, 

Tfi, 80, 81, (OS-e* iTQ-i^, 
ijS-i^ 141, T47, 1^, 193-*, 
a57; H. 70, »6,a«^J9"t^ 



tfi, ti, tfj. ia>4, 4M- 4SM> 

Grnnnn, ^— ^. n. ^69 
GrobuB, , tlie Idiu^oc 

Gmhaib, Japuhi i# 46, 49'50i| 

>40, US* IS7, 159^ iM, <;*» 

l7-<a, g4'5. 13*-^ >3f^ 
144*1 14^ iii^ tao-t, a6t, 
305-7- ,P* W 391 4» J. 

4^3- lit ^1, TO 4J, 4M- 

QMbaoki JhtAt m. 43*. 
GrtHcahill, Kotfislk, L 1571 

Grmngif. Sup, ill. ^n^ 

GRTt* Will, tiLA7S-9> 

GrvT or UiDor Frim Ul 

Ctrwj, , U, ^ 

Grey, &lniHiid, l^jnl. <J Hnl' 

inift and RullLin, 1. S^f-^, 

(^TBjp BcBfy, i 36, 1(1, 177. 

joaj a *i7- 
Gny, Sit Hwry, !IL ul 

G»y. WUI.A >(M>- 

C;nr, '^ill, HlAlup of Elf 

fl454-7»J. 1' JOJ! *i- J'i 
Sa}^ 411; liL IQ& 
Ony. mi, of MifipH liL 

Greyt*. . tL 31 1- 

GnttTli (Gf7]>h<!ll. , Vthel 

of die HiUtvIItih:? VL, L 

Gt^ECI, Andftv, L 393, 

Gnegs, r.. Ill, >i7-4 

Gflmsby, Sir "»»,«.» 
tkliurtuq. 1. 3f). 3M. 

Gri^, in Fnacv, 1. 9. 
G«o«r. FhU%v L 443. 
tironc HidL. L 193. 
Cnwi, JcliD, L Xi3t. iTT- 
Croott, OliTcr, u 14, jQj u 

Lt 47;. 
GnM. Joha l>b %1^ L VjL 
QfTmeilij;— ^W Gciual9< 
GiTp^Kt. — .&« CHMl 
Gryi, Johik cf W^eo. i », 

Gacmcf, I 6j^ Sf, tp»i a^ 

Gmmnr. 1. 99^ 101. 104, «bdh 

3*>t 3*7, 455- 

Gunnnld.— wte Grv4cL 
Oiiidiur, Of Goaoom ^^ 1 

i(>9* I9*'7j i99> >0<a, fP7 1 IL 

<^iuukor»Sln«%i43is ^497 
GuTi»». WIIHmh, I 45r- 
Gtinfon, Korlblkt t- 5ji» 
Gunt«o, KfJpb, cf Nai»lk. ft. 

Gumi; i:;cnicr), , *. i^ 

»47. »SS.4a^; *fe.4j6- 
Gunicy, Mirptcw i' m. 

*J. 134- iJ^i H^4r7- 
Cum<r> ^O-xuy^ W., KL 3S 
40-t, 40s J4. 64, 19CV >^ 

Ourun tin Be«»Juioot. KorfA 
i SJ9 » >■ t^h tT6, JQA m 

GuyofWiwldr, ni. joa 



r . iftllMili III J 

Gu> toa» '«!«»& i I9> (^1h 
Cu>in -J^Opknefc 

QyoEm, JobDi iiL 2481 

GyEtra. . li. 157. 


Oyvm vnfhuii, — *5«r Gdnmioff ^ 

GteW( *>r CynffT, J<Aii, c^ Dil- 
bun, i S^a; iL 414; iiJ' 
Oymi,« C^mh C Lav, fBFMiArii 

^^rr, A parte gt \m1£, iL s^ 
Qr^^jnsit Join* ii. azi. a?? , 

lud, in BndwcEl, SufFatk. i:. 
163.460, ^10. 311,4^4; iij. 

ccBi Of mixt], L igo, Hi, 

IbJle, EL 477' 
ifadky, Kxiffcllc. L M«. 
Uulloanda.— vW HnUbuul 
HAdjnuU John, U, 315. 
BiCMoD, , Groom of Ihc 

Kb^» QuuilW, 1, 4J t. 
UtioAult, J9£ifqr1i4c of, Wife of 

HsmfihRj, DuIh At Olod- 

r«tw. i- ^.q-S. 

HftlmriWi rvxia of Fd- 
t^Wh U- ff>7> 

Hai/t, or ^^,L I'ltviilKiEi^ fltr 

JlaJd, or JXaIki |o., Disbop cjI 
CoYVtry pnd Lichli«lil, diL 

llAminthr, 11T HalfliAili, Jotnv 
ti. 395J 9i lOr^ 

HiSI. ar fidm.. HL 44(1 

lUIl, Rob.^iL ITL 
K&ll,*diiU. til 4S& 
H^Hun for HalJcmcn), , 

H.iliuit Houy.L isoj [L309, 
jf<i; liL 11, Ed, 47^ 

ill. 4o){, 

lUlonoth.— ^ UiITfloUtVL. 
lUloft^ GUberi, Iknjo of the 
KiC^oquer, I. 391, 

UittoTt , i- 3»5- 

Hj1ir>[i, Kcni. tL itck 
HirTct|7lIn« Ncr^. UL JD5v 

llunbie ^loinraU^, in gfoT' 

tnaiiily, t. 9. 
Htnukii, Sir EfTmdiul^ m. & 
HamfflK for Ilunpaci), t^ 

HuiiLirnTi ^.Vf Snmliflmpion, 
" llaitkjna cui tio^.*' ill, itj. 
IJfcUnici, JoUiii uid Williuti 

Hfciunn (fl»i4onF, Hvniy^ i 

^^>» v>^. 411. 
ItAQ'^tjiti lUuswui, m HouMM 

ChriBoph(r i 435, 514-^ 

S^Ji, 540- il 7»4'. 43p"*9. 

nc^ in ; Hi. 44^ 
HiP)mgt4in, rhr, H. >59. 
Howikburi^hp Norfotk, I 114. 
irubud.— J^ llcitjcu. 
I/arit^rynft, — Jit Mj^r/ma. 
Han^ourt, , li 335^ 39J j 

lil. 3A5. 
lUicuuru liidy. III 74^ 
Kiicouit, Sir KIl],> ill t^Sl'l^ 
Hucwrt, Sir lioh., i. f^. 
KanC:>Ltrr. in ii^ics, u ^ 
lloiflegr ^rl^vlV "^ ^0^ 

nandy, 4A 36* 



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lluin^iw ']~h(s. tirpT, Laid. 
Sun uf (ifU Hdftjuit of DuT' 

lUfiQ^on, .Sir Th«ma\ e. ^ao, 
lUilcuoo. N«rJulk. U. 4JS- 
BArtatuQ)^-*, L'flJci titcnrd 
of ike Dbdi]' of LuicaaE«v ^ 
ipt, »S, MS; JIC, 149, 
llirtrry, ^ijohn, ilL^ 
HvUub Evt Jf^ifolk, Pwxm 

lliulin[> Sic Ko1>, L 45$^ 469; 

DitujHir of, L 394, 
HfvrmiTi, n» Harmon, Waryn, 

i. ltd* 3I7> 3^^ 3i^> ^i^ 
I47i (i. 7ti iu. 437-— ^ j/iL' 
Ilannflnr. Rob., ii. 1^ 
7/dnf/(tp Hsfnyt^ Annour, u- 

Hwpic, — Sm WuIaiu. 

HaqHiur, , VKman of fha 

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llwiy. Lonl (ubgfi JU 5- 

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llan, ThoL, liL 443, 
iJAnroid, TliQL. iU. i6& 

Hjir*cy, Of Uervcy, (ieo., ilL 

Hftnrty, Jwhn, iii, 47J, 
llajyiEiiji (Ucwidison}, T-uuicn, 

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Htusrtl. Willittm. 1. SJ« IC9: 


KtMkkc, UmipRt, Eli 466, 
Kuljn|^ , ill. iGf . 

Wife or WUUuq, Uvd. ill 

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15V; to, 151 -a. 
Hiitinffi, I,aid d — Sm Ot^, 

lijatlDA Hjuvkt, ttdr. 
WUIcnr of Sir Edfru^ Lonl 
Hfljliini. i. tJ, %4£, 314. 


ItuUnn Sir Ek., UL 9. 

Uutuiv^ WilL. Sod of Sli 
Lcnurd, L 4^^, 51C1O, 54OL 

Kblin|2% SirWU^uc, iCcugbt. 
rl £. 

Itutum vmUn, LonT 414161- 
&3t. Lffd QAiEibcTUia \m 
Etlitvd IV., iL lio, lia, 
3*>1 iiL ifi, 4e\ 5>» 54-5, 66» 

1S4, I9S. *ft3i rt4. Ml 307- 
IUTialiir.^&* Ancdiff, 
H.^UnailF. luUlWifeof WklL, 

III, 471. 
llMinhff; WDL.ffi.47f. 

U&iUBynv (or Uawim), Alie*^ 

NiuiayaE. CUrtcb. L 4!. 47' 
II A^ujfic, lluaiimJuk, L 4S'4T> 
lUninynr, Jwi, Frur, i.45'471 
59 to, «S, *l, «:, 135s b'l 
753, 4Ji6s — ^ifoia Alhnn^^ 
Hftnuyn^ Rotev t. 45> 6& 
£[AiiiiTn4 TlpbMUi, L 47. 

Jahn, Fxior Cif Norvich, nL 


GchckaL Imdkx. 


n«Me<HivtK , U. Ill- 

345i #*. 3»*i iH. 15, ao^ 

3;4,Tl;, o^v 100, i>7, 17* 

199, avt, 
Bmosc John or JiXfi. ft 4^ 

Hjtote, Rlc-, til 20h ?>- 
Hitate {HftvUj, Sip Rlc, iLi. 

Hfcwirri.— Sn* Howard. 

Hawsi Mr., LiL 3^ 
H*ivhoDle, l 47, 

IIawvk Thooiu, i. T^ 
H$xhf, fUb,, L <4- 

H*j'» Wife. i. »J. 

Noifolk, IL 163, 19J, 310, 

EUtwipJi* I 117. 
Hi>Wl, Rir-, I ^ 
ffiO/nnedtT. Uojo^ muQfVT* 

GfU!n(IIfid3ncfl), In Anob^ilL 

Hwngham (Hrvcnlnchvin or 
KcoybSbunK Eeke, \L 4111 
Bl- MS. 35^ :.M* 359. 360, 

36»» 36?. 3*9. 3:4.375-370, 
^3»3. JflM^*^ „. 

BflEon, H nuiof Lord Multxii% 

L lEo-r 
Udgbtv (Hy^bun), u<u Nor^ 

RpiftlnTn F<-iiTrr, [u, 449. 455. 
jVdT.'c Td mcr uf |Ht « lop 

tidloaen (Hajlyidon. Jec), 
Nmft>Ur,i. 114,116, i^l.t^is 
167, 14R, *io, 4T3. AM- 4»'i 
43*. 491- W«> JWi »L 17, 

J*-7. 3* 63. *S- tOft tlOk 

"0» uj, lyS, 13B.14d.16j. 
176, ira. 1S3-5, 187:8, 190. 

I9&^i94, I95^»H^>M, 
*J3, SiSft. JJ^ »44. >4S. 

J*i. 307. 30S. Ji7>«a: UL 

U> U. 4S, 6). 9f< 23t'Z. 
Js^l. SI6-7, ti% y% 454-j, 
4J7.J^>,4G3,43a Atudi 
<.n, iL 304, soy* W3, »|6, 
348-50^ ijfrL title K^ tL 

lUlltsdcn, PuwD oL —Sa 

HsHmiuliton, L 191 
HcllowJiJ. 4^5, 

lOQ, SutTotL. iL jC.^. 347t Jl<^ 

J>*-337- »1^ 3S^- 
Hftnpron. K^folL, i. IQCI 
Hf innrnn Ablsf. iD, 146^ 
HcnabanL Str Klri»iiVL 
ICcinciflum.— ^ IftJiij^hAUu 
Kcnnuu, Wm., itL £. 
Homeboai in BrittsiT, iiL 

Uzttaaby. Norfrilk, tit 44% 

U=i4^ iV., L 36*. 364, 44*. 

litttty V,, i 100, 3&Jh 364, 
4il»4(6,44A.5^j ii^- fUX 
Itli ooniianti in Fnncr. 1. 7. 
llu ticgc <>f RoucD, k. lOk 

H«]ty VL, L 40, 149, 150-1, 
ii.;i*«), 505,305, 335.34s, 
j;rt. 37*, 3**. 3S7,3»».40J. 
403, 411, 4i6-T. 4^4. 4*5. 

41^, 45K U<; 44^45^ S05> 
506, 00, 5K4. 535 ft I iL 5. 7, 

^S-***. 7'^9'. 93. I". «w- 
119, =^. 41'. 4a»-i! *]1- 
4i3. 474'i. 47», 4^*^ Htt 
cducMiirr, L31-3I. Jnrom«<l 
of tike cuio of ib« oouiiT af 
NorfoJk.Lt7((-9^33> "BoT' 
rovcih bit eap*TU* ^ Qimt' 
tuu." L 1S5. ttli rHxiifrrj 



ftfrm fllnf, i JTT M«w>- 
iIbJ ■drtwMBJ toMmb«fO» 

Ibr Idt1]i> nf Fit. An4n\ f 
H$. Ai the txitic of 5(, 

L iSl tUiifl* by Fwlcfl, 

Balhftl, i. jjS-fij, J63.7. 
oncy Imt u* Um. i'_jfi^ 

n»,lo ShjCwiI tJtEr Tow- 
urn, u. 5 AltcmpU tc rffL^^Q 

»L 411. Hit iincJci, L 411, 
Fit nlmniirr. t 315. 

HcDiv VJI. [allfii "llau7 
Tydder " belofi:; his nfccwlon 
bf Rkhojd III.), liL Ji;^ 
E1I« kodLiDtf hi Hn^lbud, ^jl 
Jto A* Kine. iii, jjiS. 3^0, 
4O?. i?tt J7^ i;i-6. jSj. 

EtcBfV, pecoad Son af llexfj 
VJL ,(tfl«nwda Hcn^VIII., 
cmued ntskc Af V«k, iii 

3H, 4<», 4»: UL J4i- 
HiTTtngftfflr, Sirfblk, L »?, 
H«ni]i£flm {KcrlyucAet), 5i- 

OUvca. rjior vd> L & 
UttTj, Cafuui of Bfiitol, iii. 

HfTT, Tnhn, U. 214, 

H«it, Rou, iC is;. 


HcibcTd, luUut, L ^ 
nnhnrt iHirbinl), Rit. i 

Hc^, Sir Wm., I 4171 
E*r] tf Psnbrok* iMW-?), 
ii. 336. 
ff/r^m ta It Ktr. 
HnerofiiL 4i*-7. i^S- 
Ucrinu:lon, Jchn, 1. 41VE 
Hcrlyngt JoiUt of Duynghun. 

Hf^lynijflft.— Jff Hfitir^jflccf, 

HciriKi, Rit, ii. i6j. 
H«nc W.a. il 194^ 

UeHUigly |Itu>BGb):)j Nor- 

Hen, Tb»>, Puvon «f lleUs- 

Hci^'nigi., of OiMcr, Ii. »?!, 

Hertford, 1. 335,358! lU, 35*. 

Hftvy, HtirT, Uu iW& 
11<rvy« Nkh.r Rt«>tda (of 

Srinot), UL & 

Hvrw&nt, . U. t49-6a 

Hrlhrncf [HdlAvt^, Isfor^riE, 

i. 174. JJi* 
lEcvealDfihKiL— -^ fioayac' 

Hrrailrifihua, SdTolkj it. 

Ht^iniinsliunfor T1iiifi^,1w>. 

Sl< JoEd, L 5*i ' 15- »9-H\ 
Ji».a33, 355, auj, a??. 
ElcveninebiunH J«hu.*fMr«w*u 

^ir Jonik, ton of i!!* pMced' 
"iJiri JS*-fc W; ifi. ill 

Rrvtninctam, [Elk F).Wiiki* 
of Sn Jobik«C 3jf»3id 

U«vcftoM^ Jofaot "^ of 
Wcnrteh, fti. jja 

H rtdfin, Htru-y. «nr4iiaM« % 
nnirf. i"n uf I'ltho Hcfdoo, 
or BBCoj^hoffiv, li. lis, ai«; 

Ui, 1*7. '9^ 0<>. »9«. 3Ut 

WifF. Anrv, Mcbod iJaughW 

.W, 350. 375. J*fl< 


I Joho, of Vvonflhaive, 

ivjv <^ Korwfcli, i ^ 

4S-9, Ml-i, its^ 116, ]i<k, 

M3^, 144.5, "S'\^. Ti^ 

IST^ ifc 16;, 1O7, 168, 

i;i-ji '79, m, j*o, isr 

900, 307, »r n, ««a. A»6, 

39$, *H4. 4*9. *JI. 49^?> 
JJft ?*ft 5JI-3. 5i<, Sir: 

^44aH 47<^ 47S. 47T'>V 

H^'di^, Vcunc, iii 8a. 
Hiviiau. Hie FamJlf of, HL 

H^ltbdfff, Jfihn, il 3ia 
lUrlok. Wilder, I f j. 
jMftt. T« bcif-ht4:n or nibc, 

110711 Vifairl-^'iir Haynfiird 

HiLklin^ Karfcilk, L iij. 187, 
aia, x)6, U7. 367, .1941 Iii. 

[khTin£. Mot vnd TfioiT oTp 
L t67, iftfl, irj. «J, aa?- 
J ui. tt,4ii, 4*5 + 
Mrt. Ill 4^^ 

^HC^uu, — *-. i. is;, M7 I ii. 

HlehuQ. llMi., L 3T0. 

Hiniacvonh. , H. S. 

Tinhird jlfnhHiM^ Innn, 
Kf^ttfBnli Aciomcy-GoLeral 
to lT(cry VIL, 0. >«, j68, 

X?S; Ub lt«v t40, iA4> AlS. 
»«S »*3. 33** 34S-I. 3J>i 

J7fr\ 4ffX 
Hil^lw Wifi^ i 19& 
Houbiv Jnhni IL an 
//(f6hyiitfi^ Ughl Uoneincn, 

Hxki«.lj. Norfolk, iL 9». 
HihtiCin fUMfnuma «t Hod- 

ilmon), Mirpirrt. 1,4^6, 4£8. 
Hodvcm. Thoi'< 1. 45?, 
llojj, ^if lotia, Chief Jcolicc 

of tli« Kiog* Bfftd^ L €, 

Horf^ — ^ i. 532. 

EIwiii tilt Tioplict, liL 83. 83, 

H«tu, Thn., Ui 366. 
Haflm (Oout of Huenn), 
Wnr. li,4\ 144, i6B-9i UL 

//cCO'i. Lunbi, in 437' 
HokchotJ, -^ HockwQld. 
HoImxI, Hob., ill. 149, 
Hnlhiini Rmtt. Norfolk, Iii. 

irulktimu'i Tcocuiciit. m. 3oSi 

HoJkii^iTn, Maimrpt. ih, J^IL 
HoIUnrl, L 85 j5: iIL 37a. 
mUu. Mt. Hob., ill. «9^ 
Itollc, Bii Wm., Frlcit, Hi. 

HnHcF. That, L sKr, 539; a 
K*: Lit 439-jo. Hlittm, IR 

lIolltLvdcbuiT'-^ff lionreU* 

HollcwellhaUoH liu 453, 4(5, 
FlnllwtllhatwP, in Visl Tlicliln^ 

bvm* Hi. 31a 
Ucrlm IUL% Noifulk, L ait, 

24s ) iU. 41031. 
HoEriift— .Sv Hulnii. 
Ilnlne KnJI, in KiThj, Ikt vjl^ 

NoTc I. 
Hulme. , iii. i*cc 



ItoLuiCt Ului, ti. 6i, ijl 
ftoli, Tbr. lii. T. 
lloJi, Nortolk, L I99b axL 
I foil CailUv UtfOUgtlsJUKb It 
laa IS* 

Hoincvoctli, '-'* r iL 41)^ 
HontDbt { Hjimbia ^, rn ^ nbet, 

-' HoDC. Set npoA the," tt. 6a. 
ItonilcDr (Honnefltf^ in Nor- 

UoDinc, Itforfol^ i fit iL 

Hoaiurbmn* Norfolk* KlL 4>x 
Ugo. Sir Thaod^ L 151 1 U 

337; Ul I4<^ 
Hu»pi, TlodL, PwMa of Bi*D< 

IIo(Haii, — — , ni ^ii- 
llopEon, , i 3^. 

Hop[0n. WiLlEcr. i. S4A 

llQnic, — , of KtnU u- S- 
lloru, Richud, d, >rt. »77l 

Komin|rtu1I, En Cihur, ISL 

)ion«re, Norfolk. iiS, 4ir< 
Uonhm Sl FiJ(hy florfblk, 

Tfanliifibrlmim tTfrtnlTTdcim]. 

^m*^ Loodon. 
U«niaDnd(!nj Kcnif U- 33C^ 


InrqllfbiiiyH or Untw-J^mry^ 
ilrrw L 11, SS, t47-^, 15c 
5S4MI. aB7-9 pit. a03, 147-*; 

Hi^uln. RoK, L 53. 

tto«>«o^ SkBX^ HL 4>A 
Uomd. Joho, ^cnnf^ Sb 
lohn, *^ I,oid HMMitl 
Il4:o)k carMed Dafc« of E^of • 
folk kn 14EJ. L J37« J4A Mi i 
a U, «7, M iAuL 54, te-^ 
A 9<i5*i "OS. <«' <S'. tw^ 

"1. lU ^ Ja9.P<^4»& 

Hoirwii, Stf J«^ (totfl 

Hatnni, Mar^.WSbftf}^ 

Lcrd. iL 51; iiL 97- 

Uo«w4,'nw«4^ ^flofSft' 
r^ iMSj-iSMh !>*• of 
NfifffoUe 4i;i4'r4V ui. 3> 

novv. Am WIfc of lAm 

HowM. ImM UctWt-fn-li* 

of W, Wom^f r, iiL ig& 
Haw's (HouiJ. JahoL fit. asa 

Uoinc, —^ iL 3J6, 

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codbb «fterwuda c4 Bl> 


Iby, BBd KUu« 

I. iij, i«^ i>7. ito »jj, 

ta (Aux 1S4. ■«4, 1167, 
lis. t&9 («&>. iM in, 

it6, iS»- 1S7 (M. « 
aosA *>r- *"«V *'3. a*i 

3*>'. JO*. J». J'l-i. Jo-J. 
3J4- 3t7-*- 3^ ^i< J^ 

3>i. »6. *0»f 40* W-J, 
405-^ 4" ^*«1p 414. 4"^ 
4t9-v\ 4»7, 43'- 43>3.43^ 
441. 4445. 4«9-5iC^ 45t 



SWi ff^-% jr*. MSA 
S17A S3'. S3»^ 543-3: "► 

I5t. IS^6cv (6t, i?4, »3, 

W. 3". 314* Saa-J- JJ3-4- 
J15A S4H, :»d. 417. 4u>; 
"»■ 7i- i4ti -7"^- i7J, i*t04k. 
413, 4^9* 44 «-». 443 *. 477^ 
4S5, ^ Hit SvruM l<^ 
dujdp i 415, 
llguit (DiDnK Suffolk. LL 55. 

UoKOti, , iti. 79, 87. 

Uttud. Sir JkJ&nr.^SM 


Hof^ — > BL 4^- 

HiwvcitK « writer oa Qtnon 

Uiill. Sbt|f a, iiL 13& 
Hu!l. 7^ Gi^yt of, il 103. 
Uitbne» or Elalmtf, S(. BenerA 
Uonattirr^r, hurfnlk, i. HH, 
aei, J*i^ 4U. 44S. 4Sa. 4S^'. 
4A>r t^ 4U, 473p 4^J, ^, 
Sm *>. tj0.i7j. 5»»-3i i-i- 

<3f 34>. jr*- 

Hnlnn^ vr Hnlribe, Abbot ot, i. 
J^3S>9; il 136, J77- Jir 
313,4031 UL 2Sa.376, bli 
oun, iii. 73, 

Abbot of. i. J. 
HuUna^cvHAUnr. Jnbn^fEuiitt. 

Abbot or L JIB. 31S-9. 
Ilulmc 01 Jl^tUuf, Uqcii:iati1, 

Ahhol (if, [,3. 
Hvlinv. or Holmo^ Rkhird, 

AUirtt of. I, Jl. 
lliiit£uy, Kl[i;f of.— Jkr Ladis- 

lit. i 

llanccrfoid, Mkh-, tinjthia of 

SirThOh, iii, As, 
llungerford, kth^rt, second 

lArd(l44g<S^), 1.04' 

E£iii]£af»n], Rcbcri. thirj tponi 
m59-&4Lii. *5-6. 51,01 

Huksmofd, Sir Robnf, Laid 
M«leTiu— .£v Molc^nft. 

If atLgrHonl, Wd^lR. hm Lord. 

11436-49)1 i- 04- 
t Ivxiu wurti J (If aticwii^ h, llunr- 
with), That., it. Aoi, 404, 

Ifunv^iw. Ilertt. 1. «s, 431. 

Huoip GcufLp liL j^a. 

Hui^I, Rogei. i 44|. 

HunI,ThojL, Prior of WilIsmC' 
hua. i. 347, 

HufitLtij^fkit. jAhn llolUftd, 
Exj\ of {1417-4^]. oAerwvA 
Uukc uf lutein J- ^Ok 

NiirLlij]£vS<(4tiiic, ii. 16& 

HuTit:n^vld| in SniTblki ill. 


liiuiton, H., Hi, 477. 
ItiiaUtuii, Dirid, ill. l|, 
Hj^ic, It, iii. jc^ 1(6, 
KWham.— ^W Hi^jhiai. 

llTlEyngwimh, , 11. & 

Hyp^pmc ThoL, L 19J. 
Ujntc, Uobbc; iih jdL 
Hftbe (Hith), Kcal, LL 117. 

!c«laiid (Tilond). B. J6S<V. 
IUk. ii. >7Ck 

UUiigworth, , *L >S5- 

Illinjfwortb, Richij^. iKnljdLt 
Urfi Chief bbroa M tht Ex- 
ehwpicr, 1462-7^1 jilf 
Im.— Snr Vng. 
iT^rt, WUIiftm, i si» 
Jfi^tamj Norfolkj L 19T. 
Ingham^ Thfs, i. aoi; U- St^ 
Tnttiam, Wslltfr, t S71, sjj, 

lufktgn [hjgaLloji)! Mtutei, IL 


Ln^ov. ilaty, L41S- 11^301^ 

ftr Hmary, Kt, i 14. 
j*,«, 169, I7SA <»7t*»K 
|i)Si. 211, iU. 45^: I1. Wk 

lr«low fbidph K«tr«rt, L 
M5, »i6, 4H5, $t6, 551; iL 

ift »rt, >n. joi. 

lw>UauioTpc fYncrltlMni). 
Tsbdj l>au£lrtc« cT Sir &i- 

In^dalhiflpii, Jn«, Widow 

of SlrEdmand^iii, 97, 
lpgtt«ith, Norftitk. d a&d. 
IfjflTottli, P»r*on U, i St. 
Jmmtl U«iMiAUr«4? jL IfCh 
Intevod, — ■■, i 905, 
Tnrwrtnl, NmMk. L ui, 541. 
Ippytwrll (VspvrJh Kub, ij, 

ij;, ^u. £41, ik as«- 
lpaivti:4iL lV<iJ}iWciJK, &&)> i- 

916, 3aj. J91J iL 4J*, i*R. 

■93. "W. >4n "i 35». J'^. 

4'7> iii- 

Iptwich, Sun tim tf, 11. 4!!, 
Ir*IULJ.i,33&iiLll3tiiL 33t 

Irj«fv, l^QLt L 190- 

Sormidflby^ Ste., i, 413 s u. 

lUey, . .StffwanI of tht 

Ibdcv Templct L (66^ 
ttlcy, IUvh. ul 471. 
liley, lubcl, lil. 4r>- 
Jtky, lliM,, iiL 47'< 
Ittffringhaim, KcidbTIr, iii- ^fs^ 

iKWOrthe, John, L 19. 
;«k. A iwuit lii, $6, 1H- 


3^h A C«M {/ milt L £jL 
106. i.|S, iftA. iqi- '"JhUtJ 
and Bletted,* u-^ argiaj «W 
coMfe of niiAi ud lulwn, 

Jackuf] (JUruaoX Ko^, IL 

1^7. J4^ 3So^ 
/uK* ilL of Scockal, Ul 

John. i. 117. 

To dfc<iv<» L )& 

rwyt, Thfm.^ itj- UA 

Kobat.L jijo. 

Jsofiey. EdamiDd, iii. 15^ 
MUM7 (U«i*r)i )<*"• 

JcoiuT, Juha, c* LqtJ Cm- 
ndlV Cvondl. i. 12^ ip. 

ii, 13, t*9i »6>-^4n. 

Icnacy, . ' iH. 

tiouk I14S1K L <»» »i^ 
'H. <**- <*cs ibbM'^i t'.' 
16S, J09. I9J, JM, 1 
3^*. 311. JU-3, ii 

3*9. 370- 1. 384-4, 396, ♦;;. 

44*> 553. 554! * *J* S* 
55- 5T 5^ ?°. ". "^ "It 

1 31-, i;-\ rw. 13s iti, 161 
[6Ml iM'A 19% 31(. u:> 

417, 4J0i 1^ jix art ^ 
13K Krtol, i4^4>3.4^:. 
431. Hu Kit^Ft^r. 1 31&. 

Ftibira:^ JiJin. liL jux 
Jenny, bif John, XL, L Ifr 

JftTityn, jMin, i i&\ lA. il> 

GlMtAAL Ilt&lX. 


Mr, Thoa., Ill 175. 

- — -, It S'lttoUt, I, 170 
nth.— Jf« Virmcinrfi. 
I jik^toiii, ^^ L 5f4 i Sifter 
erf, U. tiA' 

mjn^M^. John. Joixtor* H 79, 

Jencj (Xrtiittuy), L C&<. J9i>: 

ii- yi. 
Jcncr, The BailLfT »nd Junft 

of, i- *3-* 

oT. L. C4. 
leruuiltrm, Chmutlu or, i. i^i. 
Uij^Ei Thoa., H.. aia. 
J«at)t pLcdgvd by lh« Uulcc 
L of Vork to fiit J. FuEalf, L 

i 3«. 
jlityaan, and K4lr> ba Wife. 

in. fn« 
JcttA, Qac«n nf Cftttile, lU. 194, 

^ir t^min. tL 336; iji- 4, 

AiDVd'AUi nAiar- for a 

;CHltiiiiorTiidUJg(iii>.L 21s, 


J«00B (Vouoc'l, Sir BoHCb 1, 

OKph, Willkjn. i 2(j4t 3^* 34^ 

trn^ , L 10, 

owkmcb ' — -, xi 4tr 

flyer. WilL, tii. 41a, 

uriik. Jdhnj iii. aKt 

gdy (Jiiddy or Jwjfl}^ ■ Hef 

«t 3». 3'' 1^ 49. 53» S*. *3. 
ftN 04'5- 04 

jallv. Jonn. lie. 471- 

1dl(», Will.,i. SJ9 

}i»T<.-— , Clerk of St Ed 

moad'tn Hi. i6ci. 
jDiIw,Thii„ tit. ^Tfy 
JttHJce, TIjc Chief, L «[Q. 


Kj thenne — Str C«lh«rifi«. 
Kcthe. , 11 qS; Ul 3v9^ 

K^han, j«hn, i. )5- 

Knlnuui, Rio., iii. srK 

Kfdur^, John. rii. 410, 

KtU, 'niM., rii. f7»-J. 

Krlkr^ 5t4pbcn, Ii. 4Ja 

JCHtrya. V«v«lt^lnJ, Iii.4l9> 

KdjTK«> WiL, L 191' 

KeMI. llflts iii. 375. 

K«np, Jchn, Kithm of K«he* 
iiTcr ri4i9'SL)- 1/ ChiUuaiGr 
(1421)4 of tymidiTn {(4^1-6), 
Aji:bhiiilKipflrVork ( j 416-5 1 j. 
of C'iDlarbVf7 (MS»sX ^*^ 
dliul (I4 ■ ), LoM Lhuu 
OftUar 1I4?>4^ L **. Ci 
lO^. 144. 14^-7- 'fi*. i^ 
X41, 3*4, i678» >7B, Af\ 

»75 (M, J13. 3*71 ''1-44* 

Noic s, 47 j. 
KrmpiiTdn, Simon. L M. 
Kciiild or KeodaU. ^m^ & 

RcudAl. John. Ul M9, 40^3- 

K^d»i. Mr l(ibn< Prior nf the 
KoinliU of St. Jotm, iiL 397^ 

|£«ftKte, Urmfar, L aS, 
Kfni, '-oanty of, I. 135. >*^ 
1^ 516: Ii. 330b 4W^ IiL 

KfiI(> a prlMt of, i. ^94^ 

ffrmmti' li^f , 1. tIStx 

KenI, Bdravnd Gn^, Bvl «f 

t(46s-8SK ii. m. 331. 


Kcni. WiUinB NwiU, E«fl of 



Kcblt Kolfiiii i 4941 IB. iSi, 

Km^T^ . L loa 

KmMI. SEt ThaiAAs Lmilcnuit 
«f C«U» Uuhi I *J. I3S. 

Keiielyng.— -^ Kirt^UDt- 

Ke^ink, io Fnuifv. I. 0^ 
ICesvkl:. in Tivrrliun, Hix- 

lOUkror;. Rob,iiL4S«. 
KDHngwcrth (K]r11>D worth), 
Sit,, i. 13. 

Kl^Er^^ .cTDowBluiik uL 43a 
Xb*. Jo4ra, iiL 374-5. *7SA 

iUw, Wftrtn, L 317: ll 71. 
nofc Wuln, bin Wiff, L lir 
ffinf*! Bcndi, iL jSw 

Xif^iy {KrT>M, til X*- 

Xukcudbr^cbL [KiIklw«^K}, in 
KirUeby. Thot. de, Mutec of 
Xlrkdull Uuur. in Soli, ilL 

Klrkcln «■ Kirlcfj by LoMi<c»- 
tDft,C jaa, jSt, 391, 

KiTt«Unff,JeJiTi, tartan of Arke-' 
mv, :iir Jnhn Furolfi Ke- 
cdT«r»L Oi.joj, 45r. 4V5! 

KflAplon, Norfolk, L $,^66i 
ii. ty>i ttL 105, 760 (M, 

KnitTvfirCKuBlylBle* or 

GnVinlmlol, I 6^ 191. 
KiuxCfiAlc, Tlidnu, i. 701 U, 

Kn-v.!, JDira, Vp"!** of SH 

^^'li]laEJl, iii. ^34^ 

KruvciU. Sli WtLL, iii, jfcb 

Knftn. , U- IM- 

KnojU, , tu. *, 

Kajrvrt (KQrwt), , I. I}! t 

i^. 77. J3**» 414. 
Knrrvt, JsihTkt L 193. 
KajrvFL — Af d/f# Knevet. 
KoTTvir, W., ii CO, 
Kuk, ^ftnilrr, Hirt4, 115. 
Kokca,— Ai* Cokeft. 
Ki>kky>. WiUh. iiL 354< 
KooraKlouc, L 71, 
KiOot --,ti.*6+-J^Cook. 

iii. jHs- 

Kut>ylc. Oliver, L oSt- 

KrlljnwotUi, Kidttrd, I 13. 

K)TGy, in yerfolk. L 7^ 
Kytry, i>f-, lii^ 17K. 
KyTton, Rob., iiL Sel 

U R.. ilL 18-19. 
Z<icA-/. N<«lktal Q], U, 71. 
Licy, Mule ,Lu. loi- 
IjdqlaDH V,, of Huiifujr, i. 

L'^fsk CEcyni. in Namcodi^ 

Luibeih il^mehiihli L «£^1 

445> -17' 
UmpGt,K4lph. i. ij;, |77f «l^ 

u]npn«7i bunoadkkc, Ttta- 

»nrer o| Kogliiu!, L JOl. 

LtiK^KttT, Ouch J of, b >9l4^ 
167, 17); I94iia ^77.34^ 

fwr/L, Edw- 11, 1- ^ 



1 11^4^1 ^-> jit 399. 

LutAatt, Simon, tU- 454. 
'*ffc*"s — > iL itg, m 
LufWjBir*— tii>f titUw). ii>47' 
ia|l^()^ Iforiblki ill 174- 
Lattgky, UoDiuicrpU 4 SJi5 ^ & 
Uculcr. M<h., Abbet of, i^ 

46fi-7. 5"7-«*. S4"! "' 'J** 
3?T. SOI. 4 IT' 
i^*.gtM«^ John, of Swvfllian. 

LufMOfc Snfloili, L 3U. 391 

*— ^ p il ^ 

I MTirr, ia Feuih* i. 36ck 

LMbBcr. JobA NwiUa, bRh 

Ldrd, tjinJk nf, iil. .(Hi 
tjttiiBcr, C«(4£« Nerilkr liilli 

Lord, liU 416, 

»05.449,4S'. 454. 

Liintoi]. JflDrtH L 1I5> 
L^vculojA, Suffolk, U. 95'^ 1 

t^v«i, Rob,. \L 7?3-4' 

txche, Air Pliilip. 1- lOi 
L«ch«f4lil, , \f B-vm ArVTcflC' 

mituirr, fli. ^ 
Lcdhun. kob., I, 171-4. »37. 

ai**-4o, i44. iTOiS.T. a97'— 

,^4 4i.^0 Lohijm. 

BnNbcr, i^ ^i 

t*^ . I- M5. S5* 

L«v E^Djmi J, ii. 4 1 V 
Lcc, Rit, iii. ±4^, 3jo-r 
Lm, J^faa. li, 3S1 i iJk 109-tOi 

Ltv. John, hli Wtfr. til. lo^'io 

"l/r^fioA «r UJi^'* ilL 30OL 
LvKMeif L tj- '^- 14. >6. M«, 

laiift?, ia9.4i7.4J^S'S: 
i^ 85-4. S5- 

L«nt,U«u, L74NQtetiiLl49. 

Ijtuiiifhitit, RidiimJ ^f^ i t. 
LXitruic7> Rj^rr. tji, J77-«- 
Ldhurut Kcrtx, L iio, 4J> ^ iL 

17. ^Sttalr* LaJhfcip. 
L«l(«int. ^-^» it, 1 54- 
1.CTelow1. Kent it, ijo, Ul. 
La*«uthoip«, Mn. JenMB, Hi. 

L«*<ntlkorpC| T<Jiti« i 967- 
I^AveniAor^ L*tit«DC*, i. 167. 
l.^frT»An. Str Hugfl. iii. 6n 
Lr<v»,3UHC^lL4j; Prkifyaf, 

i. At\. 
J^vo, Philip, iii. 4£[. 
J.vwff, ^it Rie., id. 36dL 

l.«WE«, '^^i L 4S6L 

l-AftSi, SlrThos.H U. 1J3'4. 
Uwii XI.. King uT Fnncr. li. 

J2,94, M^ JiSi iii. 17. Bj. 

laj. 16^ 153, xry 
lyTwithaiA, iCtfii, til, 4;r 
T^rilum. l^ui rEEllahun), 

Xorlolk. a. 7% »X 
Ler, Hit, i. 5** 

l^tofl — J^ LowMlaft. 
Lrrytton, Suffolk, That,, AMwt 
ot. t » Now 3. 

I A ^\i trooi (LrtdbO. -^— > iii- 14& 
l.irhlfnal, Kit, ill. 3K9-^ 
1 »fc.>fir, in KTtnc^, \ ^ 
Umnoiir.-^Sflr lunmcr- 
LtDwla, iL J63; JiL 48^ 
Uncoln Cut]*, L W, 
Liflcoln, Piihop ^i -S/e Alii' 
met. Will (T4J1KI9I: *-!«?* 
wonh. John |it$i7ilT l^v 
Cherhun, Thomu (Mf-^ 




Upcobi (LW C4lr^». WUU 

Liiico£nEa!Ia» in B'ifhtoiia Nar~ 
folk, Ti. 311. 

iJlKOlliiMm L 95* S53 1 U> 394 
Llm^foUrc KebelL«D ia, k 

LiriB. — ^ Lynf. 

ii- 1:*- iSjA i»9. 154, ac4, 
915. 3J4: UK 4^ 

litilc Jdm. tL 34^ 

Utt!^ It li^Mf^ 1 jukU nr 
renu Fram vLich in tocoJiic 

l-iTwici, it 35s, 3SK. 
J-s^tt^rt^ STouU, Eti, 3«5. 

lAddoQp KoHblk, ii 177 > iU- 

Lddjtttid.*-J# LoChbfikaJ- 
toi^ JoK it 151. ly, jjj, 

^74a ^99- 
liomaor 01 LujooBor. Aancj Ui. 

IvJMticir. Hvriyr iiL 470. 
Lomnor, Ju.^ lu. 4?]- 
I jimmir. John, lii, ^Jo, 477. 
L-omoor, Matyjirrt lii' 470, 
LouuKir, ThoLi IJl' 47^ 
Lmdmt {Umnoitf of LvxRom). 
Will., u (34, IS», 30f,a4S. 

3tt» 312. 47^1. 

luinikJi, f^it^xK l^tci« dilol 

31^ 1. 114. 11^ n^ 1^ ijT, 

iw. 14ft mS4M. 1*5. 1*4- 

tSS, 1S7 tfcrt* M6, to J, ufi. 
a>7, S67, aw, 3c3-5«^^f^ 

4JS. 4<M- S05. SpO^Slftsaa 

3^ 51,84,145,174. 114, uc^ 
1S». 1^37'. 379r 407-4"*! 
417; ux. s. l^ft^9«^ 93.95. 
lOS- '^' i<^i ii<ji, 121. 154, 
16^- 1:^ 19S. 333-4. ai*. 
tsA.174. 375, zV*,y^y&, 
3*7, 3So^3T7i jij.391.3A 

47S. 4*^ 4S5 £^^4 4*A 

L<iiki«a, AldcfiuiD gf. L 4^5. 
I,oiti4ap, UjjJioi^ of. - JjfKtiopi 
John {i\i t -61, 

ii6. 53^, 3ftr. 

lo, iiu 415. 

LondoD, EmndtofAgDS Fb^- 

ton 10, L 4J& 
Loodcn, L««ifauib to, Liflr, 
Lamlcp, Lordi of CoiudI in, L 

39J. 4JS, 415. 
London. Mayor ot i aO? ; IL 

Luuduii, IfccEliu of Lunlt au 
pvpoctcJ, i, 41NL 

Inrtdnn, R^cordirof, ^ 15?- 
LoTkdoi], rbcet In lud idjolii- 

Bcjtvoadtey. £1. 2\J^ 


Fbck PrUn, L 4161 tlL 
t09l<X 2C3T. 4&3p4lr7.4TL 
Bow Cbuivti, lL 1)7. 
Bqw Cliurchraro, 1^ 241, 
Bma SEiwn Caiaffd'i HaU 



Clin|«JJc, iii. ^J^ 
>'vRapiun Withii], Ward of^ 

4S7. 470. 4BS- 
Fl«t Priicm, WiLnJcja of, L 

FJmi Snvtt, i tsoi ii, 3S71 
«. », 391 

On^'i luu, L jg7; iii. tSa 
Grey Frkn, withm ^svif^it, 

Gtiirdhall. 1. JX4_ 
IfrmTq^own [llonliigh' 

il</H[i), i, ji>T. .*yj, 4i>G, 
JCisc'i Iknch I'xaWit id, 4371 

Scr*rr. TbeCiwrsB 
ti^bi. 47. 144.4QJ- 
XRuan Hridt:?, i. iM, 441, 

*54-5l 'li 475- 
London Houte (Inuiop tfi 

IjonAatii], V ^l. 
Lodntc. i. 407, S45^t >U' 

Maninlwn rr»a, til. 44^]. 
M«it Lui* <Huk LAnc), I 

Mim, Th#, ilL 144, 
N(^w(^« Pruoa, L 175: iiL 
4*3. 477- 

PKUi'4 Whirip -[>eC;c«rffe by, 
m. Wft UT, "r. U7. '30. 
ui, 150, 154. i^ 163, 
105. 178. SIC, w6, J47, 

tL Alban e Wood Slicet, UL 


IahAqti, PUica In. Jfc<L <»■■ 
Sl BriiJctt or Bridie Ij, aSi i 

iJI. 369, pi, 3I3L 

i;i. Gngory't l^lih, U. iff, 

IS J. 
Bl KallLcHne^ L 36$. 

Sl Lramic* Pu)lea«7, PnriA 

o£ i. 101. 
.Sf. MartiiK, L lOr; IL 413; 

3t MuT EUemiiinr. iL tBOk 
Sl MicWl, Crgk>yl L«iM» 

ti, aSCL 
Sl VoulX I. 453, 4971 U, 

■55-3S>S 'ii.^z44. 
SL F)Lu!\ Rim] iI Niulli 

SAtlilivry, BUIiop of, tU ffin, 

SilTci Sa««i, IiL iia 

TdufJe, i. a^, aiS, 351, 409, 
411. 44a 545; *L £4; uU 
4^ 4'*S> 4*i 

T™p]«G»W, I. S33, <J8. 
Temple, Inncf , L 48^ <^. 1 14* 

lU, i£6, joi, 346, ajQi 

ti. tit,-. LlI. 4S6. 

Tvmpk. MieIJIc i^ iSfi. 

Tcmialf, New, MuUr o& i. 

'I'Liunn Strett L 165. 

Tower- j. IJJ, IS* «S.3J<»J 

"^- J. 3ft as, 144. 3P. 
47 7> 
TairaiCD, L 186* a6;> 
Winrfdc'i Ipn, id 115, 469, 
Warwick Lane, ilL la?. 
Whiff FH*n (or Cju'[iir)lfei), 

i, t<i. A*^i Wi. 3U7, tia^ 
WwdSlrfGl, iiL liO. 
LiM^oKi, Sir Kich, Hi. lo. 
long Slmfloa. Worfolh, HI 

m, 3»s. 4*^ 



OixiRAL Ihdkx. 

tpat (i^vn\ III Korfrlk. t 37. 
t«. i-jlL (J6, 17;. iRi, 

prj ii. »^ S<^»T. »<»'. 

'4a. 357. 3>x «" 
I^n, Ctty Vfian [or Vtitn 

Mioon] il, iii, 475. 
LjMe, Kdt^. iL 154. >ST, »S9. 

Ifptfed, Kir., <. 114 < li 15^ 

l^Med, ThooM, iJL a^R 9, 

Fmy .Scat, \. A9» 

lT>l«ft.-'-S4 Unoa, 
I.fWM — ,Sa Ii|Ehtfnnt, 

39a, 4071 "■ «+4i 3in ii- 
tjjntaik, Sir RcAl, ili., 3B5, 


IUdi« Thoa., Ill 4^ 
UuwcQr Duchi«i Oif CharTci 

i«H ns.i*?. S*7. 4iS. 
MAiiK. CmmoiAajou, Conm 

of, L MJX 

141 ^Ott V. 
M&k, . i, t<W. 

Mft1c1«v.l, 4^: III S^ SS- 

MqlmnhiiTT, Rowr, iH im 
Mftlpu, Jabn. JLJ. 3^ 
MllpeiluU, the l>jnl, in. J57, 
Mill, FrJtct ani]^a]cgr> J, 436i 
Si. JO, 176, iSo, 187, »%t, 

Miltbv. JolmnrcK ilr. [It. xSi, 
MirLhacci, iL j^ 

Mui^in^ , ii, 6a 

Mtnnlwton, NorfbUi^ hi. 47a 
Mini, CuMJinnraj. In VTVttx, 

MtalA (M&wniX in Pnatc i, 

Muufi-u {}}, Rolih, it, aa^ 


Minrbfls Robert, K 53- 
^fuclufl Men of (lii^ Tu ;^ 
Mirgnrel, Lku^htor of nichud, 
Duke of Vo^l, an^ Ri«#T o( 
EdwB-rd IV , rnam^l in 14M 

317-91 ifl *58L 
Mftrguvl o( Anfou, QiMon oE 
H™y VL, i 1345. IS3S, 
^^{■^joj, 315, 335. 363, 

40S, 416, 496, 514, s>S-*i 
" S. 7s 45-*' 9.V '"<- "^ 
y*}-. w, 4.33f3«- J'^i, 47s, 

Matcct, ^^ IL 167. 
MuKon, Vvtw, lih 411. 

Nfsjioi, , ui 37, 4c, 4S. 

MuiOt, John, L 43 Jl, Sj, 199 

(to); ii. y»r M9'S<K 3J0. 

3«c^ 3gi. 
M*iioi, Ri<li«r4, it. 158, 170, 
MuUiaia, — -, L 43a i ij. 

Mwhh*m, Joba, Sli I4J, 



Maftboraagh, ii t(S8L 
M^rlbgircid) N«dolk, Ih III ii. 

jij, 4SO-1. 

34/6 i a JH.tsT. m- 
MuihaU, Rcf^eTt^ii. I$A- 
Mbnhun, Norfolk, iii, 450^ 
MaithflJfl< Norfolk, 111. 4M7, 

MuOa, UuUr, JIL M5' 
U«ltlQ. Tfaoft, iii. ^t, 334. 

Mutyn, ii^ ^5. 

Miuj of (iiieldfci, Quam of 

JtiiiV n. of ScolUalJL ii. 

104. lit. 
UvT. £t>i«r of J»a«« ni. of 

ScotlUk4 a 47. 
"Mwy Gnc*/" The. 

luinn, ji. iiN 
"Marv TiJt^jr." TU. Sbij. 

M*iyoi.— 5« Mftfiot 
Mirryi. Si' AViUi&m, U. 9$^ 
Mttann. E^IiTiund, iL 434. 
Muuti, TLvJiii^t, i. <i^ 
MulcJ {01 dak) «f tbo R6U0, 
]. J93. Sit Kkrluby, TlQK 

Muhaw, Will, L 549 
Mstluk. Norfolk, L 25T! Ii!. 

7i.^j.368.4tr. Maicl»kc 

Kvrre. iil. ja. 
MfUinbalt, Norfolk. iiL 3t<x 
U^IIuOiaJlBuish. Norfolk, Ul. 

3 La 
Mudcr (li^llcT), lUtlvJTu B^ 


TTuB mui l«« Isecn * 4e- 
Kcndfliit <fi CoMCUHH 4ild«t 

U»nJ Mnuicj, who died ia 
'-41^ Thd CooiUiKf lu^r- 

£iir lobuHlgQifiw^. 
MminiVville*, Minor of, ill yt^ 
M4iu»TyLr. John, I. jbCh 
MfVJlbt [Mamiby or Mivrldvir]!. 
Norfolk, L7a, ^7i4M* y 
S3J! u. 70, icA 15*^ i; 
14», ^bX-Q, 17J : iU. 31.45, ^1 
laj, 137. 133. ii5, ij4 I, 

»I7,>I9 K,i5a,aSo-t»J0t-^ 

Mouiby, Aran til. tiu iSl'l 
MflUTJf/. BuIiiF of, UL J54, 
Mauil^.QupdU, lU. 104-13 

UultifHv*^ Da. 4Ji> 
Mhllhy, "niOL, III 417. 
MiiLtTm. in Wuhun, iU. S^t. 
Mjiuubx, Aliuort or Eleuur, 

Widow of RoLcn, L 39, 44 : 

UL 417. 
Minfeby, AiiinAR, Sitter of 

RoFim. 1, Vf. 
hUulcbj. Eav., a. ids, t94, 

419 i iu- «09.4I7' 


MimUdjt rnhn, Fifhrr of Han 

Miutfibr, MAi|:irtf, r^f-ighirr 
of JohB^ u 39, 3ts40h 44. 
iAf Puion. Matsuvl 

MiikTeb}', MHrvmr, Wib of 
Jiihti. ind Mfliiiv of Kar* 
Earn ruiDQ, i. 391 UL 447. 

MAnCeby. Kotnt. L 34, 441 liL 

;«a, 4X^ 4)7. 
MfluT*bj, Sir Johri. L 6flL 
MMutcbr, dii KQbcnde« L ^GL 

of Amtrlii* King of 
ibc Kuujiju (i4S6<]$i>)}, ill. 
»>j-4. J43-